June 14th, 2013

Hacked Off Break Parliamentary Lobbying Rules

Who would have thought that Hacked Off, the lobbyists granted private access to Downing Street and given a sofa in Ed Miliband’s office during the crucial press regulation talks, could have possibly broken parliamentary lobbying rules? John Dickinson-Lilley, Hacked Off’s top lobbyist, failed to declare his position in the register of interests. Lord Low, who sponsors him for a pass, tellingly says “he has a pass courtesy of me but doesn’t work for me”. 

Until yesterday the register of interests had Dickinson-Lilley down as an employee of the charity Sense, which he left last year to join Hugh and co. Yet for some reason forget to mention his new job. Hacked Off not being completely transparent? Shocker. 


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    I’m getting more and more hacked off with them.


  2. 2
    Cant says:



    • 10
      Aaron D Highside says:

      Looks like a Watson relative.


      • 15
        Fat Bastard MP says:

        You’re going to fuckin’ regret that!
        (For that matter, so will he!)


      • 32
        suck in the Division in the middle of the head says:

        forget “a ron on the high side”
        change A to a
        change a to “.”
        remove the “dot”


  3. 3
    Historian says:

    I am sure that this comment will be taken in the good humoured way it is intended

    But since


    he has not been able to see “since the age of three”, I doubt if he saw to the issuing of the pass…


  4. 4
    Labour Life Pe-er says:

    I will sell you a pass anytime, any day Guido…


  5. 5
    Hansard writer says:

    This guy looks as though he has just been run through my washing machine…


  6. 7

    Suprise, suprise, yet another dishonest Labah supporter.

    Are there any clean hands in the entire LabLibCon den of looting thieves?


    • 17
      Don't Give A Shit About LieBore, UKRAP or the Limp Dumbs says:

      And I bet the bastards all have Private Education offshore trusts in Jersey that they will not answer questions on, unlike St. Nigel of Farage, saviour of Albion, bringer of peace and friend to the Jocks…. er, oh, no,…. hang on……… shit.


    • 22
      Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

      Only kippers, because there aren’t any.


      • 34
        the mouse is king. says:

        the rich are the sex kittens.
        lose the riches.
        luke warm is the middle…lose the middle.
        mouse a is tops.
        stick to ee.


  7. 8
    mad, swivel-eyed loon says:

    Hacked Off is just a part of Common Purpose along with the Media Standards Trust.



  8. 11
    Anonymous says:

    You should read your comments more carefully Guido :p. Pointed this out months ago:



    • 19
      Freedom of speech says:

      He only reads the comments which insult him so he can block them from his precious blog. Call him a fatty and see what happens.


  9. 16
    Hi pie! says:


    • 21
      Digger Murdoch all alone like Citizen Kane says:

      I invited Chic Lite, Banana Millie and all the other Parliamentary emigrants to dinner last week in New York…

      They are a motley crew of chancers, misfits and opportunists…

      Unlike me…


  10. 20
    • 23
      Digger Murdoch all alone like Citizen Kane says:

      We are conectra


    • 24
      Ed Miliband, Lord Glasman, Arnie Graf and Luciana Berger says:

      We are concentrating our community efforts on voter registration and postal votes in the Unwashed Regions of Britain

      That is our strategy to win the next election


      Labour Uber High Command

      Moto: We will be obeyed


    • 26
      Unite against freedom for women says:

      Sorry too busy defending an oppressive dogmatic religion to be of any assistance.


      • 29
        go back to sleep says:

        They’re busy turning parts of Manchester in to no-go areas for whites, just like growing parts of East London, Birmingham, and Bradford.


    • 31
      BBC kaffir Kontroller says:

      You will not be seeing this on the BBC matey boy.


  11. 27
    RetardEd Militwat, master of the wun liner AND wun nation, PM in waiting and wonky gonk says:

    When I firtht met John Dickinthon-Lilley, I thaid “Who is thith man?” and thomeone thaid “Fact Hunt” and I thought, “Thatth a bit harsh, but it ith accurate”


  12. 30
    more champers garcon, phnar says:


    such a typical working class name

    pip pip!


  13. 35
    Elector says:

    Hacked Off lobbying as well as writing Dave’s press-licensing law for him?


  14. 36

    Oh! Huck off!


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