June 9th, 2013

Read Guido’s Column in The Sun Today

Pick up your copy of the Sun on Sunday today to make sure you don’t miss out on:

  • The Special Adviser who delivered his own baby son and is inevitably now known as a “safe pair of hands”
  • Reshuffle speculation: find out which MPs are “up the ar*e of the PM” according to their fellow Tory MPs!
  • Guido hears another Downing Street aide’s exit is in the offing
  • David and Ed Miliband – still frosty
  • Davis Davis has more exciting holidays than we do
  • Eric Pickles goes to India
  • We name the two MPs who respectively employ their wife and sister yet then demanded more staff cash (they were turned down)

Read all about it in your 60p Sun today…


  1. 1
    Sky News says:

    Yeo no show

    Bowled middle peg?

  2. 2
    Thoughts on the Scoundrel and green religion says:

    Green zealots are an unscientific soft touch ripe to be exploited by greedy politicians/business people.

    Green bubble is like the banking/housing bubble. Everyone now says no one saw financial crisis coming when in reality many did and ten years from now the pundits will say no one saw the man made global warming scam.

    Greens are prepared to pay and suffer to avoid conventional fuels and it’s easy for them to be exploited.

    Yeo is a disaster most commentators have been watching for years waiting for his hubris to trip him up. The religion of man made global warming has until now made him untouchable.

    Zoe Williams of the Guardian probably still thinks it’s ok to be a criminal as long as you are a green criminal.

    Diane Abott supports Yeo..Nuff said.

    He’ll still keep his money though and expect him to protest his innocence to the end.

    Unlike most good films the Yeo baddy will probably win, if making mucho Wonga is considered winning.

  3. 3
    Dave and Nick says:

    Our troops are going down so fast

    We do not think we can hold our Banana Coalition together for long

    Who can bring some honesty to British politics?

    • 8
      Nigel Farage says:


      Vote UKIP.

      • 27
        Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

        Honesty? I suppose he did boast about scamming his expenses – that was honest. I suppose he did expel Mote and Wise – shame he appointed the crooks in the first place. I suppose his claim to be a man of the people is honest – if the people are mainly Dulwich old boys with a string of bankrupt companies behind them.

  4. 4
    Baryy Obama says:

    Good Morning. I really do enjoy reading all of your emails, private financial translations and other internet musings. You have such eclectic tastes in porn in the UK. Thanks for that.

    Sorry if I have made every IT firm in America look like the liars they are, but it can’t be helped. I just love spying on foreigners and it wasn’t me who promised you your data was safe, was it?

    By the way, did you know that the Chinese are very naughty and like to spy on things too. I have told them off for that.

    • 7
      Quiet Bat Person says:

      If you are doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide… and so, they have no reason to be spying on you in the first place.

      In the view of the great and powerful, we are all criminals to be spied on until we prove otherwise.

      ‘Guilty until proven innocent’ is the way they look upon us.

      Ultimately, this corrupted worldview poisons the relationship between citizen and state.

      • 11
        Distressing News in Downing Street says:

        I agree. By deciding to spy pretty well indiscriminately on the rest of the planet, the Americans really are making it very difficult for people to think of them as exemplars of freedom, apple pie and the rule of law. Not the kind of people I would readily feel I want to go out of my way to defend, anyway.

        • 16
          Julian Assange - The Ecuadorian Embassy says:

          Couldn’t agree more!

          I told you all so.

          • A stone in your shoe says:

            I see they are replacing your Ecuadorian minder. Take care. Take very care.

      • 17
        Mr Hague says:

        “The net effect is that if you are a law abiding citizen of this country going about your business and personal life you have nothing to fear about the British state or intelligence agencies listening to the content of your phone calls or anything like that.

        Indeed you will never be aware of all the things that these agencies are doing…. blah blah blah.”

        = If we feel like it, we can fuck your life up, and you will never even know what hit you. So don’t ask for anything better from your government than we are giving you now.

        • 23
          Rolf Harris is innocent says:

          I am now googling Englebert in the Eurovision Song contest three times an hour.

  5. 6
    Living in 97.1% white Merseyside says:

    Soon be a quarter of a century since we stopped reading the Sun up here.

  6. 9
    Distressing News in Downing Street says:

    So, do the Tories have no confidence in Cameron or what?

  7. 10
    x9english says:

    Said it before – why on Earth can we not read your column online after publication? You’re missing a lot of readers up here in Scotland….

  8. 11
    Arnie Graf, Labour's guru says:

    This is what my new pupil Ed believes in…

  9. 15
    Vazeline says:

    Burn everything!

  10. 19
    David Beatty says:

    There seems to be something wrong with our bloody ship of state today.

  11. 21
    Guru says:

    Eric pickles in India, what a thought. He’s a walking bhaji. Imagine him on a rickshaw

  12. 22
    Google Press Officer says:

    If Mr Cameron will give us a comprehensive list of the Websites he wishes to close we will do the necessary.

  13. 25
  14. 28

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