June 7th, 2013

WATCH: Scottish Tory Leader Car Crash Interview


  1. 1
    M102 says:

    I can see why he doesn’t have Fatbot on the programme anymore, she’d never fit in those little round chairs.


    • 13
      Gorblimey says:

      Silly sod. This is a Welsh folk song, with alternate lines in Welsh and English. The English isn’t a translation of the Welsh.



      • 17
        M102 says:

        I bet she plucks like a trouper.


      • 22
        SP4 BS says:

        Where do you get the idea about 1800?
        More like 800.

        OK there might have been a few isolated communities speaking it in .. say the 12th or 13th centuries, I doubt it lasted as long as you suggest. Did Robert Burns meet any of these Brythonic scots?


      • 25
        SP4 BS says:

        Reivers? they weren’t arround in 1800 now were they?
        And any evidence that they spoke welsh?

        Pure bloody folky made-y upp-y rubbish. About a mythical past that has nothing to do with the present. I’d refer you to Billy Connolly for a similar level of contempt for such pillocks.


      • 27
        SP4 BS says:

        Reivers? they weren’t arround in 1800 now were they?
        And any evidence that they spoke welsh?

        Pure bloody folky made-y upp-y rubbish. About a mythical past that has nothing to do with the present. I’d refer you to B*lly Connolly for a similar level of contempt for such pillocks.

        I did do the scottish version of history at school. Seem to remember them glossing over this sort of thing.

        Even so. Robert burns. famous man from oxford eh?


      • 39
        Universal Hiss says:

        30 people speak Welsh in Patagonia.

        This must prove something but fuck knows what.


  2. 2
    SP4 BS says:

    “are you feart”

    I understand the correct employment of that expression is in the playground. One punches and strangles your victim until they admit that they are indeed, feart. Having looked at the video he has actually got that almost right.


    • 12
      Correct Employment says:

      Concise Oxford Dictionary

      n adjective Scottish afraid.


      • 50
        Joe Bloggs. says:

        I see the £billions spent on two BBC white elephants has not extended to improving BBC communication systems – it has actually got worse as we see and hear such problems every day with both their internal and external broadcasts.
        On the word “feart” Brillo is just showing off and his accent is all wrong.


  3. 3
    Andrew Efiong says:

    I’m often feart after a good vindaloo!


  4. 4
    Brillo says:

    Just checking she was Scottish. I could have easily used the word “afraid” but I needed to get feart in however irrelevant it is.


  5. 5
    She got Brillo'ed says:

    Long live Brillo. He’s a legend.


  6. 7
    Jimmy says:

    Is there any way of reposting the video so that the still doesn’t show Brillo’s “o” face?


  7. 8
    LOL says:

    To this day, this is my all time favourite PMQs moment. Nothing matches this for the sheer joy one experiences in seeing the Labour MP’s question backfire so dramatically. I’m amazed he still shows his face after such an embarrassment.


    • 10
      Sit Shep says:

      How do such thick’os get to be elected in the first place?, very worrying as we have found to our cost, can’t even read from his own script apparently.


      • 45
        Even a stopped watch is correct twice a day says:

        That was indeed the most stupid of questions. Anything which makes the Cam sham look good is a hell of an own goal !


  8. 9
    Casual Observer says:

    It could have been worst:


  9. 18
    Hoots! It's Clown says:

    There are more pandas in Scotland than Tory MPs. Just saying.


    • 38
      Chin chin says:

      Is a panda a creature with a white face and two black eyes? If so I bet there are a few of those in Glasgow on Saturday night. Just saying.


      • 49
        A Glaswegian says:

        Dear chin chin it wasnt us who rioted in the streets not that long ago. The English are so uncivilised at times.


    • 40
      Vote for us or the other globalist stooges will get in says:

      Tory tribalists have yet to admit their party’s a turkey outside Londonsvile and the ‘Home’ counties.

      And even there, they are being given a run for their money by a certain up and coming party.


  10. 19
    a non says:

    Brillo must love the sound of his own voice. He gave whoever about 10 seconds of the 64 second clip to answer his grandstanding questions and interuppted her replies everytime.
    Wonderful program though. Always try to guess what colour Brillo’s hair will be on the day.


  11. 20
    Glenn Quagmire says:



  12. 21
    John Prescott says:

    I’d like to build a burger.


  13. 26
    Mark wouters says:

    Helllo to all those hardworking fools outthere.
    Once youve paid int the system all your life your going to have a shock when the government keeps on making changes to the benefits system ,moves the goalpoasts constantly,you will find out the hard way that your homeless ,pennyless,friendless andwith illness.
    There are no more payments over the counter at jobcentres and the giro has been abolished,universal credit is being phased in and you will have to wait 6 weeks before your paid,and all the while the councils are heapning debt upon you with the collusion of the DWP.
    You are constantly being fed wrong information by all the agencies who are supposed to help homless and unemployed,THATS NOW REALITY.
    Only White single males are homeless not asians or blacks,only WHITES,so think about your futures .the futures very very bleak,but not for the rich.
    I have to find my meals at different churches ie charity,as all benefits will be calculated in Contributions the Govt have recieved and not on need.


    • 30
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

      Get a fuckin’ job you lazy get.


    • 36
      Oh come on says:

      How come you are wasting so much time on a computer connected to the internet, you bizarre fantasist.


  14. 29
    Casual Observer says:

    George Osborne’s family made there money in the decorating business.

    Wallpaper was an area of expertise.

    Could he perhaps have more than a personal interest in the ‘help for homes’ economic disaster policy he is pushing through ?


  15. 31
    Dis-Information Watch says:

    The statements the IMF are making are outright lies:


  16. 32
    EU Watch says:


    • 41
      Ken Clarke steering Britain off a cliff says:

      The sooner Britain joins the Euro the better…..for my EU and Bilderberg chums.


  17. 33
    Is it me me me! says:

    Thought she did quite well against Brillo’s Straw Man points and interruptions. Said she would have a debate on devolved goverment after an internal report but not now! He didn’t appear to understand plain English!
    He just kept “blethering” on!


  18. 37
    to get back to basics says:

    a woman recited a tale to me in old English, the words carried a rhythm and rhyme which was very pleasing to the ear.


  19. 42
    Anonymous says:

    League against cruel sports should be brought in.


  20. 43
    Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know if she plans to sue her barber?


  21. 44
    Shamcam with fuck all plan says:

    Another Cam the sham placeperson who’s all about sexuality.


  22. 48
    bob says:

    these people definitely need ‘training’ to talk to their electorate ( lie and counter lie) – scottish tory – oxymoron? nah, just moron!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. 51
    the truth, but not as we know it says:

    The Cameron project in Scotland… “if only we rigged the internal elections to get a lesbian BBC journalist with a TA background, our poll ratings would shoot up. “.


  24. 52
    Lord Heppingfield of Dunelm Mills says:

    She hardly got ‘brillo’d’. Bloody Neil wouldn’t let her get a word in. He needs to stop loving the sound of his own voice so much.


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