June 5th, 2013

All Smiles for Charlie and Rebekah on Arrival at Court


  1. 1
    How's R(andy)? says:

    Happy families.


  2. 2
    yawn says:

    Don’t fancy yours much


    • 64
      Justice Lovelady says:

      hey what about love match developing between counsel.

      Its now an hour half in to court proceedings and do we have a smile, an eye twinkle, a passing of a love note.


      • 66
        CLe...tch to court says:


        Court to reconvene 2:00

        Handicap Toilet has been booked.

        Bushes available for the hard up.


      • 70
        Milliband on Welfare says:

        Its always the person underneath who has to clean up


      • 84
        Anonymous says:

        Which firm of lawyers of barristers is representing Rebekah Brooks ?

        They must be getting paid millions of pounds..


        • 86
          Chris Grayling says:

          She’s paying privately. Or rather Rupe is. And even the tea-boy on her team is getting more than the prosecution QC (who is funded by the taxpayer).


          • Red Ahead says:

            Oh she’s paying privately out of the £11m that Murdock gave her as a leaving present.

            Which firm of barristers or lawyers is reprenting her and will get all these millions of £’s in lovely fees originally paid for by Murdock ?


  3. 3
    Anonymous says:



  4. 4
    Gotcha says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple.


  5. 5
    Rebekah in happier times says:


  6. 6
    David Cameron says:



  7. 8
    Moussa Koussa Mark 10 says:

    Can you provide a link to your thread from a few years ago…Guido

    The one that claimed “””nothing would come of the hacking investigation “”””


  8. 9
    Twatomatic says:

    The Southwick Crown Court, eh


  9. 10

    It is a long drawn out affair.


  10. 11
    Silly Boy. It's the EU stopping us says:


    • 20

      Umanna makes this extraordinary claim but fails to back it up with any reasons: …it is through deals being negotiated through the EU that we will gain better access to markets from Japan to Malaysia, India to Canada, Colombia to the US.

      Not very good, especially coming from a lawyer.


      • 27
        Raving Loon says:

        Politicians often say that leaving the EU would be bad for the economy, but never really explain why. I would suggest it’s because they’re talking out of their a**e and secretly have no idea what they’re talking about.


      • 36
        listen/reading /watching who says:

        “” = total content


      • 39
        National Socialist says:

        “fails to back it up with any reasons” You only get 140 characters with Twitter as any fule no.


        • 47
          Twat watch says:

          Except Chuka’s twat links to chukka’s article which is what the Twat is about and in the article chukka explains twat all.


        • 69

          Read the article. There is space enough there but he offers no reasons – because he has none.

          In case it escaped your notice, China is not a member of the EU but it does not seem to hold them back on trade.


          • Enough is enough says:

            The EU have also given Turkey £200m subsidy for a new Ford factory to build transit vans.

            The same transit vans they sell all over the EU.

            The same Turkey that isnt in the EU.

            The same type of Ford transit factory that shut down in the UK last year.


          • Ben Dover says:

            So the billions of £’s in contributions that the UK pays to the EU every year, they are giving them to non EU countries to build factories that then re-locate our of the UK, to Turkey ?

            Why would the EU do that ?

            Is that in the UK’s interest ?


      • 63
        nellnewman says:

        We don’t need the EU to access those markets – however the likes of chuckusyamoney with his eye to the future needs the EU for a generously paid job , expenses and pension when he decides to move up the ladder from the HoC.


    • 73
      Mong Watch says:

      Economics 101 for a mental defective such as Chucka:

      i) To export to a foreign country you need something to export that they want. The Foreign country requires money or something to exchange with you.

      ii) To import from a foreign country you need money or something they want, which they are willing to exchange for what they are going to give you.

      Notice in the above there is a conspicuous absence of a need for the EU.


      • 79

        He seems to imagine that a functionare will negotiate better than we can for ourselves.

        People like him are incapable of learning from their mistakes as they think they have it right in the first place.


        • 83
          Spartacus says:

          she may not have been the first, but didn’t Fatcher’s Fault say:

          you always spend other people’s money more freely than you spend your own.


  11. 17
    Casual Observer says:

    Never mind these two gutter residents, it’s all the corrupt lying politicians that ought to be in the Dock.


  12. 18
    Anonymous says:

    Where’s the boyfriend?


  13. 21
    Jail the Murdoch Mob says:

    They represent everything that is wrong with Britain

    Criminality, hypocrisy, mob membership, arrogance and, in fine, futility…


    • 57
      nellnewman says:

      Talking of mobs – let’s not forget gordon and sarah were thick as thieves with this lot.


      • 78
        The Dirty Rat says:

        Ah the famous Pyjama parties. Just picture Gordon standing there, drink in hand and a glint in his glass eye, with his pyjama bottom fly hole gaping exposing an off white pair of piss stained underpants.


  14. 22
    A Pensioer says:



  15. 23
    Blob says:

    May be she should hire a spokesman to defend her reputation?


  16. 28

    Shinzo Abe is announcing a redirection of the nation’s US$2 trillion pension funds out of the safety of its own government bonds into riskier assets abroad in order to stimulate growth.

    Yen falls.


  17. 31
    sir boffton toffton - what! says:

    can’t a chap or chappess plead poverty these days?


  18. 32
    Tuscan Tony says:

    Wonder if Charlie will shortly go down with the same throaty problem as Mr Zeta-Jones?


  19. 33
    Uncle Rupert says:

    G’day bludgers! I supported Labour for 10 years and you right wing bludgers STILL love me! G’day, mates!


  20. 35
    Penfold says:

    My plea?

    Innocent, and if i’m not let loose then i will unleash all the files that i’ve got stashed away, and will terminate most politicians and senior figures………….


  21. 38
    Lesbian Housekeeper says:

    Fancy a threesome?


  22. 40
    SP4 BS says:

    So, I suppose we can talk about the weather and their hairstyles.


  23. 41
    A swivel-eyed loon says:

    Where is the horse’s arse?


  24. 43
    Anonymous says:

    So Pickles and Boyles say planning is to blame for slowdown in development. Really.


    Might it be that they have now understood that planning has to be sustainable. To remove 3% of our fields every time we have a recession is NOT sustainable. Why are the government so hooked on quantity not quality?

    When villages are joined with towns (as in this case) by a development on a hillside, visible to all the surroundings, including from historic/tourist sites, should Pickles and Boyles have taken a decision in a more timely fashion?Especially when there is so much derelict land around. Mainly land from historic mills that have been destroyed to avoid business taxes.

    The developers that do not complain are the ones that are too busy building on real sites.

    (As for the previous story about adverts on street furniture, why does BT have the right to advertise on all their rampantly multiplying green boxes? Even in conservation areas.)


  25. 49
  26. 50
    hobo humping slobo babe says:

    Ah yes the hacking affair comes to trial


    • 55
      AC says:

      You’d better have some good lawyers if you’re going to talk about the affairs of Ms. Brooks…


      • 82
        hobo humping slobo babe says:

        I’m unaware of the affairs of Ms Brooks beyond that of current court case. There have been no reports of her private life in the papers.


  27. 53
    nellnewman says:

    Are gordon and sarah being called as witnesses to talk about those Chequers pyjama parties that he threw in order to get closer to rebekah and the murdoch’s ?


  28. 56
    And? says:


    • 67
      Penfold says:

      But WILL not coutenance the same in the EU….


    • 75
      The EU puts dead Syrians in baby formula says:

      France funded the mess out there, Barroso can fuck off.


    • 76
      Sit Petra says:

      “I defend unrestricted and unconditional humanitarian access in #Syria/ JMB”. I defend unrestricted and unconditional humanitarian access in #… (add any country of choice), meaningless prattle!.


  29. 61
    What a brave and courageous man he is. says:

    A good thing to die for. Go for it Josay


  30. 89

    Oh dear no more sleep overs with the Cameron’s, have to make do with Rose West and Beverley Allot. What a shame never mind


  31. 91
    Just a Thought says:

    I once dated a redhead, no hair just a redhead! Before this girl I dated a girl with hair all the way down her back, non on her head, just down her back…


  32. 92
    Anonymous says:

    Is there a ducking pond near the court?


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