May 30th, 2013

More “Impeccable Advice”
Coulson Says Bring Back Fox, Ignore Heywood

Andy Coulson offers more words of wisdom for Dave in GQ this morning. Stage eight of his masterplan calls for Liam Fox to be brought back in from the cold:

“Unlike the rarely effective but always politically flawed Nigel Farage, when it comes to immigration he should deal in fact and not the stoking of irrational fears. William Hague is the man to take on and beat Farage and persuade those unloved Tories feeling the pull of UKIP to stand firm. He should be tasked with devising and leading the strategy against the party and enlist the currently under-employed Liam Fox to help.”

There are some choice words for “Sir Jeremy Who-wood” too:

“It’s time for the prime minister to wean himself off the company of the big brains in the civil service and leave himself more room to operate politically. The reforms are well underway. Progress should be carefully monitored but the hard yards in the company of Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood et al for David are already nearing their end – at least until after the election. The prime minister should spend more time with the people who might actually help win in 2015 rather than senior civil servants who have revelled in the power and professional satisfaction the coalition has brought them. I suspect Sir Jeremy and co would rather enjoy five more years of the same.”

He goes on to call Clegg “a bit of a minger”. As Boris said, “impeccable” advice…


  1. 1
    why are we talking about this man says:

    i know you are plugging GQ because you guys have family links with the magazine, but really who gives a flying fuck what this chump has to say. he is facing serious criminal charges


    • 2
      Thomas from Tonna says:

      I think Mr Coulson may be playing games .


      • 13
        Wormwood Scrubber says:

        Hide the salami!


      • 120
        Burley's bangers says:

        So Coulson believes that utilising the same William Hague who turned native at the FCO on day one and who now serves the coalition as an ardent Europhile constantly arguing for us to remain inside the EU, should be utilised to take on UKIP does he? The same William Hague who has turned out to be the most dissapointing Minister in the current coalition. Does he mean that William Hague?

        I think I have just discovered what Coulson’s defence against the criminal charges that he faces will be. He will claim insanity and this strategy will be offered as proof.


    • 3
      why are we talking about this man says:

      although fair play for trolling your own website with this. Slating Farage and promoting Hague who the country already thought was terrible once is good going.

      comments should be fun today :D


      • 14
        Bum Boy B!lly says:

        Oy vey! Bomb Syria!


      • 25
        Enough is enough says:

        Nick Clegg gave the game away yesterday on the LibLabCon real EU policy… to the Polish Foreign Minister, confirming the UK would never leave the EU !!

        On BBC Newsnight 29th May 2013, Gavin Esler was speaking to the Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski about the EU and the UK.

        Radek said:-

        ”I was speaking with your deputy prime minister Nick Clegg earlier today and he told me it was extremely unlikely that Britain would ever vote to leave the EU…”

        Cue embarrassing pause from the news night interviewer as this wasn’t the story he wanted to tell, and quickly onto the next question…

        You can just imagine what that idiot caMoron says behind closed doors to Merkel and other EU leaders….

        It shows the utter contempt the LibLabCon have for the public and their real agenda to stay in the EU, whatever the cost.

        They will never give us a proper referendum, it will always be fixed, the government will ignore any “wrong” referendum results, they will never leave the EU.

        Enough is enough.


        • 32
          Bazinga! says:

          I keep telling you lot on this blog you will never get a vote to leave the EU and even if by some miracle you did get a vote, any vote to leave would be ignored and a another vote would take place and so on until we agreed to stay in.

          I don’t know why people on this blog find it so hard to work out. In 18 years of previous Tory government we never got a vote and for all those who think UKIP is the answer. UKIP is full of scum Tories who happily went along with the consensus for decades, NOW all of a sudden we’re supposed to believe that they have had an epiphany? Really?

          We are stuck with the EU, so long as we’re stuck with the same political elite. You need to get rid of them first. To do that you need to smash the MSM, the BBC and the Guardian that pump their brainwashing shite into our houses.

          Just look at this blog. Guido was once a rebel an independent voice, now he’s a Murdoch mouthpiece spouting the same shit as the rest of the MSM.


        • 111
          Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

          Idiot. Clegg was simply stating the obvious truth. Politics and voting is all about the economy and any referendum campaign will be based on the scare message ‘leave the EU, destroy the economy’. Whatever your view on Europe Clegg is right – the voters will never choose to leave.


      • 73
        The Groans of the Britons says:

        Amazing you’d think Coulson would be spending more time with his defense team? Still if this is the sort of advice he was giving Cameron does explain a lot. Sad but the truth is vote UKIP to break the current political elite. From the fire fight that will take place after Dave’s defeat will be the start of the new politics for this country. Dave won’t do it. As for the spectre of Millibean forget him with no overall party winning in 2015 the Tories will know what to do with Dave and then move to the right and to getting out of the EU this will bury Labour for a generation at least.


        • 118
          Del Boy says:



        • 124
          Burley's bangers says:

          Either that or the tories and labour and liberals together would be finished for a generation.

          If only the robotic, mindless zombie voters who can only vote the same way, in every election, because they always put the party first, regardless of the policies, could finally wake up and STOP rewarding utter failures with a vote.

          NONE of the liblabCON deserve a vote at any upcoming election.

          VOte UKIP.


    • 5
      Mike says:

      not quite the words I’d have chosen but I can’t argue with the sentiment


    • 49
      Billy Big says:

      I remember Coulson when he was a hack writing for the Bizarre column as Piers Morons acolyte. Still spouting utter tosh.


    • 58
      yes you may well says:

      I see the BBC has decided to take up the propaganda call against pensioners benefits, by highlighting the lack of capping/means testing on benefits that have been bought and paid for over half a century or more. Seemingly pensioners are sitting on vast fortunes , with assets on average in excess of £1.4 million I think most pensioners would have great difficulty in identifying with this figure. With this level of funds why would anyone need support through the benefit system?.
      In real life the truth is quite different , the majority of normal people need support to retain a level of mobility to stay in a social society ,they need extra support to make their homes warm in the colder months, why do we discard the older generation, they are the very people who made this country what it is today.
      The word is that society could use all this money “wasted” on pensioners to aid young people to get into work, a truly laudable thought, but why do we have a welfare system, is it to help the future or is it there to support the people who have supported it in the hope that it would support them in later life, this seems to be ebbing away. If this is what society wants why not have a maximum age limit at which people would be humanly done away with therefore removing any further cost.
      Pensioners are already under severe attack with the introduction of delayed pension provision, women whose pension has been “equalised” will lose a least £40,000 delaying pension entitlement to age 66 rather than 60, this is very fair yes , when people enter the work place they are agreeing to a “contract” that if they work for a set number of years and pay into a government insurance scheme they will receive a set amount of benefits, this is now not the case the government of the day can remove your rights at a stroke undermining any planned retirement plan you may have made.

      The air time this issue will be given is set to increase, the government will continue to feed “facts” into the media which will show that we are directing funding to the wrong end of society, the old, we need to fund the young they are the future.
      Beware being young you will be drawn into the same myth and will pay for it when you too get into you old age.
      Pensioners need to rally together and let these people i.e. politicians know that we wont stand for it.


      • 103
        The oldie says:

        My monthly gas bill for March was £102. Makes my £200 winter fuel payment look a bit inadequate.


      • 113
        Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

        Simple answer. Benefits such as winter fuel allowance, free TV licences and free bus passes are not taxable. Make them taxable benefits and the poorer pensioners will be no worse off and those who can afford to will make a contribution.


      • 139
        Old Grey Whistle says:

        You are repeating yourself – and are thus becoming very boring.

        As I told you a day or two ago, it was not we pensioners who brought this country to its knees, it was the fuckwits and traitors of the Liebore Party and their stooges and their reign of terror for 13 years.

        Now kindly get that through your mushy brain – oh and keep your filthy hands off my hard earned pittance of a pension.


        • 150
          Suzie says:

          Hear hear. We worked hard for this country and really don’t feel like giving up our pensions to keep lazy idiots who have never put anything into the system. What makes me laugh is that they actually believe they are entitled to our money. No no no!


    • 59
      Tittle tattle gossip and rumours says:

      Did you not read the sign on the door on the way in?


    • 107
      Dave's Titanic Cruises says:

      Rearranging the chairs should help, even though the ship is already holed and listing badly.


    • 149
      Suzie says:

      Always thought highly of William Hague, a true Yorkshire man, says it as it is. Not now unfortunately, he has been corrupted by Cameron and his crew. So, no I don’t think putting him forward to persuade us the government means what it says is a good idea. Sadly we no longer have any faith in our government and don’t believe a word any of them says. It is up to them to renew our faith, and spouting their never ending half truths just won’t do it any more.


  2. 4
    John Tandy says:

    Liam Fox is in cahoots with the blood soaked SRI LANKAN regime. APPALLING.


  3. 6
    Boris Carloffe says:

    Heaven help them if they think bringing back Fox in any possition would help te Tory’s. He is utterly useless.

    He had from time to time been mentioned as a possible leader. As such he would be a good match for Ed Milliband. They could compete to see which of them were most useless. I wouldn’t like to put bets on as I think they would match each other.


    • 8
      Baron Jon says:

      Miliband would keep making homosexual innuendos until Fox quit in embarrassment.

      Is that a “Help for Homos T/shirt?”
      Verrity, I say to you..
      Heeeeey..foxy ladyboy..gangnam style!


  4. 7
    Jimmy says:

    If an alliance of Hague and Fox doesn’t see off the closet cases of the Lemon Party then I don’t know what will.


  5. 9
    Politicus says:

    The Conservatives tried hardline right policies with Hague and Howard and got thrashed by Labour so it needs to be done delicately. Fox especially is a loose canon who needs to prove his ability to work effectively.


    • 16
      Gordon the medicated says:

      I have a loose canon.
      It goes off all by itself and makes little sticky white puddles.
      Especially when I’ve been thinking about gold.


    • 30
      Cameron is a Trojan Horse says:

      Hague and Howard were hardline?

      According to who, Chris Patten?

      Hague and Howard lost because they were useless and their message was incoherent.

      Cameron will lose because he hates the people who vote for his party.


      • 35
        Politicus says:

        According to the electorate. Hague was saying vote Tory “to save the Pound”:

        Oh and I completely forgot IDS! He was also so far to the right that nobody was listening either.

        You might not like it but elections are won on the centre ground. Ask the Republicans who keep losing in the US because they can’t stop their reactionary knee jerk to the right.


        • 114
          Cameron is a liar says:

          Out of interest why is someone who talks about a “reactionary knee jerk to the right” so concerned about us righties losing elections? Methinks you are not entirely committed to winning elections for UKIP or the Tories.


          • Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

            Nobody even considers UKIP winning elections, except in the wet dreams of Parker Farage and Groper Nuttall.


      • 36
        Bazinga! says:

        The Tories lost because neither Billy boy, Howard or the Quiet man believed the shit they were spouting.


    • 57
      pdubya says:

      As far as “sherlock” Heywood is concerned, after his tunnel visioned look at Mitchell’s stitch up, flushing down the toilet of history is way overdue for this over promoted one dimensional classic example of why the civil service needs urgent reform.


  6. 10
    Sandra says:

    Too late – & too fake.

    No one will believe that hague & cameron had really been Conservatives all along, & they had just been sidelined by Clegg & Heywood.

    As for Hague taking on Farage – think of the ammunition Farage has against Hague after his appalling two faced time in office.

    Hague looks like a man who believes in nothing – except for being in power. Like Cameron. Like Clegg. Like Miliband.

    Sorry, UKIP are established as the real alternative to call me Cast Iron Dave & the other two posh public school boys who have never had jobs in the real world in their lives.


    • 29
      Enough is enough says:

      Wee Willy, has never dealt with the horrible disgusting rumours about him sharing a bed with his male assistant, alledgedly.

      He should simply come out, and tell us the truth.

      As we’ve seen before, its not the deed which does you down, its lying about the deed…


    • 75
      Anonymous says:

      Does anyone take Hague seriously?


    • 138
      The Groans of the Britons says:

      Dave is not a Conservative and it’s clear to all that the current leadership of the Conservative Party is at best tolerant of its own members and in most cases actually hates them! Vote UKIP and start the change, be under no illusion Farage is not the end game that will only start to be visible after the defeat of Dave. Labour is finished and will have no credible policies on anything. Even if Labour manages to link up in a coalition with the LibDems in 2015 this won’t wash for long as it will simply make an outright win for a right wing Conservative Party that is looking to move us out the the nightmare of the EU that much easier over 2016 -18. Time to move the Conservative Party back to the Middle Classes and the aspirational Working Class!


  7. 11
    Penfold says:

    Clueless Clegg only a minger……he’s being impeccably polite.

    It’s a bit rich for Coulson to offer advice when he could well be banged up for some of his actions.

    As for the piccie of Fox, its a pity the weapon is unloaded, think of the career opportunities a short burst could create……!!


    • 79
      Anonymous says:

      Hard to believe someone who has a perjury charge hanging over his head.


    • 122
      Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

      Whatever you think of Clegg he has outsmarted Dave. Forced him into confrontatgion with the loonies over Europe and got the Mad May frothing because her pet bill to keep us all under security watch has as much chance of progress as Poxy Foxy. And now he has the true mark of success, an attack from a Murdoch minion.


  8. 12
    Frank's Son says:

    So one bent liar approves of another bent liar. Who’d have thought it?


  9. 17
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Coulson? Remind me, is he a convicted criminal or has he only been charged with perjury?


    • 27
      Jimmy says:

      No, he’s also been charged with the Screws’ phone hacking. Try and keep up.


      • 39
        Andrew Efiong says:

        Ah, he’s got more charges than my gas bill.

        Not sure I’d listen to him if he gave me the time of day, yet alone strategic advice.


  10. 18
    Anonymous says:

    “stoking of irrational fears” is this guy for real?


    • 46
      Glad I left says:

      ‘Irrational fears’ saved me more than once from becoming a victim of street crime in London.


  11. 21
    Cake Thief says:

    So bringing in a money grubber who took his boyfriend to Protectively Marked Defence meetings is the best they have offer? I wouldn’t hold my breath.


  12. 22
    Ruperts boy says:

    This blog has gone down hill since you all started working for Daddy.


  13. 23
    Nigel Farage doppelganger says:

    This has been should P**S off. He is talking through his a**e as usual.
    i will never go back to the Tory party .
    Fox is a fiddler,and he wants him back in the government, what a To***r Coulson is.
    As Hague taking on Farage “LOL” Farage would wipe the floor with that useless plonker.
    It is still UKIP for me.


  14. 24
    Tonto says:

    What is a “minger” ?


    • 28
      Minger watch says:

      Angela Eagle is a Minger,so is Harriet Harmen and that other bloke…Glenda Jackson


    • 127
      Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

      A minger is the common term for Theresa May around the Cabinet table (as in ‘what sort of retarded minger would borrow a communication monitoring bill from Stalinist Russia?’)


  15. 31
    Raving Loon says:

    Basically boils down to cake now or cake later (but no guarantees).

    Meanwhile some loon is banging on about Africa.


  16. 33
    Anonymous says:

    The problem remains the organ grinder.


  17. 34
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

    I am a minging, whinging,mud-slinging,hand-wringing, ‘Ode to Joy’-singing, yoghurt-knitting, tree hugging lying thing.


  18. 37
    Willam Hague says:

    I say I say you tory voters stand firm and don’t be tempted into voting for the UKIP Ee by gum.


  19. 38
    Enough is enough says:

    Hague is such an arse.

    He was rubbish and completely outclassed by Nigel in that clip.

    Hague is damaged goods, pro EU and way out of his depth as proven with his desparate attemps in Syria to intervene against the will of this country and as Russia swats him aside with their missile systems.

    The man is pathetic and like CaMoron and Clegg and Ed, is part of the problem, and not part of the solution.


  20. 40
    Anonymous says:

    Nice bit of kit that Mr Fox has. Would have been useful at our AGM.They do so love Dave.


  21. 41
    Cool son says:

    Is Andy getting it all out of his system before he goes to prison?


  22. 42
    Casual Observer says:

    Hague, for all the bluster, was in agreement with Nigel by the look of it.

    Hague was strongly supporting the more pragmatic renegotiation approach, which the EU itself ruled out, after this interview was filmed.

    If Hague was working with Nigel, he could realize his full potential without having to follow Cameron’s line. Cameron we know does not respect Hague, as was evidenced by his derision of Hague’s decision to create ‘Elizabethland’.


    • 56
      SP4 BS says:

      I rekon if that naughty BBC man hadn’t made hague say anything he’d have just sat there nodding.


      • 66
        Casual Observer says:

        Likely yes. But Hague is a pragmatist: Which is a good thing.

        The realist approach which Nigel was advocating, and some would try to claim is an ‘extremist’ position to take, was confirmed after by the actions of the EU itself. The EU has dismissed outright the pragmatic approach Cameron was trying to ‘pursue’.

        The woman on the end who said that people in the UK care more about this issue than people dying in Afr!ca spoke the most truth, and indirectly supported Nigel as well.

        So from this we can see a consensus on the sofa, which does not sit well with the political position of the broadcaster.

        At least the political position of the BBC and BBC Scotland are in alignment. But isn’t the state broadcaster bound by its charter to not allow its own views to distort its program content ? ;-)


    • 70
      Nigel says:

      You must be deaf. I agreed with Hague.


  23. 43
    Diane Fatbott says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist !!


    • 91
      Honest Jack says:

      This is very amusing…

      Lefties pissing on lefties…

      Bring it on…

      Will they please now piss on Empty Ed Millichild soon for being a Primrose Hill imposter, covering up for all those Hampstead Hedgies like Lord Cashpoint and union fats cats ripping off their members?

      About time…


      • 131
        Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

        I thought Lord Cashpoint was the alter ego of Lord Cashbox of DeSleaze.


  24. 47
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Instead of Sun trivia why doesn’t Guido get into something that does matter.
    CHILCOT – Why has Chilcot not reported. It is an utter disgrace. Is David Owen correct in what he says about a cover up. What is the media frightened of?
    Come on Guido, or have you been warned off?


    • 85
      Anonymous says:



    • 126
      Dodgy Dossier Mk2...Syria the reasons why we MUST intervene says:

      Look when the government is trying to manoeuvre us into another war in the Middle East in Syria a report on the abject failure of the Iraq War and the lies to the public leading up to it are NOT at all helpful


  25. 50
    Scary mary says:

    Anyone know what Sideshow Bob, I mean Rebekah Brooks is up to these days?


  26. 52
    SP4 BS says:

    Coulson? Listen to him?

    I might almost be tempted to praise Mandleson(*). Whatever he got up to he never got taken to court for something as crap as phone hacking. So one has to conclude that compared to MAndleson. he’s a real amateur.

    (* just for the troll-y (original meaning) fun of it)


    • 55
      I aint falling for that old LibLabCon trick anymore says:

      I don’t know why Cameron even tried.
      Coulson,although a cvnt would never have out cunnted Alastair Campbell.
      I mean New Labour really broke the mould when they made that cvnt


    • 76
      Gordon the medicated says:

      Mandy was an evil genius.


      • 92
        Honest Jack says:

        And proud of it…

        Nothing like ruining all the goys and getting filthy rich in the process…

        It all fits…


  27. 60
    • 62
      Minger watch says:

      See post 29 for details


    • 84
      SP4 BS says:

      One who seeks minge.


    • 116
      Your Friendly Neighbourhood Female Genitalia Synonym Service says:

      “Minger” can refer either to someone (usually female) whose looks fancifully resemble an untrimmed thatch of pubic hair surrounding a rather protuberant set of inner labia, or to persons (in which case, the term is used vastly predominantly of those of the female persuasion as well) who relish indulging in performing the oral pleasuring of said type of tuna taco (in some instances, both descriptions may apply). The meaning can be ascertained from context.


  28. 61

    Too late, the Foreign Office has already emasculated Hague in the eyes of the Tory right- as exemplified by the really swivel-eyed policy on Syria. Arabists in the Foreign Office over confident in their own powers that they would even enter hell itself.


    • 110
      The British Public says:

      Syria is none of our business


      • 129
        Syria can fire missiles at us in 45 minutes(You've heard it all before folks) says:

        + 60,000, 000


    • 140
      Old Grey Whistle says:

      Do they still have competent Arabists in the FCO these days since they got chased out of that famous ‘spy school’ in the Lebanon in the 1970s?


  29. 63
    A punishment that fits the crime says:

    Why is scum like Mark Bridger, who murdered a 5 year old child, treated with decency in terms of getting a prison sentence? I don’t believe in the death penalty either. People like him should be made to suffer. I’d have the likes of him, Rose West, Ian Brady, Vanessa George, Ian Huntley, Peter Sutcliffe and all p*edophiles and child killers skinned alive and thrown into a snakepit.


  30. 65
    Anonymous says:

    Tories should stop treading on egg shells round UKIP and start showing some teeth.


    • 69
      Casual Observer says:

      You mean MPs start defecting ? Agreed.


      • 71
        Anonymous says:

        The vast majority of the electorate do not agree with ukip’s extremism. Not one Tory MP has defected or likely to.


        • 77
          Nadine Batshit says:

          I might


        • 86
          Casual Observer says:

          There is no extremism in UKIP, that only exists in the left biased media and some of the minority communities, as evidenced in Woolwich last week.

          Trend is indicating that public support is building steadily behind UKIP.

          Not one Tory MP has yet defected, but some may. Defection is a hot potato though as it indicates dis-loyalty. The only ones who may are those whose constituents and local party would support them in such a move.

          This will follow the shift in sentiment of the donors (major and minor), poll results and general sentiment, not to mention the views of UK business.

          UKIP appear to have refocused their efforts now on the European elections and the stubborn problem of Labour. One suspects that they are waiting for the Conservative party to make their next move with respect Cameron before further engagement, so are focusing on more important issues.

          The European elections are somewhat important to the country at this point in time, which the electorate have broadly figured out.

          The infighting in the Conservative party, as well as within the LibLabCon bloc generally is helping to hamper their own campaigns.

          Running non-English / local candidates, denying referendums etc. and demonstrating a certain degree of political un-professionalism on the part of LibLabCon has already gifted much of the European vote to UKIP, which is the best outcome for the country.

          Westminster style party conflicts seriously damage the UKs position in the European Parliament. Such representation makes the UK very easy to compromise in Europe on the important issues which actually do affect our daily lives.

          What those in Westminster desperately do not want people to figure out is that the expensive pantomime they put on there is a complete hologram from the perspective of decision making in the UK.

          Many folk have, which is the real reason why UKIP support is growing.

          A referendum is important. But if the UK is to remain in the EU system then it is important that the UK has political leadership which the people can have a sense of trust will represent their views.

          LibLabCon have comprehensively broken that covenant of trust with the electorate and are not fit for the purpose of representing the UK in Europe.


          • Anonymous says:

            Bollocks. Ukips rhetoric is fanatical and paranoid. Anyone who builds up an argument using bullshit bingo phrases like “metropolitan liberal elite” should punched and punched again.


          • Fuck the liblabconners says:

            Well said sir/madam.


          • SP4 BS says:

            I saw in the paper that a local UKIP guy got booted out for saying a bit too much about “bloody park-keepers” or something of that ilk, down the pub.

            Considering he got chucked out by the guy who’s daft enough to go to prison for his “freedoms”, I’d wonder what on earth he was on about.


          • tories are the DoDo party says:

            Ha ha ha ha. the tories are getting desperate now.

            they’ve had their chance and they’ve blown it. They will be soon be extinct anyway when they enter into their homosexual wedlocks.


        • 88
          Anonymous says:

          Perhaps that is a reflection of a lack of courage and/or integrity in the tory ranks.


    • 135
      Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

      That could be difficult. Most tories (like most UKIP supporters) are so elderly they last saw their teeth around the time of the last Thatcher government.


  31. 67
    Back@woodsman says:

    Fox & Hague, two ineffective posturing chancers the public have already seen through long ago. Coulson should get out more…. While he can.


  32. 74
    FairBobby says:

    Give me Nigel Farage any day against any other politician. I believe him, I dont’ believe the others.!


  33. 81
    Observer says:

    I find it quite extraordinary that you should pay any attention to this man who quite clearly was at the heart of the Murdoch Mob, now known for their multiple crimes…

    But I suppose since you ntake the Murdoch shilling we should not be surprised

    Can we expect words of wisdom from Rebekah and Charlie now?

    On horses, perhaps ?!


    • 141
      Old Grey Whistle says:

      You appear to have forgotten already that both sides of the spectrum in the MSM were equally as guilty of criminal behaviour. That said, I agree that Coulson is a non-story when there are far more important bits of tattle to tittle about.


  34. 87
    Gordon Brown says:




  35. 90
    Mark says:

    To rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic

    To do something pointless or insignificant that will soon be overtaken by events, or that contributes nothing to the solution of a current problem.


  36. 93
    Moral Collapse Blair has no shame says:

    Sterling is falling out of bed, boys

    My bank is shorting it and making lots of money out of the collapse of my Ponzi scheme….

    Pip pip…


    • 123
      Market Watch says:

      Sterling appears to be just fine right now.

      Keep your eye on JPY. That is not going to survive what the Feds next move.


      • 136
        Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

        The Fed have no say in it. The driver of exchange rates is the Chinese position. Their huge holdings of dollar debt means they have to keep the dollar afloat.


      • 145
        peel tye beard. says:

        think nuclear or a hot lava incident.
        super dry is not good, unless one has detached from one’s roots.


  37. 94
    bubba and his well endowed associates. hmp bite the pillow says:

    on the plus side andy after you’ve finished your sentence you’ll be be able to hire your rectum out as a air raid shelter.


  38. 101
    Russian Oligarch (and his bent City solicitors) says:

    I will hire Andy Coulson as my press adviser when he comes out of jail

    He is obviously good at spinning himself and a whole ,load of other cods…


  39. 104
    Tony Cheekpuller says:

    Liam Fox should not be pulled back in

    he has the look of man who has a permanent 10p sized sweat patch in the gussett of his underpants.


  40. 105
    Sir William Waad says:

    Hague has enough on his plate without….er…..what does he do, exactly?

    Lady Waad: “He’s Foreign Secretary, Billy.”

    Self: “Really? Syria and so forth?”

    Lady Waad: “Incredible, isn’t it?”


  41. 112
    Penumbrist says:

    I don’t think this Coulson chap can be trusted. That is all.


  42. 117
    The electorate says:

    Dead men walking


  43. 121
    Owen Jones says:

    Popping down to guardian coffee later on to order a ‘Toynbee': short, rich and intensely bitter.


    • 125
      The Red Penny Fan Club says:

      We recommend a Penny Late.

      Sweet and creamy. Yum !


      • 130
        The Red Penny Fan Club says:

        Note: That is not a spelling mistake. Penny insisted on a single T latte, to emphasize solidarity !

        – She’s tops !


    • 142
      Old Grey Whistle says:

      Do they have an Abbotopotumas expresso on the menu? Large, black, thick and slimy…

      (Or is that a Vaz frothy? I get so confused with all these different ways of just making a simple cup of coffee).


  44. 132
    Unfriend Owen Jones Now says:

    Owen is singularly failing to successfully fellate public opinion.

    This does not mean that he is going to stop sucking, or that he does not blow.


  45. 146
    Lost in Clacton says:

    What is GQ?

    I have not heard of it before.

    Am I missing anything?


  46. 147
    Adam Werrity gone but not forgotten completely says:

    Why is that strange man in a suit firing a machine gun?

    I would like to see his firearms’ licence please.


    • 148
      John Galley missing in action says:

      That guy has not got a clue what he is doing with that big toy of his.

      And some people even think he should be running the country with us poor souls paying his housing costs.


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