May 26th, 2013

Read Guido’s Column in The Sun Today

Guido shares a page with Russell Brand as Dave goes looking for Chuka in Ibiza in today’s Sun. In the column today:

  • Harman stitches up a seat for a millionaire comedian’s daughter
  • Balls is on borrowed time and borrowed Co-op money
  • Theresa May woos Tory wags
  • Hodge the Dodge misses £100 million of BBC waste
  • James Wharton plays hardball with Number 10
  • A Tory MP and researcher get a bit too close in the Sports and Social
  • Technophobe MPs double claim for expenses on new touch credit cards
  • Why skiving civil service pen pushers will only be working two days next week.

All in your 60p Sun.


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    • 4
      Ed Balls says:

      Who cares ? My Co-op bank balance is over a million.

      • 241
        Morgan's Organ says:

        Madness indeed but would you deny it is Muslim madness?

        • 294
          Justwannaquietlife says:

          Why is it all of the talking heads & politicians seem to be in a competition to say “It’s nothing to do with Islam” the loudest.

          As far as I can tell, all the terrorists themselves seem pretty clear about their motives, and what it’s about.

          • The EU has failed says:

            Imagine if it had been someone from the EDL rather than Islam. They would certainly not have adopted the stance that it was nothing to do with EDL. What a bunch of hypocrites.

          • CarryHole is a fat homuculus says:

            Yep. Who you gonna believe? The people who try to sell you a false narrative or your own “lying” eyes and ears?

          • Hasbara Spotter says:

            How’s the weather in Tel Aviv, Hasbara Loon?

          • Halibut Hall says:

            So true!

        • 476
          Anonymous says:

          Not too different from ZioLoon madness.

          • Django says:

            The point is that the two who killed that soldier were not mad… They were evil murdering scum! How anyone can be entertained by Russell Brand is beyond me. Surely he is one of the greatest examples of the shallowness of modern celebrity.

          • Apologist Watch says:

            Yeah I hear you bro’, those Juice are always standing around on street corners waiting to behead people. Luckily our friendly neighbourhood Imam’s are there to stop them.

          • Hasbara Spotter says:

            Thing with the ZioLoons is that they manipulate things so that YOU end up supporting and PAYING for killing Muslims. Remember? We killed thousands of them who were absolutely no threat to us!

        • 516
          Everybody knows says:

          Everyone knows Russell Brand is mad. I hadn’t realised he was a Muslim.

          • Anonymous says:

            Last week Brand was featured in several U.K. newspapers while he was sunning in California, wearing a T-Shirt with the slogan, “Anarchy in the U.K.” He almost seems to be an agent for an extreme left agenda. Would he have dared wear a t-shirt in California saying, “Anarchy in the U.S.A.”? Brand’s take on anarchy is curious — being that he is a multimillionaire!

            Curious what is going to happen when the EDL march on Downing Street in a few days. The UAF will obviously be present – and that asks the question, why are the UAF allowed to counter-march at the same time as the EDL? The UAF should be vigorously investigated — and also Cameron and other major politicians should be asked why they are signatories to what is believed to be a heavily committed Muslim organisation.

          • Normal Guy says:

            Anarchy in the UK is a perfectly reasonable description as well as being a mainstream cultural reference.

          • Apologist Watch says:

            Doesn’t lefty Cameron support the UAF and praise their actions?

          • Plymouth Bretheren say it weren't us guv! says:

            These two pieces of shit weren’t muslims Could they have been representatives of the military wing of the Quakers. Brand is a no account wanker!

    • 7
      Andrew Efiong says:

      I blame it on losers. These violent fools have failed in their lives, they’re jobless layabouts, living at home with their mums and have to resort to religious nutters as psychological props. They’re probably benefit scroungers too.

      • 26
        green ink says:

        would that it were that predictable. Unfortunately these are the type of problems we increasingly face as the poison of radicals permeates indiginous muslims. the real difference is only the violence they use to further the cause.

        casting our minds back to the crusades of course we used not dissimilar tactics.

        fact…there are ‘terrorist minded’ citizens living amongst us.
        fact… it is impossible to monitor them all.

        • 29
          V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

          I’m feeling really enriched reading this and enjoying the fact that my Country has become a diverse multicultural shithouse full of benefit spongers, parasites and wasters.

          • Aunt Hilda says:

            you’re not alone dear

          • Totally fucked off with the LIBLABCON says:




          • Away on business says:

            The capitals are annoying.

          • Anonymous says:

            In todays Sun: UKIP’s founder, and ex-leader’. Professor Alan Sked said: “My great regret is that the party I founded has been captured by the radical Right and has gone all anti-intellectual. It’s gone completely fruitcake.” He slammed deputy leader Godfrey Bloom for claiming UKIP could buy in policies from Right-wing think tanks. Prof Sked said: “Why — are they too stupid to think any up?” Nice one.

        • 51
          Anonymous says:

          “indiginous muslims”

          ha ha ha ha ha

          • Expat Geordie says:

            “Indigenous Muslims” sounds like an oxymoron to me, in the same league as “Champagne Socialist”.

          • Lynn Shemall says:

            “champagne socialists” are all too real, sadly.

          • Federal Republic of Kernow says:

            Loads in Cardiff for well over hundred years, maybe much longer, and we get on well with them – heard the first mosque was in Cardiff in Britain,

          • Anonymous says:

            Perhaps the Christian church should follow the example of these peaceloving Muslims in the way they punish anyone who changes religion from Christianity?

          • King James says:

            Or they could simply bore them to death making them listen to happy clappy guitar accompaniments to modern hymns with weak melodies and silly words

          • Federal Republic of Kernow says:

            Bit of pointless economic history for you, the first over million pound cheque was written out in the Cardiff Coal Exchange, by the French government, just over a hundred years ago, for a right huge shedful of coal, in a contract.

          • Federal Republic of Kernow says:

            @King James – Happy clappy churches are certainly not my scene – prefer the austere approach of a non-conformist chapel, with their stunning melancholic hymns, with an organ groaning at the side.

      • 35
        WE are the many; YOU are the few says:

        The blame is not the saddo losers although they must pay the price for their sick actions. They are just the fools and gullible dupes of those radical preachers who play on their paranoia and inadequacies. They make them feel important for the first time in their sad lives.

        Nothing has been gained by this madness just the opposite. These people do not understand the British psyche….this will NOT terrorise people but make them more determined to root out this evil within

        • 48
          left wing, right wing, it's all the same birdy.. Squawk! yeah a TURKEY! says:

          Approaching 30 years old this and every bit as relevant Today.

          just swap “Princess Di” for a current media Queen

          AND Remember the chorus when you want to slag off UKIP/EDL and the like.

          Songwriter: Gore, Martin, Depeche Mode.

          Sex jibe husband murders wife
          Bomb blast victim fights for life
          Girl Thirteen attacked with knife

          Princess Di is wearing a new dress

          Jet airliner shot from sky
          Famine horror, millions die
          Earthquake terror figures rise

          Princes Di is wearing a new dress

          You can’t change the world
          But you can change the facts
          And when you change the facts
          You change points of view
          If you change points of view
          You may change a vote
          And when you change a vote
          You may change the world

          In black townships fires blaze
          Prospects better premier says
          Within sight are golden days

          Princess Di is wearing a New Dress

          You can’t change the world
          But you can change the facts
          And when you change the facts
          You change points of view
          If you change points of view
          You may change a vote
          And when you change a vote
          You may change the world

          Princess Di is wearing a New Dress

          • Aunt Hilda says:

            relevance ?

          • Nellie and Dumbo spokesman says:

            rIndian or rAfrican? There is a difference.

          • Anonymous says:

            the Relevance Auntie…. is that the MSM won’t report what’s really going on!!!
            they’ll tell us what Posh spice is up to!
            but not whats really “relevant” Asian grooming, Sharia courts, politicians in bed with Big business, Bankers getting richer while majority are getting poorer, changing FACTS and therefore changing VOTES.

            cluck it! you live in your bubble believe the BEEB stay fucking ignorant!

            but don’t complain when your are fucked!

        • 61
          green ink says:

          spot on but the indocrination process is very difficult to counter.

          most of us remember the terrible problems we had in the uk with the IRA and we know that now things are quieter and Ireland progresses the generative predjudices take a long time to alter fundamentally. In reality for many they never change .. they are default one way or the other by birth and polemic.

          a dissaffected youngster will always be susceptible to some cause or other …crime drugs dropout et al but as the internet pumps out poisonous utterings and social media provide quite open routes of organised action these things will continue to happen…. the instantness of the publicity is a vital factor.

          it will never work here but the fear and horrors of actual events such as woolwich should concern every sector of our country’s diverse population.

          • Expat Geordie says:

            And some things just don’t change. I went to a lecture given by “Andy McNab” in Bovington on Friday and he was asked about his views on the Northern Ireland “Peace Process”. He said that he had been happy with it as the whole point of his role had been to kill off the hard liners to allow the moderates to push for peace.

            This worked, but now the “moderates” whom we left alive are now in the CIRA and RIRA, and are joining forces. He quoted Teresa Villiers stating that NI was heading back to 1992 levels of violence, and he said that he didn’t disagree with her assessment.

            With that in mind, “moderate muslims” anyone?

          • Londoner says:

            I have a simple rule of thumb. If a muslim drinks beer, I am more inclined to like him than not. If he will only go for a pint in a pub miles away because he does not want to be seen by others in the ‘community’ I know that even if I like him, when the chips are down I should never trust him.

          • Anonymous says:

            And what do you think of him if he looks down on you a s a non believer if you go to the pub on your own.

          • Londoner says:

            To be honest, those muslims I do know socially drink more often than me, and I don’t usually go to pubs on my own, so that question has never occurred to me.

          • Reg says:

            So most Muzlims you meet aren’t really muzlims?

          • Londoner says:

            They say they are. If they say they are, who am I or anyone else to say they are not?

            Their view on booze seems to be that it is getting drunk, particularly in front of other muslims or during ramadan, which is bad.

        • 298
          Left Wing Exposed says:

          ”WE are the many; YOU are the few says:”

          Is that why the UAF didn’t even show up at Woolwich at Satuday and where shitting themselves at home and trash talking on the internet where the big bad EDL couldn’t get them?

          United Against Fascism unless the crowds bigger than we are then we shit our pants and do nothing.

          You Left Wing sad acts have been exposed for what you really are;


          You can tell people all about your Multicultural dream world bullshit and sell them false promises all you want but in the end they will put their trust in the boots on the streets that stand up for them and their way of life, not the people give them hollow words and pipe dreams.

          You can smell the shit from Left Wing Saddos cacking themselves from here.

          Russell Brand, who gives a fuck what the scruffy addict says, he lost his job thinking it was funny dressing up as Osama Bin Laden at MTV the day after 9/11 and he lives in America now leeching off his ex wifes millions doesn’t he who gives a fuck about that sad act.

          • Truthteller says:

            Well said.

          • Expat Geordie says:

            Well said. (Copyright Truthteller, 2013).

            However the EDL are not an extreme right wing organisation. Politically they are non-political, or perhaps politically naïve. Their support comes from mainly working class people of all colours and religions except Islam, and the general political persuasion of it’s members is probably centre left. They are mainly ex-Labour voters and this is the only real resemblance with the extreme left wing B&P. The B&P regard the EDL as a Zíóníst front organisation. The EDL are anti-Islamic, and that is all. They are certainly not fascists.

            Incidentally, Mussolini said that Italian fascism was a form of socialism, a combination of big government and big business. A third way. Tony Blair described New Labour as a Third Way, and it was socialistic combination of big government and big business. So why aren’t UAF protesting outside Tony Blair’s house, and outside Labour Party headquarters?

          • CarryHole is a fat homuculus says:

            That should surely be the Fascist UAF?

          • smoggie says:

            There is a myth, perpetuated by the left, that socialism and fascism are opposites. Hence “right wing” or “far right”. In fact they are close cousins sharing the view that the all powerful state, the bigger the better, is there to control and direct the lives of the masses.

      • 341
        Anonymous says:

        I read a piece about the main one, by his Mum. She was having problems with him, so she promptly goes back to Nigeria !

      • 555
        Basil Fawlty says:

        We are funding them through the benefits system but the government are more interested in making the sick work. Bet not one of these scum have been told get a job or loos your benefits.. O and if you wear a crucifix at work its big trouble.

        • 579
          Apologist Watch says:

          75% of M*s**m women and 50% of M*s**m men have NEVER worked and live entirely on benefits. It’s called Jizya, Google it.

          • Dave "Jizya" Camoslim says:

            Slightly wascist, hey wot ho! I think we’ll try that here (whisper, whisper, whisper…..)….ahem!…..apparently we already do….tally-ho and all power to the windmills!

    • 49
      Give politicians an inch and they will take a mile says:

      Quite Guido. And what’s more it isn’t terrorism either.

      Was very pleased that Dave said there would be no knee jerk reactions to new Laws but the home secretary are all over our screens like a rash calling for the snoopers charter to be brought in.

      • 53
        Give politicians an inch and they will take a mile says:

        above should be:

        Quite Guido. And what’s more it isn’t terrorism either.

        Was very pleased that Dave said there would be no knee jerk reactions to new Laws but the home secretary and labour are all over our screens like a rash calling for the snoopers’ charter to be brought in.

      • 150
        Old Blind Pugh says:

        Err wasn’t it this lot that reduced the number of spy cameras, folks feel safe with those cameras about, and of course the coppers can not be everywhere at the same time

        • 200
          Lights camera ACTION says:

          Cameras do not stop crime. They photograph crime but that is not the same.

          loadsa videos of the decapitaton, not one stopped it.

          • Eh ? says:

            How do you know they dont deter crime ? You cant possibly know, please enlighten.

          • Anonymous says:

            OK EH? – Ad ignorantiam argument.


          • Pliny the Welder says:

            OK, EH? – Ad ignorantiam argument.

            Enlightened yet?

          • Smile for the birdie. says:

            If cameras stopped crime then they would have no crime to photograph.

          • Magaluf Engerlander says:

            I refer LCA! to the answer above.

            You do not have to prove a negative to prove your argument.
            Do try and keep up.

          • Penny gets it says:
          • MB. says:

            That was very obvious in the early days of CCTV everywhere. Someone was attacked leaving a club in Scotland and very nearly killed. No police in the area of course but they considered it a success because they were able to arrest the attackers and charge them. I am sure the victim would have preferred a plod nearby to scare them off rather than spend weeks in hospital.

          • Dave should resign now says:

            Responsible armed citizens would have been able to intervene.

            Perhaps in time to have saved the soldiers life.

          • Anonymous says:

            These people wanted to be photographed. And it was the eagerness of the British media to relay those photographs that turned their crime into into a global propaganda coup.

      • 617
        Not a Conspiracy Theorist says:

        It does seem a bit coincidental that the ‘snoopers charter’ seems to be back on the agenda again after the Woolwich outrage. it has been strongly suggested from a number of sources via the media that at least one of the murderers involved was known to the security appuratus in this country and they tried to recruit him at some point, which I have not heard denied. A most unworthy thought suggested itself to me, namely, that some sort of terrorist attack was suspected and allowed to run, to get the above ‘snooper’s charter’ reconsidered.

    • 94
      Anonymous says:

      Did the bbc say to Russell, time to return the favour pls… Your career with us could still go south, now there’s a good boy..

      • 204
        Beez says:

        Brand is a great believer in peace and love and thinks this is how the world really functions. Just shows how deluded he really is…

        • 209
          A Swivel-Eyed Loon says:

          At any one time, there is more peace and love in the world there is hate. Or fruitcake, for that matter.

          • The Bin Bag Bangers says:

            Not if we have anything to do with it..

          • Hasbara Spotter says:

            Us “Christuns” attacking and trashing Musilm countries and killing countless thousands of them does set things back a bit.

    • 121
      Jabba Le Chat says:

      It is somewhat refreshing to read a balanced view of the Religion of Peace(TM) terrorist murders in Woolwich, backed by a constitutional guarantee of free speech, which obliviates the need of avoiding causing offence, as exercised by Mark Steyn over at the National Review…

      • 125
        Know your enemy says:

        I only see working class casualties in the cultural revolution started by the Liberal Middle class.

        • 138
          Anonymous says:

          How right you are. We keep being told how muslims are fearful of backlash.If they experience a few jibes and swearing, that is nothing. We(White working class) who are forced to live in muslim areas have to fear choppers, machetes, knives and guns from so called radicalised young muslims. We are living in a climate of fear thanks to our disgusting politicians. Blair, Straw Mandelson etc.,I only hope they are brought to task for their treason against us.

          • The horrible truth says:

            Were you too thick to get educated, get a decent job and move somewhere more to your liking?

            Er, yes. You were.

          • CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

            Horrible Truth, why should someone ho has probably lived in an area of their own country all their life, have to uproot and move to another part of the country just because recent incomers have mad his or her town a third world shit hole?

            Immigrants are flooding this country in such great numbers, soon there will be nowhere for anyone to relocate to in order to get away from multi-cultural diversity and enrichment. And for that you can blame our treasonous political class.

          • CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

            Horrible Truth, why should someone who has probably lived in an area of their own country all their life, have to uproot and move to another part of the country just because recent incomers have mad his or her town a third world shit hole?

            Immigrants are flooding this country in such great numbers, soon there will be nowhere for anyone to relocate to in order to get away from multi-cultural diversity and enrichment. And for that you can blame our treasonous political class.

          • CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

            OOPS! Posted twice thanks to all the spam Toxic Taff keeps posting that slows down this site.

    • 428
      Joyce Thacker says:

      You will be sent for diversity training!

    • 445
      CarryHole is a fat homuculus says:

      Islam IS madness.

      It deserves the blame.

    • 473
      CarryHole is a fat homuculus says:

      The truth is slowly getting out.

      Despite the best efforts of the “news” to censor it.

      Conduct Of The Media…

      Noteworthy is the branding of the EDL by some of the major news organs of the world as far-right wing, despite the group’s stated position of being an inclusive movement dedicated to peacefully protesting against Islamic extremism as well as desirous of wanting the Muslim community in Great Britain to make serious efforts to counter Islamic extremism.

      • 595
        Beness says:

        video Removed. News blackout on the EDL march to number 10. How has it come to this?

      • 604
        Anonymous says:

        EDL’s “stated position of being an inclusive movement dedicated to peacefully protesting”? Meanwhile, back in the real world.

    • 553
      The God of Abraham says:

      Not madness. Evil.

  2. 2
    Travel Agent says:

    I do not think David Cameron’s decision to go to Ibiza at this time is wrong. I do think it is bad politics.

    • 3
      The EU has failed says:

      I think it is absolute bollocks to say that the country is in crisis. If the situation with Muslim terrorists is a crisis then no PM will ever be allowed to go on holiday again.

      • 9
        Bloke says:

        Maybe if they got rid of the islamic hotheads they could be more confident of taking a break without looking like they don’t give a shit.

        • 28
          the story of pi. says:

          tiger tiger.

          who sits on top.
          tiger is the time.
          pi is trapped.
          b some1 by being no1.
          ever seen a frown on the 4head of tinieyes?

      • 10
        Wyle Cop says:

        He’ll have plenty of time for holidays from 2015.

      • 25
        Society in the UK is mostly tolerant of other's beliefs unfortunately some within it...aren't says:

        The crisis is in the minds of the BBC and Guardian readers who fuel paranoia in the decent Muslim Community and see right wing conspiracies everywhere

        • 52
          kabul. says:

          the thought that the halftruth man… “live in peace” …fliiped bea.use of what they do in kenya is linked with pie.
          pi is infinite in a circle.
          pie though.
          knowledge gained can assist.
          learn about the mother,
          ma.ka.bul…..the teeanagers who are outside societi need to be brought in.

          • Aunt Hilda says:

            I do try to appreciate what you post but frankly I still struggle … are you on meds ? … if so take more because you’re a fruitcake.

          • Universal Hiss says:

            Thank goodness. I thought it was just me being a bit thick.

          • Magaluf Engerlander says:

            No – it’s just haiku-ish bollocks, with bad cryptic crossword clues masquerading as obscurely astute stream of consciousness.
            Try to ignore.

          • CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

            Hilda,it’s probably Toxic Taff posting under one of the user names he changes three or four times a day. NONE of his posts make any sense, and that includes the hundreds of pointless YouTube Videos he cogs up this site with.

      • 271
        Boris Carloffe says:

        While the cat’s away! Perhaps it will give time for someone brave to be a stalking horse to get rid of him.

    • 34
      SayNoToLibLabCon says:

      “I do not think David Cameron’s decision to go to Ibiza at this time is wrong”

      That’s right – we should all take 6 holidays a year.

      • 38
        Dave Chamberlain says:

        Anyway, I’m setting up a new Quango, what more do you swivel eyed loons want!

        • 569
          Neville Cameron says:

          This morning I had another talk with a Muslim community leader and here is the paper which bears his name upon it as well as mine. Some of you, perhaps, have already heard what it contains but I would just like to read it to you: ‘ … We promise not to wear crucifix in public, we promise not to fly any flags that might upset the Muslim community, we promise to continue to allow uncontrolled immigration into out once great country. we promise to turn this country into a third world shithole’

      • 42
        Small Businessman says:

        I go away most bank holiday weekends. If I could afford it I would go and spend them abroad as well.

        • 43
          SayNoToLibLabCon says:

          That’s great Small Businessman, but I suspect your company is not losing 120 billion pounds a year and running a 1 trillion pound deficit. I also expect one of your employees was not decapitated last week just for doing his job.

          • SayNoToLibLabCon says:

            sorry that should read 1 trillion pound overdraft!

          • Small Businessman says:

            You are , of course, entirely correct. I think Mr Cameron has made a poor decision. If he needed a rest, (which he may well need, thinking about it), he could have gone to Chequers. That is what the place is for, after all.

          • Man of steel says:

            Don’t worry, he’ll come back refreshed to read his name out at PMQs to ah few hear,hears.

          • Enough is enough... says:

            Maybe he will bump in to Chucka and they can laugh about the plebs back home…

          • Old Blind Pugh says:

            Cams has a history of not appearing at PMQ in the first year he hardly seemed to be there leaving it to Cleggy

          • Anonymous says:

            They do have decent communications theses days you know

      • 346
        Anonymous says:

        I do take 6 hoilidays a year thanks.

    • 169
      Lynn Shemall says:

      Dear Mr Travel Agent
      Could you possibly consider quickly going bust and stopping that Common Purpose stooge Cameron from returning to the UK ? You would be doing the UK a massive favour and it would be for the greater good.

    • 253
      Expat Geordie says:

      Whenever I hear of a politician going on holiday, I am reminded of the Flashman author, George MacDonald Fraser. In his autobiography he wrote that his favourite post war Prime Minister was Alec Douglas-Home. The reason – he wasn’t around long enough to do any damage.

      Perhaps Cameron should go on more holidays for the good of the country.

    • 419
      Fetch me my powder horn says:

      Its fine because before he went he set up a “Task Farce” with him and Clegg and Warsi. PHEW! that heavens for that, tonight I will sleep the sleep of the saved and the thankful.

  3. 5
    Oppressed Englishman says:

    Due to the actions of the Britain’s thought police, freedom of speech has effectively been suspended in Britain.

    Rather than risk posting online, we’ll have to pass around samizdat material via trusted friends.

    • 6
      Bloke says:

      The nation will have to get back in the habit of seeing and talking to its friends. The revival of the swift half down the pub is well overdue.

      • 33
        LibLabCon spokesperson says:

        Why do you think we’ve been busy forcing pubs out of business ?

      • 620
        Tom Catesby says:

        Ordinary folk are being priced out of the pubs, our rulers have thought of that one!

    • 115
      kabul. says:

      air is free.
      it is the only element that cannot be trapped.
      ….be light.
      …wispa silentli.
      …….on the net air becomes earth via the fire of the thought….coloured by the liquiditi that is e.motion.
      e.motion container….it lives on the edges.
      the net is the phissica content. fizzzz.zzz. held together in the net.
      feel trapped, then get of the net.
      but the fish gets aroused.
      well, do not.

  4. 8
  5. 11
    Fuck the LibLabCon says:

    I blame it on the madness of uncontrolled mass immigration.

    • 31
      Raving Loon says:

      Shhh, they’ll send you away to be “re-educated”.

    • 75
      Swivel eyed fruit cake says:

      But what about the enrichment, without uncontrolled mass immigration you couldn’t buy a curry at two in the morning.

      • 124
        Full Metal Straight Jacket says:

        Curry at 2am I love curyy?Damn they can come round chop my brothers head off and fuck my underage sister.

        • 128
          Know your enemy says:

          I only see working class casualties in the cultural revolution started by the Liberal middle class

        • 259
          Expat Geordie says:

          Since when do muslims run the curry houses? I can’t see them doing pork madras washed down with a few bottle of Cobra.

      • 230
        Anonymous says:

        You are a filthy piece of Tory shit.

        • 318
          Ghost of Marx (Groucho) says:

          ….said the filthier piece of snivelling socialist shit, from his bedroom at his mums, surrounded by empty pizza boxes, back issues of the Grauniad and crusty tissues.


          • And Then They Came For Me says:

            Not so much Tory, as all the filthy Nazi/EDF shit that people need to keep an eye on. Germany in the 19030s. Britain in 2013. Times change, but not the dangers.

    • 554
      The God of Abraham says:

      Uncontrolled mass immigration is evil.

  6. 12
    Litonlife says:

    Let me be CLEAR here – I’m the proud daughter of a Polish immigrant post WW2, I possess a diverse ancestry. I’m NOT racist, but have the gift of insight – having predicted the coming war since the EU were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012 :’(

  7. 13
    Wyle Cop says:

    There was an excellent profile of the politico-media cesspit on R4 yesterday evening in the shape of Archive on 4 – Profumo Confidential. Written and presented by a hack who covered the scandal at the time (Tom Mangold), the prog re-examined the evidence, revealed much new evidence via the unpublished autobiog of Steven Ward and had an interview with Mandy R-D.

    Well well worth a listen.

    • 172
      Old Blind Pugh says:

      Yup I heard a bit of it, 16/7 when that blew up, still got the Sunday Telegraph report, it does take you back it seemed to all come out in slow motion, poor old Mac, it took the puff out of him. Only those in the elite political circles knew anything about it once it came out, it the spelt the beginning of end of the Con government ADH did not last very long in post, and your actual Harold and Liebore came into power

  8. 14
    The EU has failed says:

    I blame it on the madness of Islam.

    • 17
      The EU has failed says:

      The religion of arrogance, hatred and bigotry.

      • 22
        Mohammed Bin Liner says:

        It is a religion of peace.

        Agree or I’ll cut your head off.

        • 40
          Dave Chamberlain says:

          I agree

        • 57
          Frederick says:

          Religion of lots of pieces.

          • Man of steel says:

            I blame the cuts

          • Gordon Brown says:

            It started in America

          • Old Blind Pugh says:

            NO Gordy it started in LONDON, very light touch which you personally sanctioned because the bankers wanted it.
            It seems that the Sunnis and Shias may go to war with each other certainly in Syria, it’s like the Christian wars of the middle ages, I suppose they are still it that mode, it’s many years since the Auto De Fe under Roman Catholics and their English terror boys like Guido Fawkes, and the protestant persecution of the RCs

      • 92
        Anonymous says:

        Interesting that in all the papers today, they refer to Isl@mic preachers as “hate” preachers. But they refer to the EDL as “racist” and “bigoted”.

        I ask the question, do people think the Isl@mic preachers are “racist” and possibly “bigotted”, and if so why are they being deliberately cast as “haters” instead of “racists” ? Is being a hater less of a crime than being a racist ?

        Are there technical and legal definitions of both ?

        • 117
          kabul. says:

          drill down, but ultimateli, what is the point.
          the net is a dot cum.
          it is the buzzing fly that we pee against.
          fly up in order to zip dawn.

          • CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

            Toxic Taff @Kabul and hundreds of other names, why not get a life? You never know you might even find your first ever girlfriend.

        • 127
          Anonymous says:

          The only definition of these words is whatever you want it to be & is determined by the view you wish to convey.

        • 274
          Back@woodsman says:

          There are 650+ comments on the Mail article by Dave, proposing a Task Force. All 650 comments deride the concept and the PM who made them. The vast majority of the comments call for repatriation of muslims to their country of ethnic origin.
          Unless main stream politicians accept this and act quickly to implement decisive policies, a great many will not be re-elected.
          The police choosing to arrest and hand cuff an 85 year old woman for shouting at a mosque, is seen as symptomatic of how badly out of touch with public sentiment the police and politicians are.

          • Hasbara Spotter says:

            Well no. Fortunately most people don’t read the moronic Tabloids that make thick mongs think they have a clue about what is right or wrong.

          • Anonymous says:

            Hand cuffing a 85 year old woman, just for shouting at a mosque, would seem over the top – wonder what she said?

    • 131
      Know your enemy says:

      I only ever see working class casualties in the cultural revolution started by the liberal middle class

    • 556
      The God of Abraham says:

      Islam is evil.

  9. 15
    All equal under the law but SOME are more equal than others says:

    I blame the authorities and weak willed politicians for the lack of political will for not using the laws already on the statute books to combat radical Islam whenever/wherever it appears on the streets of the UK, in university campuses and mosques and for not using the present law to deal with radical muslim clerics for fear of upsetting the “community” preferring a tolerant attitude to dealing with those that parade shouting offensive anti-Christian slogans and parading placards that incite yet have a draconian approach to 85 years old OAPs who shout in anger at Muslims because of recent events in Woolwich

    • 55
      Dave Chamberlain says:

      I cannot believe that there is anything more or anything different that I could have done and that would have been more successful.

    • 557
      The God of Abraham says:

      Weak politicians are evil

  10. 16
    David you-suckers-are-all-in-the-shit-together Cameron says:

    I’m gonna party like there’s no tomorrow. It’s the right thing to do.

  11. 19
    Wyle Cop says:

    “…by Russell Brand”.


  12. 20
    David Camoron says:

    While I’m away, Imam Abu Jihad will be running the country.

    I’m kidding, of course. He’s always running the country.

    • 27
      Rex Mundi says:

      Thank fcuk it isn’t Nick Clegg

      • 47
        Wyle Cop says:

        Your friendly K0ran-quoting atheist.

        • 63
          The Dutch Ambassador says:

          Quoting the Kor@n is considered quite polite in diplomatic circles. I see now that it may not have been entirely appropriate to have given Nick that particular set of platitudes to read out this time. Lessons will be learned.

      • 559
        The God of Abraham says:

        Nick Clegg is evil

  13. 23
    'Call me Dave' Dave says:

    OMFG! Look at those girls – that’s not a skirt, it’s a belt. Over here darlin’, you’re well fit!

    W00t W00t! Grrrr! Hubba, hubba!

  14. 32
    Living in 97.1% white Merseyside says:


  15. 41
    Dave Chamberlain says:

    Today I have spoken at depth with the Muslim Council of Great Britain, together we have signed an agreement which will bring peace in our time.

    • 46
      Quisling Dave says:

      Three of their brethren were picked up overnight by police; they’ll be sitting down to lunch at Chequers about now.

      Toodle pip!

      • 56
        i don't n eed no doctor says:

        Question to 39 & 44. What’s the noun for a pair of arseholes, because that’s you pair.

        • 62
          John 'Toulouse' Prescott says:

          Did someone call ?

        • 64
          Dave Chamberlain says:

          Ah – you speak as though you are a man of action “i don’t n eed no doctor says” – but I suspect you are a complete lazy twat.

  16. 45
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Were the seeds planted for the Woolwich murder when Blair lied over Iraq’s WMD, and then sent us to war?

    • 97
      rick says:

      Yes, and at the same time forcing mass emigration and rubbing our noses in the ‘enrichment’.

      • 574
        Anonymous says:

        What was the name of the Labour politician that said (at the beginning of Labour’s time in Government from 1997) — “this country (i.e. England) is hideously white!”?

    • 186
      Iraq had nothing to do with jihad says:

      NO….bear in mind that radical islamists had been engaged in “jihad” since the 90′s when they unsuccessfully targetted the World Trade Center and were thwarted only to succeed dramatically in 2001.

      It is a requirement of islam to fight jihad *holy war* against unbelievers and to bring the caliphate to the world

    • 208
      Tony the Phoney says:

      Definitely! It certainly was meant as a provocation to violence to be committed by British-born Negroes on white British soldiers in Britain. A wonderfully diabolical plan to bring down our society as we know it– and I thunk it up all by myself! (Oh, all right, Alastair, you DID have SOME part in it!)

    • 220
      A Swivel-Eyed Loon says:

      It depends. You may possibly have to go back the Egypt and the suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood by Nasser, or even before then.

  17. 50
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Teachers on holiday again, and they complain about their work load, renumeration and pension.

  18. 58
    Britain in 2023 says:

    “Salam alaykum and welcome to the BBC ten o’clock news, I am Abdul Haji. Our headline tonight: ten kuffars have been publicly executed for eating pork. The men were caught in a sting operation yesterday by the Holy Metropolitan Soldiers of Allah. The sinners worked as journalists for The Guardian. Despite pleas from defence counsel that the men had defended Islam for years in the paper, Judge Anjem Choudhry said he would show no mercy. The Socialist Workers Party, Unite Against Fascism and Sister Yvonne Ridley said we should respect the decision of the court.

    In other news, a 12 year white whore was righteously ràped by eight of our brothers. The kuffar slag will now be stoned to death for letting herself be ràped.”

  19. 59
    Top Justice Man says:

    Is capital punishment still on the statute books for regicide and treachery?

    • 69
      Guidopedia says:

      High treason today comprises:

      Treason Act 1351:
      compassing the death of the sovereign, or of the sovereign’s wife or eldest son and heir
      violating the sovereign’s wife, or the sovereign’s eldest unmarried daughter, or the sovereign’s eldest son’s wife
      levying war against the sovereign in the realm
      adhering to the sovereign’s enemies, giving them aid and comfort, in the realm or elsewhere
      killing the King’s Chancellor, Treasurer (an office long in commission) or Justices
      Treason Act 1702 and Treason Act (Ireland) 1703:
      attempting to hinder the succession to the throne under the Bill of Rights 1689 and the Act of Settlement 1701
      Treason Act 1708:
      killing the Lords of Session or Lords of Justiciary in Scotland
      (in Scottish law only) counterfeiting the Great Seal of Scotland
      See the English History section below for detail about the offences created by the 1351 Act.

      In addition to the crime of treason, the Treason Felony Act 1848 (still in force today) created a new offence known as treason felony, with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment instead of death (but today, due to the abolition of the death penalty, the maximum penalty both for high treason and treason felony would be the same—life imprisonment). Under the traditional categorization of offences into treason, felonies, and misdemeanors, treason felony was merely another form of felony. Several categories of treason which had been introduced by the Sedition Act 1661 were reduced to felonies. While the common law offences of misprision and compounding were abolished in respect of felonies (including treason felony) by the Criminal Law Act 1967, which abolished the distinction between misdemeanor and felony, misprision of treason and compounding treason are still offences under the common law.

      According to the law in force, it is treason felony to “compass, imagine, invent, devise, or intend”:

      to deprive the sovereign of the Crown,
      to levy war against the sovereign “in order by force or constraint to compel her to change her measures or counsels, or in order to put any force or constraint upon or in order to intimidate or overawe both Houses or either House of Parliament”, or
      to “move or stir” any foreigner to invade the United Kingdom or any other country belonging to the sovereign.

      • 76
        A Reader says:

        Thank you for that. Concise and informative.

      • 84
        Layman says:

        This is very strange really as many of these hate preachers and so called faith/community leaders could be jailed for life under these laws. So it begs the question why does this not happen? Or should I be asking the question… who decides what laws to enforce and when to enforce them?

        • 89
          Patriot says:

          Obviously not someone who gives a shit about this country

          • Old geezer says:

            Now you know why Blair abolished the death penalty for treason. He may be found guilty yet.

          • EU Watch says:

            In Blair’s ‘defense’ the death penalty for Treason was abolished in order to harmonize UK statue law with ECHR / ECJ.

            This is another reason for voting UKIP: If people would like to keep the option open for bringing it back onto statute without incurring EU fines.

          • neodsa says:

            @ EU Watch says , so we can hang blair and only pay an eu fine ? Hells teeth I’ll chip in for that.

        • 196
          The Death Penalty still exists for Treason was only put into abeyance.... says:

          *EU Watch* …the death penalty was never actually abolished for treason merely suspended BUT it can be reactivated ..”in time of war for those giving support or succour to a foreign power; organisation or power” or “civil insurrection against the Crown”. It is all a matter of interpretation. The power to re-activate lies at the discretion of The Crown’s Prerogative(exercised in normal circumstances by the Privy Council under recommendation from the Prime Minister)without the need for approval by parliament although it would be unthinkable to do this without substantial support from both Houses of Prliament(AND of course the Liberal Democrat Party;the BBC and Guardian)

          • EU Watch says:

            Whilst the UK remains signatory to the European Convention of Human rights AND the Charter of Human Rights then Capital Punishment cannot be reinstated or carried out in the UK without breaking the terms of those charters.

            The 13th Protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights became binding on the United Kingdom, prohibiting the restoration of the death penalty for as long as the UK is a party to the Convention.

            In order to exit that convention the UK shall need to exit the EU.

      • 122
        kabul. says:

        low trason is hitti below the belt.
        there is low trash.
        and high treason. high attracts the choppa.
        think law,
        #the unhated,

  20. 66
    The Attorney General Gold Command says:

    Mainly for Brazilians

  21. 67
    Theresa April, Home Secretary says:

    I agree with my colleague Alan Johnson that it is vital to introduce fascist legislation to spy on and intimidate white English people.

    This will mean that the problem we and our comrades created by having the country invaded by millions of enemies can be ignored.

    He may resign if I am not given what I need.

  22. 68
    SailorSam says:

    The Left are odd. Don’t blame an “idea”, but don’t let the people have arms because “guns kill”. So ideas that inhabit the minds of men aren’t too blame for their actions. But inanimate objects are evil? Go figure.

  23. 71
    Britain in 2023 says:

    “Welcome to Film ’23 with your host, Ibrahim Waleed. My name used to be Ian Watkins till I converted to islam. I have given up that kuffar name for a muslim one. On tonight’s show, we’re reviewing the latest blockbuster releases from the muslim film industry. First up is Adventures In Auschwitz, a feel good action comedy for all the family about a heroic muslim who teams up with the Nazis to destroy the Jèws. This is a splendid piece of entertainment which also educates viewers about the evil Jèws. It’s on release from Friday at a cinema near you. Check online for the nearest male-only cinema or female-only cinema. And remember, any male caught in a female cinema or vice versa will be stoned to death.

    Onto our next film, Abdul Does Rotheram, a hilarious comedy about the wild antics of a muslim brother ràping and drugging white english whores aged 13.”

    • 78
      Mohammad Alieegee says:

      You got any free tickets going spare?

      • 188
        boad.on says:

        middle eastern sweets are made by a company called dad ltd.
        ma. ka.bul.
        pleasure is in the g spot.
        gaga sweet. grays inn. cows. and raza blad.
        if the purpose of the sun is to kill the roots, then like any good englisman.

    • 103
      Oi !! says:

      I repeat, Oi!! already. Auschwitz is copyrighted to us – only we may exploit it.

  24. 80
    Steve says:

    Oh i sincerely the HOC scum do pay attention to this blog. Not that they care, but at least they would be very aware of the complete and utter contempt in which they are held.

    • 86
      Joe says:

      I don’t care if they read it or not, they’ve had enough rope already.

      • 100
        Lynn Shemall says:

        and now it’s time to tighten that rope.

        • 149
          HOC scum says:

          Your opinion is important to us. I have to admit, though, we do laugh about your bigoted little views when Nick, Ed and me meet over champers in the members bar (mother of parliaments y’know). Thank goodness the majority of you will still vote LibLabCon.

          Sorry must go…Tony’s on the ‘phone from his luxury pad in the mid-East or somewhere.
          Toodle pip – Dave.

  25. 83
    Parade of uglies says:

    I think we need more of those ugly white women who convert to Islam on the TV.

  26. 87
    Souper Man says:

    “In June 1840 a fleet of British warships sailed into China’s Pearl River Delta and unleashed a barrage of violence, overwhelming China’s weak coastal defences and bringing the country to its knees. This was the First Opium War in which thousands were killed in the name of free trade”


    WMD Lies
    Biggest opium crop EVER grown in Afghanistan, 2012
    Use Depleted uranium, phosphorous
    Fomenting of Coups
    Anglo/America Aggression – 98 wars and invasions since 1949
    ETC ETC ETC…..

    • 93
      Patriot says:

      Yes. The Royal Navy doesn’t have enough ships.

      • 99
        Souper Man says:

        It’s not the Royal Navy anymore it is the Combined UN Naval Taskforce or C.U.N.T.

      • 201
        The Navy Lark says:

        They have even had their i-pods severely rationed…the Iranian Republican Guard are really brassed off about THAT one

    • 613
      Anonymous says:

      What about the madness of supplying weapons to the FSA terror gang in Syria?

  27. 102
    Tarquin Fru-fru Brooklyn Pixiebell Rich-Person III says:

    What kind of person names a child Elwen?

    • 107
      P l e b says:

      I’ve often thought that about ‘Gearoid’

    • 111
      Cancel My Subscription??? says:

      A Welsh person? Although that sort of answers your question too

      • 134
        Federal Republic of Kernow says:

        It’s Cornish too, where his daughter was born, named after a midwife there maybe.

        • 137
          Federal Republic of Kernow says:

          OOPS. Wrong child wrong sex. Come to think of it, Elwen sounds like an old Saxon name for a bloke. They had a lot of bloke’s names starting with E, didn’t they.

    • 113
      Lordy Lordy says:

      Is David Cameron Welsh?

      • 140
        Federal Republic of Kernow says:

        Think he is full of bits – bit Scottish, but don’t think any Welsh in him, allegedly, unless something went on in the stables at one time…

      • 175
        The tit in no. 10 (but for much longer at all now) says:

        When it comes to a referendum on the EU, yes.

      • 193
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        Judging from “David,” you well might wonder. But then again, “Jesus” Christ had a Spanish name, and I doubt if He ever saw Spain.

        • 224
          Federal Republic of Kernow says:

          Believe it or not, JC has been to Devon&Corwall of all places, with Joseph of Aromithea (sp). His uncle came to visit Britain to trade for tin, in exchange for olive oil and wine, or something.

          • Judas Was A Bagman says:

            Of course they did. And while they were there they stayed in a yurt, practised shiatsu and worked on their dream catchers

          • Tay King-dePisse says:

            I know I shouldn’t feed the trolls here, but it is Joseph of Ar-I-mathea, a name which, as a dyslexic little sprog, I misread as “Joseph of Arithmetic,” leading me to wonder how and why a mathematician was such a rich man.

          • Nemesis says:

            Joseph planted his staff which grew into a Hawthorne tree and 2 thousend years later some bastard chopped it down

          • Federal Republic of Kernow says:

            At least it wasn’t a yew tree. Druids like Yew trees. :)

          • "The Lord Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want..." says:

            Vicar Grainger: “Did you know one of Christ’s disciples had a heart condition– ‘Joseph of Arrhythmia’?”

            Alice the Asperger Verger: “Oh, that’s terrible– did Our Lord heal him?”

            Vicar: “It was a joke, Alice.”

            Alice: “Not to Joseph!”

      • 232
        Anonymous says:

        He has the right to reside in Israel.

    • 354
      Anonymous says:

      Tarquin, you must get out more. Everybody isnt called Klevin or Kristal like your mates kids you know !

  28. 104
    Jeremy Zeid says:

    Am I missing something, but what the fuck does that cretin Russell Brand know? Is was NOT “madness”, it was a cold, calculating LITERAL act lifted strsight out ofthe Koran. What part of the murderer’s own words does that C*NT Brand not inderstand. Time read the Holy booky-wook. Why do we bother with these FUCKWITS. Go back to making obscene phonecalls you vacuous wanker.

    • 283
      Expat Geordie says:

      Got to agree there.

      By the way, are you the real Jeremy Zeid? Who used to contribute to the Telegraph, was a councillor in some London shithole, and once got onto R4′s Any Answers?

  29. 109
    Joe says:

    If a non-white person had been killed for political reasons, it would be called a racially motivated hate crime rather than terrorism.

    • 261
      Different priorities says:

      I think a bottle of paint was thrown at the Islamic centre in Belfast. It’s been called a hate crime.

      • 464
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        Actually, in Belfast, having an Islamic centre might actually get all the militants of the RC’s and Prot’s to figure out that, to radical Muzzies who want to destroy the Western way of life, there’s not a k’unt-hair’s breadth of difference between them. But hey, if they enjoy all their sectarianness, who are we to deny them?

        “The Troubles” 2.0– coming soon, to a UK city near you!

  30. 114
    BBC News says:

    In other news… yesterday just 1500 to 2000 of the far-right NAZI goose stepping fascist English Defense League marched the streets of Newcastle causing mayhem and trouble everywhere.

    • 118
      Just for the record says:

      Were there any decapitations ?

      • 139
        Federal Republic of Kernow says:

        Only off bottles of Newci Broon.

        • 184
          Jimmy says:


          • Federal Republic of Kernow says:

            And everyone goes on about Glagsie with their bladdered culture, Jimmy. Been to both, and Newci is well worse, on an average Saturday night. At 3am in the morning, I have never seen so many wrecked people about, of all ages. Quite a sight it was seeing that grannie in her seventies in a short skirt throwing up into the gutter. Quite disturbing it was.

          • Just askin.... says:

            Is that a big gay rainbow flag in the middle of it

          • Expat Geordie says:

            The big gay rainbow flag was right next to the Bournemouth EDL flag.

            Well, it’s not known as Bum-mouth for nothing.

    • 129
      Channel 4 News says:

      We concur they were only 1500 to 2000.

      • 145
        Anonymous says:

        Just watched the march in Newcastle. Can we have correct number of those in the march. BBC seriously underestimated- of course. Looked a lot of people to me.

        • 164
          The BBC can't count, like Ed Balls says:

          I would estimate from the clips and sound level of the chanting at least 10,000 – 15,000 in that march.

          If it was 2000 or so, the above clips would be much shorter, and quieter.

          The police should have some accurate figures, but that was more than 2,000.

        • 333
          The Elephant in the Room says:

          In fact the video is of a multiculti parade in Stockholm where ppl of all races colors genders and sexualities came together to celebrate the enrichment of vibrant Sweden.

      • 195
        Owen Jones says:

        There was only 500 there.
        They marched round the block 14 times to make it look like 7,000.

      • 205
        polythesis says:

        The BBC wildly overestimates extreme left wing protesters and their islamofascist friends and wildly underestimates or totally ignores any group it considers to be ideological enemies like the EDL and others.

        The BBC will air engineered shots of a dozen rabid searchlight/ANL/SWP/ecofascist nutters to make their numbers seem far larger that they really are and are extremely generous in their gift of all the prime time promotion they could ever dream of.

        And the BBC claims to be impartial?

        • 531
          CarryHole is a fat homuculus says:

          Low and Close-in shots with signs above shoulders are a sure fire sign turnout was crap and the BBC is “co-ordinating” with the organisers to mislead the public.

      • 239
        Ronald Fondler says:

        Ironic that they hold this in a traditional Labour stronghold with very limited non-wh1te immigration, compared to many other cities.

    • 152
      Owen Jones says:

      It is good to see our police leading and marching in solidarity with our EDL brothers in this protest.

    • 173
      Jimmy says:

      At least it got you all out into the fresh air.

    • 614
      Fair Comment says:

      Good to see the BBC reporting the facts for once.

  31. 116
    The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

    Russell Brand is a failed comedian and ex (?!?) junkie.

    The guy should seriously fuck off, and take his Jesus on Opium look down to somewhere like Luton and perform a miracle.

    Could do with some more quality TV on al Jaz, as I am sure the Beeb will not report that beheading.

  32. 120
    Eyes Wide Open says:

    It’s pretty obvious that few here have ever visited Woolwich (SE18). Scene of recent rioting and a burnt-out Wetherspoons pub (cannot imagine who was responsible for that), a destroyed Lego railway station, shit-awful High Street and an enforced multicultural failure. Abandoned Thames Poly/University buildings and ever expanding Council offices. Anything of cultural value was knocked down to build an unnecessary town centre supermarket. Site of the first UK Macdonalds too. Says it all. Shameful loss of heritage. Don’t bother and keep moving.

    Deprived? I don’t think so. This is becoming a definite Labour trademark. Vote Labour and see a rapid flight, loss of hope and disintegration.

    • 135
      Truly Shocking says:

      I even think I spotted a Wimpy in one of the clips in the last day or so.

      • 171
        Federal Republic of Kernow says:

        Does the Woolwich Ferry still run these days?

        • 177
          Fred & Dave Bankers says:

          It’s the Barclays Ferry these days, we’ll have you know.

          • Federal Republic of Kernow says:

            Better known locally as the Wank Ferry, perchance ma son?

          • Federal Republic of Kernow says:

            Might as well say it, thought about it at the time, so here goes – BORIS’ WANK BIKES too?

    • 236
      Ronald Fondler says:

      First MacDs was in Baker Street. Every fvcker knows that!

      • 448
        Do you want fries with that? says:

        The first branch of McDonald’s in the UK opened on October 12, 1974 in Woolwich, southeast London.

        • 588
          Federal Republic of Kernow says:

          mmmm – quarter pounder with cheese with large fries and a large coffee. Used to gave me bad indigestion, until I found out I have a bad allergy to wheat and milk products, that fuzz my mind and gives me spots. Oh bugger! I still dream of quarterpounders, wimpy ones too, with that thousand island type dressing of theirs – double buggeration! ):

    • 529
      CarryHole is a fat homuculus says:

      I have. I fell asleep on the wrong night bus though.

  33. 130
    Policy Ideas says:

    It would perhaps be acceptable for all children born to our enriched community were covertly sterilized. This can be done chemically under the cover of the vaccinations program through the NHS.

    Two benefits:

    i) Of course stopping the continued breeding which will cap numbers moving forward

    ii) Those who get wind of such a program they may choose to not have children on the NHS, or seek vaccinations. This should increase child mortality rates, which will cap numbers, and if they decide to boycott public health services will reduce costs to the public purse and perhaps reduce their longevity as a result of not accessing modern health care.

    The primary targets for government in repairing this failed social policy are the young in these communities.

    It would be preferable that such people are not denied access to public services, but should be persuaded not to use such services.

    The tax payer should not be supporting these people moving forward.

    • 136
      Len McCluskey says:

      I don’t pay you to think, Ed.

      • 144
        A Reader says:


      • 146
        Federal Republic of Kernow says:

        Baffles me why there is low employment rate for under 25s with a low birth rate for the last few decades, relatively. And farmers are complaining that their fruit might not be all picked this summer, since temporary immigration is nose diving at the moment.

        • 151
          A Reader says:

          Maybe the farmers should stop using gangmasters and recruit through jobcentres or on the internet.

          I worked on a farm in the summer when I was at school and had a great time. Young people woud probably enjoy it if they tried.

          • Federal Republic of Kernow says:

            Loads of families from the East End went hop picking in Kent during kiddies school holidays in the good old days, didn’t they? Eastern Europeans are being frightened away, and heading to Germany and France for grape picking and whatever.

          • Federal Republic of Kernow says:

            It’s hard physical work though, which looks a bit too much for many these days. If they can stick the first week and get through it, they’d find the second week easier, when their muscles would have kicked in.

          • The answer why foreigners come to pick fruit and immigration goes up in Boston Lincs says:

            I remember a few years back that a TV Documentary went to Peterborough/Boston and first interviewed several young man wh were unemployed…”Yeah we’re despearte for a job !” they said “We’d do anything” they said. So the TV presnter went to a farmer who said “Yeah I’ve plenty of work available” “Wold you offer a job to xyz ?” asked the TV Presenter “Sure !” said the farmer. So off they trundled to the job centre with farmer in tow and said to the unemployed youth…”This guy will give you a job now;immediate start at whatever min wage was then”….”Er no way said the unemployed youth. I’m worth MORE than that.It’s not worth getting out of bed for ! I’m NOT picking fruit/veg etc !”

          • Maybe says:

            In Boston work on a farm would hold no attractions or in any way be a novel or interesting thing to do. Recruit a load of kids from Hackney or Walthamstow, selling it as an experience with accommodation and things might be different?

          • Federal Republic of Kernow says:

            The answer why foreigners… – saw that documentary, and some tried it, but they could stop texting on their phones to their mates to pick fruit and veg. And they didn’t stop whinging too – they could have whinged for Britain, if it was an Olympic sport.

    • 143
      Andy Burnham says:

      Like it.

      Can we also ban Frosties and have accelerated care pathways for their elderly ???

    • 528
      CarryHole is a fat homuculus says:

      Sounds a bit too fabian to me.

      • 530
        The righteous chainsaw of justice says:

        Perhaps tattooing some choice phrases involving the words pig, fucker and maybe c’unt in sensitive places with this stuff:

        And then plugging them into the mains would help them learn a lesson or two.

        Seriously cool product worth checking out. They seem to have missed this use case.

      • 561
        The God of Abraham says:

        Fabians are evil

  34. 141
    A midwife says:

    OT but the thought sprang to my mind that Cameron has spent a huge amount of political capital on gay marriage.

    Could he have spent rather less to better effect if he’d decriminalised cannabis?

    • 147
      Federal Republic of Kernow says:

      For the pink vote?

    • 212
      Who'll blink first...Cameron or the Noble Lords ? says:

      $64,000 Question though…Will he implement the Parliament Act if/when the House of Lords throws out the legislation next week as expected ? The Parliament Act is rarely used and only then for great constitutional matters or in relation to the Budget NOT I would suggest on gay Marriage legislation whic was in no parties manifesto and divides the country

      • 233
        The Public says:

        Good question. A week is a long time etc….

        If there are any more ‘events’, especially if they go badly, he may have to have a major rethink.

      • 535
        Paid for law says:

        Maggie Thatcher MP for Finchley used it to introduce show trials of geriatrics on hearsay evidence in the 1990 s

  35. 142
    Winston says:

    No MP salary increase – sign now.

    • 148
      Steve says:


      • 155
        Labour is off its ED says:


        Hope Nell gets out of bed soon, so that she can wax lyrical again about something she knows absolutely nothing about!

        • 229
          Oatcake says:

          Yes 153. I am waiting to invite her to come up to Stoke for a week or two and feel the cultural enrichment.

          Still seething about the daft mare telling you to move and I don’t even know if you come from the potteries!

    • 153
      Federal Republic of Kernow says:

      As if that would make a difference with the nose baggers.

  36. 154
    Owen Jones says:

    Yep. There are some people disagree with me. There are also some people who are abusive trolls,such as Guido Fawkes,Dan Hodges & Toby Young.

    They make me burst into tears,because I’m such a delicate little petal and it’s not my fault that I was born gay.

    So please leave me alone and stop taking the piss on my twitter account.

    • 197
      Owen Jones Boyfriend says:

      Who are they owen dear.
      I will tell them off.

    • 297
      Expat Geordie says:

      You’re only “gay” because no sensible woman will fuck you.

      I suspect that most “gays” are only gay for this reason.

    • 563
      The God of Abraham says:

      Owen Jones is evil

  37. 159
    Truthteller says:

    I blame it on Politicians, Corporations, Main Stream Media and Globalization. Can someone please enlighten me on the benefits of multiculturalism?

    • 162
      Federal Republic of Kernow says:

      Due to watching too many episodes of Star Trek?

    • 187
      Curious says:

      How does (for starters):
      – honour killings
      – knife culture
      – drug dealing
      – pidgin english
      – murders in the streets
      – suicide bombers
      – benefit fraud
      – changing laws to suit the new arrivals
      – reducing my freedoms through the snoopers bill
      – smuggling people into the country for sex
      – grooming school children for sex
      – raising my taxes to fund all of the above

      enrich my life?

      Perhaps some flunky from the BBC who continously bang on about this “culturally enriching” multi-culti bullshit would enlighten me?

      Or am I just tax cattle to do my socialist masters bidding?

      • 189
        Federal Republic of Kernow says:

        Some of them are good cricketers though, the versions from the indian sub-continent that is. Played against loads of sides of such. Not much boozing with them afterwards though.

        • 210
          Dave should resign now says:

          Fair comment.

          But grooming gangs targeting young local 13 year old girls, specifically not from their own communities is a fairly high price for a good round of cricket with some guys who won’t have a beer with you afterwards on religious grounds.

          • Federal Republic of Kernow says:

            Yes, more of their ladies need to “come across” more, to stop men straying in this way. And they go on about the effect of online porn on kiddies? By the way, “come across” mean be sexually perceptive, as in out of marriage, to lift a lid of a can of worms, culturally.

      • 206
        Tax Cow says:


  38. 162
    I hate jizzlam says:

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if some leftie apologist for islam was attacked by a muzee fanatic? That would bring home the reality of islam to them.

    • 215
      Socialism is a serious mental illness says:

      Ed M should take his one nation message direct to the streets of one of the enrichment zones pronto.

      Very important that he presses the flesh.

    • 330
      Stephen Timms says:

      Well I haven’t got a bad word to say against Islam, and I don’t hold my stabbing against Ms. Choudhry. I blame it on madness… not on Muslims. Anyway, I need their votes.

  39. 167
    Federal Republic of Kernow says:

    Question – why aren’t there any sleeping policemen in Monaco? That would make it’s grand prix interesting. Boring grand prix it is.

  40. 170
    Anonymous says:

    You have to hand it to Mohammed. When he chose his muslim lands, he chose most of the ones with oil under them. Jesus wasn’t that bright, obviously.

    • 179
      Federal Republic of Kernow says:

      Yes, it is quite ironic when Europeans left Africa, they walked right passed there, if you get me, sort of.

    • 527
      CarryHole is a fat homuculus says:

      Ha, Jesus* chose those with productiveness above ground rather than below.

      Shaitan makes work for idle Muslims.

      *BTW Im not a god botherer.

  41. 190
    Chillaxing Dave says:

    Those tapas were great, lovely sitting in the sun with some vino. I wonder where Nancy is?

    Anyway, thank goodness we’re not all in it together or I’d be looking for discounted turnips on the market.

    • 198
      Federal Republic of Kernow says:

      Has Dave ever stepped into an aldis or a lidls? Don’t think so somehow.

    • 228
      Get a Life! says:

      labour trolls are so droll!

      Better than fvcking of to Tuscany or Umbria who some such poncy Lefty retreat.

      • 238
        Fish in a barrel says:

        You have to admit it, Cameron isn’t even a moving target any more.

      • 295
        Federal Republic of Kernow says:

        Bennidorm is the place to go, me lad. Cheap booze, cheap cigs, and plenty of slack ladies.

    • 296
      Federal Republic of Kernow says:

      Dave, getting down, in Ibiza,

  42. 191
    Nothing left Toulouse says:

    Boris Johnson is remarkably successful for a buffoon.

    Just as Denis Thatcher was rich for a gin soaked fool.

    And his son did pretty well for a public school educated tit.

    It’s all an act. The Empire was built by people who could appear to be vague chinless wonders one moment and ruthless back stabbing bastards moments later.

    • 199
      Federal Republic of Kernow says:

      Reminds me of that privileged plonk in that Zulu film, played by MichaelCaine.

      • 213
        Steady Lad ! Mark your target ! Look to the front ! says:

        With a name like “Gonville Bromhead” what can YOU expect ?

        • 266
          Federal Republic of Kernow says:

          Arthur Daley should have been an army officer – but of course, he actually works for a living.

        • 315
          Tay King-dePisse says:

          You mean old Morris Micklewhite was in films BEFORE he became a Cockney? (Like the ones with Doris Day, before she became a virgin?)

          • Federal Republic of Kernow says:

            You mean Grace Kelly, Shirley. Heard some stories what she got up to in her marriage days, but better not repeat them, or Bertie from there will send a hit squad after me. But I will say this, she was a nutter of a driver though, quite ironic when to think of it. Alfie Hitchcock was a clairvoyant.

          • Federal Republic of Kernow says:

            Kelly you mean, surely,

  43. 192
    Old Blind Pugh says:

    One for you Geedo and your pals on here, greater control of the internet, they night start tracking this blog and who knows where that might lead.

    • 194
      Federal Republic of Kernow says:

      Think it is email and personal messages tracking they want to do. It is plain what goes on here, and it is obvious myself and maybe others here are not a full shilling, we could say. Well, I am not, self-confessed, but in a humorous way, mainly.

    • 202
      A Reader says:

      Back to my house. But what good would that do them?

    • 203
      Federal Republic of Kernow says:

      HH, on what she thinks of what goes on here,

      • 226
        Sit Petra says:

        Harman completely illogical as usual, won’t bother expanding on the obvious.

        • 244
          Federal Republic of Kernow says:

          Well, she is a Westminster MP, so can’t expect much different. They are all illogical, and curious, as Mr Spock would say.

    • 216
      It was mainly rubbish, Mr Bond says:

      Some very bored spooks ??

      • 249
        Federal Republic of Kernow says:

        They are on overtime as we speak, Scaramanga. A nice ’53 Chablis, may I say Mr Scaramanga, a nice selection.

      • 526
        CarryHole is a fat homuculus says:

        1) Spooks are too busy…
        2) ???
        3) get them reading everything online!?!

        Vote Underpant Gnome!

  44. 218
    Your starter for 10 says:

    Q: Which morally b@nkrupt country freely accepts d@rkies deported from KENYA for terrorism?

    A: The United Kingdom!! Yay!!!

    • 222
      The General Public says:

      Do we give a shit ?

    • 270
      Duane Dibbley, the Kenyan president says:

      I told them to check his thermos flask.

    • 327
      Barack Obama says:

      Well, the US took my Mau Mau father, but you can’t expect America to shoulder the entire load, now can you? We have enough trouble as it is with the Mexicans and Chinese sneaking in, to enrich OUR land, and create new Democratic voters.

  45. 219
    A.Poof says:

    Owen Jones lives in a paradise devoid of real fear, real suffering and real hardship. He’s never…” — wibbling ED

  46. 223
    Fuzzy Wuzzy says:

    What happened in Woolwich is quite simply a religiously and racially motivated hate crime. If two white guys had done the same to a coloured person, the police and the media would be trumpeting this line again and again.

    • 226
      Dave should resign now says:

      Against a military target it is a bit different. That was a direct attack on the Crown, with some fairly to the political political messages issued against the state.

      Now, the messages alone are fine. But after attacking the Crown that should change things.

      This was not a hate crime: That legal fiction is there to paper the cracks in failed multi-culti policy and represent unjust law which directly infringes liberty.

      This was however at best High Treason / Murder, and at worst an act of war.

      • 284
        WE are many; YOU are few says:

        An *Act of War* is when one sovereign state attacks another so this cannot by definition be an *Act of War*. However I don’t disagree with the other two possibilities although for Treason the perpetrator has to be a British Citizen who commits an act of violence against *The Crown* which fits the bill here if you accept that a serving soldier is by definition a properly sworn Servant of the Crown required in duty to obey all lawful orders given by the Sovereign and the officers set over him who in turn hold the *Queen/King’s Commission* and thus owe allegiance not to the goverment but the Crown.

        However if you look at precedent ..the Charge of Treason was never used in the time of the *Troubles* in the 60′s to 90′s” . Such crimes were classed as Acts of Terrorism even when a close member of the Royal Family was assassinated by either a British Citizen(Treason)or citizen of a foreign sovereign power(Act of War)

        To successfully bring a charge of Treason would be a legal minefield much safer to rely on the charge of murder. The way to resolve this is to amend the law so that murder of military personnel, ministers of the Crown and police officers would carry the death penalty. Acts of terrorism(which if successful inevitably involve deaths)could also be made liable to the death penalty BUT of course we are NOT dealing with normal sane individuals who would regard death as a deterrent but rather as *martyrdom*.

        The way to deal with this is to strike at the root cause. Stop the radical muslim clerics preaching their hate and clamp down on all protests, marches that incite racial or religious hatred or threaten the Crown. No further legislation is required for this. The statutes are already on the books. It just requires the political will by politicians and Chief Constables/Commissioner

        • 301
          Yoghurt Law says:

          The troubles were a special case in the sense that the enemy combatants were claiming and recognised as entitled to Irish citizenship. Bringing a treason charge would have been problematic, especially as the hanging of Joyce (Lord Haw Haw) was gradually accepted in legal circles to have been a tad unsafe.

          • Clem says:

            Especially since L H-H was really by rights a Yank, but H-a-r-r-y Truman didn’t care, so I went for it. If you don’t ask for a cuppa, you’re not going to get one, right? So I trumped up that “UK passport” balderdash– it worked, didn’t it just?

        • 316
          Expat Geordie says:

          It wouldn’t be a martyrdom if the perpetrator, after execution, was buried within the prison grounds (as used to happen anyway), but was buried wrapped in bacon, and it was made known that this was the case.

          I believe that Churchill suggested something similar for the Iraqi Kurds in the 1920′s.

        • 328
          Dave should resign now says:

          The war aspect is yet to be checked. It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that a foreign power could have been involved.

          Martydom aspect is important which is only explanation for why all the updates on their condition. That only matters to the enemy though, not mainstream UK.

          It is not going to be feasible to stop the clerics as that would constitute religious persecution. This is similar to the problems like to crop up with gay marriage if the state through ECJ orders has to compel reluctant clergy to marry against their beliefs.

          Restricting the utterances which I and majority in UK perceive as hate from the radical clerics would constitute the same thing.

          Unless they issue a specific threat against a specific individual, or identify a specific group (infidel does not count) the only choice there is restriction of liberty for the majority in order to deal with this minority problem.

          When dealing with a malignant cancer, or garden weeds, the only option is to remove the problem. It does not make sense to kill the patient in order to cure, or poison your lawn to deal with a weed.

          There is no political solution to this problem in UK society.

        • 393
          Hard Northern B'strd says:

          Penalty for Treason and murder of Police, armed forces, crown personnel. Life imprisonment in a small cell, on an island somewhere, preferably where it’s cold and rains a lot, no TV, no phone, no radio, no “luxuries”, only prison uniform. No highly equipped gym. Fed on a UN approved minimum vegetarian diet. No tea, coffee or alcohol. Same food and routine day after miserable routine day. Visits – only by Red Cross every 3 months, After death, cremated on the island.
          No announcement. They crave publicity, and death. Give them neither.

    • 234
      Owen Jones says:

      The white race is evil it must be destroyed so we can have a communist world government.

      • 277
        Owen Jones' Mum says:

        Owen ! Have you spent all your pocket-money on Quick-Tan again ?

    • 240
      Judge Dreadful says:

      I find the term ‘hate crime’ generally unhelpful. Most crimes of violence involve hatred at some level, even if only temporary. The crimes here were murder and treason.

      • 243
        Owen Jones says:

        i hate rich people, they should be arrested

        • 246
          In the Land of the Trustafarian the One-Eyed Man is King says:

          No you don’t. All of your best political friends are rich people. Of course, they pretend they aren’t, but we know the truth, don’t we?

      • 248
        Nothing left Toulouse says:

        You mustn’t forget that negroes do this kind of thing all the time in Africa, and not necessarily in the name of religion.

  47. 237
    Owen Jones says:

    just use codewords for it like david icke does

  48. 250
    Nothing left Toulouse says:

    Just space the letters – j e w

    • 254
      Federal Republic of Kernow says:

      Or call they HeyJudes,

      One for mersyside99.1%white or whatever it is.

      • 616
        Anonymous says:

        Look at all the hate comments on this site – they clearly have not banned the word N-a-z-i.

  49. 252
    Comfortably Numb says:

    So just what would the reaction be if the two ‘suspects’ were charged with treason as well as murder?

    How strong a message would this send out?

    • 256
      Comfortably Numb says:

      And why has the government not stated that soldier-murder would attract a ‘life means life’ sentence? They stated this for the police recently.

    • 264
      Listen Limeys, this is what we do says:

      • 273
        Federal Republic of Kernow says:

        With our army? They are a bunch of showers and a waste of rations! No, only joking, they do a fine job, following orders, from up top. Top of a pile of what, maybe smelly, who knows.

      • 550
        Teresa May says:

        Yankee Go Home

  50. 258
    P l e b says:

    Why does Cameron think that this, of all times, is a good time to be out of the country on holiday?

    • 275
      Dave 'In Touch' Cameron says:

      It’s a bank holiday. Flying down to Ibiza with a wife, three kids, an entourage of stylists and bodyguards and a load of paps is what everyone does on bank holidays. Isn’t it?

    • 281
      David Cameron says:

      I am working on my comeback speech and trying to shoe horn the words “steadfast and buckle” as much as possible.

      • 287
        Angela Merkel says:

        I was very impressed with the photo of you pretending to pay for lunch. Nice touch. Did you use Euros?

        • 313
          David Cameron says:

          We had some left over from the Cyprus stunt.

          Yes, I liked the photos. Getting the right ‘tele-photo’ look to imply intimacy a deux took several tries but they eventually cracked it and we all back for a proper lunch with lobster and champagne.

        • 564
          The God of Abraham says:

          The Euro is evil

  51. 260
    One Term Dave says:

    What ho chaps! Jolly fun scuba diving here in Ibiza. Just been watching molluscs and jelly fish. Sam says they don’t have a backbone. Bit like me I suppose. Toodle pip!

  52. 262
    Pte. Pike says:

    Shouldn’t we bring back National Service? That would smoke the buggers out.

  53. 265
    Andy Burn'em says:

    Ooooh! Aren’t you doing well, sharing a page with Russell Brand. That really is quite a feather in your hat. You must be feeling deeply honoured. It will do your cred no end of good, will that. I really will read your blog more often, now that you’ve done that.

  54. 269
    Another two muppets says:

    “Two men have been charged with endangering an aircraft after RAF Typhoon jets escorted a passenger plane over the UK.

    Tayyab Subhani, 30, and Mohammed Safdar, 41, both of Nelson, Lancashire, were detained at Stansted on Friday”

  55. 276
    Steve says:

    Some one stabbed in Woolwich in last 30 mins.

    • 279
      Anon says:

      Will riots begin now that Cameron’s on his jollies?

      • 384
        The voice of experience says:

        Trust me, there will be a MSM news blackout on the ethnicity of the perpetrator.

    • 280
      MSM says:

      Woolwich is like Barking, Hackney and Walthamstow. There is a stabbing most weekends. What is required for a proper moral panic is context. Details, we need details.

    • 285
      Federal Republic of Kernow says:

      Hide the kitchen knives Mrs Smiths and Mrs Ahmeds, or we will have a bloodbath ‘ere.

  56. 278
    Dave - chillaxing says:

    The Prime Minister and his wife Samantha soaked up the sun in Ibiza on Sunday after flying out to the island on Saturday.

  57. 286
    Just askin.... says:

    So, about that Kenyan we couldn’t deport..the one who chopped up 400 of his fellow countrymen…I assume the police have a close eye on him at this very moment?
    COBRA has demanded he’s not off thei radar, or twenty minutes away from an armed response unit at any time, I’d imagine?

  58. 289
    • 292
      UH OH says:


      Sky sources say a man has been stabbed in Woolwich, just days after the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby.

      The stabbing took place about 300 metres from the spot where flowers and cards have been left in memory of Drummer Rigby.

      A police source and witnesses have confirmed to Sky News that the stabbing had taken place.

      It is not clear if there is any connection between the stabbing and Drummer Rigby’s murder.

  59. 290
    @Ohthisbloodypc says:

    The authorities can monitor everything we do in the name of fighting terrorism.

    Still, you’ve got nothing to worry about, as long as you put your bins out properly for the council

  60. 307
    Living in 97.1% white Merseyside says:

    Thousands flocked to Liverpool Pierhead to see warships and Spitfires to commemorate the Atlantic. Lovely day and wonderful atmosphere.

    Thank goodness I live in Merseyside and not Londistan.

  61. 311
    The Elephant in the Romm says:

    Its cultuaraly normal within islam for infidel to be beheaded. As is the burka, veil, halal slaughter, segregated education, non consensual sex and marriage and much much more.

    Guido, the madness lies in allowing it here.

    • 336
      Living in 97.1% white Merseyside says:

      The madness is amongst our own population such as the headmaster who decides to serve all pupils halal food just to kowtow to a few enrichers amongst them or councillors who think our flag is offensive to them.

      Weed them all out and half the problem will be solved.

      Don’t let them see you eating during Ramadan and avoid eating anything that contains pork.


    • 566
      The God of Abraham says:

      Halal food is evil

  62. 317
    Steve says:

    Details sketchy, but rumoured to be two blacks arguing over milkshake, one stabbed, not life threatening.

  63. 329
    Toby Young says:

    Owen Jones,sweetheart you’re hotter than doughnut grease.

  64. 331
    White Flighter says:

    Last year I moved from a region of 70% white British demographic to one with 95% plus. It feels good.

  65. 332
    Steve says:

    Rumour. David Cameron upon hearing news of latest stabbing in Woolwich has spilt pina colada over Sam’s new outfit.

  66. 356
    • 391
      Dave should resign now says:

      If she can explain how snoopers charter could have helped stop beheading they may have a case.

      Otherwise, this is Labour politics – milking the death of a soldier for further restrictions on liberty.

      Don’t recall seeing any tweets or Facebook posts giving warning of last Wednesday. Doubt the perps were discussing it on E-Mail.

      Did the UK just lose the war on terror ?

    • 492
      CarryHole is a fat homuculus says:

      More of the same.

      Punish the innocent rather than focus on the guilty.

      • 503
        Bazinga! says:

        All that politicians want to do is close down freedom of speech to stop us finding out who politicians are shagging (and if they are under age) and how much they are stealing from us.

        If they want to know who is a terrorist just stand outside any Mosque you don’t need to snoop on the internet to work that out.

        Terrorists already use military grade encryption anyway.

    • 567
      The God of Abraham says:

      Snooping is evil

  67. 361
    Dave's Islamism Taskforce says:

    It has been decided that it is in the interests of the country to remove the grievances about Britain that lead to homegrown Islamic terrorism, treason and racist attacks.

    Therefore, we will immediately:

    legalise polygamy
    repeal sexual discrimination laws
    legalise underage sex
    abandon homosexual marriage legislation
    legalise religiously motivated killing
    ban the humane slaughter of animals
    remove the Christian crosses from the British national flags

    And that’s not all! We will use this opportunity to bring in draconian new measures to monitor and store every communication, message and thought of all citizens, and all with cross-party support!

  68. 367
    Anon says:

    I for one admire the Americans, as no one feels any guilt in displaying the Stars & Stripes. Wearing a teeshirt with the cross of St George on it here would get me arrested.

    • 370
      Shirt lifter employed on £500K a year at the BBC says:

      To right. Can’t stand you English scum. Leave England to the gays and Muslims so we can live in harmony.

    • 405
      John Philip Sousa says:

      RIP Riggers, this one’s for you– here we go, here we go, here we go:
      (As performed by the Yorkshire Volunteers)

      And for the avoidance of all doubt, I am not the Wacko Welshman!

      • 590
        I am in Ibiza, and I getting down to "business" says:

        Have you had your MMRW (measles, mumps, rubella and wackiness) jab when you were a kiddie? I am well catchy you know. ;)

  69. 369
    Where's Gordon? says:
    • 375
      One eyed Gordon says:

      Your right dear

      Now go wash some dishes.

    • 379
      Sit Petra says:

      Swimsuit and wellies?, sure that’s a beach love?.

    • 380
      Bring on the Browns annd their armada of security says:
    • 385
      I spy a man beginning with G says:

      Don’t suppose any of them Jihad nutters know where Scotland is. But just in case.

      Gordon is the dour man at Aberdour with a woman dressed in Bikini and wellies. He shouldn’t be too hard to spot.

      • 389
        Dave should resign now says:

        That could be a radical version of ‘Find Fuckwit’ : Would certainly help with their PR.

      • 488
        CarryHole is a fat homuculus says:

        Teh beard’s in scotchland, so it’s a certainty Gordo isn’t.

    • 460
      It was Gordon. Gordon Poos in Aberdour says:
  70. 383
    Mrs Faye Merritt says:

    No, sorry, it’s not worth even 60p.

    Anyway – I wonder what the PM could do, even if he were in the country, to put an end to murder by madmen???? No think tank (whether left, centre, or right wing) will ever come up with a solution to that problem.

    • 540
      Policy Wonk says:

      He can start by arresting Anjem Choudhury and all his followers: they can all be identified from the you tube videos. Those who can’t be charged with any of the many public order offences the CPS has hitherto ignored should be investigated for benefits fraud and offered work on farms. All of them should be banned from owning or using mobiles or computers.

      That should take about 12 hours if May pulls her finger out. No doubt other options will emerge. St Kilda might have its uses.

  71. 387
    A member of the general public who probably doesn't read this blog says:

    Wonder if the focus groups are going to pick up on this expression of public opinion:

    Dave should resign.

    • 398
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      Megan, one day when you grow up you will realise how silly you are.

      • 410
        Wyle Cop says:

        In the meantime, get yer tits out, love.

      • 413
        A member of the general public who probably doesn't read this blog says:

        I can confirm that Megan didn’t post that here. Just stumbled across it on Twitter.

        A little naive, but probably captures where about 40% of the country are right now.

    • 486
      CarryHole is a fat homuculus says:

      It all went tits up with him in charge, so let’s try someone else.

  72. 394
    Fog says:

    Directive for Lefties – this week’s Mantras:
    1. Conservative members are old, homophobic and swivel-eyed
    2. Anyone saying anything against the mossie violent ones are very far right
    3. The ‘I’ thingie has nothing to do with above violence

    And WASPs should still expect to be targeted and tormented at airports and borders, because profiling would be against you-know-whose human rights

  73. 399
    Sit Petra says:

    I just don’t know what the world is coming to.

    • 422
      The EU puts donkey in baby formula says:

      Don’t worry. The killer donkeys will likely be found in some Tesco budget burgers.

      If you feel strongly enough, and want to issue some street justice, buy some and kick them down the street.

  74. 401
    Nice day for a gay wedding says:

    Dave’s a disappointment. It’s time for him to go.

  75. 403
    Keep calm and vote UKIP says:

    Another nail in the EU coffin:

    The commission are looking to fine countries which decided not to repeat the same mistakes as Greece and impose deep austerity and cripple their economies completely.

    Commission are worried about France as they believe its current position is actually posing a very real risk to the stability of the Euro itself. Not a bad effort.

    This development will be interesting. The principal cause of the civil unrest in Greece was the cuts to public expenditure on benefits combined with firing half the countries public workers.

    If this is repeated in the member states listed: France there would be revolution, Slovenia would likely be first to properly kick off. Spain will be interesting.

    News like this suggests that G’rmany is now comfortable with the losses it will incur as a result of Euro collapse, and may be signalling that G’rman exit is more likely following Federal elections later this year.

    • 404
      Keep calm and vote UKIP says:

      Oh: Commission also singled out Britain for criticism, but given that UK is not part of the Euro their criticism should be ignored.

      Vote UKIP :-)

    • 406
      Sit Petra says:

      There is a word for these policies that was invented by the German nation, and that word is Blitzkrieg!.

    • 450
      Anonymous says:

      Correct me if I am wrong but I saw Farage on YouTube about 3 months ago saying the widening gulf between France and Germany is what will eventually end the Euro. even the most rabid Tory must surely admit he is the man to lead this country, a modern day Churchill he most certainly is.

      • 467
        Keep calm and vote UKIP says:

        I think it may have been longer than 3 months, but you are correct.

        The benchmark bond spreads, if you follow such things, for G’rman / French debt have been flashing danger for a while now. They really started flashing after Hollande got in, and the siren on the wall started making a noise when tax rate went up to 75%

        The gulf started opening just before the credit crunch 2007/08.

        The French and German economies are very different, and have responded to the shocks their issued debt has suffered differently as well. We are really witnessing a mean reversion right now where the relative pre ERM positions of the two economies are re-asserting themselves.

        (This has been caused by the end of the credit boom, explaining why some commentators describe the good economic conditions in Europe since Euro came in have been an illusion.)

        Within the confines of the single currency this is going to be painful for both countries, but more so for France.

        France needs to change its monetary policy radically to compensate but cannot as it is trapped within the Euro.

        G’rmany is now beginning to feel a similar squeeze which is already having an effect on politics domestically.

        Political / Fiscal union is off, so they will eventually have to exit the Euro.

        If they are sensible they will coordinate as once G’rmany leaves the Euro is toast. France would incur massive sovereign losses.

        If a major economy like France leaves then G’rmany will be toast if it is still in the Euro, holding some very smelly debt. The unfunded liabilities in the Euro would overwhelm the G’rman economy.

        Looking ahead, there are only two options.

        i) All stay in and push their populations to a revolution. This would be a happy outcome for the Maoists, but may backfire as the people will likely not turn to a Federal Union under the EU as a solution.

        ii) The major economies leave, those left behind potter on under the reduced single currency until all have returned to their original currencies. There will be losses and civil unrest, but it would be more easily contained and overall less damaging.

        The UK should be positioning itself for the worst.

        This explains why UK business is now behind UKIP.

        • 485
          CarryHole is a fat homuculus says:

          G’rmany is an exports led country that has impoverished the countries it exports to.

          Not a good long term plan.

    • 484
      CarryHole is a fat homuculus says:

      >The commission are looking to fine countries which decided not to repeat the same mistakes as Greece and impose deep austerity and cripple their economies completely.

      Er…. The problem was they had too much “public” i.e. “extortion funded” sector.

      It’s like saying the worst part of having cancer is the chemo. It is true, until it isn’t.

      • 498
        Keep calm and vote UKIP says:

        You do not cure cancer by cutting off the patient.

        And to your point on Chemo, that is meant to stop growth, rather than surgery with cuts the growth.

        One needs to be careful in defining what is too much public sector debt.

        Greece was an extreme example, but the way the measures were handled led directly to the problems they are dealing with now.

        It is not smart to politically destabilize a country and wreck its economy for any reason. Just because their public sector was taking the pi$$ a bit is certainly not a good reason.

        The Greek public sector was largely funded by borrowing on the international markets, not through local tax. The austerity implemented was designed solely to cut losses and maximize returns for Greece’s creditors. This is another unjust reason for collapsing them.

        Greece’s principal creditors did include France and G’rmany.

        Repeating the same pattern by cutting the public sector drastically like this would have the same effect in most countries, including the UK.

        I am not a fan of large government, but if government has grown to make up a significant portion of the economy and benefits are supporting the standard of living of a large section of the society, then immediate austerity is not a good policy as it will lead to political instability and civil unrest.

        This is why austerity has not been done in the UK, despite the rhetoric.

        If it was, or is, then conditions in the UK will deteriorate very quickly indeed.

        • 532
          CarryHole is a fat homuculus says:

          It’s more like leukaemia.

          A small part of the body (20%) responsible for defence and keeping the bodies cells coordinating with another goes haywire grows out of control and kills the host.

          Every debt raised penny spent on public sector is more than wasted it’s a loss that will hang around until the interest is paid.

  76. 407
    Anon says:

    Would I be right in assuming that in Mr Cameron’s absence, Mr Clegg is in charge of the country?

    • 414
      Dave should resign now says:

      No. I think that Mr. Choudry is calling the shots in his absence.

      • 451
        JadedJean says:

        Nobody is “calling the shots”, as that’s the nature of anarchistic liberal-democracy. It’s a political-economic system which legislates for the freedom of the individual, i.e. where individual ‘rights’ are protected from the regulating nanny state.

        • 474
          Dave should resign now says:

          You should take that line of reasoning to Mr Choudry.

          I am sure he will be able to give you a new perspective.

        • 481
          CarryHole is a fat homuculus says:

          If only we had that then the public could have shot the muzzie scum with guns instead of cameras.

    • 415
      Sit Petra says:

      Now where did I put it? (scratches head), lost it down the back of an armchair.

  77. 409
    Billy Bragg says:

    I’ve got a mansion in Dorset

  78. 411
    Mike Spilligan says:

    I tell you who I think should take partial blame for Lee Rigby’s death. And that’s the British people – for failing to change their voting habits during the past two decades. There’s been enough documentaries on the television about the dangers of militant Islam, let alone the horrific events of 7th July 2005 which should have acted as a wake up call. Basically people in this country have shown themselves to be a bunch of losers and sell-outs. However I will exclude some people of integrity and goodwill on this forum who are realists.

  79. 416
    Unite Against Fascism says:

    A British citizen murdered in broad daylight by two muslims, we have nothing to say.

    Paint graffiti on the wall outside a mosque, and we’ll go absolutely ballistic.

    • 417
      Irony says:

      If we are to believe that !slamofascism exists, why does Unite Against Fascism defend it ?

      Lefties ?

      • 434
        JadedJean says:

        Quetsion: Who dod think are the worst, the Islamists who are peddling hate crime or the people that invited them into the country and then completely fail to regulate them i.e. wash their hands of them as that is what economic anarchists do.

        Therefore, don’t you think it rather strange that this sort behaviour doesn’t occur in socialist China. They would stamp down on such behaviour like a ton of hot bricks. But then again, they would not have allowed this problem to develop in the first place.

        This is all being caused by a crisis of leadership I suggest. Do you know where David Cameron is today btw?

        Just remember that anarchists (and DC is one) don’t make Great Leaders – only statists aka ‘Nazis’ make Great Leaders.

        You still have a lot to learn.

        • 441
          Irony says:

          I would suggest you may like to educate yourself a little on Ch!na and its muzzie problems.

          Look up the Uyghurs / North West Ch!na.

          The Government there were fairly draconian in putting down this sort of nonsense. Press is heavily censored in Ch!na, but news does get out, and it is normally not very nice.

          There are similar problems across Tha!land and I think Myanmar as well at present. The !slamic propaganda photos of butchered Christians in Northern Tha!land are somewhat awful, on a par with the FSA stuff on uTube.

          There is no crisis of leadership, just no leadership.

          Cameron is no anarchist, just a mong.

          I think Lord Mandy confirmed who was responsible for many of this lot coming in. The Blair war legacy and ongoing US campaign against certain !slamic nations (in particular the drone attacks) are in part fueling this. Political Correctness and policies of positive discrimination from 1997 certainly helped to enable.

          With respect you may have some reading up to do yourself.

          And you did not answer why Unite Against Fascism do not stand against !slamofascism, but appear to defend it :-)

          • CarryHole is a fat homuculus says:

            “positive discrimination”
            Nothing positive about politically correct apartheid.

        • 444
          Irony says:

          And sorry: To answer your question on who is worst.

          Those who invited them into the country. I say that because they have caused great harm to the people invited in under essentially a false pretext, and have also done great harm to the host society.

          There are two victims in this policy failure. And thank you for asking that question as the moral harm done to those who were brought in is easy to overlook.

          However, the host society should be under no illusions that it has any moral obligations towards these people. That lies with those who brought them in.

    • 568
      The God of Abraham says:

      Mosques are evil

    • 610
      Anonymous says:

      But it is more than a little graffiti. What about Right-Wing-Nuts attacking and attempting to burn down mosques? So much for the right wing being strong on law & order.

  80. 418
    The EU has failed says:

    The two Asians arrested on the plane yesterday are to be held in Galway Bay.

    • 551
      Rough Justice says:

      They should be sent to prison and then deported, along with the rest of their families.

  81. 420
    Wyle Cop says:

    “A pair of P@kistani women have made history as the first Musl1m lesbian couple to get married in the UK.”

    Embrace our rich diversity!

  82. 421
    No one left to lie to... says:

    If Spitting Image was around today, I wonder what Dave`s puppet be like.. Would he be like Hezza, or like The Two Davids? David Cameron-David Owen. Calamity Clegg-David Steel..

    • 424
      Dave should resign now says:

      It would be invisible, because the c’unt is in Ibiza.

      • 427
        Jamesvalencia says:

        How can a cabinet that includes such washed out, bitter , hasbeens as Hague and IDS, along with self-important little aspirant wannabes like Gove, May and (the disaster that just keeps on happening), Hunt , wish Dave anything better than self-harm?
        Hague and Smith can tell Dave all he needs know about what it is like to have a party ‘behind’ them , to the point that party might as well have just stayed home.

        Oh yes , they know what it is like to become top-tory ‘Billy-NoMates’…

        Even Clegg has to despise the man seeing as how Cameron will be remembered as the top tory bastard who weakly led such a cruel government…
        from behind.
        … yet Clegg will be the one blamed for powering, enabling, and facilitating the entire nasty pogrom.

      • 429
        Jamesvalencia says:

        How can a cabinet that includes such washed out, bitter , hasbeens as Hague and IDS, along with self-important little aspirant wannabe’s like Gove, May and (the disaster that just keeps on happening), Hunt , wish Dave anything better than self-harm.
        Hague and Smith can tell Dave all he needs know about what it is like to have a party ‘behind’ them , to the point that party might as well have just stayed home.

        Oh yes , they know what it is like to become top-tory ’8illy-NoMates’…

        Even Clegg has to despise the man seeing as how Cameron will be remembered as the top tory bastard who weakly led such a cruel government…
        from behind.
        … yet Clegg will be the one blamed for powering, enabling, and facilitating the entire nasty pogrom.

        • 432
          Dave should resign now says:

          If they’re smart, next week they will have a few meetings, not do the wrong thing, and just wait for Dave to return.

          Not all of them have shot themselves in the feet, politically.

          Many do have a future.

          They just need to go over to the right party: UKIP.

          • Away on business says:

            If UKIP were to permit any of the current crop of Conservative ministers to join them, their support would collapse overnight.

        • 442
          JadedJean says:

          That’s quite a list.

          Please see comment #430

    • 425
      Calimocho says:

      With this Government there is no need for Spitting Image. They are grotesque Characters who seem to be totally incompetent. How could anybody produce a puppet as obnoxious, arrogant and conceited as the real Gidiot?

      • 440
        JadedJean says:

        Perhaps your assessment of their “incompetence” is simply a perfectly justified, but mistaken analysis of their “anarchistic” policies ?

        Are you sure you really understand what a Liberal-Democracy is? It’s a political-economic system which legislates for the freedom of the individual, i.e. where individual ‘rights’ are protected from the regulating nanny state. In effect that really means that businesses and corporations can pretty much do what they want in order to make money out of consumers (individuals) so long as they don’t kill them or otherwise do harm.

        Please also try to grasp that fascism and national socialism are left-wing. Just a little research into their origins will show you that this is true. The right-wing is anarchistic, i.e. minimal government, no state. Thatcher was right-wing. The Tories are right-wing. The Lib-Dems are right-wing. New Labour are right-wing.

        • 552
          Politics 101 says:

          Perhaps you are talking utter crap. There is nothing ‘anarchistic’ about a state which is as huge as the current British state.

        • 582
          Imagine the effect of one wing flapping says:
  83. 423
    D'oh! says:

    When the bbc and our government fall over themselves to declare islam is peace and we should respect muslims etc, I’m reminded of the episode of The Simpsons where newscaster Kent Brockman mistakenly thinks giant alien ants have taken over earth and declares on air “I for one welcome our new insect overlords.”

    • 438
      String the fucking cnuts up! says:

      I’m reminded of Lord Haw Haw, who was eventually hung for treason

  84. 426
    Phil Collins says:

    Lord Mçalpine is recording a new version of my old classic.

    I feel so good
    If I just say the word
    Sue-sue-sue that ho!
    Just say the word, oh
    Sue-sue-sue that ho

  85. 431
    P l e b says:

    Where’s Warsi in all of this *innocent face*

    • 439
      Keep calm and vote UKIP says:

      Be aware that she is not very popular with the !slamist mob, and certainly does not support them.

      My bet for location: As far away from this situation as is possible.

  86. 433
    Anonymous says:

    Its time for Cameron and May to go.

    • 436
      Cameron is an anarchist says:

      Cameron has gone…he’s gone to Ibiza!

      Some leader eh!

      • 461
        The late Theresa April says:

        I’d be there too but I wrote the wrong date in my diary.

  87. 435
    Kick David Chamberlain out says:

    Can we swap governments with I-srael for a few months? They’d know how to sort these muslim fuckers out.

  88. 437
    Sad Warsi says:

    I can’t comment. I’m having a halal vegetarian lamb risotto.

  89. 443
    Toby Young says:

    Are you a Hurricane,Owen Jones ? Cause you’re blowing me away.

  90. 452
    Ex (i think) Bbeeboid castigated for saying the truth. says:

    Nick Ross triggers outrage with comments on rape

    • 453
      Ex (i think) Beeboid castigated for saying the truth. (modbot friendly v1) says:

      Nick Ross triggers outrage with comments on r@pe

      • 465
        The real Owen Jones says:

        50% of people enjoy r@pe.
        Alot more people than like me

        • 600
          efrem zimbalist jr says:

          Why is everybody talking about rOpe ??

          should wavey davey be being forewarned before his return to blighty ?

      • 591
        I am in Ibiza, and I am getting down to "business" says:

        Blames it on short skirts, like the others? Look but don’t touch Nick, is my message.

  91. 455
    The real Owen Jones says:

    I’m the real owen jones from the islington ghetto.

  92. 456
    The words to change a nation says:

    I must be living in 1984, the leader of a group who’s members have just killed a British soldier on the streets of London gets prime time in the BBC and C4 and the 10,000 odd who turn up on the street to show their solidarity get called fascist and racist?

    Wow, how can anyone justify this?

    • 469

      ask the w@nkers in the London media. Their agenda is very different to that of normal people.

  93. 457
    The Grand Muftie at the BBC says:

    The BBC has sent out the following request:

    Would some white fellow or group please ki!! a man of colour. We are desperate to get some sort of balance and unleash a torrent of hate and abuse on what we like to call ‘the far right’, ‘fascists’, ‘neo Nazis’, and the EDL. We intend to use all the overblown terms of abuse and bile at our disposal and bring on an endless stream of left wingers, mufties and other religious types all of whom we shall give carte blanche to foam at the mouth with rage.

    This will give balance to all the left wingers, mufties and other religious types who have been given carte blanche to say how tolerant and unbiased they are due when there was a fatal incident in SE London last week, and as in that little incident no people with an opposing view will be given space to air their views.

    • 458
      MI-5 says:

      We’re working on it, but can’t trust the buggers not to blab on Newsnight.

  94. 462
    JadedJean says:

    Many S Asian immigrants send money back home, or use their money to buy land etc back home. Some then go back to become relative elite back there. What contribution is made here? When Cameron, Miliband and Cable say we should attract the best from the rest of the world, what comprises the ‘best’ that we’re attracting from countries with mean IQs of 70 and 81 if not the few able people they have at the higher end of their distributions (with a mean IQ of 70, only about 2.5% will have IQs above 100!) at those countries’ expense in terms of infrastructure and medical services etc? How is that not eu genics/dysgenics at work, just euphemistically rebranded ‘market-forces’? How do the critics here explain that away from their moral high-ground?

    Why them and not us? Answer: Other states don’t do this because they know it’s demographic and economic suicide.

    • 463
      A closed society. says:

      When Dave said the Muslim community contribute so much to Britain, why did no one in the press say “like what Dave, name one thing they contribute Dave”?

    • 477
      CarryHole is a fat homuculus says:

      Wow. You get more economically ignorant every day.

      Just for starters. People are not owned by the country they were born in.

  95. 466
    Toby Young says:

    Owen Jones you’re incoherent. Try Berlitz for English.

  96. 468
    Sally is Vacant says:

    Not Sally Bercow

    Not Sally Bercow


    Sally Bercow left Twitter and so @sallybercow became vacant. This account will be given to her should she want to return.

  97. 470
    Questions of our time says:

    - Asked by someone who should really know the answer. And buy the paper.

    • 475
      CarryHole is a fat homuculus says:

      It would be 2 days more work than normal if true.

      • 479
        Questions of our time says:

        What is the definition of work in this case ?

        • 523
          Joe says:

          Pffff! What is the definition of skiving in this case ?

          • Civil Service Watch says:

            Pushing Pen’s sounds a little bit physical.

            Surely these days they just click stuff with a mouse, when the mood takes them.

  98. 471
    Owen Jones says:

    Been holding a piss in all night in the hope that the pressure will build up enough to clean the skid marks off the toilet. Wish me luck.

  99. 472
    Dave should resign now says:
  100. 489
    Sleepless in Stockholm says:
  101. 497

    There was some sort of celebration in Liverpool today to commemorate the Atlantic convoys (i think ) It consisted of several different helicopters from the fleet air arm ? and an old biplane
    I was over near Preston when they flew over head at about 500ft , and they seemed to be escorting the biplane back to Salmesbury as they were following close behind it
    The whole group was being flanked at a distance by two Apache gun ships
    they flew over and then turned and came back minus the biplane
    My point being
    How Sad , that they can’t even do a military display without armed cover for fear of an attack in our own country

  102. 499
    Bazinga! says:

    Funny that lefty mongs are all over the media claiming that you can’t ban Muzzie mongs from ranting away on TV. Same lefty mongs have no problem with seeing the bee enn peee and the ee dee ell banned.

    • 504
      JadedJean says:

      Which group equally doesn’t like Muslims and national socialists (for that is what the “bee enn peee” surely are – the clue is the word in the middle of their acronym “national”)? This has been going on for a long time now.

      Here are some hints. They are extremely over represented in the HoP, the Judiciary, on TV and elesewhere in the MSM, in the arts in general. Another clue is that this group is international (look up the SI), they are cosmpolitan they are actively working to blur natiopnal boundaries and sovereign states.

      And they’re playing us all for fools by transferring a ME conflict to the streets of Britain.

  103. 500
    The real Owen Jones says:

  104. 506
  105. 507
    David Camoron says:

    I’m largin it in Ibeefa, inniiiiit! Chillaxing with me bitch, Samanfa! We having some Lambrini and then we gonna get mashed up on Es at the local rave. Lovin it!

  106. 510
    @Ohthisbloodypc says:

    There’s absolutely no reason to worry about this new Communications Bill. It’s like the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act only with more muscle

    As long as your recycling bins are in order, and you don’t vote UKIP or want to get your child into a good school, you’ll have nothing to fear.

  107. 520
    Sharon Weaver says:

    If Nigel Farage was in charge there’d be no radical clerics, because we’d be out of the EU and could regulate our own borders. And he’d send all the immigrants back home, especially Muslims. Our soldiers would no more live in fear. And he wouldn’t take his wife to Spain on holiday either. Vote UKIP you know it makes sense.

  108. 521
    ℝαмẐℙαʊʟ says:

    • 597
      efrem zimbalist jr says:

      never seen this guy before and looks as though he needs a shave and a brain lobotomy .

      but something (( can t think what ) on the video tells me he s being highly facetious so I d better reserve judgment .

  109. 533
    Cameron is a CUNT says:

    whilst the rest of the country appear to be under house arrest cameron swans about in ibiza for yet another holiday – does he live in this country anymore????

    • 542
      Eton School and Oxford says:

      He never did

    • 543
      albacore says:

      All’s right with the world; Dave’s off on vacation
      The plebs still don’t have the imagination
      To see that they’re headed on a one-way trip
      Chauffered by Parliament down the E U tip
      Hitler and Bonaparte never did invade
      Using immigration, they’d have had it made

  110. 536
    Cameron is a CUNT says:

    “Theresa May, the Home Secretary, warned that there were thousands of people judged to be at risk of being radicalised as she set out moves to deprive hardliners of platforms for their views. They include plans to ban more organisations accused of fomenting division and to tighten the rules on their access to the internet, as well as the revival of plans for a “snooper’s charter”.

    this would include her own chums in government who for 3 years have abused the disabled, the poor and the unemployed. Their litany of propaganda against these communities has enabled every right wing, inbreed to voice their opinion and actually cause harm to people living peacefully in the country. The tories are vile, venal, vindictive and very shitty. Whilst the PM is holidaying the tension in the country is mounting ….. what ya gonna do Dave you C’unt???????

  111. 537
    Away on business says:

    “at risk of being radicalised”

    May seems to want to describe these people as hapless victims. They are the enemy. She should treat them like that: people who of their own free will have chosen to try to destroy their neighbours, friends and families. They are contemptable traitors who should all be arrested for the protection of society.

    • 573
      q says:

      radicalised – you could argue that’s how ukip arose in our midst – and hasn’t this government created circumstances whereby the disabled and unemployed are routinely abused thanks to their propaganda? this government should be arrested for breaking its own laws

      • 575
        R says:

        Er, no. The disabled and unempoyed are NOT routinely abused. There is no evidence to support your false claims for victimhood. The disabled and unemplyed are routinely supported by the welfare state.

        People who falsely claim to be disabled or unemployed have , from time to time, been exposed as frauds or malingerers.

  112. 549
    English says:

    I am thinking of claiming asylum in Sweden. I do not think the British government will protect me from the Islamic extremists who are planning to kill me.

    • 571
      The God of Abraham says:

      Claiming asylum in Sweden is evil. Asylum claims should be made in the first safe country you arrive at. Only Norwegians, Danes and Finns should claim asylum in Sweden

    • 602
      Viking DNA says:

      Well don’t let them settle you in Stockholm. It’s going the way of Rotterdam.

  113. 572
    luis swarez says:

    you’ve got to hand it to Cameron – last week he was shouting about the terrorist alert facing britain – few days later he’s holidaying in Ibiza – what a fucking hero he just ddoesn’t understand does he – which means that he must be prime minister and that he’s must be a tory

    • 576
      R says:

      If you think there is a single aspirant for high office in Parliament who has a clue about the lives of ordinary people or who is concerned about representing their interests above all elseyou are kidding yourself. And no, Cameron is not a conservative, any more than Ed Miliband is a socialist or Nick Clegg is an Englishman.

  114. 599
    efrem zimbalist jr says:

    The truth always hurts !!

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Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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