May 23rd, 2013

Judgement Day for Sally Bercow



Friday, 24th May 2013

At half past 10

Jury List


TLJ/13/0509 The Lord McAlpine of West Green v Bercow


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    EC1 PhD says:


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      The Meissen Bison says:

      Why are people saying “Hurrah”? *innocent face*

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      Django says:

      I wonder if she’s heading for bankruptcy? And why is Mrs Bercow “trending”, innocent face!

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      Wonder if she will be tweeting from court?

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      ancientpopeye says:

      We must not prejudge this case just get it over, then hang her.

      • 149
        The Grim Reaper says:

        I have already reached my decision.

      • 160
        Edwina Curry with boiled rice pudding, no eggs says:

        Prejudge it? If I could get a hold of that rich ponce McAlpine, I would tear his head of his fucking neck, the bully he is, and I would shit down his neck while I was at it. Can’t stand rich cnuts like him, they are a terrible example for rich gits all around.

        • 249
          Old Blue Eyes says:

          You really are an ignorant individual.

          • Edwina Curry with boiled rice pudding, no eggs says:

            That’s your perception, or should I say. preconceptions. Twat. Go away little boy, you will never beat me, twiddling fingers on a gormless keyboard. McAlpine IS a twat, I is plain as day, turkey arse.

        • 298
          Stu says:

          Just go off and squeeze your spots sonny.

          • Edwina Curry with boiled rice pudding, no eggs says:

            Who told you I still suffer acne at 51? If it was my GP, I will feck her…. I have been searching for an excuse.

        • 330
          Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

          Oh fuck that – I’d rather get my hands on that jumped up poison dwarf – little Johnny Berc’unt.

          As for Sally up the Alley I was about to say “fuck her” but pretty much everyone has.

          • Edwina Curry with boiled rice pudding, no eggs says:

            I’d pop up her if she asked me nicely, Lady Virginia. How about yourself, can I suggest a layby to you?

          • Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

            Don’t think it’s as much pop in her as fall in her – seriously it must be like a size 14 welly top

          • Lady bullier by the name of McAlps says:

            OOO you bitch. No ladies powder room talk here please, us men can’t take it.

            So you say shagging her would like be shagging a bucket, can’t touch the sides?

          • Rim runner says:

            A bit like throwing a chipolata down the Mersey Tunnel so I am told.

        • 435
          Smell the glove says:

          Is that because you are such a failure in life ?

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      Sir William Waad says:


    • 277
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    Maqboul says:

    Hang the bint !

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      Tachybaptus says:

      Cap, not wig. Unless you intend to do your Charles II impression.

      • 9

        Not even a cap, apparently, but thank you for that.

        Do you ever discover that you have laboured under a misapprehension for decades?

        • 69
          i don't n eed no doctor says:

          I laboured under the misapprehension that I was intelligent, sadly I no longer have that belief.

          • One needs to have a definition of intelligent before you can have a belief in whether you possess it or not.

            In your case, I suspect you do possess it.

            But I am only human and therefore fallible.

          • Dave Spartacus says:

            “Human”? And here was I thinking you’re a cat.

            Visitor: My God! Your dog’s operating that laptop! He must be a genius!

            Owner: Not really. He can only program in BASIC.

          • Bloody hell. You got that spot on! I wish I had developed my program writing skills better…

            However, there is a Platonic catness in my existence here. Remember that the normal cat has nine lives. As Schrödinger’s cat that affords me 18 possibilities!

          • Dave Spartacus says:

            AFAIK old Erwin didn’t have a flesh & blood cat. His puss was purely virtual, a mind experiment, which makes the calculation extremely complicated. 18 may not be the answer. The answer may not even be an integer.

            Bearing in mind how many times your arse has been presented to you on this site, the answer may even be negative :-)

            I do commend your diligence, if I may, but wonder why a fellow such as yourself wastes so much time among the sans culottes who comprise G Doh’s claque. Me, I’m off to bed!


          • You never know who is listening.

        • 108
          Frank Words says:

          Labour are a misapprehension

        • 119
          Anonymous says:

          I think the judge used to put something ,? a black square of cloth, over his wig when he gave a death sentence. Im 65 and remember the last few cases.

      • 46
        Your Friendly Neighbourhood Words-You-Thought-Were-Yi*ddish-But-Aren't-Actually Service says:

        The Black Cap, worn by the judge during the passing of a sentence of hanging, was referred to in Gaelic as the Cie Bais, pronounced Kee Bosh, which is what His Honour put on the prisoner at bar, or more precisely, ordered Mr Pierrepont to do– that’s where that expression comes from. Allegedly, anyway. And as filmmaker John Ford (ne Sean Feeney, a Fenian name to be sure) once observed, “Print the legend.”

      • 48
        a non says:

        Dutch cap ?

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    Pearl neclesse says:

    Could she go down??


  5. 8
    Anonymous says:

    When Mlud Tugenhadt was a mere QC he was the top man in this sort of case so this will be a definative verdict,my bet she wins but no costs

    • 19
      edwina major morrison latimer says:

      curiously not much reporting about this other than to say the case started and that the case is coming to a close. i wonder why that is?

    • 159
      Just Saying. says:

      She wins and no costs? Surely this is to say the least a controversial verdict.
      After all the money will go to charity so she is already losing heavily in the PR stakes. I would say guilty with costs and £5000 to charity. Seems very fair and even her husband would be satisfied.

  6. 10
    the reality is... says:

    Just seen Mehdi Hassan on BBC news linking the Woolwich atrocity to British foreign policy.
    And I thought the BBC were trying to show the reasonable face of Islam? But they chose to employ a man who has described us as kuffar and cattle.

    • 28
      Bazinga! says:

      How can Islam show a moderate face? Like choosing between H1tler or Goebbels to represent Naz1s

    • 63
      abu qatada says:

      Yes,he does appear to go a bit too far.

    • 84
      Mosquito in a Suit says:

      A big white boy made me do it, honest.

      • 104
        Shame on the BBC says:

        I’m deeply offended by BBC licence money being paid to Mehdi Hasan.
        His well publicised views will only inflame an already volatile situation.

        • 416
          Think about it says:

          The situation is always going to be volatile as long as we harbour Islamist nutters within this country.

  7. 11
    I bet none of you racists would've turned it down says:
  8. 14
    Support our troops says:

    Has Anjem Choudary been arrested yet?
    He organised meetings for Islam 4UK, of which one of the Woolwich savages was a member.

    • 20
      Shambles Chakrabarti says:

      He has rights!

      • 27
        A Spooky Thought says:

        He’s an asset

        • 30
          Bazinga! says:

          He works for the BBC

        • 140
          now I've heard it all says:

          Are you joking?
          The BBC really think it’s a good idea to have that preacher of hate on a national TV programme.
          Choudhary already been justifying yesterday’s murderous savagery and he ran one of the Islamist groups the perpetrator was a member of.
          Which BBC producer is responsible for booking him and giving him the oxygen of publicity.

          What a totally shameless and heartless thing to do to the family of the victim and those who witnessed the event.

      • 32
        The Perps Always Have The Right - Victim None says:

        Uman but not uman as we know it.

    • 56
      Anonymous says:

      Yes the BBC are on first name terms with them,some of them worked there.

      • 58
        Anonymous says:

        Adebolajo is in other MAC videos, the BBC have been a bit slow,they have the footage.

    • 59
      Anonymous says:

      The jihad seeker is on newsnight tonight.

    • 105
      Cuffar says:

      Just done the snow scene. Unusually unforthcoming.

  9. 15
    Gaye Mann (Mrs) says:

    What leverage do ‘they’ have over Justice Tugenhadt? Will there have been hints he can still be relieved of pension or chance of sinecure at European Court of Justice?

    • 147
      Observer says:

      His brother of course was a senior member of the European Commission in Brussels originally appointed by Labour. So we know where the family’s sympathies lie.

  10. 16
    The bbc at its worst says:

    On tonight’s Question Time – headscarf woman and bearded man time! Just like the day after 9/11 when the bbc disgracefully aired muzee nutters whooping and applauding the deaths of 3000 people.

    • 112
      Wyle Cop says:

      Did anyone hear James Landale’s report on the 6 O’Clock news on R4?

      Dave’n’Boris went to visit Woolwich this pm, including the barracks. According to Landale, the mood was “edgy” and Cameron “left early by a back door”.

      What a lily-livered twat. I sincerely hope a few of our boys took him aside and told him in their fruitiest barrack-room language what they think of him preaching that we’re “united”.

      Naturally, it’s not on iPlayer…

      • 121
        BBC fuckwit says:

        I stopped reading your anecdote on the first line when I saw “news at 6 radio 4″

      • 128
        Anonymous says:

        Heard of security have you wyle ? but dont let a murder stop you from having a dig !

        • 153
          Wyle Cop says:

          Security? The place is crawling with plod, FFS.

          The report is here, from 7:50.

          In fact, he was referring to Cameron visiting Woolwich Town Hall. Priceless – scuttling in and out of the tradesman’s, less than an hour after pontificating we should go about our business as normal!! Hunt.

          • Euripides says:

            Anyone that now believes the BBC in their reports and news is to say the least naive.
            If he or she quotes them in a positive manner then all I can say is it is time to do more research or it is white coat time.

      • 137
        CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

        Probably disarmed the squaddies to prevent them offing Chamberlains reincarnation.

      • 214
        Lord Duckhouse of Pondlife says:

        It’s on the iPlayer now – usually takes an hour or two to appear.

    • 136
      CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

      that’s the MURDER of 3,000 people by islamists.

      They didn’t just die of old age.

      • 143
        the reality is... says:

        Last week a member of the Syrian “rebels” murdered one of Assad’s soldiers and filmed himself butchering the body and eating the poor man’s organs.

        • 170
          Syrian watcher says:

          Problem is that this was NOT reality and you should know better though you may still be in your teens.

        • 252
          CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

          “How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries, improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.

          A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement, the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

          Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome …”

          Sir Winston Churchill; The River War, first edition, Vol II, pages 248-250 London.

    • 264
      Rob says:

      The day the scales fell from my eyes. I have hated them ever since.

  11. 17
    bugler bert says:

    ma Bercow is typical of leftwing layabouts – opens mouth before putting brrain into gear.

  12. 17
    bugler bert says:

    ma Bercow is typical of leftwing layabouts – opens mouth before putting brrain into gear.

  13. 22
    Cynic says:

    If she loses she may have to work the streets to pay off the legal fees

    • 25
      Bonking Boris says:

      I’d pay !

    • 184
      Why do black men wear baggy trousers says:

      At 50p a poke, she’ll need to be busy.

    • 206
      NE Frontiersman says:

      But will she lose? Has McAlpine thought this through? What questions will her QC put to him about his collection of Ovenden paintings, and opportunities declined over many years to sue the pants off David Icke?

  14. 23
    Towel says:

    I doubt it. The judiciary does not work as crudely as that, as far as I am aware.

  15. 24
    Vicky Pryce says:

    I heartily recommend a few weeks inside, the gym, library and recreational facilities were tip-top. Best sex I’d had in years too.

  16. 26
    Mr Justice Turkeyforahat says:

    Even if I was not paid an obscene amount of money ( which I am ) I would still love my work!

    Cases like this, lovely!

  17. 29
    One Eyed Cock says:

    sally bercrow bankrupt *innocent grin*

  18. 33
    Anonymous says:

    The soldier killed in an attack on a London street has been named as Drummer Lee Rigby of the 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

    Rest in Peace, may you not be forgotten.

    • 39
      So very, very sad says:

      + millions


      • 191
        Malcolm McDowell says:

        + millions more

        RIP Warrior. My heart is breaking for your family.

    • 41
      RIP Indeed says:

      A sad and very haunting image of a very innocent face of a man doing his best for his country, sold down the river by pocket lining, weak and inept politicians, leaving a country where it is not safe to go about one’s daily business.

      • 66
        Anonymous says:

        The first duty of a government is to protect its people. Do you feel protected by the current batch of lying thieving spineless scum?

        • 111
          Cuffar says:

          As in:- cover your uniform. Better advice would be load your gun whenever outside the barracks and prepare to use it.

        • 130
          Anonymous says:

          Yes thanks, i do.

          • Think about it says:

            Luckily for you, if some Islamist nut attacks you in the street, take comfort in the fact that the police will be there, in twenty minutes or so.

    • 42
      Google Map says:

      Leaves a 2 year old son.

      Hopefully donation site set up shortly.

      If the mother decides to join UKIP will social services confiscate the child ?

      • 51
        The Enemy Within says:

        “If the mother decides to join UKIP will social services confiscate the child ?”

        As all social service bosses are now know nothing graduates of “Common Purpose” it goes without saying!!!!

        • 61
          Google Map says:

          Good question: Has Common Purpose infiltrated UK armed forces ?

          • Serene Discourse says:

            The last Labour government tried to politicize the army and did succeed with many senior officers. In one incident two Lt Colonels confronted each other when one gave a PC lecture of how to act on the battlefield.
            Unfortunately this left wing soldier lecturer had never been on a battlefield, and his opponent had been a commander in the SAS working worldwide.
            Labour retreated on this but did better with the police as we are only now finding out.

    • 45
      DCL says:

      It seems a pathetic gesture but its all I could think of; I donated a modest amount at Help 4 Heroes this morning.

      • 64
        Google Map says:

        There is nothing pathetic about that, and snap.

        I am hoping something is set up directly for the family though.

        Gift Aid in this case is worth it.

      • 98
        Pearl neclesse says:

        Good lad…
        The site has crashed now..will have another go tomorrow.

        Will be buying a shirt or 5

  19. 47
    Odd That says:

    Curious how if you go around carrying a table leg wrapped in paper or if you are annoying your neighbours with a bit of birdshot, or even a Brazilian electrician, you get shot dead.

    HOWEVER, if you a knife and axe wielding islamist chopping of heads, they send a woman who can’t shoot straight!

    • 54
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      Not true, she would have been capable of putting several bullets in him and killing him outright. Trouble is, if she had done so Abu Qatada’s defence team, along with all the other effin do gooders, would have been on her case.

      • 65
        Perse O'Nally says:

        Get your facts straight. In days of yore coppers could and did fire two rounds at the target. Nowadays they can only fire one and then have to evaluate whether another or more are required. I kid you not.

        • 67
          Perse O'Nally says:

          Sorry, meant that for No. 46

        • 126
          The (dim) blue lamp says:

          Do plod need a calculator so they don’t lose count?

        • 213
          NE Frontiersman says:

          Remember the David Martin case? Panicky police put 5 or 6 Smith and Wesson rounds into the (wrong ) man, who survived, because the ammo was so crap. We’ve actually come on since then.

      • 85
        Make the Piggies Squeel says:

        Don’t forget they need these pigs to talk!

    • 152
      Anonymous says:

      Zero Dark Thirty. It’s the box Abdul. We are not your f*ckin’ friends.

      Why shoot to kill when you can lock ‘em in a solitary box for the next 50 years.

      • 308
        Stu says:

        Solitary box with only pork to eat and alcohol to drink. These scum deserve it. God I’m sick of fucking Muslims. Why don’t they piss off to the shitholes they came from and leave the civilised world alone.

      • 422
        Think about it says:

        50 years?

        They’ll be out in 10-15 max. On the quiet of course, like the Bulger murderers.

  20. 50
    One day, one day .... says:

    I’d very much prefer to have seen the headline ‘Judgement Day for Blair and his Cronies’.

  21. 53
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Let’s hope Sally Bercow has to pay up big time. If the case goes against her, will that not make John Bercow’s position as Speaker untenable. Surely he must step down.

    • 77
      M102 says:

      They would use the Jowell/Mills approach if it meant giving up the troughing.

    • 165
      Ol' Crummy says:

      In my day, such a shrew as Good Wife Bercow had surely been made to wear the “branks,” an iron mask, with a projecting piece which went into the mouth such that one could not speak (think ye: “Hannibal Lecter”-cum-tongue-depressor), and she would be paraded through the town on a chain attached to a collar fastened round her neck, the image to be implied thereby her being a “bitch,” in need of “muzzling.” This was considered to be more merciful than the “ducking stool,” where, if the gaoler were too zealous, an accidental drowning the most unfortunate might occur– ’twas the purpose to humiliate (not terminate) this the wayward daughter of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and to lead her to repentance, not damnation. ‘Twas a sad day indeed for this land, when these punishments were abolished.

    • 228
      Lord Duckhouse of Pondlife says:

      “will that not make John Bercow’s position as Speaker untenable. Surely he must step down.”

      Dream on. If a criminal case went against her I doubt he would even think about stepping down, he certainly won’t do so if she ends up on the wrong end of a civil case.

  22. 55
    JUST A THOUGHT says:

    “these two scum suckers ” were known to security services who carry out surveillance on over 2000 muzbots If these 2,000 were not in the country , it would save us millions
    Kick the fuckers out , then we don’t have to waste time watching them

    Fuck the EU human Shites act

    • 60
      What you gonna do Dave? says:

      Ragheads are ENEMIES OF THE STATE and should be treated as such. We should be interning them and deporting them by immediate suspension of the human rights act. We shouldn’t be paying the fuckers benefits which effectively funds them whilst they try to destroy us. Don’t wait for the traitorous spineless bag of shite in number 10 to do anything. Chillax, it’ll all go away.

      • 97
        JUST A THOUGHT says:

        The Politico’s were scared shitless by this , they know that public anger is at breaking point over the immigration issue and the spineless cowards of Westminster were praying that an incident of this nature would never happen
        They know that retaliatory action will be almost instant and once it starts they will struggle to contain it , while trying to protect their own taxpayer funded arses against being voted out of office

        The blue touch paper has been lit , membership of the far right parties will escalate , at the expense of the LibLabCon men

        • 120
          Cuffar says:

          Boris et al are lining up to say this has nothing to do with Islam. Really? Perhaps the qarann should be amended then to delete the requirement to kill all no-believers. Would this not be unreasonable in a small multi culti country of 70m? Of course the Elite would shriek and howl.

          • British Benders Corporation/ Common Porpoise says:

            This would undo our agendas.

          • Spider says:

            We all know power corrupts, but to become absolutely corrupt to the point that he’d knowingly spout such shit when only holding the office of mayor shows a disturbing lack of judgement, and a disappointing level of moral weakness and possibly even mental instability in the man.

          • CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

            Maybe you should send Boris and Dave this.

            Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority: their abode will be the Fire: And evil is the home of the wrong-doers! (3:151)

            Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): “I am with you: give firmness to the Believers: I will instil terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them.” This because they contended against Allah and His Messenger: If any contend against Allah and His Messenger, Allah is strict in punishment. (8:12-13)

            Let not the unbelievers think that they can get the better (of the godly): they will never frustrate (them). Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom Allah doth know. Whatever ye shall spend in the cause of Allah, shall be repaid unto you, and ye shall not be treated unjustly. (8:59-60)

            And Allah turned back the Unbelievers for (all) their fury: no advantage did they gain; and enough is Allah for the believers in their fight. And Allah is full of Strength, able to enforce His Will. And those of the People of the Book who aided them – Allah did take them down from their strongholds and cast terror into their hearts. (So that) some ye slew, and some ye made prisoners. And He made you heirs of their lands, their houses, and their goods, and of a land which ye had not frequented (before). And Allah has power over all things. (33:25-27)

            It is He Who got out the Unbelievers among the People of the Book from their homes at the first gathering (of the forces). Little did ye think that they would get out: And they thought that their fortresses would defend them from Allah! But the (Wrath of) Allah came to them from quarters from which they little expected (it), and cast terror into their hearts, so that they destroyed their dwellings by their own hands and the hands of the Believers, take warning, then, O ye with eyes (to see)! (59:2)

            That is because they resisted Allah and His Messenger: And if any one resists Allah, verily, Allah is severe in punishment. (59:4)

            Of a truth ye are stronger (than they) because of the terror in their hearts, (sent) by Allah. This is because they are men devoid of understanding. (59:13)

        • 142
          Anonymous says:

          Net immigration down according to todays figures, hard luck JUSTA.Nothing to rant about !

          • CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

            NET Dimwit.

            It’s because so many BRITISH are fleeing Dave’s HeirToBlairistan.

          • Gonk says:

            Read the fucking details, if you can.

          • Replacing the English for profit and party gain says:

            Even if net immigration was zero, it would still mean the English are being ethnically replaced.

          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD and COD FATHER of SOLE says:

            The books are being cooked , so when hundreds of thousands of Bulgarian and Romanian Gypsies tramp and thieves turn up on our shores , they can claim we have a shortfall


            Net ‘immmigration’

            They are cooking the books so EU entrants aren’t counted anymore so they can say immgration is falling across the board.

            The EU already does scams like this with double counting export products and biofuels to make the EU look better than it really is, now to shut up the populations who are getting restless they will do the old one two now you see immigration stats and now you don’t and have the shills parrot the message that we’re all WACIST.

            What else do you expect from a corrupt entity that hasn’t even had it’s own books signed off in 20 years.

          • Alice says:

            Actual immigration down by less than 14% to 500,000 (a very strangely nice round figure!).
            Are we supposed to be delighted that it’s only HALF A MILLION p/a?
            Still bloody outrageous!

          • The Garden Shed says:

            There are a couple of million illegals who need to be weeded out and sent packing. The fairlure of the police and home office to go door to door and round them up is a national scandal.

  23. 68
    Eleanor Jackson says:

    Fancy a lapdance?

  24. 71
    Frank Carson says:

    A devout muslim walks past a pigsty. “What a fucking disgusting smell!”

    said the pig.

    • 101
      JUST A THOUGHT says:

      A muzzie walks into a mosque with a frog on his head
      Where did that come from asks the Iman
      Started as a boil on my arse said the frog

      • 107
        Pearl neclesse says:

        What’s Black and Tan and looks good on a muzzie??

        3 Rottweilers and a Doberman….

      • 150
        Edward Samuel Milliband says:

        Keep ‘em coming lads, I need to lurch to the right to have any chance in 2015. Fecking Farage!

      • 199
        It's the way I tell 'em says:

        A raghead goes into a mosque with a pigeon on his head. His boyfriend says “How did that get there?” The pigeon says “Fuck, I must have stood in it.”

    • 117
      Rex Mundi says:

      What’s red on the outside, brown on the inside, moves very quickly and makes a lot of people very happy?

      A London bus full of muslims driving off a cliff.

      (c) Auberon Waugh 1975 in Private Eye

      • 131

        Whats the difference between a muzzi and a kipper ?

        One is brown all skin and bone , and fuckin stinks

        and the other one’s a fish

        • 247
          Owned Jones says:

          So the iqbals move in next door to the solomons

          One day Mr Solomon was explaining to Mr Iqbal how lucky he was to have a successful business, a dutiful wife, a beautiful daughter and a son who had just qualified as an accountant.

          Mr Iqbal retorted

          ” but I’m more lucky than you. This great country pays my rent, my wage, a carer’s allowance for my wife and provides my sons with some nice young girlfriends…and I don’t live next door to a parkie”


  25. 72
    Bazinga! says:

    Bum boy Chowdry on C4 news, he should feel at home with all the other lefty nonces.

  26. 74
    Owen Jones says:

    My heart goes out to the two muslim men shot by the police.

  27. 75
    Anonymous says:

    Maybe Lord McApine could show the court the Graham Ovenden Art collection he sold.

    Might help he’s case. Might not

  28. 76
    Bazinga! says:

    How hard can it be to track terrorist? 5 million visit a mosque every Friday.

    • 91
      Thinks.... says:

      Good day to get rid of the fuckers.

    • 188
      P l e b says:

      How do they get the time off work?

      • 425
        Think about it says:

        How do they get the time off work?

        Oh that’s easy, 50% of Muslim males and 75% of females, have NEVER worked and live entirely on benefits, or as they would call it Jizya ( look it up on Google if you don’t already know ).

  29. 78
    Muhammad, piss be upon him says:

    A man and woman have been arrested in connection with yesterday’s murder. No further details available yet, but Owen Jones is probably already raising funds for their defence.

    • 80
      fitzfitz says:

      … and Cherie Blair angling to get on the case no doubt … is it her sister who is the islamic convert ?

      • 93
        Muhammad, piss be upon him says:

        Her half sister, Lauren Booth. She’s actually a looker but then she had to go and fuck it up by becoming a muzee convert. Still, not as nauseating as the ghastly and multi-talentless Yvonne Ridley.

      • 94
        Pearl neclesse says:

        That she is…and both ugly sows would benefit with a burka…

  30. 83
    fitzfitz says:

    There is still no sign of the moslems settting up a charity appeal to help the family of the murdered soldier ? We judge them by their actions, not by the bleating words of the likes of mona siddiki and all the rest …

  31. 86
    Wyle Cop says:

    “Robed for judgement” – Sally wearing a bedsheet again?

  32. 87
    Ukipconvert says:

    I Like Vote Tory, get heir to Blair’s comment

    she’ll need a stiff one before facing the court

    I really don’t think her old mans capable of giving her a stiff one

  33. 89
    Labour Multiculti says:

    We welcomed the absolute scum of the earth into the country because we thought they would vote for us.

  34. 96
    Hoots! It's Alex Salmond says:

    I wonder if I could offer political asylum to them two lads in the socialist republic of Scotland?

  35. 103

    Evening cat , bet you are so glad you left this multi cultural shit pit !

  36. 106

    What has the Multicultural plotter Jack “white feather” Straw had to say about his vision for Britain ?

    • 114
      Pearl neclesse says:

      Jacob…son of a wife beater and a conchie ( who allowed others to die so he could spout his swill without fear of retribution) still hasn’t apologised for allowing those bleeding hijackers to stay in the UK

    • 124
      Floor Paper says:

      Don’t expect anything honourable from the mouth of Straw.

    • 187
      Sniper Spotter says:

      Jack man of Straw has gone into hiding. Even his pals in the BBC cannot find him.

      • 222
        M102 says:

        Perhaps he’s depressed again :(

        • 262
          MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD and COD FATHER of SOLE says:

          Maybe he’s in the pokey for another “over sight” and not paying his council tax again

  37. 109
    Lying left , it says what it does on the porkie pie says:

    ” A labour source said: “As the IFS says, high earners have moved income from last year to this year in order to take advantage of the top rate tax cut. By announcing a tax cut for the richest people in the country over a year ago George Osborne lost much needed tax revenues, all at a time when people on middle and low incomes are really feeling the squeeze.”

    Given that Labour had this 5p lower than the present rate for 12 years 11 months and 21 days of their 13 year reign of terror how can they even consider commenting like that.

    Fucking lying scumbag hypocrites

    • 261
      Sir William Waad says:

      Very high marginal rates of tax are only set by the fiscally illiterate. They tend to reduce the tax take, for obvious reasons. Such high rates are levied only for emotional reasons.

  38. 114


    • 118

      Listen to the words !

      • 162

        Hi mate! Where have you been?

        Problem is, the Crusades failed. They fucked up big time. Had they done the job properly we would not have the arseache we have on our streets now.

        Still, time for the hills and them there bronze mines. Not to mention sombrero time approaches…

        • 174
          MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD and COD FATHER of SOLE says:

          Hi mate i’ve been in and out in various guises from time to time
          This incident for me was the one thing politicians were dreading
          they can waffle on and feed us all the bull shit they wanted
          and the people would tolerate it , so long as nothing like this happened
          Up until now they have been incredibly lucky , but now the backlash will start and before long will escalate into all out civil war
          They knew it would happen but burried their heads in the sand hoping it would go away
          Well It Wont

  39. 134
    moderate influence says:

    A line was crossed yesterday. Reporting the sad loss of the drummer, BBC North West felt it necessary to balance the event with some mooslem having to remove some paint from his car front wing at a cost of £50 and then spent the end of the programme reporting how kind many viewers had offered to remove it for free.

    Such ill balance is infuriating and one wonders if this is the agenda set by beeboids.

  40. 138
    Edwina Curry with boiled rice pudding, no eggs says:

    My song for McAlpine. and come and sue me too while you are at it you gormless pathetic twat, and I will give any bailiff that serves me in your name a right fucking kicking, whatever the prat law says that I should respect him, whilst cnuting serving, you rich fascist arse breath PILLOCK!

    • 144
      Edwina Curry with boiled rice pudding, no eggs says:

      river afon avon – roughly translated from the welsh as river river river

      Fuck you McAlpine, you complete and utter TWAT!

  41. 162
    Machiavelli says:

    If the EDL etc. are wise, this is the way to do it.

    Assuming the gay marriage bill passes, find a couple of fella’s who want to get hitched. Be nice to them, to tidy up your own image, and fund their fight through the ECJ to get married in a mosque once converted to !slam.

    That would work a treat.

  42. 167
    Big D says:

    So the great man Cameron went to the army barracks and left by the back door , what an utter and contemptable coward the man is.
    He decimates the armed forces , throws proper men and women who have stood up for this country out onto the streets as their reward then clearly cant face the results when they tell him that hes to blame for the latest vile murder so skips out to get away from the truth .
    I bet the squadddies told him a thing or two today .
    His pathetic retoric on camera says nothing about what he will do with the animals who claim to be British ( the BBC says they are so it must be true -they will have checked that out with Polly Toynbee ) Their actions are to destroy the country , that is treason – to my knowledge the law was not repealed for that sort of activity and surely still carries the death penalty ?
    Have we ever had a worse Prime Minister that this creature?
    By the way my son in law is an officer in the infantry , I thought he was safely back home from Afghanistan but now find he is in danger even on the streets of London .
    He has served in N Ireland , Iraq and Afghanistan.
    He has a wife and two very small children and Im very proud of him.

    • 172
      Anonymous says:

      Keep him safe, tell him to watch his back, and carry a big stick.

    • 189
      Chief ghay meringue Leader says:

      Keep calm and carry on,
      They will never change our way of life,
      They can never win,
      Show them what it means to be British,

      By the way, best not to wear your uniform in public

    • 190
      Sniper Spotter says:

      Good grief man Bliar and Broon put the army in the field without proper weaponry.
      Putting an ex sheet metal worker in charge showed their total contempt for our armed forces.
      Sure Cameron is proving a weak person but look at the two alternatives.
      I have NOT spotted any leader of repute in any of the political parties, but plenty that should not be in place.

    • 192
      Impartial Observation says:

      He is not at Brown standard just yet.

      Need him to cling on a bit longer and issue a few more lessons learned soundbites once the now virtually guaranteed Summer riots are out the way.

      He should phone Nigel: He knows what to do, and then do it.

  43. 169
    Anonymous says:

    Lord Mandelson appointed to High Steward of Hull post.

    Does that mean Lord Lardarse Prescot is chief bar steward ?

    • 178
      Anonymous says:

      Should have read it all………..

      Lord Prescott, who was MP for Hull East from 1970 to 2010, said he was surprised it had not been discussed with him.

      But he said: “I also have no interest in being a steward again – I did that job on the liners for 10 years.”

    • 180
      Eric McGiro says:

      doost thee get paid and ‘ow mooch pal?

    • 183
      Mary Deare says:

      and Virginia Bottomley is the new Sheriff.
      I guess there’s some sort of mad logic to it all.

      Keele-haul the lot of ‘em.

      • 433
        Actually, there is says:

        “I guess there’s some sort of mad logic to it all.”

        Both are Common Purpose.

  44. 176
    Judge Dread says:


    Bercow will be made to pay.

  45. 182

    Perhaps we ought to take a lesson from the Swiss. Apart from their regular army, they keep a very effective reserve force drawn from the male population. Every year they have training in the use of firearms and each one keeps at his own house a Sturmgewehr 90 assault rifle which has a grenade launcher attached. There are 200,000 of these distributed throughout the country (plus a number of variations).

    In our case, we should have a selection process to determine stability, fitness, and local need. They would keep their weapons in home safes and the ammunition. We should perhaps have between 400,000 and 800,000 of them all trained to crackshot standard. They would require release from work for their training and have a modest level of compensation for their pains. It should mean that, in the event of an incident like yesterdays, an armed and trained expert would be on the spot within minutes because they would only be one street away.

    They would have terms of engagement which would allow them to use their weapons where the situation was manifestly clear, as yesterday was. They would know how to shoot to maim and also how to shoot to kill.

    They would be subject to English/Scottish law but not to the European Court upon which we cannot rely.

    That is a robust but law abiding response to the events of yesterday. Owen Jones won’t like it but he can go and do the other thing.

    • 193
      P l e b says:

      If Cameron organised such a thing it would resemble the Home Guard, armed with popguns.

      • 200
        MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD and COD FATHER of SOLE says:

        More like pointy sticks and catapults

        If they allowed us to keep firearms again

        We wouldn’t have an immigration problem
        and the Romanians / Bulgarians would decide to stay at home and rob their own people

        • 204
          MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD and COD FATHER of SOLE says:

          I saw a programme once which said that all the tunnels leading into Switzerland had explosive charges built into the walls and that all motorways can double up as military runways
          and if Europe ever goes to war again they can isolate themselves from it , and the only way in would be by air

          • Hitler never tried it on. He knew what he was up against.

          • Sir William Waad says:

            Is this perchance why Switzerland’s per capita deaths from firearms are almost five times ours? If we matched the Swiss in this respect, we would have 1,800 more deaths from firearms every year.

            (UK 0.79 per 100,000 population per year; Switzerland 3.84)

          • I hear your point but it is the question which is at fault and not the answer. You have studied logic I believe.

            Only criminals are allowed firearms in the UK. They give themselves dispensation. Were you to analyse the Swiss figures as to cause of death, you would find that self-defence would incorporate an element.

            If you were to take the murder rate into account then Switzerland is lower than the UK. Clearly suicide may be a contributory factor but it seems clear that an appreciable number of those who lose their lives there are the aggressors. I have no problem with that.

            Look again at the USA. If someone breaks into your house, they have to have broken in, then you may shoot them without having to stand trial. That is some comfort to the elderly and women who may be by themselves.

            Death by firearms in itself does not tell the true story.

        • 208

          Oh! And we can fire every Council Compliance Officer and Wheelie Bin Inspector overnight to pay for it.

          It is called priorities.

    • 209
      JadedJean says:

      Yes, and they have every rich fuckers money in their banks. Hence they receive a proper functioning society.

    • 216
      kkk says:

      you appear to be everything this country doesn’t stand for – a cretin, an authoritarian idiot and what’s more a fool

    • 237
      NE Frontiersman says:

      Did you ever read of the Tottenham Outrage of just over a century ago? Two anarchists went on a robbery and killing spree across east London which turned into a hue and cry. They were finally run to ground not only by police but local citizens. several of whom had gone home to fetch out their firearm. The incidence of firearms crime in Edwardian Britain was minuscule.
      I’ve suggested to friends that in each ward, a dozen upstanding people should be trained and allocated firearms on a rotating basis, a bit like jury service, so that no criminal would ever be further than three hundred yards from a trained law-abiding marksman. They think I’m insane.

      • 250

        All sensible people are regarded by the chatterati as being insane.

        Wear it as a badge of honour. I salute you, sir!

      • 267
        CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

        Crumbs that sounds like Peels 9 principles of policing.

        We have more of a securitate than a police force now.

  46. 186
    Dan Hodges says:

    Piss off Owen Jones,you rampant poof.

  47. 194
    can't find a headline says:

    the matthew shyite show on ch the fuck this handwringing lefty fudd tries to dress this blatant lefty wankfest as as defacto impartial comment on issues of the day really is mindblowing

    every day you get get at least one deranged lefty loon guest who….. naw what you get is a sad no talent d lister who has been told by their agent (be lefty…you must be lefty..or you will never get a gig here again

    this morning’s phone in on the soldier’s butchering…..two pc accredited fucking muslims , one white liberal fucktard for what mathew thinks is balance
    watch it for a week…. i cant handle the full showsorry
    i’ve no energy left

  48. 195
    H@rry Boe says:

    Should we be closing down access to all of these muslim TV channels on Sky?

    • 197
      H@rry Boe says:

      By that I mean the ones which just seem to feature a beardie reciting from the koran. They never seem to show the Simpsons or anything like that.

    • 263
      CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

      Replace them with something acceptable like titty channels and gambling. Plus it will really annoy all the right people.

  49. 198
    Big D says:

    Dear Anonymous , Wish I could keep son in law safe but hes a working soldier who is intent on doing his job inspite of the lack of support the army gets from its great leader Dave Cameron.
    Call me Dave bears a huge burden of responsibility for what has happened to this young soldier ( who bless him leaves a baby boy of two and its mum -my heart goes out to them at this terrible time )
    He has had two years to put into place real deterents and to get the message over to the followers of Islam that they will abide by the laws and customs of this land . Instead he continued to speel the usual damned tripe about the wonders of multicultural Britian whilst knowing there is a viper in our midst that must be taken out destroyed and never allowed to get a foothold here again.
    He is utterly without policy or principle but no doubt HIS security has been reviewed and strengthened since yesterday.
    Please all buy something from Help for Heroes this week.

    • 205
      Anonymous says:

      To be fair Scameron did make a speech saying that multiculturism had failed.

      • 260
        CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

        He also promised a referendum on the EUSSR.

      • 436
        Think about it says:

        Making a speech saying multiculturalism was a failure is one thing.

        Doing something to rectify that failure is entirely another. Thus far, Cameron has done nothing, except allow 500,000 more each year, to add to the failure.

  50. 202
    Edwina Curry with boiled rice pudding, no eggs says:

    Fuck this McAlpine verses Bercow load of twaddle crap,just posted this vid on another thread, so I thought it might post it here, towards the top, since it “might interest some”, for historical reasons, from GE October, or is it March, 1974,

    • 286
      Lord Duckhouse of Pondlife says:

      It was actually February (28th) 1974.

      • 315
        Edwina Curry with boiled rice pudding, no eggs says:

        Thanks, thought it was the first one that year, before the Nib-Lab pact nonsense that went on that year, with Jeremy Thorpe trying to run rings around Labour until October, when Harold lost patience and called another GE.

        • 317
          Edwina Curry with boiled rice pudding, no eggs says:

          whoopsie – Lib-Lab pact even. Christ, I will have to get one of those keyboards with glowing letters on it.

  51. 203
    Anonymous says:

    We all want to reduce the amount of schizophrenia in society.

    The amount of depression, addiction, and countless other mental illnesses.

    Except one: religious extremism.

    This appalling murder is yet another by-product of society’s indulgence of and respect for those who choose to believe in bizarre ancient and medieval fantasies.

    How many more wars, terrorist attacks, murders, child sex abuse incidents and brutal murders need to happen before we lose our tolerance for this pernicious nonsense?

  52. 207
    Crazy fucked up foreign policy says:

    If those two black savages had jumped on a plane to Syria and engaged in ‘freedom fighting’ , would Cameron and Hague have been praising them as brave heroes…and sending the fuckers some guns.

    • 230
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      That’s a really intelligent comparison. Maybe you should go to Syria to test your theory.

      • 279
        Murder is murder says:

        And so kill more innocent people?

        • 297
          Sause for the goose...sause for the gander says:

          No just go over there and find an isolated place and blow yourself up in the name of peace to reinforce your stance against violence. No sorry you let the innocent bleed instead and the sit around a desk in your Uni campus drinking wine ane opining on the true value of sacrifice. You naive fool.

  53. 212
    kkk says:

    this cretinous, murderous, shitty fucking government should just fuck right off

  54. 221
    can't find a headline says:

    the liblabcon artists are going to get the biggest booting of their lives
    these bubbletrapped bastards are going to find out we have had enough of
    post colonial guilt
    bob fucking geldorf(where he now?????)
    angem chowdry
    lee grasper
    and last but not least
    you local nigerian giving you the full vibration when he drops the cleaver on you
    allhowaaaar ackbarrrrrrr

    • 246
      UKIP or bust says:

      Only if the postal ‘votes’ are not properly monitored.

      • 404
        Anonymous says:

        I thought the same thing around the time of the MP expenses scandal but by the time of the election it had all been forgotten.

  55. 225
    kkk says:

    it’s funny how most people (if you can call them that) are mouthing of in their usual racist abusive way against people who are also mouthing off in an abusive way – hypocracy rules in the land of the tory inbreeds

  56. 231
    Immer Wieder says:

    I like the various pieces written for Comment is Free in the Guardian today, that seem to curiously appear after every terrorist attack on the West, but never for anyone else:

    “What happened yesterday was inexcusable and disgusting, but…”

    • 234
      Colonel Bufton Tufton says:

      Why has the Torygraph gone into lockdown mode – no comments allowed about the fuzzy-wuzzies. Damned peculiar.

      • 241
        Do leftys have any original wit says:

        What a tedious lefty twat, faking being what he thinks of as being a posh arshole, I bet he likes the humour of brigstok, who really is a posh arshole.

    • 254
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      The Guardian, its contributors and most of its readership are inexcusable and disgusting, and no “but’s” about it either. And not just yesterday– everyday.

    • 428
      Thomas Sowell says:

      What “multiculturalism” boils down to is that you can praise any culture in the world except Western culture—and you cannot blame any culture in the world except Western culture.

  57. 235
    Big D says:

    He proberbly would have been telling us what heroes they were .
    After all hejumped in immediately to state that the Syrian Gov used chemical weapons which was then shown to not be proven , infact the rebels were then fingered as the true culprits !
    Remember Cameron and Co have kidded themselves that there was an ” Arab Spring “to support when in fact what is taking over is much much worse .
    In fact the sort of mad bad dogs who yesterday were out on the street of the capital bringing horror and misery with them .
    I will not accept the Koran as the word of God nor will I be forced into wearing a burka and walking behind my husband as will become compulsary if the Islamists get their way.

  58. 236

    Let me paint a different outcome for yesterday.

    The two Islamofascists pull up in their car an attempt to run the soldier down. They miss and ram the wall. Undeterred, they jump out of the wreck with their meat cleavers and pistol and make for the squaddie.

    Unknown to them, he is armed. He draws his gun and taps them both. They are dead. He is unharmed. His wife and child still have a husband and father.

    What would we be saying today? Great. They got what they deserved. That will teach them to try it on.

    Polly T would be wetting her knickers but who gives a flying fuck apart from a few bedwetters?

    • 248
      BBC red bottom says:

      If David Cameron hadn’t invaded Iraq we wouldn’t have these problems.

      • 255

        If David Cameron hadn’t invaded Iraq we wouldn’t have these problems all these unassimilated immigrants who don’t understand our values and culture and with whom Blair/Brown/Mandelson flooded our country.

        There! Fixed it for you. Partly.

    • 251
      Impartial Observation says:

      You have just pointed out the problem with not being able to own a gun, or have concealed carry rights.

      Known to them he is armed, they would probably not have done this.

      Better still, known that most of the people on the street may be armed, probability goes down further.

      • 269

        Gun ownership confers responsibilities. It should not just be a rights issue. We live in a state where firearms are still the exception. Few people have cause to fear a visit to Switzerland (despite the fact they have the occasional awful killings as last year.)

        My approach does not seek to overturn the apple cart. It just looks to open the situation up in a controlled way. I think it is right that we should not overreact to this. but the situation has been let slip for too long.

        The reactions I have already got show how warped some people still are. They would rather the innocent die than the guilty. What moral code is that based upon?

        If my plan was insufficient to redress the situation, then allowing everyone licensed gun possession would be necessary.

        Otherwise people would simply start to take the law into their own hands. Who could blame them?

        • 301
          Impartial Observation says:

          It wouldn’t get out of control, and doesn’t make for a bad society.

          Switzerland is one good example. US is another.

          Canada has more gun owners per head of capita than the US.

          People should have the right to manage their own affairs and in particular their own responsibilities. Defending yourself and your family using lethal force is one of those. To deny that right outright is wrong.

          It doesn’t mean that ownership or permits to carry should be automatically granted. The responsibility should be earned through completion of training, proving ability to store responsibly and safely, and of course registering.

          Responsibility breeds respect, and mutual respect is bred from understanding that you shouldn’t screw with others.

          UK weapons manufacturers would benefit directly, so there would be a good boost for the economy, and it would reverse the rising trend of UK murders and gun related crime which has been in play since firearms ownership was restricted post D’Blain.

          Not everyone need be part of such a militia, and the not knowing who is / who isn’t helps to maintain a status quo of sorts.

          Events of yesterday could have played out differently if firearms ban was not in place. The bad guys had a weapon, the good guy died. The police had to stop it with a gun as well.

          It is time to bring back firearm ownership rights.

          • I think it will have to go that way eventually. Your recent experience probably brings you to say what you do. I prefer to introduce a measure of graduality to it as you cannot expect everyone to adjust as readily simply by going the distance in one hop.

    • 272
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      Shame on you, Cat. It would be played as “A traffic accident quickly escalated into a racially-charged shooting outside Woolwich Barracks today, as two young black men were brutally shot in cold blood by a trigger-happy white squaddie. Seeing the soldier was armed with a 9mm, the young immigrant men bravely if foolhardily pulled out knifes in an ineffectual attempt to defend themselves…” and I’m getting too nauseated to continue this. But trust me, there’s a potential Poe’s Law at work here in which someone, reading what I just wrote, would take it as the gospel truth.

      BTW, one would hope those licenced to carry would shoot better than did Plod in this case: (courtesy Wikipedia)

      “On August 24, 2012, a gunman shot and killed a former co-worker outside the Empire State Building in New York City. Following the initial shooting, the gunman, 58-year-old Jeffrey T. Johnson, was fatally shot by police officers after raising his weapon at them. Nine bystanders were wounded by stray bullets fired by the officers and ricocheting debris, but none suffered life-threatening injuries.”

      • 288

        If we do not do something soon then, believe me (or not – I know you too well!), we are headed for sky high figures because these people do not value human life. A good measure of the value of something is how much you are prepared to risk to safeguard it.

        I have no shame in this except that my country should have come to this pass and that is shame enough.

        • 361
          Tay King-dePisse says:

          My point was, ceteris paribus, including that the incident was recorded and available to the media, that as presented by the powers-that-be, it would be edited to where it would fit the usual blah they present, i.e., something approximating what I wrote, and one would need to search for the raw footage to be able to dispute their account, but by that time, the lie will have traveled halfway round the world whilst the truth was still pulling its trousers on, and the general public, who allow themselves to be so easily propagandised and will not take the time to explore the matter, will accept the way it is portrayed as being the final truth of the matter. And although I thought I was being satiric in how I wrote that version of events you proposed, cool reflection has told me that I haven’t done such a good job at over-the-top, since such an account is not only possible, but likely– does the “Trayvon Martin” case from America ring any bells?

          What the shame-on-you was for, was for implying that the great preponderance of people (other than us Guidoholics and those of similar outlook) would hold the view that it would be a completely-justifiable shooting on the part of the soldier. I thought you had overestimated the intelligence of the general public to see what is before their eyes without the filter of MSM telling them what to think about it all. In my view, I think your optimism, and that is what it is, may, sadly, be unjustified. It has been my unfortunate experience that asking some people to think is a fruitless endeavour indeed.

          • Apologies if I interpret you over-literally, TKdP and the Trayvon Martin case is exactly the sort of thing which resonates here.

            My disadvantage, or advantage if you will, is that I almost never watch any UK TV. I have simply got out of the habit of doing so. On the few occasions that I have seen it on in someone else’s house when visiting, I am always shocked by the condescending approach and when I point this out to my hosts, they nearly always respond with initial surprise but then with ready agreement. So brainwashing does work as we all know.

            I am so conscious of this that if I am by myself in an hotel or B&B, I do not even bother to switch the TV on as I regard it as valueless. This means that my opinions, when I present them here are raw from how I have reacted to reading about them from multiple internet sources and only filtered by their approach. But I may, and do, read the Telegraph, Mail, Grauniad, Mirror, Metro and sometimes the Indi so it is possible most of the time to filter out the bias as I know where it is likely to be in the first place.

            The only thing I can offer is thought. and a lot of those who come here are thinking people. When seeing things like yesterday’s news the best thing is to blow up in private. The next step is to think, OK, what are they trying to bring about and how can one best prevent them from achieving that? How can one combat this type of experience in such a way that one nips it in the bud? Obviously I am not talking with the objective of being elected. But sometimes people respond to that. They do with Farage.

            Because of my age and formative experiences in business during Margaret Thatcher’s time, I often think How would she have dealt with this? Then you will get the people who say You can’t do that! or even worse You can’t say that! to which my response is I just have.

            I do not look at it as optimism but as realism. I accept that many would rather die than think. But eventually, something jogs them and they say Enough! Then sometimes, maybe, one’s words can alter opinions.

            Sometimes I do extract the urine myself, as you know, but only when the chips are low. Here, it is difficult to be flippant. This is deadly serious. Literally.

        • 370
          Anonymous says:

          Some people are prepared to stand up and be counted despite the vilification from the BBC as “far right extremists”

    • 275
      Dave should resign says:

      If that had happened it would have been a better outcome all round.

      Except the squaddie would have got 5 years for possession of the handgun, and probably life for killing the guys who wanted to chop him up.

      • 289

        Then our law is wrong. Everyone but the most abject of bedwetters knows it.

        • 305
          Dave should resign says:

          Yes, the law is wrong in this area.

          The farcical situation which engulfed bona fide hero and good guy Danny N!ghtingale is worth looking up. His sentence (opted for military rather than civil court) was adjusted, but he was still put through the mill for no good reason.

  59. 238
    JadedJean says:

    GF wrote:

    “Quite apart from the fact that Edwina Currie is a long-standing supporter of gay rights, who was behind attempts to equalise the age of consent, she is also J’wish…”

    This is an interesting fact. You will note that equalitarianism (race equality, gender equality etc, etc) is largely a J’wish construct. It was mainly drafted into statute in the US by J’wish civil rights lawyers during the 50′s and 60′s, many of whom served in the US army during the second WW and who had experience of Na z i Germany and the Nuremberg Trials. This legal framework was then transferred to Western Europe and Germany as part of the German DeNa z ifactaion programme. These predominantly J’wish lawyers effectively used the black civil rights movement in the US as a Trojan horse to pass through racial equalitarian laws for their own ends. Think about which ethnic group wins a far bigger share of Nobel Prizes compared with what would be expected from them using the Null Hypothesis, given that libertarianism tells us that we are all equally intelligent (i.e there are no differences to racial IQ cf Hernstein and Murray’s book – The Bell Curve). So,what if equalitarianism was not just a construct to protect the rights of black people in the US, but it was initiated to primarily protect a superior group using an ulterior motive. Look into who made up the UN charter on civil rights after WWII. It was largely dominated by one group.

    Rapacious libertarian multiculturalism was merely a spin-off of this corrosive legal framework. It’s also good for business too! It keeps the wages of the indigenes down (also think about those brain conditioning/pseudo comedy programmes during the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s that lambasted the indigenes for their racist/colonialist views like “Till Death Us Do Part”, “Mind Your Language” and “Love Thy Neighbour” etc, etc. especially look into WHO wrote those prorgrammes). There is phrase that described this whole process – Political Correctness – It was spawned from the US.

    We certainly are being played for fools.

    1930′s Germany banned freemasonry. THEY WOULD HAVE BANNED COMMON PURPOSE as well by identifying at just as just another freemasonry clone. Useful idiots indeed. Have you ever met a freemason btw? Most of the ones I have seem to be particularly IQ challenged (to use a PC phrase).

    • 245
      Its not funny and its not clever says:

      If you want to be an antisemitic racist Hunt just say “I hate the ju-ws” and stop wasting our time posting your deranged shit.

      • 253
        JadedJean says:

        But it’s the truth!

        • 282
          Its not funny and its not clever says:


          Then why do ‘the juice’ live in a shitty part of the desert which doesn’t even have oil?
          If the control the whole fucking world why not make is-rael in Austraila? Have their own continent instead of a shitty strip of pebble in the middle of nowhere.

          Why do the Saudi Arabs have wealth beyond nations? Did the Juice give it to them? If they did , why?
          If they didn’t, why haven’t the Goy taken it back?

          Ask yourself some questions and stop believing every retro-nazi bullshit pixel on the internet. Even a two second questioning of “I wonder if this is the truth or a load of salty shit?” tells any sane person its bollox.

          Its your pathetic life. If you want to blame ‘the chosen’ for your shitty existence good luck to you.

          • Not Blowing Whistles says:

            They do have gas off shore now down there, and there is oil being developed off shore.

            It’s not that bad a part of the region either, more fertile that most of the surroundings. It was the promised land which is part of the reason for stealing it from the Palest!nians, however that was facilitated in part by foreign policy failures of certain major powers in the first half of the 20th century.

            They did not make !srael in Australia as Australia is UK territory. Also the city of Jerusal3m is important to their religion as it is too all others. There could be an argument made that this is perhaps important for controlling the world religions, but that may be stretching the bounds of credible reasoning to beyond breaking point.

            Saudi had very large oil reserves which were required by the West. Their main field has been keeping the world powered most of the time since the end of WWII. They had resources, not real wealth, which others needed, and they needed to trade.

            Goy haven’t taken it back because that is not the Goy style, and because there is no wealth to take. They have taken the resources though, by essentially swapping oil for paper (treasury bonds).

            JJ is partly right about some of the bizarre sects but really tarnishing the entire religion is too wide a brush, which is to your point.

            There are some who give us a bad name within our ranks, but those outside do not understand the internal politics.

        • 285
          Sir William Waad says:

          …….AND they beam messages into our brains that are picked up via the fillings in our teeth.

    • 393
      neodsa says:

      Your drawing some flak J.J., you can’t be far off.

  60. 257
    Anonymous says:

    In his former life Justice Tugenhadt was the foremost practioner in this field so his verdict will be definative.My guess is that he will find for the defendent without costs.

  61. 268
    Down Shep says:

    Robed and Robbed, attorneys at law. The Sweeney makes way for the Tugendhat, what kind of name is that?, keep your hands off my titfer.

  62. 271
    Anonymous says:

    Channel 4 now.

  63. 278
    Nick Griffin says:

  64. 281
    Dave should resign says:

    Bilderbeger’s coming to The Grove / Watford ? Should be good fun for them.

    May they receive an enriched welcome.

  65. 283
    Down Shep says:

    *** innocent face ***

  66. 290
    Sause for the goose...sause for the gander says:

    How about putting these (ethnicly sensitive scum that can’t be named in case plod want an easy arrest) in a cauldron with tepid water. Stoke up the fire and record their screams and play it back when the imam/muezzin (or any ather religeous leader) spews out the call to prayer. These fuckers are in the community and they need rooting out #fluffybunnywunny #onlyjoking

  67. 300

    OK. I will go for broke now.

    The difficulty in deporting people is well known. We have the whole world fighting against us to prevent us from deporting non-citizens, who even plot to kill us, on the grounds of human rights.

    And one cannot deport one’s own citizens, even if homegrown terrorists from second or third generation immigrants. Let’s face it we can’t deport a single fucker even if they make Adolf Hitler look like Mother Theresa.

    We used to have transportation to get rid of the riff-raff and we need to reintroduce it. We have dependencies still in the Atlantic. Let us declare one of these as an integral part of the UK and simply send these scum out there where they can do no harm.

    Fuck them. We have had enough.

    • 303
      Shirley says:

      The Planet is not big enough any more to deport, Oz are being invaded now by Africans.

    • 307
      Dave should resign says:

      Feel your pain cat.

      The ironic thing is there is a solution which is tried and tested:

      Extraordinary Rendition.

      Now, where is Jack Straw when you need him…

      • 310

        Not upsetting his constituents! It is a shithole. I have been there – recently.

        • 323
          Dave should resign says:

          Glad you survived to tell the tale.

          Seriously to your point, domestic terrorism is a tricky one to deal with.

          One massive problem here is that the muzzies do not see themselves as English, and the English do not see the muzzies as being English. And this is predominantly in the 2nd / 3rd generation born in UK, not the newcomers.

          Unless there is compromise somewhere I do not see how the root problem of integration will be fixed, which really makes the repatriation option a good one.

          One thing the progressive mong fraternity should take note of is some history from the 1980s. Saud! Arab!a had a problem with a population boom of young men who were beginning to cause trouble. They were put at first through religious schools (Madrasa’s) in a bid to calm them down. It did not work.

          In the end the Saud!’s ended up paying for them to take flights to Afghan!stan to join an irregular militia force known as the Mujah!deen. Those chaps defeated the USSR, and went on to take down the twin towers.

          Saud! Arabia maintained domestic stability and the ‘problem’ was removed.

          Perhaps repatriation to Afghan!stan, now that conflict has been ended could be an option. It would help water down the Tal!ban which have survived there and threaten to take down the more liberal government which the west has tried to install.

          • I actually know a few who I consider are better citizens than I can claim to be in terms of bravery and civic duty. That is why, although I am angry with this situation, I want to try to approach it though what a majority of people (but not all) would regard as a law abiding way. By that I do not mean an imposed EU way but a traditional British sense of fair play.

            So my purpose is to try to delineate what is acceptable and what is not. It stands to reason that we have too many laws and none of them is observed. Where they are enforced, it is done against the already law abiding who are criminalised because they are easy, docile targets and are used to demonstrate a fatuous appearance of law in action.

            It also seems obvious that if we have far fewer laws, then they need to be upheld with greater determination if they are considered worth retaining. It is part of re-establishing the rights-responsibility relationship.

            If we act this way then the test is how the person behaves in society, not what their family history is. Anyone can be a worthwhile member of our land and contribute. Otherwise they can go.

            Once this starts to work, it gives others a lead and they can chose. If they want to work against our values then we can send them to Ascension Island on a one-way ticket. The message will get through pretty quickly.

          • Dave should resign now says:

            I understand fully what you are saying, vis: Fair play, give a chance etc. However, in my experience I have come to the conclusion that this is part of the problem causing what we are seeing now.

            The fair play model expects both sides to abide by a certain set of rules. Now, if you do a simple game theory analysis you will find that if one actor abides by a set of moral rules which constrains and determines their behavior, and the other doesn’t, the other has an advantage in a competitive situation.

            In this situation it is good to frame the other as a psychopath of sorts. From your perspective, they have no respect for you, would not be inhibited about killing you or reneging on a promise, and fundamentally hate you. Add a good layer of deceit and ability to deceive on top of this.

            With that in mind, try the fair play model or the there is good model in your mind and see where logic gets you. Go to the absurd extremes and it becomes clear where events like yesterday come from.

            Work hard to not have the other actor following fair play.

            This doesn’t apply to all, but understanding such a frame is where the actual English need to get to in order to understand what has been produced in some of the 2nd / 3rd generation immigrant communities. People are blind to this thanks to Politically Correct propaganda.

            My sense is that people are now beginning to wake up to the reality I have outlined above, and of that they are not happy. Absent strong leadership in the country at present, this will likely drift into further conflict. Most likely another attack against the indigenous.

            Think of it this way: Child sex trafficking / grooming / various attacks / the beheading combined with ‘patrols’ and all the other b/s over the past few years etc. The dots will be being joined and the missing portion is the frame of reference adjustment I mention.

            It is about time to stop with the carrots and bring out the stick.

            When that clicks, the backlash will start. It will be swift and merciless initially, and after that those who do not belong here will have no choice but to leave.

            The UK is not alone here. The same pattern is playing out in several other European countries at present.

            The European collectivist multicultural experiment has failed.

            Looking for a new solution which does not involve the failed politicians and thinkers from before is order of the day.

            Getting there without shedding too much blood or needlessly harming liberty is the challenge.

          • I read you. But my position only starts with a position of fair play. I have outlined this to TKdP (above?) so will seek to present it in a different style to reinforce the point.

            To those who don’t play fair, who try to abuse the system, then things ratchet up very fast on them. The state begins to act in a more unfair way than theirs is. By this I mean in terms of Human Rights legislation. That is why it is essential we withdraw immediately from it. What a vote winner that would be. But we are not talking of that now. We then move swiftly to exclusion from mainland UK. We declare Ascension Island or one of the other remote territories to be part of the UK and those people whom we cannot send back to Jordan or wherever, we pack off there. We do it from a sovereign position. If other nations don’t like it, too bad.

            If the relatives want to visit then they can arrange their own transport. Those transported can be paid an amount sufficient to pay for their return trip providing they settle down and work to produce something of value. Failing that they can try swimming back upon serving their term. Clearly, the European Court would be widdling themselves over the breach of human rights. But we are protecting the greater human rights of those these people had already harmed.

            So there is no soft touch here. Exactly the opposite. It will work too. And then the Europeans attitude will change if I am not mistaken.

          • Gonk III says:

            All discourse now at defcon 3. Good.

          • Dave should resign now says:

            @GonkIII: LOL ! I think you are right.

            @SC: I am with you on the idea. The only problem is that this has already been tried, sort of. From what I last read the hunger strike on G’itmo is now apparently putting pressure on Obama to shut the place down.

            So, when they do that, where to they put the guys contained within next ? Public opinion and national security says no to the mainland, and those that have survived will likely be of reduced function or completely off the chain when they are released.

            The Ascension idea would could work out similarly.

            If there are resources on that Island worth mining, then there is a good case for a hard labor prison camp community to be set up.

            The money saved on EU membership costs could cover the setup costs easily once exited. That would be required in order to straighten out the legislation required.

            The problem with G’itmo is that just keeping the prisoners in sensory isolation will damage them psychologically, but it does not reduce their longevity, and their incarceration is a total cost.

            A combination of the two: sensory dep for about 3 months to, followed by hard labor for 3 months, combined with a diet designed to weaken should have the effect of reducing the longevity to about 10 years or less.

            Any minerals extracted from the mining operation would likely cover most of the running costs.

            We had something like this running in Andaman following the first war of independence in 1856. Seemed to work quite well there, and would seem to be very much needed again now.

      • 311
        Down Shep says:

        E-Rendition? Jack has never heard of it, or Blair, so they say (but everybody else knows different).

        • 316
          i don't n eed no doctor says:

          Why are these radicalised idiots so easily persuaded. Have they not got the brains to ask the likes of Choudary or Qatada why they don’t go first?
          When it comes down to it Choudary and Qatada are just evil cowards.

  68. 304
    Edwina Curry with boiled rice pudding, no eggs says:

    McAlpine verses Bercow,
    as at Wembley Stadium.
    Boxing gloves on tight,
    girl vee excuse of man.

    Round one, see happen,
    oh dear, lady into guts.
    Then yes, kick in nuts,
    but then count to two.

    Sorry ten, Mc recovered,
    gives her swift one low.
    Fanny flaps are flying,
    but Bercow final blow.

    Aims for the sweet spot,
    that will hurt the McAlps.
    Yes she grabs his wallet,
    n’ shoves it ‘tween her tits.

    • 313
      You need help says:

      We have a special cell ready for you.

      • 324
        Edwina Curry with boiled rice pudding, no eggs says:

        don’t ask – been one step from it most of my life. I am one step from certifiable, I have always known it. I’m bonkers me, but when I got tested, healthy bonkers I was told I was, whatever that is when it is at home.

  69. 320
    Crazy fucked up foreign policy says:

    What’s that ball bag talking about on QT?

    • 328
      Edwina Curry with boiled rice pudding, no eggs says:

      QT? Why are you watching that inane shit for? what sort of Belfast bollocks are they coming out with tonight?

      oils tell yer this, oils tell yer this for nothing, and all that sort of prot Paisley gobshite.

      • 329
        Crazy fucked up foreign policy says:

        Any cùnt who posts an IRA song needs a good kicking

        • 336
          Edwina Curry with boiled rice pudding, no eggs says:

          Seems you never heard of reverse psychology, have you? Study it, if your simple brain can get around it, that is.

          Go suck.

      • 331
        Edwina Curry with boiled rice pudding, no eggs says:

  70. 322
    Socialism Ate My Future says:

    Newsnight going with the “hate crime” narrative.

    More and more the bbc disgusts me.

    • 337
      BBC Heading To Extinction says:

      Don’t pay the license fee.

      Starve the fuckers.

    • 342
      Fuck the BBC says:

      I hope everyone who works at the BBC dies in pain from cancer or aids. fucking lefty scum.

      • 357
        Canary Wharf Rat says:

        Don’t you just love the BBC. On the night after a white English soldier is murdered in our Capital city in this so called Christian country the BBC has three Muslims giving their points of view. well smell the coffee BBC. As a white law abiding Christian I do not give a fuck what they think or how their “majority” of followers condemn the act (I already know that) but to give these people of a minority religion that perped the crime in their name airtime is tantamount to treason in my book.

  71. 327
    An infidel says:

    The BBC has trotted out a lot of reasonably sounding Muslims to comment on the murder but then I think haven’t the islamics been told that it is ok to lie to non Muslims and I can’t help but feel they are lying.

  72. 332
    EU Watch says:

    Sound familiar from 2011 :

    3 nights of rioting, apparently in immigrant areas of the city.

  73. 333
    Bazinga! says:

    Once again the BBC allowing that Muzzie mong cuunt Chowdry to spout his shit without being challenged by anyone from the right.

  74. 338
    Some White Bloke says:

    I just knew it was my fault

    • 354
      Amjam Choudry says:

      Fuck off out of my country!

    • 358
      Muslim Council of Britaistan says:

      It always is and always will be honkey boy, why don’t you try having some kids instead of complaining.

  75. 338
    EU Watch says:

    Big anti-austerity protests / riots across !taly today…

  76. 340
    The EDF are cuunts says:

    You should see the cost of my electricity. French bastards

  77. 343
    Fuck the BBC says:

    Once again Newsnight making out that the EDL are the real enemy. BBC twats, give me ONE fucking example of the EDL hacking someone’s head off

    • 346
      Reality speaks says:

      Re…..F the bbc …………what else do you expect from the bbc? They will use anything to deflect viewers from the truth, that this country is drowning in a sea of multi-culti shit.

      • 351
        Fuck the BBC says:

        The BBC always look to attack the right. That mong Paul Mason did the same thing over Greece and Spain where he kept trying to make out all the riots were caused by the right, even though there was no truth to that at all.

        In fact when he did the story on the supposed far right in Spain even all the studio guests said he was talking shite.

    • 352
      BBC says:

      Enjoy the enrichment you NAZI goose stepping bastard, we set the talking points and present the propaganda for the masses.
      So why don’t you STFU and pay your TV tax!

      • 359
        The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

        Yes, voters license fee payers, it is all your fault. You killed this brave serviceman and will feel bad. You will not talk about this among yourselves out of shame. You are pl’ebs and loons, fruitcakes and ra’cist because I made you that way and decide you that way. Don’t think any differently, but blame yourself and don’t hope for better. Just watch your TV, listen to your radio and listen to me. My thoughts, not your thoughts. You will Obey.

        … And later on the One Show we will be preaching radical teachings and why you shouldn’t. Next up, the Lottery results.

  78. 347
    EU Watch says:


    In other parts of Ch!nese press / street, EU (Well, Europe) has been on the blame end for the economy slowing over there.

  79. 348
    Anonymous says:
  80. 350
    EU Watch says:

    Like Canaries in a coal mine…

    • 353
      LOL... says:

      I’m all ears!

    • 448

      You have just answered it you lib dem cock
      It’s “Your job” and that is All you are interested in

  81. 356
    EU Watch says:

    Interesting :

    People feel the same way about EU as they do about Eurovision.

    It really is that bad.

  82. 364
    Dave and Nick's new message for Conservative Party Faithful says:

    • 373
      Lady bullier by the name of McAlps says:

      Nice one, but this should keep you going until five to ten tomorrow morning, BST,

  83. 366
    Feel the Enrichment says:

    • 372
      Dave should resign now says:

      Haven’t checked, but have those c’unts at the BBC reported on this ?

      And if not, it has been going on 3 nights now, why the fuck not ?

      Piece of shit broadcaster.

      • 374
        Lady bullier by the name of McAlps says:

        4 nights acshually, been following it on RT and Swedish media links.

        • 382
          Lady bullier by the name of McAlps says:

          05:25 in above video. Whoopsie Guido? :)

        • 396
          MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD and COD FATHER of SOLE says:

          It’s funny we seem to only think of the immigrant problem here in the UK
          when in fact it’s all over the Shithole created by Brussels

          If this is not sorted out Europe will burn

          • Lady bullier by the name of McAlps says:

            Don’t be silly – us Europeans have been trying to kill each other for hundreds of year, remember that. So some bloke get’s killed by some nutters, at least that is only one death?

          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD and COD FATHER of SOLE says:

            Shame it wasn’t You , You fuckin Welsh prick !

      • 375
        Lady bullier by the name of McAlps says:

        • 379
          Dave should resign now says:

          They’re still going ? Persistent little buggers.

          It is looking like Brevik was definitely on the money, and is perhaps sane after all.

          Are Paddy Power giving odds yet on chances of this happening in London in a few weeks time ? (Rhetorical)

          • Lady bullier by the name of McAlps says:

            Shove your money on, but you might have to ask at the back counter for odds at Paddy Power ;) reckon they will give you 1/5 on, so don’t expect a big return if it does kick off.

          • Dave should resign now says:

            That’s not bad.

            I guess in one of the more divided towns those odds may come down a bit. 1/3 on in Luton or maybe Oldham.

            Spread betting on civil disturbances, injury / death outcomes from such events etc. could be lucrative. Before slinging the trash in a privatized jail whose dividend payments are tied to inmate numbers.

            There should be money made out of this.

          • Lady bullier by the name of McAlps says:

            My money is on down the Thames Valley for it to kick of this time, say Slough.

      • 391
        ooer missus says:

        No media in the UK has reported this.

    • 378
      David Cameron says:

      I’m an individual. You’re an individual. We are all individuals.

    • 423
      Anonymous says:

      Groundhog day.

      • 424
        Anonymous says:

        Next door.

      • 445
        MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD and COD FATHER of SOLE says:

        “You are headmaster of this Swedish school ?” Yes !
        “You have a Thousand children in this school , how many are Swedish ?”

        TWO !
        Fuckin Hell !

  84. 383
    Fuck the LibLabCon says:

    The number of immigrants coming to Britain has fallen from 581,000 to 500,000.

    Wow what a success Dave, it’s taken the Tories three years to achieve that!

    • 390
      Gordon Brown (arseshole) says:

      That is a growth rate of about -13.9% !

    • 442

      Its just a smoke screen “cooking the books” so as when we are invaded by hundreds of thousands of Bulgarian and Romanian Gypsies they can justify it by saying ,
      There was a shortfall that needed filling

  85. 386
    Arwald says:

    686 AD

    That’s when it started going tits up in Blighty, trust me.

    • 392
      Lady bullier by the name of McAlps says:

      Battle of Chester 615AD when it really started, when we got cut of from the pobl o’r y gogledd. You are on about Kent and the Isle of Wight Arwald? Well I am about Welsh! :)

  86. 387
    Bob Fleming says:

    As a law abiding, tax paying and so far, civilised, Englishman I would like it to be known that enough is enough – there is no accommodation with muslims in my country, radical or otherwise. No more excuses. Anyone who has a plan to fix it has my support for what it is worth

    • 395
      Lady bullier by the name of McAlps says:

      ACH, someone will always cause problems, and if it isn’t recent visitors to concentrate our minds, it would be us kicking off ourselves.

  87. 397
    Blowing Whistles says:

    If the Queen cannot and will not dissolve ‘her corrupted government & opposition’ – then she must be suborned to her criminal ministers’ advices. These are indeed days when the whole state apparutus is rotten and corrupted from the top down – so watch out for the states’ desperate men creating ‘division upon division everywhere … They do it to distract from their thieving and having been caught out.

  88. 401
    • 406
      Lady bullier by the name of McAlps says:

      That’s bollocks – those drones don’t carry enough fuel for them to fly from Britain to Afghan istan for fuck sakes. Few hundred miles is their range, so they need to take of near there. OK, so they are controlled from Britain, but they certainly don’t fly from here to there for fuck sake numbnuts!

    • 434
      Bazinga! says:

      So what is the lefts excuse for 9/11, the Bali bombing or the bombing of the embassies in Africa then? All by the same ragheads.

  89. 405
    Lady bullier by the name of McAlps says:

    CHRIST! Missed this one posted by Nick G above, at comment 277, at 9.41pm. Always like what he has to say, it is educational for you at least, and I think he gets a bad press. Nick,

    • 426
      albacore says:

      Remember, your enemy’s foe is your friend
      But who is your worst enemy, in the end?
      Surely not our true and loyal Parliament
      Whose credibility’s now totally spent
      All you have to do is to open your eyes
      It’s so easy to see which side tells you lies

  90. 407
    Silly Bercow says:

    so who did fuck those little boys’ arses then?

  91. 411
    Loverat says:

    The only result which will be credible is a loss for McAlpine. There simply is no merit whatsover in this particular claim and in demanding compensation – particularly the level claimed. The judge has a record of common sense decisions and a decision for the claimant will go against all previous High Court guidance in multiple defendant cases and particularly on over-compensation. If the result is not as expected it will prove to me that there is a different law for rich libel claimants.

    • 412
      Normal Guy says:

      There is. That is the nature of the law of libel. Litigating over libels is a rich man’s sport. It always has been and always will be.

  92. 419
    Muhammad, piss be upon him says:

    A few mosques vandalised. Well, at least some good has come from this tragedy.

  93. 421
    Mr Squeaker says:

    It’s my sad duty to report the defendant is not fragrant

  94. 430
    Anonymous says:

    Nothing about this on the BBC?

  95. 432
    Bazinga! says:

    More cap from the media bleating about how muslims feel threatened. Sure because you can’t move for white right wing extremists butchering muslims on our streets can you?

    • 437
      I weep at their plight says:

      Poor dears. Perhaps they should flee to somewhere safer….like p@kist@an.

    • 439
      Anonymous says:

      So they should when we round them up and deal with them.

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