May 23rd, 2013

ABC Online Figures for Newspaper Websites

UK national newspaper website figures for the last month are out, with the Mail still well out a head. The percentage change is year on year.

-MailOnline: 7,833,182 (up 39%) 4,771,866 (up 23.1%) 3,041,594 (up 29.8%)

-Mirror: 1,176,217 (up 78%)

-The Sun: 1,698,572 (up 11%)

-Independent: 1,131,150 (62.5%)

-Metro: 406,187 (38,5%)

For the sake of comparison Guido had 516,730 unique visitors in April (up 53%).

Despite the new pay-wall, the Telegraph is beginning to catch up with the freebie Guardian.


  1. 1
    Selohesra says:

    Can this be right – more people want to read a wooly Guardian website than look at the back catalogue of boobs in the Sun?

    • 8
      Joe Public. says:

      You could easily say that 1 million of the Guardian readers are not their friends, but people simply checking out the latest rubbish they are promoting.
      I look at it for the food features as they are the best at this, and nothing much else.

      • 9
        Rayon says:

        I read it to watch people baiting psycho-lefties on cif

        • 14
          Peter Grimes says:

          Now that IS fun, but it doesn’t take much to get them frothing merrily, does it.

          • Splooge says:

            The Telegraph has a pay wall!!??!

            Not so as you’d notice…

          • lojolondon says:

            After you access the site 10 times in one month they block you unless you pay. So I avoid them generally, get 10 looks from work and 10 more from home – not that much interesting in the Telegraph since they went all soft and wooly, and started believing in global warming!!

  2. 2
    East India Company Wallah says:

    The Mail has an excellent website which is easy to navigate on mobile
    Getting an awful lot of leftie mong trolls lately
    Lefties frequently peruse Mail Online secretly while centrists and folk of the libertarian persuasion do not feel the need to indulge in fantasy at the Guardian

    • 10
      DM Reader says:

      +6 million of their readers – Liebore trolls feel the urge to attack the DM as their own hackneyed dogma and mantras are all too common on Gruniard, Independent, and Mirror.

    • 12
      T. Pole says:

      Interesting-I’ve noticed that sometimes when you select the ‘most popular’ filter you get a large number of very un-Mail like views getting big support, most of them posted around the same time, as soon as the piece appears, 1.00 in the morning or something. Are these left wing fools really that well organised?

      • 15
        Peter Grimes says:

        Yes! There is a whole bank of them ready to spread their propaganda.

        • 27
          lojolondon says:

          Yes, key ones are paid to troll, and rewarded with drinks with the boss.

      • 18
        CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

        depends on the story, If it a negative story about the coalition, it’ll get tweeted and linked too by various online lefty orgs and groups. They all pile in on the comments section before anyone else get’s a chance.

      • 31
        fitzfitz says:

        It may be 01:00 here but not elsewhere … London’s papers have a high proportion of US readers .

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:


  4. 4
    Kyle says:

    I read the Telegraph online all the time. But I think it would be better if it was redesigned. It feels a bit small at times. The Mail is really good at keeping you interested. The Telegraph might have a really interesting story but it is hidden away in a tab that you are unlikely to click unless you are interested in ‘sport’ or ‘culture’, let’s say.

  5. 5
    Paul Dacre says:

    Of the Telegraph’s 3,041,594, one person subscribes. The other 3,041,593 read 20 articles then delete their cookies and start over. Works for me

    • 21
      CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

      i didn’t even know the Telegraph was subscription. Probably because I have set Firefox to delete cookies on exit.

  6. 6
    Dresden says:

    Dear Muslims

    Please don’t attack members of the public or armed forces. They are doing the job they are told to by politicians. If you are going to attack anyone, attack members of the Labour government who started these needless wars. You’d have the entire country behind you.


    • 7
      Rayon says:

      Someone hacked off Mandelsohns head and I’d be the first ‘celebrating diversity’!

    • 11
      Anon........... says:

      + 58M

      also remember

      Jack Straw = Rend*itioning ……….

      @ No. 1 is Sai*nt Pho*ny Bliar = The Real Ser*pent’s head…..

      • 16
        Julie b says:

        If you killed a few new labour politicians we’d be out of Afghanistan and you’d have British people standing shoulder to shoulder with Islamic extremists. Maybe this is what we need to ‘bring the country together’

    • 17
      JH39842309124 says:

      If only. Just watch their stance on immigration change if they got some blowback directed straight at them.

      They could blow up Abbopotamus’ local kebab shop for a start, she’d be crestfallen.

  7. 13

    …well out a head.
    …well out ahead.

  8. 19

    Despite the new pay-wall, the Telegraph is beginning to catch up with the freebie Guardian

    Probably has something to do with the fact that the Telegraph paywall doesn’t apply to mobile devices (unlike the Times) and modern browsers make it trivial to override the reported “user agent” to fool the server.

  9. 20
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    Isn’t a lot of the Guardian’s traffic from other countries though, especially the US. The whole letter writing thing against Bush in 2004, was to raise their profile amongst American Liberals.

    The Guardian has become a central hub for the Anglo-sphere Left.

    • 22
      Alan Rusbridger says:

      I am open to suggestions as to how we monetise that.

      When I say ‘open’, what I mean to say is ‘fucking desperate’.

    • 24
      Will says:

      The guardian has spent a lot of money trying to get online readers in America by rushbridger but its not making money. The whole website project is losing money.

      The problem is if it goes down the paywall route then people have to pay. The problem with that is your readership on line goes down and you cannot charge advertisers as much. So you do not make money. The times and mail used to sell quite a few copies to expats print wise so these are the type who would subscribe. The mail has decided not to charge for online viewing hoping that the advertising costs offset this.

      • 29
        CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

        The Left want to influence people more than anything.
        Pay-walls, obviously, reduce your readership and influence, greatly.
        Probably only to a handful of the choir.

        The pay-wall concept would be the opposite to what a non-profit, left-wing organisation would want.

  10. 25
    Will says:

    The other issue with the guardian in trying to attract traffic is that its articles seem to be getting more shriller in order to provoke comments, bit after the 6th time of a j bindel all men are rapists article and we should lock them up / castrate them etc, it gets a bit tedious.

    In addition the guardian seems to have missed the sex grooming scandals and other big stories and seems to imply that if you support ukip you are a swivel eyed loon/racist/little englanders etc. it also missed out on the expenses scandal as the telegraph scooped it, so was forced to milk endlessly the phone hacking scandal in order to pursue its Murdoch hatred.

    • 28
      lojolondon says:

      Yes, I noticed that! Increasingly ‘Tabloid’ headlines on the Google home i-page link. When I realised they were just doing it to pump up their numbers I deleted the app.

  11. 30
    Osama the Nazarene says:

    Where are the paywall Times figures? Guido’s figures are barely better than the Metro. is that good?

  12. 32
    Anonymous says:

    Easy to get around the telegraph pay wall just , use an incognito or private tab no issues at all then

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