May 22nd, 2013

Voters Warn Labour Expenses Piggy Not to Run

Earlier this month Guido revealed that expenses scandal piggy Joan Ryan was begging her local Labour party for support as she tries to run again in 2015. That despite being kicked out by the electorate after claiming £4,500 for work on her second home and having to pay back over £5,000 in mortgage interest. As if having the nerve to show her face in Enfield North again wasn’t enough, now she has been accused of trying to stitch up the Labour selection in neighbouring Enfield Southgate; Guido is told she brought along dozens of new members to the local CLP’s AGM in order to back her pal Ibrahim Dogus. Guido has repeatedly asked Ryan why she is sticking her oar in but for some reason she doesn’t want to talk. Her own former constituents have certainly had enough. This is from her local paper’s letter page this morning:

You’d have thought she would get the message…


  1. 1
    Alan Ruffbadger says:
    • 5

      She is a lefty. Not only does she not know any better, she does not want to know any better.

      • 7
        Mervin King says:

        Why does she openly reveal she plagiarised a Daily Mail article?? – If Labour had invented the scheme she’d be licking Browns sphincter?

        Class hatred at its finest. Silly bint.

      • 16
        ancientpopeye says:

        Thick as well as brass necked.

        • 28
          Cameron, yesterday's man says:

          Sociopaths, the lot of them. They’re missing the moral’s gene and the empathy gene.

    • 10
      SP4 BS says:

      Lure? well it sounds like a trap doesn’t it.

      Its not as if the housing sector could ever look like a wierd pyramid selling scam, where one constantly needs to get more and more people involved with funny government schemes. Well, not for those without piss coloured spectacles.

      • 14
        Swivel Eyed Socialist says:

        It was only a short time ago she was attacking the Tories because young people couldn’t afford to buy property.

        There’s no pleasing the Welfare Party and its lefty press.

        • 26
          SP4 BS says:

          You know more about this person than me. and you seem rather on with that old tired tribalism thing.

          Gordon brown was trying to shove more people onto the housing “ponzi scheme” too – I wouldnt have chosen to use those words myself, but I’m pretty sure guido regulars have said such things regularly.

          Are you able to drop the tribal narritive for a few seconds to say whether its a good idea to make credit easier in order to feed in to an overpriced housing market? (and I didn’t attempt to make the parallels with Brown years policy).

          It isn’t actually making housing more affordable either is it? Just trying to tip the balance of people’s decisions in favour of taking out big loans?

          • Cameron, yesterday's man says:

            When Agenda 21 is implemented, you won’t be allowed to own your own house.

            For those that haven’t read Agenda 21, it actually states that ‘private ownership of housing is not a good thing’ and then goes on to state that this must be rectified.

            It also says in the usual EU/UN/Political speak roundabout way, that car ownership is not good either.

            And if you don’t believe that they are working away at it, put the name of you local council and agenda 21 in to Google to see for yourself.

          • M­aq­bo­ul says:

            People have to live somewhere. Either they buy their own property or they rent. Seems you don’t want people to have the choice.

          • Questioner says:

            Agenda 21? Indeed, I did put that and my council’s name in and sure enough there is a large document. Including the phrase ‘all councils are required to define an Agenda 21′. Very menacing…

  2. 2
    Stalin says:

    Packing meetings. How very democratic. Why don’t people just get out the old cudgels any more?

  3. 3

    With Labour ears, there is no message.

  4. 4
    Crispin Heath says:

    some of these people are unreal.

  5. 8
    Ken Barlow says:

    Kay Burley is in Oklahoma, they don’t deserve this !!


    • 12
      Eamonn 'Sherlock' Holmes says:

      Ken Barlow
      Kevin Webster
      Ray Langton

      The common thread? Dierdre.

      • 41
        Cameron, yesterday's man says:

        Her boss Len Fairclough had a bit of a cloud hanging over him as well.

    • 37
      Overkill says:

      What the fuck is she there for? I was interested in that news for a few hours. I don’t need US news rehashed for days on end, like the Boston bombing.
      I turn it off now….or i’ll watch the Oklahoma news channel if I feel the need.

      • 64
        Head Lice says:

        Do you think a strong storm in Grimsby would attract US-wide TV crews to the port/town?

  6. 9
    Vote Tory, get heir to Blair says:

    It seems this truth has still not got across to the Tory toffs’ sheep.

  7. 11
    Labour will start yet another Bank...with Taxpayers' money says:
    • 19
      Chuka Umunna's Nationalised Trust aka CUNT says:

      So what is a small firm?
      Will the EU make the Bank of Chuka lend across Europe?
      If the loans go sour will the taxpayer pick up the bill?
      Is this another bank that will not be allowed to fail?
      Will president Barroso let you do it anyway?

      • 30
        SP4 BS says:

        small firm. less than 50 people. the whole “SME” idea is imported from france.

        Where the disadvantages of being a “big firm” are bad enough to mean that very many firms have precisely 49 employees.

    • 20
      Investment in Business is not Rocket Science says:

      All you have to do is cut VAT back to 10%. Small businesses all over the country will find that instead of 20% of their turnover/cashflow being earmarked to pay the taxman at any one time, they will only need to hold 10% to hand over. They will have immediate funds available to invest in themselves.

    • 21
      Steve Miliband says:

      What does that actually mean?

      It’s nonesense

      • 44
        A Small Businessman says:

        It means more corruption and places on quango boards for business bureaucrats and their political pals.

    • 23
      Silent Majory says:

      Small businesses don’t want silly regional banks. They want you to GET OUT OF THE WAY.

      I can only imagine the form-filling and bureaucracy involved in trying to get a loan from this silly bank.

      STOP fiddling. Instead think what you can do to make my life easier. Scrap NI. Stop changing the rules on Employee Share Ownership every six months. Rip up the employment legislation that makes it scary to hire someone new. Let me have the same tax rate as Google or Starbucks.

    • 31
      Chuka comes to Dave's rescue says:

      just when you think there is no hope for Dave Chuka comes along and makes Dave look like the best thing since sliced bread.

    • 55
      Business says:

      Stupid man. Most British businesses don’t want to borrow money. Many of them are sitting on cash. What they need is the confidence to invest and the public sector to get off their backs.

    • 58
      M­aq­bo­ul says:

      The nimble free market has beaten the ponderous state once again. P2P lending is already filling that gap while Chucky throws around his bright statist ideas to the twittering classes.

    • 60
      Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

      Does anyone believe a word these fuckers spout?

    • 63
      British Investment Bank Manager says:

      Ah, so you’d like to borrow money for your business would you.

      Please fill in this form, which has a section on who you voted for in the last election.

      Oh, I see you voted Conservative. I’m not sure we can help you at this time.

      • 66
        Curly says:

        Dear Manager,

        Can you please tell me what rate of interest I will receive from your organisation on my puny savings account?

  8. 17
    Lord Stansted says:

    “You’d have thought she would get the message…”

    These people think they have the God-given right to govern. Wait a minute, that’s like Dave.

  9. 18
    David Cameron says:

    “We’re not split over Europe, nor are we split over gay marriage, we don’t do U-Turns, the government is transparent and efficient, Boris is not a bumbling (yet vicious) clown, the moon doesn’t orbit the earth, the tide never goes in or out and the earth isn’t round. That is all”

    • 22
      Penny from Penistone says:

      Hilarious, just hilarious!

      Of course the Tories are split over Europe, how can anyone possibly say, with a straight face, that “On Europe, I think there is actually incredible unity and agreement, not just in the Tory party but across the country,” . That’s just a lie, a bald faced, up front, no nonsense porkie of the highest order. Just who does Mr Cameron think he is kidding?

      Latest YouGov poll has Tory support at their lowest ever, 27% and approval rating of -40.

      • 24
        Public Secta Forever says:

        Tories heading for exit. Labour coming in.

        Public secta forever

    • 33
      Major Plonquer says:

      I agree 100%. I mean I think the whole thing about politicians having “policies” is a bit overdone. It’s been tried before many bleedin times and look where it’s bleedin got us, eh? Take that bleedin Nigel bleedin Farage, does he have bleedin policies? Does he bleedin hell. All Nige needs to fight the bleedin Commies is a bleedin pint in one bleedin jand

  10. 25
    Its onl a contest says:

    Meanwhile Russia deals with the important international issues(No NOT Syria stupid)…issuing formal complaint to Azerbaijan about them failing to give maximum points to the Russian Eurovision Song Contest entry

  11. 29 says:

    Dave has now apparently come to the point at which he simply tells lies unwittingly because he believes them himself. If the party go for the jugular and depose him he will not understand what has hit him. However, since he appears to understand little anyway, not much lost there

    • 39
      Lord Stansted says:

      If the Tory MPs don’t get rid of Dave soon then they show themselves to as spineless as he is.

      • 49
        I Told You So says:

        I suspect you’re a Labour type trying to stir.

        Why should they get rid of someone who polls better than anyone else?

        They can do what they want but dumping a popular leader is like Labour ditching Blair for Brown. It was not a clever move.

        Only chaos in the Conservative Party can open the way for the dismal Ed Miliband.

    • 48
      albacore says:

      A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
      If the Tories give Cameron the bum’s rush
      UKIP will lose its best-ever recruiter
      Ed and Nick are cute but Dave’s so much cuter

  12. 35
    Labour=Waste says:

    Even in opposition Labour are plotting ways to waste money

  13. 36
    Dick the Butcher says:

    I did like the way that he didn’t let Humphrys keep interrupting.

    • 57
      Brussels Broadcasting Cnuts says:

      I think your confusing the Welsh champaign socialist with the Scottish one.

  14. 38
    Anonymous says:

    Whats happening in Sweden? Why not reports over here?

    • 53
      Brussels Broadcasting Cnuts says:

      We have much to report on the dark continent and other musl!m lands, for the sake of our musl!m population here.

  15. 42
    Hoow do politicians get away with total bullshit? says:

    I can’t understand it.

    In one sentence a politician will tell me that our NHS is the envy of the world and they do things better in that country or the other.

  16. 43
    UKIP Official Policy says:

    Captain Mainwairing in every branch. Managers office to be wood panelled with green desk lamp.

    That should get things moving.

  17. 45
    Employer of Last Resort says:

    She probably can’t get a job elsewhere so hopes to join the herd of no-hopers on the Labour backbenches.

  18. 47
    UKIP or bust says:

    She’s got more front than Harrods (where she probably pikes to shop).

  19. 50
    John Tandy says:

    As if Politicans did’nt have a bad enough reputation at the moment…..

  20. 51
    UKIP Official Policy says:

    We are opposed to claiming expenses. Unless it’s us, as we need a bit of wonga to help pay the bar bill.

  21. 59
    Vote UKIP says:

    There’s a straightforward choice for previous Enfield Labour supporters — VOTE UKIP NEXT TIME.

    It’s time to remove the LabLibConner troughers.

  22. 61
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    Scum like her know no shame. The usual genes are missing from such trash.

  23. 68

    Dishonourable Troughers never get the message!

  24. 69
    anne says:

    Voters Warn Labour Expenses Piggy Not to Run – Guy Fawkes’ blog

  25. 70
    I hate Blue Labour says:

    Labour had the next election won as long as they didn’t do anything stupid.

    It appears this simple task was beyond them.

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