May 17th, 2013

Mandy’s Big Money Motive

Since we haven’t been subjected to enough op-eds from frothing, swivel-eyed Europhiles over the past couple of weeks, up steps Peter Mandelson in the Telegraph to tell us why we should be staying in Europe:

20130517-085855.jpg“All the party leaders need to make clear that quitting the EU would be a colossal indulgence. It might fill many with a sense of pride in Britain’s separateness, but it would also mean greater isolation, less trade, smaller influence and fewer friends. In the globalised economy of the 21st century, where production networks and supply chains stretch far across national borders, size – of markets, trading power and negotiating clout – matters more than ever. An isolationist Britain would be weaker and more vulnerable. That must not be our destiny – and the Prime Minister’s job, along with Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg, is to say so, loudly and firmly.”

Definitely nothing to with EU rules dictating that the former commissioner must maintain a “duty of loyalty” or be stripped of his £31,000-a-year index-linked pension worth over half a million pounds. As ever with Mandy, just follow the money…


  1. 1
    Andrew Efiong says:

    People like Mandelson warned that Britain would suffer if it didn’t join the Euro, we were told the City would dry up and all the business would move to Paris and Frankfurt.

    They were utterly wrong.

    These people have been flushed out as biased shills, depending on the Brussels gravy train to pay their lavish mortgages.

  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    ‘£31,000-a-year index-linked pension worth half a million pounds’?


  3. 3

    People don’t like Mandelson. :-)

  4. 4
    We can dismiss Mangledbum's advice says:

    “We must stay in the EU. I should know, because I’m very very clever.”

    Says man who likes other men to stick their todgers up his bottom.

  5. 5
    SNP in disgrace..a shame really as most English would like them to win says:

  6. 6
    Herman Van Aerial Disease says:

    Troughing scumbag.. I long for the day the EU collapses and he is thrown off the gravy train with the rest of the insidious money grabbing leeches.

  7. 7
    Google 'personal pension' says:

    You are Harriet Harman and I claim my £10.

  8. 8
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

    I presume he means you’d need to build up half a million in your pension pot to deliver a £31,000 a year pension.

  9. 9
    Do D Maths says:

    1) Depends how long he lives
    2) What capital sum is required to produce £31,000 a year interest? Let’s say 2% then £1,500,000 is required

  10. 10
    Hissing sid says:

    snakes do.

  11. 11
    Down Shep says:

    Duty of loyalty?, that lot sound more and more like a secret sect every day. “fewer friends”, with friends like that who needs enemas!.

  12. 12
    Stavros says:

    The SNP are closet socialist spongers who crave subsidy from London and Brussels. The idea of real independence scares them.

  13. 13
    Word on the street says:

    Small furry animals have reason to dislike him, too.

  14. 14
    Guido's link for the nay clickers says:

    Lord Mandelson must remain loyal to EU to guarantee pension
    Lord Mandelson is not allowed to criticise the European Union if he wants to keep hold of his £31,000-a-year pension as a former European Commissioner,

  15. 15
    Stavros says:

    Tax payers too.

  16. 16
    Owen Farage-Jones says:

    I agree with Nigel.

  17. 17
    Deck chairs on the Titanic. says:

    How do you pay off compounding interest? Inflation is how, but the innocents will be punished by it.
    Not the social justice I subscribe to.

  18. 18
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    Mandelson speaks – That’s another million votes for Farage.

  19. 19
    S P 4 B S says:

    fewer friends.

    I found that at university, you were better off not having to share a fridge and the cheese with your friends. Too much hassle.

    I’m guessing that Dave didn’t share a crappy terraced house when at university.

  20. 20
    Bertha Olletia says:

    I do.

  21. 21
    genghiz the kahn says:
  22. 22
    SNP is the Ugly party says:

    You are right Nigel. Alec Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon are pretty ugly.

  23. 23
    S P 4 B S says:

    I like the idea that nobody in scotland is against immigration.
    That’ll be because nobody bothers immigrating there.

  24. 24
    S P 4 B S says:

    I can’t help thinking that 31k is just loose change for Mandelson.

  25. 25
    Anonymous says:

    I agree with Mr Mandelson’s statement completely.

    I’ve said more or less the same thing myself on this blog.

  26. 26
    bergen says:

    On present annuity rates. artificially low due to QE, that figure is about right for a man of his age.

  27. 27
    Owen Jones says:

    Nigel Farage got it easy in Edinburgh, if I went to my beloved Iran, they’d hang me for being a homosexual.

  28. 28
    Little Miss Dodge says:

    Can’t see what all the fuss is about.

  29. 29
    Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

    You’ll often hear Scots go on about the Scottish Enlightenment, their discoverers and inventors, etc, but what do you notice about all that stuff? Yep, it’s all post-1707. If it hadn’t been for the Union with England, Scotland would probably have been an industrial and economic backwater like Ireland was until joining the EEC.

  30. 30
    Living in 97.1% white Merseyside says:

    I agree with him absolutely.

    I’ve said more the less the same myself on this blog.

  31. 31
    Diseased Anus says:

    Fuck me, we needs either a big scandal, a leadership challenge, Chucky to be even more of a smug twat, or the coalition to begin breaking up to get some good content on order-order FACT

    This blogs heyday was the time of demented Brown FACT

    The good old posters have all fucked off. FACT

  32. 32
    S P 4 B S says:

    So. how old do you think you’ll be before you die? 75 isn’t good going any more. I’d quite like to get to 80.

    So, if you live 20 years after your retirement, its worth well over 500 grand.

  33. 33
    disgusting liblibcon multiculturising scumbags says:

    I does love Mandeson sahib; he sends search party my ittle hut in Sudan go to England for free money, housing, hospital and as much 11 year old white meat as I need.

  34. 34
    Margaret Hodge says:

    Fuck off with you equality, human rights, multiculturalism, European union, internationalism, feminism, egalitarianism, socialism and beards.

  35. 35
    Owen Jones says:

    You are my hero, Uncle Mandy. I really want to be like you when I grow up.

    P.S. Will you give me another one of those lovely big gob stoppers when Mummy drops me off at your house on Sunday?

  36. 36
    Oirish Tigger says:

    Ireland still is an economic backwater. When it joined the Euro it pretended that it was an economict tiger but that paddy tiger is now extinct, sure it is.

  37. 37
    National Socialist says:

    So the subjects of Guido’s last three blogs have all been J*wish.

    Quite some coincidence given that they only represent 0.5% of the UK population!

    Remember, the EU project was constructed by the US (NYC) out of The Marshall Plan after WWII as a bulwark against the statism (national socialism?) of the USSR (remember, at the outset of WWII the Russians were aligned to national socialist Germany via the Anti-ComIntern Pact – Anti-Communist International). Those on NYC certainly don’t like them national socialists, they’re bad for business…isn’t that right Hodge-the-Dodge?

  38. 38
    PAAFRAFO says:
  39. 39
    S P 4 B S says:

    I tell you the worse bit there, the mind processes of a politician.

    “colossal indulgence”
    “fill many with a sense of pride”

    Its all about self agrandisement. A bit of a Napolean syndrome. He sees that as the motivation of others, but I frequently see it with pro-EU politicians. (I must admit though, that its more of what happens outside the UK, not seen as much with Con/libs)

  40. 40
    This moniker may contain some flash photography says:

    It’s like a chick in a nest. It’s scared of flying. So its mother pushes it out, forcing it to fly.

    And, in a manner of speaking, that’s what we must do with Scotland. They should be independent, making their own way in the world, but they’re scared. So we must push them, and wave bye bye.

    And then put up a huge electrified fence right across the English/Scottish border, so when they totally screw their economy and become a 3rd-world state, they don’t come streaming down into England as economic refugées.

  41. 41
    Labour=decline says:

    Not sure if isn’t more about ego than money. He will be very aware how Blair & Brown have become hated and despised so quickly-reputations, like Ted Heath’s-that will never recover. He only hangs on to some public profile courtesy of the BBC-to be proven wrong on the EU would kill any pretensions to be a ‘player’.

  42. 42
    Iron Bru says:

    Remind the SNP of their support for Hitler all those years ago

  43. 43
    Labour: Still corrupt, still nasty says:

    Krishnan deserves a journalism award for forensically skewering Hodge. She is a fucking evil c-unt.

  44. 44
    Maqboul says:

    Joining the EU worked a treat for Greece. And Ireland, Spain, Portugal….er… France, in fact everyone except Germany.

  45. 45
    Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

    The total non-white population of Scotland is a shade over 100,000. Some London boroughs alone exceed that. Certainly a pair of neighbouring London boroughs will exceed it by a long way. When Scotland sees non-white immigration on the scale we see in England, and the Scots are as tolerant and peaceful as we English are (with one or two exceptions), then I might be prepared to let the Scots talk about racism, but, until then, a bunch of pampered, middle class Crawfords and Shonas skipping lectures at uni in order to call someone a racist because he draws attention to unlimited immigration can go fcuk themselves.

  46. 46
    beast says:

    Is Reinaldo behind him in that photo?
    BTW his watch cost more than 31k

  47. 47
    Old Blind Pugh says:

    “we were told the City would dry up and all the business would move to Paris and Frankfurt” that might have happened 20 years ago, but now they can move anywhere in the world where their sort of gambling and fiddling is perfectly acceptable, the Chinese are avid gamblers and their economy is heading towards being the largest in the world, it’s just their politics that stops big finance moving there. It is no point in talking of corruption in India and China when there is all that has gone off in the States, the UK and the rest of Europe in the past 20 or so years in the finance industry.

  48. 48
    Ian Dunghole Smut says:

    Quite right! Only troughing scumbags take money from Brussels. Vote UKIP

  49. 49
    Lord Stansted says:

    True and what’s left in Scotland works as if it were pre-1707. Council estates, windfarms and litter adorn the land of the mountains and the sea.

  50. 50
    melvin says:

    ‘Britain would be weaker and more vulnerable outside the EU’ – yes, because it really worked for Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain didn’t it?

  51. 51
    This moniker may contain some flash photography says:

    You mean the bright red ones attached to a leather strap?

  52. 52
    Lord Stansted says:

    When he’s old (if he get as far) he’ll need it to pay for entertainment.

  53. 53
    Ian Dunghole Smut says:

    Quite right. String up all troughing scumbags who take the wages of brussels sin. Vote Ukip; end of.

  54. 54
    Labour: Still corrupt, still nasty says:

    Hodge calls Google evil. Google is useful. Hodge is a crooked c-unt. I think SHE is evil.

  55. 55
    Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

    I hope you’ll forgive me for not knowing the full story on Ireland. THe nearest I’ve been to visiting Ireland is seeing the Mourne mountains from Peel, Isle of Man.

  56. 56
    S P 4 B S says:

    I lived in scotland in the 1970s.

    In a period of 10 years, the black population of our town doubled in size.
    He was about 3 foot in 1977.

  57. 57
    So exactly who is the Evil one? says:

    The thing is, it has not cost me a penny to use the Google search engine and over the years it has saved me a fortune. On the other hand Margaret has only ever taken money from me.

  58. 58
    Nose in the trough says:

    Farage and Hannan are fooked when they leave te EU gravy train, then. At least Farage could be parachuted in to become a British MP and end up with a MP’s salary – they’re not bad either.

  59. 59
    tanzanite aka nell says:

    I had not realised that UK troughers drawing EU pensions from their time on the EU gravy train would lose them if we vote to come out. That presumably means the kinnochios also will lose their 4/5 EU pensions that keep in luxury.

    I can’t think of a better reason to vote to exit the EU!!!

  60. 60
    Stavros says:

    Yep. Time to cut them loose, get rid of their endless whinging.

    Stick the Barnett Formula where the sun doesn’t shine and get the shale gas on tap. The Jocks will be crying into their neep and natties.

    We’d also get rid of a lot of Labour MPs from parliament like Gordon Brown.

  61. 61
    Ian Dunghole Smut says:

    Quite right; end of; what are they smoking?

  62. 62
    The alcohol is free says:

    I’m gonna vote 4 Greece.

  63. 63
    beast says:

    It would be the only time that were well hung midget cock

  64. 64

    What is closet about them?

    They are out and out socialist spongers with a handful of sensible brainy ones – the exceptions which prove the rule.

  65. 65
    Maqboul says:

    Someone who doesn’t understand pensions, nor indeed investments.

    In general you would expect to earn at least 5% per annum from a capital sum.

    Taking £31,000 p.a. as 5% of a capital sum equates to £620,000. (31,000 / 0.05).

    Guido’s estimate is based on 6.2%, not an unreasonable assessment.

  66. 66
    Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

    The project that is now the EU was created as a bulwark against statism? Oy, did somebody fuck up.

  67. 67
    I thought this site was about free speech says:

    Let’s not forget this was the evil sod who amongst other things, was involved in illegalities over his ‘loan’ with Geoffrey Robinson, fixed it for his boyfriend to come into the country illegally, and threatened a critic with ‘we know where you live’. Unlike the pretenders to evil such as Hodge and Harman this bloke is the real thing.

  68. 68
    Little Lord Fondlebum of Boy says:

    Pocket money !

  69. 69
    Owen Jones says:

    Yes please. And can we play policemen again with those pink furry hand cuff things?

  70. 70
    MandyremindsuswhywehateNewLabour says:

    Thanks Mandy, that’ll be another five points to UKIP.

  71. 71
    Silent Night says:

    Stops them biting the pillows!

  72. 72
    Green hypocrisy says:

    Republic of Ireland…

  73. 73
    Maqboul says:

    Or like surly teenagers who won’t tidy up their bedroom. And if you ask for some effort they threaten to run away. But they never do.

    This howling mob screaming abuse at Farage represent the gobby English-hating minority. The majority of Scots will be voting for the Union: 60 – 65%.

  74. 74
    Ziggy says:

    Aparet from being a real twat,what does Mandy actually do?

  75. 75
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Alex Salmond speaks out.

  76. 76
    National Socialist says:

    It has also worked very well for those in NYC.

  77. 77
    Scotchland is MODland says:

    Can’t see how the Jocks can afford independence.

    Faslane and Coulport keep Glasgow, Rosyth keeps Edinburgh, Coldstream Guards keep the borders and many and varied MOD camps, bases, ranges, runways, reactors and servicemen on pub crawls keep the highlands

  78. 78

    Maybe Stemcor could look after them, poor things.

    (The world’s largest independent steel trader BTW so only tiny, tiny, tiny)

  79. 79
    Maqboul says:

    A paradox – they want “independence” yet they’ve always supported European integration and union.

  80. 80
    National Socialist says:

    Perhaps she is a Satanist?

  81. 81
    Get out of both sh1tty unions says:

    The celt nationalists are loving every minute of the harm mass immigration is doing to England. Every f-ing minute of it.

    Well, guess what, your countries will not escape the chaos that is sweeping Europe, from Sicily to Sweden.

  82. 82
    Paddy says:

    Yes, I had a good job at one of the Dell factories funded by Euromoney until the grants stopped and they closed them all down.

  83. 83
    Maqboul says:

    There will be a lot of well paid jobs being moved down to Devenport.

  84. 84
    Lord Stansted says:

    Guido, Sky and C4 have questioned Hodge about her tax. Which broadcaster has yet to do so?

  85. 85
    Old Blind Pugh says:

    ” I’d quite like to get to 80.” so would a lot of people, a lot depends on the longevity of your antecedents and which one you take after the most. A lot of people in eighties and nineties lived through the great depression and WW2 so whether they are hardier than more recent generations I don’t know. If you live to 80 a lot depends on your state of physical and mental health. I hope you live a long and happy old age and not too many set backs.

  86. 86
    Englishman says:

    Voting for the union? What a pity. Can’t something be done about this?

  87. 87
    Paddy says:

    Just the same as us. It must be the celtic blood.

  88. 88
    Maqboul says:

    Two and a half grand coming into your bank account every month for the rest of your life is not to be sniffed at, especially if all you have to do is utter a few pro European statements every quarter.

  89. 89
    S P 4 B S says:

    yeah well, I’ll probably damage myself irrepairably trying to get myself a 600k pot of cash by the time I’m 65.

  90. 90
    Down Shep says:

    Mandy talking through the wrong orifice again, an isolationist Britain, cross border global blah,di,da. The EU is isolationist and look where it has got them. USA, Russia, China, India, Brazil, Australia, all ticking along very nicely compared to the 27 sick states of Socialist Europe.

  91. 91
    Maqboul says:

    Social justice is so passe. “Real Justice” is today’s mantra.

  92. 92
    V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

    Just follow the smell of shit and corruption and you will find him.

  93. 93
    Get out of both sh1tty unions says:

    It’s party the not-English policy. You see, if England was largely pro-EU, they would instinctively be anti-EU.

    They also naively believe they won’t have to contribute anything to the EU, certainly not be a net contributor. Yet at the same time, they love telling the English how loaded with dosh they’ll be after independence.

  94. 94
    The New Barry says:

  95. 95
    Vote Tory, get heir to Blair says:

    Save me from Little Europeaners.

  96. 96
    S P 4 B S says:

    Two and a half grand coming into MY bank account every month etc. would be bloody brilliant.

    But I don’t have any mates who are oligarchs.

  97. 97
    Gonk III says:

    Political elite helped by fog-horn state broadcaster co-ordinating anti-democratic fascist campaign against referendum. Parading usual suspects who all without doubt are paid in some way by EU. Hypocrisy and totalitarian
    tendencies writ large. No pretence or masking strategy. They simply don’t
    care anymore. Alcoholics, bullies, deviants and power crazed businessmen
    all given generous opportunities to transmit.

  98. 98
    National Socialist says:

    “The project that is now the EU was created as a bulwark against statism? Oy, did somebody fuck up”

    But by its very constituion it is anti statist. It places the rights of the individual above the duty to the collective. It forbids the death penalty. It is essentially right wing libertarian. It protects the rights of those who own businesses with little regulation (cf the banks and the credit crunch). It does, in practice, enforce economic anarchy (anarchy means without rule or regulation).

  99. 99

    Lord Mandelson of Foy and Hartlepool the essence of why politics is the last refuge of the scoundrel

  100. 100

    Do shut up,you useless,pointless little toad.

  101. 101
    Down Shep says:

    Nice one Chukka, bankruptcy is the best solution then?. Another pearl of wisdom.

  102. 102
    Bruce Willis says:

    Indeed so. In fact, they offered to assist Hítler in the invasion of England. Hítler ‘s Wehrmacht could come ashore in Scotlánd and stream down into England. In return, Scotlánd would get independence (independence within the Reich, natch).

    That was the S-N-P’s cunning plan, but Hítler turned it down, not least because if you want to take London the last place on Earth think of launching the invasion would be in the middle of nowhere somewhere further out than the back end of beyond – namely, Scotlánd .

  103. 103
    Down Shep says:

    Nice one Chukka, ban*ruptcy is the best solution then?. Another pearl of wisdom.

  104. 104
    Vote Tory, get heir to Blair says:

    The EU is the most anti-business, bureaucratic organisation in the world. It is EU policy which has caused half of Europe to implode. The EU has cost growth and millions of jobs. If the EU is the answer then the question is who is most responsible for our current economical problems?

  105. 105

    Switzerland is not in the EU, has it’s own currency and controls its own destiny without all the bollocks threats Wormtongue Mandleson spouts.

    Mandelson, B£iar, Brown, Campbell, Balls, Miliband, Cooper Harman – Why would anyone in their right mind trust anything these avaricious, megalomanic sociopaths have the say about anything?

  106. 106
    Vote Tory, get heir to Blair says:

    No they would hang you for being a twat and displaying it in public.

  107. 107
    Maqboul says:

    Not all the Party Leaders agree. Farage, who you could argue has the best monetary reason to stay, wants out.

  108. 108
    Brigadier Ritchie Hook says:

    Don’t chaps like him shoot themselves anymore? If need be I can show him his duty and provide the service revolver, and in the last instance shoot the evil f_cker

  109. 109

    I like it!!!!!!!!

  110. 110

    What’s new??

  111. 111
    Brigadier Ritchie Hook says:

    Hmm I can see standards have slipped since I was away fighting Johnnie Arab. Still let me know if you need some counter terror ops, did a stint in the Black & Tans so know a thing or two about that. Just leave word at my club.

  112. 112
    Vote Tory, get heir to Blair says:

    “An isolationist Britain would be weaker and more vulnerable.”

    Vulnerable to what? These Little Europeaners dish out all kinds of crap but notice they never have any actual beef to put on the plate. All you get is horse meat if you are lucky and horse shit if you are not.

    And how would be weaker if we had an extra £55million a day to spend on our education, hospitals, small businesses etc?

    As for isolationist a fat lot of good being in the EU has done where the Falklands is concerned. Which EU country has supported us? None. Yet all South America (with nothing like an EU-type organisation) have all backed the Argentinians.

    When you drill down to the actual facts the EU afficianados have nothing to argue with.

  113. 113
    He came and he gave without taking and we need him today... says:

    I liked his moustache.

  114. 114
    Vote Tory, get heir to Blair says:

    Indeed Farage, doing his best to leave the EU, is the exact opposite of Margaret Hodge who whinges about some companies but makes sure her own company keeps all its lucrative tax loop-holes.

  115. 115
    Labour=decline says:

    As tese demonstators are so keen on immigration why not send all future asylum seekers etc straight to Glasgow and Edinburgh?

  116. 116
    Taxfodder says:

    A very simple Question to the people of the UK will allow Parliament to get on with its business (Not that it has that much to do as the EU runs most of it).

    In or out of the EU?

    If the political classes don’t trust the people to make that choice whatever it may be sooner rather than later…then how can those same people be reliably trusted to elect a Government in 2015….is that not a bigger question with greater implications for the UK or, does it not really matter who gets in….perhaps thats not the real issue here.!

    Could it be that the pro-euro political establishment would have to get off it’s considerable backside and actually run the UK on its own merits without the EU to do its job for them and conveniently take the flak if the sum’s don’t add up.

    An “OUT” vote would certainly mean comfy non jobs and nice little tax exempt earners from grateful beneficiaries might be a sight harder to come by methinks..

  117. 117
    history teacher says:

    so mr mandible

    thats why switzerland is so unsuccessful

  118. 118
    Vote Tory, get heir to Blair says:

    1. I reckon he will live to a good age seeing as he is not reliant on the NHS.

  119. 119
    Vote Tory, get heir to Blair says:

    And to avoid having to use the NHS.

  120. 120
    Loves of His Life says:

    Arse and cash

  121. 121
    McDrunk of McRuin says:

    Before you do any of that, build a mined border with armed guards, then repatriate all the jocks south of the border, back to their beloved sewer.

  122. 122
    McDrunk of McRuin says:

    Agreed, the break up of the Union should be the decision of all parties to it. That way we could guarantee freedom from the commie loving, ginger whiners, once and for all.

  123. 123
    McDrunk of McRuin says:

    If we sent them to Dundee, they would be on the first plane home. Even Somalia would look good compared to that shit repository.

  124. 124
    Nemesis says:

    Mandelson, just like Blair, are two prime examples why I would never vote Labour again. These two vile, greedy, self-servers have made themselves extremely wealthy on the backs of the innocent war dead and a disgusting hypocrisy that goes far more than any hypocrisy in the past. The only good thing about these deceitful two is that they are constant reminders of how incredibly low politicians can stoop.

  125. 125
    The EU Must Die says:

    Actually it’s quite clever when you think about it. UKIP want to destroy the toxic EU, what better way than from within?

  126. 126
    The EU Must Die says:

    Two and a half grand, TAX FREE too.

  127. 127
    The EU Must Die says:

    You were ignored last time too.

  128. 128
    Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

    And he doesn’t do anything potentially harmful to his health such as work, for example. Neither does he have to worry about the risk of losing his job or home.

  129. 129
    Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

    What do you call a hard-working, ambitious Scot? A resident of England, Australia, the USA, Canada…

  130. 130
    This is the news says:

    As will Fatty Pang. No wonder the BBC is so effin useless.

  131. 131
    nointegriti says:

    exception = lack of faith.

  132. 132
    tanzanite aka nell says:


  133. 133
    This is the news says:

    Troughs. Why do you ask?

  134. 134
    nointegriti says:

    make some.

  135. 135
    nointegriti says:

  136. 136
    This is the news says:

    Despite his globe trotting in search of young….. he has clearly never heard of that place we all know as “the rest of the world”. Funny that.

  137. 137
    This is not the news this time says:

    Surely he could also explain in 142 characters just why this might be so.

  138. 138
    This is not the news this time says:

    I have a magic button. It is called the ‘off’ switch. Try it.

  139. 139
    Matilda says:

    .. or even the first refuge! Just ask Bliar and his mates.

  140. 140
    nointegriti says:

    what use is e.will.

  141. 141
    Matilda says:

    Why don’t you just STFU and get on with it? Are you a wishy washy Willie?

  142. 142
    expose. says:

    give sum, get more

    give some = square root of get more..

  143. 143
    Matilda says:

    Yes, but it took Mandy three goes to get it right.

  144. 144
    Macduffer says:

    Why not? They don’t seem to be adversely affected by not being fully paid up club members.

  145. 145
    NuLiebor Slime - Pockets Lined, Country Destroyed says:

    But who is protecting him now, he should have been hauled before a court and jury for his personal financial “miracles” not made a Baron!

  146. 146
    Deck chairs on the Titanic. says:

    Exactly what I was getting at.

  147. 147
    NuLiebor Slime - Pockets Lined, Country Destroyed says:

    A timely reminder of the slippery pair in action at their best, 18min. 30secs. into film:

    “a pretty straight sort of guy” as my current account will testify!!

  148. 148
    Point of Information says:

    If you have something someone wants to buy you can sell it.

    If you have the money, you can buy something from someone who is selling.

    This ‘friends’ b/s is total tosh.

    Ch!na and others have proven conclusively that the new global economy is somewhat strings free. Money talks.

    If Mandelson is suggesting that the EU states may impose trade barriers to the UK in the event of leaving, then perhaps it is better not to trade with those people, and in the event refer the matter to the WTO.

    There is not much being produced at good price (comparing global prices) in the EU, so buying direct outside the bloc would see a significant reduction in input costs.

    Selling direct without the inconvenience of EU trade rules and protectionist policies to countries outside the bloc would yield better profits and create more jobs and investment within the UK.

    The EU would finally terminate itself if it did start interfering directly in trade upon UK exiting as the UK does reflect a significant export market for luxury goods for many EU member states.

    The UK has the stronger hand here.

  149. 149
    Jack the Ripper says:

    In 1975 we were told we were safer in Europe, because of the Soviet threat. Fouteen years later the Soviet empire collapsed.

    There’s always a scare story to frighten the gullible.

  150. 150
    Anonymous says:

    Switzerland has nearly 1/10th of the population of the UK, is landlocked, has one of the highest GDP in the world and flourishing exports as well as imports. Due in part to the European Free Trade Association, they ar neutral al but not isolated. I feel a comparison to the UK is a very poor one.

  151. 151
    Peter Expat says:

    Switzerland works fine but has been established economically on a different basis for a long time. Its stability is renowned, it has a relatively small population and it isn’t up to its ears in public debt.

    For all that Mandy is a slimy sod, what he said is perfectly true.

    Has anyone considered the cost of auditing all the unraveling of every EU subsidised project in the UK, most of which will be ongoing? A new road locally still under construction, a farm subsidy, etc.? There are millions of EU related projects and someone would need to evaluate each and every one of them to determine who owed who as of a particular date. This would be expensive and take years, putting more money into the hands of the usual suspects like KPMG, PWC, etc., who would get the contracts to do it. Have you seen their hourly rates ? A conspiracy theorist might wonder in whose interest everything is and who seconds free advisors to the ministries !

    The press in the UK winds everyone up on the EU to a point that nowhere else does because it sells papers.

    Exiting the EU would not be an overnight matter. It would drag on for years, during which the UK would be neither fish nor fowl and forfeit international confidence. Its debt would get more expensive, which it cannot afford, either ,and the Little Englanders would preside over the accelerated and irrevocable collapse of the UK.
    Some patriots !

    Maybe the UK shouldn’t have joined, but it did and instead of constantly whinging, it should make the best of it. The press jackals would soon see which way the wing was blowing and start focusing on its merits rather than the constant knocking copy. It is far from perfect, but the alternative is now worse.

  152. 152
    Taxfodder says:

    Here bloody Here!

  153. 153
    Reinaldo says:

    I used to.

  154. 154
    Portfolio says:

    Never judge others by yourself Mandy, no alternative simply means, mediocre Politicians without stature or vision.
    Divorce is when a marriage has run its course or ceased to be in ones interest.

    Millions of People launch out on their own through Divorce, why not countries?

    Most will tell you it was rough at first but the long term benefits outweigh the pain of separation.

  155. 155
    Vazoline says:

    He’s a very god friend of mine and together we helped the Hinduja brothers.

  156. 156
    Old Blind Pugh says:

    I don’t know your age but if are about 40 you would probably have to double or even triple that amount to maintain value, when I think what 6d piece could buy in 1957 when I were a lad it makes you weep.

  157. 157
    Old Blind Pugh says:

    Some of them believe everything in the film Brave Heart, in which the lead was played by an Aussie actor, made by an American company where it is essential for an Englishman to play the baddy

  158. 158
    Rayatcov says:

    Nothing to do with his EU pension, OH no.

  159. 159
    John Tandy says:

    Who would believe a word this man says on anything at all ?

  160. 160
    Yolanda Pangolin says:

    What about Kinnock and all the other ex-EU lowlifes:

    They all spout pro-EU propaganda, and are never challenged on their fat EU pensions (paid by us) and the accompanying strings.

    Every time they give their “opinion”, there should be full disclosure that they are essentially being paid for their support.

  161. 161
    Andrew says:

    Let’s keep to the point. I don’t believe that Mandy, Kinnock, or any of the other UK citizens who have worked for the EU in a more lowly role will have their pensions stopped if the UK leaves.

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