May 16th, 2013

TORY WARS: Tory MEP Says Sack Dan Han

Former European Commission staff member (warning bells should already be going off) and veteran Tory MEP James Elles has gone tonto, lambasting Eurosceptic Cameron critic Dan Hannan. The frothing, swivel-eyed Europhile calls for Hannan’s immediate dismissal:

“There is the substantive question to debate about the evolving nature of the European Union, the Eurozone and its relationship with the outside world. But the fact that Dan Hannan uses the platform of a major daily (see Daily Mail 8 May), saying that ‘the idea that we can renegotiate with the EU is pure fantasy – and voters will never fall for it’ is no less than nauseating. Here is someone running for reelection for the European Parliament next year, who is also Secretary General of the Alliance of European and Conservative Parties, well ensconced in the electoral system. He should be sacked immediately in this role, otherwise it shows that anyone in the Conservative Party can contradict the leader of the Party with impunity and get away with it.”

And so the civil war begins…


  1. 1
    Herman Van Aerial Disease says:

    Leave them to it Dan, jump the stinking ship and join UKiP


    • 8
      Geoffrey Brooking says:

      Yeah. Leave em to it Dan.

      The purple carpet awaits my favourite M.E.P.


      • 30
        Morgan's Organ says:

        WATCH OUT THERE’S A FEDERALIST ABOUT! Unsurpisingly a former Europrat!


        • 39
          One term Cameron says:

          The difference between last time (Major years) and now, it that back in the ’90s, most of us didn’t understand what the fuss was about.

          This time around, we know what it is, and we are fighting for our lives, because there won’t be a next time.


        • 47
          Jen The Blue says:

          Twaddle. Hannan’s views are mainstream Tory now and if anyone should be sacked it should be Elles….or even better Cameron.


        • 62
          mm says:

          Is this supposed to be the party of government? FFS they are a shambles


        • 66
          The world turns and empires fall says:

          Sack James Elles NOT Dan Hannan ..who speaks for 90% of the Tory Party and most of the electorate…Elles doesn’t.


        • 74
          lojolondon says:

          Good man, Ellies! This is how the Conservative party deals with people who represent their constituents – as 70% of Brits want out of the EU. So sack him and sack Nadine Dorries and let’s have some more representation for UKIP!


        • 110
          Vote conservative for uncontrolled immigration says:

          Errr what’s he worrying abiut ?

          There’s going to be a lot more Eurosceptic UKIP MEPs there very soon….


        • 117
          efrem zimbalist jr says:

          so comment 42 you would chuck hannan out would you .

          what about nigel would you chuck him and ukip out too before they had had the wherewithal to get us out of the EU — after which they promised to self destruct anyway !!


        • 133
          Eeyore says:

          Hannan is the only credible candidate for the next Leader of the Tories. His clear, no-nonsense style would win votes by the cart-load.

          But do the Tories have the sense to elect him?


        • 134
          Pablo the Scot says:

          And only have EU slaves left there to stand and clap their hands as the ‘Masters’ appear to tell us all what to do? I don’t think so!


    • 10
      Capt. Shadow (Retd.) - Former MI5 Wet Ops. Team (currently on secondment to Dan Hannan) says:

      Former EU Commissioner? – ’nuff said…


    • 58
      PC Dixon says:

      Its James Elles who’s out of touch and should be sacked.


      • 137
        Javelin says:

        Cameron needs to grow some balls and call a referendum. The EU is in a death spiral. Only the EU gravy train troughers can’t see they are destroying their own economies by creating a bloated Government to justify their bloated egos and perks.


    • 75
      Anonymous says:

      Most of what is posted on here is piffle
      1) Ukipers do not believe any Cameron promise and neither do many of the electorate
      2) Many Tory MPs know this and that is why this huge sharade is taking plce in the vain hope it will con the electorate into voting Tory
      3) Ukip do not need to win a single seat ( though they almost certainly will) to torpedo the Tories
      4) Most disenchanted voters are not afraid of a Labour or LIBLAB government as they believe quite rightly that they have one already in all but name.
      5) By 2015 we will be swamped with even more immigrants including masses from Romania and Bulgaria, all of who will be legally entitled to the benefits open to British subjects.

      You all took the piss at UKIP but the electorate are lining up to take the piss at you lot and the results are becoming more obvious every day


      • 107

        All of what is posted above is piffle. The two things the bedwetters fear most is Cameron’s defenestration and UKIP doing overwhelmingly well in the Euro elections. These 2 things will lead to a Country which votes Right of centre and blast the socialist electoral bias into history.


      • 109
        JabbaTheCat says:

        Ah! UKIP Bullshit Bingo entry, 5 points…


      • 111
        Vote conservative for uncontrolled immigration says:

        Spot on.


      • 120
        efrem zimbalist jr says:

        Apparently there s a bloomberg article or it could have been yahoo recounting how a dutch benefits minister is on the verge of being sacked after he was confronted on a dutch version of panorama by the interviewer playing him video clips from laptop showing bulgarians bragging about how they had fiddled the dutch child benefit system for the past ten years . allegedly gangs used to transport villagers pretending to be single mothers with many kids and they would immediately be given benefits paid to a newly opened dutch bank account . whereupon said single mothers and sprogs would promptly decamp back to bulgaria and withdraw the benefits from the local atm giving a commission to the gangmasters !!

        it only came to light when some villagers complained to the dutch govt . they had not received their inflation linked increase this year and gave a call back phone number in bulgaria….

        dwp get ready for a british reprise come january first …..


    • 102
      The EU Fuhrer says:

      and sack James Elles


    • 113
      Fauxsceptics says:

      Tories : Want do we want.
      Tories : A referendum.
      Tories : We do we want it.
      Tories : Sometime after 2017 would be spiffing.


    • 115
      efrem zimbalist jr says:

      what —- is that what you re doing then van aerial ?

      Finally fed up with sitting next to the defeatist socialist stench exuded by your two lieutenants barroso and schulz — not to mention the new loose cannon on board djisselbohn whose name no one can pronounce , except fellow beneluxers like you of course who find it no problem.


  2. 2
    1st rule of survival in the EUSSR says:

    Never ever trust anyone connected to an EU commissar.


    • 54
      Aaron D Highside says:

      One of only two great British MEPs in history and this Euroloon wants him sacked. Weird.


      • 140
        Anonymous says:

        There are lots of them… just Hannan’s the only Conservative worthy of note.


        • 141
          Anonymous says:

          Oh dear. It looks like YouTube has been hacked. This was supposed to be the ‘Rise of UKIP’ containing many excellent speeches. My god — they’re getting desperate.

          We’re winning.

          Better get onto UKIP and report it. Guido, why can’t you supply an edit button? Why?


    • 84
      Mr Nick Clegg (LibDem leader) says:

      Whenever did I lie to the electorate?
      Be honest now!


    • 121
      efrem zimbalist jr says:

      so the composer peter mendelsson is out then ?

      and what about the avon lady who is supposed to be EUSSR high trade representative and keeps going to hawaii to cry over the earhquake tragedy … does she count ??


  3. 3
    Canon says:

    Dan Han is the Man…still.

    Wish he were in a party advocating The Plan…oh wait!


  4. 4
    DWWolds says:

    Surely it is Mr Elles who should be sacked. As for the civil war, people like him are setting themselves up to lose before it has even started.


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Strange that this comes out 2 days before the South East Selection, where Daniel Hannon will now undoubtedly top the list.


  6. 6
    @GhostOfWinston says:

    I shall watch with great interest, cognac in hand.


  7. 7
    taxandspendisnotmyfriend says:

    if we leave the EU this man has the potential to be a VERY GOOD PM


  8. 9
    I suppose the Tory EU Commissar wanted the EU flag says:


    • 12
      fruitcake says:

      For the word “officials” please substitute the word “wet-wipes”


    • 18
      Muzzie Watch says:

      If the Muzzies in the UK are offended by that flag then they can only be here for one reason, and that is hostile. They should leave or be arrested.

      The academic who came up with this though is more dangerous and offensive that either the flag or the muzzies, and perhaps makes the case for reinstatement of laws of sedition, if not treason.

      She has just demonstrated how the left are trying to stimulate some sort of ethnic discontent, and perhaps should be detained on the plethora of grounds for which one can if there is an attempt to incite race hate between the various ethnic groups within the UK.

      Dan should stay where he is for now.

      Marta A is the only Con MEP if any who should be fired.


      • 24
        CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

        Muslims have a word for benefitz, it’s Jizya (protection money from non p43do prophet followers).


      • 45
        tanzanite aka nell says:

        To be honest I haven’t heard or read anywhere that anyone of the Is lamic faith has said they are offended by the flag of St George unless we are suggesting that Eleanor Jackson is Islam ic?

        And if she isn’t then she’s not in a position to spe@k for them is she!


    • 34
      Another fake Euro sceptic says:

      Even if Muslims find our English flag offensive, so what Dan? We do not need their approval to exist in our country in the land of our ancestors.

      Be very careful of Hannan. He’s as PC as the rest of them. I believe he was one of the MEPs that blocked proposed EU legislation to have mandatory food labelling for Halal and Kosher meat.


      • 41
        meat and two veg says:

        I’m offended by the way halal meat is produced.
        It’s totally incompatible with decent animal welfare and should be banned immediately.


        • 55
          One term Cameron says:

          It also makes the meat tasteless and chewy, which is why they always load their meat with a curry sauce or mince it.


        • 86
          spineless RSPCA says:

          +millions and millions and millions


        • 122
          efrem zimbalist jr says:

          you remind me of that woman who had her cat cremated and was not told its ashes would await the accrual of a “suitable load ” of similar ilk and would then be consigned to council land fill .

          she is now suing the vet for misinformation …..


    • 40
      S P 4 B S says:

      OK. its getting silly now.
      A daft nobody getting the national spotlight.

      On the positive side, I suppose getting minutes/info from an obscure council meeting is more like journalism than just looking for idiocy on twitter.


    • 49
      Labour says:



  9. 11
    Fabianophobic says:

    Shakey hand. Looks like a Euroholic to me.


  10. 13
  11. 14
    The Treacherous Tosser in No 10 says:

    I SAY YOU JOLLY CHAPS!!! – even though we’re staying in we’ll pretend we want out just enough to encourage the idiots who will vote for a blue-arsed monkey!

    And my jolly spiffing windmills will give more than enough power for the HS2 – and prevent drought!!



  12. 15
    SJM says:

    Pretty sure Charles Stewart Parnell and the 100 Irish Party MPs would’ve disagreed with the notion you can’t be in the Parliament if you eventually want out…


  13. 17
    What might this be says:

    This from James Elles’s blog:

    “James is a founder of the European Union Baroque Orchestra (EUBO), based in North Oxfordshire. The orchestra, part-financed by the EU, enables young European Baroque musicians to bridge the gap between their training in conservatoires and professional life as musicians.”


  14. 19
    Margaret Hodge says:

    I’m rotten to the Stemcore.


    • 22
      EU Watch says:

      EU tax law is very much in the Hodge / Oppenheimer family interest.

      However, they generally bypass most of the tax by domiciling stuff in Switzerland.

      Withdrawal from the EU should not really affect their avoidance, so why is she keen not to draw attention to the real issue which has coerced S’Bucks / Amazon et al. to bypass proper contribution to UK treasury ?


  15. 20
    Eleanor Jackson says:

    Happiness should be banned so as not to offend muslims.


  16. 21
    Small State, Low Taxes, Out of the EU says:

    Come on over to the purple team Dan


  17. 23
    Guido Watch says:

    ‘Frothing swivel eyed Europhile’ : Fair and balanced.

    So, Guido, what is the real reason this guy is pro Europe ?

    Follow the money and publish the dirt. ;-)


  18. 24
    Western Union says:


    • 35
      Chuka Umunna Fan Club says:

      Fortunately, thanks in no small part to the influence of Chuka Umunna, the slave trade was banned in 1807 and is therefore no longer an option for British businesses wishing to be involved there, although they do still do a line in call centre operators.


  19. 26
    SleeplessInKirkaldy says:

    I think Dan Hannan is becoming more mainstream as the party moves towards him. It’s the europhile members who will be outliers soon


  20. 27
    Labour: Still corrupt, still nasty says:

    If you watch the last few seconds of the Hodge Burley video, the way she says “So I am absolutely confident that what I’m saying is the truth” bears an uncanny resemblance to St Tony and his mannerisms. Can’t say I’m surprised, she’s cut from the same New Labour, crooked, lying, deceitful, grubby, lining-their-own-pockets cloth.


  21. 28

    Dan is another geez biting the EU hand that feeds him.


    • 50
      Herman Van Aerial Disease says:

      The EU are the greedy bastards biting the hand that feeds them by shafting us every day to the fucking tune of £53,000,000 a day plus everything is it shafts us for

      Fuck the EU, burn their fucking flag and make the lot of them unemployed.


  22. 32
    Ed Moribund says:


    It is with great sadness that we witness the passing of David Beckham.
    He was an inspiration to us all. And will be sadly missed.



  23. 33
    Denis Cooper says:

    There’s gratitude for you: the closet eurofederalist Elles was only re-elected in 2009 because:

    1. The Tory leadership rigged the election procedure to give priority to sitting MEPs on the Tory party lists; and

    2. Hannan told everyone to vote Tory because he was a good chap.

    If they hadn’t done what they did then Elles would have been lower down on the Tory party list for the South East England euro-region and he would not have been returned, and if Hannan hadn’t done what he did then there would have been fewer votes cast for the Tory party, and fewer Tory MEPs, and once again Elles would not have been returned.


    • 67
      Purple Rain says:

      After May 25th 2014, Elles will be an ex MEP.


      • 72
        Lord Ariadaeus says:

        Is he going to die on the 24th?


      • 92
        Denis Cooper says:

        Not unless he voluntarily stands down, or people wake up and stop voting Tory just because they like Daniel Hannan.

        As I say in another comment further down, the Tory party is still using the same candidate selection procedure and so Elles would still given the 4th place on the Tory party list even if the Tory members didn’t want him on the list at all.


  24. 37
    Nigel Farage doppelganger says:

    Dan your a UKIPPER you just don’t know it yet :-)


  25. 44
    EyeSee says:

    Before making wild statements about wielding axes, James Elles should point out where Dan Hannan is in error. Then we can not only fully understand the EU, but will also beg the question, why does Cameron support it. I feel this is the debate EU supporters don’t want.


    • 56
      tanzanite aka nell says:

      Our exports would benefit from coming out of the EU and widening our customer base across the world.

      Coming out of the EU would also save the Treasury aka the taxpayer aka you and me £50million a day not to mention those other little sums the EU keeps hitting us with like the additional £750million they have just demanded for this year.

      what’s to stay in for?


      • 70
        Purple Rain says:

        The numbers you quote are the membership fee alone.

        Freeing ourselves from the idiotic legislation and useless green energy targets, would mean billions more saved.

        Scrapping VAT which is an EU tax, would also give another huge boost to the economy.

        What’s not to like about leaving the curdled EU quagmire?


  26. 48
    Alex Ferguson says:

    EU commission president Barroso says all EU member states, Eurozone or not, will be moving rapidly into a federal Europe. Full announcement to come next spring before the Euro elections.

    French president Hollande says today that he wants a full political union within 2 years.

    But the Tory party remains convinced the EU can be reformed from its current semi-federal state into something more conducive to their electoral chances.

    Are they stupid or are they just convinced we are?


    • 61
      tanzanite aka nell says:

      So long as we get the referendum I don’t care how much negotiating they do . Let them get on with it.

      As for a Federal EU – hmmm the people Fr ance politically are moving away from Ge rmany towards the southern countries of Sp ain , It aly and Gr eece. I firmly believe the EU will implode – hopefully in my lifetime, and countries will get their sovereignty and traditional currencies back.

      I suspect mrbarrosso is a bit of a delusionist – and as for mr hollande well – he’s a real one term president .


      • 76
        Labourunionsbbc = EU says:

        “So long as we get the referendum I don’t care how much negotiating they do”

        Trouble is Nell, if they do become a “full political union within 2 years” there will be no referendum.

        Not that I belive lib/lab/con will give us one whatever happens.


      • 135
        Gargantua says:

        Screw the referendum! I voted UKIP. That’s MY referendum!


  27. 51
    Truth says:

    Although, Cameron is logical in wanting renegotiations, no one else really wants renegotiations. The EU is a shambles and renegotiations is not going to clear up the shambles. Plus, any concessions are likely to be paltry. Instead of turning on each other the Tories should focus on Labour who do not want a referendum and wish to keep the countryy subserviant to foreign power. This is a fundamental weakness that the Tories should be addressing. Instead the Tories look weak & desperate in an attempt to assert & align themselves with the voters. We need to leave Europe in a considered and orderly manner. Renegotiations is the beginning of an evolutionary process, hopefully the end result will be invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. I can’t see Merkel & chums bending to the will of little Britain and I doubt voters will accept paltry concessions even if dressed up in a pretty bow.


    • 77
      Purple Rain says:

      Renegotiation is a total non-starter.

      Any renegotiated treaty would need approval of all 27 countries, the horse trading would be immense and at a price, probably greater than we are paying already.

      Cameron’s position is not credible either. He has already committed to staying in, no matter what the outcome of any neotiations, or referendum result.

      His only hope is it implodes, before the deadline is reached.


    • 81
      MMM says:

      Other way round. Invoke Art 50, then negotiate our new relationship. At minimum we could do a Norway or Switzerland (EFTA/EEA) which is near enough what people were led to believe the EU was.


      • 91
        Truth says:

        We really should be debating how & when to leave the EU and what relationship we will be having with the EU. Unfortunately our evolutionary starting point is renegotations. I suppose it won’t spook the markets in the same way as invoking Art 5O of L. Treaty.


        • 96
          MMM says:

          Agree. We should have some view on what we want post Art50.

          Agree, xecept for the spooking the markets bit. Firstly, there is as much if not more positive for business and for the public accounts by being OUT, provided it is the right type of OUT. Second, a lot of “business support” for being IN is from the corporatist / crony capitalist types. E.g. big business who love the regs because it locks out competition. They should not be the detirmining factor – i.e. they do not have a veto over the UK’s constitutional arrangements.


      • 132
        Anon2 says:

        Article 50 first is the only way likely to work. Liblabcon will do anything to avoid this approach. I’m sure a Wilsonian stitch-up is already in place.


  28. 53
    Denis Cooper says:

    Still doing it now:

    “Following Scotland’s selections last week, the North West and London have now carried out the first stage of selecting candidates for next year’s European elections.

    Readers may need a reminder of the slightly obscure process: first the regional electoral college choose the shortlist. If sitting MEPs are reapproved at this stage then they automatically go to the top of the list.

    After that, the party members in the region rank the remaining candidates in order by postal vote.”

    So in the South East if you vote Tory because you like that robustly eurosceptic Daniel Hannan you will also helping be helping to elect the closet eurofederalist James Elles.


    • 100
      The man your mother warned you about says:

      If Hannan doesn’t sod off to UKIP I hope he loses his seat then


  29. 57
    EU Watch says:

    This is curious and unwarranted.

    Dan Hannan has been towing the party line and given fair and sound balanced to the line taken by UKIP. Due to the reality of the situation, his input has been coming out on the UKIP side as on European issues, UKIP are correct.

    What effect such Europhile ramblings will have on the upcoming Euro Parl elections will not be in the Cons favor.

    Will be interesting to see effect on UKIP domestic support in the UK – should be positive – so if Elles thinks this is helping Dave he should re-assess.

    There is going to be a scam here somewhere. Bit of digging will out it, and Elles is likely about to get done for expenses fraud or some such over there.

    Hannan should be clean as a whistle, so who better to try and focus the press on ?


    • 124
      LondonCabDriver says:

      “Dan Hannan has been towing the party line and given fair and sound balanced to the line taken by UKIP”

      I wonder if Elles knows that Hannan is about to join UKIP and this is a pre-emptive strike so to speak – to make Hannan look bad (not that it will of course).


  30. 59
    Winston Thatcher says:

    The fight against Europe is ultimately a fight for the heart, mind & soul of Britain. It is a battle that must be won.


  31. 60
    Tory voter says:

    Sack James Elles.


    • 79
      Denis Cooper says:

      The Tory members in the South East would have done that during the 2008 selection, but the Tory leadership stopped that by having two separate ballot papers – one with the sitting MEPs who wanted to continue, who were given priority, and second ballot paper with all the other potential candidates.

      Going by the figures published at the time, if the Tory members had been allowed to rank all the potential candidates freely, the order of the candidates list for the election would have been:

      1. Daniel Hannan MEP
      2. Richard Ashworth MEP
      3. Therese Coffey
      4. Nirj Deva MEP
      5. Sarah Richardson

      and then at number 6, or possibly even lower, James Elles MEP; but because sitting MEPs were automatically awarded the highest places on the list, Elles was promoted to number 4 and so got the last of the 4 seats awarded to the Tories instead of Coffey.


  32. 64
    Moussa Koussa Mark 9 says:

    The moddy is out today

    Is this some sort of joke

    who the is that jumped up little spazzer 12 year old James Wharton.

    Shouldn’t he still be at school

    He is like Har*ry Enfield’s young Tory caricature from the last 80’s


  33. 65
    Moussa Koussa Mark 9 says:

    Dan Hanahnannannnn

    is a balding cock…


  34. 68
    Moussa Koussa Mark 9 says:

    Personally…Id love to leave the EU

    I would rather work a 50 hour week, with little or no annual leave…and pay £3 minute on mobile roaming charges while abroad


    • 85
      Purple Rain says:

      Vote to stay in if you want to MK9. What is it about freedom, democracy and choice, that you hate so much?


    • 94
      Ben Franklin : Paraphrased says:

      Those who would sacrifice a little bit of liberty for cheaper roaming mobile costs deserve neither liberty nor cheaper roaming mobile costs.

      Whoever this MMKx is has shown about the best argument so far for staying in the EU.

      However, the argument is so weak and flawed as to be useful to the pro Exit case.


    • 128
      Anonymous says:

      Eh? the UK had perfectly good employment law before the EU came along. I would rather pay £3 a minute roaming charges and pay my taxes to people I elect and are accountable to me through the ballot box.

      p.s it would also be nice if they didn’t rob my bank account and replace my democratically elected government but I will file them as “nice to have’s”.


  35. 73
    Graham says:

    If we leave the EUSSR we won’t have to pay for the Kinnocks/Mandelson/Patten et alia pensions. A good reason in itself to leave.


  36. 78
    Anoneumouse says:

    Even the man down the pub knows that Dave is a fantasist. You can not renegotiate the European Union treaties. However, the man down the pub knows that the United Kingdom can leave the European Union by invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and then, if the voting public give permission by way of a referendum the government can reapply to join the European Union on new terms; that is, if the remaining member states of the European Union lets them.


    • 87
      Purple Rain says:

      Not only is Cameron a fantasist, he is a dangerous one too.


    • 88
      MMM says:

      Why bother re-applying to the EU ?With all the cr@p that comes with it, and will alsway come with it, whatever we’ve “renegotiated” at a particular time. We can have access to the single market via EFTA.


    • 97
      Truth says:

      It is likely to Spook the markets big time especially in Eurozone, if Art 50 of L. Treaty is invoked.


      • 99
        MMM says:

        Which markets, Truth ?

        The currency and bond markets are now rigged by the state. The stock markets are held up by QE. In the meantime, our real wealth/standard of living is going down the pan, a lot of which is due to idiot policies locked in by our EU membership.


  37. 103
    Franco German Alliance Gruppenfuhrers says:

    Vee shall overcome zee perfidious British


  38. 123
    LondonCabDriver says:

    James Elles – what a complete Hunt.


  39. 125
  40. 127
    Viewer says:

    Elles is doing this as his parting shot. He has said that he isn’t standing in 2014.


  41. 129
    Pat says:

    Lets see
    Mr. Cameron has been trying like mad to make us believe that he doesn’t like the EU as it is, that he wants a new relationship, that he wants the people to decide
    Too few people believe him, So he gets up a private members bill to convince everyone he’s for real.
    Then he sacks DH.
    back to square one:- no-one takes him seriously.
    so he loses maybe a hundred MPs to UKIP, and their constituency organizations with them.
    Sure sounds like a plan!


  42. 130
    Deirdre says:

    Dan Hannan for PM!


  43. 131
    Truth says:

    I agree. But EU investers are extremely wary at the moment. The Eurozone is one big FUD(fear, uncertainty, doubt) and the main players reckon deeper union and fiscal consolidation will allay investors fears. It won’t because growth is unlikely to occur anytime soon because certain players are resisting austerity and refusing to detoxify financial sectrss such as banks. If Britain leaves that means the Eurozone will lose approximately £20billion per year. Another black hole to deal with. Further, I think other countries will become more anti EU as reality hits home that it is not working & leading to civil unrest. The Eurozone is doomed to a decade at least of very little growth. The sooner we are out the better. But we are where we are and hopefully we can evolve from it!


  44. 136
    EU Defender, Referendum Pretender says:

    dan is the biggest hypocrite out there!


  45. 138
    Anonymous says:

    I wonder what is the colour of Mr Elles’ tongue ..


  46. 139
    Dr Evil says:

    But Hannan is correct and Cameron is wrong. Francois Hollande says there will not be a renegotiate. No EU a la carte and the germans said the same and the commission has said the same. Cameron should just tell them what processes he is taking back and then do it unilaterally. If we get kicked out then job done!


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Be careful, the sudden self-congratulatory tone, the slightly pudgy outline of indulgence and you become exactly what you should despise.

The jolly face of the Quisling Cameron poses for your camera has mesmerised and deceived you, you who were once not so deceived.

You were no firebrand, you were a damp squib in my opinion, sorry.

You need a damned good kick up the ahse!

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