May 16th, 2013

Katz Leaving a Sinking Ship

A cunning move by Ian Katz, jumping from the Guardian to Newsnight. The heir apparent is the latest lefty print figure to join the Beeb. Guido reckons he will return to Kings Place eventually, as the editor of a multi-platform, video-led converged Guardian. He can bide his time while Alan Rusbridger wrings his hands for a few more years as the print figures continue to crash and the mass sackings become inevitable. Smart...

The appointment has not gone down well with everyone. BBC types and government sources are moaning to the Speccie, while a Tory source tells Guido: “At this rate Alastair Campbell will be presenting. Given the huge salaries the Guardian pay, the BBC need to disclose how much they are billing the license-fee payer for Mr Katz.” Mr Paxman was unavailable for comment…


  1. 1
    Paxo says:

    Cool for Katz


  2. 2
    spiv says:

    Typical lefty bbc with the tw*t purnell there too, it really is a joke


    • 14
      Postal Vote says:

      don’t forget that one of the most improtant newsnight reporters, a lady, joined beeb last year from Guardian.

      than there is the son of former beeb director general at guardian

      labour beeb relations also examplified by strog rumoours that Ms Flanders, who reports on economics and is critical of austerity, used to date both Eds from labour (yes Mili and Balls), although not siultaneously I suppose.

      campbell’s big trick was to fund Guardian through public sector job ads in return for favourable coverage and unfavourable comment about conservatives, whilst on the other hand labour granted the beeb a generous licence fee settlement.

      don’t expect any of this to be discussed in politics or media lectures since academia in in thrall with labour, beeb and guardian


      • 22
        B Boyd says:

        Farage might have the guts.


      • 30
        Watcher says:

        You mean like the one in today’s Guardian for a ‘Head of Iplayer Marketing’ at a vast salary?. Why does the Iplayer need marketing?
        It is time for public funding for the BBC to cease. Its left wing bias has long had a corrosive effect on the British.


  3. 3
    Dave Cameroon says:

    I like the french Economy


  4. 4
    One term Cameron says:

    Not much of a mention in the press about Cameron & Gideon giving way to the huge EU budget increase, that they promised that they’d got capped.


    • 9
      Peter Grimes says:

      They were outvoted.

      Who gave away our power to veto?

      Why BlairBrown, of course, the same mugs who let in 4.5 million economic immigrants to take our jobs and our plentiful benefits; the same mugs who gave up our rebate.


      • 15
        One term Cameron says:

        Yes, but Dave & Gideon knew they were going to be outvoted all along. It’s this perpetual lying and spin from Cameron that I and others hate him for.

        He gave it the large ‘un that he was not going to let them get a way with a large increase, knowing it was hot air all along. This is why no one believs a word that comes out of his mouth.


        • 20
          Peter Grimes says:

          You need to look at the chicanery which the other EU members used to get this through. And who put us into this powerless minority position.

          And it was still BlairBrown’s fault.


        • 31
          Watcher says:



        • 34
          Catty Comment (Ms) says:

          He should now tell them to effoff until they produce properly audited accounts for the past 18 years. Then and only then will the UK consider any sort of increase. It is a pity some of the other countries don’t do likewise to this thieving bunch of commies in Brussels.


  5. 5
    Ed Balls super fan says:

    Ed Balls


  6. 6
    Diseased Anus says:

    The BBC is a nest of leftist vermin

    These wretches cant survive in the commercial world so they seek sanctuary in the Labour Party’s state broadcaster.

    If there were any actual Tories in the Cabinet the first item on the agenda should have been to slash the funding these vermin get to spew their leftist hatred, and lies.

    And i am unanimous in this


    • 18
      Tory Cabinet member says:

      But we’re not Tories any more, we’re social democrats.

      We need more immigration and more regulation from the EU.


      • 35
        Catty Comment (Ms) says:

        Maybe you do, but shirley you can manage that quite easily and without the help of the Beeb?


  7. 7
    indigenous Brit says:

    ‘licenCe fee’, you illiterate Chosen One twats.


    • 16
      Chuka Obama says:

      Are we playing spot the lefty? If we are, I just found him.


      • 36
        Curly says:

        No, you have just found a brave lad who is not afraid to stand up to the malevolent M/soft spellchecker droid. There are also lots of us about too, so he is not alone.


  8. 7
    Small State, Low Taxes, Out of the EU says:

    Easy one this.

    Just as I dont buy the Guardian I also dont purchase product from the BBC.

    The TV Tax? Just dont pay it – starve the beast.


  9. 10
    Chuka and the Florida Drugs Runner says:


  10. 17
    Paxman's Butler says:

    Stopped watching Newsbore ages ago. Amazed anyone watches such drivel!


  11. 18
    Graham says:

    BBC is the Liebour propaganda medium.Licence fee is a compulsory donation to the Liebour Party.


  12. 23
    DWWolds says:

    I gave up watching Newsnight ages ago and hardly ever watch the news on BBC.


  13. 29
    Real world says:

    A far left lefty joins the BBC news team. Quelle surprise!


  14. 33
    Viewer says:

    The noun “licence” is spelt with a ‘c’, Guido.


  15. 37
    Mrs Plinge says:

    Is it Guido or ‘Tory source’ which can’t spell licence?


  16. 38
    Will says:

    I don’t think he wants to go back to the guardian, given its losses and its anti car stance which is laughable given it owns half a second hand car seller. Also I reckon ebay, what car etc and all the others are taken bits of market share. This does not include the dealers own sites. Given the fall of cars sold in the past few years 2nd hand stock will be in short supply in a few years, so why advertise when you can flog it direct via an auctionsite or to a car supermarket. This is why APAX have not brought the rest of it, thye are trying to get it cheap. Plus news international owns another site and are advertising heavily, so all they need to do it pull traffic away from autotrader and offer the dealers some cheap deals and the profit will evaporate.

    Also the paper seems to have taken a more American edge as well which is strange for a british paper as it tends to report more on American news than what is happening north of Watford.


  17. 39
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    More feckin’ lefties; as if the Biased Broadcasting Corporation could become any less relevant…


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