May 13th, 2013

Vicky’s Next Chapter

What next for Vicky Pryce? She’s been signed up by Biteback to publish her prison diaries, billed as “a very personal book examining prison life, but also a hardhitting economic analysis of the cost to the economy of keeping women in prison”. It will be called ‘Prisonomics’.

Sounds fascinating…


  1. 1
    Owen Joones says:

    I went to private school and now I am a communist


    • 14
      V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

      As a communist you must be enriched by the diverse multicultural UK shithouse.


    • 19
      Uncle Joe says:

      I went to a seminary and killed millions! Think I’ll have you shot to be on the safe side. I killed more communists than the Whites as well!


    • 23
      Owen Joones says:

      I would like to be authentic like Owen Jones


      • 27
        A Doctor writes says:

        autistic is not spelt like that.


      • 76
        efrem zimbalist jr says:

        i would like to be THE VOICE …. like Tom Jones

        ( although he was a “bit” more than that to Kathy Kirby at the Angel Hotel Cardiff one night in the mid Seventies as i recall but we ll draw a discreet veil ).


      • 78
        efrem zimbalist jr says:

        ooh owen ( the real one ) i ve just wikipedia’d you ( did you enjoy it or did it hurt first time ?)

        whatever , i see you state you feel victimised by being conceptualised by the public as a ” lefty rent a gob ”

        surely not dear …. you re not that relevant yet ….. are you ???


    • 48
      Fiona Millar says:

      I went to a posh girls school and now I’m dictating where parents can educate their own kids.


    • 53
      Criminals R US...The BBC says:

      So she’s going to be a communist again. No doubt the BBC have kept her chair warm.


    • 56
      Snodgrass says:

      According to Wiki, the loathsome OJ went to Bramhall High School in Stockport. It was the first school to introduce unisex toilets – to tackle bullying.


      • 63
        Owen's female parent says:

        Owen. You haven’t been bullied in the toilets by those rough girls have you?


        • 79
          efrem zimbalist jr says:

          yes i was mummy…. that s what veered me towards my current sexual orientation .


    • 105
      Tally Ho, A hunting we will go! says:

      I went to a Victorian boarding school and then the Army. What could possibly be interesting about her writing about two months in a soft prison!


      • 107
        Diblius Oribilis says:

        That’s nothing, I went to a private tutor who favoured the rod, and then fought in a legion under Varus and was slaughtered along with all my comrades in the Teutoburg forest in 9 AD.


    • 108
      Nissed as a Pewt says:

      “Prisonomics”? What a rubbish title – what about “Wimmin Eating Porridge” Vicky? Good ring to it, yes? Right, sign on the dotted line and you won’t regret it…


    • 112
      Hugh Who says:

      I was in films and would like to be talked about again. Oh I’m so hacked off! Wish my name was in papers again


  2. 2
    pGOM says:

    “Where’s the soap?”
    “Mmm…doesn’t it!”


  3. 3
    Mike Sugar says:

    Isn’t there a law that proscribes profiting from criminal activities by way of publishing?


    • 28
      A reader writes says:

      When are the Blair diaries due? Ali’s must have made him a bob or two as well!


      • 40
        bank this says:

        Will her book examine the cost to the country in legal bills and wasted police time thanks to the decade of lies from Pryce and Huhne?
        Will any profits the pair of perjurers now earn be paid back to the taxpayer?


    • 58
      Tom Catesby says:

      Profit from crime by publishing… only a problem if the likes of you and me did it.


    • 80
      efrem zimbalist jr says:

      yes and rupey baby breaks it every day.


  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Makes prison time seem even more worthwhile: food and board paid for by the taxpayer, plenty of free time to write the book.


    • 30
      A reader writes says:

      Since many prisons these days seem to be little more than comfortable hotels, it must be right that those who can afford it should pay for the food accommodation – not to mention electricity and all that security.


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    So Pryce and Huhne were released today.. I wonder who drove home…..


  6. 6
    IDS says:

    I could live on a one off payment of £46


    • 81
      efrem zimbalist jr says:

      what is that £46 per hour drunken ??

      difficult to live on it long term but i daresay one could sacrifice oneself for no more than about a week … longer would be deleterious to ones glenfiddich and monte cristo intake . … of course


  7. 7
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Vicky Pryce rewrites Game Theory – The Ex-prisoners’ Dilemma.


  8. 8
    Bizarre says:

    the cost to the economy of keeping women in prison

    Are they implying that female criminals should never be sentenced to prison?


  9. 9
    Stockhold Syndrome says:

    Huhne is still a c.unt


  10. 10
    Will says:

    what Vicky actually means is that nice middle class women like her should not be imprisioned for grassing up ex husbands.

    well viky you did commit perjury so that’s why you were sent down after then trying to state that you were just a poor defenceless women who felt she should stand by her man.


  11. 11
  12. 12
    Laura San Giacomo says:

    I’m optioning it for the film version, “Bimbos Behind Bars”; can Gideon give me any tax breaks? I can give him “two good reasons” why he should– go MILF, Gideon, you know you wanna…


    • 83
      efrem zimbalist jr says:

      why does nt she just call the book

      submissive prison lesbianomics

      or did big bertha not turn her .


  13. 13
    Alexsandr says:

    does she expect us to think her experencies are even a tiny bit typical? I bet it has all been tea and crumpets with the governor and bridge evenings in the cell. Bet they kept her away from the real nasties too.


    • 20
      Will says:

      in fact her and chris most probably had a fairly easier ride in comparison to most other new prisoners, as most inmates knew that assaulting either would lead to time added on and solitary, so its not worth it usually.


    • 84
      efrem zimbalist jr says:

      possibly “crumpet” with big bertha and wanda whiplash

      hardly tea with the governor i would think ….


  14. 15
    Bazinga! says:

    Why are the west still obsessing about Syria, especially the British media.

    If the BBC, Sky News and Channel 4 are so concerned let them sign THEIR sons AND daughters up for the army to go and fight rather than leaving it to working class white males (that the media so hate) to fight another worthless war.


    • 41
      MacGuffin says:

      What on earth has that got to do with the far more important matter of Vicky Pryce’s future plans? For shame!


    • 85
      efrem zimbalist jr says:

      yeah but it s the working class males white black and green with pink spots et al…who are the only dross desperate enough to join … no money , innit


  15. 16
    SUE BROWN says:

    What next
    for Vicky Pryce? She will monopolise everything and take over the world.

    Prisonomics? I can’t help but chuckle even though I feel sorry for the poor cow.


    • 21
      Bazinga! says:

      Well five bellies Smiff stole 100K off the tax payer by claiming her her sisters loft was her second home and now gets regular gigs on the BBC so you can bet these two fuckers will be signed up to feed of the teat of the BBC/tax payer ASAP.


      • 26
        BBC Crimewatch says:

        True. The BBC will eventually appear on its very own Crimewatch. Crooks & scammers the lot of them. & Pedos.


    • 86
      efrem zimbalist jr says:

      what s the betting some online publishing whizz kid has already offered her five million upfront for the exclusive rights.

      reminds me of katherine jenkins getting seven mill upfront before she had recorded a note .

      but at least she can sing …… and she s a “looker”

      ( i said looker with an “L”)


  16. 22
    Eunuchonomics says:

    She is a Lib Dumb so no balanced views on the EU economics just outdated rubbish.


  17. 24
    Enid 'the knife' Blyton says:

    …She walked casually into my cell and stood over me.
    Her lacerations, now healed, looked quite fetching in the dimly lit corner of the room.
    She smiled longingly as her bathrobe somehow slipped to the floor.
    Her trusted shank dropped to her left foot as she casually stepped over the robe and towards my bed.
    My thoughts were of Chris, just for a moment, as I quickly forgot him and took her into my arms.

    …..she caressed me, as I have never been caressed before. Her lips moulded to my lower regions and I melted with desire.



  18. 25

    Going to be a nice little earner for the lady, innit?


  19. 29
    Jamie says:

    8 weeks in an open prison, no one cares.


  20. 32
    The Hypnotic Bore @ says:

    So who is for Celeb Big Bore & who is for the jungle? I doubt u will see either on Strictly.


  21. 33
    Steve Folan says:

    The Pryce of Love


  22. 34
    Shawshank Redemption says:

    I would sooner be forced to read a Katie Price book than a Vicky Pryce one.


    • 66

      And I would rather f..k Katie Pryce than Vikki Pryce!!!!!!!!


      • 74
        Ed Balls says:

        It must be VERY bleak in Sunderland …


        • 91
          efrem zimbalist jr says:

          especially if the co op are owed 3.5 mill by the labour party and you mr balls are one of the co ops sponsored mp s …….shades of walking on eggs over hot coals barefoot … which for a person of your girth sir is to say the least … a challenge.


    • 90
      efrem zimbalist jr says:

      yeah fair point ….. but would you draw the line at jade goodey ??


  23. 36
    Gordon Brown says:

    If i was ever locked up i have a plan

    I would like to dent a prison toilet pan with a headbutt to show what a hardman i am

    i would then poo without flushing and watch some footy on the TV


  24. 37
    Hic! says:


    • 92
      efrem zimbalist jr says:

      she s certainly got a mouth on her

      wonder if as part of her community civic duty she has volunteered to give pulis a bj every time the potters win ??


  25. 38
    ;) says:

    Quintin 2, 3, Forbes ‏@QuintinForbes 59m
    Operation Yewtree. That’ll separate the men from the boys.


  26. 39
    Anonymous says:

    What sexist claptrap is this !

    If a man does a crime he serves the time.

    If a woman does the crime she serves the time.

    That is the end of it. Men and women commit crimes and the law should punish them just the same.


  27. 41
    Engineer says:

    Eight weeks in an open prison is hardly a basis on which to become an expert on how society should deal with females found guilty of murder and other serious offences.

    I suppose you can’t blame Pryce for cashing in while she can, but the idea that she’ll be all over the airwaves sanctimoniously lecturing us all rather nausiates me.


  28. 43
    Boring Old Bags R Us. says:

    Her credibility as an honest economists undermined.


  29. 44
    oh my, the footwork! says:

    Nice to see people leave prison and get immediate work, the establishment looking after it’s own after a nice all expenses paid holiday, have they learn’t any lessons, yes, don’t get caught.


    • 101
      Educating the ignorant says:

      It’s “looking after its own,”, not “looking after it’s own”.

      it’s, a contraction of it is or it has
      its, the possessive form of the pronoun it


  30. 45
    Owen Jones says:

    Oops, sorry, here’s the link to the Stop IDS Lying petition


  31. 46 says:

    people who bought this also bought; “Home economics for Dummies, 50 ways to fleece the public.”


  32. 47
    Maqboul says:

    The cost to the economy is more than balanced by keeping a few MPs in jail.


  33. 50
    Tom Catesby says:

    Vicky Pryce to publish prison diaries?!
    Is somebody taking the f^cking piss? She has not been in there long enough to write anything that would fill a cigarette paper, even if most of us were remotely interested in reading the shit, it is an insult that people are expected to buy it or even read it. Most people in jail will spend longer in the f^cking dinner queue!
    I wonder how long it will be before the reading public has the unique opportunity to benefit from Huhne’s sage wisdom and lengthy prison experience? What a stinking disgrace.


    • 68
      Wyle Cop says:

      “Is somebody taking the f^cking piss?” Yep, they are – and the joke’s on us.


    • 70

      Chapter 1.
      By V. Pryce.

      The cell door slammed behind me and I slumped onto my prison issue DFS leather sofa and held my head in my hands. What a situation! How could I cope with a life like this? I plucked an apple from the fruit bowl. It was slightly bruised .

      The SKY TV was churniong softly in the corner but I wasn’t interested. Nor in the invitation to join the gym. Or the tennis club. Or the offer to make up a bridge fourth.
      The dinner menu on the table could not interest me. Nor the wine list.

      This was chokey. Porridge. The clink..Prisoner Cell block H..Within these walls…

      What despair..Could I ever cope? What would become of my children? My home? my career?

      As I begun to unpack my meager belongings a key jangled in the lock. A warder appeared and said ..”Right that’s it ..You’re free to go..Please fill in the feedback card..Thanks for staying with HMP services solutions.”

      And I ran to my freedom…
      I could taste the rain and relish in my freedom.


  34. 51
    Wyle Cop says:

    “Prisonomics?” “Crime pays”, more like.


  35. 52
    Ed Moribund says:

    I’m so money supermarket…..I don’t even know it.


  36. 55
    Dennis McShane says:

    Shouldn’t Vasiliki Courmouzis, to give her her real name, be deported like other immigrant who are convicted criminals?

    That she has shown a total disregard for our laws is beyond question, and on that basis, why should we believe that this convicted liar will not re-offend? After all we already know we can’t take her word that she will be honest in the future.


    • 71
      Tom Catesby says:

      And she could give her sage knowledge and advice on the ecionomy to the men and women of the land of her birth.


    • 94
      efrem zimbalist jr says:

      i think they should have made you minister for europe in the last labour govt. sir..


  37. 57
    Phil the greek says:

    What’s an E Communist?


  38. 59
    Jen The Blue says:

    “”a hardhitting economic analysis of the cost to the economy of keeping women in prison””

    Can someone explain in these days of state enforced absolute gender equality why “women” in prison is a separate issue to men in prison? Why do we still hear politicians, often rampant feminists, saying we jail too many women and women should not be jailed?

    Surely the justice system must be gender blind like every other part of society.


    • 73
      Jo Swimsuit says:

      Sexist pig!!


    • 96
      efrem zimbalist jr says:

      indeed i would argue it costs LESS to keep wimmin in prison .

      ladies necessities: sanitary towels once a month

      Mens:: razor blades daily copy of sporting life daily downloaded porn hourly
      ammonia in tea depends on prompt availability of aforementioned downloads
      59 inch screen to watch footy sky mebership for same///et al

      case proven lock all wimmin up and free all men ;; govt deficit wiped clean .
      copy to gideon at number eleven


  39. 60
    Angela says:

    So who’s bright idea was it to make a big European country out of countries like Greece, Cyprus and Malta?


    • 97
      efrem zimbalist jr says:

      ohhh… you mean italy … or possibly a hybrid of the holy roman and the ottoman empires…


  40. 62

    Maybe she could a sequel when McShame has finished his bird,where they compare notes,the political class are absolutely totally corrupt,no shame only hubris that has no bounds.


  41. 69
    The Lobbyist says:

    And this ghastly woman still has an honour from the Queen – the CB – and Dave will do nothing about it.


  42. 75
    Rev. I M Jolly says:

    I’d quite happy to take in a couple of ‘fallen women’, especially if they are girls of colour. Just don’t tell the memsahib!


  43. 77
    Jess The Dog says:

    What diary? She was in gaol for five minutes. Bet she won’t earn enough from sales to repay the advance!


  44. 98
    Anonymous says:

    Who gives a f*ck???


  45. 104
    Raptor says:

    Following her totally-unjust incarceration, Vicky Pryce will be seeking to place the film rights to her book. Daniel Day-Lewis would be perfect for the leading role — they do look remarkably alike.

    Provisional working title: “In the Name of the Munter”.


    • 109
      Nissed as a Pewt says:

      “Two Holes for the Pryce of One”?

      sorry – just another dropped soap in the showers joke.


  46. 111
    Tom Mein says:

    Has there ever been a worse “money grubber” than Iain Dale?
    First he gives a platform to Denis MacShane and now Vicky Price


  47. 113
    Rural Housewife says:

    Who the hell cares?

    Isn’t it time some of these publishing companies had a serious look atthemselves. We have ‘biographies’ of some moronic kids just out of school, hard childhood books -yes, I too fled German bombs as a baby. grew up in impoverished rural England -so what it wasn’t all misery.

    Now we have some economist who lied for her husband (coercion huh!) who then plots revenge because he left her, gets rightfully imprisioned and writes a book.

    If she were Mary Smith, ex wife of a disgraced manual worker -would she get a publisher?

    Where the hell is dignity, remorse? A touch of the John Profumos wouldn’t go ammiss!


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