May 11th, 2013

Saturday Seven Up

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You’re either in front of Guido, or behind…


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    OK. It is time to look at a wide issue through a narrow viewpoint: Socialism and our very own Moussa Kousa.

    I will point out how the errors of the individual are magnified into huge problems by those who pay insufficient attention to the facts.

    More will follow on this page…


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      Scarlets Rolling in the Rolland says:

      There’s words – all I have to say is, who the feck is Fergie when he is at home? Sounds like a yesterday man.

      Where’s me hairdryer!


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        Thanks Scarlets. I hope you are paying attention…

        Moussa Koussa Mark 8 says:
        May 9, 2013 at 2:24 pm
        …very droll, Ex Pat ( still taking from the UK tax pot ) Catty.

        Apologies for my earlier misspelling but let’s look at the content:

        Moussa takes exception to me living abroad. Yet I do not take exception to him living in Manchester. Or Birmingham. Or London. Or wherever he happens to reside in his palatial splendour or, more likely, garret. Indeed it would be most unreasonable of me if I did.

        So why his hang up about where I chose to live? I don’t need his permission any more than he needs mine. In a Socialist world though, you are not permitted to take these decisions upon yourself. You do as you are told. And the petty henchmen of the glorious state are fond of telling you You can’t do this! or Stop that!

        To make it worse, the apparatchiks often have never had a real job or experienced real life themselves.

        So he is behaving true to form.

        But there is more. Much more…


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          Ian Dunghole Smut says:

          That is why the EU is so wrong. It allows people to live and work anywhere thaty they want in the Dead Zone. That is Socialist claptrap. Vote UKIP today.


        • 15
          Scarlets Rolling in the Rolland says:

          No probs Cat, agree with what you said. Hard facts get watered down and get foggy over days, with people who want to corrupt the blatant truth. Has always gone on, and will still go on, but before it took history books to do it, now it takes a few hours with our modern technology, and no one knows what the actual truth right after it has just happened, if you get me Cat. All the best.


        • 22

          Ah some reaction from both sides. Good!

          Moussa’s political party of choice is the glorious Labour Party. You know, the one which believes in blind obedience to the EU (legal entity). Interestingly, they were once dead against the EEC (trade) but suddenly realised that the Frankfurt School was not in England. Their purposes in restricting choice could be better achieved inside the fold. So they switched opinions to suit.

          So, for better or worse, any UK citizen (I still prefer the terminology Her Majesty’s subjects!) has every right to live anywhere he, or she, so pleases within the European Union just as Manchester. Or Birmingham. Or London. Or wherever…

          If Moussa Koussa had more wits about him, he could be sunning himself beside the sea and working to buy a cheaper property, having a nice girlfriend (or two) and not being a miserable curmudgeon on these pages. Maybe he would have a small boat and a nice Ferrari if he applied himself a bit. But as one of his probable heroes, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, said Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains. Poor Moussa. He does likes his chains – providing others are wearing them.

          That is not all…


          • Pseudo-intellectual twat watch says:



          • The man on the Clapham Omnibus says:

            Speaking on behalf of the ordinary reasonable man, it is not that we think that Moussa is not a twat, it is just that you are a pseudo-intellectual as well as being a twat.


          • Trotskyite Lennie says:

            Speak on your own behalf comrade. Moussa is fick as shit innit.


          • the grass is not always greener, Cat says:

            After time unfortunately, with present day UK voting rights,” becoming disenfranchised” now kicks in at 15 years. If you wish to maintain your Britishness and Nationality you will forfeit the chance to vote on important matters anywhere.
            Makes you wonder if the 5.6 million Brits living abroad would counteract the illicit postal voting abuse that sways the UK election process, since only 13000 actually participate.



          • Thanks for that link grass. I do use my vote and will continue to do so but no longer for the Conservatives whilst they are trying to be Blair mark II.

            The thing is that life is not a dress rehearsal so you have to decide how your own interests are best served in the time that you are active enough to pursue them.

            It is wrong to take someone’s vote away when the have contributed to the system for all their working lives. Perhaps by returning again to being UK resident for a short time would set the clock rolling again. It seems to strike against EU law, which I am not against using in one’s favour, if it furthers one’s cause.


          • Old Blind Pugh says:

            For the man on the clapped out omnibus, that is a bit of a back handed compliment to Cat, he is playing with Mousey before digging his teeth in, that is what cats do.


          • @OBP

            I also thought omnibus man was being rather pedestrian. Not to mention predestined.


          • grama says:

            Obviously SC, you must still be in your ‘youth’ when it comes to being resident abroad.
            Returning to the UK to re establish UK residency and the ability to vote again however attractive would invite a myriad of administrative problems.
            Perhaps you might view this as willingly burying my head in the sand but then would I wish to be associated again with-
            1 an electorate that was too blind to spot Bliar for what he was;
            2 Not to see Clegg for what he attempted to be;
            3- Give up my UK citizenship to vote for the European mafia here in exchange for hoped for promises back in Blighty;
            4- Temporarily Reliquish rides in my Ferrari lawn mower and Lamborghini tractor [one’s bright red and the other’s orange]
            5- pay UK cost of living;
            6.- be forced to learn a further range of foreign languages just to communicate with a local plumber, postman, shopkeeper, etc etc

            Some of us must suffer the consequences of our earlier balanced actions.
            I will suffer in relative silence and just continue the occasional w[h]ine.
            Not all my working life was spent in the UK but even so it touches one’s heartstrings to watch your country of birth going down the tubes without the ability to alter its demise.


          • Yes grama (one ‘l’ I see now!)

            I am six this month in those terms. I never thought I was able to learn foreign languages (and in truth I am crap at it) but my faltering Croatian has made me understandable in most of the Slavic countries where they don’t speak English. I frequently conduct conversations on the phone (more difficult with no face or gesture indicators.)

            Concur with your points completely. I did my best whilst I was there to change peoples minds, leading by example, but there comes a time when you say, this can now become someone else’s fight.

            Before he died at the age of 97, my father (RN officer retired after 29 year’s service including WWII) responded in a most uncharacteristic way to me. I had said to him that, due to the change in the national identity, I would no longer be prepared to lay down my life for my country in the case of war. I expected him to be shocked but he answered back Neither would I.


        • 29

          I corrected Moussa’s mistake for him:

          still taking from contributing to the UK tax pot
          There. Fixed it for you.

          But the little devil persisted with this:

          Moussa Koussa Mark 8 says:
          May 9, 2013 at 2:34 pm

          errrrrrrrr so you pay UK Tax, UK NI and UK VAT….errrrrr Nope
          …bet you fly home to UK for GP dental and other NHS treatment….like all Ex Pats

          How is it that some people can be so wrong so many times? We saw it with Gordon. Moussa has obviously modelled himself on this great gurning statesman…

          Give us a smile, Moussa! On the other hand…


          • Maqboul says:

            Most expats have medical insurance and wouldn’t dream of flying home to an NHS death camp for “treatment”.

            Moussa, wrong yet again.


          • Tessa Tickles says:

            +1 Maqboul.

            I lived in Germany for several years and would not, under any circumstances, have opted to return to the UK for a visit to an NHS deathcamp, in preference to the vastly superior (private) healthcare system that the Germany has to offer.

            Instead of blowing other people’s money on a life of booze + f@gs, Labour’s supporters should venture out into the wider world and realise that the way things are done here in the UK are not necessarily the best.

            The NHS: the worst f*cking thing Britain ever created.


          • @Anonymong.

            My dentist here is decidedly Milfy.


          • too broad a brush .. says:

            very fair comment Tessa but to say the NHS is the worse thing we ever created is nonsense.


          • Old Blind Pugh says:

            They do have a point with foreigners, not EU citizens (as there is treaty which enables UK citizens to have the same facilities as their own citizens and costs) but say US citizens, as an example, have emergency treatment or treatment for existing conditions in the NHS they then skip back to the US without paying because the NHS is too slow in putting its bill to them. In the US they want to know which insurance company to send their bill to and bills there can rapidly become stratospheric.


          • Scampi says:

            I have family living throughout Europe,Australia and the Middle East. All rave about the quality of medical care and cleanliness abroad.


          • Quite right, Scampi

            Moussa and the Click here desperado seem to prefer their MRSA upon which they must have been weaned.


          • CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

            The NHS is BY FAR the worst thing the UK created.


        • 35
          • That’s funny.

            I really thought you did like it up you…


          • Old Blind Pugh says:

            Cat, I have always made it point not to read the Sun, and no one could convince me to read it unless I was bored out of my mind and nothing else to read, that was why I started smoking again, and I have given that up again (12 years ago)


          • @OBP

            As the contrarian I am, I worked for a tobacco manufacturer when I was young and gave up smoking at the same time. I then started again ten years later but gave up shorty afterwards for good.

            For a while in the 80s I did have the Sun delivered with my mainstay, the Times, but now read neither.

            Do you get this page in Broille BTW. (I’m sorry, I’ll feel that again.)


          • Old Blind Pugh says:

            To Cat, no of course I am not blind thankfully, I don’t know how I would cope as I live on my own, I just deliver the metaphorical Black Spot if you get my meaning, I am not working now, as I have retired. Coming on this blog is very reminiscent the of the old newsgroups with the flaming and expletives don’t you think Cat, you and Mousey playing the cat and mouse game keeps things alive.


          • Promised to take his legs off earlier in the week but suddenly became rather busy.

            But I never make a promise I do not intend to fulfil and, when I found it was peeing down with rain this morning, I thought it time to whack him about a bit.

            It can be a bit Tom and Jerry here at times which is fun as you point out.


        • 37

          I have a great dentist in the next village. She is the first one I have ever trusted to give me a filling without anaesthetic.

          She is not expensive and a visit typically costs £25-£30 with some treatment.

          I would far rather pay that and be comfortable than use a free (ha! ha!) NHS dentist who just wants to push me though the system so he can claim from the state and does not really care about my sensitivity.

          Moussa could never understand that and would love to allocate me to a known butcher.

          But I stand for choice and he does not.

          (Yes, you guessed it, there is more…)


          • Click here says:

            please may I have some more


          • Scarlets Rolling in the Rolland says:



          • Old Blind Pugh says:

            “Oyiver my dear do know vhat a beak is, a beak is a magistrate my dear.”
            If only everything in life had a happy ending as in Oliver Twist, it would make the hard times that much more tolerable.


          • Scarlets Rolling in the Rolland says:

            Pugh – these days we could say that clip is well suspect…

            Thank god Savile was not an undertaker, is all I have to say.


        • 44

          Apparatchik mode strikes again:

          Moussa Koussa Mark 8 says:
          May 9, 2013 at 4:24 pm

          STILL HERE, EX PAT
          Nothing for you to see here, nothing to do with you, blogg [sic] and comment is for those living in UK only.

          One is reminded of Ӕsop’s fable with the fly sitting on the axle cross of a chariot, looking back and saying What a dust I do create!


        • 49

          Moussa incredibly cannot get his head around this interwebs thingy. He think it only happens in the UK.

          It is worldwide, Mouss, me old cock! A Fijian living in Timbuktu with a host in Darjeeling who has never been to the UK can make comments here, if our host so disposes.

          It is what you say rather than where you come from which matters.

          The web is even more open than Owen Jones’ bottom sphincter on a Saturday night.


        • 51

          Mоussа іncrеdіbly cаnnоt gеt hіs hеаd аrоund thіs іntеrwеbs thіngy. Hе thіnk іt оnly hаppеns іn thе UK.

          Іt іs wоrldwіdе, Mоuss, mе оld cоck! А Fіjіаn lіvіng іn Tіmbuktu wіth а hоst іn Dаrjееlіng whо hаs nеvеr bееn tо thе UK cаn mаkе cоmmеnts hеrе, іf оur hоst sо dіspоsеs.

          Іt іs whаt yоu sаy rаthеr thаn whеrе yоu cоmе frоm whіch mаttеrs.

          Thе wеb іs еvеn mоrе оpеn thаn Оwеn Jоnеs’ bоttоm sphіnctеr оn а Sаturdаy nіght.


      • 9
        Ian Dunghole Smut says:

        He was married to Prince Andrew. I blame Camoron who legalised gay marriage. Shirt lifters should be f*cked up the b*m. That would teach them.


        • 16
          Scarlets Rolling in the Rolland says:

          What about lezzies and their over active tongues? :)


        • 19
          Anonymous says:

          I can see Ukip as an anti-gay party works quite well at a geriatric level.


          • Scarlets Rolling in the Rolland says:



          • Vote Tory, get heir to Blair says:

            Lots of people trying to shoot the UKIP messengers. That’s because these thickos know they have no bullets to shoot the UKIP messages.


          • Fact says:

            Ukip’s supporters scare everyone off.


          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            Yeah, that’s why at the last election in this country, 25% of the electorate voted UKIP. Despite the lies, slurs, and concerted attempts to marginalise them by the LabLibCon drones. Keep it up.


        • 110
          Old Blind Pugh says:

          But I thought that was what shirtlifters did


      • 25
        Fergie says:

        More Turkey, anyone ?


      • 50
        Scarlets Rolling in the Rolland says:

        Furthermore, song for Fergie, for the gruntie to see actual reality where his life is now, with true love, gramps,

        Think he will chuckle at that, I hope….


        • 55
          Scarlets Rolling in the Rolland says:

          Comes to us all, age, Fergie. Just give me a shout if you want me to push your wheelchair about. LUAFC FOREVER!


      • 137
        The Breakfast Show says:

        Fergie was once Princ Andrew’s consort, but I think now lives in Florida. Her place has apparently been taken by a failed radio disk jockey called Chris Moyles.


  2. 2
    Pesky beagle says:

    Something to discuss today:

    Slightly O/T, but…

    has anybody else noticed that the next Secretary to the US Treasury (yes he’s the one whose signature appears on their banknotes) is a certain Mr Few?

    He is renowned for having a completely illegible signature which looks like a line of loooooops. He has been instructed to learn how to write properly before he is let loose on the Dollar.

    As it happens, his given name is ‘Jacob’, but it really should be [one of the] ‘Chosen’.



  3. 3
    Ian Dunghole Smut says:

    Liblabcon are a busted flush, that is why there is poo everywhere; end of. Vote Ukip and set Britain free.


    • 10
      Scarlets Rolling in the Rolland says:

      Watch UKIP as well slowly slip into the mire of Brit political corruption, like a carrot on a stick in front of donkey. Farage has been doing it for years, and he bad mouths the EU, the hand that has fed him for years. Hypocrite.


      • 166
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        Easy taffy, in your ideal world ( God help us ) dissent should be forbidden right?

        In your totalitarian ‘soshulist utopia’ it should be made illegal to stand against any government institution and heaven forbid, get millions of people to vote for your opposition viewpoint, correct?

        You really are the thickest poster on this site, by a country mile.


        • 239
          Scarlets Rolling in the Rolland says:

          tsst I have obviously got a reaction out of you, so I will let others to sum up your comment.


  4. 8
    Scarlets Rolling in the Rolland says:

    Nigel Evans? If he wants to be a deputy speaker, and if he fancies potting the brown, he should be more discrete and disconcerning in choosing his one night stands.


  5. 13
    Owen Jones' Share Tipping Service says:

    News Corp. earnings are up by 16% its a good indicator for film production.
    Modern companies as G T R L are now poised to explode. G T R L is ultimately
    priced below 9 cents recently and should go to over $1 as the important news
    are delivered! Begin adding G T R L on May, 10th to make several folds your


  6. 14
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Co Op seeks to reassure customers etc.

    Would you be reassured if they haven’t got a CEO, or Finance Director? Not a time to have no direction at the top. Link is to Reuters.


    • 104
      CoOp cashier says:

      Chickens !


      • 118
        Money money money says:

        Just how much does the Labour Party owe the Co-op Bank?


      • 213
        menta is mensa. says:


        in the all or nothing world be something.
        be the chicken in the eggg.
        hand.ka.chief…or chop yer hands off.
        crickey never di.
        she became i.m.morta.
        .it’s all balls.
        make ‘embig.


  7. 18
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Silence of the Eds.


    • 32
      Vacant Ned says:

      Their biggetht mithtake wath diverthifying into Ethex.


      • 149
        Village Idiot says:

        The other day,Co-op was buying 600 tsb branches,then on another day,it was junk…can’t get anymore in my mattress..what to do????..or,have i got it confused??


    • 34
      Scarlets Rolling in the Rolland says:

      Yes, pretty disappointing and disconcerting this is that the co-op looks fucked. the news that my welsh BS was on tricky ground and also on soft ground, The Principality, now this has really kicked me in my Labour face.


      • 36
        Scarlets Rolling in the Rolland says:

        Never ever get fanny arsed liberals looking after your capitalist money, like mixing oil with water it is, to tell you honestly.


      • 72
        ugh.. says:

        I thought that c’unt was a goner


  8. 30
    Racing certainty says:

    Horsemeat scandal enquiry stalls :


    • 40
      Scarlets Rolling in the Rolland says:

      They have been eating horse for years in Oireland, had a nice stake in Waterford years ago, at five to one, and it was delish,


      • 71
        Scarlets Rolling in the Rolland says:

        Shergar wid sum fried onions and fried mushrooms and fried chipped spuds did go down well.


  9. 31
    Owin Jones says:

    What a superb tweet from George Osborne

    “Just confirmed: the next Star Wars film will be made in UK. Great news for our creative industries. May the force be with us…”

    Any more like this and I will vote Tory !


    • 42
      Scarlets Rolling in the Rolland says:

      This is all I have to say to that news,


    • 43
      Scarlets Rolling in the Rolland says:

      Or better, mmm, more tea Vicar?

      Tissues George Osborne?


    • 133
      Star Wars Episode VII : The surge of UKIP says:

      After years of being conned by a corrupt political elite the people of the UK figured out that the EU was a vile waste of money which they should have no further part in.

      The resurgent Sith Lords, Barosso and van Rumpoy, poor genetic clones derived from the singed pubic hair fragments which were all that remained of the once feared Palpatine / Vader, had attempted to reinstate the evil communist empire through a contrived trade control system.

      The first real crack appeared when the wookie, Grillo, rose in !taly. This awoke the long slumbering Conservative right in the UK, aka Jedi, on a quest of sovereign liberation which became known as The surge of UKIP.

      ( Pan shot from star field down to shot of young people standing in the rain in a doll queue somewhere in Europe looking very pi$$ed off… )


      • 164
        Catty Comment (Ms) says:

        BUT! Why do they need tax breaks to make the film in the UK? They will doubtless gross hundreds of millions of dollars/pounds/shekels etc so WTF do we have to subsidise them?

        Are our politicians completely insane?


        • 208
          Film Buff says:

          Tax breaks are the only way films become profitable to shoot on location. It is the same everywhere.

          Eg. A lot of films which you think are shot in NYC or Chicago, are actually shot in Toronto as they allow them a zero rated status in that city.

          If Tax break in UK had not beaten say France, then Star Wars would be shot in France.

          Osborne would be right to celebrate this if the policy is to keep the tax allowance in place for a good few years. That would allow some sustainable job development in this industry and make UK a good location for filming.

          As soon as the tax arrangement changes, the production companies will move elsewhere.

          Google up ‘Hollywood Accounting’ to get an idea about how the finances of film production work.


  10. 54
    Cameron is a dead duck says:

    Of course, this conveniently fails to ask where Dave was taking his orders from by pushing this agenda.


  11. 59
    Owen Jones says:

    Looking forward to talking to Blairite faction Progress’ conference later. If I disappear I’ve been kidnapped and thrown in the Thames :)


    • 167
      Londoner says:

      No chance pal. Our water is pure enough and we don’t need any sh*t chucked in to disturb it.


  12. 60
    Owen Jones"The Cheekie Chappie" says:

    Looking forward to talking to Blairite faction Progress’ conference later. If I disappear I’ve been kidnapped and thrown in the Thames :)


  13. 67
    One Term Dave says:

    I have decided to surround myself with Eton shirtlifters because they are the creme de la creme.


    • 78
      NHS helpline says:

      insecurity is something you can get treatment for you know .. shame to hide your obvious intellectual talent behind a silly tag.


    • 171
      Catty Comment (Ms) says:

      Yes, scum always rises to the top. Ask any cook.


  14. 69
    Owen Jones"The Cheekie Chappie" says:

    Somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen, it said ‘Parking Fine.’ So that was nice.


    • 173
      Curly says:

      It was a typo, and the note was from your ‘friend’ from last night. It should have read ‘Porking fine’.


  15. 73
    Socialism is evil says:

    Now I am over here in New Zealand it gives one a clarity of thought; There is no need to be in the effin EU: Tony Blair and that mad c-nt Gordon Brown and his lickspittle side kick Ed Balls should be hung. The liberal media are pathetic and the BBC should be closed down. If 50% of your trade is with the EU that is a vulnerability not a strength.

    I could go on but….hey it is our ‘November’ and the temp is still 20c….Just do something about it…….. GET OUT OF EUROPE!!!


    • 82
      down under says:

      Baa Baa Baa … your wife will translate


      • 223
        menta is mensa. says:

        ba ba black ship.
        who is the na.masta……. do dutchdeutche like slaves.
        who is the dame. …… …. a.u.s…………tri.a………aaa rated.
        who is yhe lil bouy.
        hand.ka.ciff or
        no hands.
        no cuff


    • 174
      Curly says:

      If we do, will you promise not to keep beating us at cricket and rugby?


  16. 81

    Μоuѕѕа іnсrеdіbly саnnоt gеt hіѕ hеаd аrоund thіѕ іntеrwеbѕ thіngy. Hе thіnk іt оnly hаppеnѕ іn thе UK.

    Іt іѕ wоrldwіdе, Μоuѕѕ, mе оld сосk! А Fіjіаn lіvіng іn Τіmbuktu wіth а hоѕt іn Dаrjееlіng whо hаѕ nеvеr bееn tо thе UΚ саn mаkе соmmеntѕ hеrе, іf оur hоѕt ѕо dіѕpоѕеѕ.

    Іt іѕ whаt yоu ѕаy rаthеr thаn whеrе yоu соmе frоm whісh mаttеrѕ.

    Thе wеb іѕ еvеn mоrе оpеn thаn Οwеn Јоnеѕ’ bоttоm ѕphіnсtеr оn а Ѕаturdаy nіght.


  17. 85

    Mouss, me old cock!

    The web is even more open than Owen Jones’ bottom sphincter on a Saturday night.


  18. 88
    Gonk says:

    I must confess to never having heard of Douglas Murray until today.
    From now on however, I will try to read his articles whenever I can.
    Now sports news .. As usual Alain Rolland got just about every decision wrong.
    Weather. Rain


  19. 90
    The Public says:

    May I just say that Mr Fabricant came across as a total knobhead on last night’s HIGNFY.


    • 103
      The BBC says:

      That’s the reason we invited him on.


      • 126
        Goggle-eyed says:

        That doesn’t really explain why he agreed to go on and then behaved like an idiot. Has he no self-awareness? Did he imagine he was channelling Boris?


    • 105
      Anon says:

      On last weeks show they spent time going on about that picture of a UKIP member doing that salute and then completely didn’t cover anything about Miliband’s radio interview from hell…….

      Never watching it again. Bias BBC twats.


      • 120
        Boring shite says:

        Do people still watch HIGNFY?


      • 145
        Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

        It’s the TV equivalent of The News Quiz on Radio 4 – i.e. half an hour of anti-Coalition propaganda, broadcast with the blessing of the BBC.

        Count how many times the Left is ever ridiculed in the ‘humourous’ remarks pre-scripted for the presenter, compared to the rest. Not very many at all, I think you’ll find.

        Makes you wonder if this is the sole reason why the BBC keeps recommissioning such a threadbare excuse of a show.


    • 129
      What is it about Tory Politicians trying to be funny ?? says:

      He came across as rather ” tired and emotional” I’m sure that wasn’t the case. He sort of faded away after the first 10 minutes either from the effects of the hot studio lights or the fact that he suddenly realised that rather than coming cross as a humourous bloke able to take some personal ribbing by the panel that he was in fact looking like an utter tw*t.

      Hislop, Merton and Jo Brand ran rings round him although they soon realised that not too much effort was required by them and they just let him dig his own pit of embarassment


    • 153
      Any old crap says:

      That Brand women was on so I switched off, don’t like tell tale twits, lest we forget she got Carol Thatcher canned for being racist in a private conversation on BBC premises, but it seems to ok to be a pervert on BBC premises.


  20. 92

    I have tried to make a slightly rude crack about OJ’s bottom but I can’t get it in…


  21. 94

    All I said was the web is even more open than OJ’s bottom sphincter on a Saturday night. Not really bad…


  22. 100
    • 108
      Did we know this says:

      or this

      Nor a single person on the #fernbridge list has been arrested yet.


    • 123
      Down Shep says:

      You just couldn’t make it up, another generous contributor to charities (and NSPCC), very peculiar to go out of your way buy Saviles flat of all properties, but he seemed very pleased to have secured it, quote: “against stiff opposition”.


    • 307
      Rattle those pots and pans says:

      There are too many chefs on TV.


  23. 101
    Point of Information says:

    For SC: The MMKMx issue you highlite.

    Most should be aware that the individual uses a moniker derived from the name of Qadaffi’s ex Foreign Minister who was also responsible at some time for the Libyan Intelligence agency.

    The individual sought refuge in the UK in 2011 after fleeing Libya, and now lives in Qatar. He was educated at UMich in East Lansing MI, so likely has liberal left Democrat leanings politically.

    Broken down: He was clearly a Western mole in the old regime, with strong links to Europe, and perhaps is being kept incubated in Qatar for possible return to run Libya when things have settled down. That is if he is not assassinated or otherwise dies first.

    By virtue of his position, and what has happened to the country, he has clearly demonstrated that he does have Libyan blood on his hands so there will be folk out there with, shall we say, not his best intentions at heart.

    These folk, if they figure the European involvement, should perhaps take some of their grievances directly to Brussels.

    Wouldn’t take too much to heart from an individual who appears to be supportive of this type of individual. Great to see the exchanges though, and for the protege of Koussa to demonstrate a similar level of intelligence, given that the real Koussa apparently failed to see the Civil war in his country coming.

    Smart move being located where you are, possibly one of the safest places in the Loser Zone to have cash / assets these days. Would like to say also that you are in the country furthest removed from the Loser status that the Schengen area now is.


    • 128

      Thanks PoI

      I am both north and south of the Alps which, to be honest, has more to do with accessibility matters than financial planning, though that did play a part.

      The nicest part is that the people we now have as friends in these areas are the nicest you would wish to meet. They are open minded and welcoming whilst also surprisingly conservative (small c) and law abiding.

      Our own in-house MK obliging condenses so many of the big EU/Bolshevik/Frankfurt School issues into life-sized chunks which are obviously faulty. I have a secret theory he is actually a right wing troll with a great sense of irony!


      • 140
        Point of Information says:

        I know roughly the area you refer to, and agree. Extremely good folk, and somewhat removed from the distorted shambles which the EU would have you think is Europe.

        Definitely a Troll, refreshing perspective on certain things, but also a somewhat targeted set of ad-hominem stuff which is not really needed.

        Would be interesting if it was ever shown that the real MK was involved in Benghazi…


        • 154

          Habsburg territory. They were extremely civilised people and it is at times like stepping back into the Edwardian era in terms of manners and sensibilities. Like MT, I am a bit of a radical, much more than I am a conservative, but they do not seem to take that amiss. Ironically, the Empire fell apart as a result of it not being integrated, so sometimes one can’t win either way!

          In the Maghreb and the middle east the west has failed to identify the struggle between secular states and Islamic ones and it seems to me that our naive push for democracy has ended up tipping most of the first category into the second, Egypt being a prime example.

          East meets West has been a tinderbox for ages in the entire region and of course has also extended into the Balkans. We appear to learn nothing from misguided interventions here and maybe in the years to come, the British Protectorates of Egypt and Palestine will become regarded as shining examples of what used to be possible…


          • Zzzzzzzzzz....... says:



          • Point of Information says:

            Dismantling the old stability pacts which had kept the dictators in place was always going to be touch and go.

            The only error on the Wests part is to have tried to quell the religious forces unleashed as the secular states fell, as appears to be happening now, allowing those forces to play out and find equilibrium with the people is the best policy.

            Intervention in order to impose foreign moral values / systems of government certainly is not going to work, and it is good this is not being done. Syria is a case in point.

            As Blair / Bush proved in !raq, the demolish the old order and let them fight it out for a new order approach is not a good one to follow either.

            Blair will ultimately be judged on his interventionism, which is why the West Sahara deterioration is notable. Sierra Leone was perhaps the only time the policy achieved what could be termed success, but that success was so short lived that it perhaps should be considered failure.

            Could Blair be the first ex UK Prime Minister to see all of his work fail or be reversed before he dies ?


          • Agree. The power vacuum in Iraq really snatched defeat from the jaws of a good military victory. The soldiers and airman can do it but it is the politicians who let the side down – every time.


          • it is noballs vs politeshun. says:

            anal vs loud noise.
            a…nal…..a gathering place 4 not nice …but the nose can b be held high.
            a…nul…is where tin emotions flaw.
            …..polite societi shuns .


          • phew... says:

            noballs you’re another one who needs therapy


      • 155
        the cat with the twat says:

        Am I mistaken, or have I just landed on the Schrödinger’s cat blog?


  24. 107
    Dan Hodges says:

    The welcoming committee is in place for the arrival of Owen Jones at “Progress”


    • 119
      Lord Owen Jones of Stockport says:

      Is Michael Fabricant for real or has Dick Emery come back to life in some hideous bizarre, sinister and surreal form?


      • 235
        Puggle Bunny says:

        He’s got form for overdoing it and thereby being a twat.


        • 243
          Scarlets Rolling in the Rolland says:

          GAWD!!! everytime I see his mush in the HoC, I wonder how many inbred diseases and genetic inflictions he is carrying.


  25. 111
    Did we know this says:

    Ken Clarke


    • 146
      Ghost of Cook reports past says:

      In short: Yes.

      No one is above the law, especially MPs.

      This is related to the Ben Fellow’s stuff – more elsewhere.

      It is not clear if Fellow’s ever made a formal complaint to the police: If so it should be followed up as per procedure which should involve a discrete interview, but these days will involve arrest, house search, lots of publicity etc.

      Fellows was the undercover reporter who broke the failings at G4S / Olympics last year. Good investigative reporter, but odd background.


    • 319
      Blowing Whistles says:

      That link re: Ben / Clarke / dubious immunity from prosecution and all of the text of it has been ‘copied’ “In The Public Interest” because it is:

      A matter of “Public Controversy” (And WILL BE DEALT WITH PUBLICLY BTW) – and Kenny and his Builderbugger friends are desperate to conceal their decade upon decades of evilwrongdoing. Them Builderbuggers are coming to the UK – in June (6-9 June), near Watford at the Grove Hotel … Ho Hum ad of course a free press – won’t be reporting that fact soon He ho …

      Is it any wonder that old kenny boy want’s to leg I Slate to protect him an his “FRIENDS”?


  26. 116
    Tory Care Bear says:

    If I am not mistaken if Labour are returned to power 2015 it will be the first time they have inherited a mess since 1945.



    • 121
      Labour will ruin the country in 12 months says:

      I give it until 2016 before the IMF is called in


      • 127
        Christine Lagarde says:

        The IMF’s bust.


        • 143
          Barosso school of economics says:

          Boris has a tenner.

          Fly to London and sleep with him.

          Charge him a tenner, and put that in the IMF bank account.

          Then you are no longer insolvent.

          If you need another tenner see above economic policy.


      • 321
        Blowing Whistles says:

        The whole EU project has been built from the destructions sheet (riddled with holes) supplied by the Made For Idiots mob of nonces, chancers, liars and general low-life bone-idle cheats …

        Isn’t it time to give the two fingered salute to the IMF / ECB as well as the EU?


    • 124
      The tit in no. 10 (but not for much longer) says:

      Not just a mess but an Eton Mess.


    • 131
      The Co-Op says:

      We have many valuable assets on our books, including this IOU from the Labour Party.


  27. 122
    albacore says:

    They just brought a piano to the house opposite
    The door’s so narrow, the Joanna would hardly fit
    But after deep thought and some careful navigation
    The sucker ended in pride of place occupation
    Thank heavens M Ps don’t have to tax themselves like that
    And expenses give them mansions fit for a fat cat


  28. 130
    Tory Care Bear says:



    • 132
      David "Tinkerbell" Cameron says:

      My 2015 election campaign song but needs more pink though! x


      • 144
        Ed practises his "tweet" for 11 May 2015 says:

        ‘Good man. Prime Minister during a difficult period for the country .Staunch supporter of consensus politics and a liberal conservative. He ‘will never be forgotten by the Tory Party and their supporters for what he did for the Tory Party “


        • 192
          Do Pay Attention! says:

          Dream on. 2015 is another nailed on hung parliament.

          Only in the next one, UKIP will be the third party and the Lib-Dim’s evaporated.


    • 135
      Diane Ab's Abbott says:

      Mmmmmm Eton Trifles :D


  29. 136
    Dave the Statesman says:

    ” I intend to allow my MPs and Ministers a free vote on the amendment stating regret that there is no mention of an EU Referendum to my government’s Queens Speech. I fully support their stance, Unfortunately I shall be engaged in important government business and be out of the country on the day of the vote. But I wish them all the very best


    • 150
      The European Dream says:

      Dave should be aware that even if the UK decides to exit the EU, he will still be able to fly over for pancakes and a trip to the p0rn museum with Rumpy, the family Clegg and miscellaneous other strange gentlemen with badly styled moustaches and bad body odour.

      (What the hell else does he do their ?)

      No need to pu$$y out of the amendment vote. He can simply abstain if he wants to.


  30. 142
    Sir Alex says:

    Are you allowed chewing gum in the House Of Lords?


  31. 152
    Windmills & Woofters says:

    Cameron is fucking useless.

    Drop the drip.


    • 186
      Dimwit ‘Dave’ of Drowning Street says:

      The Consarvitive Paarty hang on my every word! . . . geddit??? Hahahahaha!


    • 231
      Nick Clegg, Chief Cockroach (you know - the one with the imaginary friend) says:

      The last drip always goes down your leg.


      Get out of my pants, Dave, you perv.


  32. 157
    Stitch that says:

    Ed Balls


  33. 163
    Chuka's Tube Trash says:


    • 185
      Trotskyite Lennie says:

      Is Barack Obama the American Chuka Umunna?

      Is Mickey Mouse wearing a Chuka Umunna watch?

      Is the people of Streatham trash who would vote for anyone innit?

      Yes comrade, the quality of your modern Walthamstow socialist has gone to the dogs.


      • 198
        Chucka's best friend who comments on Guido blog says:

        –> Is Barack Obama the American Chuka Umunna?

        –> Is Mickey Mouse wearing a Chuka Umunna watch?

        –> Is the people of Streatham trash who would vote for anyone innit?

        –> Yes comrade, the quality of your modern Walthamstow socialist has gone to the dogs.
        But not in Walthamstow where they closed the dog track. This is an issue which concerns Chucka, along with cancer, world hunger and other trending twitter topics which could help secure votes.

        Chucka is the logical choice for leadership of the Labour party.

        Vote Chucka.


    • 194
      Chucky Egg says:

      Keep up with the latest changes to one of the most edited Wiki entries on the web, up there with the McAlpine / Lawd entries:


    • 205
      Chuka Ummuna says:

      Trash, nods head in an annoyed way, not a smiley face :(


  34. 168
    Marie Antoinette says:

    All the shit you’ve heard about me is false, whereas
    all the shit you’ve heard about Nick Clegg is but the tip of the iceberg.


    • 195
      Revd. Teflon (£rd Fucking Way) Phoney B£iar, sanctimonious git and £iar, emoting and wiv stupid grin says:

      Hi !!! and Hullo !!!! . . . it’s ME – and I’M VERY VERY RICH !!!! – thanks to Noo£ieBore !!!!!!

      But seriously Anton-ette – and you’re sure to understand – – regret to tell you no can show you my expenses – they all got shredded somehow!!

      Bye – must fly! – and good luck with Wooden Blocky Choppy thingy!


  35. 180
    Bazinga! says:

    Actually the NHS is just one of the many turds this country laid that stink up the planet.

    The BBC is another along with the Guardian and the Labour party.


    • 209
      Vote Tory, get heir to Blair says:

      Imagine the uproar if a chap was allowed to chair a public enquiry on the NHS murders at Stafford Hospital saying the NHS was total crap.

      Yet here we have a biased QC saying:

      He said it (the NHS) was the country’s “most valuable social asset”.

      Whatever happened to the principle of independent public enquiries?

      Would Leveson have got the job if he had said that all the press should be shot? Oh hang on, of course would.


  36. 193
    Dan Hodges says:

    “I wasn’t that drunk.” “Owen Jones, you coloured your dick with Crayola markers and started yelling “Taste the rainbow fellas.”


    • 199
      Owin Jones says:



  37. 200
    Aunt Hilda says:

    very apposite article from Quentin Letts using language quoted on here years ago. Come on Quentin up the parlance .. clegg was exposed as a spineless ‘say what it takes’ sort in the first TV debate.


  38. 202
    Ah! Monika says:

    West Yorkshire police find Hitler did not have a case to answer.


    • 204
      Peter Sutcliffe says:

      When was the last time West Yorkshire police found anything ?


      • 236
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        It is doubtful they could even come up with a proverbial “road map” without assistance, and they may constantly need to be reminded where their “both-hands” are, before they can attempt any other sort of searching.


  39. 203
    Ah! Monika says:

    Give Dave a postal vote. Simps.


  40. 206

    As so endth the roast of Moussa Koussa Mark 8
    A day I have planned for the whole of the previous night
    Thank you for your support
    Good night and God bless


    • 211
      Old Nick Heavenly says:

      And a very fine performance it was as well, Mr Cat.


      • 218

        Hi Nick! Long time!

        Hope all is well with you and yours.

        The remark above is actually part of my trolling fan club. Of course, he is completely mistaken if he thinks that is the end of it. It is only the beginning. Not even the end of the beginning.

        He says thanks for the support but I would not put it on because I don’t know where it has been…


        • 234
          Rat's arse says:

          Cat, you did a fine demolition job on that silly sod MKM8.

          Let’s hope that’s the end of his inane ramblings now.

          By the way folks, we are not all murdering buffoons in the NHS. I work solely in the Operating Theatres, and I honestly do my best to keep them alive.

          One of the main problems is lack of discipline & respect on the Wards, with a lot of the Staff behaving as if they are at Butlins. Most of the ward Sisters are useless & too many staff are either too young, or can’t speak English properly.


          • Hi Rats!

            I know you are one of the good guys and to be fair there are probably bad guys in any system.

            Your point about discipline & respect is spot on. The Sisters of some decades ago grew up with a different ethos. When I was young, they had all seen war times and these qualities were essential. It is understandable that with prolonged peace, the standards should have changed but the ones you mention are always necessary in an environment where it can be, literally, a matter of life and death.

            The fact that you mention that demonstrates that you recognise this. The language problem is a big one. In all European countries now, English is taught as the first foreign language. I often find it easier to converse with them in Austria or Germany than I used to in England!

            When I was younger, I knew quite a lot of nurses at one time and boy, did they know how to party when off duty! I am sure it was an outlet for their stress experienced within the job so they needed to let off steam. Completely understandable and how could I have had any objections? :-)


    • 214
      3D Printer - we are the new world order says:

      We shall be printing many more Moussa Koussas. Your victory is hollow and trivial.


      • 219

        You have just explained the lack of brainpower aspect very powerfully.

        You can print as many as you will but not a single one of them will ever be right.


        • 221
          3D Printer - we are the new world order says:

          We have you on the run, resistance is futile.


        • 247
          3D Printer - we are the new world order says:

          The law of probability means that if we print enough Moussa Koussas at least one will be right. We have the time and inclination to make you eat your words. Join us, you know it makes sense, we cannot be overcome.


          • Fallacy alert!

            It does not matter how many times you utter an untruth, it will still be untrue.

            Problem is, you guys never learn from your mistakes.


          • Fortunately I do not fall to be judged by you or your sort.

            I live as I dream, and you shall not cause me rise to your so unattractive bait.

            I am, and therefore need to be, a free spirit guided by my principles of what is right (me) and what is wrong (you)

            Try your best, I will remain unfazed by your pathetic attempts.

            And so say I!


          • Anonymous says:

            what a bunch of crap


          • 2:45 pm: fake alert.

            The attempt at style is derisory.

            I take it as a weird form of flattery.


          • Moussa Koussa Watch says:

            Rare footage, said to be Moussa Koussa at home


          • tanzanite says:

            There you go SC MK is really edballs He’s the one who said ‘ tell the public a lie often enough and they will believe it’!!


          • 3D Printer - we are the new world order says:

            We have run out of print medium. I wonder if we can print some print medium, or would that just be a pipe dream?


          • @MKW

            I listened to this video in full and came to the conclusion that the presenter was quite sane, at least as compared with Moussa Koussa.


  41. 207
    Lord Owen Jones of Stockport says:

    Why dont you admit it we all know who you are?

    ELM GUEST HOUSE: Media teeter on brink of naming former Tory minister


  42. 212
    Blair fail says:

    – UKIP very much do represent the interests of the UK.
    – Blair did lose to Chirac in the end
    – This was 2005, interesting how things have played out to 2013.


    • 263
      The Public says:

      Blair was pure bluster when confronted with the truth. Cameron is the same.


      • 295
        the best days are yet to come.. says:

        on the former point spot on…on the later no no no


      • 323
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Never forget that the MSM ‘sold you’ “Brand Blair” – they told you the whole truth AND all of it because they are a ‘free press’ right!!! and they were not taking the pee out of the public ‘in cahoots’ with the pygmies in them Westminster Circus tents that they promote as being at the forefront of a modern open and transparent 21st century democracy … you know wot I mean yeah right?


  43. 215
    Jeremy & Tristram - The Brothers C/Hunt says:

    Jeremy – Did you really think you were going to get a multi-funded German style health care system? We’ve got different plans…Kerching!

    Tristram – NHS is the bedrock of Britain..what makes Britain great…Stafford hospital, lessons will be learned…drone…drone.


  44. 217

    Why is it ok to give tax breaks to American film companies who employ a few very highly paid people
    and not ok for other American firms to avoid tax , who employ thousands of people ?

    just a thought ?


    • 220
      oh my, the footwork! says:

      One can provide fame, most important to politicians, the other can only provide money, they are already at the trough of business so they know the money will be theirs, fame on the other hand.


      • 240
        albacore says:

        What LibLabCons get is notoriety
        Infamy earned by their impropriety
        All they’re ever famed for is making a mess
        Where formerly we enjoyed orderliness


    • 248
      Down Shep says:

      Usual Politicians hyperbole (George Osborne) to announce that the next Star Wars film will be made in Britain, the truth of the matter is that some of it will be made in Britain, tax breaks kick in over 25% of content (?), so likely that 25.5 % of it will be made in Britain, the bits we do good at, but it still supports jobs and generates income for the country and it is in the nature of film production that it is cross border multi-sourced anyway, scenic locations in one place, set capability in another, CGI, special effects somewhere else. Most of Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit were filmed in New Zealand, good landscapes was one reason but also good tax breaks for film makers was the main one. If you ever look at the end credits of these big budget films you can see that they do not just employ a few highly paid p*ople. Just Saying.


      • 254
        illogical says:

        No truth in the rumour they will be using Di-Abbutt as Jabba the Hut to save on make up and special effects?


        • 260
          Down Shep says:

          That’s unkind, the largest fixed film set in the World is in Ealing, not Hackney, or is it the other way around?.


      • 284
        TRENCHERBONE says:

        Few hundred V several thousand


  45. 262
    BBC sub editor says:

    {This year, teenagers taking GCSEs in England will be given extra marks in some key subjects for correct spelling, punctuation and grammar for the first time.}

    Err, should there be a comma after ‘England’ in the above, or not?


    • 267

      Methinks in the negative but tis an interesting one


      • 269

        Style hopeless, Mr Troll.


        • 286
          Schrödinger's cat is a psuudo-intellectual twattwat says:

          The style is the same – pure pseudo-intellectual twat – are you trolling yourself


        • 303
          3D Printer - we are the new world order says:

          We can print an infinite number of Mr.Trolls, beware it could happen.


      • 273
        'tis says:

        No, there shouldn’t be a comma there.
        (What about the rest of the UK ? Do the rules not apply to them ?)


        There shouldn’t be a BBC, of course, so the original question is somewhat academic.


      • 324
        Blowing Whistles says:

        I have enjoyed reading through the SC / MK spat today it has been interesting if not fucking boring at times. For the moment I shall keep my powder dry; save to say that about a year ago I must have beaten off some 300 or more attack dogs / trolls and eventually got some of the pillocks on here to address the “content” of what was posted ‘rather’ than being predictable indoctrinated droll trolls “attacking the man” (not the subject matter) – just saying like – sincerely flattered …?


        • 325
          Schrödinger's cat is a psuudo-intellectual twattwat says:

          go f*ck yourself 8illy


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            At Cmnt 327 – whatever else may lie behind the SC / MK spat – I reply to your comment about me being 8illy.

            Your ‘Presumption’ of who is who is quite, quite wrong.

            Your “Obsession” however is quite clearly evident. As another commentor similarly stated – “Get out more”.


  46. 264
    Down Shep says:

    “This Government are taking away people’s security and piece of mind and causing worry and anxiety. And I’ve heard anecdotally that the suicide rate is increasing.”… Yeah! go top yourself you mass murderer :-)


    • 266
      Down Shep says:

      Andy Burnham cant even be bothered to check up the facts on suicide rates, “anecdotally”, indeed.


      • 293
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        “Anecdotally,” which, when I were a mere strip of a lad, back before Willie had ever shaken a spear, used to be called “Chinese Whispers” when the rumour-mongering took the form of “this one told that one who told the other one…” and so forth. Anecdotally, there’s a body of water in Scotland which has a rather large creature living there, so I’ve been told…and if we were to go by all the stories, wouldn’t we have some “official” governmental policy on “Nessie,” you know, “endangered species,” something along those lines? Shouldn’t we, if conjecture is enough to make something so?

        Oh, no, I’ve said too much…they’ll set it up! Here’s me in the corner– here’s me in the spotlight, losing my religion…


  47. 265
    Dan Hodges says:

    Owen Jones “I’m above the ground, which is a real plus at the age of 28″


    • 275
      Guido Fawkes says:

      Owen Jones,you must have been born on a highway, cause that’s where most accidents happen.


  48. 270
    Andy Burnham says:

    I’ve heard anecdotally that the suicide rate is rising because of this baby eating government..

    As for Stafford Hospital, that was all Thatcher’s fault. And the million dead in Iraq, also Thatcher’s fault.


    • 291
      We have 45 minutes to save the World says:

      It is a well accepted fact that had not the Tory War-mongers voted for war that Bliar would not have been forced to invade Iraq..


  49. 271
    Down Shep says:

    Footy time.


  50. 272
    Andy Burnham says:

    Under Labour, no one ever committed suicide.

    Except Dr Kèlly. Two aspirin and a nick on the wrist are lethal, don’t you know.


  51. 274
    Thought for the Day says:

    Andy Burnham has the kind of face you’d never tire of punching.


  52. 281
    Party Political from Chucka Obama says:

    Vote Chuckip !

    Chuckip is a new and exciting party: The Chucka Independence Party.

    Tired of travelling with the ordinaries on the underground, sick of having to deal with plebby etonians in the HoC ? Chuckip is the party for you.

    Endorsed by:

    Keith Vaz : The smoothest man of substance since Teflon Tony
    Ed Balls : Because he said it could help his chances of becoming chancellor and has no outstanding loans with the Co-Op
    Harriet Harman : Well, not really, but sure she would if we let her get on with her PIE advocacy :-)

    Vote Chuckip.
    – We have more policies than Ed !


  53. 287
    Answer of the day says:

    And I’ve heard anecdotally that the suicide rate is increasing.”

    Dear Andy, prove it!


    • 297
      tanzanite says:

      It probably is in the Labour Party. militwit has said again today that the electorate are not to be trusted on an In/Out vote over the EU. He knows best he said and it’s best that we stay in and eventually join the Euro.

      I bet loads of his backbenchers are feeling suicidal over this loony labour leader.


    • 300
      Ed says:

      When UNITE says “jump” then I’ll jump. Don’t try to stop me.


    • 316
      The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

      Suicides are being reported correctly now which is why the stats are showing an increase.

      Go back to when the defs / guidelines were changed, about 2003, and you will find when they started to increase.


  54. 289
    Iam Monia says:

    Just going for a leak. I may be some eons.


  55. 292
    Not So Mad says:

    And you think the Tour de France is tough?
    Check this Brit out. Cycling for a World Record from tip of Norway to tip of Spain.
    Impressed? Donate to the Lupus Foundation.


  56. 294
    Gordon says:

    Today I am supporting Wigan and Manchester City


  57. 298
  58. 301
    Jimmy Arsebuck says:



  59. 308
    Owen Jones says:

    Who else had that one pen with a 4 colours, and tried to push all the buttons at once.

    I know I have.


  60. 309

    So. Time to draw some wider lessons from Moussa’s type of error.

    1. If the answer to every problem is to pass new legislation, then your approach to politics is wrong.

    2. If the law does not forbid you from doing something, then it must be allowed but needn’t become compulsory.

    3. Keep the law simple. Complex law almost never makes the citizen’s lives better. It just makes the lawyers rich. Repeal 20% of the legislation every year for a decade.

    4. Spend within the country’s means and not more so. Balancing the budget within the economic cycle has come to mean borrow what you can’t afford and get someone else to foot the bill if you are no longer in office. If you are miraculously still in office then the only way is to borrow even more. That stops overnight.

    5. Keep the State simple. Limit the payscales of public servants. If they want more they can go out and get private enterprise to pay them (subject to certain rules which will be enforced). Limit the number of chiefs to Indians. Flat management structures are more effective and lead to less empire building.

    6. Pensions of civil service personnel must be capped to an amount related to the OAP.

    7. Everyone in public employment must be able to speak English to a level that they can function properly. Stop translating documents into other continent’s languages.

    8. Offer a 10% development corporation tax to any company manufacturing corporeal goods in the UK. Offer a reduced Employer’s NIC to all such companies. Send some of the pencil pushers out to ensure production is going on and they must get it evidenced. No back-handers.

    9. If any part of this finds opposition from EU bodies, withdraw piecemeal and unilaterally from the treaties under which they endeavour to prevent the will of the British government. They will soon get the message and will have to consider how hard they want to push us. Our exit can be hastened by them which is much smarter than us threatening to withdraw. If we ever go back it will only be on our terms, otherwise not at all. If they want to push us too hard, they bring their own pack of cards down around them.

    10. Give houseowners, every two years, a special banded vote on what level of council tax they are prepared to pay. (They will not be able to vote for no tax at all unless their council has adequate income to cover all its needs.) What they vote for will be legally binding upon their council. If the council needs to raise more then they can raise it from the other earning adults who do not own their property or simply do without. They can call it Poll Tax if they wish.


    • 311
      any old crap says:

      Mr Cat the only thing you are/will be getting from commenting to/about a Liebour supporter is expert at typing on a keyboard, Liebour supporters are brainwashed into believing what their higher Liebour party apparatchik tells them, it’s not worth bothering about, just treat it as spam or noise.


      • 312
        One of the English Resistance says:

        I will say this as many times as it takes :

        There does indeed seem to be some form of brainwashing involved.
        I have concluded that that’s what the BBC (in particular) has been doing for a great many years, which is why I mostly avoid it like the plague. I am very selective in my TV viewing.
        Similarly, I do no more than skim the newspapers on-line any more because when you start reading them critically you realise that most of their output is adulterated with left-wing distortion and lies. There is been no major right-wing newspaper in the UK since the Telegraph was got at some years ago.
        It’s all getting somewhat reminiscent of ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ out there.


    • 326
      Schrödinger's cat is a psuudo-intellectual twattwat says:

      Get lost you twat


  61. 314
    Gordon Bennett says:

    Just read the Wrong Miliband’s speech to ‘Progress annual conference 2013′ (whatever that is).
    Nothing’s changed – still no admission of having caused all the mess, no clue and no ideas, just empty waffle.
    Do you suppose his ambition was always to be someone else’s glove-puppet ?


  62. 327

    i declare today to be a good day for reason, and a bad day for socialism.
    Moussa may have ignored every post I made, but only because he had no answer. I won which ever way you look at it.
    I will be celebrating with a few friends over a glass or two.
    Goodnight and God bless.
    V is for victory


  63. 329
    Blowing Whistles says:

    George Tremlett – former leader of the GLC is a very interesting charachter. He has links to the music world and the likes of Gary Glitter, many dj’s and many many others – its even [this is a conspiracy site as you know] said that he was a visitor at Elm Lodge the place where even the likes of Leon Brittan and Cliff Richard did some things …. if yeu know wot I mean – as for Kenny boy the fag clarkey well yes he too is on the LIST.


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