May 4th, 2013

Saturday Seven Up


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    Maqboul says:

    One step behind

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      One vast and trunkless Clegg of stone
      Stands in the desart.

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      Are they pretending not to know? says:

      The political establishment are still pretending to know the reason for UKIPs rise.

      The Guardiannistas say it is ALL about immigration.
      Team Davve say it is a reaction aagainst austerity.

      Well boys, I don’t believe that you don’t know the real reasons, but just in case.

      There would be no immigration problem if it were not for the EU and treating the effect rather than the cause is pointless.

      What austerity?

      The political classes have not learned a thing from their drubbing in the polls.

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        New Kips on the block says:

        The meteoric rise of UKIP makes it much more likely that there will be a hung parliament at the next GE. A coalition between Tory and UKIP would be a totally different animal to the current wet one. Cameron would be out for sure and the Lib Dems would be out in the cold again.

        Only Farage of the leaders is honest enough to admit that nobody knows what will happen next. But personally I can’t see the EU sorting out the mess and crippling damage it has done within the next few years? Things can only get worse as debts mount, unemployment rises and the European economies stagnate, weighed down by bureaucracy and socialist policies that favour workers over the wealth and job creators.

        So why would UKIP not continue to take two steps forward and one step back?

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          Fishy says:

          But UKIP are not likely to get any MPs.

          • New Kips on the block says:

            Neither were the Greens and they had far less support throughout the country. What UKIP need to do is to prioritise the areas they have done particularly well in and concentrate on them as the Greens did in Brighton. Then they can win several seats at a General election.

            The SNP in Scotland had little support at one time. Look at them now.

            Plus the Lib Dems came from almost nowhere in the two weeks before the last GE. UKIP have two years to build on their popularity.

          • Mr Nobody says:

            Brighton is an exception. The Greens didn’t do so well in their other target seat in Norwich. If UKIP are very lucky and do exceptionally well they may come within a few thousand votes in a constituency or two at the next election. They won’t win seats, but they will take a lot of the anti-Labour votes which the Tories and Lib Dems would normally receive. That will enable Miliband to win with a big majority.

            Labour will then claim a mandate for Ed Balls’ deeply flawed economics. So I warn you, don’t have any savings. Don’t have any assets. Don’t own a home. Don’t have shares or a private pension. Five years of Ed Balls will destroy all of these things and more.

          • New Kips on the block says:

            What the timid Tories can’t understand is that UKIP followers are Thatcherite Tories while the current Tories are Blairite Labour Tories. I’d hate to see either back in power and only UKIP voters have the guts to vote for real change.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Caroline Lucas – Greeny ‘bought up the gay vote’ … Dohhh!

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        I Remember You Hoo says:

        “The political classes have not learned a thing from their drubbing in the polls.”

        Good, leave them to their ignorance. The cozy lefty chatterati haven’t got a clue and that’s to our massive advantage.

        Next come the EU elections, I wonder what lefty drivel they will come out with, if we win them?

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        AEven Pickles is in on the act says:

        Nadine Dorries live on the Telly told Pickles that her constituents were pissed off with Windmills going up everywhere and ruining their lives and countryside while the government subsidised the landowners. In other words the government are re-distributing her constituents’ taxes to make landowners rich to the detriment of her constituents’ lives.

        Pickles said he agreed with Nadine but went on to talk about something completely different.

        The political class are just taking the Piss.

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          I Remember You Hoo says:


          Pickles has been in on it all from day one.

          • V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

            The scum political class still don’t get it. They need to get out of Europe, stop all immigration, send back the criminals and illegals, bring back the death penalty, fix the economy, slash the welfare bill, put housing benefit claimants in caravans, halve the number of MP’s and Lords and weed out the parasites in Quangos and the public sector.

          • No steps forward 100 steps back says:

            Never happen too many people who have power are sucking at the the tax payers teat, like the ones who have lived for years on benefits they won’t give up and will fight tooth and nail to have the freebie carry on even if the country goes bankrupt.

          • Dick the Prick says:

            Pickles is an authoritarian runt. When faced with the prospect of losing his casting vote on Bradford town council he just changed the rules. He couldn’t give a fuck about democracy and should do the decent and have a massive coronary.

          • Time To End Postal Voting says:

            He’s not very interested in reforming local government. There are some particularly badly run councils where corruption in endemic and he does nothing about it. One day we will get to see all his own bank balances. I do hope that they don’t shed light on the situation.

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          STEWART HALL says:

          Why wouldn’t Dave give the money to the land owner for his wind farm ?
          his father in law has them and when he pops his clogg’s Dave gets the laundered money back

          Great Tory retirement plan , What Ho!

        • 80
          Wyle Cop says:

          If Pickles had any sense he’d shut his Ministry down. I mean, WTF is the Department for Communitehs? The country managed perfectly well – indeed, better – without it until 1997.

          But no, once he gets his fat arse in the big chair it’s business as usual in their palatial HQ opposite Vic Station.


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        Village Idiot says:

        The political party’s should really take note…The clue, once again, is in the name….United Kingdom Independence Party….but all we get is denial, even nick , who must have a vested interest in the EU..(Robinson)

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          The answer is 42. How long will it take the political class to work out the question? says:

          Tell you what. During all the deep thinking and educated commentary from the political establishment over the last 48 hours. Most of it 99.9999% bullshit. I kept thinking, almost shouting. THEY STILL DO NOT GET IT.

          The reason as you quite rightly point out is in the name. UNITED KINGDOM INDEPENDENCE PARTY.

          Why are they trying to think up complicated answers to a simple question? Probably because they don’t know what the Question is.

          • Anonymous says:

            The political elite and their cronies from the LibLabCon are all ganging up against the new boy with the line “obviously we will have to scrutinise their policies”

            They don’t have to scrutinise Ukip polices, they need to ADOPT them.

            They just don’t get it

          • A Spokesman for Camoron, Clogg ang Millionaireband says:

            We know that we have to work much harder for the dumbass public to understand our policies.

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        Lord Stansted says:

        Indeed they do not get it. Theresa May on the Today programme is a perfect example. She spoke as a paid-up member of the political class, telling us that *they* knew of the concerns of “hard working families” (God, do I hate that patronising phrase.) Her list of issues *she knew* we had of course didn’t include a referendum on eu membership. May simply made this ex-Tory voter certain that voting UKIP is the right thing – the only thing – to. Bring on the next election!

        • 108
          Hard working families are better than families says:

          Yes she even had a think bubble correction moment. She first said “families”, then the PC gene kicked in and she added “hard working families”

          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            Theresa May is as thick as they come, yet she has delusions of even higher office, than which she has been massively over-promoted to already.

        • 259
          Lord Stansted says:

          May has now said that “the Conservative party must honour its pledge to hold a referendum on the EU”. Please, no more pledges, No more honours, No more words. Just hold the referendum now.

          • CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

            May started the destruction of the traditional Conservative Party by describing it as “the Nasty Party”. Cameron used that as the starter to destroy the party completely.

            May does have delusions of grandeur but she’s definitely no Maggie Thatcher.

          • Vote conservative for uncontrolled immigration says:

            Why a referendum ?

            Absolutely no need for it.

            Just invoke article 50 and leave.

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          Who Want's Some! says:

          Exactly so, UKIP is creating the catalyst for removing ‘I feel your pain’ patronising political elite. They won’t form the next government but they can really influence the leadership of the Conservative Party to the point of getting rid of Dave and the New Romantics and getting us to a proper party of national leadership that is Conservative and genuinely wants to have small government/state. There is much work to be done and there will be hard knocks on the way, next year will see two key events the Euro Parliament elections where UKIP must keep up the pressure and do as well as possible and the Scots vote on independence. If the latter is a yes then UKIP has the chance to set not only the agenda on Europe for 2015 GE but also the future of the Conservative party.

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        Expat Geordie says:

        I saw a comment yesterday on, I think, one of the Telegraph Blogs. It went along the lines of “if you were in the centre ground of politics in the 1960′s and stayed there you would now be classed as a right wing extremist”.

        I suspect that a lot of people, Old Labour and Old Tory, still hold those 60′s centre ground views, and find that today’s political parties have long since ceased to represent them. I suspect that this is where a lot of UKIPs support might come from – an old fashioned party, with old fashioned views, which strikes a chord with the old fashioned, decent people of Britain.

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          Lord Stansted says:


        • 300
          CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

          however the soviet union imploded on 1960s lefties.

        • 341
          Real Conservatives vote UKIP says:

          Exactly so.

        • 363
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Never forget that the Politicised Press & Media – have been selling on the political left / right trash and bull5hit for decades – they too have been a part of the deception – It is all and is ‘only’ about keeping public joe dumbed down and paying his taxes through the nose – no matter which tribe of mongs happens to be ‘in government’.

      • 290
        the rise of indi uk. says:

        as the golden balls sink….the donga gooseup.

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    Owen Jones says:

    If you’ve never passed out from drinkin or smokin too much, You’re a pussy

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      I’m so glad Dave went after those gays as he did. It saved him from sinking right to the bottom.

      Aren’t you feeling good about it too?

    • 32
      George Gallahway says:


    • 59
      Old Blind Pugh says:

      “If you’ve passed out from drinkin or smokin too much, You’re a pussy”, you are a young, small underage drinker who cannot take the booze that that you thought you could. Leave the booze for the big boys “Owen” old chap until you are a man, by that time you will not be able to buy booze because it will be too expensive.

      • 71
        DAVE "village people" CAMERON says:

        In future i intend to make it impossible for you to pass out from drinking
        as it will be so expensive that you won’t be able to afford it !
        Unless that is , you are gay . As a wedding gift to all my gay friends , i will give a 50% discount on alcohol and Fags

        Another vote winner from the master of politics !

        Toodlie pippy !

    • 185
      R Choudary says:

      Drinking is haram, being gay is haram, one more strike and you are out Jones.

      • 291
        3rd time unlakir. says:

        lakir. is the
        line 4 the poor.
        to access 4, 123 has to zero out.

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    From spain says:

    We”are fucked

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    Dan Hodges says:

    Two thirds of the Cabinet — 18 out of 29 ministers — are millionaires.From 6 April, unlike you, they’ll get a £42,000 tax cut.

    • 6
      Owen Jones says:

      Ed Miliband is turning the party round. Dan Hodges, on the other hand, is an ugly Tory cuckoo intent on destroying Labour for Camerons gain.

      • 33
        Anonymous says:

        Dan Hodges tells it as it is. The only way Labour is getting the keys to No 10 is if the right lets it. The political battleground, bloody as it is, has moved to the right. This isn’t the 90s anymore. This uncut/occupy/Toynbee shtick is for the birds.

        • 74
          • Democracy Now says:

            The voters have not moved very far. It is is the Westminster parties who have abandonned vast swathes of the public and irritated the hell out of everyone by their lies and misplaced priorities. UKIP have benefitted from a catastrophic failure by parliament to reflect the will of the people.

          • There's always an angle says:

            He sneaked in the usual lie: “The cuts are biting”, which of course is compete cobblers. There haven’t been any cuts. We are still running up more and more massive debts to fund an over-bloated state.

          • Miliband Inferior says:

            Quicik…quick everbody…turn the bandwagon round…we’re going the wrong way.

            Quickly before anyone notithes.

            One nathion…one nathion…one nathion…piethes of eight…who’s a pretty boy…too far too fatht….look at me, no notes…look at me…look, over here…one nathion.

      • 293
        3rd time unlakir. says:

        cameron is a cum ruin.
        a spoila.
        fight leads to xxx.
        xxx leads to death.
        …and a starrs…..r…us…………. is born.
        freddie starr ate
        ………………ate the drugs….zar.

    • 7
      Bob Fleming says:

      As long as they acquired their wealth legally then it’s nobodies business but theirs

      • 302
        CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

        Er they can and have changed the law for their benefit at our expense.

    • 8
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      Jeez Dan, are you really THAT thick?

    • 24
      New Kips on the block says:

      Ed Milliband is a millionaire. Tony Blair makes millionaires look like paupers.

      • 54
        Jackass Straw says:

        I’m a millionaire too but let’s keep that quiet.

        • 82
          Handel says:

          Have you spent all the texan gas bribe money yet?

        • 87
          Hilary Benn says:

          Me too, but like you Jack, I too am a man of the people. Well, that’s what I bullshit them into thinking.

          • Tony Benn ( millionaire ) says:

            That’s my boy!

          • Margaret Hodge says:

            I find it rather vulgar to enquire about my alleged £150 million fortune. Or even worse, my tiny, tiny, tiny tax bill.

          • Harriet Harman ( millionairess ) says:

            Agreed Margaret, personal wealth, public school education and being a member of the aristocracy, should not be a bar on one being a member of the Labour party, the party of the working, or as Chukka would call them, trash class.

          • Chuka Ummana says:

            Don’t, whatever you do, mention to my trash constituents, that I’m a millionaire. Oops too late……

          • 3rd time unlakir. says:

            billi…and the air though is..
            a billi.and air.
            tri….is the collective 4.
            …….support the 4.
            do something.

    • 207
      Expat Geordie says:

      Define millionaire. Is it someone with assets of over £1 million? If so, I doubt very much that they will get anything like that as a tax cut. Or is it someone earning over £1 million per annum, in which case then yes, they might get that as a tax cut. I suspect that the country could get more benefit from the millionaire spending that extra £40k p.a. than if the government did.

      And how much of that extra £40k p.a. will still come back to the government in the form of excise duty, fuel duty, etc.?

  5. 5
    The tit in no. 10 (but not for much longer) says:

    I’d just like to tell you all that I’m a regular kind of guy and I feel your pain.
    I’m in touch and not even a tiny bit snobby.
    Hope that’s cleared that up.


    Lots of love




    (Bloody fruitcakes !)

    • 9
      Prediction says:

      Hung Parliament 2015, 10 UKIP MP’s.

      • 23
        Anonymous says:

        Yes 10 UKIP MPs entirely surplus to Labour’s requirements.

        • 25
          New Kips on the block says:

          Or it could be 10 Tory MPs surplus to UKIP requirements the way things are going.

          • Planet Earth says:

            Go on. Keep counting those chickens.

          • Old Timer says:

            24% and rising.
            Cluck, cluck.

          • Planet Earth says:

            Well done. Let’s just forget it wasn’t 24% nationwide nor a GE.

          • Dick the Prick says:

            It’s fucked up every marginal though

          • The games afoot says:

            The marginals and some. The cat is well and truly among the pigeons now. Plus, if Salmond gets his wish of a yes vote, that’s sixty less Labour MP’s from the off.

            Interesting times indeed.

          • Dick the Prick says:

            Wonder when defections will start. If I had a 2-3000 majority i’d be making phone calls

          • Dave Spartacus says:

            >Wonder when defecations will start.

            They have already, in the Tory party.

          • New Kips on the block says:

            You may say that I am a dreamer but I am not the only one.


            “The BBC’s Projected National Share of the vote was CON 25%, LAB 29%, LDEM 14%, UKIP 23%. The results for both the Conservatives and Labour are strikingly low… but this is more an artefact of the high level of UKIP support.”

            What this all boils down to is that UKIP only need to find a few more percentage of the national vote to become England’s largest party, consigning the Eton Toff party to the dustbin of history.

            And in General election more people will vote. More people who are obviously not all that committed to any party or they would have bothered to vote on Thursday.

            So people who want UKIP policy should grow some balls and vote for what they believe in while Britain is still a sovereign nation.

      • 60
        Old Blind Pugh says:

        Do you mean well hung?

  6. 11

    The least worst form of government just deteriorated.

  7. 13
    Wanker Gover says:

    David Cameron is strong on immigration.

    I am a total fuckwit.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha

    • 67
      Old Blind Pugh says:

      The immigration has been going on for well over 50 years now, it keeps wages down, very useful for seasonal jobs, stop the immigration and listen to employers squeal, we have had immigration from Southern Ireland, India, Pakistan, West Indies for years, they demanded independence from the UK, then promptly came over to the UK a lot were invited after WW2

      • 115
        The enemy is within the gates says:

        Immigration used to run at around 20 to 35 thousand a year until Labour decided to ‘rub peoples noses in it’ and bring in half a million a year. Now the EU control our borders, there is no effective mechanism to stop 1, 2, or more MILLION coming every year.

        • 127
          Immigration 101 says:

          Of course there is. You don’t allow them to get on the train or plane because they do not have a visa. They don’t have a visa because you don’t issue them with one.

          More to the point, give magistrates the power (and duty) to inquire if anyone brought before them on any charge is in the Uk legally and if not, oblige them to detain them and the UK border agency to remove them.

          Magistrates should also have the power to require deportation of any non-British person, legally in the UK for less than five continuous years, who they sentence to more than three months in prison. In cases involving violence or dishonesty there should be a legal presumption that they will order deportation.

          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            Are you suggesting we do not allow the free movement of EU nationals within the EU?

            If you imagine we can unilaterally break the terms and conditions of an EU treaty obligation without sanction, you are living in cuckoo land.

            As for non-EU nationals, all they have to do is claim asylum and we are bound by yet another international treaty, to take them, house them and give them free education, housing, healthcare and free money.

            Precisely how you imagine we can stop them boarding trains, planes, boats or ferries in a foreign country, is frankly, bizarre thinking.

            Finally, the UKBA is an EU agency ( the clue is in the word agency ) they follow EU rule and law and the agency is administered on behalf of the EU by the Home Office.

          • Immigration 101 says:

            Are you suggesting we do not allow the free movement of EU nationals within the EU?

            Yes, in the sense that London is awash with ‘EU citizens’ exercising none of the treaty rights they are supposed to have been exercising. They should only be allowed in with a visa.

            Begging or Big issue is not work, nor is it the provision or receipt of a service. Nor is cstripping lead off church rooves and cables from the railways or picking the pockets of the public, whether directly or by cllaiming benefits or hanging around while you have treatment for free on the NHS.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            How many times must I say it: We the British public DID NOT give Gordon Moron or David marxist a lawful mandate to sign that fucking Lisbon Treaty. Gordon Moron – HAD NO LAWFUL MANDATE (He was not elected by the people) to sign that fucking treaty End Of.

    • 85
      London says:

      I think that many people in Westminster don’t get the immigration issue because they turn up to work so late and don’t take public transport. Try taking a tube train before 9.00am and see how often you hear anyone speaking English.

      • 153
        Anonymous says:

        London’s a global city not a parochial backwater.

        • 181
          The Perception says:

          London is overcrowded and its infrastructure well-over stretched. The last census returns, shocking as they were, grossly underestimated the population because they failed to record about a million illegal immigrants. Huge swathes of the city no longer have English as a commonly spoken lingua franca.

          Entire sectors of the economy have been closed to indigenous working class Londoners because large companies deliberately employ foreigners (the olympic construction was a case in point, as are the mployment practices of starbucks and pret a manger) but small employers keep jobs within their own ‘communities’. Minorities meanwhile are disproportionaltely employed in the charitable, health and public sector because of ‘multicuturalism’.

          • Old Blind Pugh says:

            The answer is that London is where the jobbies are, immigrants are much more likely to go where the jobbies are, no point going to places where there are no jobbies. In years past one of the plus points when getting a job in the construction industry was to have an Irish name.

      • 156
  8. 14
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Cosy cartel with the BBC Lib Dem, Conservative and Labour in the studio whilst the UKIP guy is relegated to the big screen.

    Earlier a line up of Toenails, Edwards, a Tory, Hughes, and Creagh closely sitting together, with Farrage on his own.

    Must be a revolt of the provinces or something.

    • 18

      As it is the BBC, an image of Garry Glitter singing My Gang comes to mind.

      Out of respect for my fellow posters, I won’t post the vid.

      • 69
        Old Blind Pugh says:

        Cat should you really mention Garry Glitter on this welcoming family blog?

      • 104
        where the boys are says:

        I’m willing to bet an image of Gary Glitter comes to your mind on a regular basis.

    • 21
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      Ah the ( very ) old BBC tactic of isolating someone who’s views you oppose, while the consensus crowd, all tut, tut, any message of change as ‘disaster’.

      Gogo-balls, would heartily approve.

      • 76
        DAVE "village people" CAMERON says:

        The BBC 5 live crew spent all yesterday in Nottingham , where Labour regained the council , a fact which they managed to open every sentence with all fuckin day !

    • 28
      New Kips on the block says:

      The more the BBC are seen to be against UKIP the more that UKIP will gain strength. Not all their viewers are dumbasses.

      • 39
        My Lord Prezza of Hull and Damnation, NooLieBore Illumination, commenting on current events, says:

        Woss all this about Ignorants!!!??? Nothing wrong wiv Ignorants!! Tony let millions in! I’m an Ignorant – got no A levorls – me! But look at me – finished up as a Lord!!!!! . . . . anybode gotta pie . . .? . . . . patsy . . . ? . . . chips . . ?

      • 86
        Yankee Go Home says:


        • 205
          Lord Hee Haw says:

          Unless you are a donkey who cannot speak.
          Or you are a stubborn ass who just hates septics and doesn’t believe people in the UK have called each other “asses” for lo these many years.

      • 111
        Lord Stansted says:

        It’s probably 50-50 who’s the better recruiting sergeant for UKIP – the BBC or Ken Clarke.

  9. 17
    red rose donkey country says:

    From previous thread here
    “The Beeb’s projected national share gives Labour just a 6% increase since the dark days of Gordon in 2009. As Mark Pack shows, Labour are the biggest losers from UKIP’s surge…”

    Well watching the BBC news this morning and press review apparently is a bad day for Cameron and labour not even mentioned. The BBC have just given up all pretence now of impartiality

    • 214
      bbc our national .... says:

      what pretence … the leftie inclination hasn’t ever changed .. its their default stance

  10. 30
    Living in 97.1% white Merseyside says:

    All those UKIP councillors eh? How long before they all start getting their noses in the trough. Politicians are all tarred with the same brush yet we keep giving them another chance.

    • 47
      New Kips on the block says:

      And the alternative is…?

    • 52
      Living in 100% thick Merseyside says:

      The professional victims in Scouseland have had their noses in the benefits trough longer than most.

      • 211
        Expat Geordie says:

        For God’s sake don’t tell the truth about Liverpool. You’ll have to do a Boris and go up there in person to grovel and “apologise”.

    • 273
      Old Blind Pugh says:

      The simple fact is that the average voter is just fed up with the clowns and misfits in the HoC and to some extent the HoL that is why UKip has made a big showing. The HoC in all the 3 main parties has consistently sucked up to big business, and big business has run rings round them and Joe Public is asked to pay the bill when things go pear shaped, tax avoidance on a grand scale while of course sucking on the teet of the public purse (subsidies), talk of HS whichever costing £10′sof Billions, renewing trident which appears to be rising in costs all the time £10′ of Billions again (which of course does not help against terrorism), dodgy lending by banks, inability to control illegal immigration the list goes on and on.

    • 280
      Who Want's Some! says:

      It’s our job to keep the f_ckers on the straight and narrow, UKIP are the catalyst for change not the final end game, we won’t change over 50 years of corruption in single day. UKIP need to go on to greater success in the Euro elections next year that will to keep the pressure on. The current ‘democratic’ process is in need root and branch reform but we won’t get that from any of the 3 main parties (remember this country has no even had 100 years yet of universal suffrage it was only in 1918 that ordinary working class men got the vote and then only because the elite was a bit worried that a couple of million ex.squaddies might just take things into their own hands).

    • 314
      CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

      By making sure you voter for
      a) non-incumbent
      b) outside fixed parties
      you can do your bit to reduce LIBLABCON corruption.

    • 315
      CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

      I hope that due to your interst in opposing corruption you’ll be sensible enough to vote for the one party promising smaller government AKA UKIP.

      Smaller government = less areas for corruption.

      • 366
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Don’t lose sight of the ‘old boy’ brigade from the press & mediya who have been ‘selling the public down the swanney’ IN CAHOOTS with the political parasites?

  11. 34
    Taxfodder says:

    Conservatives are “DOOMED” and here’s why…

    Its in a Dog’s nature to Bark, not Moo or cheep.

    A Dog knows no other way, or wants to know…its all it can be or ever will be.

    No amount or regret promises or spin will make it anything else…

    A cow and a sheep knows this…and so does the Dog!

    • 41
      Anonymous says:

      And no matter what the fruitcake says, its still a fruitcake.

      • 45
        Old Timer says:

        24% of the people love fruitcake,
        and clowns,
        and nutters.
        Have a nice day.
        Missing you already!

        • 53
          New Kips on the block says:

          And not many people like the Liblabcon liars, thieves and thugs, except other liars, thieves and thugs. Liblabcon MPs are only voted for out of ignorance. But things are changing thanks to social networking, twitter and the rest of the internet.

          UKIP have gained a much greater share of the votes despite the left-wing BBC and the Tory/Labour newspapers.

          Despite all the money that has been thrown at the Liblabcons.

          Despite the fact that the Liblabcons have thousands of plebs working hard for their masters, while UKIP have so far had precious few.

          Despite all the slurs and smear campaigns waged against them.

          This makes the UKIP rise all the more impressive.

          • local wind says:

            simplistic analysis but popularly touted .. ukip the future of british politics .. its so easy from a standing start of sweet fa

          • JabbaTheCat says:

            Lol…two thirds of the electorate didn’t vote and UKIP failed to gain control of a single council. There were 2362 seats up for grabs, with UKIP winning 147 seats(6.2%), a figure that cannot be massaged into a landslide, outside the mind of the dear leader. Tragically, yet again, the real winner was voter apathy…

          • True Conservative says:

            New kip fanboi.
            Ukip being marmite are only ever going to be a faction/cult of Nigel. I trust Nigel the spiv less than Cameron the spiv. Their last manifesto is barely detailed, simplistic, back of a beer mat, “please everyone” cock that would destroy our finances.

    • 318
      Taxfodder says:

      Voter Apathy..Disinterest…Ignorance…Stupidity…Wrong kind of gullible plebs…

      Or maybe not so thick after all…

      I rest my case!

  12. 37
    The Treacherous Tin Foil Tosser in No 10 says:

    One must emphasise that this UKIP thingy is only a minor set-back! The Common People will heed me and my Progressive Policies. All will be well.

    You have my word, – and you know me well enough by now!


    • 75
      Chances are says:

      2014 and 2015 will be interesting years in political terms, what with the EU “elections” and the referendum that half of the people of Britain are not allowed to vote in because they are a different race to the people of Scotland, yes we have racists in government, 2015 when the LibLabCon find they are not the honoured ones anymore and better take their ill gotten gains for a walk.

  13. 40
    John Wellington Wells says:

    Since I went to the same school as David Davis, I suppose a job as an advisor is out of the question.

  14. 48
    Owen Jones says:

    OF COURSE the Conservatives appeal to the “Man in the Street”!….Just as long as the street is Cheyne Walk SW3…. :)

    • 58
      T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

      I’ve got a couple of mansions nearby. :)

    • 63

      Bloody hell, you are a stupid thick little boy.. get a propper job, that is if you can find anybody stupid enough to employ you.

      • 65

        Ho, you could get a job in a shit house (cleaning) you talk enough of it

    • 313
      CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

      Think Farage should make sure policy #2 is trust fund reform…

  15. 49
    Old person says:

    We don’t NEED a referendum.
    Just give notice to quit and then LEAVE.

  16. 50
    Stuart Hall says:

    I told my victims It’s A Cockout.

  17. 55
    THE HADDOCK says:

    How can an Idiot who called UKIP ,”Loonies Fruit loops and closet racists ” appear on national TV only weeks later saying “Theres no point calling UKIP names ” What is going on in his useless tiny mind ?

    The Tories “just don’t get it” they are still brushing this off as a mere protest vote by people who will turn up at a general election and vote for them
    Tell old 44 Shags Clegg that , he portrays a very lonely character at the moment

    Cameron and his Eton advisors are finished Bring on the leadership challenge
    ASAP and lets give the Tories at least a chance of forming a credible opposition
    and as for his little promise of a referendum on Europe IF he wins the next election , two things
    one , he can promise what the hell he wants as he knows he’ll never win it ,
    and two The lying little turd has already promised us a referendum last time and duped people like me into voting fpr him

    NEVER AGAIN ! I’ll be voting for UKIP as getting out of European strangle hold seems to be their priority

    • 228
      Fog says:

      Apparently Dave said that seven years ago. Still a stupid thing to say, and even more stupid to try and cover up after UKIP success. The media witholding facts though, as usual with this.

    • 232
      constituency trainbound says:

      Haddock you’re not alone but as yet other than the EU and Immigration highlights the rest of their stances are completely at sea … if they had depth in talent and the structure to form a government then they would be a completely different reality but they don’t they haven’t and they at present don’t stack up serious credibility regardless of the others terrible performance.

      • 237
        66% of all crooks vote Labour says:

        And the alternative = Years of the same old same old

        • 321
          constituency trainbound says:

          absolutely right ..thats whats got us here now…but another labour government assisted by the libdems or even ukip…wow what a least with a tory party kicked back into kilt we stand a chance of making some money for a few years then we can expect back to same old same old again and another shitfeist cycle…. the great unwashed will never drop the labour mantra… they have no answers so can do nothing else save sign up to the unite chorus….champagne hypocricy gone native.

    • 360
      Jimmy says:

      “they are still brushing this off as a mere protest vote by people who will turn up at a general election and vote for them”

      It is.

  18. 62
    Fact Hunt says:

    What the LibLabCon merchants and their supporters don’t/can’t understand is why when they tried to smear UKIP it failed spectacularly. The reason is simple.

    Vote LibLabCon to elect a lying, spinning, snout in the trough shyster.

    Vote UKIP to elect what may turn out to be a lying, spinning, snout in the trough shyster but also actually listens to what real people, not frigging focus groups, are saying and knows the root cause of most of the issues the country faces is the EUSSR.

    So Dave, Ed & Nick. We don’t care anymore. Got it.

    • 70
      albacore says:

      The LibLabCon bucket looks a bit more rusted
      When the bottom drops out, though, will it be busted?
      It’s not that we’re headed for a bloody great crash
      We’re so very enriched, we’ll survive any smash
      So pally and united, as never before
      What do we have to fear? Surely not civil war

      • 96
        Hari Pioggia D'oro says:

        With what shall I fix it, dear Liza, dear Liza ?

        • 171
          Matilda says:

          With Jack Straw, dear Liza…??

          • Hari Pioggia D'oro says:

            But the Straw is too long in the tooth, dear Liza,
            With what shall I cut it, dear Liza, with what ?

          • albacore says:

            Dear Henry, why not try a guilloutine?
            Historically it has often been
            The tool of preference for the despatch
            Of many a LibLabCon-like, bad batch
            Don’t fret if the blade’s a little bit blunt
            That just adds to the magic of the stunt

          • Hari Pioggia D'oro says:

            Time to dust down the tumbrils, eh ? :-)

        • 208
          albacore says:

          But, Dear Henry, there ain’t no fixing that pail
          Its corrosive contents belong in jail
          Or, come to that, down any old foul sewer
          Anywhere that makes the rats up top fewer

  19. 72
    DAVE "village people" CAMERON says:

    I say chaps , is losing your seat like a hetro woman losing her cherry ? What

    • 131
      Still got the pip says:

      Gordon stole the cherry, now you’ve come for sloppy seconds.

  20. 73
    Dim Dave. says:

    Just as well the pink vote held up on Thursday. #23.7%
    Same sex marriage tax breaks coming soon. #Winning.

  21. 77
    DAVE "village people" CAMERON says:

    The Tories really are more out of touch that ever
    The party line seems to be
    “People are voting for us because
    we are in control of the deficit
    we are in control of immigration
    and we are in control of getting the economy back on track

    FFS yeh right ! That you dim twats is why everybody voted for UKIP
    and not for yooooooooo !

    Get It ? thought not

    • 98
      The electorate know when they are being patronised says:

      It reminds me of the Bliar Era when Labour used to explain the reason why the electorate used to disagree or vote contrary to their wishes i.e. we haven’t explained our message and we need to do more to get the message across to the electorate(subtext the electorate are thick and we will have to keep explaining it to them)…rather than the electorate fully understand the message but don’t like it

      Labour haven’t much to crow about either as Miliband’s brand of “One Nation” Labour has also been rejected

      • 139
        Dick the Prick says:

        And Libs at 1.75%. You’ve got to hand it to Cameron & Cleggy that in 3 years they’ve almost destroyed their parties – quite a stunning achievement. A level students will write about 2013 in sombre eulogies with historical footnotes. I believe the salient and over riding theme should be one of fuck em.

        • 190
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          What do Cameron and Clegg care?

          The big EU moneytrain, will find a lucrative and powerful place for such loyal servants to the cause.

          • Expat Geordie says:

            Yes but if we leave the EU there will be no place for “British” representatives. Hence no jobs for Cameron, Clegg, Miliband, Kinnock, et al. That’s why there can’t be a referendum.

  22. 78
    Kipper Comment off the DT says:

    “What the LibLabCon lot won’t tell you is that if gays are allowed to marry they will breed like rabbits.”

  23. 79
    Speaker Bercow says:

    David Cameron is the ‘Private Pike’ of British politics. Every time he opens his mouth, thousands of us are muttering “You stupid boy!”

  24. 84
    Private Pike says:

    Interesting piece here suggesting that the 23% Ukip share on Thursday that’s being talked about was actually 18.5%

    • 99
      The 125% Turn-out in Walthamstow High Street Ward says:

      That won’t be the piece which ignores the extent of rampant postal vote frauds in most recent elections, would it?

    • 100
      Real Conservatives vote UKIP says:

      Nick Robinson’s ‘beloved Tories’
      Is it April 1st again already ?

      • 238
        Aunt Hilda says:

        toenails only slightly less appealing than the original gasbag john sargent

    • 101
      An Envelope Stuffer in Lahore says:

      This methodolgy is poor:

      “I got that figure by adding together all the individual vote shares and dividing by the number of councils that I’ve found figures for”.

      There is no weighting for the differing number of votes cast in the different councils, let alone any attempt to factor in differing rates of turnout or differing levels of voter registration inaccuracy.

    • 103
      Anonymous says:

      Look that’s rubbish. I’ve read several blog comments confirming that UKIP is going to win in 2015.

      • 117
        An Expert says:

        Can I quote you on that?

        • 162
          Anonymous says:

          I heard from the wise old man who sits at the end of the bar who starts every sentence with “I shouldn’t really be saying this but…”

          • The Taxi-driver From The Airport says:

            He learned most of what he knows from a friend of a friend. I know, because I had the friend in the back of my cab the other day.

      • 204
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        Not even the most optimistic UKIP’er believes that tosh. Fools like you just make youself look idiotic with such comments.

        There is a very high probability of another hung Parliament and a breakthrough into Westminster by UKIP.

        Then it’s game on time.

    • 105
      New Kips on the block says:

      The 23% is the share of the vote where they had candidates. In my area we didn’t have a UKIP candidate, so I couldn’t vote for them.

  25. 102
    Eton College for Equality says:

    Boys at this school do not receive special education.

    Any private boys school will ensure all the boys are anally raped by their contemporaries.

    That is what makes them fit to rule and worthy of a place in the Cabinet.

  26. 109
    Owen Jones says:

    Manchester People’s Assembly Mark Steel and Owen Jones

    People’s Assembly
    Tuesday, 21 May 2013 from 17:30 to 21:00 (BST)
    Manchester, United Kingdom

    • 120
      Daftie legend says:

      Will that punk bird with the pink hair be there?
      She’s a local celebrity apparently, been there fighting Fatchur since the days of Red Wedge.
      Nice enough, but thick as a bucket of shite.

  27. 112
    All families work hard in political class La La Land says:

    So can we then scrap benefits for families who do not work hard?

    And then work it out to the logical conclusion that hard work removes the need for benefits and laziness does not deserve benefits?

    Thought not.

  28. 118
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    The media have created the path for UKIP to do well in the local elections. What does UKIP really stand for? Why is Nigel Farage not questioned on his agenda?

    • 121
      You just deaf? says:

      Seems to me his agenda is rather clear

    • 125
      WTF? says:

      What is so difficult about reading the contents on the tin?


      as opposed to

      The LibLabCon Europhile party. Now tell me what these fuckers stand for. Bearing in mind until they went into coalition the Liberals have ALWAYS wanted an EU referendum and now they don’t while the other two have promised referendums but always reneged. Mrs Balls said on Any Qs last night that Dave has not said which side of the EU debate he is on, well they must be in collusion then as Dave has made no pretence that he will be orchestrating a campaign to remain part of the corrupt EU club he loves so much.

    • 134
      Lord Stansted says:

      To claim you don’t know UKIP’s aggenda is a well-used ploy of the political class and it’s beneficiary aka the BBC. They know it but pretend not to hear. So again: eu referendum! eu referendum! eu referendum!

      • 176
        (I don't need no doctor) says:

        And what after the referendum? What would UKIP do with regard to running the country.

        • 235
          Home Help says:

          Well they would run it for a start, rather than leaving the important stuff to Brussels.

        • 249
          Lord Stansted says:

          Have you no faith 175? An eu referendum might go against us. I doubt it, but it is possible that the majority might vote to say in the eu. I would accept that result – so what are you afraid of?

          • Expat Geordie says:

            That depends upon who you allow to vote. There are 3 million Eastern Europeans here who are entitled to vote. Then there are the postal votes.

      • 246
        the old dufflebag says:

        sorry me lord but the eu isn’t the only issue ukip need to deal with cogently

    • 136
      What do the Incumbents stand for? says:

      So the Labour party stands for Benefits rather than Labour.

      The Liberal party stands for molesting people rather than liberating them.

      The conservative party stands for Destroying the meaning of Marriage rather than Conserving it.

  29. 122
    You weren't even the future once. says:

    I used to think Chuka was the most arrogant man in Westminster, now I realise he is the most conceited man in Britain.

    • 129
      Chuka is Trash at trashing says:

      And you were calling Londoners TRASH only five years ago.

      • 335
        CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

        Omunna can’t help but make himself come across as an arrogant, conceited, pompous prick. He showed that quite clearly yesterday on the Beeb when he “questioned” Farage. Heasked his questions in such a condescending way he treated Farage like something that was stuck to the bottom of his very expensive shoes. TWAT!

    • 135
      A Guy in a Glittery Jacket says:

      I think that we should have a ‘most conceited man in Britain’ award. What prize to give such a fellow? Whatver it is, it ought to be made of mirrors.

      I’d certainly nominate him into the top 10 but I am not sure he would get to number one

      • 143
        Chuka one in the trash can says:

        A sharp suit, an over sized bling watch and a dinner date with Mandelson.

        Oh yes and the mirrors so that he can constantly admire himself… reverse image.

    • 137
      Lord Stansted says:

      Fortunately, no one will know who are you in 12 years time.

    • 138

      He’s Still more palatable than your gay boat , silver spoon boy
      Squak Tax cuts for millionaires , Bankers bonuses , Party for the rich living in mansions , Public school boy chums

      Who’s a pretty boy then ?

    • 180
      (I don't need no doctor) says:

      Farage seems not to be two faced unlike you Ummuna. You really are a nerd.

    • 233
      66% of all crooks vote Labour says:

      It’s hilarious that someone as wealthy as you Chuka is so concerned with helping the poor , that you choose a party ,to use other peoples money rather than your own

  30. 123
    DAVE "village people" CAMERON says:

    I Say What ! Just heard on the news that Thousands of Californians are “trimming back their bush”, i must have a word with Sam

  31. 124

    You have to vote for Cameron in 2015 rather than Voting UKIP otherwise your will get Miliband etc etc.

    Boo Hoo is all I can say. We are voting for the Tories in 2015. UKIP.

  32. 126

    You have to vote for Cameron in 2015 rather than Voting UKIP otherwise your will get Miliband etc etc.

    Boo Hoo is all I can say. We are voting for the Tories in 2015. UKIP!

    • 150
      Dick the Prick says:

      What difference does it make if we do get Milibland? I’ve done 13 years of New Labour and now 3 years of Blue Labour – it’s a bloody irrelevance which one wins. It’s a nationwide ugly baby contest and frankly I refuse to participate. As soon as you get teenagers running parties who’ve never had a proper job and never expect to, well, I just go deaf. I wouldn’t trust any of them as my manager let alone PM so, err, they can fuck off.

      • 169


      • 252
        would that it were possible... says:

        thats good then we’ll let the country run itself … expect most things to grind to a halt within the week

        • 310
          CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

          Without those black bereaved disabled lesbian coordinators we’ll be in real trouble…

  33. 130
    nellnewman says:

    Interesting statistic that 58.9% of votes cast in the south shields by election were postal votes.

    It’s beyond time when something should be done about this massive abuse of the voting system.

    • 140
      Little Lord Fondlebum, Prince of Darkness says:

      But the postal service would collapse with out them – then where would I be ?

    • 142
      An Envelope Stuffer in Lahore says:

      And what about my family. How will they eat?

      • 145
        Real Conservatives vote UKIP says:

        Let them eat fruitcake.

        • 148
          An Envelope Stuffer in Lahore says:

          Will you send fruitcake in the foreign aid budget?

          • Real Conservatives vote UKIP says:

            Dave will probably squeeze it into the diplomatic bag while he still can.

          • Matilda says:

            Just checking… Will the fruit cake squeezed into the diplomatic bag have an orange stuffed in his/her mouth?

          • The tit in no. 10 (but not for much longer) says:

            Rumbled. Damn !

    • 149
      Nige says:
      • 154
        The Vested Interests Which Rig Elections on an industrial Scale Because it Pays Them To says:

        Nigel, Nigel, Nigel.

        What are going to do about Nigel?

        • 213
          Tay King-dePisse says:

          You can turn the matter over to the Ministry for Making Unfortunate Accidents Happen, for a start…although they DID screw up royally the last time with that aeroplane nonsense, and are not necessarily to be relied on when the chips are down.

      • 216
        The LibDemon party says:

        Fuck off !!

      • 227
        66% of all crooks vote Labour says:

        It’s just amazing that in south shields 66% of the dead , dying , insane , senile ,ex pats ,unborn and non uk residents with made up names can scrape a result to save little Ed’s and Labour’s face

  34. 132

    They are STILL appearing on the box , with the “we are tackling immigration tackling the deficit and tackling the economy line

    “That’s what the hard working people of this country want us to do”
    Well obviously NOT , thats why they voted for UKIP

  35. 133
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    Isn’t postal voting wide open to abuse ? Does anyone check whether there might have been abuse ?

    • 141
      The Westminster Parties says:

      No. We are all worried that we have candidates who are involved.

      Also, we don’t believe in democracy any more. We want to manage the electorate, not represent it or, heaven forbid, have to do what it says.

    • 144
      Little Lord Fondlebum, Prince of Darkness says:

      Not on your Nellie.

    • 152
      abos rule says:

      Would not deportation to Australia be better?

      They seem to have become the most lefty whinging country on the planet.

  36. 147

    I think the introduction of labour camps and sweat shops would be a vote winner !
    Even if you are unemployed , you should have to get up and go to work at the same time as everybody else and earn your benefits . doing mundane menial tasks untill you are so pissed off it makes you go and find a job
    No turn up NO benefits !

    • 159
      Simon Hughes (The straight choice) says:

      How much sweat are we talking about and will it be running down the backs of muscular young men?

      • 223
        ABDULS Clothing and Fabric Emporium ic says:

        About the same as the old “Sure” adverts , Ducks

    • 262
      Apumanche says:

      They would not get up with the rest. They’d be engaging in blue collar crime.
      It’s like white collar crime but it’s not legal and it leaves society in flames.
      Cheaper to keep these people watching telly at home than doing the same in jail.

  37. 150
    Owen Jones says:

    Stick two fingers up to the ‘Nanny State’ by blowing cigarette smoke in a toddler’s face.

    • 260
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      A-w-w-w, what did the li’l sprog do to deserve it?
      Better idea would be to put out a fag on the face of your politician of choice– well, not actually their REAL faces: we could have public ashtrays with pictures of Cameltoe, Sillyband and Nickers on them. It would cut down on the amount of cigarette refuse needing to be swept up off pavements and roadways as a side benefit, as well, and who can object to cleaner streets?

    • 311
      Anonymous says:

      Strengthen society by giving tossers like that a nice big house each for free.

  38. 158
    Dan Hodges says:

    Vent your fury at wealthy, public school-educated toffs running the country by voting for wealthy, public school-educated toff Nigel Farage.

    • 163
      God says:

      Nepotism is such an ugly word.

    • 164
      Same shit different wrapper says:

      Or if you’re really pissed off you can vote for the other bunch of wealthy privately educated tossers in the Labour party.

      • 167
        Dave Milibiscuit, The Millionaire Brother of Ed, Millionaire of the People says:

        Or even better, be related to one of them

        • 308
          CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

          Or even two lefties.

      • 168
        Two Jags one shag and a fag says:

        I’ll have thee know I started as bar steward shagging posh birds on cruise ship before I made it to shagging posh birds on me desk in Whitehall.

    • 175
      T W A T says:

      Yes lets all vote for PPE educated and millionaire Ed Milliband instead, he really has his pulse on the working class issues……

    • 218
      Nigel Farage says:

      Giving me the “stink-eye,” are you, Dan?

  39. 172
    Lefty Venom says:

    So, Abbott and Harman were wrong. Primark did not destroy the clothes factory, the owner of the clothes factory destroyed the clothes factory by placing four heavy vibrating diesel generators on the roof and starting them all at the same time.

    Will Fatbott and Harperson apologise to Primark and its workers? Silly question really.

    • 184
      Matilda says:

      Hadn’t you heard, all its workers are no more.

    • 191
      Harriet Harman says:

      I wouldn’t be seen dead in Primark let alone dead in one of it’s factories.
      Too working class for me I’m afraid.

    • 320
      Diane Bigbot says:

      Chomp, chomp, chomp, gulp, burp… what’s Primark?… chomp, chomp…

      • 325
        Diane Slugusset..well known labour apologist... says:

        get lost imposter I never ever chomp only gobble

  40. 173
    Why Waste The Money says:

    Why are we being forced to buy the pile of shit and bolts known as the F35 from the Yanks.

    It’s a fucking flying target that even the USAF have admitted is obsolete even before it’s release.

    The Russians and Chinese must be laughing their heads off.

  41. 174
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    I’d like to spice up the election process by using some form of PR.
    for example
    1:would you like the candidate to win ?
    2:would you like the candidate to loose a digit ?
    3:would you like the candidate to be hung drawn and quartered ?
    I think in this way only motivated, decent people would put themselves forwards.

  42. 178
    Dave... Hardworking is wearing a bit thin. says:
  43. 182
    Hardworking is not working says:
    • 183
      Hardworking is not working says:
    • 186
      Hardworking is not working says:
      • 192
        The EU says:

        Relax Dave. It’s a bank holiday. Put your feet up and take a little ‘me’ time.

      • 212
        • 222
          Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

          I think you’ll find that a large number of FibDem controlled Councils have just ignored Eric Pickles and have raised this year’s Council Tax by just a little less than the mandatory threshold.

          Taxing people; that’s what Lefties love.

          • They dare not trust the electorate in case they vote the "wrong" way says:

            You make a very vaild point…… they raise council tax just below the trigger for a local referendum because they know that the electorate will vote to reject their proposals just as they did on AV so they dare not give the electorate a say which bearing in mind that they are calling themselves Liberal DEMOCRATS is somewhat ingenuous

          • Bazinga! says:

            Taxing people is what all politicians love, the idea Tories are any different is a joke. They’ve racked up billions in new taxes because they didn’t want to cut spending.

      • 240
        a mad scientist says:

        Can’t see Prescott going there.

      • 250
        only fools says:

        I try to work smart, not hard.

      • 253
        That's what you get when you switch off street lamps and build houses on the green belt says:

        The Tory Leader of the Warwickshire Council lost to the Green candidate though

        • 285
          News from elsewhere says:

          I’d bet he is a person who deserved to lose his seat.

        • 286
          CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

          they voted for a commie then! Even thicker than UKIP voters up there then.

    • 188
      Hardworking is not working says:
      • 203
        Duh! says:

        And thanks to hard working immigrants there are nearly 3 million unemployed people who don’t pay fucking income tax either.

        • 236
          Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

          British jobs for British workers !!

          Or, on the other hand, British jobs for EU workers who charge half-price !

          Which sounds catchier ??

          • Plenty Of Work But Only If You Speak A Foreign Langauge says:

            Anyone who has worked in manufacturing over the past 10 years can testify how true this is when it comes to the ”Polish Mafia” as soon as one of them get in a position of power in a company you can kiss goodbye to all of your shifts as there mates suddenly get employed and unless you fucking or getting fucked by one of them it’s the long downward spiral to the dole.

          • Indian call centre scam says:

            Then there are Indian Call centres. The political class will not admit that these have come to exist because major UK companies now have very senior Indian mangers/directors and they are placing the call centre work with their family/business ties back in India, plus usual kick backs and bribes.

          • 66% of all crooks vote Labour says:

            The worst kept secret in banking was that RBS did most of its work through Indian call centers/ offices but it was stressed to staff it could not be mentioned to customers “or else”
            Because of the sheer amount of fuck ups they still employed hundreds maybe thousands pf people in the UK just to rectify all their mistakes

            Like adrressing letters to” Dear Mr Deceased “

          • 66% of all crooks vote Labour says:

            Addressing even

          • Down Shep says:

            Not sure that is true any more, I think most British companies have re-located call centres back to the UK because its a bit pointless having a ‘call centre’ when you cannot hear the calls because of bad links or you cannot understand what the person on the other end of the line is saying (from personal experience).

          • DAVE "village people" CAMERON says:

            i still get about six cold calls a week from Indian call centers with people on the other end calling themselves “Albert or Arthur” they are obviously trying to sell something , but we never let them say what !

          • No steps forward 100 steps back says:

            Keep saying I can’t hear them, they turn up the voice control and I lower my voice until they give up, I’m not paying the phone bill.

          • Down Shep says:

            Are they selling Prince Albert’s, or a guaranteed extra Arthur Inch?.

          • a mad scientist says:

            Plenty Of Work But Only If You Speak A Foreign Langauge says:
            May 4, 2013 at 1:22 pm ‘s post
            it is a sorry state of affairs, these immigrant fellows are taking the piss. you spend 2 thousand years making a society and some fucking loon wrecks it in a decade.

      • 210

        And just who will benefit from these tax cuts ?
        Immigrants on minimum wages who will then get their money topped up by those of us still paying tax

        So to sum up No tax paid by those at the bottom of society ,
        No tax paid by big business and those at the top of society
        Which just leaves the plebs in the middle to pick up the tab

        • 220
          Trevor from Trehebert says:

          Why not just let people pay for public services ar the going rate as and when they use them?

          We are always being told our public services and servants are the best in the world so there should be no shortage of punters

        • 241
          V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

          This is a fallacy that big companies do not pay tax. If you work out how much tax they actually pay it is an embarrassment, business rates, vat, insurance tax, employer NI, energy tax, water tax, fuel tax, vehicle tax, flight tax, stamp duty and so on. And all wasted n public sector parasites and lazy welfare/charity spongers.

      • 229
        Dave is a wrong un says:

        Dave’s twattery of Police Commissars have raised local council spending and thus tax collection.

        And Did Dave say anything before we elected them about the pathetic public stunts of employing teenage crime tsars on the council tax?

        • 276
          Down Shep says:

          Heir to Blair, another layer of useless part timers on £100,000 + a year, and if that wasn’t enough they are now recruiting others at the taxpayers expense for a little bureaucratic empire building.

      • 263
        Dick the Prick says:

        What about me who spends most of the day tossing it off?

      • 351
        Universal Hiss says:

        I don’t think I’ve ever been hardworking. I just turned up,did what I was supposed to do & fucked off.

        I’ve never had a job breaking rocks or anything.That would be hard work.

        Tax cuts for the rock breakers!

  44. 196
    Bane 2.0 says:

    Part of me wants Labour to win the next election just to see the country implode with daft Ed stuttering his way through one calamity to another.

  45. 206
    Fishy says:

    The clown Farridge was challenged for the first time yesterday on his ‘cast iron guarantee’ criticism of Cameron.

    It was rightly pointed out that the he has repeated the lie that Cameron had given a cast iron guarantee to hold a referendum on Europe if he got in.

    Cameron hadn’t. His guarantee was to hold the referendum that Brown had promised on Lisbon (which Brown reneged on) UNLESS BRITAIN HAD RATIFIED THE TREATY.

    Confronted with this Farridge just laughed and said ‘that’s just details’.

    This morning Farridge is being lauded as someone who broke the mould and is a ‘breath of fresh air’.

    No he’s not. UKIP is being built on a lie and Farridge is now one of the leading members of the Royal Corps of Lying Politician.

    We are all going to regret this

    • 225
      Tories Running Scared says:

      ”We are all going to regret this”

      No mate, we aren’t, just you and the rest of the cosy cartel, shitting your pants over the big bad UKIP bully stealing your votes.

    • 226
      dave is a Con Merchant says:

      You seem to be ignoring the bleeding obvious that Dave gave his cast iron guarantee knowing full well that it was pure political spin and he would never have to deliver.

      In short. Dave said he was giving a promise of an EU referendum when he was actually promising fuck all.

      Cameron deserves to be hung up from a gas lamp for his trickery.

      • 272
        Fuqqqq em says:

        The haste with which Cameron and Hague jumped to end all chances of a re dum did it for me. They simply couldn’t wait to get that monkey off their backs. Slimy bastards

      • 299
        Dick the Prick says:

        Now now, Dave has promised legislation on a referendum on renogiated terms of EU membership which will definately happen, oh yes, and be issued in the next parliament with a majority Tory administration. What more could anyone want – you’re bleeding him dry!

        • 359
          Vote conservative for uncontrolled immigration says:

          Vote UKIP.

          Invoke article 50.


          Get back to managing this country ourselves rather than being ruled by Brussels.

          Job done.

  46. 216
    Lost in Clacton says:

    This Cameron fella has reduced income tax for 24 million people but increased Vat for 56 million people.

    • 307
      CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

      and VAT is a tax on working (value adders are employees) , with NO zero rated income level.

  47. 221

    What happened..that is bad post you understand…!

  48. 231
    a mad scientist says:

    Can’t we just print more immigrants ?

  49. 256
    Jimmy's Rightie Quote Of The Day says:

    “I know, by now you will be giggling over this suggestion. But think about it, nationalists need to buck the trend of 1.8 children per white household. We need to aim between 3 and 4 children each if not more.”

    [beeyenpee sets out to disprove darwin]

    • 270
      National Socialism - the clue is in the name. says:

      If you’re quoting the beeyenpee, then this is the “Leftie quote of the day”.

      • 304
        Mr Nobody says:

        Indeed. They’re a nasty left-wing party who were deservedly obliterated in the council elections. That doesn’t stop some socialists from attempting to distance themselves from a different form of socialism by labelling it “right-wing”.

        • 305
          Jimmy says:

          Can’t imagine where their votes went. It’s a real puzzler isn’t it?

          • Tay King-dePisse says:

            Oi Jimmy– it’s strange how, when a right-winger sees the “error of his ways” and starts supporting Leftie ideas (leaving aside the question of how sincere was his so-called conservatism in the first place), he’s said to have “grown in his politics,” but when it goes the other way, it’s “straying from the fold” or somesuch? Let’s say arguendo you are correct in your insinuations.

            By your own lights, B with an N with a P are “right wingers.” You cannot seriously believe UKIP are equally “ultra-right.” Thus, for former of their voters to have repented their sins and voted for UKIP would be, in both relative and absolute terms, a leftward move for them, by your definition: “There shall be rejoicing etc.”? Ooops sorry, haven’t moved far enough for you, yet (or else, you have the gnawing sense they’re straying from the fold in a way you can’t quite articulate, maybe?).

            Oh, yeah, either UKIP are bumbling fools ripe for entryism (a time-honoured Leftie tactic), or they were diabolically set up years ago as the fig-leaf for those whose name I shall not use, and the whole thing’s been one large ruse from the start. They cannot be both.

            Or could it be that those voters for that nameless party see what fools they’ve been made of, by someone giving them what amounts to a Labour without all the multi-culti pretence (and indeed, one playing to a not-well-thought-out “why-can’t-we-get-ours?” sense on the part of those straight white able-bodied English-speaking males), who have now seen that it is all just spinach, and have said to hell with it? Have they possibly “grown in their politics”?

            But of course, to a real hardcore Leftie, anything short of voting for the most extreme Leftie makes you a far-right extremist. (Just as a point of information, can anyone tell me the last time the MSM referred to anyone as a “far-Left extremist”?) “Us-versus-World”– the sort of mindset that underlies Cultism.

            End of rant.

          • New Kips on the block says:

            They went straight back to Labour, you dope. How else did Labour do so well?

          • Jimmy says:

            “Let’s say arguendo you are correct in your insinuations.”

            Why qualify it? You know perfectly well I’m right.

            I understand why righties take offence. Student Union trots regularly bandy around the r word, even the f word (usually with the letter “s” omitted for some reason), when it comes to tories, which is of course absurd. I do not argue, as they do, that the right is essentially racist, but it seems to me undeniably true that racism is essentially a phenomenon of the right.

        • 306
          CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

          They sound very like those other Lefties the Fabians.

  50. 264
    a mad scientist says:

    what I tried to say was ” I can’t see Prescott going to Nuneaton”

  51. 279
    Down Shep says:

    Reply is broke, like everything else in this god forsaken country.

  52. 283
    a mad scientist says:

    in my my mind the conservative party will be forever be associated with the words “rectum” and ” leeches”

  53. 287
    Down Shep says:

    He’d eat a Nun if he got desperate. @258

  54. 292
    Down Shep says:

    Von Rumpey says you Tommies ist Kaputt.

  55. 295
    Dan Hodges says:

    Demonstrations – Westminster Area – Whitehall is closed again on both directions btwn Trafalgar Sq and Parliament Sq. Q’s in the area.

    Join us comrades.

  56. 317
    Uncle Ruckus says:

    If the thick as shit political parties actually had a braincell to rub together they would be putting the moves on befriending Farage incase he ends up as a longshot kingmaker next election.

    But they show their true colours and how they are all one and the same ganging up together with the BBC for protection in numbers.

    Even in numbers, a weakling is a weakling still…..

  57. 319
    One Term Dave says:

    So tell me Nigel. Whats the point of being in power if it’s not to give cushy jobs to my Eton shirtlifter mates?

  58. 327
    bunterwatch says:

    ot but has anyone seen Bunter lately..the westminster’s yobslob in situ … is he on an away break brown noser or just keeping his head down ?

    • 334
      Fat Bastard MP says:

      “I’m bidin’ my time– ‘coz that’s the kinda guy I’m…”

  59. 333
    War Never Changes says:

    Come back home to the refinery
    Hiring man said son if it was up to me
    Went down to see my v.a. man
    He said son, don’t you understand

    I had a brother at Khe Sahn
    Fighting off the Viet Cong
    They’re still there, he’s all gone

    He had a woman he loved in Saigon
    I got a picture of him in her arms now

    Down in the shadow of the penitentiary
    Out by the gas fires of the refinery
    I’m ten years burning down the road
    Nowhere to run aint got nowhere to go….

  60. 336
    Well I can feel the fire, crawling on you like you're Superman says:

    Theresa May = Senile.

  61. 340
    EtonToffs-R-uS says:

    I say Dave old chum! What about dishing out some cushy jobs?

  62. 343
    Bazinga! says:

    Fartbott on the BBC, given free range by gay looking male BBC type.

  63. 344
    The monarchs of Money says:

    The world’s central banks have printed unimaginable amounts of money in recent years – “these guys are really more powerful than the government.” Neil Macdonald explores what this means for the global economy and for your financial well-being – “can you imagine if the American public knew there was this ‘club’ that met secretly in Switzerland and made decisions that dramatically affected their lives, but we’re not going to tell you about it because it’s too complicated.” This brief documentary should open a few eyes to the reality behind the world’s most powerful (and real) cabal.

    • 361
      the old dufflebag says:

      good collation but doesn’t say anything new .. the uses of QE are myriad

  64. 346
    Fill your boots lads! says:

    “The British National Party has urged its members to procreate after it lost every seat it contested in the English local elections on Thursday.

    The BNP fielded 99 candidates but did not win a seat. It lost the one county council seat it held in Lancashire, leaving Nick Griffin’s party with just two councillors.

    In a post on the party’s website, members are urged to have bigger families to counter large families had by non-Britons”

  65. 347
    Del Cameron says:

    Well, Gidders, you plonker, mais oui as the French would say. This time next year, we’ll be out of a job.

  66. 348
    Owen Jones says:

    The fact that Labour didn’t lose a single seat to UKIP in yesterday’s election really proves Labour shouldn’t pander to the right.

  67. 349
    Owin Jones says:

    the fact that Labour didn’t lose a single seat to UKIP in yesterday’s election really proves Labour shouldn’t pander to the right.

  68. 350
    Universal Hiss says:

    I just had a look at why Naill Ferguson was trending on Twitter.

    He said something about Keynes that the lefties don’t much like,that he was gay & didn’t produce offspring so it shot his borrow now pay later economics right out of the water.

    I thought that was funny.

    Owen Jones is beside himself.

  69. 352
    Ed Miliband says:

    The council results show that the public want me as prime minister and want a return to left wing government.

  70. 354
    Anonymous says:

    Just read that Nigel Evans, Deputy Speaker has been picked up on alleged rape and sexual assault

  71. 356
    Anonymous says:

    Which Tory Mp has just been arrested on charges of rape of a man? I’ll give you a clue, it’s not a woman!

  72. 367
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Are all the judges in the vicinity of Cardiff fucking bent corrupt tosspots and criminals protecting their illgotten gains and in so doing don’t they have to allow the fucking bent coppers in the vicinity to get away with murder?

    The Observer Editorial comment 29th January 2012:

    Justice must be seen to be done in South Wales police scandal
    In December, the case was halted against eight former detectives accused of fabricating evidence and perverting the course of justice in a trial for the 1988 murder of Lynette White. It was halted after prosecutor Nicholas Dean told the court: “Deliberate destruction of documents by the senior investigatiog officer appears to have occurred.” The case cost an estimated £30m and took almost 10 years to come to court. Then, last week, the Independent Police Complaints commission announced that the documents had not been shredded. It demanded to know why the South Wales police had claimed they had been.
    The South Wales police has form. For the past decade, it has been trying to regain a reputation for integrity and fairness after a shockingly high number of miscarriages of justice occurred on its patch over the previous 20 years. These include the wrongful convictions of Jonathan Jones, Annette Hewins, the Darvell brothers, and the so-called Cardiff Three – Stephen Miller, Yusef Abdullahi and Tony Paris – for White’s death.
    Some of those who were wrongly imprisoned will never put their lives back together: others remain free who have committed murder.
    While there are undoubtedly sterling members of the South Wales police, punishment for those officers who have failed to meet the expected standard has been next to non-existent. So what should happen now?
    Kier Starmer, director of the Crown Prosecution Service, has ordered an inquiry, supported by Peter Vaughan, chief constable of the South Wales police. It is unlikely that there will be a retrial even though the jury had yet to hear the full evidence. That is not justice being seen to be done.
    Matthew Gold, the solicitor who represented Stephen Miller, has rightly called for an independent inquiry. If the findings of such an inquiry are to convince it would also need to take a thorough look at South Wales police practices for the past 30 years – only then can amends begin to be made.”

  73. 370
    What the flip? part n says:

    Uhhh, bank holiday weekend again – bluddy brit skivers! Any flipping excuse – workers day off? how very ironic – shameful slackers the lot of we are. But anyway, come on Ronnie O’Sullivan pot those balls, and when the red is snookering the pink, pot the brown and all that.

  74. 372
    ian says:

    am i allowed on this website to tell david cameron to fuck off

  75. 373
    Ila says:

    If you would like to increase your familiarity simply keep
    visiting this website and be updated with the most up-to-date news posted here.

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