May 1st, 2013

This UKIP Candidate Definitely Not Racist or Homophobic


Our colleagues over at The Sun put 18-year-old politics student Bradley Monk, standing for UKIP to get on the Hampshire County Council seat Winchester Eastgate tomorrow, on page 2 after he put pictures of himself wearing a creepy Jimmy Savile mask on his Facebook page. Further examination of his Facebook reveals him dressed in a bikini having a drunken snog with Eric Cunha, another UKIP activist. Guido thinks we can safely say this is one UKIP candidate who is neither racist or homophobic…


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    ” Guido thinks we can safely say this is one UKIP candidate who is neither racist or homophobic…”

    So the charge has stuck then .

    Tho must say that all parties have loons in em.


  2. 2
    HuffPoo says:

    18 or 19



    • 107
      The infamous Eric Cunha says:

      He’s 18. The sun and the guardian were both incorrect with their info. You’d think national newspapers would actually do their research properly!


      • 114
        Guido is a Jeremy Hunt says:

        I notice Guido says “our colleagues” over at the Sun, Rupert must be so proud


  3. 3
    An honest Tory says:

    You have missed the obvious alternative explanation; he is blind and stupid.


    • 115
      common sense says:

      He wore the mask at a haloween party. I find that amusing. Where’s the scandal?


  4. 4
    Richard says:

    This post is slightly homophobic though, the subtext being: “he’s wearing a bikini. What a gay!”

    Stay classy, Guido.


    • 6

      Have you considered going back to the Guardian and staying there?


      • 12
        Richard says:

        Not quite. We take it in turns to pop over here; my shift isn’t quite done yet.

        By the way, his Facebook profile shows that he’s against gay marriage. Not that anyone is expecting any journalistic rigour from you.


        • 28
          Anonymous says:

          Go away Richard, you’re making yourself look silly now.

          I’m against gay marriage and I have gay friends.


          • CarryHole is a vile Hunt says:

            I wonder how they’ll treat polygamy?


          • Simon Geraghty says:

            I am truly shocked that people consider polygamy a treat


          • An honest Tory says:

            And that proves what? There is a small minority of MPs who are homophobic but who maintain friendship with selected gay MPs. It does not make them less homophobic.


          • All Tories are Cretan says:

            True. There are a small minority of gay MPs who like to let slected homophobic people think they are their friends. It doesn’t make them any less corrupt and useless.


          • Old Blind Pugh says:

            I suppose it depends how much more senior the gay ones are


          • Dennis Nilsen, Socialist Workers Party Member (Defunct) says:

            You have gay friends, do you? You could have fooled me, you homophobe! I’ll tell you what though, maybe you could campaign for my early release and then, once I’m free, you could come over to my dingy flat and we could talk and talk about gay rights all night long.

            I make an excellent spaghetti bolognese, you know.


          • My girlfriend is called Dolly the Sheep, a bit hairy but like them that way says:

            My definition of gayness is this – you either pot the pink, or you pot the brown, Argument over. Right, I will hand you over to Maldwyn, who will explain these things very much better than me,

            Clear now flowers?


    • 21
      Stalin says:

      4. @ Richard

      Well said Comrade. A judicious use of ‘subtext’ allowing you to spew out the usual toxic hateful ideology.

      Hang on though Dick. Isn’t putting his tongue in blokes mouth rather gay act or have I gone and got off message again?


      • 60
        Old Blind Pugh says:

        “Isn’t putting his tongue in blokes mouth rather gay ” seems rather dangerous to me


    • 25
      Richard says:

      I hate judging people because of their parentage. Except for class war of course!



  5. 5
    Cynical-old-bag says:

    He’s only just out of nappies. What does he know?


    • 43
      ... says:

      Kevin Webster, probably.


    • 51
      Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

      Strange argument. Gideon and Ed are only just out of nappies……….oh, sorry – I misunderstood. You weren’t referring to Friday nights round at Miss Whiplash.


  6. 7
    I'm the cabbie the Independent warned you about. says:

    Beats kissing babies for getting the popular vote


  7. 8
    Ed Balls super fan says:

    Ed for PM !


    • 11
      The Angry Angry Public says:

      Are you still here? I’d head for the airport while you still can.


      • 63
        Ed Balls super fan says:

        While I am outraged by you’re comment, the great Ed would forgive you. So I will forgive you also brother.


  8. 9
    Gok Wan says:

    I don’t think the red fascinator really goes with the blue and white polka dots


  9. 10
    Hanz Feet says:

    We are rather a broad church.


  10. 13
    Really? no campaigning today then. says:


    • 20
      Another Silly little man says:

      Despicable little twerp ‘tweeting’ his sympathy.


    • 23
      Simon Geraghty says:

      I am shocked that anyone would make a joke out of a tragedy like Ed Miliband being the leader of the Labour Party.


    • 29
      Hang The Bostards says:

      Insensitive idiot


    • 38
      look at Me, it's all about me me me says:

      Ed the decent, polite, caring and correct thing to do is write private letters and not issue a flippant “blanket” tweet which I suspect is mistakenly intended to make you look good anyway.


      • 50
        Simon Geraghty says:

        I find this absolutely sickening and abhorrent. I think the vast majority of British people will find this shocking – it’s not funny at all, it’s dreadful and I can’t believe that anyone would think that Ed Miliband could ever look good.


  11. 14
    The Peoples Front of Eastleigh says:

    The Conservatives, the Lib Dems and the Labour party are out and out liars and thieves. the EU referendum, the expense, end child poverty, leave the NHS alone etc. No wonder people are turning to this bunch of half wits and misfits when the Big 3 consistently don’t deliver and just look after their own interests.


  12. 15
    Tedious says:

    God i wish these elections would get out of the way then we can just go back to treating UKIP and Libertarians more generally as the freaks they are.


  13. 16
    Somebody's Got To Do This Joke... says:

    …so why not me– lay on, MacDuff, “homophobic and racist”:

    “Abba dabba dabba dabba dabba dabba dabba, said the chimpie to the Monk;
    All day long they chattered away,
    All night long they were happy and gay,
    Swinging, and singing, in a honky-tonky way…”


  14. 17
    Simon Geraghty says:

    If I am elected I will make telling jokes a criminal offence.


    • 126
      er, um says:

      .. especially ones as bad as the effort at #16.

      And just for info, why the capital M for monk? I pictured a fat Friar Tuck when I first read that rather than a kweer monkey.


  15. 19
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    Fudge…finger…. bum !!


  16. 24
    Jim says:

    Good luck to the guy, I hope he wins.


  17. 31
    Gerry Mandering says:

    22% – an underestimate IMHO.

    Time to tell Dave to pack his bags


    • 100
      Bent british establishment vote riggers says:

      Watch the media on Friday go blind to the massive discrepancy between the parties live voters voted for, and the parties postal ‘voters’ voted for.


      • 127
        Returning Officer walking backwards for Christmas says:

        Yes; time postal voting was stopped. If you can’t get to the polling station then tough you don’t get to vote.


  18. 35
    Anonymous says:

    “Our colleagues”

    Maybe yours, rich boy.


  19. 36
    Chuka says:

    My watch is just like my bespoke suit.



    • 40
      Simon Geraghty says:

      I am truly shocked that you wear bespoke suits.


      • 55
        C.U. Later, Jersey Boy, says:

        It “besp/eaks” a certain panache, don’t you know? Not like that pret-a-porter trashy stuff! You’re liable to get any old schmatta if you don’t have it tailored just for you!


    • 71
      young Shep says:

      So that’s where I have been going wrong all my life, should have signed up to being a life long socialist, whatever happened to the Donkey Jackets?.


  20. 45
    Everyone should get in touch with their gay side says:


    • 73
      My girlfriend is called Dolly the Sheep, a bit hairy but like them that way says:

      Loved Sylvester – loved these two fellas that came later too, and I am not even gay, no matter how hard I tried to be, vid with the marvellous Joss Ackland,


  21. 48
    Denis says:

    Maggie gave good head. She loved oral. But when it came to anal, the lady was not for turning.


    • 82
      My girlfriend is called Dolly the Sheep, a bit hairy but like them that way says:

      She fletched Reagan, I heard, the dirty witch she was, right up his arsehole into his colon, 69 together and things. ACH-Y-FI! :) Amanda her granddaughter was O-O when she heard what they got up in the Oval Orifice in Washington, oh yes, Clintonesque.


  22. 49
    Gonk III says:

    I wore goggles in my youth


  23. 61
    Take your pick says:

    a. Eighteen yo politics student wears P Saville mask.
    b. BBC employs said p_phile for half a century.


  24. 64
    VIZ EDITOR says:

    My new cartoon is to be Chuka Umunna and his unfeasibly large watch

    You can enjoy Chuka’s capers as his {{{{{{{{{{HUGE}}}}}}}}}} watch always tells the wrong time


    • 74
      Fishy says:

      As I was correcting the date on my H Samuel Never-Right this morning, I wondered if Chucky had an army of servants (aka trash) winding all of his watches forward today.


  25. 65
    My girlfriend is called Dolly the Sheep, a bit hairy but like them that way says:

    I like French stuff me I do – up your arristotles Nige Farage – I am quids in with French ladies, in the gonads department, always have been always will be, up until I shove my mortal coil off, and I am not for turning, Nige


  26. 67
    s says:

    If this country has to have ukip in to get rid of tory boy dave then not only is the country economically in the shit but socially and culturally in the shit too


  27. 70
    Anon says:


  28. 75
    Moussa Koussa Mark 8 says:

    He is the perfect candidate for The Young Conservatives


  29. 76
    Moussa Koussa Mark 8 says:

    When you have to defend a party as NOT being “”racist or homophobic””… the actual battle is already lost


    • 80
      Anon says:

      Ah I think you’ll find the battle to call anyone racist or homophobic for even mentioning certain subjects is now lost. People have woken up and many will be waking up. UKIP are here to stay.


      • 121
        Anonymous says:

        Is it wise for UKIP to tell its’ core supporters that it is NOT racist or homophobic?


    • 81
      Never Underestimate the Depths of Labour Party Corruption says:



    • 103
      Liblabcon criminals says:

      Those parties that are deliberately pursuing policies leading to ethnic replacement are the real racists.

      Those objecting to their ethnic replacement have no reason to justify themselves.


      • 124
        Anonymous says:

        Quite frankly, the british need foreign DNA, they are becoming far too inbred and biologically flawed.


    • 118
      Core UKIP Supporter says:

      What, UKIP is NOT racist or homophobic? Will have to re-join the BNP.


  30. 83

    Are we aware of their Emissions Policy?

    We need to be told.


  31. 86
    Green Party says:



    • 88
      Ed Miliband says:

      So are we, but it’ll be 2015 before the fools in my party realise I’m taking them to oblivion.


      • 90
        Moussa Koussa SAS Snotty !!*&^%$£ says:

        I’m voting for you ED. I luv U!


        That’s the sound of a big bottom Kiss


    • 119
      Anonymous says:

      …And where are the clowns
      Send in the clowns
      Don’t bother, they’re here…


    • 129
      Maître d' says:

      Oh, Sir – just one more tiny sprout ?


  32. 89
    My girlfriend is called Dolly the Sheep, a bit hairy but like them that way says:

    Always thought UKIP were a bunch of gay boys.

    More tea Vicar? Cup cake Father? How about you two, Rabbi and Iman, another custard cream? :)


    • 97
      My girlfriend is called Dolly the Sheep, a bit hairy but like them that way says:

      Imam even, I apologise – put down your rucksacks, I apologised, ok? :)


  33. 91
    gracie fields says:

    most of the sitting liblabcon must be shiting themselves!


    • 95
      My girlfriend is called Dolly the Sheep, a bit hairy but like them that way says:

      Yes Grace, filling their knickers as we speak Grace – gawd ‘elp them come Thursday.


  34. 93
    Moussa Koussa SAS Snotty !!*&^%$£ says:

    Anyone who doesn’t vote Liebour is a wacist!
    And a bender.


    • 94
      My girlfriend is called Dolly the Sheep, a bit hairy but like them that way says:

      Labour – the party of arse bandits, all are welcomed to my party. HEY – leave my arse alone you perve, let me introduce you to Peter Mandy….


  35. 96
    Fact Hunt says:

    Don’t understand all the interest in UKIP candidates being racists, perverts & general bad eggs. The Lib/Lab/Cons have been stuffed full of them for decades.


  36. 101
    My girlfriend is called Dolly the Sheep, a bit hairy but like them that way says:

    BANGING – sorry, had to post. Vikki Hesketh is a five foot tall stick of dynamite, can’t get enough of her. I luvs her, no matter what her politics is – she can be a Monster Raver as far as I am concerned, but she will always bother my trousers, oh yes! Suck my cock Vikki, it is a length of pink Blackpool Rock, mmmm…


    • 106
      My girlfriend is called Dolly the Sheep, a bit hairy but like them that way says:

      Not going to mention ladies my fascination of lips, all three sets, upstairs and downstairs, and the button proud excited at the top, hooded, teasing if I will press up or down, bedroomed cabinet device of yours to help the matter, plastic, recharged, you squirming for more. No, I will not mention it ladies, especially playing with your parts with the power shower, oh no, I will not mention when you said put it on squirt and up a bit, oh no I won’t. This is a politics site after all.

      Are you coming? :)


      • 109
        Universal Hiss says:

        You are now behaving like a stupid school boy.

        I don’t want to watch your videos(which I don’t) & I don’t want to read your fantasy sexual ramblings.

        You really are taking this too far.

        GUIDO. It’s time you sorted this bore out.

        There. Happy, you fucking prat? I’ve bitten. Pleased?


        • 111
          My girlfriend is called Dolly the Sheep, a bit hairy but like them that way says:

          Hello Hiss – you don’t need to mention you don’t “get me”. I don’t blame you, I blame it on whatever education you had in your young life, strangling your imagination to a quick death. I am sure one, maybe two, are fascinated with the bollocks that I post here. With that, I’d be happy with that. Hiss, by the way, you haven’t been I one of those funny private hospitals and had a lobotomy, by the way, like various members of the royal family, when they went dolally? Stretch your mind Hiss, and don’t be so much of an imagination fascist, you stupid turd. Grow up!

          Song, just for you Hiss, you vacant brained how dee doody!


  37. 104
    The infamous Eric Cunha says:

    How you got this picture is beyond me Mr Fawkes but admittedly, it’s funny. Just hoping it doesn’t ruin me professionally! Also just to clarify, it wasn’t a drunken snog! We were merely just posing for a picture that we’ll find hilarious in a few years, certainly didn’t expect to see this on your blog a matter of months after the picture was taken.


  38. 108
    egoodger says:

    I know Bradley Monk personally, he’s a friend and colleague of mine at the University of Winchester, and I will honestly say he is a nice guy and doesn’t deserve this media backlash, and I say this as a Conservative.


  39. 113

    This is one UKIP candidate who is neither racist or homophobic…but a wee bit strange. Now in a few years when he has reached adult status, perhaps he will wonder about his choice of trustworthy mates.


    • 132
      Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill (and 1st class passenger!) says:

      Completely first if the mask fits… Second: he is portraying a woman as merely a sexual object. As such this is chauvinist behaviour which proves kippers stand for inequality. Yours sincerely, Fib Dim.


  40. 116
    Reimer says:

    Of course he ain’t – only Whitey can be racist


  41. 120
    Anon says:

    The guy is 18, leave him alone. If this is what politics has come to then we’re screwed.


  42. 122
    Anonymous says:

    Paddy Power will not take any more bets for tomorrow’s elections. Can’t decide whether this is good or bad for UKIP.


    • 133
      Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill (and 1st class passenger!) says:

      It means we Liberals and similar parties will be stood as usual, similar to a pension queue for our massive handouts and then backhanders down the golf club with the senior council executives. We’ll know the outcome by recording what people say, if they are telling the truth.


  43. 123

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    blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very internet savvy so I’m not 100% certain.
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  44. 135
    Mick Hessletine says:

    We already have in place the methods in place to ensure over the next two years that Ukip will die on the vine and not affect the current system.
    You shepplires are really pretty stupid to think you can vote for change.

    Anyway business as usual.



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