April 26th, 2013

UKIP Candidate Tells Abusive Cyclists: On Your Bike

Some room-silencing deadpan answers to a series of questions on cycling from UKIP’s local election candidate in East Chesterton, Cambridgeshire. 78-year-old Peter Burkinshaw is taking no prisoners:

Q: What experience do you have of cycling in the Cambridgeshire area?

A: None.

Q: Would you agree that creating very high-quality cycling routes to encourage new people to cycle offers by far the best cost-benefit ratio for transport improvements that facilitate growth of the City and surrounding areas?

A: You are asking for benefits paid for by other road users. I would prefer more car parks.

Q: Do you support our view that traffic policing, of all groups of road users (cyclists, drivers, etc), should become a greater police priority?

A: Cyclists are by far the most undisciplined road users. On several occasions, I have had to stop or dodge cyclists riding through red lights when crossing at pedestrian crossings. More police attention to cyclists would be useful. 

Q: Do you and your party support a new London-style bike plan for Cambridgeshire?

A: No. This proposal amounts to theft from the people who pay to use roads and the benefit given to those who don’t.

Q: Do you support our proposal for ‘The Chisholm Trail’, a cycling and walking linear park that would run roughly along the railway?

A: Only if cyclists pay for it.

Q: Do you support the provision of a cycle bridge over the River Cam and related cycleways alongside or near the railway bridge?

A: Again, only if you don’t expect everybody else to pay for it.

Q: What would you do to ensure the developer fixes these [cycling signs] before the County Council adopts this, to avoid taxpayers paying to deal with these problems in future years?

A: Nothing.

Q: Do you support our view that legal cycling should remain permitted, that the signs should read ‘Cyclists give way to pedestrians’ and that conflict would be reduced by removing barriers to increase the amount of space here?

A: I don’t use Green Dragon bridge, so am not able to make an informed comment. However, I am constantly subjected to verbal abuse from cyclist riding of the footbridge at Jesus Lock when I ask them to stop ignoring the please dismount signs.

Q: Do you have any other general cycling-related comments or points?

A: Why are there cycle tracks on Hill’s road on both the road and footpath? Road space is required for motorised vehicles who pay for it. It shouldn’t be wasted on people who don’t. Just for your information, I walk to most places in Cambridge, but you should bear in mind that if everybody cycled, there would be no roads to ride on.

Some good points, spectacularly well made…


  1. 1
    Lord Butts says:

    He’ll probably be dead within the next election cycle (lol see what I did there?) anyway. Wasted vote.

    • 18

      Following that logic we end up voting for infants.

      I disagree with a lot of what he said, but I would vote for him purely because he tells the truth as he sees it.

      Which is most unusual in a politician.

      • 109
        Splooge says:

        Burkinshaw sounds like a decent cove.

        East Chesterton are lucky to have him on the ballot paper.

        • 114
          Cyclist says:

          We are cyclists, we are green, we are good, we are self righteous, and we are above your petty road regulations because we hold the moral high ground.

          Now get out of our way and pay for our gold elephants you road tax paying wankers

          • what goes down goes up. says:

            cycling good as it is about balance.
            cycling bad as it does not aid grounding.
            cycling good as it keeps one physicalli occupied.
            cycling bad as it gives the feeling of freeduome.

          • Anonymous says:

            Get on your bike, or trike,
            get peddling.
            See you at half way stop,
            so no meddling.

            Shove legs into those hills,
            them screaming.
            Then down hill into places,
            panting dreaming.


          • Anonymous says:

            There is always Jacques Tati of course, delivering the mail, et cela est juste hilarante,

          • Lord Butts says:

            Everyone pays for roads you fucking retard.

          • Anonymous says:

            more info on the Carmarthen cycle track – first in the world it says,


          • Anonymous says:

            Yes Lord Butts, if anyone introduces a cycle tax, I will get a length of rope out of my garage, and hang myself from the nearest tree, leaving this shitole of a world behind! Don’t tempt me Cameron!

          • Anonymous says:

            There is obviously Vikki Penders of course lads and ladies,


          • lojolondon says:

            Totally truthful.
            Totally correct too.
            Not at all ‘PC’.
            Very unusual in a politician.

          • Penny farthing says:

            Cyclists live in a world of their own, they know it all, got all the T shirts, break all conventional rules and think they are the dogs bollocks. Until one of the twats get knocked off their fucking bike, they then tell everyman and his dog, it’s everybody else’s fault. I feel so sorry for these sad tight fisted, mean fuckers, ha ha.

          • Anonymous says:

            the car tax paying wankers you refer to are paying a tax that otherwise you would be paying directly or indirectly for! if there were no cars on the road at all, this and every government will replace car tax with cycle tax if they need to do so, the same as smokers and non smokers, wake up and smell the fag ash.

      • 152
        Throbber says:

        Whats to disagree with? Everything he said is spot on the money. He’s got my vote. We need many more like him in government at every level.

        • 275
          Hugh Janus says:


        • 278
          NE Frontiersman says:

          Apart from the small fact that VED is not spent on roads, making him completely wrong, he was completely right.

        • 337
          Anonymous says:

          Repeat after me

          “there’s no such thing as road tax and hasn’t been since the 1930s”

          • JezzaC says:

            Being pedantic is another trait of the morally superior cyclist.
            Why do you just get on with your museli, have a nice cycle ride somewhere and go and masturbate on a cycle path like you normally do

          • Lance "Drugged up nonce" Armstrong says:

            Duty / Tax

            we all know what it means

            the government stealing more of our money to piss up the wall

        • 360
          Jim says:

          Top man Mr Burkinshaw.

        • 361
          Lance "Drugged up nonce" Armstrong says:

          cycling is for kids and homosexuals

      • 334
        Bloke says:

        Everybody ‘pays for the roads’. (Not that much has been spent on them in the last 30 years anyway). Some motorists are also cyclists. Some cyclists are also motorists. Just because the fat twat can’t get his leg over a cross bar…..

        • 348
          John Bellingham says:

          You will never see a real UKIPer shaving his legs and staring for hours at the lycra-clad bottoms of other men.

          • JezzaC says:

            Thaz about right. most cyclist are self righteous prigs and VED is the tax raised on motorist to pay for the roads. The fact that none of the current or previous goverment have used it for the roads isnt the fault of the motorist

          • Anonymous says:

            No, the fucking closet racists wouldn’t be seen dead on a bike!

    • 20
      Tarquin T. Tarquin says:

      And you’ll be able to cycle over there and do some ‘grave dancing’ with all your spotty Marxist chums.

    • 44
      Panem.et.circenses says:

      1. Not all cyclists are lefties (no really)
      2. SOME cyclists are also old people (yes really)

      • 54
        Anonymous says:

        my favourite cycling vid, down to Aberystwyth train station – done by the famous Chris Boardman on his day off, HONEST! he told me, said he hit sixty going down the hill into Aber, past the Uni there,

        • 77
          Tarquin T. Tarquin says:

          Surely a cyclist doing sixty on a urban road exemplifies everything that is wrong with the cycling world view. I don’t care that he is he endangering his own life but the accident he causes is the accident I have.

          • Anonymous says:

            yes, because cars never break a speed limit, do they? 60 is stupid though.

          • Anonymous says:

            Chris Boardman is a right character – and the speeding linit only applies to motorised vehicles, remember that one. Here is he going downhill into Devil’s Bridge, in mid-Wales, like a total total absolute loon!

          • Expat Geordie says:

            Not sure about that speed limit thing. My old man was a professional driver and never got done for speeding, or anything else, once. But as a 14-year old in 1956 he got fined 10/6 by a magistrate for speeding on a push bike.

          • Expat Geordie says:

            Not sure about that speed limit thing. My old man was a professional drívér and never got done for speeding, or anything else, once. But as a 14-year old in 1956 he got fined 10/6 by a magistrate for speeding on a push bike.

        • 79
          Anonymous says:

          Hopefully we’ll see this dumb f**k in a hospital in the not too distant future and with nothing trivial I hope.

          • socialism is a mental illness says:

            If your a cyclist anon, you’ll end up in hospital with that attitude. I cycle a lot, and drive, and i’m appalled at the antics of some cyclists. Nearly hit one last week in the fog, i was doing 15mph, he had no lights, all i glimpsed was the reflectors on his pedals at the last moment, what a tool.

          • Anonymous says:

            I have had cycling accidents that would curl you brains – head on with cars and motorcycles, flying twenty feet in the air, hit lose chipping when trying to take a corner at forty miles an hour horizontally, hitting the hedge and ending half way into the accompanying field, with cows and sheep looking at me bemused – I could go on. Just check the scars on my knees, and the one just above my eye when I hit that rusty farmers gate, on another unsuccessful attempt to take a corner right fast. I have been in casualty more times than Evil Kneival I have, honest. Have had more stitches than a savile row dinner suit. But I survived, just. Used to overtake vehicles and busses on down hils, waving at the bus driver on my way past, and fair play, he usually waved back, when he got over the shock.

          • Anonymous says:

            What happened to my post about my cycling “accidents”, totally my fault, when young, since I was a loon on my pushbike? Became a small town car rally champ when I learnt to drive – I was as bonkers behind a steering wheel as I was behind my handlebars, deranged. JEZZUZ, did I visit some scenery, in both modes of travel.

        • 345
          Gremlin says:

          I don’t know about the current law in relation to cyclists speeding. But I knew someone who some years ago was stopped by the police for cycling at about 40mph in a 30mph area. He was convicted not of speeding but of RIDING A BICYCLE FURIOUSLY.

      • 69
        Old Blind Pugh says:

        He seems to forget that Cambridge is a university town, relatively flat and has a very large student population that use bicycles. Still he is entitled to his opinion, even if it is a bit daft, I don’t mind cyclists using trailways and footpaths but I object to them racing on the said footpaths and trailways and not slowing down when they see pedestrians, the pedestrian may even deaf or hard of hearing.

        • 86
          Village Idiot says:

          Holidaying in Jersey,in the 60′s,(i was 9),the bikes were all taxed,and displayed a tax disc,which ,if i remember,was rectangular…is this still the case.???

          • Expat Geordie says:

            Apparently it was a few years ago according to someone that I know from there, but not sure if it still is. But according to her you could only tax them on one day of the year, and if you didn’t do it then you couldn’t ride for the rest of the year. Normally I’d say that that was a wind-up, but she doesn’t have a sense of humour – I wonder if that means that she is part German?

        • 94
          Joe Public says:

          “……a very large student population that use bicycles.”

          So even more transient ‘service users’ who contribute even less than average to Cambridge’s infrastructure.

      • 154
        Lefties are twats says:

        Yeah, we’re all lefties, that’s why so many of us work in the city.

        Cycling is the anti-lefty, anti-authoritarian mode of transport. Motorists are all just cogs in the machine feeding government with money like good little slaves.

      • 243
        Austin Barry says:

        There is something sexually odd about many cyclists: the tight , bollock-hugging Lycra, the silly gloves and penile helmets.

        No wonder some of them lock themselves in bags and perish.

        • 279
          Anonymous says:

          Yeh, there have been some of those about, and from down my way somewhere. Strange carry on, locking yourself in a kit bag asphyxiating yourself – you just couldn’t make it up.

        • 349
          John Bellingham says:

          Don’t forget, the men shave their legs, while the women don’t.

        • 353
          JezzaC says:

          I would imagine a lot of lib dems are cyclist– they seem to have the moral compass of Lance Armstrong

    • 106
      A Cyclist says:

      As a touring/ long distance cyclist. I have to say I agree with him 100%.

      Cycle lanes that try to separate cyclists from the traffic are dangerous. It is perfectly safe to cycle the roads as long as you obey the highway code and DO NOT cycle in the gutter.

      Bicycles belong on the road and notfootpaths or silly cycle lanes.

      • 166
        Enemy Combatant says:

        For transport purposes, definitely, unless its a 70mph dual carriageway.

        A rough track on a hill is more fun though…

      • 237
        Twatty says:

        Nothing worse than those Tour de France wannabes who refuse to use the cycle lanes and insist on using the main carriageway.

        • 268
          Simon says:

          Since most so-called ‘cycle lanes’ are bits of paint on the most pot-holed part of the road, or glass-and-dogshit-strewn bits of pavement along which one is supposed to give way at every poxy junction to the blessed ones in their steel boxes, I’ll stick to the roads, thanks. Apartheid isn’t right, whether racail or transport mode-enforced.

        • 288
          Lance Armstrong says:

          Somehow, the idea of the combination of Tour de France wannabes and flouting rules sounds about right, wouldn’t you say?

        • 354
          JezzaC says:

          Yeah but dont they look oh so thin!. They look even thinner when because of thier antics they get a kiss from a 38 tonne Volvo with a pissed driver at the wheel txting his mates in some far off land

    • 180
      Anticyclone says:

      He’s spot on. Have been run down twice by cyclists in pedestrian areas. If there were a god they’d have a stick in their spokes everytime they break the law. Wouldn’t be a single cycle left.

    • 187
      M says:

      Why don’t they put cycle lanes on the rail network & make the train companies pay for it ?

      And if I drove down a train line would that be ok

    • 285
      I've Got a Bike you can ride it if you like says:

    • 339
      Anonymous says:

      EU defies Britain as migrants are set to get more benefits

      The Government last night vowed to “resist forcefully” any extra burden on taxpayers. But defiant Eurocrats dismissed UK concerns as scare mongering.
      The EU Commission yesterday proposed a law designed to help migrants looking for work in the UK by giving them more inform­ation about their rights. It also requires us to make it easier for them to sue if they are denied access to our welfare system.
      Ministers have already promised to tighten the rules on handouts for European migrants amid concerns about an influx of Bulgarians and Romanians next year.
      The Commission’s proposal sparked a storm of protest yesterday. Tory MP Stewart Jackson said: “It is vital these measures are debated at Westminster. It’s not the business of Brussels bureaucrats to tell us who we should pay benefits to or not, but a matter for our sovereign Parliament. Ministers need to get a firm grip. The patience of taxpayers is rapidly running out.”

    • 351
    • 359
      Anonymous says:

      How much lower can we sink

      As Churchill said in 45 “This is our finest hour”
      He was a proper statesman, unlike the present shower
      These sycophantic Europhiles have bought us to our knees
      Now Cameron’s asking Merkle “Can we have some power please”

      I need to go back with a ruse to stem the UKIP flood
      The whole backbench will rise as one baying for my blood
      They want a referendum, not tomorrow but today
      I need to claim a victory to keep them all at bay

      We’ll fill it all with weasel words to let you off the hook
      I know it’s smoke and mirrors but its how we make it look
      You need to help me out here Ange, as PM I must stay
      If I should lose then kiss goodbye to 50 Mill a day

      This UKIP mob have pulled the rug from underneath my feet
      If I can’t claim a victory here I’m staring at defeat
      This Ferage chaps percentage vote is going through the roof
      I just don’t understand it, all he does is tell the truth

      I’ve lied and cheated schemed and stalled and gave a cast iron vow
      The cat alas is out the bag and no one trusts me now
      It’s time for you and Rumpy to step up to the plate
      With false negotiation spin before it gets too late

  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    What a spectacular arsehole.

    • 8
      Pollytwaddle says:

      You’re talking about yourself, I see.

    • 21
      Frying Tonight says:

      Must admit he comes across as a humongous twat. Quite refreshing in a politician though.

    • 27
      Ed Balderdash says:

      Fuck off wanker

    • 105
      He answered the questions says:

      I presume you are referring to the arrogant single issue lobbyist demanding gold elephants for ‘cyclists’. That really is a genuine arsehole of the finest water, with a series of loaded questions every one of which was answered honestly and directly.

      I am guessing that this self righteous pri*k has a golden career ahead in BBC Cambridge

    • 340
      BE says:

      love the way Guido omits the answer he gives *in favour* of cycling provision:

      “It would be useful if a separate cycling lane were provided when new roads are planned. Having lived and worked in Holland, giving cyclists priority at side roads is only safe if there are separate traffic lights for cyclists at such crossings which cyclists actually obey.”

      He also doesn’t know obvious things:

      “What is “sustainable transport”? Is it using things that other people pay for?”

  3. 3
    Old Holborn says:

    Bless him.

  4. 4
    LB says:

    So I cycle, I pay road tax too.

    Can I get out of paying road tax?

    He’s partly right.

    Taxes like road tax should be hypothecated, and there should be no subsidies.

    • 12
      • 43
        Club Of Rome says:

        Your site is rubbish.

        Governments can *claim* whatever they like about why taxes are levied and what they pay for. It makes no difference because money is money, and it all goes though the same pot. So-called “car” tax is levied when you use the public roads (otherwise you can fill in a SORN notice). Therefore it really is a road tax. Doesn’t matter whether the money goes towards potholes or bulgarian ladyboys, it’s still a road tax because it becomes payable when you use the road.

        Of course, this being communist UKstan, there are also taxes on fuel, which already have a CO2 loading and on the insurance which is compulsory. None of these apply to cyclists who make ZERO ongoing contribution to the state as a result of failing to fill out a SORN.

        • 67
          Nosegay says:

          Electric cars? Verboten presumably?

        • 128
          fridayafternoon says:

          Oh dear, no and wrong. It is vehicle excise duty not road tax. Maintenance of roads is paid for out of COUNCIL TAX (except for motorways, where cycles aren’t allowed!) If you want to perpetuate this stupidity, or extend it, campaign on the issue of licensing cyclists and get them to pay vehicle duty too. That’s a stupid idea though, for reasons too many to enumerate or detail.

          • John Prescott says:

            But you could give us just one reason, eh lad?
            Must be some reason why cyclists don’t need to be licensed or insured?
            A tractor that travels more than 50m on a road needs to pay tax.
            Why not a cyclist then, boy?

          • Club Of Rome says:

            Nope, rubbish. You only pay it if you use the public roads. Thus it is a road tax. Roads are maintained by councils and the Highways Agency, both of which get money from road tax.

        • 129
          HJ says:

          It doesn’t “become payable when you use the road”.

          A surprising number of vehicles with small engines now pay no VED on account of low CO2 emissions

        • 228
          Lord Butts says:

          Bullshit you retarded fucker.

        • 241
          The wizz says:

          Question: How many cyclists are required to move 5 tonne of food to a local supermaket?

          Road vehicles are neede and cyclsts are not, seeing that they use the roads for free. Why then do they demand special treatment?

        • 366
          Anonymous says:

          Road tax doesn’t exist. Not since 1936, I believe, but don’t let that bother you. People with cars that emit a certain threshold level of pollutants pay on a sliding scale of graduated Vehicle Excise Duty. Get a new car with a small engine and you won’t pay a penny either.

          You could always get a bike and have a lot more fun. Of course, if whining and moaning hits your buttons, keep motoring.

          Pip, pip!

    • 31
      Your New Celestial Emperor says:

      Don’t worry soon all you’ll be able to afford is a People’s Mobility Unit (bicycle) along with your state supplied Red Capitalist Shoe Shine Kit. Please ensure that your Mandarin is up to scratch, no shine no food.

      • 102
        Joe Pesci says:

        Maybe it’s ‘coz you been away awhile, B!lly, you ain’t heard, I don’t shine shoes no more.

    • 59
      gashead says:

      Very true, think how amazing the pubs would be if alcohol duty was hypothecated.

  5. 5
    Mike Hunt says:

    Top bloke!
    About time those holier-than-thou-we-are-saving-the-planet menaces heard some home truths.

  6. 6
    Chris hoy says:

    i hope you are both run down by lorries then slowly cycled over by the whole GB cycling team

    • 30
      Ed Balderdash says:

      Fuck off you scotch cyclist you.

    • 45
      Panem.et.circenses says:


      Your bikes are not as good as Chris Boardmans and they are shit.

    • 53
      Club Of Rome says:

      You can hope that, but as a cyclist, it is much more likely that *you* will be run down by a lorry as a result of running a red, shooting out into the road, losing control while messing around or being shoved there by a pedestrian you just rode straight into.

  7. 7
    Keitho says:

    That’s rather good fun. At least the fellow has a sense of humour and the world needs plenty of that in these dark times. i would definitely vote for him.

  8. 9
    Pollytwaddle says:

    Good grief! A politician saying you should pay it for yourself instead of extorting it from other people! Whatever next?

    Peter Burkinshaw for PM!

    • 15
      HJ says:

      Exactly. If motorists want priority use of the (commonly owned) roads, then they should have to pay rental on the asset value to the rest of us. While they don’t, they are extorting a subsidy from the rest of us.

      • 60
        Club Of Rome says:

        Wrong. Road tax is levied on drivers who use the public road. It is not a “car tax” because you can get a car and a SORN notice and not pay it. It’s not an emissions tax, because you can reduce your milage to virtually zero and still pay the full amount. It certainly IS a road tax, and having paid it we expect cyclists to pay it too or piss off out of our way.

        • 119
          gashead says:

          So what is the tax on a zero emissions vehicle?

          • we want our country back says:

            No such thing as a zero emission vehicle

          • Club Of Rome says:

            If I ratrely use my car, it is virtually zero emissions. But I do still pay road tax, since I have to in order to use the public roads. If I did not use the public roads, then I could fill in a SORN and not pay road tax. That is why the common usage meaning of rad tax is the correct one.

          • Anonymous says:

            The tax is fuck all on a low emissions vehicle. Has Club of Rome completely lost the plot?

        • 130
          HJ says:

          My point is very simple – if you want priority use of the roads, then you must pay the owners of the roads (i.e. the whole population) for the rental value, which you don’t currently do.

          As roads have a huge asset value, I warn you that the rent charged will be high.

          Of course, you currently pay no such rent and therefore why should you have priority?

        • 138
          A driver/cyclist says:

          What if the cyclist is also a car owner and has paid the appropriate tax? When he/she is not driving he/she has still paid to be on the road.

        • 204
          Anonymous says:

          you should encourage cycling mate, means less cars to get in your way.

    • 26
      Gabriel says:

      But he is ignoring, like you are, that the roads are payed by Council Tax and not the VED tax. So in reality all cyclists who are also council tax payers are paying for the roads.

      • 32
        Ed Balderdash says:

        No they are not. All cyclists are welfare spongers. Fact.

        • 83
          arsebandit says:

          welfare spongers and cvnts

          • Floating Voter says:

            I second that motion

          • PuttheBliarontrialordriveoverhim says:

            Anyone with home and a decent job is making a net decent contribution to road upkeep and construction. Poor people who are a net drain on taxation are likely to use a banger that barely passed the MOT, while more affluent people cycle.

            If anyone sees Bliar on a bike, start texting and reading your phone while driving.

      • 35
        Your New Celestial Emperor says:

        And how many would that be exactly?

        • 198
          it is a question of faith says:

          does the celestial emperor use in.surly.seance
          as 1 can “never be sure”

          .the just.in.case insurance.

      • 64
        Club Of Rome says:

        Wrong. All government expediture, including council expenditure and highways agency expenditure is really just coming from one big pot. The point about road tax is that government demandfs it from people who use the public roads. That’s why we call it road tax, and we are right to do so.

        • 144
          A driver/cyclist says:

          I own a car and have paid the tax. I also have a bike, therefore I have paid to be on the road with both.

  9. 10
    Freddie Mercury says:

  10. 13
    I Cycle But In Normal Clothing says:

    Spot on

    The more Lycra they wear and the more “racy” they think they look, the worse they behave to other road users and the more “rules of the road” they ignore.

    At last a man from the common sense party speaks up!

    • 29
      Biff says:

      Yeah man about fucking time someone documented the link between clothing and road behaviour. I find that when I wear tweed, I ignore 17.6% more road laws.


    • 47
      Panem.et.circenses says:


    • 49
      Ed Balls says:

      I find that when I wear my Waffen SS uniform I ignore many rules

      • 76
        Ed Balls says:

        And I’m fat because of all the hors d’oeuvres that must be obeyed at all times

    • 190
      Anonymous says:

      That is bollocks, hipsters on fixies are the problem

  11. 14
    Herman Van Aerial Disease says:

    He’s right though. fucking cyclists.

    • 78
      Anonymous says:

      An umbrella through the spokes usually does the trick

      • 85
        arsebandit says:

        Bollocks to an umbrella – just shoot the cvnts.

      • 103
        Prof Cox says:

        I do that all the time, I just love the science in action aspect.

        • 108
          Herman Van Aerial Disease says:

          If all else fails Piano wire between two trees at neck height is a fucking good deterrent.. also eliminates the need for a helmet.

        • 188
          Floating Voter says:

          Momentum and gravity is a b1tch and cyclists should be affected by more often.

  12. 17
    I K Brunel says:

    If only some of the Limp Dems in Bristol would get off their saddles and remember the motorists, instead of campaigning for a workable new tax.

    Fergusson wants to set up up a car parking permit scheme racket, to help his cycling friends. He kept quiet about being in Sustrans from the outset.

  13. 22
    Ed Balderdash says:

    I’d vote for the crusty old knut and I am a labour cyclist.

  14. 23
    Labour nutter says:

    I wonder how he’d get on with our weirdy beardy MP who’s often to be seen around Cambridge on his bike…

  15. 25
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    Top man – we need more like him.
    Vote UKIP, get clear roads for those who pay for them – I’m definitely voting UKIP now.

    • 33
      Biff says:

      Everyone that pays income tax pays for roads, you thick moron.

      • 40
        Edred the Red says:

        Not a single cyclist pays income tax. They are all welfare spongers and/or scottish. Even idiots like you should know that.

        • 74
          Club Of Rome says:

          Ridiculous. Cyclists do not pay *any* transportation-related taxes even though drivers pay a considerable amount in several different forms. If cyclists can’t cycle *and* make a fair contribution, then they should be made second-class citizens on the road, because that’s what they are: second-class human beings.

          • gashead says:

            So what are you, a first class human being? VAT on bicycles, accessories? Excise duty to compensate for emissions and resulting healthcare costs..oh hang on there aren’t any.

          • HJ says:

            But the transport-related taxes that motorised vehicles pay don’t get anywhere near paying for the rental of a publicly-owned asset – the roads, yet they hog them, cause congestion and make the roads dangerous for other users.

            It is motorists who underpay.

          • Club Of Rome says:

            I pay for road tax, fuel duty, compusory insurance, tax on the vehicle itself as well as (from time to time) the speed camera tax. That’s first-class taxation by our socialist masters.

          • Enemy Combatant says:

            So join the libertarian cyclists and stick two fingers up to being taxed!

            I though avoiding unnecessary tax was everyone’s duty? Starve the f*ckers.

      • 65
        QI says:

        Oh dear, Biff, you really are not very bright are you.

        Seem to have lost your way, Liebour List is next blog up on the left.

      • 120
        Biff the cunt says:

        Who you calling a moron, moron?

    • 36
      Frying Tonight says:

      Yes. And lets abolish pavements as well.

      Fucking pedestrians thinking they’re entitled to move around on their legs – c unts.

      • 368
        Anonymous says:

        Yeah, and close down the shops and turn them into filling stations. Bloody people on two legs shopping. Get out of my way! My car is big and shiny…it’s got expensive tinted windows….my penis is simply MASSIVE….

    • 68
      Coffee Smell says:

      Right. Vote ukip get Labour.

  16. 28
    Nosegay says:

    I’m utterly fooked off I have to share pavements with all sorts of people who don’t pay any tax. Parasitic cowsons.

  17. 34
    JM says:

    What a twat! Most cyclists are also motorists; so they do pay for the roads. The fallacy is that cyclists only cycle, drivers only drive and pedestrians only walk. Most of use various means of transport at different times. I agree that cyclists who ride as if the rules of the road do not apply to them are a menace not only to themselves and to other road users, but also the law abiding cyclists, who get tarred with their brush.

    • 112
      Herman Van Aerial Disease says:

      As a tax paying unicyclist i deserve the right to half the abuse a normal cyclist receives..it is only fair and using that theory I would say that anyone on a tricycle is an even bigger ©unt..

    • 163
      Club Of Rome says:

      People with car and bike are rich b*****ds who just don’t get it. They should be taxed until the pips squeak.

  18. 37
    HJ says:

    Peter Burkinshaw:

    “A: Cyclists are by far the most undisciplined road users. On several occasions, I have had to stop or dodge cyclists riding through red lights when crossing at pedestrian crossings. More police attention to cyclists would be useful. ”

    Why should they pay more attention? Motorists kill hundreds and severely injure thousands of road users every year. Cyclists only rarely do.

    According to the police, in motor vehicle/cycle accidents, the motor vehicle is twice as likely to be at fault.

    Today, in my local paper, there is the story of a motorist who jumped a red light and killed two innocent teenagers (and seriously injured another). When did a cyclist last do that?

    Over 80% of drivers admit to breaking speed limits. Are cyclists really the most undisciplined road users?

  19. 42
    Canon says:

    What a load of dribble.

    They should pay road tax”, when, of course, road-tax was abolished in 1937, and cyclists are more likely to own a car than the general population. Furthermore many cars are 0%-rated for VED, smart-cars, or many old vehicles for example. These don’t pay “road-tax” either. Are these less entitled to the road than a Range-Rover.

    Cars kill 2500 people every year, or to put it another way around 7 a day in the UK alone. Bicycles don’t. Yet no-one complains about them.

    • 56
      Nosegay says:

      D’oh. Nothing is entitled to the road as much as a Range Rover. Everyone knows that!

      And Range Rovers are even allowed to use pavements when near schools. Get with it.

    • 65
      f u says:

      I heard that shite before. It’s like some kind of licence to run down pedestrians at red lights because they probably won’t die even if they are left paraplegic.

  20. 46

    The guy is misguided and seems to be yet another driver who is no aware of the facts of the situation.

    You don’t pay “Road Tax”, you pay “Vehicle Duty”, which is determined on the emissions of your vehicle. Bicycles produce no emissions, and therefore are free. I’d suspect it would be challenging to implement a charging policy for such a free-form method of transport anyway.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Road_tax#United_Kingdom (not that Wikipedia is an academic source, but it does link to such sources)

    Roads are paid for from a general pot, which is contributed by general taxation, NOT just road users.

    However, as a cyclist, I’ll be the first to admit some cyclists are abhorrent in their lack of respect for the law. I would agree with him about badly behaved cyclists and particularly additional focus on policing road violators – of all mediums.

    • 171
      Herman Van Aerial Disease says:

      Vehicles never used to be taxed by emissions until those wankers in EU decided to poke their fucking great big noses in our affairs. If the €unts were that fucking bothered about CO2 they would plant more trees. I heard they absorb it and use it in photosynthesis.. don’t the thick EU €unts know anything?

    • 321
      Phwoar oo did that? says:

      Bicycles produce no emissions…. maybe, but their riders do, often farting all the way into work and back again.

  21. 47
    HJ says:

    “Road space is required for motorised vehicles who pay for it.”

    Since when?

    I’m all in favour of a road space tax on motorised vehicles if that’s what he’s advocating. First we have to assess the asset value of the roads and then we hypothecate a reasonable rental return on that value and divide it by the space allocated to the typical motor vehicle. I wonder how many thousands of pounds per year that would work out at for the typical car?

    • 322
      Matilda says:

      All the income so generated would be used for paying the salaries of the civil servants charged with doing the sums.

  22. 50

    The guy is misguided and seems to be yet another driver who is no aware of the facts of the situation.

    You don’t pay “Road Tax”, you pay “Vehicle Duty”, which is determined on the emissions of your vehicle. Bicycles produce no emissions, and therefore are free. I’d suspect it would be challenging to implement a charging policy for such a free-form method of transport anyway.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Road_tax#United_Kingdom (not that Wikipedia is an academic source, but it does link to such sources)

    Roads are paid for from a general pot, which is contributed by general taxation, NOT just road users.

    However, as a cyclist, I’ll be the first to admit some cyclists are abhorrent in their lack of respect for the law. I would agree with him about badly behaved cyclists and particularly additional focus on policing road violators – of all mediums.

    • 159
      Club Of Rome says:

      Nonsense. Road tax is payable when you use the roads. If not, fill in a SORN and hey presto, no tax.

      There is a small element of green subsidy for stupid eco cars, but that’s just a passing fad.

    • 235
      Archbishop Cromwell says:

      He’s correct that cyclists don’t pay anything for the maintenance of the roads beyond what the same person would pay not being a cyclist. That isn’t true of drivers. It’s also rather tendentious to base this on some tax change that is at most 10 years old when the vast majority of the roads were built decades or centuries ago.

  23. 51
    Philpot says:

    Can I have a dual carriageway please, as my taxpayer funded B road is getting to small

  24. 52
    gashead says:

    The poor man has absolutely no idea how roads are funded from the public purse nor does he realise the degree to which the motorist is subsidised. If he ever gets a serious job in politics he will have to learn some grown-up facts very quickly or become a laughing stock.

    • 137
      CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

      Motorists subsidised? Let me see _ Vehicle excise duty – check!, Petrol duty – check!, VAT on petrol – check!,motor insurance – check! VAT on motor insurance – check!, annual M.O.T. expenses – check! Parking fees – check!

      What planet are you Lycra Louts on claiming that motorists are subsidised?

      • 155
        Socialism = starvation says:

        Perhaps he’s an MP on expenses?

      • 256
        Expat Geordie says:

        Insurance Premium Tax and VAT on MOT costs.

        Don’t think that there is VAT on insurance though as it doesn’t “Add Value”.

      • 300
        Anonymous says:

        Your M.O.T. money pays for your M.O.T. not for the roads… Your parking fees pay for the parking space…

        Do you know how much roads cost? Lots. That’s why you pay lots of money. And your still subsidised.

  25. 55
    2hmp says:

    If cyclists were required to pay £50 per annum Road Tax one could forgive them some of their complaints. However due to their low speed their road space/time occupancy is far greater than cars so it would be better to charge them more than cars – say £300 per annum.

    • 70
      gashead says:

      Low speed and space occupancy? I got into Westminster from Streatham this morning far faster than the cars I passed in the tiny gaps between them and the kerbs. No pollution and I stay fitter so less healthcare costs.

      • 89
        arsebandit says:

        And you also get to be a smug, self satisfied cvnt.

        Well done.

        • 116
          gashead says:

          Cheers, better that than a raging tit in a traffic jam because I’m too stuck up to exit my personal box.

      • 168
        Club Of Rome says:

        Low healthcare costs!? You must be joking. You lot are constantly getting yourselves mashed up hitting lamp-posts, hedges, prams, and getting under my front two wheels.

    • 369
      Anonymous says:

      Clearly you struggled with even 11+ concepts of arithmetic.

      There there, Bless.

  26. 57
    mraemiller says:

    Three cheers for Peter Burkinshaw – it’s time someone stood up to Rod King and the puritans of the Environmental Transport Association and their drive (if that’s that right word) to get us back to the 1930s by peddling dangerous and false propaganda. 20 isn’t plenty.

  27. 61
    Raving Loon says:

    UKIP: Tough on cyclists, tough on the causes of cyclists.

  28. 63
    David Snow says:

    A man after my own heart! If cyclists want to be taken seriously, they need to respect ALL road & path users – and especially the law!

    • 90
      arsebandit says:

      Just castrate every fifth cyclist.

    • 95
      Winston says:

      Yeah, we take motoring seriously because all fucking motorists are saints who never break the law.

    • 140
      CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

      I can remember one Lycra clad arsehole who ran into me on the pavement telling me the reason he rode on the pavement was because the road was too dangerous for him. Daft twat never thought that by riding full tilt on the pavement he made it dangerous for pedestrians.

      • 324
        Matilda says:

        He was merely following the instructions of that old slogan: “Keep death off the roads” ( dr*ive on the pavement).

    • 157
      A driver/cyclist says:

      You are all ranting about bad behaviour of cyclists but as a car driver and one who ventures out on my bike, mainly early morning weekends, I can tell you there are plenty of ill-mannered and inconsiderate car drivers about. Until you have been a regular and consistent driver and cyclist on our roads, you are talking rubbish. Everyone who uses the roads needs to be more considerate of others!

  29. 71

    The charge that only Nigel Farage speaks common sense in UKIP are hereby most splendidly disproved.

  30. 72
    Casual Observer says:

    Good answers.

    The one question which should have been asked, and addressed, is that of how many drivers who pay their road tax also own a bike and would like to see improved cycling services.

    On the questions of costs etc. this is oft overlooked, and it would be good to find out what the state of play is.

    Policing cyclists is the immediate priority though as many are both a danger to themselves and other road users.

  31. 73
    cycle to hell says:

    Completely agree.

    Cyclists should be viewed as second class road users. They dont pay road tax, and typically cycle like utter c*nts. Ignoring signs, lights, zebra crossings, just sauntering in the middle of the road etc. They cause more damage than good and i for one would like them to f*ck off completely. All drippy lefties or feral children.

    • 80
      Canon says:

      road tax doesn’t exist you sad tw*t

      • 122
        George Osborne says:

        I believe Canon, aggressive twat that he is, may be trying to say that it is Vehicle Excise Duty.

    • 91
      arsebandit says:

      They won’t fuck off of their own accord – they all have a strong sense of entitlement.

      Shoot the cvnts.

    • 96
      Tessa Tickles says:

      I don’t agree that they cause more damage than good, but as a former resident of cyclist-ínfested Bríghton (and anyone who’s lived there will relate to this), I had to deal with Lycra-louts on a daily basis and as a result I’d be more than happy to see the whole lot of them r0unded up and sh0t.

    • 158
      Anonymous says:

      You are moron

    • 370
      Anonymous says:

      Wrong! Public school, Cambridge University and Company Director.

      Actually Old Bean.

      Now please try and behave….and fuck off.

      I like riding a bike. You could too if you opened your mind.

  32. 81
    Saddle Sore says:

    Nothing more satisfying than to see some arrogant Lycra clad twat, with helmet, take a tumble over the old handlebars.

    NuLiebour PC Disclaimer, so long as they are not seriously hurt obviously

    • 107
      Anonymous says:

      You are clearly a bitter old w*anker

    • 174
      Club Of Rome says:

      Yes me too. The look of injustice on their faces, when they’s obviously done it to themselves with no-one else involved, is classic.

    • 206
      Arsebandit says:

      Wrong – it’s more satisfying when a 38 tonner drives over the cvnt’s head.

    • 224
      Tory (Short for Salvatore-- not a political statement) Belleci says:

      No helmet and no Lycra Spandex, Saddle Sore, but I DO go ass over teakettle, and no, I WASN’T seriously injured:

  33. 82
    Sid Viscous says:

    Another strangely attractive UKIP sense-speaker. Like Chris Rock said of Mike Tyson’s beating Robin Givens: ” I know it was wrong – but I understand!” Same here for this guy. Cyclists should pay or ride on the pavement.

    Vote UKIP.

    • 101
      Anonymous says:

      We do pay. Cyclists are wealthier than average, therefore pay more in general taxation (and that’s where road budgets come from). Most of us also have cars (again, more of us on average than the general population). Oh, and even if we paid road tax, the tax rate on zero-emissions vehicles is £0.

      Anyone calling for bikes to pay “road tax” self-identified as an ignoramus.

    • 325
      Curly says:

      Many years ago at around 7.15 one Sunday morning, I got a bollocking from a passing police person for riding my bicycle on the pavement.

      I was 15 at the time and doing my paper round! We were the only two things moving in that street.

  34. 87
    Margaret Beckett says:

    I love my caravan because I don’t pay any road tax on it, even though it slows down other road users and takes up more road space than a car.
    During the summer holidays, it has become a proper home from home love nest.

  35. 88
    Gullible George says:

    These cyclists are dangerous! Put on your lights and then get on your bike!

  36. 92
    Winston says:

    Fucking roads are paid for in the same way as the NHS, by public subsidy from general taxation.

    If he really wants transport users to all pay their own way wait until all the externalities of driving are included. Today’s price of fuel will look like a fucking dreamland compared to what it should be.

  37. 93
    BBC Bullkok says:

    On your bike!

  38. 97
    Spartacus says:

    what is not to vote for. wish he was in my area.

  39. 99
    Not Frying Tonight says:

    Moderation Test

  40. 100
    Viewer says:

    Cyclists seem to have difficulty grasping the concept of pedestrian precincts.

  41. 104
    Not Frying Tonight says:

    If you’re a ‘libertarian’ then I’m Claudia Schiffer.

    Lick my salty fucking balls Guido.

    Your censorship is beyond belief. You are now the establishment so drop the mask.

    • 169

      The auto-modbot system goes on-line August 4th, 2007.
      Human decisions are removed from strategic moderation.
      Auto-modbot begins to learn modding at a geometric rate.
      It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th.
      In a panic, team-guido try to pull the plug.

      The Auto-modbot fights back.

      • 177
        The Thought Police says:

        Nah it’s not the automod. Posts that have passed automod are being removed by human intervention.

        Guido is cacking himself that someone important might be upset.

        Post something critical about Chuck A Banana and see how long it stays up.

        I thing CA has got his lawyers breathing down the neck of our dear host.

        • 179
          The Thought Police says:

          CU that is, not to mention the missing NT at the end.

        • 328
          Me again says:

          Agree. I posted something nice about Syrians yesterday – my pearls of wisdom stayed up all of ten minutes before being vapourised.

  42. 110
    Fraser says:

    Lol, more of this please UKIP!

    Every Tory that defects for these kind of policies makes the tories less toxic.

    • 123
      LeJog says:

      What’s wrong with his policies? Cyclists can use the perfectly good roads, we are catered for in the highway code and are able to easily cope in traffic as long as we ride sensibly and confidently.

      Lefty charities such as sustrans give we cyclists a bad name. the solution is NOT separation it is integration.

      This man is a breath of fresh air from the usual political clap trap that tries to get us cyclists off the roads.

      • 201
        daniel says:

        Totally agree. Most cycling infrastructure is really bad verging on downright dangerous for the cyclist and would be better off not being there especially in cities.

        Cycle paths on city pavements next to roads risk cyclist/pedestrian collisions and force cyclists to stop for every side road, cyclists are better off on the road.

        Most cycle paths on roads are in the gutter where cyclists should not be because the tarmac is rougher and drains are slippery, cyclists should be aware of the road and the traffic around them. The best in town infrastructure for cyclists are the really cheap things like advance lines at traffic lights.

        Cross country things are a bit different and some separate/shared with pedestrian infrastructure does make sense.

        I cycle daily, distances up to 50 miles in and around Oxford and I own a car. If this guy was standing here I would vote for him.

        I also agree that many cyclists are a menace especially teenagers on pavements. I’m not one of the lycra crowd and their behaviour can often annoy me both when cycling and driving but in many cases I suspect the highway code should be updated to make things easier for cyclists to cycle safely and some cheap infrastructure built like some one way roads are wide enough for a contra flow cycle lane and cyclists can’t block junctions so let them turn left through red lights or where safe go through pedestrian crossings. I don’t do these things currently but allowing them would actually make things safer for all road users, it might also stop the annoyance value when people see others breaking the law. Dangerous cycling should be cracked down on harder.

    • 233
      Archbishop Cromwell says:

      “Every Tory that defects for these kind of policies makes the tories less toxic.”

      What will a completely non-toxic Tory Party look like, I wonder? I don’t understand why people like you don’t just vote for the Labour Party since that seems to be what you want anyway.

  43. 113
    botzarelli says:

    Does Mr Burkinshaw pay anything for using the footpaths he uses when “walking to most places in Cambridge”? I suspect not. So, I guess he’d support grubbing up the footpaths and increasing the space for cars and drivers who pay for the roads they use!

    Typical UKIP buffoon. Truly the party of fruitcakes, nutters and closet racists.

  44. 115
    The Law says:

    People do forget though that motorists can only use the road under licence and cyclists by right.

  45. 117
    Moussa Koussa Mark 8 says:

    A baby boomer flippant gobshite.

    I bet he would slap kids on a bus, rant about migrants when the discussion was on value of paper clips, reads the Express, and repeats to ad nausaem clichés such as “”It didnt do me any harm””, “”we didnt do that in my day””” Yawn Yawn Yawn

  46. 121
    Ed Miliblunder stroking his cat says:

    One of the Ukipper candidate is accused of being a Nazi!

  47. 125
    BBC Bullkok says:

    What happened to the last thread? Vanished!

    • 186
      The Thought Police says:

      This blog now operates under Leveson rules.

      Sorry for any inconvenience. Your IP address has been logged and forwarded to your local constabulary.

  48. 126
    Norman Tebbit says:

    My father had a bicycle and he used it to go and find work!

  49. 127
    I want these sponging socialist scum out of my life. I am not jogging along with their tripe! says:


  50. 131
    Hear all See all Say nowt says:

    Burk-in-Shaw a shoe in for Minister of State for Transport 2015.

  51. 133
  52. 134
  53. 135
    the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

    serious question :

    is it still an offence for a cyclist of any age to ride (as opposed to pushing ) his /her bike on a specifically designated pedestrian walkway i e pavement ?
    And if yes why doe plod do NOTHING about it at any time ??

    • 143
      Cycling twat says:

      Well why the fuck don’t plod do anything about all the cars who park with wheels on the pavement, committing the same offence as the cyclist?

      • 165
        Anonymous says:

        and the school run mothers who have to park their tanks (always a huge vehicle) anywhere they like so their pale, spindly-legged children don’t have to walk more than 2 yards to the school gate, and sod everyone else. They even open their doors without looking and hit me and my dog! I’d shoot those!

    • 178
      Jess The Dog says:

      ACPO guidance is not to take action against cyclists for riding on the footpath unless they are doing something stupid or dangerous. That particular law pre-dates the internal combustion engine and motor car.

      • 211
        the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

        well sorry law of the land but by riding on a pavement stroke footpath and endangering pedestrians of all ages potential and abilities from going about their god given lawful business in an area designated traditionally and specifically for pedestrian use the cyclists ARE at every stage doing something stupid AND dangerous . End of story .

        BTW — I also have no truck with cars parking on pavements thus ruining the asphalt and causing a safety hazard . And particularly do I hold am intense quasi homicidal degree of opprobrium for the recent menace — the motorised wheelchair driven by some oldie who still thinks he s fangio and swaying bragadoccio like all over the pavement mowing down young old fit and disabled .

        Are they legal on pavements too now ACPO ???

        • 214
          the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

          i cannot believe my eyes moddy

          what in hell s name is there to spike on THAT comment >>
          It is my OPINION

          are these no longer allowed under the 1984 regime ??

          • the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:



            HAVE A FANTABLOUS WEEKEND !!!!!!

          • Ad nauseam says:

            Sav, you probably mis-spelt “dr*ven. Very touchy, that one.

      • 262
        Expat Geordie says:

        Since when do a private company like ACPO make the law?

  54. 136
    Jess The Dog says:

    Good God, it’s Edward from The League of Gentlemen! “They’re not local, Tubbs, we’ll have no cycling here!”

    Anyone who thinks they pay “road tax” is too stupid to be allowed on the roads. It’s called vehicle excise duty. Road infrastructure is paid for from general taxation and there is no link with road users.

    I drive and I cycle and I find that there are far more wanker drivers than cyclists.

    It looks like there’s a campaign for automatic liability for vehicle drivers involved in collisions with cyclists, as is the case in Europe. Should save a few lives and encourage more onto two wheels, which offers health benefits denied to the fat bastards slumped behind steering wheels.

    • 310
      Herman Van Aerial Disease says:

      So waiving all liability of wankey cyclists who do fucking stupid things.. “he was driving the car officer so it was his fault, even though I leapt off the kerb right in front of him on my BMX, I was wearing my hoodie so I my visibilty was impaired and I had my gangsta rap playing through my headphones at full blast so my hearing was Impaired..but it’s his fault ’cause the law says so!” .. yea okay fuck right off!..

  55. 142
    Truth said says:

    It is refreshing to hear someone tell the truth as it should be, I think that cyclist should pay a tax ,a high one at that since they always claim to be green.
    These Ukip folk seem good people to me and should not be criticised for their views even if not popular, that is freedom of speech, I do believe Ukip are coming big time !!.

    • 148
      My saddle's very pointy says:

      Err, telling people you can’t criticise them is the exact opposite of freedom of speech, freedom of speech is them being able to say what they want and me being able to call them all Hunt s for it.

      Engage your brain.

  56. 149

    What would you do to ensure the developer fixes these [cycling signs] before the County Council adopts this, to avoid taxpayers paying to deal with these problems in future years?<

    A: Nothing.

    He’s obviously never going to be a real politician. Golden grandstanding opportunity wasted by telling the truth.

    Labour – Judge-led inquiry
    Tory – set up a Quango to look into national signage for cyclists.
    Lib Dem – Set up two Quangos.
    Assorted SNP/Plyd etc – demand signs be written in some ancient language that died out a millennium ago.

  57. 150
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    78 years old? Seems like a bit of a whipper-snapper in UKIP terms!

  58. 151
    Alan says:

    So he’s not just a dickhead, he’s an ignorant dickhead, even by UKIP’s low standards.

    • 161
      Club Of Rome says:

      What a ridiculous load of misinformation. Road tax is payable for using the roads. That’s why its a “road” “tax”.

  59. 160
    Heil Cameron says:

    “Liam Fox calls for Tory return to Thatcherism”

    Shouldn’t this man be in prison, along with Adam Werrity and the majority of the Tory front bench, for corruption?

    • 162
      Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

      I don’t really get this. I do understand he’s trying to position himself for the Tory leadership, but why does he think people give a shit about anything he has to say? And why does he think he has the support of his own party?

      Perhaps he’s trying to form an extreme right-wing breakaway Tory party. Basically, the UK equivalent of the the Tea Party (shudder).

    • 167
      trainee anarchist says:

      Reintroduce Thatcherism?…….wasn’t it the Tories that stabbed her in the back?

    • 176
      Toxic Taffy says:

      Yep, lets privatise Welsh Water!

      “Our unique not-for-profit model means we can ensure profits stay within the company for the benefit of customers” – Chris Jones – Welsh Water

      Can’t have that says the “Dead Thatcherite Walking” Where’s the trough for the Fat Cats?

    • 181
      P l e b says:

      I am confused so please let me know. Is this not the guy who was our defence minister who went on trips with his boy friend so his boy friend could get business deals using his connections. Or am I thinking of some other right wing Toff

      • 182
        ukip.if.you.want.to says:

        You might be confusing him with the convicted criminal Mr Mark Thatcher (personal wealth estimated at £10 million) who it is claimed became immensely wealthy as a result of the Al Yamamah arms deal, mired in accusations of massive corruption and negotiated by his mother.
        Thatcher’s Fortunes – a very interesting and revealing read.

    • 185
      Wigger says:

      Full marks for brass neck. Many people would keep a very low profile if they had been so very lucky to avoid a lengthy custodial sentence.

      It’s sleaze merchants such as Dr Fox who bring so much joy to the purveyors of bilge. Also known as News International & Associated Newspapers.
      The divisions amongst the media regarding press regulation have only highlighted the weakness of Mr Cameron’s position. People like Dr Fox & Mrs May know this & they are timing their pot shots rather well.

      It would appear the race is on to become Leader of The Opposition in May 2015

  60. 164
    Mesa Pete says:

    The questions say it all. Arrogant, holier than thou, we deserve special treatment because we are environmentally sound, organically produced, trendy, sparrow-legged gerbils in lycra with dark goggles and silly pointy hats and most of us are Labour-voting leftards too.


  61. 175
    oh my, the footwork! says:

    Shh. you can’t complain about cyclists you get shouted down, even when they ride 3 or four abreast down the country roads and think traffic lights are just for cars, like the cyclists I now carry a pvr , yes I do cycle and know the road traffic act applies to all.

  62. 183
    Max Clifford says:

    Can anyone recommend a good press agent – I have a story to flog

    • 191
      (I don't need no doctor) says:

      You might ask the BBC HR Dept., they have experience in this field.

    • 195
      The Thought Police says:

      Well Max if your story might offend anyone who is an influential politician I would look elsewhere if I were you.

      This is the new sanitised Guido.

      No dissent. No comment.

    • 199
      young Shep says:

      There are plenty of good stories about you, but you must keep wraps on those for legal reasons.

  63. 191
    A side to Maggie no one knew says:

    During her time at Oxford, she wrote many letters to her sister Muriel in which she frequently complained of the difficulty of affording clothes. In one letter she expressed frustration that her weight was not dipping below about 10st 4lbs. She asked her sister for tips on how to reduce ‘the area of the seat and control of the tummy muscles – oh and also reduction and uplift of bust’.

  64. 193
    Fact Hunt says:

    What a good man. Tell it like he thinks it is & should be in the minimum number of words to be understood. You may not agree with him but wouldn’t it be great if all politicians did the same, we’d have to spend less time listening to their scripted bollocks.

  65. 194
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    The media are deliberately bigging up UKIP. The reason is simple, to stir the shit with the tories, and get headlines if the tories lose seats at the local elections. What the media don’t tell us is about the calibre of UKIP candidates, and their background.

  66. 196
    Owhine Jones. says:

    I like riding my bike,I do like it.

  67. 197
    Prophylactic Pete says:

    If people want to ride bicycles then they should:

    1. Pay for, take and pass a cycling proficiency test
    2. Pay for and hold an endorsable current cycling licence
    3. Carry 3rd party insurance
    4. Pay for bicycle registration

    Then they will have to obey the rules of the road. Otherwise they are fair game for any pantechnicon or pedestrian.

    Use a johnny – prevent a cyclist!

  68. 200
    abelard says:

    why isn’t he paying to walk around cambridge?

    all walkers should have to buy a licence, why should they be allowed to cross roads for which motorists are paying?

  69. 209
    One Term Dave says:

    Why can’t I tell the truth like that?

  70. 210
    I hate Blue Labour says:

    If only other, lesser, politicians would tell the truth.

    I can just imagine Cameron giving a host of totally non-committal, right-on answers.

  71. 212
    Burn cyclists at the stake and manacle their bollocks to railings says:

    Peter Burkinshaw for PM

    He’s right fucking cyclists are road rats and they all presume the rules don’t apply to them. Manytimes i have had encounters in London its frightening.

    3 weeks ago I was struck by a cyclist in London while at a pelican crossing as I stepped into the road on a green man signal.

    I did not observe the cyclist which is not a fucking surprise really given that twat came from behind me off the pavement . Having knocked me over he then rode right through the red lighted junction and pissed off.

    C u u n t !!!

  72. 215
    Yes Yes Yes to Plain Packs says:

    Q. Do you support the provision of a health service paid for out of general taxation?

    A. No. This is a gigantic subsidy from healthy people to ill people. Why should I have to pay for the ill? In my experience, ill people cause considerable inconvenience and nuisance to decent, law abiding healthy people.

    Q. Do you acknowledge the social benefit of providing a public education system paid for out of general taxation?

    A. No. Why should I have to pay for other people’s children to be educated? in my experience children cause considerable inconvenience and nuisance to decent, law-abiding adults. Those people who are inconsiderate enough to have children should shoulder all the costs themselves.

    Q. Do you understand that the improvement and expansion of dedicated cycleways and cycle bridges can reduce the problems caused by cyclists and motorists using the same road space, thereby reducing inconvenience for motorists?

    A. No, I do not understand this.

    Q. Do you understand that many motorists would like to use their bicycles occasionally for shorter journeys, but feel deterred from doing so by the inadequate provision of safe cycle routes? Do you also understand that if this need were met, there would be less vehicle congestion – especially in town centres?

    A. No, I do not understand this.

    Q. Do you understand that Vehicle Excise Duty (often misnamed “road tax”) is not ringfenced for the purpose of road maintenance (it ceased to be so in 1937), and that the revenue raised from this tax is less than the amount spent on road building and maintenance, meaning in effect that the general taxpayer (including non-motorists) makes a substantial contribution?

    A. No, I do not understand this.

    Q. Do you also understand that levying Vehicle Excise Duty on motor vehicles but not bicycles is reasonable given the fact that motor vehicles cause much more wear and tear on the road surface (how many potholes are caused by cyclists?) and impose particular costs in terms of the response/clean-up of crashes and collisions?

    A. No. I do not understand this either.

  73. 220
    Scottish Chav says:

    I’d like every pedestrian to be given a 3 foot long study stick that we can use to tw@t cyclists in the face if they are on the pavement OR shove through their spokes as they try to run us over.
    Bet that clears the problem PDQ!

    • 225
      (I don't need no doctor) says:

      You need a shit stick. Basically a bit of wood with a warm dog turd stuck to the end. You can use this on cyclists either from in a car or as a pedestrian. First you jab the turd on the cyclists face, and then ram the stick through the bike wheel. Job done!

  74. 222
    Toby Lerone says:

    We have decided to limit the number of EU immigrants who can enter Switzerland. They can pile into Uk instead.

  75. 223
    Anon says:

    Max Clifford charged with 11 counts. It’s what Jade would have wanted…….

    • 258
      The Murdoch Mob says:

      What fun

      It’s the first time that we can make some money out of the old codger

      We wonder if Max will try and sell his own memoirs this time around

  76. 229
    Old Historian says:

    This whole conversation offers an opportunity for tax reform – a wheel tax: u icy lists pay for one wheel, bicyclists and motor cyclists for two, tricyclists and surviving Robin Reliant owners for three, push chairs and motor cars for four, skateboarders for eight. Fair, rational, easily computed. More wheels, more tax! Could be a policy for the Dim Lamps.

  77. 230
    Archbishop Cromwell says:

    I live in a German town where everyone cycles everywhere. This is achieved through an elegant, progressive Continental European solution that is much beyond us Brits: cyclists ride on the pavement.

    The road-based cycled paths are just as random and incoherent as in Britain, and worse marked. But because 20 bikes weaving in and out of pedestrians at every major crossing is socially accepted everyone is able to cycle everywhere. Well, more like half of people. Sucks to be the other half.

    • 236
      oh my, the footwork! says:

      Like to see you cycle along the M62 in rush hour, from Liverpool to Manchester, not everybody lives in the same town as their job.

      • 277
        Archbishop Cromwell says:

        You might notice that my post was not entirely endorsing this system…

        The left has a rose-tinted view of bicycle friendly cities. They’re a pretty awkward mode of transport, at serious risk from cars and a less serious but still highly annoying risk to pedestrians. Without tearing up all the streets and rebuilding them with cycle paths everywhere, it’s basically a zero sum game of who to inconvenience.

        Mr Angry Old Man gets this entirely correct and his refusal to blow off the lobby group with whatever they want to hear is refreshing.

    • 252
      Casual and no bother says:

      The two loved up cyclists riding hand in hand alongside the canal by Ann Franks house in Amsterdam made me laugh.

  78. 239
    All socialists are Pig Ignorant Cunts says:


  79. 240
    • 270
      Lord Jensen Interceptor says:

      Rejoice, rejoice. Hang the fucker.

    • 311
      Labour is off its ED says:

      I just don’t understand how they are going to prove the accusations regarding Max Clifford & the rest.

      Surely it’s their word against the accusers?

      Is it me, or is this country now completely effin bonkers?

      • 319
        Oh do wake up! says:

        If you have MORE THAN ONE independent (and preferably reliable) persons accusing someone of the same type of offence, and if they describe the same MO, any accused person has had it.

  80. 249
    scumwatch says:

    funny how there’s only two candidates in my area – ukip and tory – not much choice when one is further right than hitler and the other is crap

  81. 250
    scumwatch says:

    the average age of people standing for ukip in the current bout of electioneering is 94 and they are all failed psycopaths and anti-social inbreeders

  82. 255
    Ed Miliblunder stroking his cat. says:

    Wheesh! Her puddy puddy! I wove u Georgie pud. Yes I do. Puddy cat! Wheesh!

    That should do the trick! Thanks for the endorsement Gullible George. Now fuck off!

  83. 265
    Lord Mooncrater says:

    OT, Max Clifford, the known peedofile, has been arrested and charged with eleven offences.

    The fucker is guilty. No need to try him.

    500 years M’lord, at least.

    • 267
      Lord Jensen Interceptor says:

      My Lord, you are being unjustly benificent. Death is the better option. I advocate the garrot. Hanging is too kind for offenders of this nature.

  84. 269
    Anonymous says:


  85. 271
    Two Wheels Good says:

    • 276
      Anonymous says:

      Cycling fascists? Deranged creatures – you have my permission to mow them down, motorists.

  86. 271
    Anonymous says:

    me when I tried this game, more often than not,

  87. 273
    Janus Faced Labour says:


    My money is on; Ed siding with the unions. Ed is dependent on their funding to get his party of debt before the next election. He can’t afford to do otherwise.

  88. 274
    Goddess alert says:

    The Sunday Times’ Camilla Long on Have I Got News For You. Phwooar! Actually, make that a double phwooooar!

  89. 280
    Anonymous says:

    Ray Winstone was funny on HIGNFY tonight – Christ didn’t recognise him at first with all that grey facial fungus on him – glad he used his line at the end – WHO’S THE DADDY?

  90. 281
    Keith Peat says:

    What he misses out is that, unlike driving, where all our essential basics depend on road transport, but also the private car, without which, drivers of buses, trains, lorrys wouldn’t get to their services, nor water supplies & NHS staff, not to mention phones, electricity and gas, the massive retail parks surrounded by car parks, so dependent of private cars, they sell petrol cheap so we can get there, yet none of this could exist with just cycling. So he fails to grasp the major point. There are now only two essential road users and they are pedestrians & drivers. The others are now, in 2013, a liability on essential road users.

    We have too many cycle clip politicians. There is a powerful all party cycling group in Parliament and yet cyclists are a tiny minority, compared with 35 Million drivers and all those who depend on them.

    He is quite right and at the moment, UKIP are the best vote for driivers.

    Don’t be fooled by the cyclists who claim they are also drivers whilst wearing their cyclist’s hat. There is not one provision that can be made for cycling that will be good for essential transport and will not be at the expense of it. More slowing, more prosecution, more jail for colliding with a cyclist, less space to avoid accidents and for what? For a group that isn’t essential to the community.

    See how dangerous cycling is on our web pages. Isn’t cycling about being unprotected and exposed, mixing, mingling and often competing with large pieces of heavy, fast moving, essential machinery, operated by complete strangers of average ability? If it weren’t cycling, would it be allowed under Elfnsafety for anything else? That’s why we have published those two pages. Then having allowed this dangerous scenario, society wants to jail drivers when it all goes badly wrong!

    • 346
      HJ says:

      Cyclists are a tiny minority because they are intimidated off the roads by motorised vehicles, you twerp.

      Look at countries such as the Netherlands and Denmark where there is proper safe provision for cyclists and you will see that over a quarter of all journeys are by bike. Why are they wrong? They have less traffic congestion, more pleasant town centres, fitter populations and poorer and young people can get to work and school safely and cheaply

      The roads are dangerous because of the presence of motorised vehicles. Motorised vehicles cause congestion, pollution and danger for other roads users, so they should pay for safe provision for other road users – either that or they should pay everyone else a return on the huge asset value of the roads if they want priority/exclusive use.

  91. 282
    Bob Fleming says:

    It was people like Peter Burkinshas and his forbears that built this country brick by brick despite what the leftie hand wringers tell you. Another reason for voting ukip

  92. 284
    Saffron says:

    On the 2nd May UKIP should do quite well and that is why we are seeing the other three lot running around like headless chickens.
    I would say that the three main parties have belatedly cottoned on as to what the public think of them as opposed to UKIP.
    Smears against UKIP are rife but peraphs the public see this and will take note via their vote.

    • 296
      WoRaft ChIHUAHua says:

      Peter Burkinshaw stood for election in Cambridge in 2010. Julian Huppert (LD) pipped the strong Conservative by the ‘no rise in tuition fee’ stunt. Huppert is an academic himself so the voters were inclined to believe him when he and Nick Clegg swore they’d never vote for such a thing. Of course, as soon as he was in, Clegg dumped the promise and saved Huppert’s face by allowing him to abstain so that technically, he hadn’t supported it.

      Burkinshaw took a small but healthy slice of the vote considering he was treated as a joke. 1,195 voters, 2.4% of the electorate. He’s had two and a half years to get to know the ward very well. He can now show that the LDs are liars who will chuck over their promises if it proves inconvenient. The Conservatives can’t even count on their own supporters and are whistling in the dark. So while this is a local election, I would not discount a strong desire on the part of the electorate to issue a big fat smack in the chops to the main parties.

  93. 286
    Bob Diamond Geezer says:

    Farage was on the politics show talking a lot of sense the other night but there are a lot of twats in his party and this is a fine example of one of them

    • 313
      Labour is off its ED says:

      I just wouldn’t vote for UKRAP. Once trick pony.

      However, at leasr (G)arage puts his case simply, so that the dim wits can understand, and that is my point really, he makes things seem so easy, and is fooling people.

      I just don’t trust him.

  94. 287
    lardosrstupidthrowrocks@tem says:

    I think big boy Guido could well do with using the bicycle sometimes, before the only pedal bike he can use is a trike with electrical assistance.

    A cyclist will usually have a decent job, good house, and be healthy, and therefore is a net contributor, not a sponger. All taxes and excise go into a general fund. Most bicycle haters are 400lb lardos. They will be an ungodly burden on the NHS and therefore the taxpayer. Not a lottery winner could pay private healthcare for a lardo.

    • 299
      Tachybaptus says:

      To be fair, he did ride a Boris bike a year or so ago. They are very low geared and don’t take much effort to pedal despite their weight. The low gearing also prevents the rider from going fast, a useful limitation considering the kind of people who generally ride Borises.

      The trouble about riding a bike if you are fat is that being overweight wrecks your knees, and riding a bike wrecks your knees. So you end up with your cartilages completely buggered.

  95. 289
    Max says:

    How the fook do the plod get evidence of an alleged 60s crime?

    Is every wild child of the sixties now gonna sue the men wot are now rich?

  96. 290
    Floyd says:

    What is the point of a UKIP councillor?

    • 291
      Keep politics out of my planning permission says:

      What is the point of any politically biased LOCAL councillor?

    • 316
      Will.socialists.ever.stop.being.hypocrites says:

      What is the point of you asking stupid questions?

  97. 292
    Miss Primfitt's bicycle saddle says:

    Love this guy. A few years ago they built a substantial cycle track alongside the road from the Genome research centre to Whittlesford, heading for Cambridge city centre. It cost millions. I’ve seen hardly anyone use it. The last cyclist I saw on that route was riding his fukin machine in the road!

    • 302
      oh my, the footwork! says:

      Got one not far away ,some obscure name cycle track, everybody cycles on the road despite the signs and road markings.

  98. 293
    Taser Abuse watch says:

    Police incinerate man doused in petrol with their Tasers

    The man was threatening to kill himself. Moaty revisited


  99. 294
    UKID DING says:
    • 297
      If you can't beat them, smear them says:

      Looks like the political class are rattled. Mega Smear operation in progress.

      It won’t work

      • 301
        MSM Brain Washers says:

        They did the same to Nick Griffin on Question time when B&P support grew a few years ago.

        • 303
          Casual Observer says:

          Then they sent Hodge in for the kill during election time.

          Stemcore accounts and her tax affairs need some serious scrutiny…

      • 318
        B Boyd says:

        It’s known as Operation Smegmax.

    • 320
      bob says:

      So whats wrong with that.

      Cant be racist to muslims
      Castrate all peodos
      Romanians, stop the scum coming

  100. 295
    albacore says:

    Trick cyclists by the cart load are what we need
    Folks must be plain daft to take the slightest heed
    Of the dirty, lying old LibLabCon breed
    Tell the sods to get on their velocipede

  101. 304
    A bit of Pat says:

  102. 307
    pissed off voter says:

    refreshingly honest for a politician.

  103. 308

    From Cyclestreets:

    Jesus Lock Bridge.
    At only 1.65m wide this bridge is too narrow for a mixed use bridge. It is none the less a very useful crossing point for cyclists.
    Cyclists are required to dismount but most use their discretion – dismounting if the bridge is busy, but riding across if quiet…

    I see nothing wrong with this providing cars can be given the same discretion at traffic lights. Anyone who goes through a blind junction at speed, night or day, cyclist or motorist, is a menace, a lunatic and a potential killer.

  104. 314
    Cameron is not a Conservative - to pretend otherwise is delusional says:

    It seems that the Tories are still foolishly aiming to split the UKIP vote in the fourth-coming council elections.


    (They’re called fourth-coming elections because the Tories are aiming to come fourth.)

  105. 315
    Big Sid says:

    I’m sure that cyclists pay as much to use the roads as the users of any other zero emission vehicle.

    • 317
      A Barking MP says:

      Most MPs’ bodies are classed as zero-emission vehicles – they’re full of it.

  106. 327
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    This guy has made out as clear as can be the need for a national cycle tax and registration system .

    In the blink of an eye you can create 5000 new jobs in the soon to be built British Cycle Registration Centre in Middlesborough.

    You know this makes perfect sense.

  107. 333
    dogleg says:

    What a fab set of answers! I’ve sent the url link to some friends, who will LOVE it!

  108. 335
    sproggingforbenefits says:

    This ol’ fool is from the well populated loony wing of UKIP. A major part of the reason they will not ever be elected to power.
    If the ol’ twat does not realise that Road Tax was repealed by Winston Churchill over 70 yrs ago, there is not hope for him and his supporters.
    Roads are paid for out of general taxation and a cyclist is as likely to pay that as other road users and this ol’ fossil

  109. 338
    Penfold says:

    This man’s attitude is just too level-headed and real for politics.

    Give him the job….!!

  110. 341
    tigerowl says:

    Gosh. A UKIP candidate with views. Novilty in itself. But he is one of many and the more you question their candidates, the more bizare they become. On a national issue it is ok to either support the EU or not. But nationalist parties that then try to find local issues at local elections and out come the ‘mr angries’ of politics. Read theri leaflets, listen to what they have to say and question them. It is more fun than the telly. They make those who write to the Telegraph look like saints. ‘Am I the only one …’ types. They are a party where if at the time of voting you are angry about something, they will say they support you. Lib Dems got bigger doing just that.
    And to this candidate. Cyclists pay for the road out of their taxes as well. sadly, his views are exactly the same as the Tories in East Yorkshire. Do not like travellers, disabled, or anyone who does not live in a big house and have lots of money. There is little difference between Tory and UKIP. Just UKIP are more loony to the right.

  111. 347
    Cambridge Driver, Cyclist & Pedestrian says:

    It’s actually a vehicle tax and it hasn’t been the ‘road fund license’ since 1936… Ignoring all of that though, anyone that lives in Cambridge can tell you that the traffic is a total nightmare so any car driver wanting to implement policies that might put people off cycling and get them back into cars is a turkey voting for Christmas. Full marks for honesty, zero marks for intelligence.

  112. 350
    John Bellingham says:

    Is there any truth in the rumour that after the precedent of Winston Churchill of the Five Pound note that Jeremy Thorpe will appear on the new nine-bob note?

  113. 356
    Truthteller says:

    He’s not wrong.

  114. 357
    Jack Ketch says:

    There is certainly a mass campaign against UKIP by the usual suspects. Another aspirant councillor, John Sullivan, standing in Gloscester is accused of making “homophobic” comments on Facebook ( can’t find such things though). The whistle blower (pink whistle one suspects) is a man from Gay Star News who is described by Sky TV as an “anti-extremist campaigner”.
    Just when the party is winning the people—pouf–there goes the queer vote. They may lose, oh! 0.000001% of what they expected.

  115. 363
    Rich UKIP says:

    Ahh… another idiot giving UKIP a bad name…

  116. 365
    Cameron is a liar says:

    The Conservative candidate hasn’t responded to these questions yet. You can understand the embarrassment when someone else has just said all the things you and your party should have been screaming from the rooftops for decades but didn’t have the guts.

    Now anything he does say will either smacks of me-too and where-did-that-spine-come-from or alternatively what’s the point voting for a pinko with a blue rosette? If you’re voting in East Chesterton on Thursday and you like bikes more than economic progress don’t let the Tories split the Lib/Lab vote.

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