April 26th, 2013

Local Government’s £217,130 on Foreign Travel

Of all the departments that make up Her Majesty’s government, Guido would have thought the one that doesn’t need to blow huge sums of taxpayer cash on foreign junkets would be the Department for Communities and Local Government. Somehow the department have spent £217,130 on visits abroad since 2010, no signs of a trip to a Sydney casino though. When Guido put it to them, DCLG sources pointed to the fact that the department has made savings of over half a billion pounds over the current spending review period and most of the travel was for mandatory trips to the EU. A useful figure to keep handy…


  1. 1
    Big Eric says:

    Watch it chum!

    • 9
      So what says:

      And if they didn’t make the mandatory trips to the EU?

      • 15
        The last Bastion says:

        EU funding could be cut, such as from the regional development fund or the 4.5 billion from the social fund.

        • 21
          Cunt Struck says:

          Just deducted it from our EU contributions and tell them to f_ck off.

        • 28
          Money go round says:

          Except there’s no such thing as EU funding. It’s just a return of our contribution minus 80% handling charge.

        • 30
          Old Blind Pugh says:

          So exactly what was the £217,130 spent on?

    • 23
      Yeah, right... says:

      True story heard about Tony Blair:

      Whilst on his daily jog around Hyde Park , Tony was regularly accosted by a lady of the night who would wink at him and shout “…fifty pounds darling!..”

      Tony would nervously shout back (in what was presumably an attempt at humour) “Ten Pounds!”

      This exchange between the First Lord of the Treasury and a common prostitute happened almost daily for over a year.

      One morning, Cherie Blair, fresh from a completed case where she had won ten squillion pounds in damages for an Albanian rapist/murderer on the grounds that the Met had breached his human rights by finding about his person 2kgs of pure heroin they had stuffed up his arse barely an hour earlier, said to Tony, “ You know what Tony, as its such a beautiful morning, I think I’ll join you on your run this morning”

      Once in Hyde Park, Tony spied his daily assailant and nervously awaited the usual offer of sexual services.

      Instead, what he heard was

      “see what you get for ten pounds!”

    • 33
      To put it in perspective says:

      About 6% of Thatcher’s funeral – which cost “just” £3.6m according to this blog.

  2. 2
    Knob says:

    These days Local Government officials have to travel abroad to see how English speaking people run things.

  3. 3
    Samoan Air says:

    We charge by weight now so maybe its just one flight

  4. 5
    Tony 'Lionel' Blair, Peacemaker says:

    I have to say, David is definitely the smarter of the two Milibands. When I first clapped eyes on Ed, I thought: “Special Needs”.

    That aside, there’s nothing wrong with ever-larger expenditure on foreign travel. We were allowing foreigners into the country years ago and they’re multiplying like rats. Sex and travel, it’s the way to go – it’s what I did to the country, anyway.

    • 6
      Lionel Blair says:

      Tony, I really wish you would stop insinuating that we are related. I do not wish to be associated with an international war criminal. It’s bad enough that you’ve been aping my fake tan all these years. As I’m now old, I would like some dignity in retirement, even if you don’t!

      • 7
        Michael Parkinson says:

        Lionel, are you over-50? Can I interest you in life insurance?

        • 8
          Michael Parkinson says:

          And a free pen just for enquiring

          • SLOTGOB says:

            Free ? Where ???

          • Michael Parkinson says:

            The person who just offered the free pen is an imposter.

            We certainly do not offer free pens just for enquiring, but if you contact us today you will be entered in a free prize draw with a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to Paris, courtesy of the Local Government Association (sponsored by Blair Sex and Travel Inc.).

          • Michael Parkinson says:

            No. You are the imposter

          • Anonymous says:

            Shut the feck up Parky – get back to your cricket – season has started you know, so get your arse up to Headingley,

  5. 11
    George "Gorgeous" Galloway says:


    I don’t like your attitude to foreign policy, but sex and travel should certainly be on the agenda. Even in local government, there’s nearly-always an excuse to go travelling. But stop for your toothbrush!

  6. 19
    nellnewman says:


    Off topic sorry but read this and laughed.

    galloway’s love affair with militwit is over – he’s now saying militwit has the backbone of an amoeba!! Just for once I may agree with the awful galloway.

  7. 20
    Gonk III says:

    Is that Alfred Hitchcock, Eric Pickles or the Hindenburg ?

  8. 27
    Anonymous says:

  9. 31
    the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

    New Five Pound Note to feature picture of Winnie Churchill .

    That should make Millibland and Balls have premature ischaemic attacks .

  10. 34
    Call me Dave says:

    Look here, mind your comments or I will unleash the Pickles! I promise two centuries of famine, as he’ll eat all your food.

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