April 23rd, 2013

Police Launch Formal Investigation Into Rennard


Our understanding is that the Metropolitan Police are investigating two complaints from victims who have come forward – we have had the names for some time.


  1. 1
    Didgereedoooooooo says:

    Can you guess why it is yet?

  2. 2
    John Wellington Wells says:

    Just being a Libdem is inappropriate enough.

    • 36
      Red Egg Millitit..... says:

      Chop off ‘is knob the knob !

      • 50
        V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

        Limp dumbs should be made to wear an appropriate warning notice. Something like “Warning this MP may touch you inappropriately. For your safety please ensure you stay at least 6 feet away.”

    • 82
      Nothing Better To Do says:

      Why don’t the cops save time and just investigate all the Lib Dems?

  3. 3
    ... says:

    If it’s anything like Yewtree they will just re-arrest Dirty Den and let Leon, Cliff and Mandy carry on bumming kids.

    • 67
      Engineer says:

      ….and ‘everybody knew’ that Lord McAlpine was a nonce until it turned out to be a load of rubbish based on a mistaken identity.

      Repeating half-baked rumours won’t make them true, however much you’d like it to.

      • 75
        shureli no mistake. says:

        the present is the physical orange.
        the soul is the physical yellow.
        our intelligence and energi comes from the physical greens.
        our voice is from the physical blue.
        the base of our backbone is the physical red.
        going downwards from the red we reach the dark, where all the knowledge is.
        ignorance is bliss.
        yellow is the soul and hence cannot be destroyed. power is in knowledge but yellow is the indestructible truth.

      • 78
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Perhaps McAlpine is being ‘protected’ because he knows where there is even dirtier laundry at a level or two above his political standing … he is still a right royal bastard.

        • 103
          Engineer says:

          Perhaps McAlpine is genuinely innocent. Being a ‘right royal bastard’ (if he is one – it isn’t my impression from his media appearances) does not necassarily automatically make someone a nonce.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            To quote you back “… from his media appearances”

            IOW’s His acting appearances …

            You can fool some of the people for some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people for all of the time.

            Sorry Mr Engineer – you appear to ‘want to believe’ what suits you – I disagree.

          • Engineer says:

            Suggest that if you have evidence of illegal activity by McAlpine (or anybody else) you take it to the police. If you haven’t, shut up.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Fuck off engineer – ‘take it to the police’ – WHAT!!! The politicised by bliar and Co police!!! The Police that you TRUST the most corrupted police force in the western world – do one you twat.

        • 162
          Con Artists says:

          He was keen voyeur and indeed proud owner of naked kiddie photos from a now prosecuted kiddie artist.

          Smoke and fire and all that.

  4. 6
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

    If any kiddy fiddling Liebore councilor or MP wants to refute anything said about them on this website then let them come forward and do so.


    It’s high time the police stop covering for Liebore kiddy fiddlers and started to make some arrests, otherwise parents will have to take the law into their own hands vigilante style.

    • 195
      What big eyes you have says:

      Yes, I saw that story about a vigilante group hunting down kiddie sex pests on the news yesterday. Good for them.

  5. 7
    Dan Hodges says:

    I’ve got ten gross of ACME bomb detectors in my lock up. Looking for offers. No time wasters.

    • 12
      Ex Labour Defence Secretary Capn' Bob Whatsit says:

      I’ll give you 5000 quid each.

    • 20
      Wile E. Coyote says:

      You’re the ACME wholesaler for this area? Ooh, good! I’ll take the lot– tell me how much you want for them, and if I’ve got it, it’s yours. Can’t do without my ACME products, you know!

    • 80
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Anyone wanna buy some cheap piccys of the duke of ughhEd wearing nothing but a doggy collar?

  6. 8
    Anonymous says:

    Arrest all libdems.

  7. 9
    Jon Snow's bus pass says:

    Another story where C4 News stir the shit and then stand back. Remember Cricks item on Andrew Mitchell, then silence, and no follow up. Will we have Guru-Murthy shouting everyone down, or will it be the White Marble goddess herself?

  8. 10
    I hope Rennard gets a cellmate like this says:

  9. 11
    Vince Cable says:

    I don’t remember the Met Police.

    • 59
      Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill (and 1st class passenger!) says:

      And indeed we did have a very good campaign. Remember stay Yellow, stay Eastleigh.

    • 74
      Sir William W says:

      Vince Cable was visiting a retirement home in his constituency. Sitting down next to a very elderly, sweet-looking lady, he gently asked her “Do you know who am?”

      “No, dearie” she replied, “but if you ask nurse she’ll tell you.”

  10. 13
    They're all running scared says:

    A finger of fudge is just enough to get you before the beak…

  11. 14

    Handycock now Rennard then you have Huhne,Hughes,THorpe et al the political elite are beyond redemption.

    • 165
      Anon...........but Voting UKIP.ORG says:

      Ask Nick on LBC Thursday Mornings………..

      Could be some some interesting Questions for Cle*ggy this week…….

      on the number of the per*vs in his party………

      Of course he will know nothing about any these allegations as

      any complaint to his office has never arrived…………

  12. 15
    young Shep says:

    Yet another one, is this a coalition with the Devil?.

  13. 17
    Herman's giving the orders now says:
  14. 18
    .......Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    QOUTE OF THE DAY from someone who barely got elected by the skin off her teeth and will lose her seat at the next election

  15. 19
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:

    I have never heard of Vicky Pryce, I have never heard of Mike Handoncock and I have never herd of Lard Rennard.


  16. 23
    A Tale of Two Countries says:

    The US: Terrorist shot dead; other terrorist arrested, detained and charged.

    The UK: Terrorist preacher gets free council house, benefits and taxpayer funded court app*eals.

    • 26
      The uk'S jUDICIAL system is above the law says:

      Moral of the story is keep them away from the self serving judiciary, a coroner’s inquest will suffice.

      • 72
        Anonymous says:

        The coroner will cover up anything. As long as it is related to a public institution you can guarantee that they will spend all their time attacking an obvious innocent, and ignore the real cause. Some just refuse to listen to any evidence and block it.

        Note the news a while back about instructions to supress certain reasons for deaths.

        • 83
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Have any of you read the article published a few years ago about who the real sufferers of ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ [could have written dissoNonce but chose not to] are?

          The powers that be
          from atop the hierarchy.

          Have that 2 liner Albacore.

    • 27
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

      Then move to the US.

    • 51

      If you watched Panorama last night you would realise that Muslims think they are above the law of this country,the times has come to take these radical Muslims on and if they dont like it then they can return to the Caliphates they dream about.

      • 81
        Reality speaks says:

        That Varsi woman is another real vote loser for anyone half thinking of voting Conservative, shrill harridan of no talent.

      • 101
        Anonymous says:

        They are not above the law. The law is afraid of them. It starts at the bottom where the police are afraid of the backlash and extra hassle of arresting them.

        It is like fighting a Union or any large grouping. When they have more power to disrupt than the authorities can cope with, they are ignored.

        As for the Judges they have done their best to discredit Juries, to the point that we now accept that people are too dumb to understand the law. This allows the judges to do what is safe for them, as opposed to what is right for the people. This has to change. The avoidance of visible justice, and contracted private judgements, is the death of this country.

        • 149
          JH349834905934 says:

          The first Vicki Pryce trial would suggest that jury trials, particularly in oh-so-enriched London, are not the be-all and end-all.

  17. 24
    The Lone Ranger says:

    Best not to have anything to do with any woman.

    They are always trouble.

  18. 29
    Dan Hodges says:


  19. 30
    The Beeb says:

    How will Guido handle this, given Danny’s surname and Guido’s attack on anything and anyone that could be perceived as anti-semitic?

    BBC One controller Danny Cohen is to be the new director of television, director general Tony Hall says.

    • 31
      The Beeb says:

      The appointment completes Lord Hall’s senior team which recently saw James Harding become director of news.

      Mr Cohen, whose commissions include Call The Midwife and The Voice, will take over from the acting director of BBC TV Roger Mosey.

      Lord Hall praised Mr Cohen’s “ability to provide viewers with a mixture of high quality programmes”.

      Mr Cohen, who became controller of BBC One in 2010, said he was “honoured” to take up the role.

      “I’ve had a wonderful time at BBC One and am grateful for the work of all the talented people who have made the channel the most popular in the UK in recent years,” he said.

      The channel had record viewing figures in 2012, led by the success of the Olympic closing ceremony with an average of 24.5 million viewers.

      According to Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (BARB), BBC One showed nine out of the top 10 most watched programmes of the year.

      Mr Cohen took over BBC Three in May 2007 after leaving Channel 4 as the head of factual entertainment and E4.

      His future commissions for BBC One include an adaptation of JK Rowling’s book The Casual Vacancy, a sitcom written by David Walliams, a comedy series starring Matt Lucas plus new dramas The White Queen, Atlantis and an adaptation of the book Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.

      Mr Cohen, whose appointment follows an open recruitment process, will start his role on 7 May with a salary of £327,800.

      • 34
        JH349834905934 says:

        Short version: Common or garden media luvvie lefty. The fawning over JK Rowling is a dead giveaway.

      • 200
        A Joo Wrist-Watcher says:

        So, if the BBC are so very bloody successful entirely on their own, pulling in huge audiences daily, is that not an excellent reason for cutting them loose and letting them stand on their own two (subscription-based) feet?

        Scrap the telly tax and privatise the lot NOW!

    • 53

      Im not worried about his semitic background only that he commisioned two shit programmes Call the Midwife and The Voice he should never have been appointed for these two disasters.

    • 93
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Dunno really – in response to the first line

      I have been telling the truth as it is for some time now [See my comment re: beeb / gruniad of last night - the self deprecating arm of Israel] … Anti-semitism is a jelluminati ‘construct’ that they have to keep going in order to protect that fucking unlawful state of Israel innit like?

      • 115
        Anonymous says:

        If certain states in this world disappeared, who would the others hate?

        Distraction is the best form of control.

        Been on both sides (2 passports) and I can confirm the hate is equally cancerous.

        • 174
          Dee Lusional says:

          “Distraction is the best form of control.”

          This why this blog exists, stupid. It allows us to vent our spleen.

          “Sick are they always; they vomit their bile and call it a Blog”.

          With apologies to Nietzsche.

          • Anonymous says:

            However, some do not actually hate. Many in our country are mentally below average and are swept along with the tide. These include our leaders.

            I met a family that was once “conned” by a government and persuaded to take part in a movement that ended up killing many people. Afterwards they were left feeling guilty, that they had trusted their leaders. They swore to never to let it happen again.

            They did not hate anyone. They saw the stupidity in themselves. Their leaders were simply wrong.

            So “venting our spleen” does not require hate, and outlets like this are not created for saintly reasons. They are created to tap into a source of dissent that sadly involves those that unquestionably hate and insult.

  20. 41
    Owen Jones says:

    Oh Mickey, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind. Hey Mickey. Hey Hey Mickey!.. face it you didn’t read that, you sang it.

  21. 42
    Red Egg Millitit..... says:

    Rennard, handycock, huhne and more…… will there be any of these odious nipple heads left come the next elesction?

  22. 43
    Rennard's favourite song says:

    • 46
      Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill (and 1st class passenger!) says:

      The fools aren’t thinking what I’m thinking! You were meant to get the old bill to do this by reporting this in 2016. Now the Liberal boroughs are under threat – join me, join me now, everyone and keep as as the regulator! Mix-it up a bit! Come on just a bit more wishy-washy and yellow. That’s better!

    • 79
      Kiddy Fiddler says:

    • 91
      Miss Primfitt's bicycle saddle says:

      What is it with these fukkin rappers? Why can’t they sing a proper melody?

    • 96
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Could you possibly post up the 10 min tube of ‘Rainbow does Top Gear’ – I think SC might even have a laugh at that – It is hilarious.

  23. 45
    Fat shit Salmond double talk says:

    Alex Salmond delivered a whole-hearted defence of the euro yesterday and predicted that Scotland would successfully flourish if the country cut its ties with sterling and embraced the European single currency.

    ”I think that being outside the euro area is already penalising the Scottish economy. In the medium-term, the longer we stay out, the more damage will accumulate. The euro is an example of why Scotland needs membership status so that it can take a decision on entry into the single currency,” he said.

    The strong pound and the Government’s priority of an ”economic policy made in the south-east of England by the south-east of England and for the south-east of England”, he claimed, were under-

    mining the Scottish economy with its tradition of exports.


    • 49
      oh my, the footwork! says:

      Give the people of England a vote in the breakup of the United Kingdom and the snake oil salesman will get his wish, he’s scared to dea th to take Scotland alone and needs a coat to hang onto, he won’t get his wish and he knows it, Scotland is a Liebour country and won’t make a move without Liebours permission.

      • 55
        Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill (and 1st class passenger!) says:

        Repetition is the most powerful tool of rhetoric: South East, South East, South East. That’s better Salmond, nou ye wad mak mucklest mane, while everyone else in Scotland sees what we do for you, not least learn ye English

    • 54
      Will.socialists.ever.stop.being.hypocrites says:

      This must have been said with tongue-in-cheek given that half of Europe is being decimated economically just through being members of the Eurozone. Salmond’s logical thinking is akin to that of a Highland stag. It would make far more sense logically for Scotland to have its own currency if it went independent. The trouble is that Salmond knows all too well that Scotland can not go it alone and so needs the EU for a crutch to replace the existing English crutch.

      • 63
        Fact Hunt says:

        If they want to go their own way, no problem. Labour desperate to keep them for obvious reasons. Don’t forget to take your share of the national debt with you Alex.

    • 66
      (I don't need no doctor) says:

      I would sooner trust a Romanian pickpocket than Alex Salmond.

    • 98
      Miss Primfitt's bicycle saddle says:

      Scroteland can fuck right off as far as I’m concerned. I so look forward to the Scrotes breaking ties with England and soon finding themselves begging for money to buy their deep fried Mars bars.

    • 167
      Maq­boul says:

      The Scottish economy? What, a few decent whisky distilleries and rafts of toxic salmon farms destroying the coastal environment.

      • 171
        Herman Van Aerial Disease says:

        They cann keep the unfinished Elizabeth class aircraft carrier too, we aren’t paying for it, stuff Salmond.

  24. 56
    Owen Jones says:

    Guido,can you join @ukuncutlegal taking HMRC / Goldman Sachs to court May 2nd? It’s the case of the year!


    • 62
      Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill (and 1st class passenger!) says:

      He might well do. There’s not need to shout about it here, you see, as this is Britain we just don’t do things with a parade, it just tends to scare the horses. That may include you if you are of my leaning, with one’s face rather covered in an interesting mixture.

  25. 64
    the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

    Le Rennard est vraiement un canarde ~~~~ mais pas enchaine’

  26. 69

    LibDem. Rennard.

    He’s a сunt on more than one count, isn’t he?

    • 97
      nellnewman says:

      I could be wrong but I just feel this is not the real Schrodinger’s Cat? Sorry can’t manage those two little dots on top of the o!

    • 99
      Blowing Whistles says:

      See above No 96 – you “WILL LAUGH AT IT” the tube that is.

  27. 70
    Sir William W says:

    Inappropriate behaviour? You mean, like telling a joke at a funeral, or farting in a lift?

    Has the Old Bill nothing better to do?

    • 104
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Ans: They do run around pandering to je*ws who feel that someone has been anti-semitic to them … fuck me I only called madoff a fucking criminal j*ew – fcuk em he is all 3.

  28. 73
    Saffron says:

    Tell you what folks these Libby folks are a rum lot,in that their history should show us what you should not do,will they ever learn.
    Cammoron/Liebour are the cheeks of the same assh-le,on the 2nd of May I hope that the sensible people of this land will stick it up to the three chancer parties of this land that enough is enough we are pis-ed off with your lies and we will vote UKIP.

    • 202
      Curly says:

      No need to use/sp*ak/write American Saff; we have a perfectly good English word spelt slightly differently.

  29. 85
    Ed Miliband says:

    Help! I’m sinking!

    • 87
      I'd like to bum Cathy Newman furiously says:

      Just keep treading water till 2015 Ed.

    • 89
      nellnewman says:

      Not at all! You are absolutely on the right road!

      Move labour to the left – more nationalisation, more dependence on the unions, more welfare benefits, more immigration and eu integration , more tax, more borrowing, more printing money, more debt !!!

      Absolutely the right thing to do !!

      Keep right on there!!!

    • 108
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Die you fucking marxist bastard.

  30. 86
    I'd like to bum Cathy Newman furiously says:

    It’s the liberal way.

  31. 88
    Chris Huhne says:

    Ha ha ha ha fuck you all I’ll be out next week!

    • 92
      nellnewman says:

      But you’re political career is finished Thank Goodness!

      Unless of course cleggie thinks he’ll get a coalition agreement with labour in 2015 and bring you back as environment minister again +++Laugh+++

      • 169
        The Wind of Change says:

        Clegg’s gang of failures and perverts, are polling sub 10% they are going to be decimated by the new third party in British politics, UKIP.

    • 179
      M'Learned Friend says:

      But you’ll be tagged. The tag should say “CAUTION! Lib Dem Pervert” for what you tried to get away with.

  32. 90
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:

    I’ve got a bad back. I can’t get it off the bed in the morning.

    • 94
      nellnewman says:

      But then we’ve known that since Labour’s day – it’s how labour cynically and criminally used taxpayers money to buy votes.

      I just hope the electorate has the sense to never allow them to do that again!!!!

    • 102
      Snodgrass says:

      But only 0.00001 per cent of benefit claims are fraudulent. Ergo 99.99999 per cent are genuine.

      That’s official. You lot thick or what?

      • 109
        Lies, Damned lies & Libor statistics says:

      • 111
        Joss Taskin says:

        Why did Gordon Brown ramp up Tax Credits, election winning handouts to make work less appealing and claiming more profitable ??

        Buying votes ??

    • 106
      Fat twats, Blue badges, Pick up trucks and their most horrible people says:

      Pissing fed up with the fookers driving the latest 4x4s or people carriers paid for by the taxpayer and parking where ever they please only to sprint down the shopping aisle muscling everyone to oneside to grab all the reduced items and fill up the back of their pick ups.

      The genuine disabled don’t get a look in.

      • 110
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Why the fuck do you all think that millions of beggars and criminal types are being allowed into the country as of next year – It’s the new Labour voting differential innit?

  33. 95
    Bugger that says:
  34. 105
    This sounds a laugh says:

    Pensioners Behind Bars, documentary on ITV in a minute about the growing number of pensioners doing time. Oh, hold on. Emily Maitlis is showing a lot of leg on Newsnight. Decisions, decisions.

    • 112
      ████ 'changed my tune' Hoon says:

      What about the growing number of FibDem politicians behind bars ?

  35. 113
    Blowing Whistles says:

    FBI, CIA, MI5, MI6, KGB etc – fucking spooks chasing their own tails – trying to justify their existence and the draw from the public purse … wanchors the lot of them.

    • 117
      Herman van Rumpboy says:

      Please add the EU bureaucrats and attendant jobsworths to that list.

      • 128
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Sorry I also forgot Local councillors, Council Enforcement Officers and their Chief Puppeteers / Stringpulling masters for the EU – Every Local Council “MONITORING OFFICER” who actually IS beholden to the EU AND noBODY else.


  36. 114
    Bob Fleming says:

    Newsnight full of the James McCormick story. Should be giving more attention to the corrupt and thick as shit officials who bought his dodgy device

    • 122
      Bazinga! says:

      Problem is there is a total lack of people in government and procurement with a scientific or engineering background. None of these fucking mongs who study Politics, Philosophy and Economics at university have a fucking clue.

      No wonder we’re up shit creek.

    • 124
      Buna Bunga party time says:

      Exactly my thoughts too.

      Any twat with half a brain cell would realise that they could not possibly work.

      But from what I’ve heard most twats did realise that they did not work but they were on the make. This is just the tip of the iceberg into the billions that disappeared into Iraq.

      This is almost a case of shooting the messenger. The polod doing the investigating seem as thick as shit too.

    • 128
      Dowsing for Bombs says:

      There were several companies selling this junk – the ADE 651 was just another in a long line:

      “The Alpha 6 is a hand-held device comprising a swiveling antenna mounted via a hinge to a plastic handset. Promotional literature claims that the device “is programmed to oscillate at the same frequency as that of the substance to be located.” It is said to be powered by static electricity generated within the user’s body “when breathing occurs”. The device is claimed to be able to detect the “molecular signature” of various substances, including drugs, explosives and ammunition in quantities as small as 15 nanograms, from distances of up to 300 metres (980 ft) away, through walls and underwater. The “signature” of the substance to be detected is stored on a “recognition card” sealed inside the handset”

      What kind of fool would buy such a thing?

      • 132
        Blowing Whistles says:

        And it wasn’t a masonic ruse at all …..

      • 144
        Bazinga! says:

        I’m going to sell some long weights, short stands and rocking horse shit to Iraq.

        • 203
          Curly's Emporium says:

          I’ll join you as I have a shed load of elbow grease to shift and a few gross of left handed screwdrivers. Not to mention half a ton of lead to swing.

          • Curly's Emporium says:

            Bugger, empty head! Try again.

            Curly’s Emporium says:
            Your comment is awaiting moderation.
            April 24, 2013 at 12:21 pm

            I’ll join you as I have a shed load of elbow grease to shift and a few gross of left handed scre*dri*vers. Not to mention half a ton of lead to swing.

  37. 116
    Just a thought says:

    Stopping taxpayer-funded motability cars would reduce traffic congestion by half.

  38. 118
    Red Ed's non-predator union bosses says:
  39. 119
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m the James McCormick of parties. I bring a bag full of bricks covered up with two cans of beer.

  40. 120
    Bazinga! says:

    More bollocks from the BBC This time Paul Mason talking about the Scottish economy. Anyone would think from what he said Scotland was the China of the west, prattling on about oil, engineering and whisky…oh and banking (don’t laugh)

    He totally failed to point out that the largest chunk of the Scottish economy is based on the public sector and on jobs exported from England.

    Mason also failed to point out that some of the oil and gas revenues belong to England because the fields lie partly in English waters.

    This whole thing is a joke, the Scottish Nose Pickers think that the English will underwrite their spending (something Swinney just admitted on Newsnight)

    • 207
      Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill (and 1st class passenger!) says:

      How dare ye offend the ghost of Laird Reith. Nou ye nae willin tae speak scots then shut up ‘n put up w’yer BBC. An yeh, engineering, jus about pays for Edinburgh, but as for Glasgow, once the oil is dried up we gonna need ye, need ye ye see, so ye better keep on paying us through ye Labour.

  41. 121
    Bazinga! says:

    Oh dear, neo mong is in charge of the modding again.

  42. 123
    It's funny 'cos it's TRUE says:

  43. 126
    Bazinga! says:

    So according to the SNP the skirt wearers want independence, but they want the English to underwrite it and bail out their banks (as Swinney just admitted on Newsnight) they want access to the English markets but want to be able to protect their own markets.


    • 133
      Fuck off or Shut up says:

      Cake and eat it springs to mind.

    • 137
      English Taxpayer says:

      The bill for the bailout is £8k per scot.

    • 168
      Maq­boul says:

      They will have to devalue whatever currency they end up using. Means cheap golfing & fishing holidays up there for the English, cheaper malts and even Scottish servants may become affordable. We could all have one!

      • 177
        Jock McJock says:

        Quite insightful. We need a currency to fit our economic profile and the Euro looks better than sterling based as it is on devaluing as much toxic bank debt as possible.

        Both sides have a problem. The Better Togethers have to scare the bairns enough to want them to vote No while at the same time not alienating you soft southerners enough for you to want to eject us.

        The Yes Vote want either to make soothing blue skies on the horizon noises while secretly wanting us to be ejected.

        But I have a proposal. Give us Trident and then we’d be an oil-rich nation with weapons of mass-destruction. The US would then do the job for you and that Tory MP could have a pic of Alex alongside Gaddafi and Sadam.

  44. 127
    Sally Bercow says:

    Me so horny.

  45. 130
    Sunil Prasannan says:

    London Westminster seats: Correlation between White British % Census 2011 and Labour % GE 2010?

    • 208
      Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill (and 1st class passenger!) says:

      It makes my heart warm as a true Liberal. People should be given a leg-up who are not white British, particularly Eastern Europeans just arrived. That includes those who do not have the assets to work in a properly skilled job, to afford to live anywhere near Central London and those who just come to enjoy the Olympics-advertised free NHS. Hello, hello and hello to you all!

  46. 135
    PPolice state Britain. says:

    It’s not right you know.

    A small army of police do a dawn raid dressed in riot gear and carrying weapons in a leafy suburb to arrest a 19 year old who was causing trouble at the football. They also invited the TV cameras to film it all, even though the lad is innocent in law until and if found guilty by a court.

    Why didn’t they just send a bobby around to ask him to attend the station?

    This is what the stazi did in East Germany.

    • 140
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Their counterparts have been operating as South Wales Police for decades. Fake judge Charles will want to be bigged up again no doubt – he of twitter fame sending a bloke down [Swansea] – WHICH of course THE NATIONAL (FREE PRESS) Press & Media ‘covered publicly’ contrary to so many other “real crimes” which the National Press & Media – haven’t (suprise suprise) got resources to cover … conveniently as it happens and all too often.

      • 143
        Blowing Whistles says:

        The free Press are “invited” to cover the Civil Case of Maurice Kirk down at Cardiff Civil injustice Centre tomorrow – Wednesday 24th April 2013 … however they might not have the sources and resources to ONCE AND FOR ALL PROVE THEMSELVES WORTHY OF THE PUBLICS ANGER – The Sun of course can’t take the embarrassment what ho?

    • 146
      Sign of the times says:

      Big Brother.

    • 160
      Timmy Tin Foil says:

      Of course, our cousins on the other side of the pond would never engage in such disproportionate response, perish the thought, right?

      Some have called it a dress rehearsal for impositions of martial law, but in any event it is certainly what can termed a “natural experiment” of sorts. A “natural experiment,” for those educated under Labour, is when there is an occurrence/condition, presumably random in the sense that the scientists studying it didn’t create it or any precursor condition that could have precipitated it (sometimes they discover that, in fact, they did do so albeit unknowingly). In any event, the scientists note what has happened and attempt to derive lessons that can be applied more generally. A well-known example was the “Forbidden Experiment,” an instance in which a teenage California girl was discovered in the early 1970′s to have been so isolated by her parents that she never learned to spe/ak intelligibly– scientists had often speculated what would happen to such a child, but of course, unless you are Dr Mengele, you never seriously consider doing such a study, for obvious reasons. They attempted to glean what they could in regard to what effect it had on her whilst at the same time they obviously had to try to habilitate her to some more normal sort of life, a squaring of the circle in a sense, but they did what they ethically could do (though some say “Genie” WAS treated like a tweezered bug under a magnifier, to some extent). The ethics question obviously arose as to whether any data of Dr Mengele’s experiments should ever be examined for any applicability, however horrible and hideous were the circumstances of their compilation.

      Let’s assume arguendo (ass+u+me, but anyway) the authorities did not, on the day, have the two men bomb the Marathon, and become the object of a citywide dragnet for their capture and/or “termination with extreme prejudice”; nevertheless, the event having happened, and presumably till the men tipped their hand as to their location with the killing of a police officer, the entire Boston region was told to stay indoors. When a more precise idea of the whereabouts of the surviving gunman was obtained, the police went door to door and rousted those “locked down” in Watertown, resistance being deemed suspicious and the co-operation of the populace being taken as a given– to no avail, as the gunman was nowhere to be found in the homes of anyone in Watertown, and the effort was set to be stood down when a homeowner, who was presumably not co-operating with the stay-inside order, went out and inspected strange bloodsta/ins on the boat in his yard, and provided the telling clue to police. One struggles in vain to see how remaining inside would have helped the citizens (as opposed to the police) remain safer, except insofar as they could not be captured off the street and used for hostages or human shields, and should Tsarnaev have burst in on some home, how homeowners should have reacted to it. (Massachusetts is a heavy-control state for gun ownership– and it is possible they may not have been able to reach and use a telephone to alert police before they might be subdued/killed.)

      Is there anyone out there who believes the information as to how to carry out an operation like this, in terms of how/not to pull off such a major abridgment of the rights of citizens, will NOT be studied, and perhaps employed, in future such instances, ones in which a desperate governmental entity, not wanting to be found, ermm, “wanting” in terms of response to a possible threat (and possibly one of their own creation), will go all-out? (“St Mary’s virus,” anyone? “Bloody ‘ell, that was just a motion picture!” Yeah, OK, whatever…)


    • 170
      Maq­boul says:

      Because this nice young hoolie wouldn’t come.

  47. 141
    The LibLabCon Enrichment says:

    Try the interactive map that reveals Britain’s most popular surnames!


  48. 150
    OFFCOM must Act says:

    What the hell is going on at Sky News? the 11.30 paper review is a full on political advert for the Labour party. The two reviewers are full on lefties and the sky newsreader seems to be too.

    • 155
      Biased MSM says:

      Well they’ve got BBC News and Channel 4 News infiltrated, I guess Sky News is next on their list.

    • 205
      Square eyes says:

      As a fairly regular viewer (having nothing better to do at that time of day) let me assure you that this is entirely normal. Lefty soundbites appear throughout most of the [whatever happens to be the current feature of the day] and talking lefty-heads take their places on the sofa on a regular basis/rota. Likewise the economics/City sections where there is hardly ever a good word for the tories

      It is very easy to ignore all the bullsh*t and thicky banality and just switch over to a sports channel.

  49. 153
    Displaced Brummie says:

    About time, too. Shuold have been happened years ago.

  50. 157
    It's funny 'cos it's TRUE says:

  51. 164
    albacore says:

    Dave’s throwing a wobbly over Abu Qatada
    Everybody else failed so he’s gonna try harder
    There’s a sight more mileage for the LibLabCons to milk
    From the holy human rights of this guy and his ilk
    Reinforcing the conditioning’s what it’s about
    Once they’re in, they’re in – and they will never be kicked out


  52. 178
    Anonymous says:

    You know how St. Tim of Farron was meant to be investigating Lord Rennard’s actions on behalf of the Lib Dems ?

    How it was all going to be independent and all that.

    Forget that Chris Rennard paid for Tim’s 2001 General Election campaign and got him elected in 2005.

    Well, Tim’s county council candidate in Sedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale is putting up Lib Dems Whining Here signs “Printed and Promoted by C. Rennard” !

  53. 181
    why says:

    eammon holmes being his usual arrogant, ignorant, irish protestant, manchester united loving twatish self this mornin g – how exactly does he have a job/ i know, he works for sky then he takes his fat ugly body over to itv – what a cnunnt the man’s an idiot

    • 184
      Holmes takes on the Jobsworth says:

      Could not disagree more. Holmes giving that fat nonce jobsworth who serves the children’s commissioner hard times was a joy to behold.

    • 186
      Rules Rule. The majority suffer for the disruptive minority says:

      The podgy children’s expert who turned out not to be an expert but his sister is represents all that is bad in our self appointed officials. Holmes was spot in.

  54. 183
    Why are we doung what the EU orders us to do? says:

    FFS just tell the EU to f**k off. Simples.

  55. 185
    Dan Hodges says:

    Labour left office with net debt at 57.1%. Net debt is now up to 75.4% of GDP, from when George Osborne took office. Austerity works, not!

    • 187
      (I don't need no doctor) says:

      When a river bursts it’s banks the water keeps spreading outwards. It takes a long time for the water to recede and the flooded ground to dry out.

    • 191
      Ed Balls says:

      You’re right we need to borrow our way out of this debt spiral.

  56. 194
    Lucifer12345 says:

    Check out the list arrested/convicted of Labour pervs, vagabonds and scoundrels , if you think LibDems are dodgy! All 100 of them!

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