April 18th, 2013

Yellow Mike Hancock Crosses the Line

Sleazy self-confessed teen fondler, turned LibDem MP, Mike Hancock claimed recently that he was too ill to turn up to an inquiry into his pervy ways and is rarely spotted in Parliament. When he does rock up though, he has the same regard for double yellow lines as he does for the personal space of young, blonde, nubile staffers. 


  1. 1
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Aha, caught on camera just like the crook Chris Huhne.

    This time he can’t make his wife take the fine!

    • 9
      Red Egg Millitit..... says:

      Is this the employer of foreign spies ? ……

    • 87
      perception says:

      Poor old Cocky, once again the Geedos’ sights are on the old letch, they are like a pair of terriers ragging an old rag doll. I wonder if they would be the same if he was an on message right wing tory or UKipper.

    • 121
      Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

      It is almost a mark of respect to be criticised for a motoring offence by the multiple drunk driver, Sergei Fawkes.

  2. 2
    Handycock says:

    Gimme a chance, Guido. You never know. xxx

  3. 3
    • 15
      Horrible Perverts in high places says:

      And Henry Hodge, who rather creepily was another member of the Labour party who ‘devoted himself to childrens causes’ and who’s funeral was attended by the Labour party’s high command, including the then PM “trust me I’m a regular guy” Bliar.

    • 21
      the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

      Sorry ‘www.labour25′ does not exist or is not available.

      Suggested results for ‘google’:

      Childbirth Information
      Advice, Information And Articles About Going Into Labour & Delivery.
      Sponsored by: Pampers.co.uk/Child-Birth

      Ask a Lawyer: Labour
      A Lawyer Will Answer You Now! Questions Answered Every 9 Seconds.
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      Elections2013 | The Labour Party
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      One Nation | The Labour Party
      The official site of the UK Labour Party. Read the latest Party news, watch videos and find out about our policies.

      Labour Party (UK) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      The Labour Party is a centre-left political party in the United Kingdom, and one of the two main British political parties along with the Conservative Party. The …

    • 126
      An honest Tory says:

      As if anyone would forget such things. We are not like Leon Brittan, who forgot being handed (and then lost) the Dickens dossier.

  4. 4
    The Public says:

    Why is Hancock still at large?

    • 128
      An honest Tory says:

      It is rather difficult for the authorities to pursue Hancock (who is undoubtedly sleazy but on the right side of the legal line) when they have failed to arrest Brittan et al.

      • 175
        alanbstardmp says:

        rather difficult, and rather wrong. As you say, Brittan is a suspect gay underage purve, allegedly one of the Barnes boy lovers

        • 188
          Welcome to Fail, Population: You says:

          You really don’t have a clue about Handycock do you? You should look into his ‘charity work’ for children. Oh yeah, shagging Russian agents as well.

  5. 5

    Where was the photograph taken?

  6. 7
    Surgeon Pepper says:

    Typical MP thinking the laws don’t apply to him.

    Chris “Dangerous Driver” Huhne learned the hard way.

  7. 8
    OLD HOLBORN says:


  8. 10
    Wyle Cop says:

    He has a penchant for getting into minis.

  9. 11
    Ctesibius says:

    Oh my God! This will be all over the BBC just like they were with Osborne’s driver’s infringement.

  10. 12
    Jack Reagan says:

    Flash little motor. MPs are overpaid.

  11. 14
    Brown out & pay me damages. Respect my legal rights. says:

    He is not the only perv that should be rid off.

    • 130
      An honest Tory says:

      No problem. Poxy Foxy has been seen even less than Hancock since being outed with Verity.

  12. 16
    Mike Handicapkok says:

    I am surprised he didn’t pretend to be gay. Or use the classic let me check yer t*ts for cancerous lumps. The Lib dems need to get shot of this arse.

  13. 17
    Blonde Airhead. says:

    *giggles* He is harmless..

  14. 18
    Blue Eyes says:

    Why is this prick still an MP? Why does his twat of a party leader refuse to let constituents recall wastes of space like this?

  15. 20
    Merseyside is still hideously white says:

    Mr Gove says school summer holidays are too long. How long are they – from July till October?

    • 24
      the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

      tell you what

      if school summer holidays are too long parliamentary holidays are a positive outrage

      They even had the gall to complain that maggie’s death debate brought them back ” early” and thus ” discomfited ” their Easter “recess”.

      I know which ” recess” I would shove them up. Grade A wankers !!

    • 27
      Jimmy says:

      Gove’s plan of increasing the length of the school day and increasing the number of school days in the year is designed so that having finished their education by 14, the oiks can be put to cleaning chimneys, being chambermaids or footmen as soon as possible. The Conservative motto should be

      “Victorian values for the oiks, lots of value for the1%”

      • 32
        Drone says:

        Ask yourself where Michael Gove’s incentives lie. Should he strive to make state education better, when neither he, nor his family, peers, associates etc. have ever used it?

        Or should he stretch, strain and cripple it. Ensuring an army of cheap labour for his friends’ companies and subduing the education and politicisation of future generations who would see his kind for the vultures they are.

        State school failure is in his interest

        • 45
          rebekah aka nellnewman says:

          Michael Gove was adopted by ordinary working class parents who supported labour and went to a state school before winning a scholarship and then going on to Oxford.

          Classic example of working hard to better your lot.

          This should be the sort of attitude labour seeks to emulate but it doesn’t. Why is that?

          • Living in 97.01% white Merseyside says:

            Imagine if the school holidays are shortened all parents will want their holidays at the same. Not possible at a 24/7 company. And if they do manage to get away at the same time imagine the chaos at airports, on roads and rails – that’s if there any holidays left to book.

            Typical government, announcing things before thinking of the consequences.

          • An honest Tory says:

            Well…….not quite. Gobby’s adoptive father owned his own company. It may have been a fish processor – but that hardly qualifies him as a member of the proletariat.

          • Welcome to Fail, Population: You says:

            “but that hardly qualifies him as a member of the proletariat.”

            WTF? Bitter lefty alert. Working for a living is not being a member of the “proletariat” if its not working at the very lowest level of society? You leftards are really disgustingly vile. A poison in the body politic.

        • 57
          Anne D Burnbum says:

          Surely this was labours mantra.13 years etc etc.Labours children are coming to the jobs market now.

      • 37
        Roger the cabin boy says:

        This government is wasting billions on these endless reforms of every department without thinking through how exactly to get the funding when at the same time they openly admit that public spending is too high.

        There’s only so many times you can reach toward the money tree that is benefit cuts. Sooner or later poor and vulnerable people run out of money for you to steal.

        • 155
          Arsebandit says:

          Next you’ll be telling us that Cameron is a clueless cvnt.

        • 190
          Are You Sure? says:

          The poor and the vulnerable have no money, that is in itself, not ‘stolen’ from productive members of society.

          The poor are generally poor for a reason, the value of their contribution is worth less than a competent person.

          There will always be poor people because they are basically useless and thus parasitise the productive. How much they should be encouraged to do so beyond subsistence, is the real, hard question, that the left, always run away from.

    • 39
      Bryn Estyn says:

      Thank fuck education is devolved in Wales. This goon just doesn’t know when to stop. You would have thought he’d know when to shut up following the Ebacc debacle.

      • 138
        Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

        Good lord, you learn something new every day. They have education in Wales?

    • 43
      bit.ly says:

      Sooner this festering little tic is removed from anything to do with education the better

      • 147
        A parent says:

        Reducing the school holidays would be of enormous benefit to working families. Every parent I know thinks the holidays are ridiculously long.
        It would particularly benefit working single parents who have to fork out for holiday clubs or childcare. I would have thought lefties would agree that this was a good idea, but they have already gone into default opposition mode.

        • 149
          Romany Blythe says:

          This is a terriblist idea.
          Let’s have a protest before
          I get me tits done on the NHS again.

  16. 22

    No respect for man nor beast. A true Dishonourable Geezer!!

    • 108
      strategic tactical solution. says:

      the world is inhabited by gods, humans and demons.
      gods focus on status, culture and refinement…and experience the high drama of demons in action at the opera……….
      the strategy of the demons is 2 fight religiousli.
      the law possesses the peace.
      humans at the 4th level should get the law to protect them from the demons or better would be to lie low and gain peace. strategically they should be upright and high minded. Their strategi should be true success that comes from dedicated labour.

      • 117
        Mr Slater says:

        And Parrots, my good fellow, and Parrots!
        One simple must not forget the Psittacine Citizens of this incarnate Universe.
        A hearty “SKREEEEEKK!!!” is as good as an AUM to a blue-crested Macaw!

  17. 23
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

    Not all LimpDims are dodgy, crooked, tax-dodging weido scumbags.

    I can name at least 20 10 5 one who isn’t.

  18. 28
    Ed Milliband says:

    I got caught parking on double yellow lines in Cambridge but I am the Labour party leader so no one in the media is remotely interested.

  19. 31
    boots says:

    funny how thatchers not burnt 24 hours and the tory scum are already at it – their vile behaviour already taking over asgain

    • 95
      Will.scousers.ever.stop.stealing.ids says:

      Whereas the vile disgusting behaviour of the loony left never lets up for a single second.

      • 142
        Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

        No. Just natural suspicion of anything and everything emanating from Merseyside.

      • 179
        Uppaclass Twit says:

        No, just the natural pestilence of the loony Merseyside (wherever that is) left infesting this blog.

  20. 33
    Forever and ever and ever says:

    What about the inquiry into dodgy Renard?…..when is it reporting, sometime after Chilcott?

    • 144
      Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

      I believe the deal is that it will report the day after a copy of the Dickens dossier is produced….

  21. 34
    Drone says:

    Maybe Mr Handoncock has a Blue Badge.

  22. 40
    s says:

    is michaek gove serious or is he just being himself? – - a tory cnunt??

    sky have done a good job of continuing the silence over thatcher today – 24 wall2wall coverage of an explosion in texas FFS – we need a proper investigative media in this country not one that sucks up to the elites

    • 180
      Catty Comment (Ms) says:

      I recall a time when we had one of those. Used to be called ‘Private Eye’ or something. Wonder whatever happened to that….

  23. 41
    Phwooooooor says:

  24. 44
    Tom Catesby says:

    I’m surprised turned up driving something so modest, given his, apparently’ overweaning ego.

  25. 46
    Anonymous says:

    What is it with LibDems and road traffic laws?

  26. 47
    Tom Pride says:

    Education Secretary Michael Gove likes to make out he’s a placid, well-mannered, affable kind of a guy.

    In fact, he’s only able to keep up this pretence because he employs two particularly nasty special advisers – both at taxpayers’ expense – to personally insult and publicly attack anyone on his behalf who might dare to question him or his policies.

    But now it looks like Gove has finally been forced to bring his two attack dog SPADs – Dominic Cummings and Henry de Zoete – to heel.

    Cummings and de Zoete have been using an official Tory Party Twitter account called @ToryEducation as a vehicle for their most vicious attacks on Gove’s opponents

    But just one day after Cummings and de Zoete publicly called ex-children’s minister Tim Loughton a liar – the previously prolific @ToryEducation has been completely quiet.

    I do hope both of them are now being put to better use on their taxpayer funded wages than slinging childish insults around on Gove’s behalf.

    By the way, Conservative Party spokespeople have been furiously denying @ToryEducation is an official party Twitter account and have removed all references to it from their official accounts.

    So perhaps somebody should quickly point out to them that they’ve forgotten to remove @ToryEducation from the CCHQ list of official Twitter accounts – before someone takes a screen shot of it and proves they’ve been lying.

  27. 48
    Tom Pride says:

    Unemployment in the UK has honoured the memory of Margaret Thatcher’s premiership today by rising to 2.56 million.

    The touching tribute came as 20,000 under 25-year-olds also decided to pay their respects to the former prime minister by adding their names to the jobseekers’ register in the last three months.

    Manufacturing and construction were also keen to honour the legacy of Britain’s first female prime minister by drastically falling to their lowest level in several years.

    And inflation joined in the moving tributes to Lady Thatcher by rising to a nine-month high.

    • 53
      Anne D Burnbum says:

      Still good news that 900000 have failed to turn up to be assessed for disability benefit.Wonder why?

      • 54
        Anne D Burnbum says:

        Hi Tom Pride.Forget Gove.Google http://www.labour25.Goves the least of your worries.X

      • 67
        She's Dust Now says:

        Classic made up story by a neo loon

        Atos, the compamny who conduct the tests, only invited 783,000 to test last year…..Anne…you must have been in Gideon Boo Hoos O level maths class too

        • 72
          She's Dust Now says:

          …and for the record neo loon Anne. Yes IDS did make this silly claim about a month ago, but didnt release the data.

          So in affect we can expect the unemployment figure to rise by 900,000 over night…as disability benefit claimants are not counted

        • 79
          Anne D Burnbum says:

          You would say that would’nt you.What one is’nt true?

        • 80
          Anne D Burnbum says:

          I studied at the gordon brown school of boom and bust.I passed the bust section

    • 76
      Red Ed's non-predator union bosses says:

      It’s orll Fatcher’s forllt !!

  28. 55

    The difference between collectivism and libertarianism:

    Obama used the slogan Yes we can

    Margaret Thatcher would have preferred Yes you can

    This means for the individual Yes I can

    • 85
      Jacques Offenbach says:

      And I say, Can-Can!

      “Lizzie Borden took an axe,
      And gave her Momma 40 whacks–
      When she saw what she had done,
      She gave her Poppa 41…”

    • 98
      Will.scousers.ever.stop.stealing.ids says:

      Labour’s apt slogan is “You work if you want to, this party is not for the working”.

    • 116
      yes u can says:

      we is a famili.
      good and bad within.
      the knowledge is thru the bad.
      there has 2 be a purpuse. without a purpuse what use is power.

  29. 56
  30. 58
    Milli Bandilli (mimer) says:

    UKIP should stick to battling those Tories, the benny class is ours.

    • 69
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      I really think its time that labour renamed themselves The Welfare Party. They have absolutely no interest in working people at all.

  31. 60
    She's Dust Now says:

    Guido…Stalking middle aged men.

    • 115
      perception says:

      Which Geedo, no 1 or no 2 , not Cocky he is of pensionale age not middle aged

  32. 61
    She's Dust Now says:

    This thread finally means that the 2 week Thatchwank feast is over

    • 93
      any old crap says:

      Please try to get over the sad loss of Mrs Thatcher to the country, suggest you go and seek some help, a good idea would be , is to give all your money to a deserving causes, like mr Brown or mr Bliars or mr Ed’s charity’s, you know they will help the people of the country to get better benefits with the money from the magic money tree at number 11 Downing st.

    • 94
      Young Shep says:

      I sincerely hope somebody will inform the BBC hierarchy about her demise but I suspect they will still be doing a Carry on Margaret Thatcher for the next 20 years, even easier now to malign those that are dead, but they won’t hear a word said against their Jimmy, (Shush!).

      • 98
        Anne D Burnbum says:

        Not to mention Anthony Charles Lynton Blair

        • 148
          Living in 97.01% white Merseyside says:

          I felt much more comfortable with that nice Mr Blair in power than with the Rt.Hon Mrs T.

  33. 62
    Phwooooooor says:

    • 203
      Anonymous says:

      Know Alizee well, hear her in her prime here, when, AHEM!, nineteen, sit on one’s brass knobbed knees, and all that,

  34. 68
    Anonymous says:

    UKIP are coming for Portsmouth South Mike give it up!

    • 71
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      It would be nice to see UKIP win at least one parliamentary seat and hancock’s would be a good one to have a go at.

      I’d like to think they could also beat balls in 2015 and get him out of parliament too.

      • 80
        Let The Guardian Die says:

        I`d be surprised if Balls is still shadow chancellor by the time of the next election, Nell, a more loathed figure within the Labour party you`d be hard pressed to find, just let him self destruct.

      • 83
        No seat is safe when there are LibDems around says:

        Wouldn’t it be fun if UKIP took the raving loony Cameron’s seat ?

        • 96
          rebekah aka nellnewman says:

          I don’t know – militwit seems abolutely determined to lead labour to defeat in 2015 with ed’spendtaxandprintmoney’balls glued to the shadow chancellor’s job much like brown was to no10 and no policies of any note, not to mention his opposition to any welfare/benefit cuts and his slavish devotion to the undemocratic unions.

          I wonder how his meeting with bliar went yesterday? I suspect militwit is still saying this morning ‘bliar only won three elections so what does he know’

          Oh my!! the crass folly of youth!!

          • perception says:

            UKip could always stand in Dave’s constituency in leafy rural Oxfordshire

          • rebekah aka nellnewman says:

            Yes but they wouldn’t win!!

            Politics is all about strategy , like chess, putting your players where they can win points!

            And given that parties have to pay to put their people into each election area – they need to think about which one’s are best for them.

          • Banned Moniker says:

            Absolutely correct Nell, lefties don’t actually understand anything beyond ‘group think’.

            UKIP will win seats in 2015 but only in areas where they are strongest. A 17% national poll suggests they will pick up seats in the west and east midlands, east anglia and the south east.

            That alone would be enough to re-align politics to reflect geniune public opinion in this country, forever.

            The other upside is of course, UKIP gains would mean the demise of Clegg’s band of unprincipled, opportunist, liars and traitors.

            So win – win all round.

          • Anonymous says:

            Bring on the revolution!

  35. 74
    She's Dust Now says:

    Rupert Mongdoch has been very quiet since The Witches demise…and he was her biggest fan.

    He will be next for the box

    • 75
      Let The Guardian Die says:

      You`re forgetting Tony ” Viscount Stansgate” Benn….practically embalmed already.

      • 82
        She's Dust Now says:

        ….another mongdoch employee charged today. At this rate Guido could end up as Editor of The Sun.

        However Mongdoch isnt that daft, he would hardly give such a job to a drink soaked drugged crack head none UK passport holder with a charge sheet longer than a broad sheet.

        • 86
          Anne D Burnbum says:

          your posting on the drunks site you tosser.You seem a bit concerned

        • 97
          Let The Guardian Die says:

          Do you work for the Guardian, Dusty? The pressure must be getting to you, circ: 220000 and FALLING….FALLING…..FALLING…..

          • perception says:

            You don’t think the Guardian readers would flock to their newagents and demand the Tit and Bum do you?

          • Banned Moniker says:

            Guardian readers are a dying breed and as such are statistically insignificant.

            They could flock anywhere they liked and make no difference, wherever they landed.

  36. 78
    General Pinochet says:

    I might have been a bastardo, but at least i did`nt fiddle the kiddies like Danny “the nonce” Ortega.

    • 84
      Anne D Burnbum says:

      Talking of kiddie fiddling goggle LABOUR25

      • 88
        Anne D Burnbum says:

        Lucky for the tories the unemployed figures are 1200 less after the mid staffs disaster when labour were in office

      • 157
        Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

        Better still, go to the needleblog and read its files on Elm Guest House and other matters. Makes Labour25 look like a sideshow, although the Hodge files are interesting.

        • 161
          Arsebandit says:

          Nice to see Leon Brittan back in the country – albeit briefly.

          • Banned Moniker says:

            Brittan is a repulsive c*nt, then and now.

            It looks like he is being protected to death. Only after the nonce has gone will the political class display their ‘shock’ and ‘dismay’ regarding the ‘very serious’ allegations against him and demand some useless public enquiry, to whitewash all concerned.

    • 102
      A Colonel Wearing Dark Glasses says:

      Not a Bastardo, Sir, a true patriot and screwer of the left……were the helicopter flights dropping their “Freight” into the Atlantic, all your idea?

    • 112
      Living in 97.01% white Merseyside says:

      Wasn’t live rats up V&ginas more in your line General?

  37. 100
    Stafford Hospital Victims says:

    Andy Burnham and Alan Johnson resign. Neither of you have any morals.

  38. 101
    Ian Dunghole Smut says:

    Mrs Thatcher, Maggie, was a damned marvelous woman! It is a tragedy that they cannot bring her back to life and then we could do the funeral all over again

    • 104
      A Colonel Wearing Dark Glasses says:

      And close down all those pits in S Yorkshire again, i love to see NUM scum cry.

    • 111
      Anne D Burnbum says:

      Dont forget the 1200 funerals in mid staffs when labour were in office.

    • 113
      Living in 97.01% white Merseyside says:

      An advert on telly promoting a bio of her as I type. It ain’t nowhere near over yet.


      • 125
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

        We’ve got Tony Benn & Dennis Healey’s deaths to celebrate next.

        I downed a few glasses of champers when Chavez kicked the bucket, riddled with cancer. LOL

      • 131
        perception says:

        When it comes out I wonder if John Major will write a sequel to his autobiography, he out sold on her first autobiography, he might sell on the biography of Margaret

  39. 124
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    How has that militwit / bliar meeting gone this week ?

    Is militwit and balls now going to change their stance from tax/spend and print money ?? And then give it all to folks who don’t want to work!!

    • 181
      Catty Comment (Ms) says:

      Doubtful – after all Sky has just told me that Millitwit has announced that he has promised to outspend the Tories. He must have found another hidden money tree (or eaten all his fruit gums too quickly).

  40. 129
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Gove of course has the right idea .

    Time to make the teachers work proper hours – so that our children get more education.

    No more 9am to 3pm . No more 7week summer holidays – 3 weeks at Easter and 2 at Xmas not to mention the half terms and teacher training days!!!

    I absolutely agree with him!!.

    • 134
      perception says:

      Volenteer as a teacher Nelly, show them how it is done, have you notice the secondary school kids leaving school, imagine what it is like in the classroom. I would like to see IDS stand in front of 35 oiky kids for 8 hours a day as you propose. Why do every successive government mess about with education and the NHS as if it is a right of passage, both Liebor and the Cons do it, each time spending billions of pounds.

      • 154
        Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

        I would also like to see Gobby in front of a class of 16 year olds, preferably after pointing out to them that Gobby sees them as inadequates requiring extra tuition.

      • 159
        rebekah aka nellnewman says:

        At least I’d teach our children how to spell ! “Volunteer” !!

        • 196
          Banned Moniker says:

          Ha, ha Nell, lefties are so thick. They can barely read, can’t write and yet somehow imagine they are intellectually superior, to everyone else.

    • 135
      Ah! Monika says:

      Another Education Secretary destined for Great Office?

      • 139
        Ah! Monika says:

        Just remembered we had school on Saturday mornings.

        NUT would go nuts these days

      • 140
        Ah! Monika says:

        Ah! Mon ika says:
        Your com ment is awaiting mode ration.
        April 18, 2013 at 9:52 pm
        Just reme mbered we had school on Saturday mornings.

        NU T would go nu ts these days

  41. 132
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Ecoloons says:

    Ding Dong The Soviet Union is dead.

    Ding Dong Communism is dead.

    Ding Dong Old Labour is dead.

    Ding Dong coal mining is dead.

    Ding Dong Chavez is dead.

    Ding Dong Harold Wilson is dead.

    Ding Dong Jim Callaghan is dead.

    Ding Dong Michael Foot is dead.

    Read it and weep you leftie mongs. LOL

    • 137
      perception says:

      Maggie is dead, as all of us will one day be, some sooner than others

      • 151
        Pandora Spankingham-Wopp says:

        Indeed. It is one of the comforts of life that the extremes of both wings show an uncanny ability to enter for the Darwin Awards, best exemplified by Dick Sniffin shooting out his own eye.

    • 146
      Living in 97.01% white Merseyside says:

      But OJ is alive and kicking! Is he on QT and This Week tonight?

      He’s definitely got a great future for some time behind him.

    • 173
      Leslie Phillips says:

      Ding Dong I’M still alive, last I checked.

    • 198
      Bernie Winters says:

      Ding Dong Ed is Red

  42. 143
    Parasite says:

    What a pathetic blog this has become. Is this the sort of dirt you dish now? Going to have to navigate away

  43. 150
    Saffron says:

    Nell I agree with you and can I say that if we have teachers who are only concerned about their own self interest then we have the wrong bunch of NUTS who are in teaching for their own ends rather than students.
    Relative to teaching standards we have now fallen to a new low for our country as regards what we used to be.
    This falling in standards can only be laid at the door of teachers as students don’t teach theirselves.
    Gove is correct when he is saying that teachers need to up their game and to realise that education is the way forward for this country and not their self interest and liebour/commie views.

    • 165
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      I’m currently raising my grand-daughter and I’m very disillusioned with the standard of teachers we’re having to deal with.

      Last couple of years under Gove have been better but some of the teachers are still fairly putrid.

      Sloping into work at 9am and scuttling off before the kids dead on 3pm. Homework sometimes given but never marked – that sort of stuff. No enthusiasm and this in a GCSE year!

      We’ve employed private tutors to up YoungNells standards and that’s on a pension!

      Labour and balls absolutely decimated our education system and it’s going to take a generation to sort it out . Gove is the man for it!

    • 182
      Catty Comment (Ms) says:

      Saffron – ejerkashun edgeacashun, ejjecayshern….

      There is no such word as ‘theirselves’. What you mean is ‘themselves’.

      However, in order not to dent your self esteem too much, please have a house point and choose a sweetie from the jar in the cupboard.

  44. 164
    Saffron says:

    132 Perception.
    You sir are an idiot.
    I have as an ex professional engineer stood in front of many classrooms and explained to them what goes on in industry and how they can get involved in that.
    All I got was silence and respectful questions because they did not have a clue as to what industry which is the life blood of this country was all about.
    You sir talking about oiky children are talking bu–sh-t all they need is proper education rather than the shite being taught by commies which is of no use whatsoever,and Gove is correct in his view of what has gone on.
    The number of non jobs in this country is amazing and if we are not careful will suck the life blood out of this country,Gove is trying to address this and good luck to him.

  45. 169
    Milli Bandwilli (mimer) says:

    we shall revamp education when we return, I will be education sec and tony will be PM. Balls will be vapourised.

  46. 172
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Of course we could put ed’everychildmatters’balls back in charge of education.

    He did one thing of note when he was education minister – introduce a law that all electrical sockets in educational institutions be fitted with plastic blanks

    The rest of what he did destroyed education in the three R’s and in anything else that was worthwhile!!

  47. 192
    The last of the few who didn't get an invite to Maggie's funeral bash says:

    Could Liam Byrne have been telling porkies ?

  48. 199
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    So Hancock has a problem with sex.

    Kennedy ha a problem with drink.

    Ashdown has a problem with at least one secretary.

    Laws has a problem understanding finance and rules about expenses.

    Huhne has a problem with the truth.

    Chris Davies smokes cannabis although he knows it is illegal to do so.

    Cable cannot keep his mouth shut when flattered by women half his age .

    Was Mr Cameron really right to seek a Government of National Unity with these people?

    • 200
      The last of the few who didn't get an invite to Maggie's funeral bash says:

      Trouble is, Cameron’s every bit as useless as they are.

  49. 202
    Anonymous says:

    At least Mike Yankcock drives a BMW Mini – nice car, built in Oxford, totally german owned company, as you do. Winnie must be spinning like a top in his grave.

  50. 204
    Anonymous says:

    What happened to my MINI vid? didn’t appear a couple of nights ago, try this then, VROOM!,

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Guido-hot-button (1) Guido-hot-button (1)

Rod Liddle on the loony UN sexism special rapporteur:

“There is more sexism in Britain than in any other country in the world, according to a mad woman who has been sent here by the United Nations.

Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

orkneylad says:

What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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