April 18th, 2013

Heywood and Kerslake “Prostituted High Office”

A bruising morning for Jeremy Heywood and Bob Kerslake at the Public Administration Committee following their gushing Maggie tribute that infuriated pretty much everyone. Bernard Jenkin led the attack:

Jenkin: Did either of you work for Lady Thatcher?

Heywood: Not very closely

Kerslake: No

Jenkin: Was it (the tribute) cleared?

Jeremy: “It wasn’t cleared….we showed it to Craig as a courtesy.”

Then Paul Flynn stormed out, telling the Civil Service double team: “you’ve prostituted your high office and deserted your political neutrality”. Video to follow…


  1. 1
    The Right Honourable George Osborne Mp says:

    I think we’ve got a very clear message, a loud and clear message that Britain cannot let up in dealing with its debts, dealing with its problems, cannot let up in making sure that Britain can pay its way in the world.


    • 3
      Owen Jones says:

      Quick Nurse.

      The screens please.


      • 25
        D'Jango says:

        If a civil servant supports the left then thats all well and good…no other sympathis will be tolerated! Flynn would do himself a favour by getting rid of his prejudices!


    • 4
      • 40
        Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

        Is Newsbiscuit supposed to be funny? Or is it just written by Thatcher-haters who hope the BBC will pick them up as scriptwriters for the News Quiz?


        • 63
          BBC comedy producer says:

          Newsbiscuit has just the right balance of promoting lefty bollocks
          while being completely unfunny.
          We shall immediately hand over a blank cheque and sign the writers
          up forever.


      • 75
        Jack Ketch says:

        Newsbiscuit look very similar to a school newsletter I used to edit,m except ours had far more humour. I was 13.


    • 9
      The state is my voice says:

      So we can not even say “WE LIKED MAGGIE” in our place of work?

      If this is the Dave New World then I want out of it.


      • 17
        Gonk III says:

        Paul Flynn is always desperately offended by something.


        • 78
          Anonymous says:

          There were pictures of him in the papers, im afraid he looks a bit bonkers.The way he behaved was questionable as well. Why are MPs allowed to be offensive to witnesses on select committee hearings ?


    • 24
      Damian McBride says:

      “you’ve prostituted your high office and deserted your political neutrality” just like that guy Gordon Clown


      • 59
        Anonymous says:

        Their article reads like an unsubtle dig at The Great Gordo and Blair. And none the worse for that btw.


  2. 2
    MMMM Lizard wallpaper Mybe David Icke is right says:


  3. 5
    Anonymous says:

    You are no John Kennedy


  4. 5
    They're all smug, sneering, chip on both shoulders, Celt cu'nts at the BBC says:

    ‘Sir’ John Scarlett would be outraged at the act of prostituting High Office

    Or perhaps he was just threatened with being found dead on a grassy knoll, in an apparent


  5. 7
    Owen"Moishe" Jones says:

    Oy Vey.

    “Anybody who recognizes Isr*el will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation’s fury.” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


    • 41
      George Gallowsway says:

      Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability, and I want you to know that we are with you, hatta al-nasr, hatta al-nasr, hatta al-Quds


  6. 10
    John Tandy says:

    Bull how many worked for Churchill but then celebrated his life ?


  7. 12
    Reverse ODIUG says:

    Good on them for saying what they really think.

    And what the fook has happened to Guido in the few hours since Maggie was incinerated?


  8. 13
    OLD HOLBORN says:

    some has taken a dislike to that massive Hunt old holborn and plastered his personal details all over the internet. pretty funny really, given the shit he comes out with.


    • 35
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      But how do we KNOW they’re the real details about Old Hobo?

      Anyone can be Old Hobo. Anyone.

      (Anybody seen my Guy mask? I seem to have misplaced it…)


      • 54
        OLD HOLBORN says:

        his tweet about phoning him and not blocking the number would appear to have given it away. OH if you are reading this, your Mrs is a minger and i hope you lose your job


        • 69
          OLD HOLBORN says:

          final irony, it would appear *if* all this stuff is true that the company Old Holborn works (worked?) for makes a lot of its money from the European Renewables Energy Sector. Thats the state supported energy sector. Some shout for a libertarian that.


          • Blickfriers Brij says:

            I thought he told everyone last year that he was buggering off to live in a muddy field and grow his own turnips somewhere east of Transylvania.


  9. 15
    I represent steel workers so I will walk out says:

    Having watched on playback the entire exchange it was lefty Flynn and his colleague Hopkins who behaved disgracefully making assertions about the article they failed to substantiate. Chairman Jenkin on the other hand was probing and fair


  10. 16
    John Wellington Wells says:

    Boys for rent.


  11. 18
    They're all smug, sneering, chip on both shoulders, Celt cu'nts at the BBC says:

    Someone has remembered the 20th anniversary of the Waco massacre, by the unthinking, brutal instruments of a fascist state


  12. 20
    Owen"Moishe" Jones says:

    “Israel has always been pro-Guido Fawkes. Israel will always be pro-Guido Fawkes.” Benjamin Netanyahu


  13. 22
    Protest says:


  14. 23
    Trashunt says:


    • 26
      Raving Loon says:

      You never visited that pub before you became an MP. You only visited yuppie wine bars in the city.


    • 34
      Sir William Wade says:

      Chucky has a shiny head. Too much moisturiser?


      • 74
        Also Anonymous says:

        His head is left smooth and shiny so that it will slip up Ed’s arse withe ease and up his own when he has to think.


    • 42
      They're all smug, sneering, chip on both shoulders, Celt cu'nts at the BBC says:

      look at the trash in there


    • 45
      Chuka Umunna says:

      Me drink there?

      Hah I should cocoa, its full of trash


    • 46
      (I don't need no doctor) says:

      Who is Umunna trying to fool?


    • 48
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      Taylor’s, where probably half (at least) of your constituency-office’s business can be transacted– after all, you ARE the Shadow Business Minister, might as well promote the small businessman in your constituency by giving him some business– heaven knows, if there’s anyone who knows how to give people the business, Chuka, it would be you.


    • 51
      Imelda Isn't life fucking wonderful says:

      Streatham is one of those really diverse communities.It’s even got white people living there who speak English but in a funny accent.I think they call it cockney.


    • 52
      Panem.et.circenses says:

      His mouth is trying to smile, but his eyes tell a different story. The guy is under pressure


  15. 28
    Maurice Minor says:


  16. 30
    Nostradamus says:

    Strange. Most of the civil servants I’ve had the misfortune to meet have been irredeemable Guardian types.


  17. 32
    Maurice Minor says:


    • 61
      Anonymous says:

      Chunky Mark seems to have mental health issues. Care in the community is obviously one Tory policy that needs reversing just for him – poor man needs sectioning for his own good and ours.


  18. 33
    Sir William Wade says:

    An MP accuses somebody of prostituting their high office. In other news today, a cooking pot calls a kettle “remarkably sooty”.


    • 36
      Two Jags one shag and a fag says:

      I never prostituted my high office.I just shagged my secretary in it


      • 39
        Long John Silver's parrot says:

        Is that an abuse of public office and a criminal offence?


        • 57
          Two Jags one shag and a fag says:

          She said I had a small organ.
          I told her ‘Sorry luv but it wasn’t used to playing the fooking Albert Hall’
          She took offence to that I can tell thee.


    • 58
      Dept of Homeland Security Spokesman says:

      “Cooking pot,” hmm? We’re monitoring Internet traffic, to see if anything pops on the “right-wing extremist” blogs– I think we may have found something here, a veiled-claim-of-responsibility message of some kind…excuse me, while I re-fold the road map I was using (unsuccessfully) a moment ago…


  19. 37
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    Will their letters of resignation be in Mr Cameron’s in tray today ?


  20. 47
    Len McClusky says:

    Ed look at all the others doing what they are told.

    Now go and work the fucking room biatch, and don’t come back without some cash.


  21. 50
    Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

    It just counterbalances David Dimbleby’s snide commentary on Thatcher’s funeral yesterday and his weekly attempt on Question Time to skew the agenda to the Left.

    And why David Cameron would ever go near the BBC after what they did to Boris Johnson the other week I do not know. Has he really not got the message yet from the BBC?


  22. 53
    She's totally fuckable says:

    I want to see Amanda Thatcher do a photoshoot for FHM in stockings, lace panties and black bra.


  23. 60
    Anonymous says:

    Is Bernard Jenkin one of Dorothy’s mates? He always appears fastidiously well groomed and just a little effete.


  24. 70

    A nice couple, of wet old farts!


  25. 76
    damned impertinent questions says:

    Poor Paul Flynn ….all that smoking must have led to hardening of the arteries.

    At his advanced age he is also clearly upset by meeting anyone who may hold different view sthat him – so an ideal Welsh Labour man


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