April 17th, 2013

WATCH: Farage: EU is the New Communism

“Years ago, Mrs Thatcher recognised the truth about the European project. She saw that it was about taking away democracy from nation states and handing that power to largely unaccountable people. Knowing as she did that the Euro would not work, she saw that this was a very dangerous design.”


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    Labour, the party of the benefit classes says:

    Want a new mobility car every three years paid for by the state? Want to lie in bed until 12 o’ clock? Happy to be a parasite? The Labour Party is your natural home. Vote Labour for a chancers charter.

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      Pollytwaddle says:

      I do believe you’re forgetting that such nonsense is all Tory hate-mongering.

      (That it’s true is not at all relevant.)

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        Mick Philpott Feminist Icon says:

        I did well out of the “Safety net”

        • 143
          V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

          I;m a Northern benefit sponger and after watching sky all day and going down the pub, I’m now off for a round of golf. I like looking at the suckers stuck at their desks while I drive past.

          • V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country Mark II says:

            Oh and I forgot that I am also on disability allowance but I don’t tell the golf club.

          • Anonymous says:

            “handing that power to largely unaccountable people”

            That is the bankers, isn’t it, which Nige is an ex-one?

        • 171

          Farage is brilliant

          Unfortunately, the rest of UKIP seems infested with self promoting morons who run off with the petty cash or otherwise disgrace themselves at the first opportunity.

          As Farage appears to be the real heir to Maggie, with balls to match, if he became a Tory, he might oust wibbling Dave in a flash.

          • Farages underpants says says:

            Err he only has one ball mate, and i should know.
            Still it’s bigger than Cameron, Clegg and miliband put together

          • Joe Public says:

            Farage really needs to publicize and promote his senior party members more if he wants to avoid being seen as a very good ONE man band.

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      ... says:

      Jesus old boy, you’re still so angry and full of bile and today of all days. One would have thought that the sombre occasion of maggie’s big tax payer funded shindig would have offered you a little bit of perspective on things. Get one of your nice carer’s to ring the doctor again, I think your blood pressure might need checking.

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      Death to the career politicians and their EU project says:

      Well said Mr Farage. Bring on the local and then the EU elections.

      UKIP is about to take over.

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        CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

        The problem is that the EUSSR is the continuation of the (rather than the new) USSR.

      • 65
        Morgan's Organ says:

        I’ll say it again we must grab Maggie’s old handbag and march into the
        New Occupied Europe swinging it wildly to rid us of the grotesque army of Jackboot Eurocrats that threaten our very way of life. More strength to your elbow Nigel, Cameron please, please, please take note!

        • 139
          Kim Jong deux says:

          I’ll be there at the front with my missiles!

        • 170
          Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigrati0n says:

          Farage tells it how it is.

          Can you imagine CaMoron, MilliTwat or Pr!ck Clegg ever having a scintilla of backbone to deliver a speech like that – never.

          They are variously corrupted, incompetent and communists, they should all be taken to the Tower.

          • Mr Quelch says:

            …………… to await the usual fate of those (traitors) who were incarcerated there in the past.

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      CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

      The number of working days lost through industrial action dropped to 249,000 in 2012 from 29.5 million in 1979 and 1.9 million in 1990.

      God Bless St Margaret.

      • 209
        Crowing Bob Crow says:

        Yeah but did you hear me ranting on today on BBC and totally outshout that guy from Tax Payers?
        Tory and Lib Dems are selling our country down the drain and this guy earning 50k as a primary school is a hero of our new werking (sic) class.
        What, you say we defended and promoted job demarcation for decades?
        Yes but we moved on a bit and now I earn 3 times what this man who works 75 hours a week does, AND I live in a council house.
        I am the new werking class, me.
        Up the Red Flag.

    • 66
      meh says:

      this kind of hyperbole may play well to his swivel eyed base on here but out in the real world people just won’t care enough to vote for him – beyond the naturally dissaffected Tories and the odd Labour vote who hates the EU.

      Can anyone genuinely see UKIP appealing to the floating female voter, to the dissaffected Lib Dem, to Labour voters?

      • 68
        meh says:

        also anyone who says stuff like EUSSR = a moron.

        just stick to David Icke forums

        • 92
          The EUSSR Has become a reality says:

          Using EUSSR started out as joke but unfortunately the EUSSR is now the reality. It is totally undemocratic.

          No doubt you will only realise this when it is your savings that are confiscated by the EU uber elite

          • CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

            Jean-Claude Juncker, Luxembourg PM and Head Euro-Zone Finance Minister says “When it becomes serious, you have to lie”

          • the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

            Keep a weather eye on Italy .

            Apart from being shirtless , potless and government-less they now HAVE to elect a new President by end May as the previous incumbent’s seven year term is up and he is anyway moribund at 87 and seeks retirement.

            The name on important lips is Prodi . Yes the same Prodi who was among other things President of the EU before Barroso .

            The same Prodi who is being openly accused by an Italian journalist ( who has NOT been sued by Prodi ) of being Moscow’s “man in Rome ” for many yeras when communism was the regime and the CIS was still very much the USSR .

            The ” EUSSR” ?? Yes indeedee and not a figment of the imagination if people like Prodi become the bricks in the EU wall …..

        • 150
          Mike says:

          Bukovsky, one of last dissidents to suffer Soviet psychiatric hospitals says the EU is rapidly changing to an organisation which appears similar to the Soviet Union. The EU is centralising power around well paid non-elected elected officials ,similar to the apparatchiks of the Soviet Union.

        • 165
          Lord Mooncrater says:

          The EUSSR came from Mikhail Gorbachev who said, “I do not understand why they are recreating the USSR in Europe”.

          Presumably you think he is a moron. Most folk do not.

      • 90
        Will.scousers.ever.stop.stealing.ids says:

        Why not when the Liblabcon party has ruined the country by allowing a failing, undemocratic European bureaucracy to inflict severe damage on our economy? Look what damage it is doing to Eurozone countries like Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Cyprus and Ireland to name but a few. We would be also be a basket-case today if we had been led like lambs to the Euro slaughter.

        Would our economy be better or worse with the ability to trade with who we wanted to and paying £6 billion a year (net of what we get back) for the privilege? Think about it.

        • 101
          meh says:

          who do we not trade with?

          (genuine q btw)

          find that a bit baffling? surely if we want to sell something or buy something, we just do it.

          • The EUSSR Has become a reality says:

            UKIP will remain trading partners (just as the rest of the world is) the difference is that we will be self governing, a sovereign nation, a free people.

          • meh says:

            your post implied that we don’t have the ability to trade with who we want at the moment? so in fact we do have the ability to do what we want, trade wise, with who we want.

            just to be clear like.

          • CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

            The EUSSR is a customs cartel that restricts the UK’s ability to negotiate trade with the less economically ruined rest of the world.

            Trade is one of those great oxymorons, an “EU competency”.

          • meh says:

            does it really though, in practice? cite your evidence.

          • Anonymous says:


            I thought you were serious, but before responding I had a look through your posts. They suggested to me that, rather than being genuine, you were just being negative for the sake of it – I believe the current terminology is troll.

          • I thought this site was about free speech says:

            meh, you are asking for evidence to be cited. Well, all trade deals negotiated at a government level between an EU partner and a non-EU require EU commissioners approval, fact. This approval has not been given for some time for such deals.
            Whilst I’m at it, Leveson is about an EU directive on journalism, HS2 is about an EU directive on transport policy, gay marriage is about an EU directive. It’s not your fault you don’t understand any of this, it’s probably not down to your intellect as such, but dig deeper to see the truth on what we’re spammed on mainstream media, something which the general population is thankfully become more aware of.

          • meh says:

            i’m not trolling, i am actually interested. i wanted real world examples of where we couldn’t trade and we wanted to. thanks for answers.

            i’d argue that gay marriage, HS2 – in some form and Leveson would all be happening anyway regardless of the EU.

            Gay marriage is happening all over thew world – and rightly so. Marriage is about people loving each other, not whatever sky pixie you may or may not follow has to say.

            high speed rail transport isn’t some EU wonk invention, look at Asia as a Non EU example of decent, fast accessible public transport.

            and press reform was long overdue, although i think it is going too far. I’d like to see libel reform as well.

      • 198
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        It’s the odd Labour vote that supports ever-closer union.

        • 199
          Grumpy Old Man says:

          …..But then Labour has always been the home of those who wanted to see their Country run by another country.

          • tigerowl says:

            What rubbish. Heath took us in to Europe. Thatcher signed the Maastricht treaty. Blair signed the right for more countries to join – did not give any power away under the 2004 changes. 2002 the Euro and Blair did not take us in to that either. So where is the evidence of Labour being the home for those who want to see Britian ruled by another country?
            In the EU we have a bigger trading group to play with. Because our wonderful Business community have given away all our manufacturing we have little to trade with. You can not trade seventy percent of our GDP due to it being service. Coffee shops, offices, etc.
            So Labour stands up for working people against the Tories and UKIP who just want to exploit cheap wages and poor working conditions the EU have rejected. Thatch gave away most to the EU

    • 110
      They hate her because she won says:

      Quite right! The funeral was held in the morning and went off without a hitch. Part of the security plan was for an a.m. funeral. This ensured that leftie sponging benefit cheats couldn’t be arsed to get out of bed for it and also no chance they could have a drink and get lashed up beforehand.

      • 154
        the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

        So there !!

        Puke your bowels and bile up George Cough Syrup .

        Better still vomit up your bollox as well that should finish you off.

      • 210
        Pundit Too. says:

        The BBC stated that “the majority of people who hated her stayed away”
        How on earth do they know and where is their evidence?
        After all they publically on radio put out the message as to how to demonstrate against Thatcher and not get arrested.
        Of course they made up by interviewing everyone that hated Thatcher to give a “balanced” viewpoint.

    • 224
      Graham says:

      I like to think of Liebour as the home for the something-for-nothing bastards.
      What is a socialist ?
      One that has yearnings
      For equal division
      Of unequal earnings.
      Bungler or idler , or both ,
      He is willing
      To hand out his penny
      And pocket your shilling.
      Pre decimalisation but still true.

  2. 3
    Animal Rights Leftie says:

    Yeah, i threw that bottle at that horse when i was in Luddite square, one of Fatcha`s horses innit.

    • 6
      Geordie Horse Puncher says:

      And i thought i was a f*ckwit.

      • 9
        Anonymous says:

        I’m on invalidity benefits you know. But I’m okay to travel to Newcastle to get pissed and punch horses. I hope the DHSS didn’t see me on telly.

        • 16
          MB. says:

          And apparently pay £43 for a ticket according to the paper (not sure how much you can believe them).

          • Pissed-off fan says:

            You can believe them.

          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            Ticket prices for St. Jame’s Park are between £42 and £67 per seat, per game.

            It’s good to know you are paying for the parasites tickets via his benefits, eh?

          • the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

            GAZZA’S MATE FIVEBELLIES says:

            Ahh punched a tigahh on thah nose once – and aah;m still alive to talk aboot it .

            Only coz he was pissed as well coz they run oot ‘a watahh and they hannaaah give him the local slurry from the Newcastle Brown ullage like .

            Awaa’ the lads ( as Jimmy Cartaah said when he cum to Geordieland all those years ago — is he still makin peanuts ?? )

        • 23
          A NAG says:

          I wus pissed and on tablets, I thought it wus me wife I wus hitting.

        • 46
          yeah, right... says:

          As long as you were available for work we’ll say no more about it.

          • the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

            Yeah but if you have a few more Paul you ll deffo be joining Maggie on the pyre .

  3. 4
    Herman Achille Van Rompuy says:

    Wah wah wah

    STFU and send your fucking money


    • 167
      the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

      EHHi ‘Ermann you belgian clown you donnah spel with a K

      Issah Capish with a C you belgian mamaluc

      Wassamaddah Hercule Poirot he don t teach you nothing ??

  4. 5
    ... says:

    Vote UKIP get Mossad.

  5. 10
    Jimmy says:

    Buy Private Eye. Four pages of their covers featuring Thatcher.

    • 12
      Panem.et.circenses says:


      Thatcher won get over it.

      • 14
        Jimmy says:

        No, I think it’s a fitting tribute.

      • 15
        ... says:

        And she spent her final years lonely, afraid and in pain sitting in her own puddle of shit and piss. While her retarded children fucked off to tax havens.

        Some victory for the Iron dribbling Lady.

        • 20
          Libertarians support state funerals says:

          Be fair.

          She did have the blue rinse brigade, rubbernecking tourists and Guido flying the flag for her at her nationalised funeral today.

        • 25
          Adu Banana says:

          We all end up dying alone, unless you’re a mozzie vest b0mber.

          • the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

            “One of sixteen vestal virgins
            Who hoped I soon became toast
            And the moment my eyes were opened
            That small flickswitch made them close

            So it wasn’t til layayayter as Qatada told his tale
            That his face at first just ghostly
            Contemplated — going to jail ”

            Copyright Procol Harum

        • 34
          ...tells says:

          Don’t we all eventually. At least maggie went with her blinded and bigoted enemies gloating and her many friends and admirers mourning and that is better than no one caring a toss…she will be remembered for generations and will be the scary monster that lefties tell their children about…she beat the unions and the militants..and they dont like it up em!!!

        • 35
          Banny Doyle says:

          I thought she was in the Ritz not in a Mid Staffs Hospital

          • the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

            Talking of the Ritz and /or the Dorchester and/or the Grosvenor House The Connaught et al
            That Elaine Stritch US comedienne had class .

            When she came over for a six to eight week run at a London theatre they paid her so much money she just booked into one of those emporiums for the duration . Usually a suite — as you cannot possibly live in a bedroom for two months daaahling .

        • 45
          Panem.et.circenses says:

          Look despite what you bedwetters want to think she was voted in by the VOTERS so she won.

          It’s not a hard concept to grasp

          • Neil Kinnock says:

            I don’t grasp it.

          • Panem.et.circenses says:


            Do not worry you do not need to. Just concentrate on counting your EU socialist millions that are rightfully yours and your families wealth. The downtrodden tax payers are happy to see you in clover for simply being a Ginger haired fucktard.

          • the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

            You couldn’t grasp a full on rugby scrum Neill .

            In fact when a fellow politician called out to you across the Palace of Westminster entrance hall with a resounding shriek of ” NEILL !!!” — you promptly genuflected.

        • 128
          The Ritz management says:

          No one sits around in piss at The Ritz. We have piss wallers to clean up that sort of thing and anything else for that matter. For your information, Mrs Thatcher was quite compos mentis until the end. I shared a whisky with her the morning she died. We toasted Mr Blairs ‘Socialist’ Government.

    • 211
      Pundit Too. says:

      How can they have four covers?

  6. 11
    Libertarians support state funerals says:

    The EU is a club for privileged bankers, big business and politicos.

    Dulwich educated, son of a banker, MEP Mr Farage fits in perfectly.

    • 40
      Don't give a shit about LieBore, UKRAP or the Limp Dumbs says:

      “How do you tell a Communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.”
      ― Ronald Reagan

      If it walks like a Mosley, looks like a Mosley and gives speeches like a Mosley, why think it’s a Tory duck?

      If Nigel Farage is the answer, it must have been a fuck1ng stupid question, IMHO.

      • 44
        Pliny the Welder says:

        I rather like this chaps’ style –

        “The problem with Marxism is the proletariat isn’t going to rise up against capitalism and consumerism. The only time they’ll rise up is during a commercial break to either go to the bathroom or grab more beer.
        ― Jarod Kintz

        • 64
          CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

          Why would people rise up to give the most useless people in the country even more control over our lives and bodies.

          People always choose choice.

          • Tay King-dePisse says:

            People DO realise that when Marxism preaches “From each according to ability, to each according to need,” that it isn’t the individual oneself who is allowed to make those determinations, right? Humans have this nasty habit of trying to get the most reward for the least effort, i.e., the proverbial free lunch. (The New Soviet Man was supposed to train this out of them.) Good fuckin’ luck, all you Lefties who still spout the same old shite, at getting the Mick Tosspot lumpen to go for having to actually contribute to “society.” You may have to “go National Socialist on dey asses.”

      • 51
        Anonymous says:

        But as a backlash to the age of deception, why not.

        He does not hide behind events, and twist and shy away from responsibilities. He called them common criminals. He is saying what everyone would love to have a chance to voice.

        Will he be rewarded for this honestly?

        • 79
          Ghost of Marx (Groucho) says:

          I think that reward is safely locked away in a Jersey bank account already, labelled “Educational Trust Fund” !!

          Quack, Quack!!

        • 82
          Brussels Broadcasting Cnuts says:

          Not by us. We prefer lies and hypocrisy.

      • 215
        Billi says:

        Kenneth Clarke. Mosleyite Euro-Filth.

        • 218
          Billi says:

          This is Ken Clarke’s favourite.

          If you want to see why the Tory Public School Snotties love Europe you only need You tube ‘Mosley Speaks’. Real Tory Traitor Nazi sh|#.

          The failure to ‘De-nazi’ the civil service after the war was a real mistake.

          They thought that the evidence of history would be enough.

          They were wrong. The Mosleyites and the Marxists should have been hung !

    • 181
      the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

      Yeah but he does have sharp suits .

      Mind you he could invest in a few dental implants .

    • 182
      Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigrati0n says:

      Who fits in the EU better ?

      Farage – Hates the EU with every atom in his body
      CaMoron – The traitor who wants to stay in the EU with all his “heart and soul”
      MilliTwat – A Marxist by birth and rightfull heir to Barroso
      Pr!ck Clegg – EU DNA is in his bones

  7. 13
    I wonder if she gave good head says:

  8. 17
    A big Left Wing Tit says:


  9. 18
    Anonymous says:

    Was Farage invited to the funeral?

    • 28
      Jimmy says:

      You mean as the true head of the Conservative Party?

    • 76
      Gerry Mandering says:

      No he was in Brussels at 10:45 getting his appearance fee.

      • 84
        Ghost of Marx (Groucho) says:

        Electronically wired direct to Jersey?

        • 185
          the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

          But Jersey’s going automatic info exchange either 2014 or 2015 as are all C.I ‘s so will he not have to transfer stash to Panama or Uruguay or Vanuatu or similar ?? Get a move on .. tax man waits for …. no man .

        • 226
          JabbaTheCat says:

          The word is the dear leader stashes the cash in the Isle of Man…

  10. 19
    Hang The Bostards says:

    One GREAT LEADER dies.

    Another GREAT LEADER is born

    You got my vote Nigel.

    • 29
      He's not got the balls... says:

      He bottled Eastleigh, where he would have won and then maybe become a great leader.

      Great leaders seize opportunities. Our Nige doesn’t…

      • 106
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        No, he wants to lead UKIP when they win the next Euro elections and set off the bomb under the LabLibCon ‘there is no alternative’ dictatorship.

    • 32
      Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

      I love the comedy on here

      • 37
        Hang The Bostards says:

        May the 6th

        May the force

        May the UKIP landslide commeth

        • 71
          Don't give a shit about LieBore, UKRAP or the Limp Dumbs says says:

          And may all the magic money trees spring forth their joyous bounty when it “Commeths”, and may Steve McQueen make it over that last goddam barbed wire fence the next time I watch it!

          Biggles has about as much chance of power as all of the above, but he will succeed in splitting the vote.

          Vote UKRAP, get MilliKrap.

          • Hang The Bostards says:

            Only those looking to keep the Status Quo would talk down UKIP.

          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            Aww look someone is scared his faction will not get top billing at the table.

            Listen, nobody outside of the braindead tribalist pygmies, gives a flying f*ck about the LabLibCon party or it’s warring factions.

            All they offer is the same shit sandwich, more socialism, more EU dictatorship, more tax, tax, tax & spend, spend, spend, pickpocketing our childrens futures, more green Mafia funding and less and less freedom.

          • Don't give a shit about LieBore, UKRAP or the Limp Dumbs says says:

            Two things wrong with that – everything you thought and everything you typed, but hey – it’s a free blog!

          • Don't give a shit about LieBore, UKRAP or the Limp Dumbs says says:

            Oh, incase I forgot:


          • Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigrati0n says:

            Vote LibLabCon for uncontrolled immigration.

            All hail the EU.

      • 187
        the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

        OK so evellytime I make you laff you give me monnnnnaie

        Simples Alexander …

      • 203
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        Don’t sell yourself short. You provide a lot of it.

    • 53

      …and mine too.

      The way the EU is proposing to treat people’s property is theft, pure and simple, theft.

    • 85
      Anonymous says:

      Nigel didn’t get Thatcher’s vote.

      • 124
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        Please, tell me you are not being serious and you are not that thick.

        • 161
          Don't give a shit about LieBore, UKRAP or the Limp Dumbs says says:

          If Biggles had been there at the time, she would have pushed him so far up the back of the back benches, he would have got a nose bleed from the altitude.

          As it is, he can’t even hit the barn door of Eastleigh with a sawn off at point blank range.

          Vote UKRAP, get Milikrap.

      • 189
        Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigrati0n says:

        Who would Thatcher have agreed with ?

        “The President of the Commission, Mr Delors, said at a press conference the other day that he wanted the European Parliament to be the democratic body of the Community. He wanted the Commission to be the Executive and he wanted the Council of Ministers to be the Senate. No! No! No!”
        Margaret Thatcher

        “And when the referendum comes let me say now that if we can negotiate such an arrangement, I will campaign for it with all my heart and soul.”

        “We seek an amicable divorce from the European Union and its replacement with a genuine free-trade agreement, which is what my parents’ generation thought we’d signed up for in the first place.”
        Nigel Farage

    • 107
      Fishy says:

      Fuck me.

      Today, we say ‘good-bye’ to one of Britain’s greatest ever leaders and some twat comes along and claims that they are of the same ilk.

      Seeing the idiot Farridge’s face on a day like today repulses me.

      Farridge is no Thatcher…she would have marked him out as the unprincipled, opportunistic phoney that he is.

      • 131
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        A phoney who means what he says? That’s a bit like climate liars saying it’s getting cooler, because it’s getting hotter. Dismal stuff.

        • 166
          Don't give a shit about LieBore, UKRAP or the Limp Dumbs says says:

          No -Fishy says what he sees, and he’s right – an unprincipled banker/ chancer, who thinks he’d like to be in the HoC, because there’s even more money to syphon off than in the Facist/ Communist EU-retocracy.

          Out of Europe is the way to go – Biggles is an irrelevant song and dance act.

          Vote UKRAP, get Milikrap.

          • Vote Conservative for uncontrolled immigrati0n says:

            Vote LibLabCon for uncontrolled immigration.

            All hail the EU !

          • Anonymous says:

            Your parties leader will campaign with all his heart and soul to stay in the EU. UKIP is the only way out, will you be first in line to give up your 60% . Our yeh and your constant insults towards UKIP make you look childish and scared

      • 191
        Anon says:

        First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

    • 183
      JabbaTheCat says:

      “You got my vote Nigel.”

      Bless, a UKIP useful idiot surfaces, with a strong emphasis on the idiot part…

      • 201
        Vote Conervative for unctr0lled immigration says:

        The legacy LibLabCon are dead and their bigoted tribe feels seriously threatened as evidenced by their desperate bile on this blog.

        Maggie has really brought into focus how useless the LibLabCon are, in particular CaMoron.

        Dave is an embarrassment to this country, and completely out of his depth.

        Hearing Maggie’s speeches brings back into sharp focus what it is like to have a leader fighting for you, your country, and the country’s interests.

        It must be hell for CaMoron and the Conservatives, and highlights what a weak, impotent and treacherous man he is and how as a party they don’t represent public opinion.

        Watching CaMoron squirm in India last month, buckle under MilliTwats broken wrist in PMQ’s and suckle up to Merkel’s EU teat at the weekend is frankly sickening.

        CaMorons political death must be that much closer now.

        It is also interesting how all commentators and MP’s past and present, have agreed that Maggie said what she meant. They all without fail said she was a straight talker and you knew where you stood with her. Straight talking is what the public respect and want. Not weak and feeble leaders who suck the EU teat and undermine the very country they are supposed to be representing.

        Maggie’s death has certainly awakened the public’s interest in politicians who represent their public.

        • 212
          JabbaTheCat says:

          “Hearing Maggie’s speeches brings back into sharp focus what it is like to have a leader fighting for you, your country, and the country’s interests. ”

          I know all about Mrs T’s speeches in real time, so to speak. It’s why I voted for her three times, and then for Jimmy Goldsmith to sink that c u n t David Mellor(I come from Putney). It is also why I will never vote for a crooked spiv like Nigel Farage and his corrupt pond life in EUKIP…

          • Don't give as hit about LieBore, UKRAP or the Limp Dumbs says:

            You, sir, have my fuck1ng vote!

          • JabbaTheCat says:

            Why thank you kindly my dear sir. May I take the opportunity to solicit a donation to my political fund

            Repeal All Rights For Mice Party
            c/o ABN AMRO Bank Curacao N.V.
            DE Ruyterkade 61

          • Vote Conervative for unctr0lled immigration says:

            Staying in the EU will destroy this country.

            Farage is the only politician with the guts to leave the EU.

            The conservatives will never take the UK out of the EU – you are deluded if you think they will.

            The conservatives are now merely left of centre Liberals brought up on a diet of university champagne socialism who see the EU as a ticket to personal wealth, and power over the masses – money and power being the great corrupters its all to clear these are the driving forces for conservatives (its certainly not serving their country).

  11. 27
    • 36
      CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

      Bragg’s moved to a lovely English village away from all the people he made money duping.

      • 63
        Yeah, right... says:

        Tis true.

        This could be from The Mash or The Mail, its often hard to tell


        Socialists eh?

      • 74
        Say what you see says:

        Socialism works well for me. All the lefty mugs buy my records, make me rich so I can live amongst the people I purport to despise. Two faced wanker.

        • 104
          labourunionsbbc are one under the EU says:

          All the wealth and privilege this country has given has not affected my mean spirited nature one bit aren’t I a good socialist.

          Like our fat Jamaican MP for Hackney North, you’ll get no humility, grace or gratitude from me.

        • 112
          Stephen William Bragg (Melvin's secret love child) says:

          Come on nar, mate! I’ve made a faakin’ shed load a’ money – too much to just give it all aarp fer’ sum faakin’ socialis’ crap that I used to pretend I supported, to sell faakin’ records! NAR faakin’ way, Pedro!


          “There’s a guy works down the chip shop, swears he’s Elvis
          Just Like you swore to me you were left wing too
          There’s a guy works down the chip shop, swears he’s Elvis
          But he’s a liar, and I’m pretty sure so are you!!”¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

          Be Lucky!

      • 236
        Quantrill says:

        And, now he’s backing Folk South West, a tree hugging lefty outfit which is being used to brainwash primary school kids into global warming/cooling, multikuti, anti Mrs T and so on.

  12. 38
    EUSSR says:

    Thatcher eventually saw through the ‘racket’ that is the EU and saw it for was and still is. She had this unique talent for seeing round corners and knew the EU was going to be a huge problem for the UK. She was absolutely correct in her final analysis. We must never hand our sovereignty and freedoms to EUSSR.

    • 91
      Dee Lusional says:

      All the people there had 2 things in common. Firstly they were “the Establishment” and secondly they were all, in one way or another, on the public payroll.

      One thing the anarchists had right, a smaller establishment would save our taxes. How many taxpayer-tit sucking royalty do we actually need.

      Same goes for politicians

      • 121
        Pliny the Welder says:

        If I may point out an apposite quote from a well known authority on this:

        In a country where the sole employer is the State, opposition means death by slow starvation. The old principle: who does not work shall not eat, has been replaced by a new one: who does not obey shall not eat.”
        ― Leon Trotsky

        This is both the intention of the Labour Party and the EU – obey or starve.

        Poor Greece.

    • 102
      Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

      Please remind us again which Prime Minister took us into the EU/EEC.

      • 136
        Ghost of Marx (Groucho) says:

        After a public vote.

        I don’t like it. I didn’t like the 13 years of Labour….. but it was the will of the people at the time. That’s Decocracy.

      • 142
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        Traitor Heath ( Fauxservative faction ).

        He was easily blackmailable because of his sexual liasons with young boys. But it wasn’t needed, because he was a true believer and sold this country a pack of lies ( with the help of the CIA ).

        • 188
          the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

          Talking of traitors what about Lord Hall-Hall at the Beeb.

          ( aka Tokyo Rose when in drag )

          ( or Quisling when adopting a Nordic accent )

      • 145
        They hate her because she won says:

        We joined the Common Market. What we have now bears no resemblance to that. We have never had a chance to vote on the US of E. We need to get the hell out now.

    • 193
      JabbaTheCat says:

      “She was absolutely correct in her final analysis. We must never hand our sovereignty and freedoms to EUSSR.”

      And under no circumstances let Nigel Farage near your wallet…

  13. 39
    Anonymous says:

    Despite privatisation supposedly bringing choice, I have to buy water from Veolia (or whatever name they hide behind). This French company indulges in a variety of activities in illegal settlements in Palestine and I have to pay them to take my shit away. This is the legacy of Thatcher

    • 57
      CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

      Please go and live in the self-made puddle of arab shit termed “palestine”.

      I’ll pay your ticket (one way).

      • 99
        Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

        It was OK until the I s r a e l i s paved it over.

        • 133
          CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

          haha No it was not. It became an even bigger shit-hole when it was invaded by those arab-gippos who were booted out of Jordan.

          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            The Egytians love their Pali neighbours so much, they seal the border so not to allow any to pollute their country.

  14. 41
    In the interests of balance says:

    Thatcherism was nothing more than a fire sale of national assets to enrich city spivs. Whereas our foreign friends took a more balanced approach to the public/private split, with the state retaining a minority interest in key industries in order to have some say in long-term planning and thus prevent the total sell off of nationally important industries. In Germany, unions have board representation! How easily we could have had the same model here if it weren’t for blind ideology.

    It makes me laugh that people think Thatcher was a British patriot

    • 55
      fickleposter says:

      Ah, the joys of Thatcherite privatisations: foreign owned energy firms, high prices, no tax receipts and bumper profits exported to our neighbours. If only Thatcher hadn’t been so myopically fixed in her ‘free’ market beliefs and allowed the state to retain a minority holding in the energy firms, like our European neighbours have, then we might actually have some sway over the energy companies’ behaviour and retain some control over strategically important interests. Now we can’t even build nuclear power plants without having to bribe foreign firms.
      Also, is it worth continuing with the building of inefficient, expensive AND tax deductible wind farms? Higher energy prices for us, bumper profits for the firms and no tax receipts. It’s loss, loss, loss for us

      • 72
        Yeah, right... says:

        Compare how much the UK pays for electricty compared to the rest of the EU and you might wish to revise your opinion. Given that we have very little in the way of indigenous hydrocarbon resources left, our energy is actually very cheap.

        For the time being….

        • 103
          Will.scousers.ever.stop.stealing.ids says:

          The 12.5% green energy ‘tax’ for households doesn’t help. But fracking shale might.

          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            We are currently sitting on 300 years supply of easily recoverable, cheap and plentiful, carbon based fuel resources.

            We don’t manage those resources because it would mean not making our EU set, carbon targets.

            Instead we build almost useless and certainly completely unreliable windfarms. Then subsidise them via increased fuel bills and direct government subsidy.

            Can anyone spot the idiocy?

        • 205
          Worried says:

          Out of hydrocarbon resources? Were built on top of coal and surrounded in oil and gas!

    • 56
      The man at the back with the awful jumper - yes you sir says:

      We had board representation under Labour – the unions ran the companies because management caved in to their demands. Then Nasy Maggie came along and gave control of companies back to the evil capitalists instead of leaving it with the honest workers, who always managed to have a 6-week stroke during the summer. Yes, I see what you mean about blind ideology…

    • 59
      CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

      “The number of working days lost through industrial action dropped to 249,000 in 2012 from 29.5 million in 1979 and 1.9 million in 1990.”

      The nationalised Industries were mostly on strike.

      The lights were literally going out all over the U.K. Thatcher saved us from that.

      • 93
        Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

        “The number of working days lost through industrial action dropped to 249,000 in 2012 from 29.5 million in 1979 and 1.9 million in 1990.”

        Hardly surprising with three million unemployed.

        • 174
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          Yeah, we could have employed them doing all manner of loss making jobs.

          If you think about it, we could still employ them making things that other countries don’t, like cassette players and VHS video machines.

          Of course none would ever buy them, so the government would have to subsidise them by paying people to take them off their hands.

          Hey presto, zero unemployment!!


        • 214
          Facing facts says:

          I suggest you get a pet rabbit. Unemployment is at 2.5 million.

    • 146
      pissed off voter says:

      Thatcher was voted in because the then labour government had dragged the country into poverty and handed control over to the unions who called a strike whenever there was a ‘y’ in the day. Strikes that saw rubbish piling up in the streets attracting all sorts of vermin – not all with red rosettes :) – unburied dead and power cuts.

      In 1979 this country needed Thatcher. She curbed union powers brought an end to strikes-on-a-whim with their associated problems and such practices as the closed shop
      It wasn’t all roses, mistakes were made, but she left the country in a whole lot better state than she found it.

      Unfortunately, we then had 13 years of Blair and Brown whose braille accounting put the country back in the shit. Boy do we need another Thatcher now.

    • 148
      They hate her because she won says:

      Tell me, which planet are you from again? More Socialist bollocks and lies. Do you people ever question any of the crap you are fed?

  15. 43
    genghiz the kahn says:


  16. 48

    He’s clearly right. However, if powers were repatriated to Westminster would things be so very different – would accountability and relevance to the average citizen increase significantly? And even Mr. Farage believes he “knows best” – the fatal conceit of today’s politician.

    “A man’s admiration for absolute government is proportionate to the contempt he feels for those around him.” –Tocqueville

  17. 52
    John Tandy says:

    Bah….. B Liar could have paid for it twice over from his earnings since he left No 10……!!

  18. 54
    Ed Balls says:

    £10m I ask you what a flagrant waste of money.

    Although I am well jell as I managed to spunk only £3m on a prayer room and a contemplation suite


  19. 58
    John Tandy says:

    Never voted for major in 1997 and endured 13 years of B Liar as a result. Is Cam another major ?

    • 80
      Nice peas, Norma says:

      I don’t think he’s that good.

    • 95
      Say what you see says:

      Seems about right for the majority of disheartened Tory voters. Was told vote Labour once and you won’t vote Labour again. Options to avoid Labour victory…..unless Camoron is ousted, unfortunately it is to hold your nose and put a cross next to Conservative.

  20. 61
    Owen Jones says:

    This wasn’t simply a funeral. It was a political stunt; a taxpayer funded political broadcast.


    • 69
      Danny Boil says:


      Not in my book it wasn’t as it didn’t show any psychopaths dressed up as Nurses

    • 78
      Anonymous says:

      Somebody take that boys oxygen away. He is a ridiculous spouting foetus.

      • 97
        Alien the Prequel says:

        We detect of spark of sentient being about this one. Put it in a petri dish and see what happens.

        • 108
          Cwis Bryant says:

          I always thought Jones was more Predator than Alien myself.

          At least that is what Gaydar tells me

    • 153
      They hate her because she won says:

      What a load of sour grapes and bollocks. You can always attend BLiar’s State Funeral in due course. Well, maybe not.

  21. 75
    Anonymous says:

    Mr Farage has the EUSSR banged to rights. Undemocrtatic and feeding the Eurocrats and the economy of areas wherein lies its power base at the expense of everywhere else.

    • 115
      Twat Watch says:

      Who pays Farage’s salary?

      • 118
        labourunionsbbc are one under the EU says:

        I will gladly contribute if he keeps up exposing the EUSSR.

        Cos’ nobody else is.

      • 157
        They hate her because she won says:

        He is te onl politician I know who has stated that his ambition is to do himself out of a job.

        • 222
          JabbaTheCat says:

          If you believe that, then you are firmly the idiot part of UKIP useful idiot. You would do well to delve into the dear leader’s Who Wants To Be A Euro Millionaire competition, Google is your friend in such matters…

  22. 77
    Angrier and angrier says:

    As historian Eric Shaw noted of the years following nationalisation, the electricity and gas supply companies became “impressive models of public enterprise” in terms of efficiency, and the National Coal Board was not only profitable, but working conditions for miners had significantly improved as well.

    So what changed? Where are we now? We were sold a load of lies.

    We were betrayed

    • 138
      CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

      The number of working days lost through industrial action dropped to 249,000 in 2012 from 29.5 million in 1979 and 1.9 million in 1990.

      Eric Shaw must’ve been a really crap historian then.

    • 216
      Facing facts says:

      Eric Shaw is hardly a REAL and objective historian. By his own admittance he has spent most of his life (currently in Stirling, Scotland) researching and writing papers and books on the Labour Party.
      Gone through all the usual Labour shires as Sheffield and Manchester and now writing a book on the Scottish Labour Party.

  23. 96
    I love Nigel Farage says:

    I love Nigel Farage.

  24. 98
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Most police were at the funeral to watch over the protestors. So the protestors complain about the cost, but they themselves cost a couple of million to police, and all for about 100 of them.
    Work that one out Galloway, Skinner and Abbott.

    • 116
      labourunionsbbc are one under the EU says:

      But the bBBC said there were two to three hundred!

      Could they be exaggerating?

      • 127
        (I don't need no doctor) says:

        It’s amazing that the BBC knew how many protestors there were, but didn’t know the size of the total crowd.

      • 130
        rebekah aka nellnewman says:

        The biased beeb exaggerating? Well that would be par for the course – they will have been disappointed at the handful of shabby leftwing demonstrators, largely benefit cheats that booed pitifully at Ludgate Circus before hastily scuttling off to the pub.

        I suspect though the beeb will also have been taken aback by the thousands who turned up to respectfully clap and cheer Mrs T on her way. I sure was . I did not think she could still command so much support.

        • 230
          Nogbad the Bad says:

          Oh they were completely taken aback. It took about three minutes to fade out the sound of the applause and turn up the sound of a helicopter hovering miles overhead. They were desperately looking for protesters, but all they could see were supporters. Later they gave equal airtime to protesters who were hugely outnumbered. If they gave airtime in the actual proportions of the crowd, then we’d have got two or three frames worth.

      • 141
        CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

        Were the shots of the protesters filmed close from low angles?
        This makes the vermin look larger than it really is.

      • 237
        Ear Trumpet says:

        The BBC also said they didn’t know about Savile. You cannot believe anything they say now.

    • 117
      Will.scousers.ever.stop.stealing.ids says:

      What would the police be doing if they weren’t at the funeral? I doubt they would be catching criminals as most of them would be there booing. So how much of this notional £10 million is genuine? And the same can be said of the armed forces. Would they not be getting paid whether they were there or not?

      • 123
        (I don't need no doctor) says:

        Exactly, they are costing/getting paid anyway. Then there is the revenue from all of the thousands attending.

    • 217
      Hall, the new Beeboid #1 says:

      Can we not get these three contentious people into a survivalist programme?

  25. 114
    Sony Broadcasting Corp says:

    We would just like to thank all those that purchased Ding Dong. All monies from this will be used to pay for the spread at the next AGM

  26. 126
    Jimmy says:

    Evita certainly did a complete 180 on Europe after hitting the bottle and going doolally, but hardly the strongest argument you could make surely? She was a member of the government that took us in and fought the 1983 election to keep us there.

  27. 134
    V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

    Labour, the party of shirkers, spongers, welfare/charity addicts, drunks, spivs, parasites, junkies, criminals, lazy cretins, peedos, morons and expense addicts.

  28. 137
    The PrangWizard of England says:

    Seriously though, Farage is quite right. I wonder if the speech will get any coverage over here, bet the BBC doesn’t mention it. Did you see the Hard Left convicted criminal Revolutionary, Bendit-Cohen smiling. He will be happy to be there, just proves Farages point, the place is the new Communist HQ.

    • 200
      Bluto says:

      Cohn-Bendit is a classic water melon. Now troughing for the Greens because he thinks that way lies power.

      Shape-shifting communist scum.

  29. 140
    King Dick the Lionheart says:

    Right, so thats all over then, lets get back to the real issue.

    How do we get shut of 2.5 million muzzies and Galloway.

  30. 147
    Dr Evil says:

    Never see this on the BBC, sadly. I love the way Farrage sticks it to them. And it was theft in Cyprus. Daylight robbery indeed. I expect plenty of cash is being transferred from Spain and Italy. Anyone with money in Slovenia will be exporting it to Germany or the Netherlands PDQ I expect.

  31. 155

    You know he has a point. Even as a very pro EU person I am the first to admit that it has a democratic deficit that needs to be rectified. The EU would benefit pretty much everyone if it foused on having the will of the people behind it.

    Instead of nicking peoples money as Farage would say it should perhaps focus on generating economic growth and reducing the social fear and instability that austerity has engineered.

    Sadly time has proven that what worked for germany does not work for the whole of Europe in this regard – the reason economics depend n the social make up of a population.

    Sadly it seems to me that, and I mean no disrespect in this, our EU leaders seem to stumbling from one crisis after another without having any real solutions to the continents woes. I have, as I have extensively written about, its not rocket science.

    • 204
      Vote Conervative for unctr0lled immigration says:

      I think he may be waking up doctor – get the smelling salts !

    • 220
      Facing Facts says:

      I did a contract with the EU abroad and in one meeting I brought up the subject of sacking people who were proving incompetent.
      They went into a huddle and stated that this issue had come up many times before but that it proved too difficult to get such an accusation proved in court.
      They preferred to moving them on to a new site. Just like the BBC.
      Says it all really.

    • 246
      Chilli Bom-Bom says:

      At £55 million a day it’s proving to be an expensive fucking disaster!

  32. 172
    Socialist Moron on the BBC says:

    We are in the pocket of the EUSSR. We are SCUM.

  33. 180
    Tosspot says:

    Went to a Wedding over the week end and was surprised at the number of people who are going to vote UKIP

    • 225
      JabbaTheCat says:

      Lot of pissed people there by any chance? Somewhat different proposition when you are sober and have the general election ballot paper in front of you…

    • 232
      Nogbad the Bad says:

      There are people I know, who have previously shown no interest in politics at all, who are going to vote UKIP. Whenever the subject comes up at the pub, no-one wants to defend any of the old parties.

  34. 186
    moggies Ghost says says:

    Fukc Blair; Farage is my heir to the thatcher throne.
    ps Howe, heseltine, portillo and the rest of you back stabbing bar-stewards.
    i am going to haunt the fukc out of you.

  35. 196
    Useless fat troughing hypocrite says:

    Can I have ricin peas?

  36. 202
    Universal Hiss says:

    I thought that was a good send off. One thing this country can still do well.Dignified,ran like clockwork,wonderful armed services,incredible music.We should be proud.

    Why on earth cannot the country be run as well as this?Wake up Dave.Your time is fast running out.

  37. 233
    Anonymous says:

    We’re all going to turn commie in the end – capitalism is all about using an advantage, but with the way modern communication is going, old age capitalism is fecked in the near future. It is plain as day, Nige.

  38. 235
    Anonymous says:

    Some more great Farage moments.
    Having never voted in a general election I will be voting for this man in 2015.

  39. 239
    tigerowl says:

    Hello, has Farage found another angle to blaim Europe for all our problems? Man is so desperate for power he says anything. EU at least gave working people rights that our Parliament under the Tories over the years have taken away. Right NOT to work over forty eight hours a week for one.
    EU should not be just about trade. It has to be about people who are affected by trade. Businesses must not just be allowed to do what they want, there has to be regulation. Sadly the Tories tell every one regulation is bad. Farage is just an extreme Tory. Wants cuts to the budget quicker and deeper. Look around. The infrastructure is collapsing. Cuts mean no road repairs for one. Farage and his party all the time seem to select fools who they then have to deselect. Sexist, racist and homophobic, as long as it may be popular, then UKIP just say what they like. Challange their views and get the truth. Farage is found wanting many times when questioned on the Television. Tells all sorts of dodgy statistics and then can not back them up. Voting UKIP is just pandering to the extremists. Even the nglish efence league are now backing UKIP. Shows who listens to Farage and UKIP rubbish

    • 242
      Tom tWatson says:

      I’ve never found Nigel Farage wanting for much at all! The guy says it how it is and doesn’t mince words, which is more than can be said for Cameron, Cleggy and Mr Ed. As for that twonk Barroso, have you really any idea how many times during the last couple of years he has announced that the Euro crisis is over? The man is a real left wing lunatic and couldn’t run a corner shop successfully without fleecing the customers. As for the infrastructure collapsing, it’s been collapsing for years due to Brown’s mismanagement of the economy. It might also help if you pointed out which “dodgy statistics” Farage has been quoting so that we can all understand what you are on about. We all need and appreciate sensible work regulations, but believe me, the EU is not the vehicle to do it by.

    • 248
      Chilli Bom-Bom says:

      Tories are so desperate to cling to power that they wheel out fucktards like T O and J t C to spout shit on here!

  40. 241
    Tom Kat says:

    As the dust settles and Maggie is laid to rest, maybe a little realism should enter the equation about her true toughness against the lefty idiots who have been doing all the shouting, most of whom were not even born during her tenure as Prime Minister.

    As someone who was about during the chaotic few years prior to her election, I can tell you that the country was being wantonly destroyed by people such as Scargill and Red Robbo. The miners were always on strike at one pit or the other and were taking home more than I could dream of as a graduate and they weren’t satisfied with that. Always wanting more, more and more! Well, there comes a time when a job might be dangerous and deserving of a decent wage, but when it becomes seriously uneconomic??? Then there was the charmers in the car industry, yanked out on strike every five minutes and the consequent shit cars they were building broke down on every trip. The workers were coining it in and didn’t give a shit as they just didn’t want to work and were led around by the nose by Union Stewards. Then when the industry finally collapsed with a sea of debt, they blamed the management. Here we are today and they are still living in a fantasy world where Margaret Thatcher ruined their nice little earner!

  41. 244
    Mark Wouters. says:

    Well its over !”THEE NAZI NANNY” has gone to hell!! and theres no way back for her. GREAT ,now all we have to do is get rid of Cameron and IDS and Hague ? these gret tits were in Thatchers administations,they need to be shoved off in style.Landslisde style ,thats the way.

  42. 245

    I bet that speech left some ears burning. Nige certainly tells it how it is. The precendent is now set for the future; no one’s bank account will be safe!!!
    Another precendent I assume will enable all future UK PMs to save the costs of their own funerals?

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