April 16th, 2013

The Anti-Thatcher Ad the Mirror Never Ran

A mock-up of the ad Mirror bosses considered running following Maggie’s death, to remind readers “who’s on your side”. Well Maggie won more votes in every election than the side the Mirror backed against her every time. The way Mirror hacks have behaved over the last week shows a total lack of class, their hatred so great that they have been unable to resist any snide barb against her. Get over it, she beat you every time…

The Guardian’s effort was much more subtle…


  1. 1
    Mirror SCUM says:

    I am not interested in the Mirror’s opinions on anything. They are SCUM!


  2. 2
    Vince Cable's rucksack says:

    That sucks.


  3. 3
    The Right Honourable George Osborne Mp says:

    I think we’ve got a very clear message, a loud and clear message that Britain cannot let up in dealing with its debts, dealing with its problems, cannot let up in making sure that Britain can pay its way in the world.


  4. 4
    Brown out & pay me damages. Respect my legal rights. says:

    Bog roll!


  5. 7
    The End of the Piers Show says:

    That Mirror ad has hacked me off


  6. 8
    Billy Ooze says:

    To me, the Mirror are Hunts.


  7. 9
    Anonymous says:

    It is beyond me how the Mirror can claim to be on the side of ordinary people when it consistently looked the other way when Gordon was destroying pension funds.


    • 18
      Anonymous says:

      HAHAHAHA, you are aware that Gideon and the BoE have authorized a raid on UK pension funds as an alternative to monetizing debt? no?, didn’t thinks so! Soon, the Prime Mentalist will be a lightweight by comparison….freedom my arse!


      • 19
        Anonymous says:

        I don’t know why you’re laughing. It’s your pension too (unless you are getting a public sector pension, in which case Gordon left yours alone on the unspoken understanding that you return the compliment by voting Labour.)


  8. 10
    superman says:

    Yet she quit when she would have lost to the Welsh windbag! No bottle just a big mouth bully. No opposition in 80s.M Foot/ Falklands/ SDP.She was lucky lucky lucky!


    • 16
      The Grand Mufti says:

      Don’t be daft effendi, the Welsh windbag and his luvvies for Labour hilarity had the whole Casbah laughing.
      The windbag was such a poosy even the grey Currie shagger could whip his ass.


    • 22
      Council tennant with a spare room says:

      losing to major … now that takes REAL incompetence!


  9. 11
    Brown's doormat. Wipe your feet here and get your money's worth says:

    Unacceptable! :(


  10. 15
    Council tennant with a spare room says:

    “she beat you every time…”

    …and theres the reason the left still hate her decades later. Vindictive petty knuts.


    • 17
      Loftytom says:

      That and destroying their beloved Soviet Union.


      • 29
        Marmite Thatcher says:

        And that is the real reason if you ever waste time listening to their re writing of history.
        What were the conditions put in place by the IMF after Calaghan went cap in hand to them ?and were her hands tied like we see so many Countries today


  11. 21
    Pete says:

    Typical Mirror. Get out there and give the great Lady a final standing ovation


  12. 23
    David Cameron Is A Cunt says:

    Almost nobody reads the execrable Mirror any more, and most of those who do are out of touch, left wing, benefits snaffling, Hunts anyway, so who cares about them. Both the Mirror and the Guardian are dying a slow death because, despite the fact that the media themselves are still dominated by moronic leftie dinosaurs, the public have mostly moved on.

    The left will hate Thatcher forever because she finally destroyed Socialism as a political force in British politics.


    • 25
      Pundit Too says:

      There was an interesting article on the weekend written by a Guardianista about the demise of the New York Post and that Murdoch was going to pull the plug on his “vanity” newpaper.
      What the writer did not expect was the 100% negative feedback on this article on the fact that the hypocritical Guardian, who had never turned a profit, was rejoicing in schadenfreude. Bet old Rusbridger had a mini heart attack.


  13. 26
    Im such a c'unt even my own parents abandoned me, Dame Nicky Campbell says:

    Up the workers!


  14. 27
    John Tandy says:

    To the country as a whole and the world in general she was a great prime Minister who put the Great back into Great Britiain. When travelling the world in the 80s on business, i was regularly reminded by foreigners how she was perceived abroad as one of the the very best PM’s this country had ever produced.


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