April 4th, 2013

WATCH: Osborne Asks Why Taxpayer Subsidised Philpott


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    he's got a badger for a head says:



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    Pawn Sandwich says:

    “Debate needs to be had”. Fully agree. Why should taxpayers fund carbon bigfoot families.

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    David Blair Cameron says:

    All the leftards are now attacking Osborne – the self same c*nts who created the welfare dependency that ended up with 2 men with more than 16 kids each being convicted this week of manslaughter/murder.

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    George says:


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    Lashings says:

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    Anonymous says:

    Lifestyle Subsidy indeed. Is this a joke from someone who tries to claim £100k mortgage interest on his paddock, or £949 for a trip to the footy and calls it ‘business?’ Philpott should be on death row. Georgie is firmly in millionaires row

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    Jimmy says:

    So in just 20 years the tories have gone from “no such thing as society” to “society is to blame”. They may always have been bastards but at least they used to be grown ups.

  8. 8
    owin jones says:

    i will support any feral lazy benefits sapping cretin that i hear about. for i am a deluded bleeding heart tosser

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    Politicians live off the state too says:

    Tony Blair has lived off the taxpayers, getting round the clock security paid for by us, and has murdered hundreds of thousands of children in Iraq. He should be in prison too.

  10. 10
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    Even Thatcher didn’t make it snow in April.

  11. 11
    Coke - the real thing says:

    He’s got the white stuff!

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    oi says:

    i think Caitlan Moran said that

  13. 13
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    It is actually acceptable to lie to parliament and the British public provided you are a socialist.

  14. 14
    thebeast says:

    why should the taxpayer subsiise gideon ?

  15. 15
    Millionaire metro mentalist says:

    I have no concept of money whatsoever, but I understand from a book I once read at Oxford that there are people out there called ‘the poor.’ I also hear they’ve got it quite tough. Why don’t we just give them lots of this ‘money’ that everyone keeps talking about, and then this will all be sorted out?

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    FlabBott goes off message says:

  17. 17
    Politicians live off the state too says:

    You actually think Blair is a socialist?

  18. 18
    Home is where her heart is says:

    FFS Snow in April is NOT unusual in England. It may be in Jamaica but it ain’t in England

  19. 19
    Socialists just love spending taxpayer's money says:

    Nice to see that Labour and the Left are on the side of “Benefits Cheats”.

  20. 20
    Casual Observer says:

    This is what happens when make the mistake of believing your own propaganda.

  21. 21
    Ed Balls Up says:

    It is of course perfectly correct for a fair and just society to fund these people and make there lives as comfortable as possible.

    Furthermore, Nu Nu Liebor believes it is of course their uman rights to procreate as often as they wish and for the taxpayer to fund this.

  22. 22
    Global Warming is a "Con" ...it doesn't exist says:

    Look at the weather statistics for the past 50 years. Snow in May and even June has been known

  23. 23
    Edna in Clapham says:

    The politics of envy is pathetic.

  24. 24
    moon says:

    Why does Owen Jones keep quoting a statistic that only 1% of benefit claims are fraudulent

    Mick Philpott was only claiming what he was legally entitled to – that is where the problem is – not fraud

    Legal entitlement of £90,000 to smoke, drink, play snooker and go dogging

  25. 25
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    You have to be a socialist to be in the Labour party, correct?

    Surely they would not entertain having a bunch of liars, cheats, thieves and scoundrels in their midst?

  26. 26
    moon says:

    yes, in the Owen Jones sense

  27. 27
    Edna in Clapham says:

    Cherie certainly is (or rather thinks she is).

    Socialists just want what other people have got, regardless of whether they worked for it or not.

  28. 28
    She made it snow in March though says:

    Spring 1985 was bloody cold with snow drifts though

  29. 29
    Mong Watch says:

    ‘I cannot believe this weather’ : A totally stupid phrase. Belief is not important when analyzing empirical fact, such as seeing and feeling snow in Apr!l.

  30. 30
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    She just made sure we didn’t have any coal mines so when it does snow, the imports stop and the wind drops we will all freeze to death.

  31. 31
    Edna in Clapham says:

    I remember the cricket at Lords being snowed off back in the 80s.

  32. 32
    Polly Twatpee says:

    It is the fundamental right of every human being to believe, albeit rather misguidedly , that they may become, by using any means available, as rich as me!

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    He stood at The Despatch Box but he had his fingers crossed so it didn't count says:

    Be fair…it’s not just socialists that lie to Parliament

  34. 34
    Owen Jones Sphincter muscles says:

    Help me !!!!

  35. 35
    Old git says:

    I was playing pitch’n’putt once in August and we had a hailstorm that left the ground inches deep in ice. Sometime in the 70s, ISTR.

  36. 36
    Edna in Clapham says:

    Losers on the side of the losers. Lefties are all losers – always moaning and complaining – can’t just get on with their lives without trying to incite class hatred and envy. Besides, most of them seem to be social misfits.

  37. 37
    Gordon Brown says:

    Pathetic mortals, aren’t they Jimmy?

    I went from Boom to Bust in under 13 years, and I saved the world.

  38. 38
    Politicians live off the state too says:

    Blair is a neocon who indulged in crony capitalism.

  39. 39
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    True, but when the lie leads to justification for an illegal war then it is a little bit different!

  40. 40
    Paniagua Solo says:

    As a child Jimmy were you ever taught the concept of ‘tough love’?

  41. 41
    M says:

    Labour don’t stand up for the working class only the benefit class

  42. 42
    Guano Hunt says:

    Why has he left a patch of bird shit on his head, sums him up rather well.

  43. 43
    Edward Balls says:

    I feel desperately sorry for Owen Jones. He has exactly the same problem that I have. He is, and I can’t explain why, completely and utterly unlikable on every single level. Even people who agree with him want to punch him repeatedly in the face as soon as he opens his grotesque faux mancunian grid.

    Every time he appears on telly, a thousand hard left labourites tear up their membership cards and join the Tories, such is Owen’s universal ineptitude. I don’t even hear what he’s saying anymore, I just hear a demented duck quacking.

    Maybe that’s the reason!!! He sounds like a duck being raped. No-one wants the sound of a duck being gangbanged occupying the space between their ears, whatever party you support. Now I just need to work out why even the very sight of me makes most people throw up?

  44. 44
    Call me a Cab Calloway says:

    Easier one to talk about than to fix though as the question of children and welfare is always a tricky one. Do people want to go down the road of single mother and baby units for unemployed mums instead of giving them a flat and income for 20yrs? Do we want to say that after the third child born on/in benefit that the children should be taken into care? Doubt many politicians brave enough to go there yet? Of course benefits could be paid on cards instead of in cash, indeed anything to discourage families on the dole.

  45. 45
    Dr Kray says:

    You must stop this multiple posting under many names. It has a creepy vibe to it.
    It might seem normal to you but it has a transvestite feel to the rest of us.

    And commenting on your own postings ? Is that just desperation? Sadness? A lack of conviction? Mental illness?

    I genuinely work in the health sector and I would urge you to seek out some professional help. Remember his isn’t real. You aren’t talking to real people. You are sending gigabytes into the ether. Whatever you think you are achieving, its really not.

  46. 46
    rick says:


  47. 47
    Knob Ed says:

    It is completely untrue to say that our supporters are composed entirely of immigrants and benefit scumbags. These account for no more than 95%.

  48. 48
    Guano Hunt says:

    Harridan quite unique in sporting big fat black pearl necklace.

    ……and Balls looks like a grinning chimp waiting for evolution to move on a bit, as chimps usually more intelligent. What a complete and utter cretin.

  49. 49
    The scroungers at the BBC says:

    We have our very own benefits system, it’s the license fee payer. Arf, arf, arf.

  50. 50
    Mong Watch says:

    Because Owen Jones is a mong.

    Family sizes shrank post WWII for sure but mainly as a result of reduced infant mortality. That is only partially connected with welfare state and is more to do with improvements in medicine and public education.

    The argument that having many children impoverishes is not correct. Jones exposes his preference for social engineering of smaller family units further down the time line.

    There is of course no real mention that it is up to couples to decide on whether they have children or not, and Jones is not really suitable or qualified to speak on family issues period.

  51. 51
    Socorro says:

    The trouble is that the underclass is using single motherhood as a tool to get on the housing ladder, right at the top. Their mothers did it and probably their mothers’ mothers as well. There you are, a free meal ticket for life.

  52. 52
    RED, RED WHINE says:

    Just stay niiice and calm there, nice and calm whilst the nice man puts this lovely strait jacket on for you…..

  53. 53
    spanows says:

    Presumably the LOL is at what you wrote.

  54. 54
    Rationalist says:

    Easy. If you choose to have a third child, do so. But the state will support only the first two.

  55. 55
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    I can believe Abbott is pillock.

  56. 56
    This Fat'un says:

    I’ve just enjoyed a three hour lunch. Anything happening?

  57. 57
    The BBC are cunts says:

    That was Thatcher’s fault thoiugh.

  58. 58
    Anonymous says:

    ‘Ex-soldier Philpott’, please.

  59. 59
  60. 60
    spanows says:

    the tories have gone from “no such thing as society”

    eh? Not still on that. Next page of Labour idiocy 101 is Belgrano was sailing away milk snatcher killed communities.

  61. 61
    Anonymous says:

    You take the biscuit for crass stupidity – but with a name like Blair (crass) and Cameron (stupid) it is not really a surprise. To equate welfare dependency with these awful crimes is complete and utter nonsense and actually an insult to the memory of the victims. Six kids died FFS – and you want to make politics out of it.
    Osborne is a twat – his response was obnoxious beyond belief – and I actually think he will come to regret it.
    The feral vilification of all things “left” on here whilst blindly supporting anything the high and mighty Tory Party do has become beyond parody. They are ALL laughing at you – because they could blow up an orphanage and you would all just say Bliar would have blown up two.
    They are all lying corrupt scumbags.
    I ask this question for about the tenth time on here – who is best placed to reveal all of the information which would put Blair in gaol – where he belongs? Answser D Cameron – why doesn’t he?

  62. 62
    The Landlord says:

    You DO know that that “bird shit” remark is uncalled for, don’t you?

  63. 63
    CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

    I think we’re quite consistent that the failure rewards system is to blame.

    Neo-Eugenics always ends this way.

  64. 64
    A Leftie says:

    Regardless of the very compelling evidence, i.e. snow falling on your big fucking fat ugly boat race, we are still perfectly capable of refusing to believe that it is happening.

    This is how we roll.

  65. 65
    Wotak Hunt says:

    Owen will make a great politician once he grows up. He didn’t answer a straight question and waffled about what used to happen 200 years ago.

    We’ve all moved on, sonny.

  66. 66
    Militant & Milibland says:

    Who in their right mind is capable of raising their very own classroom of kids while Mick pockets all the cash?

  67. 67
    The scroungers at the BBC says:

    No not at all, another cognac?

  68. 68
    spanows says:

    silly Billy. What about the coal mines shut in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s? Count them up and learn something.

    peak South Wales coal: before 1920.

  69. 69
    Isaac Hunt says:


  70. 70
    Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

    Scargill made sure their were no coal mines. 12 months before the miners strike Scargill was bragging about how much overtime he was getting for his members. He was so stupid he didn’t realise Maggie was building 18 months coal stocks at the power stations to be ready for a strike and he walked straight into the trap gob blazing.

  71. 71
    CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

    Only took you 16 years of no warming to work out it’s a fake..

    CO2 is an insulator. The sun is the heat source. We’re on the other side of the insulator. Does that make it
    a) colder?
    b) warmer?

  72. 72
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    Population growth is clearly unsustainable and a bad thing made worse by the fact that thickos are breeding like rabbits whereas the bigger IQs are procreating less. As Natural selection is either a myth or not working very well with the present state of affairs in time nobody will be able to negotiate an escalator.

  73. 73
    Blowing Bubbles says:


  74. 74
  75. 75
    Anonymous says:

    Can I ask why taxpayers are subsidising Osborne?

    Pillpot Osborne

    1) Not done real work for 20 years. 1) Not done real work for 20 years.
    2) Lived on taxpayers 2) Lived on taxpayers and dad
    3) £70k a year on taxpayers 3) £200k a year on taxpayers (house, etc

    So what the difference? We might have to be happy Pillpot wasn’t trying to run UK economy.

  76. 76
    Eskimo Earnest says:

    I remember 12 ft snow drifts in August!

  77. 77
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    Exactly, it was not a bird, it was a Canadian goose. Foul it was.

  78. 78
    twat says:

    According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event”.

  79. 79
    Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

    Has this stupid b**tch really nothing better to do other than tweet about the weather.
    FFS there must be more important things for an MP to do.

    On the subject ot tweeting has Jo Swinson started back on the twittersphere; all went very quiet when Reynard’s recruitment practices fro young female MPs was exposed.

  80. 80
    Darwin says:

    Unfortunately my theory was unable to take the welfare state into account.

  81. 81
    Anonymous says:

    Or how much was the carbon foot print for each of the world seminars on carbon foot print.

  82. 82
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    It is called dysgenics.

    Have a laugh.


  83. 83
    Universal Hiss says:

    There is too much hysteria about this one shocking case.

    I worked for the DWP for 15 years.(Then the DSS) Most of the people claiming were just like you & I. A very small number milked the system.

    I don’t think “dole cheats” are the big financial problem. The huge drain is Working Tax credits,mainly internet run & centralized.Very easy to commit fraud. It was handed to HMRC who had no culture in paying benefits & staff were under-trained.
    Of course this was MacMad’s big idea to get over 20 million people dependent on state handouts.Business loved it too as with open door immigration wages could plummet knowing that the state would pick up the bill.

    I presume IDS thinks his Universal credit will be a cure all. It won’t. It will be a very costly disaster. It is already late,not working & over budget. This is intended to be the largest IT system ever tried.Live,linking every employer in the country & every employee on a whole raft of benefits.
    Again centralized,remote,over complicated. I’ll be surprised is it ever goes live.

    Bring back well staffed,well trained civil servants in local job centres who know their clients. Have effective but reasonable sanctions. This will be far cheaper than the Universal Credit madness.

    Limiting Child Benefit & Child Tax Credits to two children would be giving a correct signal. Make zero hours employment contracts illegal.Limit immigration to people with the skills we need.Of course this would mean leaving the EU.That would save a few bob.Stop hiving out contracts to the private sector who couldn’t give a shit what misery they cause as long as they make obscene profits for their top dogs such as A4E,ATOS etc. Rent controls & more house building.

    I could go on but I think that’s enough.

  84. 84
    Anonymous says:

    When Phillpot get money its welfare when Osborne get it its salary, 2ed home, expense, etc. From both these man UK got nothing positive in return.

  85. 85
    Diane Abbotapotamus says:

    I do not know the answer as gross amounts of body fat prevent me from ever feeling cold.

  86. 86
    Mong Watch says:

    You should be careful with the information fed you on the subject of population growth.

    Just for your information, world population growth has been slowing significantly over the past 10 years or so. The jump from 6 bn to 7bn took quite a while, and the current actual birth rates will see population +20 years from now significantly reduced globally.

    Be careful not to believe the propaganda on this, and check the demographic facts. This information is out there, and is of critical importance for seeing through the lies and understanding some of the decisions being made now in areas of fiscal policy and public services.

    The further blow to the unsustainable myth is made when it is realized that nat gas and oil reserves required for producing fertilizer and continuing current agricultural practices are somewhat secure and have recently grown significantly, particularly now the US has gone full pelt with fracking.

    Unsustainable population growth is the sister UK myth to global warming and is a blatant lie.

  87. 87
    Militant & Milibland says:

    Mick still has eleven kids which he has to pay for. He was like some warped fagan and all the money that should have been for the kids welfare went to Micks bank account.

  88. 88
    Anonymous says:

    fucking lunatic.

  89. 89
    Casual Observer says:

    In work benefits I neither understand nor claim.

    Why is the state subsidizing private sector wages at all ?

  90. 90
    I hate the Socialist MP for Porrtsmouth South who always supports these scroungers says:

    In Portsmouth, where there are many professional welfare scroungers, just one example, a 6 bedroom council property in Paulsgrove where over 20 people live. A single mother and her many children and some of them single mothers themselves all under the same roof. I shudder to think what the welfare bill for this lot is but not one of them work, even though the Tesco super store down the road always has vacancies advertised.

  91. 91
    Anonymous says:

    Do you think so? I just found him noisy. Shouldnt he have been at school at that time anyway?

  92. 92
    Marvo the Memory Man says:

    As I recall, I visited friends in Shere, Surrey, in April 1987, and it had snowed quite heavily.

  93. 93
    Lady-boy says:

    Have you got a thing for transvestites?

  94. 94
    Dysgenics says:

    The opposite of eugenics. Encouraging the least able and least active to reproduce the most. Usually achieved by welfare, it ensures a steady stream of low IQ ethnics and chavs who will be guaranteed to provide Labour votes for decades to come.

  95. 95
    Moussa Koussa Mark 8 says:

    6 dead kids = Tories using to justify benefit reforms

    Is there no depth to which you will sink

  96. 96
    2nd attempt to get this past the m 0dd b ot says:

    I visited friends in Shere, Surrey, in April 1987, and it had snowed quite heavily.

  97. 97
    Moussa Koussa Mark 8 says:

    errrrrr I suspect that the Neo Nuts would like them to be killed !!!!!

  98. 98
    Paniagua Solo says:

    Fuck off Owen

  99. 99
    twat says:

    Owen Jones has an ability to connect two facts that have little relation to each other

    Families have shrunk because of contraception you fucking retard

  100. 100
    SWP Dave says:

    The topic of tonight’s SWP meeting is Resistance.

    What should you do if the woman puts up a fight?

  101. 101
    A Barclays Banker says:

    I wonder what happens to the money in his account now he won’t be needing it?

    Does he have online banking?

    Will he have access to online banking whilst inside?

    Surely access to banking is THE most important human right?

  102. 102
    Socialism is a severe mental illness says:

    Thank God Labour spent their 13 years in power re-opening all those coalmines, and building lots of coal-fired power stations in which the coal could be burned.

    Oh. Hang on a minute..

  103. 103
    Anonymous says:

    blah blah blah. Get over it. You didnt agree with the war ok, but seriously, bit tedious now

  104. 104
    Harbourmaster says:

    Far too sensible mate.

    I’m afraid such insight doesn’t belong in this place, with easy answers, moronic insults and deeply racist and sexist “humour”

  105. 105
    Dysgenics says:

    The opposite of eugenics. Encouraging the least able and least active to reproduce the most. Usually achieved by welfare, it ensures a steady stream of low IQ ethnics and chavs who will be guaranteed to provide Labour votes for decades to come.

  106. 106
    albacore says:

    So why is he pussyfooting around?
    Cameron’s “Tories” daren’t stand Tory ground
    They can chew the cud till home come the cows
    But when they roar, they roar just like a mouse

  107. 107
    Alex Jones says:

    22 dead kids = Obama using to justify overriding the constitution


  108. 108
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    No benefits for those with a BMI of 30 or over. Their greed for more of the worlds resources are causing this global warming thingie.

  109. 109
    Terry Leahy says:

    Becasue they spend it on food and other consumer goods at private companies like TESCOs.


  110. 110
    Neo Nut says:

    No…just sold off!

  111. 111
    David Blair Cameron says:

    Mr Anonymous – fuck off you retard.

  112. 112
    David Blair Cameron says:

    And you can fuck off as well. Leftard twat.

  113. 113
    The Silent Majority says:

    He’s right.

    I don’t care if Philpott is a psycho or a saint, he should not get so much money to sit idle at home at my expense.

  114. 114
    Hypo Hypo Hypo crit says:

    1 million dead Iraqis’ = sex up a dossier

    Is there no depth to which you will sink

  115. 115
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    That applies to ALL with the exception of Guido.

  116. 116
    Nigel says:

    Immigration actually.

  117. 117
    Who is this fool and why are we paying for his 'wisdom'? says:

    “Winter has gone forever and we should officially bring spring forward instead. … There is no winter any more despite a cold snap before Christmas. It is nothing like years ago when I was younger. There is a real problem with spring because so much is flowering so early year to year.”

    Dr Nigel Taylor, Curator of Kew Gardens, 8 Feb 2008

  118. 118
    doh! says:

    the state has no money

    the private sector is paying the state to administer one area of the private sector subsidising anothe rare

  119. 119
    20 20 Vision says:

    The problem is everyone on benefits thinks it’s their divine right and there are 2 parties they can vote for that will agree with them. Not to mention all the dribbling teenage activists of all ages – see above – who think it’s all about rich bankers and poor starving kiddies, not whether the country can balance its books. Ironically welfare cost is the main reason we’re over £1 trillion in hock to the bankers and we have to let them do what the fuck they like and bail them out when they fail. Rather than see the administrators call the fucking debts in – in which case, hello Greece.

  120. 120
    doh! says:

    I’d like to see Mick Philpott live on £53 a week— Old Holborn (@Old_Holborn) April 4, 2013

  121. 121
    Just walked 2 miles in snow says:

    What global warming thingie is that?

  122. 122
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    So you are saying that the population is increasing but you think that it will decrease in the future ? What makes you think that ?
    It is self evident that we are living on a ball of finite resources. I would prefer some social structure that mirrored what brought us to this stage of development, more acting in tune with the nature rather than fucking up the whole show, more rugged individualism than pandering to the genetic failures.
    sorry about that.

  123. 123
    Plantlife says:

    I eat CO2 and exchange it for oxygen, without it, I and everyone else would die.

  124. 124
    Tom Watson says:

    For the love of god, NO!

  125. 125
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    Anthropophallic Global warming you doughnut!

  126. 126
    Kevin T says:

    Well they could cut taxes but the government can only do that once and the electorate have short memories. Working tax credits have the advantage of being permanently “given” to you by the generous government.

  127. 127
    Anonymous says:

    Nothing like a cleverly reasoned response. Ha Ha you really make me laugh.

  128. 128
    Public Sector Advice says:

    You should tell the diversity manager, then go off sick with stress for 6 months.

  129. 129
    I Remember You Hoo says:

    “blindly supporting anything the high and mighty Tory Party do”

    You don’t come here much do you?

  130. 130
    Public Sector Advice says:

    Why not pretend you heard the parents were UKIP voters, then you can take them away and give them to pae… I mean put them in care.

  131. 131
    Public Sector Advice says:

    Tony Blair is a cu nt. Isn’t that the same thing?

  132. 132
    Anonymous says:

    Answer the fucking question – if you are so smart – that’s all I ask. Why does Cameron not put Blair on trial? Why does he not order release of the papers? You are the British equivalent of a North Korean blindly following the “Great Leader” – and you can’t see it.
    Politicians of all parties thrive – no SURVIVE – on fuckwits like you.

  133. 133
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    “When I were a mere strip of a lad, I had to walk five miles to school and ten miles back, uphill both ways, through snow up to my elbows– in September!– that’s how tough things used to be in the old days, child!”

    Really, I never believed my grandfather’s tales. I doubt if anyone else did. The trouble was that the distance, and depth and earlyness of the snow, kept getting greater, as I got older and he kept recounting it: “The last time you told that one, Pops, I recall you saying it was three and six miles, snow to your waist, in October.” “Something wrong with YOUR memory, Tay? I’m still sharp as a tack, boy– I think I ought to remember when I was your age! And don’t contradict your elders, it isn’t polite!”

  134. 134
    Kevin T says:

    Is that what I get when I watch Sharon Stone films?

  135. 135
    I Remember You Hoo says:

    A giant cock?

  136. 136
    God's Holy Trousers says:

    You forgot to mention your penchant for bed wetting.

  137. 137
    Kevin T says:

    And you don’t claim any benefits. An example to us all.

  138. 138
    Harriet Harman says:

    Look, although I voted in favour of Labour’s illegal Iraq war, I did feel a little bit of guilt that it resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of women, girls, and certain other people, and the mutilation of perhaps a million or so more women and girls and others. But I’m supporting Ed now and he’s said it was perhaps not a good idea to have lied like we did, which makes it all OK and is therefore a lot like me having not voted for it at all.

  139. 139
    Militant & Milibland says:

    No human being is able to look after 17 kids without the states input unless they are school teachers. I think it is reasonable to put a limit on people having children. If you can afford them have as as many as you want. If you can’t afford them don’t have them or at least don’t have a tribe. These poor kids were dragged into Mick’s media circus and their father’s last stunt sent them to their grave. Do you know what annoys me, the media knew that Mick Philpott had a violent history, they knew about the the attempted murder of one of his previous girlfriends and they said nothing.

  140. 140
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    Depends what you do with the doughnut.

  141. 141
    I Remember You Hoo says:

    To be fair the entire LabLibCon are converts to corporate / crony capitalism, or to give it it’s old title, fascism.

    But then, fascism is just another collectivist offshoot of socialism, so calling Bliar a socialist, is in actual fact, correct.

  142. 142
    Hugh Grunt says:

    I think the media keeping quiet about these things is a very good thing.

  143. 143
    Kevin T says:

    Am I getting old or are Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield absolutely laughable choices for presenting serious news topics? Granted one of them is good for a morning wank.

  144. 144
    Kevin T says:

    The argument Owen Jones made on This Morning is the diametrically opposite argument to the one he and others made about the guns issue after Sandy Hook.

  145. 145
    Tony Benn says:

    I think you will find, if you bother to read about it, that I closed more mines than Thatcher ever did and put more miners on the dole too.

    But then I am a socialist icon and as such, nothing bad is ever written about me.

  146. 146
    Kevin T says:

    Er, wrong place but the point stands.

  147. 147
    what a plonker. says:

    Arthur Scargill closed the mines with his stupidity.

  148. 148
    I Remember You Hoo says:

    I would try and answer, if I knew what ‘subsiise’ actually meant.

  149. 149
    M says:

    How about taking responsibility for the kids you have .
    And it’s against my human rights to be forced to pay for other .
    Especially one that was conceived between a frame of snooker .

  150. 150
    David Blair Cameron says:

    Fuck off.

  151. 151
    David Blair Cameron says:

    Fuck off

  152. 152
    Vote UKIP says:

    George — The Taxpayers subsidised Philpott because you and Dave have been in power for 3 years and you have not sorted the fucking benefits system out.

    It is your fault.

  153. 153
    M says:

    How is anyone going to afford a snooker table on just £53 , tell me that ?

  154. 154
    David Blair Cameron says:

    He probably reads the Guardian where the posters there hate all things right. Ignorant, leftard twats can all fuck off and live with their murdering, welfare dependent underclass mates up north and in Tower Hamlets.

  155. 155

    I’m sorry but even when Owen JOnes makes a good point, even one that I agree with, I just want to smash his face in.

  156. 156

    Yeah, I love a bit of Phil time n’all.

  157. 157
    Dave says:

    But I have championed gay marriage.

  158. 158
    put your knickers on and make me a cup of tea says:

    and also great with the occasional pop and bitch.

  159. 159
    Mummy Jones says:

    Don’t you touch my Owen — I’ll have the Law on you.

  160. 160
    forgotten man says:

    One sat on hi arse for 20 years and makes sure there are enough dependents to keep the cash rolling in and the other is running one of the largest economies in the world.

    I’m with you on the “reasoned response” but it helps if your initial position isnt some sort of emotive rant either.

  161. 161
    CarryHole is a Dismal Hunt says:

    Using kids to shutdown the debate!

    Wow you’re massively insensitive to their memory. He committed arson (and killed them) to try and get taxpayers to pay for a bigger house and more dosh.

    Benefit control needs to be rolled out ASAP, if it saves one life it’s worth it.

  162. 162
    Fog says:

    Item on energy on Newsnight last night, including green stuff – a smug man showing off his solar panels which help power his washing machine etc. and then, he proudly told us, any surplus electricity is fed back to the grid. What they ‘forgot’ to tell you is for electricity fed back to the grid the smug man gets paid 80p/kwh (recently cut back to 50p/kwh) which is a subsidy paid for by the tax payer. Probably the BBC journos don’t know that fact.

  163. 163
    Anonymous says:

    So you think we should apply by a statistical model that was invented at the birth of the art in central Europe a hundred, or so, years ago.

    A model that equates weight and a linear measurement with a squared term!

    The NHS has been using failed metrics and ridiculous statistical conclusions for years. Yet even after the recent incidents you do not question the oldest and most stupid model.

  164. 164
    M says:

    In essence what your saying is socialism will kill off the human race ,
    as over time natural selection will select humans for extinction because humans will be to thick to adapt to their new and ever changing environment ?

  165. 165
    Mong Watch says:

    The rate of population increase has slowed significantly, and population decline is starting right now.

    Demographics work over longer time scales than news cycles and elected government life cycles.

    It is not a thought, but a guarantee. Check the data.

    Rugged individualism etc. I am all for, but whilst government still remains in denial on this truth they will continue to promise public services and benefits which they cannot deliver on without increasing taxation.

    What they do not want people to realize is that this is happening, as then people would rightly demand a reduction in taxation, realize that many shortages are artificial, and start acting independently. This of course is a problem for government, particularly one which is somewhat socialist in nature.

  166. 166
    Guido is a Jeremy Hunt says:

    Holy fuck that is one scary image I feel sorry for the poor bugger who shares house space with that.

  167. 167
    Fin says:

    The total benefit claimed fraudulently in the UK each year (£1bn) is equal to the tax AND NI bill of approximately 85,000 workers earning £50,000 each. It may be a statistically small proportion of the total welfare bill, but it is still robbery on a grand scale.

  168. 168
    Mong Watch says:

    Public information and the availability of contraception is a factor.

    The core reason families have reduced in size though is that people make a conscious decision to have less children.

    Primary reasons for that decision are due to greatly reduced infant morality rates, and the removal of economic incentive to have large numbers of children. The latter came to an end towards the end of the 19th century when child labor was abolished, the former really got going post WWI and was fully realized when the NHS was created.

  169. 169
    Thebeast says:

    I couldnt tire olf that either, follwed by a good few kicks to the stones, a knee to the chest , some punches to the bread basket followed by a kick under the chin then throwing him under a train and slowly running him over
    A mate has one so it could be aranged

  170. 170
    Anonymous says:

    Of course it is unsustainable. Why do we have disasters?

    They used to be called floods. They were gifts from the gods to refresh the land in the rivers and deltas. People prayed for them.

    Now they are disasters.

    Why because the people have selfishly dammed the rivers and culverted the deltas. They have stolen the land from nature. Now when a flood happens it is severe, and destroys.

    That is just one example. Humanity has destroyed every viable delta in the world. What is next on their list?

  171. 171
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    what I say is just opinion but it is clear Scargill did not want the mines closed. I do think the problems we have now are due to the stupidity and ignorance of the people who were in charge at that time. There were a lot of authoritarian, class conscious and racist (even extending to a sort of class racism towards the working man) arseholes about who couldn’t see beyond next week.
    The unions should have been brought into government to make a society working together fairly rather than the forced confrontation and the exploitation that has brought us to where we are now.

  172. 172
    East India Company Wallah says:

    You Philpotts weed?

  173. 173
    Anonymous says:

    Do you mean running or ruining?

    Osborne started off ruining the economy on the 1st day. UK never had triple dip recession before.

    Both have lots in common.

    1) Never did any real work.
    2) Lived off other people’s work.
    3) Irresponible
    4) Like kinky sex

  174. 174
    I hate Blue Labour says:

    Obvious attempt to cash in on public feeling by fat, over-privileged, worthless twerp. That about right?

  175. 175
    David Blair Cameron says:

    Fuck of you retard

  176. 176
    Anonymous says:

    But even with that subsidy domestic solar array do not pay back in their life time. If you take into account failures and safety inspections that will be necessary, (essential for the industry revenue) they can never pay back.

  177. 177
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    Red Robbo, Scargill, Mad Mick McGahy, Jack Jones brought into government;I think you have been reading too many 1960’s political text books.

    Red Robbo was personally responsible for destroying car production in the midlands.

    Whatever your views always remember the facts; there is no recorded instance of a trade union creating a single job in the private sector

  178. 178
    Tosspot says:

    Just lately it has become noticeable that Tax Payers have a voice which is now being heard, when first married, I walked 5 miles to work and back home at night, we were broke and there was nothing to spare for bus fares.
    Do you really think there is much sympathy for scroungers among those who work and pay Taxes.

  179. 179
    Philip Schofield's mother says:

    You leave my boy alone!

  180. 180
    Anonymous says:

    And most of that 1 bn growth was from Africa where we continue to feed an ever increasing starving nation. Just wish 1% of donations were for condoms not bloody food, that might just slow the buggers down a tad.

  181. 181
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    I thought Germany worked well with Unions with representation in government ?

  182. 182
    PC Dixon says:

    You’re getting a lot of Lefties on the blog now Guido – obviously all your publicity is making them very twitchy. They dont like it upem do they!!!

  183. 183
    Nworb Nodrog says:

    And it hasn’t got one now.

  184. 184
    Anonymous says:

    Every time Owen Jones is on the TV, Labour lose some votes. He’s the new Derek Draper.

  185. 185
    Universal Hiss says:

    This figure should be treated with suspicion. If fraud is found the government calculates the benefit savings.

    So some one receiving £100 weekly is supposed to have carried on receiving that benefit for a year therefore fraudulent savings of £5,200. That person may have returned to work in the following week or not for 20 years.It makes the figures a nonsense.

    It’s still a considerable amount of money but is dwarfed by the amount of benefits that go unclaimed.

  186. 186
    Universal Hiss says:

    Forgot to leave a link. How accurate this is I don’t know as it’s BBC/DWP concoction……..


  187. 187
    Sensible Simon says:

    Taxpayers also subsidied Harold Shipman. Paid for a war that killed hundreds of thousands. And also paid for that Olympics logo design.

  188. 188
    Nutty Slack says:

    Jack Jones the KGB spy who sold himself and our country for hard cash and political hatref of the UK since the 1930’s. It’s a shame the evil shite is dead because the left wing TUC leader who was at the heart of 1940’s-1970’s Labour Governments and did everything to harm us for his Soviet masters.

  189. 189
    Jimmy says:

    Eros or agape?

  190. 190
    The savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

    Both anonymong and “sensible” Simon are complete cretins .

    The difference between. Osborne and. Mick and Mont Mireadh Rency


    A) Osborne s wealth is inherited and familial therefore it is for them to do with legally as they please unless a law has been passed to the contrary. Whilst I was asleep overnight.

    B). Osborne may well. Get. Whatever he gets a year from the tax payer the difference being. That at. Variance with Tosspot he actually gets up in the morning and goes through the motions of what appears to be the stresses and strains of a very public stressful. Job as opposed to. Just turning over. Going. Back to sleep for four hours then. Banging the wife from midday onwards finishing off with the live in mistress after supper.

    C). Osborne has not. — yet — spent time in. Chokey for allegedly. Either. Murdering or attempting to. Murder an ex. And now. Man slaughtering. Six innocents. With a plan. Whose cretinous. Ill planning. Would. Be. Comic we’re it. Not. For its. Unspeakably tragic. Outcomes .

    So. Suck it up. Retards. Or. Join the real. World .

  191. 191
    Observer says:

    Jones, in his interviews keeps on about families with 10 or more in very small 200. What he did not want exposed is the cost of large families. Philpott has brought this into open, the numbers appear to be there are about 150,000 families with 5 or more children. Of these 40,000 are on benefits. That’s 25% of all large families cannot support themselves. Would they have had these large families if the benefits system was not so generous.

  192. 192
    The savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

    From which. Alcoholic ally laced. Chairing cross early morning skip does
    the indie get these hacks ??

    I thought that ledbedev. Character would. Purged all this chaff. By now

  193. 193
    Django says:

    You are joking you stupid funk’n Hunt!

  194. 194
    Anonymous says:

    I spent a night in a miners club in about April 83 they were talking about the strike then They new it was coming

  195. 195
    The wizz says:

    Late I know; but why don’t you go to the Afgan and fight alongside our soldiers? Reason, you are either Commie or Fudament!

  196. 196
    Guff news says:

    It’s terry fuckwit from Viz

  197. 197
    Investigations please says:

    Hope you have rang the hotline…

  198. 198
    The Northern Ireland Executive says:

    Still, we are introducing a plastic bag tax so never mind all the other problems in the fucked NI economy.

  199. 199
    Mike says:

    Pre- 1917 The Fabians supported contraception in order to reduce the size of families. The Fabians realised that poor people could not improve themselves if they had large families. Post WW1 , The Fabians lost their common sense.

  200. 200
    Anonymous says:

    At least Fatbutt will be able to be seen on the snow.

  201. 201
    simmo70 says:

    Who is steering HMS Tory through these turbulent waters Captian Cameron or Chancellor Pugwash I thought Osborne was ignorant to the facts of life but for over a decade the culture of single women having children for financial gain has been apparent to the most recluse of hermits .Ann Widdecombe a fellow Tory actually visited the house of Philpott .Dont Tories talk to each other .A researcher into single mothers recently interviewed on TV actually stated she didn’t blame single mothers having children for Benefits as a more improved way of life .No wonder Osborne’s car was photographed parked in a disabled bay at a Mcdonalds ,he’s lossed the plot .

  202. 202
    Quantrill says:

    The National Coal Board shut mines on the East Coast in 1948/9 with the loss of 10,000 jobs. Who was in government then?

  203. 203
    CoryBantes says:

    Osborne’s inherited wealth was secured from the taxman by the same motivations that drove Philpott.

    Pot meet Kettle.

    Osborne should be doing his job and getting this country working again, not cheeseparing and cutting back on rations.

  204. 204
    Old Nick says:

    F*** knows?!?!

  205. 205
    Old Nick says:

    Perhaps I should have added I have reserved a sizzling chair or two for Phillpott and his ilk……

  206. 206
    Old Nick says:

    Oh Simmo, I have a nice warm classroom where they do ‘spelling’ and ‘grammar’ if you are interested and want to improve your illiterate ranting. Meanwhile, I venture to suggest that the person who really took the biscuit is Ed Balls. Shall I keep a seat warm for you?

  207. 207

    At last, straight talking no bullshit politicians.

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