April 2nd, 2013

Galloway Pals Up to Terrorists, Again

Recognised as a terrorist by Israel, the US, Britain, the EU, Canada and Japan, but not by Bradford West apparently:

Parliament’s very own Hamas donor gets his man…


  1. 1
    Tom Watson says:

    I love a good donor. Preferably with lots of garlic sauce.


  2. 2
    A W_G says:

    At least whilst he’s fluffing terrorists, not buggering up anything in the UK


    • 17
      Sir William Wade says:

      Dear old George, everybody’s eccentric uncle, he’s becoming a national treasure.


    • 49
      Peoples Politics says:

      Obviously GG is totally unaware that in a survey conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy Research & published yesterday Mishaal & Haniyeh came bottom of the poll in preferred leaders for the Palestinian people, with Hamas falling right out of favour…..



  3. 3
    Herman van Rumpboy says:

    We’re simply not listening and the Dutch will certainly NOT be allowed to vote on this


  4. 4
    greenpixie says:

    opportunistic two faced shite


  5. 5
    George Gobaway ( ex Libor MP ) says:

    I am the MP for the West Bank of Bradford.


    • 37
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      Keep up the good work George. You are a heavy shagging MP like me. Boaz.


    • 64
      Catty Comment (Ms) says:

      Is that like that other one – the BCCI? Run by a lot of their compatriots until it was finally brought down.


  6. 7
    Ed says:


  7. 8
    Khaled Mishaal says:

    Who is this kafr pig Galloway?


  8. 9
    Penfold says:

    Well he’s keeping the faith, Hamas have just introduced a ruling that kids over 6 have to be separately schooled.
    One assumes that the girls will be taught cooking and home skills and how to become good breeding stock and produce lots of Jihadi’s.

    Galloway’s pronouncements prove that he’s not on Planet Earth, it also goes to prove, that if they are aimed at his constituents, then they are unfit to be given a vote or an MP.


    • 30
      Put on Pensioner says:

      His pronouncement proves nothing, all it proves is that Governments/Organizations/Dictators from all sides like to set the agenda and don’t like and seek to marginalize those that object to their ideas/policy/ethos.

      Look at the EU a case in point!


      • 35
        Taxfodder says:


        only a fool believes what Politicians say or, are reported to say….Baaaaaaaa


        • 39
          Grrr says:

          >Galloway’s pronouncements prove that he’s not on Planet Earth

          He is one of the most popular and respected Leftist politicians in Britain.

          Sounds like the Left is happy with him.


    • 33
      V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

      No, they’re separated so the mossies can abuse them. That’s what they spend most of their time doing apart from destroying things.


  9. 10
    Anonymous says:

    I seriously think GG is mentally ill.


  10. 11
    Gordon Brown says:

    My only wish is to become a shot putt champion


  11. 12
    Andrew Neil's Fan Club says:

    Galloway is another media self seeker, his views are as hollow as his head!


    • 56
      M says:

      And constantly sniffing around
      Israeli /Palestinian conflict is a subject that’ll keep him in the media , job for life .
      The only way it things could go wrong if he was found passing classified information on to terrorists to to target this country .
      But he’s not doing that of course


  12. 13
    bunhead says:

    IDS cannot live on £7 a day because he goes to work


  13. 14
    maggie the dog says:

    maybe he’ll donate his own children to be blown up for Palestinian unity


  14. 16
    Taxfodder says:

    Same old cobblers…

    Define Terrorist = Somebody who has a differing point of view or idea and objects to having others ideas rammed down their throat.

    Ha! thats most of the UK population then….


    • 24
      Lord Pont says:

      Is breivik a terrorist or freedom fighter – discuss


      • 51
        La Fold says:

        Or for that matter Martin Luther King a terrorist?

        Moral equivalence always seems to attract the quasi-intellectual.


      • 53
        Anonymous says:

        History will decide.


        • 67
          Catty Comment (Ms) says:

          History has already shown that many/most terry wrists go on to become the President of their country after the death of a few hundred thousand people they were “freedom- fighting” for.


    • 59
      The Grim Reaper says:

      Tax fodder

      Terrorism is estimated by the UN to be worth around $20 trillion per year…a well paid occupation…..a terrorist doesn’t just have a “different” opinion but uses violence – usually on bystanders – to sow terror & spread fear and thereby undermine stable societies. That’s more than just a viewpoint.

      The Left want to stop you talking. The Right just stop you. All are gits.


      • 60
        Baroness Scotland says:

        Like the allied area bombing campaign against Germany ?


        • 68
          Catty Comment (Ms) says:

          Bloody hell, you are thick. Are you related to Idi Amin, the last king of Scotland, perchance?


      • 77
        Put on Pensioner says:

        “Estimated by the UN?

        Hardly an unbiased report then.

        Set yourself free man you are playing into the hands of those that seek to control your opinion, either that or you are just plain too thick to grasp the concept.


  15. 18
    George says:

    I salute his infitigability.


  16. 19
    Ronery says:

    No one else worried that North Korea seem bent on driving the world into nuclear armageddon?


    • 29
      Lord Pont says:

      Interested but not worried . Don’t see how it affects me in rural somethingshire. Would make good tv though.

      If there is some sort of conflict between the north Koreans and the USA and china is seen to be siding with nk. Then I’d like to see USA ban Chinese imports – that would really shake the kaleidoscope !


    • 31
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      They have been posturing for years. They act up just prior to “aid” talks with South Korea and America.
      Lovely peaceful nation that has conscription for men till they reach their thirtieth birthday. They can call on 9.5 million soldiers and reservists. Nice socialist country.


  17. 20
    ? 0-0 says:


  18. 22
    The Prophet says:

    GG has decided to side with the Moozies. It is his very own bread & butter politics and he is profiting very well from it. If he should ever criticise moozies in pa lastyne the !ran!ans might not be so free with their cash.


  19. 27
    The MacCabees says:

    Follow the profits oops prophets.


  20. 41

    The main strategic problem with “The Palestinians” – and in Hebrew it means “foreign invaders” – is that they were crafted cleverly without trace, by neoNazis, one morning in May 1948.

    So, everything that outfits like the BBC says about this artificial construct is non-historiographical flim-flam.


    • 44
      The BBC are cunts says:

      No change there then.


    • 45
      Lord Pont says:

      War does solve problems sometimes . The losers accept it and hope the winners are benevolent . You get a generation of peace until the next lot of young hotheads get to fighting age.

      Let the mid east fight it out. Its mainly Shia vs Sunni anyway so the number of deaths is immaterial


      • 46
        Baroness Scotland says:

        A limited nuclear war wouldn’t have much of a world wide effect . The danger of small levels of background radiation is known to be much lower than once thought


    • 58
      A Doctor says:

      Yes, take your pills…..you’ll be fine in the morning


  21. 47
    The MacCabees says:

    Hamas chief
    Khaled Mishaal: Hamas is not
    against the West. We are against
    those who are against us …

    So that is the west then.


  22. 54
    P C Dixon says:

    Evil Bastard -


  23. 61
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    Bradford ? West?


  24. 62
    SaltPetre says:

    I don’t know who Khaled Mishaal is….but I wish him all the best with his problem dealing with the illegal occupation. Good luck to him I say.


  25. 66
    Fubar Saunders says:

    Mans a fucking idiot. Even Baathnal Green & Bow saw through him in one term, Bradford will as well.


  26. 73
    SLR says:

    Nelson Mandela was considered a terrorist for a long time. And Saddam Hussein used to be an ally. I don’t personally trust any politician to really know the difference.

    Also worth asking why Israel considering anyone a terrorist counts for a hill of beans, with some of the atrocities they get up to. I’d never deny the appalling nature of the Holocaust, but I’m pretty sick of the hypocrisy where Israel constantly use that as a defence for their own attempts at genocide.


  27. 74
    Red Ed says:

    He’s a traitor, until like Ken Livingstone, he joins us again, then all is forgiven


  28. 78
    Mailman says:

    What this arse is actually doing is making the lives of Pslestinians harder through supporting terrorists like Hamas.



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