March 31st, 2013

Read Guido’s Column in The Sun Today

sun-spread-31-3-13Today’s Sun is packed with politics: read Louise Mensch on the Labour MPs who condemned her for “abandoning her constituents” but are now praising David Miliband, and Danny Alexander on “Labour’s better-off bedroom blockers”. In Guido’s column:

  • David Miliband’s cursed followers
  • Balls keeping his distance from toxic “Mr McBride”
  • McPoison’s row with a Labour candidate
  • Stella Creasy coy over her ambitions
  • Boozy Tory MPs partying with young Conservatives
  • Burnham’s fearful cagefight
  • The Treasury has a secret-spy in the Foreign Office

All for only 50p. Happy Easter!


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    The sun has got his coat on.

  2. 2
    Marvin says:

    Plenty of women naked from the waist up, and loads of tits too.

  3. 3
    keeshond8 says:

    Oh Guido. You really have sold your soul.

    Happy Easter!

  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    FFS, not another one who doesn’t know the origins of this blog. Look in ‘ABOUT’, above.

  5. 5
    LibLabCon energy strategist and all-round mong says:

    This is a direct result of man-made global warming climate change, which can only be fixed by the imposition of green taxes, forcing encouraging UK manufacturers to switch production to factories in China, with its abundance of very messy wonderful ethnic multicultural coal-fired power stations.

  6. 6

    The transition from Jesus has risen today to Jeez, you have risen today is subtle when spoken but pronounced in conception.

  7. 7
    Fatbot UR an IDIOT says:

    Abbott you Thick Twat. The OAP is not welfare, it is a pension scheme that a person has paid into all his working life. It may be welfare in Labour give me give me land but for most it is a compulsory paid for pension that is BADLY run by the state and by definition Politicians.

    You Fatbot should but do confuse the OAP with state handouts where the recipient has not paid a penny in. Now piss off back to your beloved caracas

  8. 8
    a tramp says:

    only 50p guv’nor?

    for that?

    is there no end to your magnanimity?

  9. 9
    marvin tpa says:

    i’m getting less depressed alerady

  10. 10
    marvin tpa says:

    well … dirty mack and reporter’s trilby

  11. 11

    Heraclitus stated: You cannot step in the same river twice

    His pupil, Cratylus upped the ante with: You cannot step in the same river once

    It has taken two and a half thousand years for China to trump this with: You cannot step in a river at all

  12. 12
    The Owen Jones fan club says:

    Penultimate edition The COW on SUNDAY OUT now – usual pile of shit but its free so stop moaning

  13. 13
    National Socialist says:

    Miliband served his constituents for a lot longer than Bagwashe

  14. 14
    National Socialist says:

    Oh and she got nowhere – he became Foreign Secretary. No comparison between the two.

  15. 15
    and floc to u lations too says:

    many Hans make shite floc

  16. 16
    Pea Brain says:

    Diane just go away and do you job properly, after that come back and amaze us with your grasp of the Birtish constution. Untill then, stop sprouting crap.

  17. 17
    Old England (locke) says:

    Whatever is, is.

  18. 18
    Anonymous says:

    There were plenty of Tories happy to give that self-serving self-important totally useless bird a good kicking.

  19. 19
    ethics girl says:

    Have been looking at the proposed extension to Bristol residential parking zones.

    What a surprise, it falls on the more affluent suburbs in the West and North, not on the council estates with problematic levels of non council tax payments.

  20. 20

    To William Jefferson Blythe III, it was clearly a seminal difference.

  21. 21
    Owen Jones looks to the future says:

    In 2015, Creme eggs became an accepted form of currency in many countries that were formerly part of the Euro

  22. 22
    Banana man slips up says:

    But he was a shite foreign secretary. n fact he was the Clinton woman’s secretary.

    FFS to hear Labour talk he was a saint. But the reality he was useless and spineless.

  23. 23
    Anonymous says:

    An unemployed Iraqi ‘benefit queen’ charged £4,000 a week to sublet a taxpayer funded £2million flat, it has been claimed.

    Bushra al-Rahimi is claimed to have rented out the flat to a family of Kuwaiti tourists, while also being in receipt of housing benefits from Westminster city council to cover the cost of the city centre five-bedroom property.

    Al-Rahimi and her family have now been re-housed at taxpayers’ expense in nearby Islington, in a block of flats where another property is let at £5,000 a month.

    Read more:
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  24. 24
    Anonymous says:

    A question for Diane – how many books shops are in your constituency and how many bookies. Your constituency has been labour for 50 years and all you have given your constituents are bookies, kebab shops, sink estates, bog standard comprehensive and destroyed a very strong manufacturing base.

    There has to be a reason why someone in a safe seat from the ethnic minorities couldn’t get a place in the Blair / Brown cabinet its because she is stupid and a hypocrite.

    Diane just run along and pick you boy up from his private school.

  25. 25
    Comanche says:

    I hate to support anything said by Ms Abbott, (or for that matter any person who blatantly flashes the ethnic credit card), but money spent on State Pensions, including pension Credits IS about half the size of the bigger Welfare Budget,……..and set to rise.
    Tab down to the table at the bottom of this article for a better breakdown.

    It’s pretty clear that the penny pinching being done by LibCon skinflint practitioners at the moment is a bit of a waste of time, not to mention a walk along the crumbling precipice of political unelectability.

    If UKIP ever came too share power (but not very likely) they would suddenly and without warning be forced into the stinking sewer of wheeler dealing, which would also include the decision of exactly who to throw out of the falling Balloon first.

  26. 26
    The Squeezed Middle pay for EVERYTHING only the poor and the rich get everything for free says:

    Its the same throughout the country not just Bristol …those that pay will pay more and get few services from local council and those that don’t pay pay nothing but get all the services from the local council

  27. 27
    Anonymous says:

    What about Russia? They deliberately reversed some flows and diverted a lot of rivers since 1960. Those flows supplied agriculture which means it is evaporated instead of flowing as freshwater in to the oceans.

    Even if they do flow to the sea they are now the wrong temperature. On the sea surface temperature maps the river outflows can clearly be seen much too hot.

    These affects on climates are not accounted for and have no relation to atmospheric gasses. They are a man made disruption, that has no origin in this country.

  28. 28
    Bill TurnbullWhat a Scandinavian Penis says:

    Remember the BBC down the ages?

    Lost tribes must not be visited as they would die of every disease and want to join in with the rest of the world. At least 2x a week the BBC would run a documentary visiting a lost tribe or three showing pictures of the naked natives and sharing their drugs.

    Europe’s pine forests would ALL die from acid rain before year 2,000 and showing film of cooling towers emitting nasty water vapour in mistake for SO2

    Jimmy Savile fixed kids every Saturday night.

    The world is cooling down an we are entering an ice age due to CO2 production.

    CDs are indestructible. (Tomorrows world, they should bring TW back)

    The BBC is the envy of the world.

    Blue Peter fixes their viewers competitions

    TOTP studio audiences full of underage girls mostly with hardly anything on.

    Noel Edmunds on a Saturday Night…Now that was bad, very bad.

    Bill Turnbull….What a Pillock

  29. 29

    Indeed. The Aral Sea is now dry stemming from water diversion which was introduced by the Soviets in the 1960s.

  30. 30
    Ungrateful Handout Labour Culture says:

    Pissing fed up with these ungrateful people living in state funded accommodation whinging that they are no longer getting handouts for their spare rooms.

    FFS their accommodation is FREE FREE FREE!!! they are Not supposed to get paid for rooms that they do not use or need.

  31. 31
    ancient Shep says:

    Diane got something against OAPs?, the elephant in the room is public sector pensions, the final salary Government employees mob, one of which will no doubt be Ms Abbott.

  32. 32
    Anonymous says:

    Do you like to eat them whole, or suck them out first?

  33. 33
    Anonymous says:

    Money spent on an OAP is money collected throughout a person’s working lfe.

    It is a compulsory pension scheme, it is not welfare.

    Welfare is paying Abbott’s constituents loadsa Wonga for arriving on the last banana boat.

  34. 34
    When is a pension scheme not a pension scheme? says:

    State pension = Compulsory pension scheme that everyone of working age pays into.

    IT IS NOT WELFARE and it is wrong of Abbott to say that it is.

    Is it now Official Labour policy to accuse someone who has paid for their pension throughout their life of being a scrounger?

  35. 35
    rinky dinky says:

    Not a problem remove MPs pensions as they will get a state pension when they retire, top grade civil servants down to local managers remove their pensions as they get a state pension when they retire, BBC staff do the same.

  36. 36
    Abbott Takes Hypocrysy to the Extreme says:

    Abbott is in the best Tax payer funded and non contributory pension scheme in the Land.

    I trust she will not be drawing on it after her latest outburst.

  37. 37
    David Scamoron says:

    Tits- that’s all I need, more competition.

  38. 38
    Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

    £1 in every £7 borrowed goes to fund public sector pensions – completely unsustainable. Some way through the next parliament spending cuts on the scale of Ireland, Greece and Spain will have to be made by a labour government.

    All Cameron and Osborne are doing is saving up the problems for later.

    As for what is happening in Cyprus, the EU finance minister has already said it could happen elsewhere – if you have saved all your life watch out as Ed Balls is coming for your money.

  39. 39
    Anonymous says:

    Imagine a household that supports their granny. In a cost breakdown we will class granny as one item then go into more detail (actually x120 the level of detail) to look at the other costs.

    By doing this it is clear granny has to go. She is the biggest cost.

    Do not fall for the trap of numbers. Accountants are not managers. The question must be: In our society who do we want to reward? Those that have worked all their lives or those that refuse to work, but want a living above an equivalent worker?

    Once that question is answered the allocation of resources is clear. It is not “penny pinching” unless the person looking at the numbers can only see an amount and no value.

  40. 40
    Maqboul says:

    And the UK government wants to “streamline” our planning laws.

  41. 41
    ancient Shep says:

    It’s reputed to be the best, not only in this land but in the known World for our professional tweeters of hypocritical crap.

  42. 42
    Maqboul says:

    Quite. These bozos think the only good blogger is an “independent” (aka skint) blogger.

  43. 43
    Not quite. says:

    “Money spent on an OAP is money collected throughout a person’s working lfe.”

    No, it’s not. The state pension is entirely unfunded – there is no ‘fund’ that you pay into – it’s just a giant Ponzi scheme. The money you pay ‘into’ it is paid out immediately to someone else. Nothing is being ‘built up’ (no investment, no saving, nothing) for you to retire on when you hit 67.

    If you ran a company that sold a ‘pension scheme’ like this, you’d be put in jail.

    Happy Easter!

  44. 44
    Michael Fabricant's Hair Double says:

    Now that’s a suck job

  45. 45
    Ed Should say says:

    Is it now Labour policy to means test the State pension?

    Miss Abbott certainly thinks so.

  46. 46
    Maqboul says:

    How exactly did he “serve” them? He left the position as a millionaire so I suspect most of his efforts were exerted in lining his own pockets.

  47. 47
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Absolutely. If MPs want a pension that’s better than the state one, they should take out a personal pension, just like the rest of us have (or had) to. It would certainly make them think twice about letting the likes of Gordon Brown introduce a £10bn p/a tax raid on personal pensions. It might even make them pay a little more care to the running of the economy, and profitability of business.

  48. 48
    Maqboul says:

    But it means many of them will have to move house to something smaller.

  49. 49
    ancient Shep says:

    Haircut everybody’s bank account as and when, after all it now seems to be official EU policy.

  50. 50
    liblabcons telling it like it is says:

    We want to reward everyone except the British, particularly not the English working and lower-middle classes.

    Pay more attention and you would understand.

    Your betters know best.

  51. 51
    The State Pension is NOT a Freebie says:

    The state pension is based on a persons NI contributions (and credits).

    Just go on line or write to Newcastle and ask for a forecast and see. It’s rising to 35 years contributions under the new proposals.

    Yes the money collected is Not put in a pot marked pension but none the less the pension payable to a person is based on the money that person (compulsory) put in.

  52. 52
    Wurzel says:

    Gee Doh must be on a percentage of Sun sales judging by the way he is advertising it!

  53. 53
    Anonymous says:

    Do not condemn a policy for the corruption of its implementation.

    Attack the corruption instead. The stumbling block is that the figures you are allowed to see only show what they want you to see. If the figures showed the anonymous actuals of each range (age and value) of public sector pensions you would see the corruption clearly.

  54. 54
    Pea Brain says:

    When the time comes Im on the next nice banana boat out to the West Indies Mount Gay for tiffin….ideal!!

  55. 55
    Anonymous says:

    Not in most cases as something smaller is rarely available. That’s why they were allocated something larger in the first place. It’s a question of what gets built. Don’t let that interfere with your ranting though.

  56. 56
    Whose "Gore" Is Being "Oxed," Here? says:

    How does one account for the fact that, in many Northern nations like good old Mother Russia in the 19th Century, rivers and lakes routinely froze solid to a depth sufficiently thick to allow ice harvesting for the purpose of refrigeration in the spring and summer months? The surface of such rivers and lakes having been denuded of their white reflective ice, would, for awhile anyway, have absorbed such sunlight as was available for the few hours a day it was there, presumably creating “warmer” micro-climates for a brief period of time. Multiply this effect by thousands of such operations worldwide, in Scandinavia, Baltic countries, and North America, and later, Asia. This practice of ice harvesting, which does not take place in the 21st Century to any degree comparable to that of the 19th, means most lakes and rivers remain icy, white and reflective of the sun, especially with accumulated snow atop them and ought, all things being equal, to maintain the cold better than in the 19th Century. There being no multiplicity of “warmer micro-climates,” there should be more uniformity in cold, and writ large for the planet, this should tend to hold down temperatures for the purposes of comparing them to previous records, and should show a lack of “warming.”

    But of course, common sense would tell you that. On the other hand, as Voltaire observed, “common sense” really isn’t all that common.

  57. 57
    Anonymous says:

    Savers of all types will be destroyed. It is the right of the feckless to demand their share.

  58. 58
    Wurzel says:

    Not free at all. There are many working hard on a low wage that get a little help toward their Council house rent that will now be taken away. The same hatred spouts about ‘Free’ motability contract hire vehicles. The fact that the bedroom tax does not apply to those renting in the private sector seems to discriminate to the point of not being legal.

  59. 59
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Don’t forget the Professor Brian Cox documentaries where no-one can hear a word he’s saying because of the loud rock music played from start to finish.

    And the almost daily repeats of Dad’s Army, interspersed with a diet of crappy cookery programmes and spin-offs of Antiques Roadshow.

    My favourite, though, is the BBC sales pitch: “Pay £145.50 every year for this sea of never-ending crap, whether or not you watch it, or we’ll send the boys round.”

  60. 60
    ancient Shep says:

    The joke used to be (The Tribe that Hides from Man), that the the Tribe that hides from TV cameras has never been found, or may not even exist. :-)

  61. 61
    Just stating the bleeding obvious says:

    The removal of an unjustifiable subsidy is not “taxation”.

  62. 62
    A is for Apple says:

    Loadsa 4 bedroomed council houses, occupied by one person when the family has gorn and a husband/wife died. It does make total sense to free up these homes for families starting out. Perhaps knocking a few into single accommodation unts would help.

    Unfortunately social housing is a plaything of politicians and often (the norm) the arguments are tribal and not logical.

  63. 63
    rinky dinky says:

    Private pensions had 10 years of Browns haircut, £100 billion was stolen from private pensions the money from those pensions if they had been left would have helped the economy as most of it belonged to the baby boomers pensions , so the people of Cyprus getting a good trim is nothing new, the only difference is nobody including the unions when did anything about it, we had no riots, nothing, so who gives a fck.

  64. 64
    Anonymous says:

    yes he sold his soul a long time ago that’s why people are switching to The COW on SUNDAY – REAL NEWS REAL TRUTH

  65. 65
  66. 66
    mike hunt says:

    But there is still no actual money to back it up.

  67. 67
    q says:

    if Louise Mensch is the headline the country’s already fucked – wht a shit newspaper

  68. 68
    National Socialist says:

    And why are pensioners exempt? Vote buying?

  69. 69
    Diane Abbott MP says:

    All dis dissin’ de white gummint make me pissflaps aaall sweaty.

  70. 70
    damned impertinent questions says:

    What’s that got to do with string theory

  71. 71
    Anonymous says:

    In days of old there was the idea of alms houses. These were very small one storey houses that were easily run and arranged around court yards with a single entrance.

    The concept was that these people could be housed cheaply and in a manner that their abilities could maintain. They looked onto each other across the courtyard and were their own carers.

    The older person could look out of their window and see who was around their door before venturing out. They were safe by design. They were a self-support community.

    They were built in terrace and back to back form with other housing to minimize heat loss.

    Now we build flats with stairs and lifts that have hidden corners and look outwards. No one knows the neighbour except for the noise they make, and if they dare to make the hallways community areas the safety nuts remove their identity.

    If we built the equivalent alms houses now we would have waiting lists, and the housing stock would be vacated naturally.

  72. 72
    Anonymous says:

    Dont be so silly.

    You can ask the Council to rehouse you by filling in form BY248. As soon as you do this then the Council have to send someone around to assess you.

    If you are refused then you have a right of appeal . You just fill in form KG 728 and a date will be set for you to go before a Committee.

    When you fill in form BY 248 there is nothing to stop you at the same time filling in form DZ 728 which is a request to sublet part of the premises to a lodger. The Councill are then obliged to visit you and carry out another assessment.

    If this assessment is favourable and you find a subtenant you will still have to apply with full details of any proposed tenant in Form BY2098 although remember you will have to submit this form in triplicate and pay a non refundable application fee of £60 plus Vat.

    If you should find these procedures confusing then the CAB will be able to help you although you better contact them quickly as they presently have a 23 month backlog.

  73. 73
    Anonymous says:

    Atmospheric moisture is the largest factor. Nothing on the surface beats it. A simple experiment can be done by all. Wait for a clear winter night and sit outside.

    That will get rid of all those that do not understand the basics.

  74. 74
    Pongo the Invisible Horse says:

    There is, and his name is 8i11y.

  75. 75
    Anonymous says:

    Have you not got it yet. There is no money to back up your saving in the banks either. Yet they claim to bank it for you.

    When will the deception dawn on the voters?

  76. 76
    the banana does it. says:

    in the future areas will be wiped off the physical map, as if they never existed.

  77. 77
    Yes Alms Houses are Good says:

    Some Brilliant Alms Houses in my area really nice schemes built in an age when “is it a nice place to live?” was the first question on the plan. Fantastic places but long waiting lists.

  78. 78
    Pongo the Invisible Horse says:

    Bevan, the socialist, said of the National Insurance Fund: “There is no fund.” It was set up as a fucking Ponzi scheme and has been one ever since. Like all Ponzi schemes, it must at some point collapse. Sooner than later, the way things are going.

  79. 79
    ? says:

    TOTP studio audiences full of underage girls mostly with hardly anything on.
    (cant they bring that back?)

  80. 80
    Ed Miliband says:

    As everyone know, I’m the biggest tit of all.

  81. 81
    Grunt Shopps says:

    well, hi there, i’d like to say that my children share a bedroom because as a minister of the crown, chairman of the conservative party and renowned writer of fiction i just don’t have the income to do it any other way. in my travels around my welwyn/hatfield constituency i see too many poor families strugglng to make ends meet and i don’t give a fuck

  82. 82
    Ed Miliband says:

    Still a hell of a lot better than I am. I only stood in the leadership contest for a joke anyway.

  83. 83
    Dave Spartacus says:

    Just don’t pay. De Googly am your friend for lookin up de many and amusin ways to get away wiv it.

  84. 84
    one into zero is the giver. says:

    tat is the corner of the mouth.
    tit goes in.
    the trade is energi 4 food.

  85. 85
    YGooding says:

    It is you (and Abbott) who has not got it Anonymong.

    The State pension is not welfare, it is a compulsory contributory pension scheme.

    Just because governments have not invested the money collected into a pension pot does not make 5the scheme welfare.

  86. 86
    Dave Spartacus says:

    Ah but you’re forgetting JT 452! And what about PD 761, that causes the Town Hall to explode?

  87. 87
    Dave Spartacus says:

    Fucking crewcut more like, thanks to Merve the Swerve and his little Keynesian pals.

  88. 88
    Dave Spartacus says:

    It’s probably in his contract that he has to puff his column (if you’ll pardon the expression) once a week. Or Rupert’s.

  89. 89
    ancient Shep says:

    Thought you were dead.

  90. 90
    A Labour Spokes bod. says:

    I think it is very Brave of Miss Abbott to attack British pensioners and stick up for foreign immigrants.

    I am sure her party leader will give her is full support.

  91. 91
    Ed Miliband says:

    Policy? Oh heck, I just knew there was something I’d forgotten to do. I was looking forward to that stiff Ribena too.

  92. 92
    marvin tpa says:

    ‘ere wots orl this phisolophy?

    i’m getting dpressed again

  93. 93
    Ed Miliband says:

    What? Who? Erm… I demand an enquiry! What are we talking about again?

  94. 94
    Anonymous says:

    Citizen Murdoch has decided to keep his contributors out of reach of the UK police

    You will also note that he changes the senior executives at his UK newspapers so that they “did not know” what was going on…and if they did, they are “occupied” in the US…

    All very convenient to avoid or refuse to asner the real questions about the crimin

  95. 95
    the midden says:

    what proportion does Ms A reckon comprises farmers’ welfare benefits?

  96. 96
    Anonymous says:

    YG: I think you are mixing us up.

    The point was simply that there is no pot of money. Also there is no “backup” needed if society continues in a controlled manner.

    Just like there is no backup for people’s savings. There was no need in a stable situation. Yet they are now fair game to be raided.

  97. 97
    BMA Directive to all GPs says:

    If Ms Abbott came into your surgery complaining of violent stomach cramps and uncontrollable explosive diarrhea, what would you give her?
    Answer– Plenty of room.

  98. 98
    the midden says:

    fucked but not forgotten

  99. 99
    Offshore conspirators says:

    Citizen Murdoch now likes to have his contributors offshore, out of the reach of the UK police…safer that way to ensure continuation of publication

    You will also note that he changes the senior managrs of his UK newspapers frequently…so that they can claim “ignorance” (like James) or refuse to aswer the real questions about his having run a criminal organisation for years in the UK…about which he was completely unaware…even though Guido and very hack and private invetigator in London knew about it…

  100. 100
    IZAL crack one says:

    at the bottom (sic) of form BR1 it reads: ‘Now please wash your hands’

    wot – right now?

  101. 101
    Gee Dohs' lawyer says:

    It’s in Gee Doh’s contract that he will be the last, and greatest, Editor of the Sunny Red Top…all my himself in a hige office in Wapping…with Neo serving the coffee and other things in the morning…

    His job decription also includes delivering Fortnum and Mason hampers and champagne to all his former colleagues behind bars

    And making pastoral visits to the depleted Chipping Norton Set while they lick their wounds…before thay all retire to Swizterland and eternal peace…

  102. 102
    Arianna the Greeks are coming says:

    Shurely not like the Puffy Wuffy Huffy Spotty Huffington Post of blessed side-boob memory

    That sounds too down market for words…

  103. 103
    IZAL crack one says:

    like the poor they are needed to pay tax

    this is a utilitarian concept

  104. 104
    Your Friendly Neighbourhood "What's-A-Tontine?" Service says:

    Why shouldn’t Old Age Pensions be means-tested (i.e., phased out) at the top end of incomes? Should Lord and Lady Moneybags, who certainly don’t need that pittance, collect it anyway? Why can’t there be means-testing? What is the paradigm of Old Age Pension anyway?

    The US had this discussion in the 1930’s. Social Security, billed as being “destitution protection insurance,” was voted in, as opposed to the Townsend Plan. SocSec was based on the actuarial experience of the insurance industry, and was set up in such a way that, by setting the retirement age at 65 in 1935, somewhat fewer people lived to collect than died before that age; in effect, the dead would pay the living. Nobody was promised that they would ever collect a damn cent. The Townsend Plan, by contrast, was an out-and-out bung to older workers to vacate their positions in favour of younger men and women with families to support– a not-inconsiderable factor in the decision-making of the 1930’s Congress. But because the Townsend Plan was such a blank cheque that even the Democrats couldn’t support it, it failed. Of course, in a few years, when longevity increased and most people lived past 65, SocSec became in effect the Townsend Plan anyway. But now, if you try to convince Americans that SocSec was really just meant as an insurance plan that was never intended to be drawn upon by everybody, similar to, say, automobile insurance, or more to the point businessperson’s disability insurance (to pay costs stemming from their business during a period of incapacity)– insurance plans we would hope people would never need to, nor look forward to, collect from– Americans will give you the “I paid in, I should get something to show for it!” routine. Mission Creep, classic definition thereof, for all to see.

    Tell all the Occupy Wall Street sympathiser types, How’s about we phase out SocSec for the 1% Donald Trumps, Mitt Romneys, Warren Buffetts (the list could go on), notable recipients who are hardly in need of it, through means-testing, this to preserve both the financial and philosophical integrity of what was ostensibly intended only to be a last-hope for the aged in penury. See how far you get with skewering the Left’s sacred cow.

  105. 105
    Don't hate the players, hate the game says:

    Only a sucker stays in this shithole to get hamstringed by the laws.

  106. 106
    The Greek Cypriots are coming says:

    If Ms Abbott is the only subject to discuss

    Then Britain has finally lost any hope of a plot…let alone a solution….

  107. 107
    Retired Colonel, with lead in his pencil says:

    This is all too boring Guido

    We know that you are probably at the boozer

    Or holding your head after laast night’s excesses

    But please give us something interesting to chew on

    Like some Totty…..

    Shurely Neo can dig out some Z list tits from his GQ collection….?

  108. 108
    Under the Mattress is looking good says:

    Protecting money is jolly difficult.

    Property is becoming ever harder now that Pickles has decreed 2nd homes must pay 100% council tax and if you don’t live in it then 150% council tax.

    We now know that it is legal for any state within the EU to seize any amount from a private citizen’s bank account they wish.

    With inflation running 5 or more times higher than interest rates then savings are depleting very quickly anyway.

    Abbott thus by implication Labour want to remove the state pension from all except the feckless.

    Seems to me it’s got to be gold. At the moment the state does not ask how much gold you have squirrelled away when you fill in a tax or benefit form, but for how long?

  109. 109
    A diversity inspector says:

    Talking of surgeries

    I think all discussion of Ms Abbott should be forbidden

    On health and safety grounds

  110. 110
    Eclipse of the Sun says:

    Fatbott makes the travails of Cyprus seem small.

  111. 111
    Spy Catcher says:

    A spy in the Foereign Office?

    Did David Milliechild leave a cousin to keep him informed while he is offshore with his neo con friends then?

  112. 112
    The NHS says:

    Send them into the ukip ward. Get the iht.

  113. 113
    ancient Shep says:

    Proves the existence of dark matter?.

  114. 114
    Anonymous says:

    The phasing in of system or major change is the killer. The impact is seen.

    However having an old system properly run and adjusted for society changes is quite easy to manage. It just needs to be managed.

    In any system removing rules always removes cost. So flat rate is best. No appeals, no corruption. Anyone can see that a Donald Trump should have paid in way more than he receives. If he has not, then that is not a pension failure.

    Anyway the line between savings and insurance was never that clear. “The Man from the Pru” had multiple roles where regular payments did result in pay-outs. It is only a later distortion of “insurance” that led to the idea that the event to be insured against was a unlikely disaster.

  115. 115
    Operation Crossbow says:

    It doesn’t matter who is in power, if you go against the wishes of the BBC and Guardian you will be toast.

  116. 116
    Rumpledforeskin says:

    All that our ancestors fought for has been thrown away. Brown, Blair and all the rest have destroyed the country. Isn’t treason an offence anymore ?

  117. 117
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Gold or diamonds or just spend your money, if you save it for old age the politicians will rob you of it.

    If I live to retire I will sell my house and probably go live on a small boat and just live in a cash world unable to be traced by the government.

  118. 118
    Rumpledforeskin says:

    Black women do tend to have large bottoms, do they have extra large toilet seats, perhaps there is an opening there for an enterprise ?

  119. 119
    Owen Jones says:

    Trenton Oldfield, who disrupted last year’s boat race, is out of prison and has some advice for Chris Huhne

  120. 120
    The Piss Soaked Tramp Formally Known As TAT! says:

    It’s too late to get in the gold game now son, you should have listened to us telling people to get into gold six+ years ago when we were written off as crackpots, tin foil hatters, loonies by the media and establishment for saying this was all coming.

    Unless you are getting the gold in your hand you are just buying promises that are as worthless as stocks when a collapse occurs.

    Keep calm though, look into silver and copper and other precious metals, start stockpiling food, medicines and start reading about survivalism.

    Better to have some semblance of a plan than none at all.

  121. 121

    Oh dear.

    Just for the craic – well you did ask:

  122. 122
    Dave -- PC Cnut in Chief says:

    Don’t forget me — I’ve continued fucking up the economy, doubling the National Debt again, and I’ve even progressed gay marriage at the same time

    I’m a traitor too.

  123. 123
    Emma Isaacs says:

    Brian Cox – thought Jason Bourne had sorted him out already. Did he have a more evil twin ?

  124. 124
    Emma Isaacs says:

    What about the Tribe That Hides Behind TV Cameras ? You know, the ones who film the likes of solo explorers.

  125. 125

    It’s all relative.

  126. 126
  127. 127
    Bart Birt, late of the BBC says:

    I was famed for my creative accountancy. I always knew who I wanted to reward.

  128. 128
    Ebenezer says:

    Traditional method — use gold sovereigns as weights in your curtains. Chuck the curtains on the cart if you have to leave the house, and use them as blankets.

  129. 129
    Handycock says:

    How come I got no mention today?

  130. 130

    Do you suppose our host has been to Marrse today?

  131. 131
    Andy Marr says:

    :Hap )-

  132. 132
    Bullers says:

    “The Townsend Plan, by contrast, was an out-and-out bung to older workers to vacate their positions in favour of younger men and women with families to support– a not-inconsiderable factor in the decision-making of the 1930′s Congress.” A plan as enacted by Margaret Thatcher not with OAP but done to buy off steel worker in British steel and the miners of the NCB above a certain age say 50/55 they could drag their pensions into play so those pension funds were denuded. When in 1981 when I got made redundant I was too young to retire (35) but there were no jobs in my “going to work area” and 9 months later in the papers, any jobs advertised carried “those over 35 need not apply” not like those in London where it was 55. The idea was I suppose was to make room for teenagers which employers did not really want.

  133. 133
    Bullers says:

    He’s not that cheap, is he

  134. 134
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Fly Monarch airlines.

    The airline built for the short, dwarves and leg amputees.

  135. 135
    Rumpledforeskin says:

    sack the thick plod for being fat and not looking where she is going and fine her for wasting the court’s time.

  136. 136
    Rumpledforeskin says:

    and kick Bodgit, Bodgit and Scarper out of the association

  137. 137
    Sue the Ploddess says:

    Beggars belief. Over weight ploddess trips over kerb when she is all hyped up on a call to a night time break in and sues owner of Floodlight illuminated Kerb.

    The bloke should counter sue her for being unfit to carry out her duty and letting the burglar escape as a result.

  138. 138
    Bullers says:

    “the final salary Government employees mob” yes I think you are right there especially in the police, civil service, armed forces I guess, it has been known that a bloke retiring within a year or two to be promoted then retire on finishing salary.
    Directors in very large companies seem to be there for few years and their pension pot worth a couple of million or so, even when having been totally inept after all it takes some doing to reduce a company worth £40 Billion pounds to £400 Million in the space of 5 years, yup and the company went bust, makes your eyes water.

  139. 139
    Forge your armour from tungsten, not palladium. says:

    That’s Norman wisdom for you.

  140. 140
    Sniff says:

    Balding Clare is the new Frank Bough. And she is now the face of BBC sport.

    Will it all end in tears as happened to Uncle Frank when her secret vice is discovered?

  141. 141
    Bullers says:

    Yes but the last lot knocked it down from 44 years contributions, ok they gave you 2 years, why not put it back to where it used to, be especially with the retirement age going up

  142. 142
    Unfit for Duty says:

    It is the plod lady who should be sued for being too fat and clumsy to catch a villain.

  143. 143
    ancient Shep says:

    I think they call it suspended disbelief in theatrical terms, bit like the next lot of government we have to put up with every 5 years.

  144. 144
    Bullers says:

    Up north I know of no one on £25k or more social security, the average wage is much lower as well. The average wage thing is based on incomes all over the country, the highest pay is in the London area which boosts the value of the average wage a much better comparison is the mode average and the shape of the distribution of individuals pay. The living costs in London are much higher of which rent is the biggest cost, followed by travel costs, the reason is because they can get what they demand for rent

  145. 145
    Lou Scannon says:


    Is it April 1st already ? Did the Indie put its clocks forward by a day instead of just an hour ?

  146. 146
    Dave, your economically illiterate PC Prime Minister says:

    In our multiracial equal opportunities PC paradise this plod cow’s solictors are fully entitled to screw a payment out of the petrol station’s insurers, together with a nice fat “no win no fee” payment for themselves. After all, no one pays, do they?

  147. 147
    Rage Against the Political Elite says:

    By the time the IMF have emptied your deposit account and control all private wealth. Keeping the Ponzi scheme going,, Just a little longer.

  148. 148
    ancient Shep says:

    As the police authorities profess to know nothing about it, presumably she did not report the incident and so did put it in the ‘accident book’ back at the station, clutching at £50,000 methinks.

  149. 149
    MB. says:

    Louise Mensch went to the USA to be with her family, David Milliband is going to get away from his family (or at least one of them).

  150. 150
    ancient Shep says:

    and so did not

  151. 151
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    You get the same effect camping overnight in the desert. It is very cold and very damp and it takes hours of sunshine to dry your canvas tent cover! If you don’t stay inside the tent, you will awaken very damp with soggy bedding. Been there – done that (and nearly got pneumonia instead of the t-shirt).

  152. 152
    Tony B£air says:

    No – I changed the law because I am a pretty straight kind of guy.

  153. 153
    Trenton says:

    Don’t pick up the soap

  154. 154
    Matilda says:

    Just goes to show how important commas are!

  155. 155
    Great Catherine says:

    What vice is that? A new novelty for me to try?

  156. 156
    Your Friends from 1:51 pm above says:

    +++++ UPDATE +++++

    America DOES, in a sort of surreptitious way, actually means-test SocSec, in that it taxes a certain percentage of the benefits received, for those above a certain income. The Social Security Adminstration giveth, and the Internal Revenue Service taketh away. We regret not having provided this information in our earlier posting. This does not in any way diminish the point that the amount of money need not have been paid, in full, in the first place, and it is instructive that there still remains a tax-exempt amount which the Trumps, Romneys and Buffetts et al do receive with no strings attached.

  157. 157
    Casual Observer says:

    Never forget that our plods are the best in the world. She is a clearly prize example among the corrupt idle overpaid cnuts.

  158. 158
    The Labour Party says:

    Our plans to completely corrupt every aspect of British life is bearing fruit.

    When the UK had a police Force, it had a police service. Now that the UK has a police service, it has fuck all.

    Any silly bitch not seeing a kerbstone is hardly likely to spot a thief.

  159. 159
    Matilda says:

    Time to change to a UKIP led council then? Must be elections coming up sooner or later.

  160. 160
    Matilda says:

    As I recall,not very long ago Ribena was also shown to contain virtually nothing of value – just like your still empty piece of paper.

  161. 161
    Matilda says:

    … dark, fatty matter at that too! Are we still safe?

  162. 162
    dobbin says:

    It’s no secret she’s a lesbian, so the ‘secret’ must be even more juicy.

  163. 163
    bubba says:

    No, DO pick up the soap!

  164. 164
    Matilda says:

    There was a suggestion recently that larger persons should pay more for an aircraft seat than a smaller person. Anyone know how much it costs to charter a 747?

  165. 165
    Matilda says:

    I was about to enjoy a cuppa with some chocolate digestives. Now you have put me right off!

  166. 166
    Schrody's gay teddy says:

    How dare you post a pic of your arse boy on these sacred pages!?

  167. 167
    Schrody's gay teddy says:

    Try a finger of fudge, it’s Schrody’s favourite hobby and comestible rolled into one.

  168. 168
    Matilda says:

    I missed that. Did Pickles explain why one should pay 150% for services one is not even receiving? Perhaps we should all stop paying for MPs as none of them seem to exist to serve us! The revolution draws nearer…

  169. 169
    Matilda says:

    Is he in touch with Charlie’s spy in the Treasury?

  170. 170
    Hattie the harridan says:

    The joke won, Ed.

  171. 171
    R U smarter than a 5th grader (whatever that is)? says:

    Schoolboy humour:

    “Did you enjoy your trip?”

    “I’ll let you know next fall”.

  172. 172
    Kerching says:

    If that number is correct, then it is cheap at half the price. Bring it on.

  173. 173
    Tray Torus says:

    Nearly right. David is going to NY to keep out of the clutches of the court at The Hague.

  174. 174
    Ed Asner, actor and well-known pretty-much-a-Commie, says:

    “All very convenient to avoid or refuse to >asner< the real questions…"
    How did I get dragged into the discussion?

  175. 175
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:

    Another LibDem levy – delivered ! :)

  176. 176
    Tessa Tickles says:


    It’s only £3.6bn per year (assuming the figure’s true, which I have to doubt).

    I’ve thought of a way to pay for this: halting foreign aid will save us £55billion over 5 years. Hooray! And halting EU contributions will save us £96billion over 5 years! That’s £151 billion over 5 years, and the Indie was wetting itself over £18billion.

  177. 177
    Tessa Tickles says:

    “Designed to raise price of energy.”

    I thought the price of energy was rising quite happily all by itself.

  178. 178
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:

    We are reducing our carbon footprint at the same rate as the number of FibDem supporters is diminishing.

  179. 179
    Lou Scannon says:

    But I’ve yet to see any explanation of how halting immigration could cost us money. Are immigrants currently paying to come here ?

  180. 180
    Anonymous says:

    David Miliband is heading for a home from home. Many of cosmopolitans merely passed through London on their way to NYC during the former part of the last century. There’s serious money to be made on Wall St and in the City.

  181. 181
    Miliband is a Yank says:


    Miliband D is married to a Yankers.

    They bought their children from a Yankers Orphanage.

    They live 50% of the year in Yankers.

    Miliband D went to college in Yankers.

    When Miliband D was a UK minister he worked for a Yankers Woman (Clinton)

    He’s completed the journey West what his old man started.

  182. 182
    Expat Geordie says:

    I always thought that Dad’s Army was the best thing on the BBC. At least in those days the BBC did not have a problem with patriotism.

    Considering all that we know about the BBC, I do wonder why they still show Dad’s Army at all.

  183. 183
    ancient Shep says:

    The Gov and border control are people trafficking.

  184. 184
    The Tories are worse than the Socialists says:

    I kid you not. If you inherit a house and can’t sell it (which is norm in present climate). The old rule about moving the furniture out to avoid council tax has been done away with by Pickles. An empty house that does not use any services or house people that drain council services attracts a 150% council tax.

  185. 185
    Ming says:

    And 6 Billion Chinese say

    Flucking Irriots.

  186. 186
    Expat Geordie says:

    Does she like…men?

    That should be enough to get her sacked.

  187. 187
    nellnewman says:

    “Children should not be taught facts at school because pupils are turned off and bored by lists of “kings and queens”, teachers’ leaders said today.” and

    “If we try to teach children facts they will play truant”


    To say that our marxists teachers have lost the plot is a bit of an understatement!!!

    I hope Gove keeps going until he’s cleared this lot out and replaced them with proper inspirational teachers who understand that enthusiastically teaching truth and facts is what turns out decent, well educated human beings.

  188. 188
    Dave your country and the world needs you. says:

    Read this and Digest Dave!!!

    Will this man do just one right thing during his time as PM?

    He is at this point considered a failure so he will lose nothing by putting an end to this global warming Scam and will gain a place in history as the PM who declared the King Has No Clothes. The greens, the Guardianistas and the BBC will call for his blood and go hell for leather to discredit him but he will have done the right thing and that is what counts.

    Read it Dave, read it.

  189. 189
    The Treacherous Tosser in No 10 says:

    All the Wimmin in my Partee adore me – even Anne! I’m a figurehead and represent the Partee’s values and aspersions aspirations.

  190. 190
    rinky dinky says:

    Hope his brother follows suit, we can then resurrect the 22nd foot and use them to keep that croed in the newest socialist country, Omaha land along with Bliar and Brown and Mensch.

  191. 191
    rinky dinky says:

    The yellow streak is too deep for him to change.

  192. 192
    mrs emma nixon says:

    so at the same time as they are telling me about all the aids I can get for the bathroom and shower to help me stand, grab rails and things, they have taken away my blue badge and now they are telling me I have to move to Leeds because they want my house. I’ve lived in Walthamstow all my life. I have my friends and small family local. I don’t want to go to Leeds I don’t know anyone. What have I done wrong I lived and worked and brought up my family here?

  193. 193
    Jimmy says:

    “If we try to teach children facts they will play truant”

    From my experience here I fear they may have a point.

  194. 194
    freezing here says:

    Unsustainable bills, talk about a squeeze on living standards, and higher costs for industry that leave us unable to compete with nations that ignore the breathing tax.

  195. 195
    The Treacherous Tosser in No 10 says:

    I know what’s to my best long-term advantage! Family interests aside, it certainly isn’t setting aside my windmill-cum-GW scam!!!

  196. 196
    Anonymous says:

    Thank goodness for a small amount of sense. All houses will sell.

    I am trying to buy one that has been on the market for a year. The owner still wants 15% above the valuation done a year ago. Local sold prices have fallen about 10% since then.

    He would sell if he just excepted the valuation of the house. There is no negative equity to make the sale impossible, unlike many of the other sad situations I have looked at.

  197. 197
    jimbo says:

    You are being ethnically cleansed Mrs Dixon, it’s as simple as that!

  198. 198
    Hugh Mann-Wright says:

  199. 199
    Bin Effiz Khalidmen says:

    Celebrate the rich multicultural diversity !!

  200. 200
    Jimmy's Rightie Quote Of The Day says:

    “Life under Saddam under the last ten years would not have been pleasant but it would have been better for most people, and a lot fewer people would have died, than it has been under so-called liberation,”

    Andrew Gullible

  201. 201
    a curse says:

    All those who have brought harm to England will have a miserable end.

  202. 202
    Jimmy the Dhimmi says:

    Said the omniscient orifice.

  203. 203
    Calm Down dear mrs Nixon says:

    Emma You are a figment of Red Ed’s imagination. When he wakes up you will still be Walthamstow and Ed will have forgotten all about you.

  204. 204
    White Van Man says:

    Why can’t he be put in jail then?

  205. 205
    Tessa Tickles says:

    It’s all part of Labour’s belief that “schools must not produce winners”.

    However, I would have thought it would just be the disruptive thickos from council estates who play truant; no bad thing because it would leave the smarter kids (the ones who aren’t looking to spend their entire lives on welfare) to study in peace and quiet without chavvy disruption.

  206. 206
    BBC Commissioning Editor says:

    It’s to illustrate how delightfully passe patriotism is.

    Now, let me tell you about our latest drama series with lots and lots of idealised darker skinned characters.

    Vote Labour.

  207. 207

  208. 208
    Tessa Tickles says:

    How’d you know that the fictitious Mrs Nixon is supposed to be ethnic, Jimmy?

    And anyway, if you lived in Walthamstow and someone said they were going to ship you off to Leeds, wouldn’t you think all your Christmases had come at once?

    I would. Because Leeds is really nice, full of great people, and Walthamstow isn’t.

  209. 209
    Anonymous says:

    The people are too insignificant now. The “system” is to be maintained at all cost.

    In times gone by I would suggest going to your MP. But that will not help. They are worse than useless, and use the meetings to ridicule your predicament.

    I suggest you start a campaign and gather as many names as you can of the displaced people. Do a freedom of information request against your council and neighbouring councils using the “whatdotheyknow” site. Find out the size of the problem.

    Where ever you end up, never vote again for the any of the main parties.

  210. 210
    Anonymous says:

    Home trumps anywhere.

  211. 211
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Not if ‘home’ is, say, Faluja. Or, worse, Walthamstow.

  212. 212
    just asking says:

    How can I get past Telegraph paywall?

  213. 213
    Erratum says:

    If we try to teach children they will play truant.

  214. 214
    Rumpledforeskin says:

    I like Clare Balding. What did she say ? “Now you have got the prize money you can afford to get your teeth fixed”, but can’t remember who to.

  215. 215
    Anonymous says:


  216. 216
    nellnewman says:

    In my day, those of us brought up on council estates were enthused about getting a decent education and bettering ourselves. And we worked hard to achieve it.

    The last 13 years of labour have ridiculed those working class aspirations and corrupted much of the working classes with endless pointless benefits.

  217. 217
    Selohesra says:

    Agree – Dads army best thing on BBC

  218. 218
    Dead Tree says:

    The same way as you get through The Times’ wall

  219. 219
    The BBC are cunts says:

  220. 220
    oh my, the footwork! says:

    Shouldn’t that be , we are moving you out of your home, you voted Labour and got Labour and immigration, so seeya missus, we have lots of immigrants to help takeover low paid jobs and we need your house, even though you were taxed all your life, your not needed anymore, we are Labour, friends of the people, geroff don’t you touch my expensive suit you old bat .

  221. 221
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    What would happen if the BBC had to do without copies of the Guardian for a whole week?

  222. 222

    Go commando!

    Chrome Incognito and read what you want…

  223. 223
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Did I hear wrong on the BBC News report of the NUT Conference from Liverpool.

    Michael Grove’s improvements to education are a backward step. Are the NUT crackpots?

  224. 224
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    The BBC is the arsehole of media, and not the most respected in the world.

  225. 225
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    What about the Berlin Wall?

  226. 226
    nellnewman says:

    Labour says families on benefits , the one’s who are drawing more than £26k a year are going to be £900 a year worse off.

    How much would the rest of us have to earn to have £26k in hand each year ?

    Most of us are not going to earn anything like that and yet still have to contribute towards these people who prefer not to work at all but to live on the comfortable handouts of the state , which are still comfortable despite austerity cuts..

  227. 227
    Pea Brain says:


  228. 228
    nellnewman says:

    Are the NUT crackpots?

    Yes – leftwing crackpots who don’t believe in meaningful education. And militwit and bullyballs are 100% in support of them. So that presumably makes labour crackpots too!

  229. 229
    Pea Brain says:

    Bet Jenson Button dosnt have his money in Santander Bank

  230. 230
    Pea Brain says:

    These so called educators can ask for another pay rise after the UK becomes top of the league of the countries with the best standards and our universities are in the top five.
    Until then get on and just do their job they are already well paid.

  231. 231
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion says:

    SRWareIron is Chrome without the spyware calling home to google central ;-)

  232. 232
    nellnewman says:

    They are already very well paid and with gold plated pensions – and planning to go on strike yet again next term to protect their elitist terms of pay and conditions.

    That’s marxism for you!!

  233. 233
    Jimmy says:

    Sam Warburton?

  234. 234
    BBC news is a joke. says:

    My teenager noticed this omission in BBC news reports this morning.
    Which proves how out of touch BBC news is as he doesn’t usually take much notice of anything beyond food,fanny and booze.

  235. 235
    Jimmy says:

    The Daily Hitler’s still free.

  236. 236
    Jimmy the Dhimmi says:

    The Grauniad is still known as the Daily Shitler.

  237. 237
    A parent says:

    Could they please strike during their six week summer holiday?

    What I’d give to have SIX WEEKS paid holiday in the summer…

  238. 238
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:

    The Libor party gave us everything we could ever have wanted and more besides without having to bother getting off are arses and go out to work. This helped massage the unemployment figures down and created an illusion of an economic miracle.

    When Brown/Balls’ Boom turned to Bust, the Emperor was standing there naked.

  239. 239
    Rumpledforeskin says:

    why can’t the judges who stopped the deportation be put in jail ?

  240. 240
    Pixel says:

    Walls ? I just walk through them.

  241. 241
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:

  242. 242
    Release the Abbot says:

    Does Santander actually have any money ?

  243. 243
    Torquemada says:

    You look bent to me. Please lie on this rack and I’ll straighten you out.

  244. 244
    Red Ed's non-predator union bosses says:

    We must get the fears of Libor supporters stoked up.

  245. 245
    Anne, Badminton says:

    Surely Fatbutt has to be carried on the outside, like this :

  246. 246
    Highways Agency says:

    We are investigating reports of potholes turning into gravity well in the Hackney area.

  247. 247
    oh my, the footwork! says:

    Liebour scare tactics, working well then, the Liebour brainwashing committee is working well.

  248. 248
    Elephant in the room says:

    So when Labour let ~ 2 million immigrants in, how many extra council houses did they build?

  249. 249
    Anonymous says:

    Your fact free comments bear this out.

  250. 250
    Fuck it says:

    Clear your cache out.

  251. 251
    Herman van Rumpboy says:

    Ja, we lend zem some, zen we give zem orders. Ven zey need more, we enslave zem.

  252. 252
    Balti Simon says:

    I bet it hasn’t scared them enough to go and get a job

  253. 253
    Casual Observer says:

    Perhaps teaching them some facts which also constitute useful skills is what is missing.

    Learning about cultural things, like Kings etc. is fine, but focusing on facts which lead to practical results or help develop individual talent is much more important than not teaching them anything at all, or indoctrinating them into being a member of the useless classes.

  254. 254
    Only millionaires can afford to be national socialists says:

    Perhaps Millibland could let some of those affected live rent – free in one of the many rooms in his multi- million pound north London mansion?

  255. 255
    Fog says:

    Who defined ‘child poverty’ as children who have to share a bedroom? Was it the EU or a UK government loon? What is ‘child poverty’ anyway? Do these children live on their own?

  256. 256
    0win Jones says:

    ‘Child poverty’ is not having children to claim benefit for.


    Now, who would like to share my bedroom ?

  257. 257
    Welcome to the real world says:

    When my mother-in-law was widowed and some of her kids left home,because her finances were stretched and she had no need for a large privately owned house she was forced to sell up and move to something smaller.

    A few years later when the rest of her kids left home, she sold up and moved to something smaller and more in keeping with her needs.

    Why should those in public housing expect to be treated any differently?

  258. 258
    the stench of hypocrisy says:

    How many houses does Harriet Harman own?

  259. 259
  260. 260
    nellnewman says:

    Well or his weekend ‘cottage’ down in sussex!!

  261. 261
  262. 262
    Sgt Doug Fackler, Thetford Police Academy says:

    The public should now expect a spate of thefts of paving slabs and kerb-stones.
    However, these will not appear in our crime statistics because no-one will dare report the thefts for fear of being sued by the police.


    Evening all.


    Just put them round the back, boys. (My new patio will be finished in no time.)

  263. 263
    nellnewman says:

    Any sensible person reading that thinks first ‘ what an absolute load of cobblers’ !!

    If this is labour’s / militwit’s/ bullyballs attempt to win points for 2015 election – all I can say is Pathetic!! And labour is on the wrong side of the argument.

  264. 264

    If any police officer in Scotland could “wave a magic wand” and be granted one wish, it would be to reduce alcohol consumption. Stephen House, head of Police Scotland from tomorrow.

    If it were taxed less, would we drіnk more responsibly?

    *Nice glass of Amaretto by my side*

  265. 265
    nellnewman says:

    My mother was widowed young in the 1950’s and left with 6 children. We lived in a 2.5 bedroomed council house – she took two jobs – one on the land 7.30am to 3pm and a cleaning job in the evenings 5pm to 9pm.

    We kids were 3 boys in one bedroom and 3 girls in the other.

    4 made grammar school and the other 2 did well enough at secondary – one of them getting a degree later in life.

    This imaginary line that labour use to define poverty is a nonsense. People need to take control of their own future and say we can support ourselves and help the next generation do better through education.

    Labour are so defeatist and just seem to want everyone to fail or become dependent on the state!!

  266. 266
    Balls and Cooper flip homes for expenses says:

    Most people living in their own home knows this “bedroom tax” scaremongering is total bollocks.And the Tories desperately need to seize the news agenda.

  267. 267
    Gulp, If you can't beat them, join them. says:

    I have no truck with scroungers but let me tell you a funny story;

    I was put onto one of these employment agencies after becoming unemployed, now they didn’t care about who you were and where you worked, they just wanted to get you off the books onto any part time shift work they could find and collect the money off the government.

    So after a month with them and finally being shifted to a part time rotating shift job in a factory I was off their books and the job centres books. Nearly a year later the factory had to lay off all the part timers as the orders had dried up.

    Low and behold back to square one and back down to the job centre again, now when it came being shuttled off to employment agency I was sent to another one, I asked why and was told the previous one had shut down, so off I go and low and behold, half of the staff there are from the previous employment agency and know me on a first name basis.

    All that within the space of a year.

    The employment people can’t even stay in the same fucking job for a year. The scroungers are just the tip off the iceberg, this country is completely fucked.

  268. 268
    nellnewman says:

    It’s called the ‘entitlement culture’

    13 years of labour government encouraged people to think they were entitled to a comfortable house and income without having to get out of bed to earn it.

    labour believed of course this was a way of buying votes without understanding that paying people to do nothing would eventually lead to running out of money.

    gordon thought when that happened that he could then proceed to print monopoly money to keep the something for nothing roundabout going and then finally hit the disaster where liam byrne said ‘ there’s no money left’

    Even now militwit and bullyballs seem to believe they can do the same all over again if only they can get into power.

    Not the brightest of brains are they??!!!

  269. 269
    Eh says:

    The “experts” who compile these poverty statistics must have grown up in very wealthy circumstances- like Toynbee or Harman.

    Growing up I didn’t know any kids who had their own bedroom. Everyone shared with their siblings and nobody thought anything about it.

  270. 270
    Ed Balls says:

    Bingo !

  271. 271
    genghiz the kahn says:

    March 31st, 2013
    David Miliband said: “I wish Sunderland AFC all success in the future. It is a great institution that does a huge amount for the North East and I wish the team very well over the next vital seven games. However, in the light of the new manager’s past political statements, I think it right to step down.”

    Can’t work out why Miliband couldn’t convince Di Canio that his political views were wrong.

  272. 272
    Sgt Doug Fackler, Thetford Police Academy says:

    Rumours of my colleague wearing a tutu when off duty have been much exaggerated.

  273. 273
    get a proper job says:

    Any time a “charity head” decides to lecture me about anything I switch off.

    They are head of an organisation that pays no taxes and therefore contributes absolutely f**k all to our society.Plus they are usually paid an outrageous salary, all paid for by the kind donations of people who can usually ill -afford it.

  274. 274
    nellnewman says:

    Didn’t just share a bedroom – we 3 girls were allocated the 0.5 bedroom which was barely big enough to take one double bed and nothing else – 2 slept one end and one (Me being the youngest!) slept the other.

    I don’t ever remember thinking we were impoverished. We were shown how to skin and gut rabbits that came off the land, how to make yorkshire puddings and white sauce – how to look after the chickens at the bottom of the garden that gave us eggs. How to encourage each other, in our chaotic daily lifestyle, to do well at school, polish our shoes, clean our teeth and wash the dishes because Mum was often gone to work when it was time to go to school.

    We thought we were blessed! We were blessed!

    The last 13 years of labour has destroyed that family – do well-look after your own spirit and replaced it with the defeatist ‘I can’t be bothered – the state must look after me and mine – it is our right’

    The only product of the last 13 years of labour is the canker they’ve created at the heart of our society , the destruction they’ve wrought to our society’s will to do anything, achieve anything for itself.

    I regard bliar’s and brown’s government as the most Evil , Damaging government we have ever had.

  275. 275
    nellnewman says:

    No doubt dave militwit willl be selling that house he inherited , which he managed to dodge inheritance tax on, and move to New York into another swanky american home.

    bliar will be proud of him and he will be able to fraternise with the bliars and the clintons on their little blue cloud of self congratulation in the states as they all keep adding those £millions to their bank balances!!

  276. 276
    Saffron says:

    millipede/D please feck of and make your commie fortune elsewere,you were a tosser in your time in office,stick to the bannana it suits you.
    As regards Red ED taking his orders from a union ie:- McCluskey well that speaks volumes.
    Relative to BALLS well what a feckup this guy is all I am seeing of this economic illiterate sack of shit is spend spend spend,just like he was telling the gorgon to do,and it cost us dearly.
    All of you would do well to consider who you will vote for next time round,lib/dumb/liebour,as they are cheeks of the same arse who will sell us down the river.
    Have a look at UKIP and their policies and decide for yourselves and I know who I and my family and friends will be voting for and it will not be the traitors.

  277. 277
    nellnewman says:

    Does anybody know what labour stands for apart from looking after itself, decimating the working classes , destroying decent educational standards and encouraging society to become dependent on the state?!

  278. 278
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Illegal wars, deaths of people in hospital.

  279. 279
    ccleaner says:

    I do have a Caché about me don’t you think ?

  280. 280
    Benny FitzCulture says:

    Labour : Layabouts And Bums On Undeserved Rewards.

  281. 281
    ccleaner says:

    Do try and get him interested in something useful or he will end up a fat, alcoholic slag with nothing interesting to say.

  282. 282
    nellnewman says:

    The big history story of late 20th century / early 21st century history of the UK I think is always going to be how the labour government destroyed the working classes, the educational system and the UK economy and then conned us over anthropogenic global warming. Not to mention kinnochio and the eu!!

    The secondary story is going to be how bliar , having waged war on the middle east, made £millions out of it and brown and davemilitwit imitated his role model to try and do the same!!

  283. 283
    wankerthon says:

    I bet the Millibands needed separate bedrooms,

  284. 284
    Labourunionsbbc are one under the EU says:

    So, the Biased bbc news announces that a football manager was associated with a far right organisation. Designed to generate shock horror in the viewer. Would they ever mention that someone was associated with a far left organisation, like: Common Purpose, Unite, Stop the city, Hacked Off, The Fabian Society, . . . . Plenty are, and they not only don’t mention the fact they have them on the media to spout their pernicious lies.

  285. 285
    David Milibanned says:

    This continent ain’t big enough for the both of us.

  286. 286
    Rumpledforeskin says:

    the English are generally too nice and sensible to be rioting and hanging fat bastards from lampposts but you are fucking pushing it.

  287. 287
    Rumpledforeskin says:

    when I say “you” I aim my remark at the fat bastards who are just taking the piss

  288. 288
    David Minibanana says:

    I have stomped off in a sulk.

  289. 289
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:

    I think I’ll do a bit of perverting the course of justice next week…..

  290. 290
    Rumpledforeskin says:

    I am very grateful for the grammar school system which instilled an understanding of regiment in behaviour and thinking in order to focus on the purpose. and loads of interesting information, thanks for all that.

  291. 291
    Polly Tonbee says:

    I had to share a Hall, a large country house and a Villa with my sister.

  292. 292
    Reality speaks says:

    When I came home tonight I passed my neighbours house with a brand new 4 x 4 parked on his drive and I heard him working away in his garage which he has converted into a workshop. The car is obtained as a disability car, everything paid for, his wife claims carer allowance for looking after him and when he isnt working in his workshop they go hiking, well away from the neighbours as he tells them all how disabled he is.

    Next door to him is another brand new disability provided car used by the wife and husband but never by the offspring which is the reason for having it, she is catered for by round the clock carers, Wonder why the country is in debt?

  293. 293
    q says:

    Game of Thrones – intelligent stripping

    Spartacus – intelligent stripping

    Coalition Government — asset stripping

  294. 294
    s says:

    there are NO scroungers

    except the royal family, bankers, elites and mps

    get it right!!!

  295. 295
    Dinsdale says:

    Just 7 days in Wandsworth and already he’s being treated for pilates. Wimp !

  296. 296
    s says:

    if it’s ‘fair’ having a bedroom tax why aren’t the bankers in gaol?

  297. 297
    oh my, the footwork! says:

    They don’t need to have a brain Nell, the red rosette will get them in, the braindead will vote for anything that has a red rosette pinned to it, sad innit, if they had brains, they would be asking the political party’s that come to the door what’s in it for me and make them sign a piece of paper explaining what is in it for them. .

  298. 298
    Anonymous says:

    You mean National Socialist Hitler?

  299. 299
    old queen watch says:

    I had you down as more of a Babycham kinda guy.

  300. 300
    oh my, the footwork! says:

    Why isn’t Brown in jail, he let the bankers loose, with 3 different agencies supposedly in charge but none actually were, he was the one who changed the way bankers reported and had their wrists slapped, blame him for all our money woes, he saved the world you know.

  301. 301
    oh my, the footwork! says:

    LibLabCon, asset strippers to the EU.

  302. 302
    Shit always floats to the top says:

    It’s being reported Cypriot president Vassilou and his family transferred tens of millions to London days before deposit haircuts.

  303. 303
    Fred the Shred Goodwin says:

    Gordon gave me a knighthood and those fucking Tories took it away. Bring back Gordon Brown, Ed Balls & Ed Miliband !!

  304. 304
    Gulp, If you can't beat them, join them. says:

    Think you are fighting over who gets the best deck chair on the titanic mate, like I say this country is fucked no matter who is in charge.

  305. 305
    Rumpledforeskin says:

    I am especially grateful to my maths teacher who made the subject so interesting against my general reluctance. In those days I think there were quite a few educated ladies who had lost betrothed and husbands in the fighting and had a dedication, perhaps because of their experiences, which made for an enjoyable class. I wish kids today had the opportunities to sit in my class rooms.

  306. 306
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:

    Chris Huhne ? Never heard of him.

  307. 307
    The Loony Left says:

    He is a strong supporter of the European cause, he proved it recently by co-signing Soros’ open letter calling for more Europe in the single currency turmoil.[1]

  308. 308
    oh my, the footwork! says:

    You get what you vote for.

  309. 309
    Realist says:

    He has a point; after all whether you were Sunni, Shi’ite or Christian you could practice your religion, well, religiously.

    Anyone rocking the boat got slotted; Saddam Hussain was an evil bastard, but no worse than any other potentate in that neck of the woods..

  310. 310
    Green Meany says:

    We’ll raise her fuel bills and kill the old bitch off.

  311. 311
    Rumpledforeskin says:

    If I could just put in an observation ?
    when all of the manufacturing of food and machinery, shit disposal, bio-organs is done auto-magically by machines, where will be the necessity to stop flaking out ? perhaps these druggy nere-do-wells are actually forging a new behaviour for man, like a testing circuit.

  312. 312
    Laocoon says:

    Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!!!

  313. 313
  314. 314
    Jimbo says:

    Brown was doing what the bankers told him to do.

  315. 315
    Rumpledforeskin says:

    an Irishman comes across a leprechaun who is stuck in a bog and he frees him from his predicament.
    ” Oh thank you, thank you, In regards to that I will be giving you the 2 wishes if you would be making them now.”
    says Paddy, ” well I have always been tinking that an everlasting bottle of guinness would be handy.”
    so Paddy makes his wish and LO and Behold there is an everlasting bottle of guinness so paddy pours himself a pint and incredibly the bottle fills itself up again with the guinness.

    ” So now you will be having another wish” says the leprachaun
    ” well I will be wishing for another one of these bottles” says Paddy

  316. 316
    Louise Mental says:

    In the end the stress of worrying about all those poor people on waiting lists was more than I could bear.

  317. 317
    The president demands an investigation. LOL well he would say that says:

    A company owned by in-laws of Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades wired €21 million from Laiki Bank to London days before the Eurogroup’s crisis-triggering levy proposal, claims a Cypriot newspaper. The president demands an investigation.

  318. 318
    Dirty money made whiter than white and the EU Zone is Jealous says:

    So will The EU demand that the London bank’s investors take a haircut?

  319. 319
    Cameron is Toast says:

  320. 320
    CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

    1) It’s sensible to claw back extra un-needed spare room subsidies.
    2) Bankers didn’t break the law.

    Anything else for your next incoherent mashup?

  321. 321
    CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

    “The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are now outnumbered by those who vote for a living.”

  322. 322
    Rumpledforeskin says:

    an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman walk into a bar and the barman says ” get the fuck out of here”

  323. 323
    CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

    Censorship Is Flourishing on the iNazi sites like the Grauniad and Indy (more staff than paying readers?)

  324. 324
    Jimbo says:

    Hey Rupert, it’s probably not for the reasons you are thinking of. Her high ratings in those countries are probably because they directly benefitted from the de-industrialisation of Britain. Your kosher friend Keith Joseph aided and abetted that policy and your other kosher friends Irwin Stelzer and Mandelson made sure the policy was followed through.

  325. 325
    CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

    >Shouldn’t that be , we are moving you out of your home,

    Not their HOME. It’s the state’s home and someone else needs it more…

  326. 326
    CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

    It’s a good job the State never even tried to teach you.

    “Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”
    Ronald Reagan (PBUH)

  327. 327
    CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

    I was taught a load of bullshit at school

    I was taught FDR ended the great depression…. the opposite is true.

    Best lessons ever, I now know to trust the state zero percent of the time. I hope our CAGW indoctrinated youths also learn the state is a liar, and teachers are willing accomplices.

  328. 328
    Jimmy says:

    Reagan ignorant? He didn’t know the meaning of the word.

  329. 329
    CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

    If anything immigration pressures low skilled wages down and rents up.

    Good for the rent-seeking classes.

  330. 330
    Jimmy says:

    Yes imagine that. Some news outlets actually fact check CCHQ press releases before parrotting them.

  331. 331
    CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

    >If you inherit a house and can’t sell it

    Have you tried reducing the price…

  332. 332
    Jimmy says:

    ps. I notice the rest of his Twatter feed is taken up with extolling the virtues of press independence from Govt. Obviously his paper’s contribution to April Fools’ Day.

  333. 333
    CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

    >An empty house that does not use any services

    It does. It uses the services of people who could contribute to the area.

    It’s actually the most capitalist of taxes advocated by Adam Smith himself…

  334. 334
    CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

    It’s amusing that the entitlement culture from the benefits culture of nonworking and expecting to be paid has transferred into the “homeowner” LOL (shit home”investor morelike) classes.

    All the falls in land affordability are harmful for the wider economy…

  335. 335
    CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

    Thing is the baby boomers subsidised their own existence with debt so their savings are imaginary as well.

  336. 336
    Is Nell Edwina's Alter Ego? says:

  337. 337
    sick of em says:

    there have been 42 law changes in 3 years concerning welfare – disabled people are claimed to be £5000 poorer this year on average

    at the same time as 6 new changes to the law on welfare are happening on the same day (today) the rich get a 10% tax cut

    who’s side are you on?

    the nazis in government are bringing the country down faster than anyone else and it’s the poor who are paying for the economic crisis instigated by banks and politcos of all colours

    shame on the lot of them and all those who support this non-mandated travesty

  338. 338
    s says:

    you really are a c’unt

  339. 339
    Gooner says:



  340. 340
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    But what will daddy-in-law do without his grand a day for ‘up-keep’ of all those lovely twirly things in his garden?

  341. 341
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    or *****g deported themselves. South Sandwich Islands are nice at this time of the year…..

  342. 342
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    … except he tried to grab by force other people’s land. If he had not done that he would probably still be enjoying his very comfortable lifestyle. Other potentates know that.

  343. 343
    Matilda says:

    daily – and before you start surfing.

  344. 344
    Matilda says:

    Can you please explain to the Committee exactly WHY this poor lad was watching the BBC instead of something a tad more respectable?

  345. 345
    Matilda says:

    The paper would finally go bust?

  346. 346
    Matilda says:

    Gove should just tell them that since they no longer wish to work, their services are no longer required.

    There are plenty of under employed and well educated folk out there who can teach the 3 ‘R’s up to well beyond the old 11+ standards – and proper teachers can take pupils on from there.

  347. 347
    Curly says:

    Surely the Spuds’ supporters and their tribe/clan could put this idiot out to pasture some where nice – like Jamaica for instance?

  348. 348
    Curly says:

    Rumpy, me too! My maths master in the 1950s was a rather scruffy and dishevelled fellow, but he recognised how much I struggled with maths despite my willingness to try and understand. He took a very personal interest in helping me squeeze through ‘O’ level for which I shall be eternally grateful to him. The rest, as they say, is history.

  349. 349
    Curly says:

    I thought the hippies did that 40 odd years ago. Look where that got ‘em! (Apart from the ones who could sing a bit and write a few decent songs).

  350. 350
    Curly says:

    So Mr House is not a fan of Independence then by the sound of it!

  351. 351
    Curly wonders says:

    On that basis, why can’t we get all our useless MPs to stand down and GTF out of our lives?

  352. 352
    Curly says:

    In a word ‘destruction’.

  353. 353
    Pished MP says:

    Oh and House of Commons bar subsidies amount to much less than OAP benefits so that shouldnt be changed either.

  354. 354
  355. 355
    Ed Balls says:

    My favourite part of maths was subtraction – it involved lots of borrowing.

  356. 356
    Anonymous says:

    She should have kept her legs shut.

  357. 357
    David the Navigator says:

    Thought Di Canio was already convinced that Miliband’s political views are wrong.

  358. 358
    Anonymous says:

    So, importing more fascists will mean we get rid of more liblabcons…

    win, win

  359. 359
    Kitty on Elm Street says:

    Aren’t we still paying New Labour’s Bagram Tax?

    It doesn’t matter who you vote for – the government always gets in.

  360. 360
    Little Nicky Clegg, Chief Cockroach, Pervs Я Us says:

    He’s my friend in prison.
    I won’t be visiting him, of course.

  361. 361
    albacore says:

    Quite right, too, the Tories ought to be shot
    Them and the Labour and Liberal lot
    Their decades of unrestrained treachery
    Are plain as the nose on your face to see
    Dear me, I forgot that it’s All Fools Day
    The suckers won’t sweep those jokers away

  362. 362
    BBC News Editor says:

    Oh please fuck off! We’d have to start sourcing our own stories and everything!

    That £3.5 billion a year we get by being the main reason women go to prison in this country doesn’t THAT far you know!

    More Champers all round now.

  363. 363
    Owen Jones says:

    Fuck off April Fools! Fuck off! Fuck off! Fuck off! Fuck off!

  364. 364
    Dave the Failure says:

    The really important things are whether Celtic and Rangers moronic pigs’ bladder kicking teams can be in the Premier League, and Same Sex Marriage.

    The U.K. is going fucking bank rupt, but I’ve got my priorities right.


  365. 365
    Curious says:

    Along with every other man woman and child in the U.K., your personal share of the National Debt is rising at £5 per day.

    Where do you think the money should come from? By fucking printing it no doubt.

  366. 366
    Owen Jones says:

    Farewell to the NHS (1948-2013): murdered by the Tories. Owen Jones column for Indy Voices:

  367. 367
    BBC News Editor says:

    Reality mandates it.

    We can do it this way, or all of a sudden when our interest rates rocket.

    Up to you.

  368. 368
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:

    There’s only one way to stop this Global Warning Climate Change affecting the UK and that’s to increase the taxes on your fuel consumption. That’ll fix it.

  369. 369
    JH392842934123 says:

    Yeah, right.

    She was a giant among minnows. The BBC’s pathetic attempt to big up Miliband Senior bought this in to very, very sharp relief.

  370. 370
    JH392842934123 says:

    brought, dammit.

  371. 371
    Hippo Crissy says:

    Funny how catherlick Guido goes after Obama over the Falklands but stays deathly silent over Pope Buggerboys who not only colluded with the Galtieri regime but only recently called the Brits usurpers and demanded the Falklands be given to Argentina.

  372. 372
    Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

    I’m on the side of any party that will get people back to work, that will create growth and have lots more money coming into the Treasury through taxes in order to pay for all the disabled, sick, old and genuinely poor.

    Taxing the shite out of rich people will stop them investing in the UK, will stop them hiring new workers, will stop growth.

    Labour’s 10% reckless rise in income tax for the wealthy has proven this. So now much less money is coming into the Treasury. If that is what you want just so it can make you happy then you really are quite nasty.

  373. 373
    NHS hospitals = Soviet Deathcamps says:

    Oh, if only it were true!

  374. 374
    Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

    And yet Labour promised to cut money going into the NHS while the Tories have increased it. Strange he hasnt much to say about that.

  375. 375
    Hangoverman says:

    Yes, but could you do it with a silencer, please. I’ve got a headache.

  376. 376

    I’ve always felt that Gordon Brown was a good guy. As both Chancellor & PM he was the greatest thing since sliced bread, and arguably the most charismatic of all time and of any country. He is essentially a decent man.

    It was not his fault there was not a proper leadership election and as a result a lot of the media were prejudiced against him right from the outset. And certain columnists – including supposedly pro Labour – absolutely vilified him.

    His career was not marked by the sort of silly mistakes which have brought down lesser leaders, the rumour of a November GE was false, he was right to remove the 10% tax threshold and was quite correct to increase NI. We never experienced such a long succession of good news about the positive things Labour had done in government. He abolished boom and bust.

    Gordon was one of the best Chancellor’s this country has ever had. He was right on the economy and if he were still to be in power, we would now be living in a land of milk and honey.

    Mrs Duffy was a Tory mole paid for by the Murdoch press who spiked the equipment when he left his radio mike. They had prepared a false recording of scraps of different interviews to make out he was being two faced. As a son of the manse that would just not be possible.

    If I have ever said anything which might be construed as being to the contrary, it is false and was probably posted by that wicked Guido who constantly vilifies the great and the good.

  377. 377
    McCarthy & Stone says:

    From today we are expanding our portfolio to include the building of workhouses.

  378. 378
    Spellcheck says:

    There is no apostrophe in ‘Chancellors’

  379. 379
    P l e b says:

    “I’m on the side of any party that will get people back to work, that will create growth and have lots more money coming into the Treasury through taxes in order to pay for all the disabled, sick, old and genuinely poor”

    So not the Tories?

  380. 380
    Tony Eden from Eton says:

    I am absolutely confident that the latest benefit reforms will be a resounding success.

    Let us be perfectly clear here, anything organised by Ian Duncan Smith most certainly will epitomise all Conservative values of efficiency ,value for money and compassion.

    We are all very lucky to have someone of Duncan’s ability to lead us.

  381. 381
    Frank's son says:

    Just where did these 900,000 people go? If they came off sickness benefit they would have to claim JSA…So why isn’t this reflected in the unemployment figures? Please don’t spout your ususal crap about they all found jobs. Tey didn’t. So where are they? Just more government spin, and I thought Labour were the masters of spin. How wrong I was.

  382. 382
    Frank's son says:

    How would she know? Didn’t she desert her post for a life of Riley in NY. Just like Miliband.

  383. 383
    David Cameron says:

    We are going to change the law, retrospectively, to allow children from age three to run up inside chimneys and so revive the fortunes of chimney sweeps.

  384. 384

    Apart from that, for which there is a reason which just I might reveal later, I take it you agree with me about the more important content.

  385. 385
    Frank's son says:

    Or indeed Cameron, IDS et al.

  386. 386
    P l e b says:

    Yes, from today many more people will be thinking ‘yes the Tories are doing the right thing. I will definitely be voting for them at the next election’

  387. 387
    Francis Drake says:

    If they do then Spanish investors will be singed.

  388. 388
    BarryW says:

    The very heavily subsidised travel costs [by the national taxpayers] in London

  389. 389
    Spellcheck says:

    My point about the apostrophe was factually correct. Your article is entirely subjective.

  390. 390
    Ed Miliband's Parasite Party (for shirkers, not workers) says:

    Work is wrong! Work is evil! Fear not, oh parasites, spongers and skivers! Listen! Our Dear Leader Ed Miliband willl be Prime Minister soon! Other people’s money will be given to you by the wheelbarrowload! You need not work, you can skive!

    So rejoice, oh parasites, rejoice! Sup your White Lightning and snooze, for Dear Leader Ed, the Supreme Parasite, will save you soon!

    (This message is available in 27 other languages. Contact your local Parasite Party representative for details. Opening hours Mon & Thu, 11:00-12:00, 14:00-15:30)

  391. 391
    Gordon Brown says:

    I really really fancied being Vice-Chancellor of the Community College in Barnstable but they gave me the bum’s rush.

  392. 392
    Labour's voters are subhuman cretins says:

    Labour increased government spending by 53%. The Conservative-led coalition have reduced it by … 2.9%

    Oh, the pain!

  393. 393
    Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

    I agree Gordon has been badly maligned. Just because he was a tad reckless by encouraging banks to make so many dodgy loans (I mean how could he possibly have known that 115% mortgages could be problematical?) in order to get more tax revenue into the Treasury. But at least that money was spent wisely on saving people from the shabby behaviour of Saddam Hussein. And how would all those gay people have survived without all that money going to them? Where would the Indian space program be now but for the generosity of Gordon? And how many rich French farmers would have suffered without the UK contributing so much more money to the EU?

  394. 394
    Hangoverman says:

    “if he were still to be in power, we would now be living in a land of milk and honey.”

    Some of us (10% in fact), Mr Cat, are lactose intolerant. And honey is sugar and sugar causes tooth decay, gum disease (leading to heart disease) and/or that thing that causes you to have your legs cut off.. gangrene.. no, not gangrene, sounds like Leukemia but it’s not Leukemia. Diabetes. I knew it sounds like Leukemia.

    Anyway, so much for the land of milk and honey.

  395. 395
    Hangoverman says:

    “if he were still to be in power, we would now be living in a land of milk and honey.”

    Some of us (10pc in fact), Mr Cat, are lactose intolerant. And honey is sugar and sugar causes tooth decay, gum disease (leading to heart disease) and/or that thing that causes you to have your legs cut off.. gangrene.. no, not gangrene, sounds like Leukemia but it’s not Leukemia. Diabetes. I knew it sounds like Leukemia.

    Anyway, so much for the land of milk and honey.

  396. 396
    Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

    Oh and by the way I have started a Gordon Brown fan club. Using Gordon’s own version of mathematics there are currently 3,000,000,000 members and I only started it two hours ago.

  397. 397
    Anonymous says:

    You know things are fucked up when Guido’s urging you to read Louise Mensch in the Sun.

  398. 398
    Red Ed's non-predator union bosses says:

    Morning, Harriet.

  399. 399
    BBC policy guru says:

    You wait till we start praising, even on Songs of Praise, the ascent of Miliband. Slurp liberally everyone!

  400. 400
    Tom Catesby says:

    ‘The treasury has a spy in the foreign office’…a.k.a, your PPS is in the club getting pissed with our PPS.

  401. 401
    Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

    I think I might start supporting Sunderland now.

  402. 402
    The cat that got the cream says:

    In your dreams.


  403. 403
    Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill says:

    Sensible neighbours in Twickers agree, but Cable says it will lose him the big election.

  404. 404
    Grand Master, Grand Lodge, Great Queen Street says:

    Don’t worry Handy, everything is under control. Jahbulon.

  405. 405
    Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill says:

    Hate to state the obvious but: tax the cheap flights everywhere which might get people to spend all their money in swanky places across this sceptered isle, rather than in Monte Carlo or Biarritz. A few more Champneys/ Centre Parcs etc would not go down badly, and we have some great seaside hotels all struggling because of the Easyjet Lobby. Which by the way is often cheaper for our tourists going elsewhere than for foreign tourist carriers landing. Go figure!

  406. 406
    Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill says:

    But it’s red! Soon to be our next second-favourite colour.

  407. 407
    Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill says:

    Tenant it.

  408. 408
    John I'm-not-Happy Bercow says:

    Too late, the boat has flown.

  409. 409
    Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill says:

    “And so would the other prisoners, who can smell elitism a mile away.” Is that because they smell clean, unlike the rest who smell of each other’s excrement.

  410. 410
    Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill says:

    Yes! As though we spend all our money on the UK. Pass the Bollinger and arrange my next flight to New York and then the following to Aix en Provence, and get the tenants to cough up the arrears, serve notices to quit on the jobless and overcrowd a few more Romanians into flats 53 to 57.

  411. 411
    Curly says:

    Somebody please tell Cat that those mysterious vapour trials in the sunny uplands can have a deleterious effect on the senses.

  412. 412
    Curly says:

    A few years ago the place was riddled with them, so nothing new really.

  413. 413
    Expat Geordie says:

    The jockey who won the Grand National. He’s actually a friend of hers, and they were effectively having a private joke on national television.

    The usual suspects complained though, which was a surprise as I thought that you were not allowed to complain about lesbians on the telly.

  414. 414
    BBC policy guru says:

    There are actually very tight criteria in claiming JSA. Savings too high, no JSA. Possible other place to live, little/no JSA. Got a job, no JSA. Simples. If there had been a surge in registered jobseekers you’d have heard it first here.

  415. 415
    Jimmy says:

    They all disappeared like Corinne Stockheath.

  416. 416
    Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill says:

    That in those days may have been harder, males had more power over women, and the consequences were less severe for the taxpayer. Now we have some women setting up a soup kitchen for their children while boozing and partying, they do not even teach the children to be normal, to want to be working adults. Many such children becoming wannabe drug dealers, scroungers, teenage and pregnant, or obese benefit fraudsters.

  417. 417
    Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill (and 1st class passenger!) says:

    Are you saying we could cut Corporate Taxes to the best in the G20, have full employment, celebrate Britain, and cut off relying on a benefits culture to provide people with a subsistence level way of life? You clearly have no sense of Grauniad.

  418. 418
    Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill (and 1st class passenger!) says:

    One word: smelly eggs to all those of you that would not mind her or May as PM.

  419. 419
    Jimmy says:

    no problem. you can all come and share with me. does everyone like plum duff?

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