March 27th, 2013

Will the Last Blairite to Leave Switch Out the Light?

red-light-milibandThis morning Nick Robinson observed on the Today programme of David Miliband “He was not just the other brother, he was the New Labour brother.” Robinson also reported that one senior figure on the left of the Labour Party told him late last night: “It’s important for the left to avoid triumphalism but it obviously marks the date when New Labour finally accepted that the crisis requires us to turn the page… Now there can be no excuse for timidity [from Ed Miliband] because the Blairites are decisively weakened.”

Milburn, Reid, Purnell and now David Miliband are all gone as they see the writing on the wall, a frontbench packed with more supporters of Ed Balls than David Miliband despite him having won far more support from the parliamentary Labour Party. Dan Hodges identified it yesterday before the news from David Miliband – his brother Ed is a hostage to the left of his party together with the unions who put him in place and hold the purse strings. He can’t move towards the voters on policy without undermining himself and party unity. The Owen Jones digital Bennites are in the ascendant supported by the siren calls of Polly Toynbee, fronting the drive among activists for more left-wing policies – the inherent problem for a party with socialist activists far to the left of the electorate on, for example, welfare reform. As they rise in the polls and scent power the left becomes more furious in its policy demands…

byrneEd’s current poll lead means the left-wing of his party is in no mood for compromising with the electorate. The remaining Blairites like Liam Byrne are on the receiving end of vitriol last seen when Derek Hatton was in his prime. The unions are in no mood for moderation, Len McCluskey last week wrote to congratulate  the 44 MPs who defied a three-line party whip to vote against Liam Byrne’s official line on welfare reform.   They enjoy principled opposition, the Blairite accommodation with reality was an aberration, it matters not a jot to much of the rank and file that it was the most successful period in history for the Labour Party. The capacity of the Labour Party to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory is legendary – a left-wing Labour Party will not form a coalition government in 2015…

Above was how Owen Jones greeted the news of David Miliband’s exit from British politics. Tony Blair hints in his more generous statement of his fears “He is obviously a massive loss to UK politics… I hope and believe this is time out not time over.” It is over, all that remains for Labour moderates is for the last of them to switch off the light…


  1. 1
    Dudley Pig says:

    Owen Jones is a joke

  2. 2
    a non says:

    Hasn’t Hodges mum- Glenda Jackson also seen the light?
    She is standing down too at the next GE.

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    What about a return for Blair himself as Labour candidate for South Shields?

  4. 4
    David Blair Cameron says:

    Thank you David for your contribution to a conservative victory in 2015.

  5. 5
    genghiz the kahn says:

    David Miliband’s achievements are listed in the box [].

  6. 6
    If I can come back, you can come back says:

    What about the return of Tony Blair himself as Labour candidate for South Shields?

  7. 7
    Grrr says:

    Get your platform shoes and flared trousers out lads – its going to be the 1970’s all over again.

    Strikes, militancy, Union thugs running the country and Marxist poverty.

    Can we bring back Garry Glitter?

  8. 8
    I Remember You Hoo says:

    Prepare for Baroness Jackson, they never stand down from troughing for long.

  9. 9
    .twat says:

    Goodbye. Won’t miss you in the slightest. Next

  10. 10
    Anonymous says:

    It is surprising that these people think that £65,000 plus expense is not enough. In the real world these people cannot even work as cleaners as they are useless.

  11. 11
    I Remember You Hoo says:

    Bliar is rather busy counting the millions he makes, from his part time jobs and part time peace envoy sinecure. His son however……

  12. 12
    The King had no clothes. says:

    Every columnist and his dog is weeping tears and writing pages of D Miliband the great man diatribe this morning.

    FFS he is, was and never will be great, he was a failure, he bottled it and a crap foreign secretary too.

    Why are they writing obituaries about a character that never existed?

  13. 13
    Ref says:

    Owen Jones may wanna ask something similar of a certain scottish MP and Ex PM who does not seem to be present either…………

  14. 14
    Jeff Tracy says:

    It just provides further proof that you can’t trust politicians. You turn your back for a milisecond and David fucking Miliband has nicked your job. I blame some of the kids and I will be giving that Scott a piece of my mind the next time I see him.

    I want Milishambles to know that I am not handing over the keys for Tracy Island and he can’t use Thunderbird 5 for monitoring and communication. If he thinks I am going down without a fight like he did when his brother knifed him in the back, he’s got another thing coming.

  15. 15
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    Ed’s “current poll lead” is a work of fiction by Labour’s pollster friends and the Cameron’s media enemies who pay for them.

    Labour idiots should have long since learnt that, their positon in polls is so often wildly exagerrated.

  16. 16
    Steve Miliband says:

    When Ed finally fills in his blank piece of paper, a few months before the election, the main thrust will be more state funding paid for by taxing the well off.

    The Tories had better get their act together or we are doomed. Damp squib conservatism beats socialism

  17. 17
    I Remember You Hoo says:


    Don’t you mean Fauxservative / SDP Europhile party?

  18. 18
    sick of em says:

    the utterly, contemptible bastard that is ian duncan shit holds sway over the poor once again as the social fund disappears to be replaced with food vouchers

    just what sort of country are wel living in now when this shit faced c’unt hold sway over the poor whilst the rich get away with murder???? c’unts the lot of them

  19. 19
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    Anybody got the vid of the Russian Foreign Minister telling him take a hike?

  20. 20
    Neil Kinnock says:

    I’ve got my party back. Well all right! Well all right! We’re all shite! We’re all shite!

  21. 21
    SP4BS says:

    never great. bottled it. crap.

    I wouldn’t hold any of that against him, sounds like a perfect prime minister.

  22. 22
    Self destruction it's the EU way. says:

    Great picture Guido.

    Just like the incandescent light bulb, Milibanana has been replaced by a dim eco loon version.

  23. 23
    Tuscan Tony says:

    Life’s a relative game, compared to his colobus monkey brother he was a towering colossus.

  24. 24
    Curly says:

    Just long enough for us to get him to The Hague.

  25. 25
    nellnewman says:

    Well as kinnochio said the day edmilitwit won the leadership of the labour party ‘ I’ve got my party back’

    labour didn’t do any good with kinnochio then and they won’t do any good with militwit now.

    davemilitwit was sensible to get out and let labour suffocate in the care of the unions.

    Even Dan Hodges , for whom I have a great deal of respect in spite of his misplaced loyalty to the labour party say that labour are going to self destruct with this mad dash to the left.

  26. 26
    Theresa May's reminder sheet says:

    Deep joy – we get the news on the Abu Qatada appeal on Friday.

    Must make announcement on the future of the Borders Agency on Saturday (I have a feeling I have already heard this?)

  27. 27
    Casual Observer says:

    Now all we need to do is get rid of Dave and the rest of the CONLIBLAB centrist caring PC cnuts.

  28. 28
    Chris Huhne says:

    Have you missed me?

  29. 29
    Anonymous says:

    This is life. But he was better than the one with two jag and a rover. He didn’t achieve anything good for the country while he was a minister.

  30. 30
    Curly says:

    Ration books worked very well in the post war period ensuring that everybody had access to what they needed in sufficient quantities – which did not include fags, booze, drugs, smart phones and a Sky sub.

    Bring it on Ian.

  31. 31
    Anonymous says:

    No, but even Gordon would be better.

  32. 32
    nellnewman says:

    IDS has the right idea – all benefits should be paid this way – by use of stamps or a card which can only be used to buy sensible food and housing benefits should be paid directly to landlords so that feckless tenants can’t get their hands on any money to buy alcohol, cigarettes or drugs.

  33. 33
    DNA from the pound shop. says:

    You mean the gene pool was dry by the time another Miliband bruv was made?

  34. 34
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    ‘Hope South Shields ends up with a North East candidate who sees being an MP as an actual full-time service.’

    So, it’s wrong to say that about Miliband but it would be right to say it about Brown? I say that as someone who thinks they are both tossers.

  35. 35
    Mystic Mike says:

    Is there a full moon? Nick Robinson political analysis is correct for once!

  36. 36
    Socialist Worker says:

    It would be good if Milipede D’s one eyed scotch boss also grew a moral compass and resigned from the seat he allegeldy occupies

  37. 37
    Matilda says:

    Neil, It’s ok you can cry if you want to….

  38. 38
    nellnewman says:

    I think Theresa May has the look of a potential Tory Leader – unfortunately we’re stuck with dave ‘wet behind the ears ‘ cameron.

  39. 39
    The Old Fella says:

    Liebore do NOT seem to remember the wilderness years of the 1980’s and the rise and rise of extremism (leftwards) and the Cons. do not seem to remember their wildness years from 1997 extremism (rightwards) both sides look upon the electorate as a bunch of numpties, to be lied to, fiddled, it is time the electorate started to motivate themselves and make every safe seat a marginal seat so that politicos do their bidding and not just throw money at glory projects, which the country cannot afford or even wants, HS1,2,3…. immediately comes to mind, another way to lose even more money (who will be able afford to travel on them)

  40. 40
    Starky says:

    South Shields? – The socialists could put up a seagull as candidate and still win – and crap on you less!

  41. 41
    Matilda says:

    So, light the blue touch paper and retreat to a safe distance. Get your popcorn in early.

  42. 42
    Old England says:

    The tory’s you refer to,to up their game,no longer exist…There is no tory party under
    the present leadership…..Too left,too Europhile,fine if your homosexual,but not a tory
    party anymore…Even adopting labours deciet and reneging on promises…

  43. 43
    Matilda says:

    Sorry, they’ve all gone away.

  44. 44
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’ve got my potty back.

  45. 45
    super mong says:

    i hope they win. will finish liebour for ever

  46. 46
    The Old Fella says:

    Would you like to sit where Gordy has sat?

  47. 47
    OnBenefits says:

    So what happened to liberty?

  48. 48
    Gordon Tracy (nee Brown) says:

    There’ll be some flying mobile phones in Scotland today.

  49. 49
    Matilda says:

    It’s only a paper moon sailing over a cardboard sea….

  50. 50
    SP4BS says:

    how does it work in small shops, markets etc?

    I don’t see how you get the administration for this to work, and for it to penetrate down to retailers smaller than Tesco. Perhaps they’ve been lobbying him.

  51. 51
    Labour Danger says:

    We’re really talking about a division between two evils here. The Blairites who are corrupt and evil, indulging in crony capitalism and smears, and the Miliband/left contingent who want to do as their union paymasters demand, as well as indulge in smears and cronyism.

  52. 52
    Bellendia Slash says:

    what, the seat on the rocking horse?

  53. 53
    Back in The EUSSR says:

    Theresa May is one of the main architects of the left leaning Cameroons, what the hell are you on Nell ? You will be proposing head idiot boy Oliver Letwin for chancellor next.

  54. 54
    The Old Fella says:

    MM, my, Nick Robinson getting praise from you, now there’s a funny thing, misses, there’s a funny thing

  55. 55
    Jimmy Savile (Deceased) says:

    And can we bring back SHOW…WADDY…WADDY!!!

  56. 56
    Abu fucking Qatada says:

    You aint seen me, Right

  57. 57
    Guido Fawkes & Owen Jones Coalition says:

    With the departure of David Miliband , the rout of the Blairites is complete. The Tataglias really have beaten the Corleone

  58. 58
    Believe it when I read it says:

    I will be counting the number of times the press and BBC refer to ‘lurch to the left’, ‘far left’ or ‘ extreme left’ from now on when referring to Lab people and policies. Not counting my breath – but the Cons should be using the phrase the whole time

  59. 59
    Old England says:

    Oddly enough ,there is,all the “Eds” will be “Howling”, tonight!!!!!

  60. 60
    Matilda says:

    I have not yet seen one comment from anyone up there protesting about us lot calling them thickies. So either:

    1. what we say is correct or
    2. none of them read this blog or
    3. electricity supplies have not yet reached the area after 100 years of modernisation.

  61. 61
    Wyle Cop says:

    A poll lead of 6 – 10 points? FFS, even Michael Foot was doing better against Margaret at this stage of the cycle – or, indeed, The Welsh Windbag against Major.

  62. 62
    E. Norma-Snockers says:

    so that *was* you in mothercare

  63. 63
    Matilda says:

    Oh how we all wish that was so!

  64. 64
    Rumpledforeskin says:

    It is of the screw up variety.

  65. 65
    E. Norma-Snockers says:

    The’ll be dancing in the streets of Raith tonight

  66. 66
    Anonymous says:

    How do you get rid of those pesky “ConLibLab” voters?

  67. 67
    The Old Fella says:

    If they are voted into parliament they should have no other job, that is if a mp’s job is as demanding as they say it is, if they have another job their little minds are not concentrating full time on either.

  68. 68
    Call me Dave says:

    Am I the only Blairite left?

  69. 69
    a non says:

    Like a reverse Green Shield stamp situation.
    Every shopkeeper collects the stamps in a book and sends it to HMRC for payment .

  70. 70
    Jacques Hughes says:

    Polly Toynbee as a “siren” has to be about the most inapt allusion I can think of! That grotesque, half-witted frump ain’t going to be of much interest to passing sailors, even if they’ve been without female company for months. Banshee calls perhaps?

  71. 71

    She has lost a lot of weight recently!

  72. 72
    History my boy doesn't always repeat itself, but in a few years ? says:

    Ration books only allowed you have space at the trough , you still had to pay for it.

  73. 73
    Vince Cable says:

    Who are you?

  74. 74
    SP4BS says:

    OK I’ll bite. post industrial wasteland places like this don’t see any sort of evidence of a late 80’s boom filtering up there.

    Some people rekon its because they’re thick and can’t start businesses like clever southerners. I’d invite you to go up there and make your fortune.

  75. 75
    Maqboul says:

    It’s not his choice is it?

  76. 76
    Gordon Brown says:

    I did botties

  77. 77
    Wyle Cop says:

    Much wailing and gnashing of teeth on Toady this morning, as if he was some great politician.

    This ‘great politician’ signed us up to the Lisbon Treaty, spent half his time crawling up that Clinton woman’s arse (eww..) and, most despicably, had his own Kr1stalln@cht at the Foreign Office – trashing and throwing away centuries of fascinating history and expertise, leaving just a sodding snake behind.

    Good riddance to the traitorous, arrogant bastard – get out and stay out.

  78. 78
    No steps forward 100 steps back says:

    The cost will outway the benefits, more jobs for the boys, more high taxes for the taxpayer, lunatics still in charge of the goverment

  79. 79
    HenryV says:

    Shows you how “attached” the other Miliband was to the UK. If they are not invested in the country personally (not in financial terms) how can they really lead the country. That is the trouble with the Left they are not grounded in the real world with them it is all abstract and theory (well so they would have you believe.) Cameron could win the next election tomorrow if he called an EU referendum. Better to be poor and free than living in debt, paying others’ debts, and ruled from Berlin. Many of my grandparents’ generation died to stopped that happening. Many of my parents’ and my generations sat in West Germany to stop us being ruled by Marxists. Yet in all likelihood the next PM will be a Marxist son of an immigrant, non-Christian, who comes from a line that have sold their countrymen to other powers for the sake of political theory (and self gain.)

  80. 80
    old Shep says:

    Yes, but the second part of the analogy is correct; luring dim-witted sailors onto the rocks.

  81. 81
    SP4BS says:

    Ah right. Thus employing an army of civil servants, to collect stamps and check up on the corner shops to make sure that the stamps had indeed been swapped for beans and not special brew.

    And the stamps would develop a black market cash value.

  82. 82
    Anonymous says:

    “Will the last Blairite to leave switch out the light.”

    I think the Tories green policies will have beaten them to it.

  83. 83
    Curly says:

    Yes, but in those days it was your own money and not somebody else’s filched from your wallet and scattered about freely to the undeserving slobs.

  84. 84
    The Old Fella says:

    Somehow I don’t think Geedo’s new boss, Rupert, would agree about the a Sky sub thing, he must have quite a few subscribers on social/benefits

  85. 85
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Two poos by 10am, and there was me thinking I wouldn’t achieve anything today.

  86. 86
    Having a giraffe says:

    British Banks undercapitalised by 25 billion and only the scantiest details given to the punters so lets all wet our knickers talking about a failed politician jumping ship mid term for America .

  87. 87
    Neil Kinnoch says:

    I’ve got my party back.

  88. 88
    Polly Toynbee says:

    I’ve got my womanhood back

  89. 89
    Curly says:

    Surely that is up to the users to decide whether they want to drink/smoke themselves to death or starve once the coupons have run out. But at least there will be limitations on taxpayer handouts.

  90. 90
    Allegro Strapon says:

    When I was commenting on David’s departure on Newsnight I let slip my mask of impartiality and got wet eye’s

  91. 91
    The Cypriots are revolting says:

    The Head of the Bank of Cyprus has just been sacked .

    He did not have the guts to resign having led over 600,000 people into financial oblivion.

    They are going to be on the streets soon and on a slow boat to London tomorrow.

  92. 92
    Casual Observer says:

    This is following the system in the US.

    Look there to see how this will play out.

    Other than depriving liberty of those who are dependent, it has a certain stigmatizing effect which may be more pronounced in the UK, and opens up lots of new and interesting opportunities for fraud etc.

  93. 93
    Away the Lads says:

    So this football team that he runs, are they going with him to play American football?

  94. 94
    Edna Average says:

    Blue Marxist = Cameron

  95. 95
    Economist says:

    That can be rightly regarded as capital control being applied to the poor.

    Pertinent question: Will the food stamps be redeemable in all EU member states ?

  96. 96
    JadedJean says:

    By moving to the US, Dave is just performing his duty as a future Labour Party leader…

    The influence of intelligence services on the British left…

    Blair, Brown (even Mandelson) etc have all done their stints in the US for the “liberal democratic” indoctrination process. This will be David’s second stint though and will provide

    New Labour were nothing more than free-market shills.

  97. 97
    robert Maxwell deceased says:

    You can keep your party baldy .

    Britain needs one million real new jobs this side of Christmas .

    What have you done from your ivory tower in Europe to meet this target in the last 12 months ?

  98. 98
    Polly Toynbee says:

    Plenty a good tune played on an old tax fiddler

  99. 99
    SP4BS says:

    Looks like a system designed to win votes. It doesnt strike me as practical, useful, or – my real point- actually able to do what they promise it would do. As soon as they think about it for 30 seconds, it’ll be another U-turn.

    “But at least there will be limitations on taxpayer handouts.”
    It won’t cost less.

  100. 100
    Edna Average says:

    Talking about homosexuals – I wasn’t aware until last night that gay marriage is still not legal in the USA (bar the odd state). It is also illegal in France; in fact in that country gay people cannot even adopt.

    So why the fick was Cameron is such a rush to push gay marriage through in Blighty? Was he under instructions from the EU (as Hollande clearly is)?

  101. 101
    Matilda says:

    Sorry SP4BS I already did that years ago. Looks to me like No2 is the real reason. If those folk had not been victims of Labour ejercashern policies over the past 40 odd years they might have made something better of themselves.

  102. 102
    Colin the Meek says:

    New Labour bummed it to death.

  103. 103
    Labour's loss is UKIP's gain says:

    I’m glad Owen Jones made that Tweet. as it reinforces my opinion that Labour is now a second rate party run by 3rd rate people.

    It’s now a fight between UKIP and the New Labour alternative aka fake Tories.

  104. 104
    Kevin T says:

    You can’t compromise with the left or be reasonable with them. The only way to deal with them is to stamp on them like Mrs T did.

  105. 105
    Anonymous says:

    Yup! with puppets. Very apt.

    Whatever sinecure he’s wangled in New York, in my opinion he’s more likely to divide his time between hobnobbing with the post-democracy NWO globalists at the UN and helping America’s left do to their country’s sovereignty what he did to ours.

  106. 106
    Garage says:

    You haven’t been paying attention recently, have you?

  107. 107
    Casual Observer says:

    I would agree with you: It is not because of inherent intelligence deficiencies, more to do with distorted capital allocations over the past 30 odd years: South Shields just happened to be one of the short straws.

    Even though these circumstances had domestic roots, it would be interesting to see if the people perceive now their reduced opportunities and investment as perhaps being caused by immigration ?

  108. 108
    Allegro Strapon says:

    For a country they publicly despise British lefties get all their fashionable PC ideas from the USA.
    Including Political correctness itself which started in America.

  109. 109
    Anonymous says:

    The one who brought Harman’s equality nonsense onto the statute book. The one, who together with Lynne Featherstone, lobbied the EU to make gay marriage a requirement of member states. The one who can’t kick Abu Qatada out of the UK.

    Give over love unless you by potential Tory leader you mean someone with the talent and experience to be a complete and utter clusterfuck. By that criteria she’s plenty of “potential”.

  110. 110
    Thomas from Tonna says:

    I bet wherever it is that Milliband is going it will be a nice little earner .

    Charities these days are big business . Direct access to Government and taxpayer money.

    Bankers salaries are being capped but little is said about salaries for executive officers in these organizations .

  111. 111
    JabbaTheCat says:

  112. 112
    Resident of 96.95% white Merseyside says:

    I’m even beginning to think that. Since 1979 I’ve only voted for “New Labour”. If I’m still here in 2015 I shall be in a bit of a quandry.

    UKIP, Tory – I’m pro-EU.
    Lib Dems – maybe, if they get their act together.
    Labour – I believe in free speech
    BNP – I don’t believe in capital punishment

  113. 113
    Romanian printer says:

    where and when did you make your fortune then?

  114. 114
    The Old Fella says:

    Yes I join you I live in South Yorkshire a lot of the area has changed where I live from the devastation of the early 80’s but has taken a very long time and there are office buildings, warehousing and call centres going empty many very strangely after 10 years (we know what that’s all about). Big heavy industry has gone from the area and will probably never come back, power costs see to that.

  115. 115
    Gordon Brown says:

    I could manage that easily, and I didn’t even get up till 10.30

  116. 116
    Grrr says:

    Lord knows this Socialist is fighting for the revolution from the barricades of Hampstead. One of the most expensive places in Europe.

    Round up the 4x4s, we’re making a wagon circle!

  117. 117
    Chester! says:

    Remind me who signed that into law again ?

  118. 118
    Andrew Efiong says:

    The union barons have flushed out one of the last modernisers.

    Labour are now the party of dinosaurs.

    I’m lovin it!

  119. 119
    Neil Kinnock says:

    Ha some soapy tit wanks on expenses

  120. 120
    Aaron D Highside says:

    ‘Hope South Shields ends up with a…candidate who sees being an MP as an actual full-time service.’ Same could be said of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath.

  121. 121
    The Old Fella says:

    So those are what they use their sporrans for nowadays

  122. 122
    SP4BS says:

    And so, in all those places where the economy has been doing OK, they didn’t have the same education system.

    Nothing to do with being closer to the money, or indeed the kind of “up north” place with more diverse economies.

  123. 123
    Anonymous says:

    The “ConLibLab” is down to 84% in the last poll. How do you get rid of them?

  124. 124
    wjkear says:

    Or start another left of centre political party and leave the lunatics to take the party into obscurity.

  125. 125
    The Countess of Wythenshawe says:

    Even Cameron cannot be stupid enough to miss this open goal.

  126. 126
    nellnewman says:

    simple – you work , you’re free to spend the money you earn anyway you choose. But live off the taxpayer for doing nothing and it should be up to the taxpayer to say how the charity they give you is best spent.

  127. 127
  128. 128
    Resident of 96.96% white Merseyside says:

    I’m even beginning to think that. Since 1979 I’ve only voted for “New Labour”. If I’m still around in 2015 I shall be in a bit of a quandry.

    UKIP, Tory – I’m pro-EU
    Lib Dems – maybe, if they get their act together.
    Labour (Old) – I believe in free speech – which this blog doesn’t
    Bee-en-Pee – I don’t believe in capital punishment

  129. 129
    Neil Kinnock - I've got my party back says:

  130. 130
    Resident of 96.96% white Merseyside says:

    And in return they will be queuing up to stamp on her grave.

  131. 131
    nellnewman says:

    No! Let’s not encourage these people to travel.

    In any case the EU is collapsing as we spe@k so hopefully we shan’t have to vote to come out of it it’ll be gone before long. Well I can hope!

  132. 132
    Resident of 96.96% white Merseyside says:

    I get a catalogue every Xmas from the Metropolitan Museum entitled “Holiday ideas from the Met.

  133. 133
    Politicus says:

    Trenchant analysis there Guido, concise and punchy work.

  134. 134
    Super Mosque says:

    In Liverpool they’re filled with curiosity and keep asking: “Why doesn’t he come?’ Be calm. He’s coming! He’s coming!”

  135. 135
    Stevie Geeeeee says:

    some crap about the lads and 110%

  136. 136
    David Blair Cameron says:

    I was being ironic

  137. 137
    bergen says:

    I think the odds on another Con Dem coalition after 2015 must be shortening. I reckon even Cable wouldn’t relish going in with the post 2015 Labour party.

  138. 138
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    La Toynbee sounds like one of THESE sirens– loud, shrill, piercing and clearly indicating “stay away from me”:

  139. 139
    I'll have some of that says:

    Probably be able to buy them deeply discounted outside pubs and tobacconists…..

  140. 140
    Anonymous says:

    Remind me who’s been in government for the last three years – no need to fucking gold plate Labour’s idiocy!

  141. 141
    Colin the Meek says:

    Thought I could smell something.

  142. 142
    Fishy says:

    [Together with the Great Imbecile, signed the Lisbon Treaty in defiance of the British people and Brown’s promise of a referendum]

  143. 143
    Another bloody critic says:

    Aaaaaaaaaah irony. When did the art die?

  144. 144
    Mark Wouters says:

    yesterday morning i recieved a council tax bill for £125.00 in Leeds,im on ESA and cannot afford this POOR TAX (POLL TAX) I REFUSE TO PAY AND WILL NOT ATTEND COURT IF SUMMOND,i will close my bank account and if all else fails seek a LAWYER to SUW Leeds CITY COUNCIL.

  145. 145
    Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

    The Lib Dems?

  146. 146
    Resident of 96.97% white Merseyside says:

    I didn’t vote for the Boyo.

  147. 147
    Resident of 96.97% white Merseyside says:

    Leeds? Now there’s a city that was transformed during the Boom Years (1997-2008).

  148. 148
  149. 149
    Pundit Too says:

    A BAD joke.

  150. 150
    Rumpledforeskin says:

    Leeds, even the name sounds stingy as if they begrudgingly uttered two syllables instead of one.

  151. 151
    HM The Queen says:

    I do, you ignorant buffoon.

  152. 152
    PC Dixon says:

    Who is Owen Jones ?

  153. 153
    Con Artists says:

    Yes EU rule, I think has to be done by end 2015 hence they wanted it out the way before the election.

  154. 154
    Neil says:

    Cue the attempts to portray the forceps faced fuck as some sort of great political mind and operator. In fact he squandered every single big opportunity due to arrogance, cowardice or both.

    It’s sickening to see the presumptuous media lefties trying to create some impression he was a heavyweight, in the same way the BBC casually tried (and failed) to pass off Ralph Miliband as some sort of pre-accepted great thinker of the 20th Century.

    It really is fucking pathetic, and I am tired, tired, tired of it.

  155. 155
    Berlock says:

    Uber Blairite Socialist leaves miserably paid post for massive wage in nasty capitalist West,where is the news.

  156. 156
    Richard says:

    Your message makes no sense.
    In the real world they’re already earning more than an MP’s salary (whilst remaining an MP).

  157. 157
    Anonymous says:

    And never forget that Ed Milliband shafted his brother.If he is spiteful enough to do that, think of all the dirty tricks he will carry out on the rest of us. He is spiteful and sneering like all socialists. They should be called the S.S. that is the spiteful and sneering party.

  158. 158
    Anonymous says:

    How much does he get paid to work for the charity or is he doing it for nothing?

  159. 159
    steve smith says:

    I do hope motormouth McGuire gets it to keep the virulent vacuous viper off the tv and radio as the labour “voice”

  160. 160
    lagomorph says:


  161. 161
    Cameron is a liar says:

    Selling patronage isn’t real world.

  162. 162
    Cato Street Conspirator says:


  163. 163

    “a frontbench packed with more supporters of Ed Balls ”

    Cameron must think it is Christmas

  164. 164
    Herbert says:

    Having read some of the comments re welfare reforms it reminds me how funny it is that rich people who plan to leave millions to their work shy oik kids will moan at the handouts given to a poor single mother with 3 children. An air of irony to it.

  165. 165
    Poor Bloody Taxpayer says:

    The grinning traitor will go down in history. Bad days work allowing Ralph Miliband into the country he hated. The Eastern European Marxists have been the death of our country.

  166. 166
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    This is about Adolphe Miliband isn’t it?

  167. 167
    Major Plonquer says:

    “Including Political correctness itself which started in America.”

    No it wasn’t. I fucking started in in 1982. I was writing a fucking article for a fucking magazine and it fucking came out wrong. I fucking apologise.

  168. 168
    Major Plonquer says:

    If he’s in America, maybe he can become a Banana Republican?

  169. 169
    Major Plonquer says:


  170. 170
    Major Plonquer says:

    He’s working for a fucking charity that raises fucking money for fucking former communists who are having fucking trouble fitting into the fucking modern world.

    Isn’t fucking freedom of fucking speech fucking wonderful? You can fucking say all fucking kinds of fucking things.

  171. 171
    Anonymous says:

    I didnt realise this was a toddlers forum, im amazed somebody has got it in the comment of the day slot. Do you want to put new readers off ?

  172. 172
    Rod Polisher says:

    I look forward to seeing his exit wound in full colour.

  173. 173
    Lowtherfan says:

    Why give Owen Jones the oxygen of publicity? He needs to be comprehensively ignored for the ignorant extreme left-wing punk that he is.

  174. 174
    yvemaria says:

    I Sincerely Hope that by the Time of the Next Election in 2015……david Cameron and his Buddy George Osbourne have Both Resigned……if you and others are in favor…then Bring up the Petition ..David Cameron and George Osbourne to Resign on Goverment Petitions…there are up to date 21.130 People that have Signed it.

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