March 27th, 2013

WATCH: SamCam Visits Syrian Refugees

Her first official solo trip overseas…

Vid via ITV and Save the Children.


  1. 1
    Oy Vey says:

    ‘Official’ what?


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    Dave’s so desperate he puts his wife out on the game for a few votes. She’ll be hanging around Kings Cross next hoping to do some business.


  3. 2
    SamCam wannabe celeb says:

    Are those windmills I see

    I must tell Daddy


  4. 4
    The Public says:

    Oooh, look. A baby. Please vote for my useless husband.


  5. 5
    Cherie Blair says:

    I’m the world’s greatest humanitarian! Meeee! Meee! It’s all about me!!!!!!

    Give me some freebies too! For meeee! Freebies for meeee!!!!!!


    • 11
      LibLabCon spinning liar says:

      She will be joined by wait for it

      The working class hero of rendition and neo con war crimes

      Banana Millichild

      In his save the world role


    • 15
      Con Man Blair says:

      Calm down dear

      I will bring back £5 million this month from the Gulf


  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    from theneedleblog – very funny


  7. 7
    Editor of GQ glossy rag says:

    I prefer her rearend to Lady Gaga’s

    Must put it on my front page


  8. 8
    T May says:

    There are backstreets in Southall that look like that.


  9. 14

    Justin Forsyth, Save the Children, MI6, Prime Minister – where does this end. As long as Cameron, Brown, Blair, Obama, George W Bush etc refuse to allow Fraud Proof Voting, there will be photo opportunities for Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, and even for Samantha. What a tangled web they weave! Alex Weir, London UK


  10. 20
    Jimmy says:

    Well I hope that puts paid to all those complaints that Butch isn’t doing anything.


    • 23
      retardEd Miliband says:

      My polithy on Thyria ith clear and unequivocal.

      Errrrm. Uhm.. I think we.. uhhhh. Hmm. Perhapth.. Maybe.. uhmm. *blank staring face*

      Too far, too fatht? The government hath acted in a reckleth and irrethponthible manner?


  11. 22
    There is no business like the charity business says:

    SamCam should be doing charity work for the Save the MillieChildren Fund methinks


  12. 24
    SamCam says:

    One of the nice little Syrian boys said to me “you want number one jig a jig” I thnaked him and told him I had already eaten


  13. 25
    Robbie Fowler hahahahaha says:

    Join me and learn how to be a slum landlord, free cd just for attending.


  14. 26
    P l e b says:

    Think you’ll find Dave’s too frit to go to Syria.


  15. 28
    Casual Observer says:

    Ok, so is she involved in some sort of charity ?

    Bit out of the blue, and possibly the poorest charity vid seen for a while.

    She didn’t seem to understand why snipers have been targeting kids in particular shooting them in the spine.

    It is because it increases the burden on services of the enemy, sends a strong propaganda message across and also literally cripples a chunk of the next generation. This has been under reported in the UK media, but covered out in Turkey. Turkey has become somewhat adept at dealing with the problem however has warned the UN that the state of affairs cannot continue for too much longer. The cost of dealing with the sniper victims over time will be massive for whoever ends up running Syr!a.

    It looks like she was in a refugee camp as well: Those are located in Turkey. Would doubt she would have been in Syr!a itself: Still way to dangerous to go in.


  16. 32
    ooo I Love handbags says:

    Have the poor buggers not suffered enough without a nottinghill millionaire gawping at them!


  17. 34
    Bleedin' Awful says:

    Pass the sick bag Alice Through the Looking Glass.


  18. 35
    Throbinson says:

    Of course she did not go on her own.


  19. 40
    LongDongSilver says:

    Anyone else want to shag the arse off SamCam, while she wears that red wig from comic relief…. #Innocent face


  20. 41
    Tom Catesby says:

    ‘Her first official visit overseas’?
    I wasn’t aware she had an ‘official role’in the gov’t or the country. Do you know what it is Guido?


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