March 27th, 2013

Randy Rennard “Not Well Enough” To Attend Parliament

Last night was a bad one for the LibDem grassroots, as the government won the Lords vote on secret courts. 26 yellow peers rebelled and voted against, but one was conspicuous in his absence. Lord Rennard was too unwell to attend:

From: “RENNARD, Lord” <>
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2013 20:53:33 +0000
Subject: RE: Final briefing on the Justice and Security Bill ahead of this afternoon’s debate

Unfortunately I am not well enough to attend at the moment

Best regards


That little trick hasn’t worked for Handy-cock


  1. 1
    The Lying Bastard says:

    The Lying Bastard


  2. 2
    a non says:

    Not well enough?
    He must be feeling down.


  3. 3
    The man at the back with the awful jumper - yes you sir says:

    He’s certainly sick – very, very sick….


  4. 5
    Rodent Abuse says:

    Sarah Teather? Surely they didn’t? That’s cruel to hamsters that is.


  5. 6
  6. 7
    Political Balance says:

    Is that overweight prat in the picture going to fall over?

    No …. he’s been tethered to something short and fat.


  7. 7
    Guido Fawkes & Owen Jones Coalition says:

    “Labour’s Ian Austin And Conservative Greg Hands Start Ugly Fight On Twitter”


  8. 10
    SP4BS says:

    I’m not a doctor but he does look a little prone to certain conditions.

    OK, I’ll clarify: he’s hospital-dodgingly fat.


  9. 13
    Norma Snockers says:

    for a bloke


  10. 14
    EU Watch says:

    Laiki, a 112 year old bank, is being wound down in Cyprus withnow possibly 80% haircut on uninsured deposits.

    Assuming the percentage is being adjusted to make the overall E5.8bn-E6.7bn or whatever Troika have demanded the bail-in portion to be this would suggest that a lot of capital was taken out. This could yet still kick over Bank of Cyprus itself.

    Unintended consequence for Europe though, which should help get the domino’s going:

    Turkey has suspended all dealings with ENI (!talian) on construction of a pipeline in protest that unproven energy reserves which are disputed with Greek Cyprus have been included in the bail out terms.

    This will be a significant negative development for !taly.

    There are US / European forces in Turkey at present ostensibly to provide support for the situation in Syr!a. How much longer they are going to be welcome in the country is questionable, and if Turkey perhaps decides that
    Russian protection is preferable.

    The delay or cancellation of this pipeline running to Ceyhan will put a firm line under the cost of oil in European markets, trending to the up side. This is one reason why oil has gone up post bailout.

    In a different development, Russia is considering legal action against Cyprus / EU for losses incurred by certain interests in the deposit theft fiasco.


    • 15
      The man at the back with the awful jumper - yes you sir says:

      Oh, you mean honest Russian money which isn’t being laundered and anyone who says it is will end up committing suicide with 6 bullets in the head…


      • 22
        The Corrupt EU says:

        That is for a court of law to decide and not unelected EU bureaucrats. Or is the rule of Law now a selective thing in the EU?


    • 16
      Allegro Strapon says:

      Could this see Turkey being admitted into the EU sooner rather than later?
      That is if Turkey still wants to join the clusterfuck which is the EU.


      • 23
        The Corrupt EU says:

        The EU has spent a fortune building stuff for Turkey as a Bribe stepping stone to joining the EUSSR, including new car factories to take over UK production. Serves the EU fuckers right if Turkey marries Russia instead and I Hope they do.


  11. 18

    That little trick hasn’t worked for Handy-cock…

    Still worth a go. It was a resounding success for Maggs Moran


  12. 19
    Mobiddly O'bees says:

    He’s a trim lad.


  13. 20
    Lord Renitidine says:

    I was that ill that I fell over. Yes I did have an erection at the time and yes there was a female Spad in my direct vicinity, but that is all purely happen-stance. Any mention of my pants being elsewhere at the time is pure speculation.


  14. 21
    Lord Rennard says:

    I have decided to resign from politics to spend more time with someone else’s wife and kids.


  15. 24
    Mags Moron says:

    CHEERS, suckers!


  16. 25

    Hope he sends in a sick note.


  17. 26

    Was he feeling a little
    under the Teather ?


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