March 27th, 2013

Polls Show Dave Immigration Speech Flop

YouGov have the first polling figures on immigration since Dave’s big speech, and they aren’t exactly happy reading for the PM. His proposals were welcomed, but 1 in 4 still see UKIP as the party most trusted to deal with immigration. Clegg going for votes he’ll never win by taking a tougher stance and getting under the skin of almost his entire grassroots in the process hasn’t exactly paid off either…


  1. 1
    Maqboul says:

    The UKIPpers are on the up.

  2. 2
    tommy5dollar says:

    The Lib Dems aren’t aiming to be the population’s “most popular party” on immigration, which is what this poll shows. They’re simply hoping to detoxify that area a little among those who lean their way.

  3. 3
    Nigel Garage in Brussels on exes says:

    Kick em all out

  4. 4
    Lord Renitidine says:

    We are a party of inclusion. I have personally groped many imports

  5. 5
    Casual Observer says:

    His speech was naff and we know it.

    Being slapped down by EU on issue of benefits to EU migrants has demonstrated his impotence on the issue further, and exposes the lie which he tried to pass off as a cast iron guarantee.

    At present Dave has as much credibility as a Cypriot bank manager on this issue.

    Good for UKIP.

  6. 6
    nick cleggsome says:

    boo hoo cease being nasty to me or i am taking my ball home

  7. 7
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    Dave’s figures would improve immeasurably if he could get Abu kicked out. There were a number of possible suggestions mooted earlier today on the posts below.

  8. 8
    Paniagua Solo says:

    Nice chart …

    BUT where is the missing 40%.

  9. 9
    Call me Dave says:

    You just have to trust me after 2015.

  10. 10
    EU Watch says:

    That was the Troika’s cut.

  11. 11
    A Small Dab Of Sanity says:

    “1 in 4 still see UKIP as the party most trusted to deal with immigration”.
    Hmm. Elephant in the room?

  12. 12
    Hosanna! Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord! says:

    Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

  13. 13
    sceptical says:

    V good point.

    Also UKIP are a fantasy vote – they can’t actually do anything about anything. So Dave looks quite good when compared against his real opponents.

  14. 14
    Ed Balls says:

    Looks OK to me

  15. 15
    Maqboul says:

    They’re the immigrants.

  16. 16
    Huge Grant says:

    That was our cut for immigrant victims of not being able to change ones security code

  17. 17
    Asylum Seeker says:

    Pleasings telling me where to finding your benefits office, my 10 wives and 27 little Mohameds are wanting the Big Macs and house in Belgravia.

  18. 18
    Call me Dave says:

    Let me see…

    Elephants are from India, I give lots of your money to India.

    Ah yes 3 in 4 still prefer me and my policies,,, that’s it.

  19. 19
    0% Growth says:

    Nah it would be higher than that if it was

  20. 20
    Lord Pont says:

    Rapists rather than angels, however

  21. 21
    Moussa Koussa Mark 8 says:

    This is priceless

    I hope UKIP hate the paddies as much as they do the other P’s

    Poor Guido

  22. 22
    SP4BS says:

    Don’t you worry about such details.

    We don’t even need to know what the question was.


  23. 23
    Lord Pont says:

    This way sir. Don’t mind the shower heads, it’s for standard de-lousing before being given your new house .

  24. 24
    SP4BS says:

    hmm. you are missing a rather big detail there.

  25. 25
    Lord Pont says:

    He said ‘no bennies for foreigners after 6 months unless you can manage to turn up at the benefits office every fortnight with a couple of job adverts circled’

    The c&nt

  26. 26
    Hang on hang on says:

    What about the B&Pers?

  27. 27
    Guido Fakes says:

    You are either behind Guido or behind

    in the poles

  28. 28
    The missing detail says:

    A brain perchance?

  29. 29
    Maqboul says:

    Quite. If he had another brain it would be lonely.

  30. 30
    Jimmy says:

    Guido neglects to mention (no doubt only due to reasons of space) that the Lemon Party figure is down four points on the previous poll. If you’re a single issue party, being rated by fewer than a quarter of the electorate on that issue is hardly a triumph.

  31. 31
    Maqboul says:

    That’s one more issue than Miliband’s Labour Party has.

  32. 32
    The missing detail says:

    Wonder how Labour would poll on their single issue …

    Which party, if any, do you trust the most to deal with paying the feckless your money?

  33. 33
    Gonk III says:

    Anyone who begins a post, ‘This is priceless’. Is always a cu*t.

  34. 34

    Dave is getting really desperate. He’s even stooped to getting Sam to go to Syria and get some “caring” pictures for TV and the Press.

    The man is a complete and utter tosser.

  35. 35
    Doing Guidos job for him - again says:

    Question was …

    Which party, if any, do you trust the most to deal with the issue of immigration?

    Missing 40% is – None of them / Don’t know

    Source (always quote your source) –

  36. 36

    Another load of lies from Dave and Theresa, the people are no longer stupid we know that any promise they make that the people want to hear will be slapped down by our EU masters you have to thanks Tony and Gordon for that but there is only one thing that will get us out of this shit and that is a majority vote for UKIP to show the tossers in the EU that when push comes to shove the Brits will always stand up united against the dictators of the EU! Remember Hitler!

  37. 37
    Casual Observer says:

    Labour are busy struggling…

  38. 38

    Oh I fogettee I also wont big time national insuranze numbeers for all of us and when do I get my horse?

  39. 39
    pehS dlo says:

    Try again!,
    Of course it’s a flop because everybody knows it’s just rhetoric and everybody knows this government has no control whatsoever over mass immigration into this country, should have thought of that before you lot signed up to it (politicians in general), can’t even manage extradite one person of evil intent, can you Theresa?.

  40. 40
    South Shields Bubble says:

    I don’t mind immigrants at all provided they are prepared to graft .

    I don’t like poofters and lazy scrounging plebs but I suppose there is something wrong with me .

  41. 41
    Empty Ed says:

    This beggars belief

  42. 42
    stewart edwards says:

    Does our government (Tories and LibD’s alike) realise just how much they have screwed up? Meant well, I give you, but screwed up nontheless. It is going to take far more than spin than fancy speeches to sort things out. Mind you when compared to Labours wait and see while continuing the cuts, perhaps the Quad are the best we have?

    I really do hope that UKIP do really well (even though I am pro EU) just to give the major parties a moment of realisation as to how unpopular and out of step they really are. A few dozen UKIP MPs could work wonders for raising the game.

  43. 43
    Will says:

    it may be a crap speech but being slapped down by the EU is a bit like being education minister and given a vote of no confidence by the teaching unions.

    It does you no harm because it gives more ammo to fire back at how bad the EU is.

  44. 44
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

    We’ll say anything to get elected.

  45. 45
    Will says:

    their is an easier way to give the message, what you need to do is to write them about their claim and ask them simple questions, if they are not at that address it comes back, asking about housing costs etc.

  46. 46
    John Tandy says:

    Quite frankly I don’t think anyone believes any of the three main Party’s where immigration is concerned. Hence the switch to UKIP who they do believe. If the PM is serious about giving us an in out referendum on the EU, why wait until 2018 and that’s only on condition that he is re-elected in 2015. Many still recall his broken promise on a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty if he was elected in 2010 ! Cameron will never campaign to leave the EU whatever the outcome of his so called re-negotiations, therefore it stands to reason that he will never be in a position to stem the tide of economic migration from Eastern Europe and eventually possibly Turkey which incidentally is partially in Asia, with the resultant total collapse of our housing, health, education and welfare systems. UKIP will certainly be a force to be reckoned with in 2015. The question is, which Party will suffer most from their rising popularity ?

  47. 47
    Casual Observer says:

    At present, the 40% answered correctly.

    29% said None, 11% said ‘Don’t Know’

    If UKIP manage to get a seat in HoC before the GE, and the poll is run again should see a chunk of that 31% switch to UKIP.

    Comparing Mar 25/6 (above) with Mar 7/8:

    Conservatives: +4%
    Labour: No Change
    Lib Dems: -1%
    UKIP: -4%
    None: -2%
    Don’t Know: +2%

    So Dave’s speech had some effect, good to see the next set of results though.

  48. 48
    Silly Sally B13COW says:

    ‘Always quote your source’. Mayo for me, please.

  49. 49
    Dave, Nick and Ed says:

    If we do not get the answer we are looking for we are asking the question wrong

  50. 50
    Will says:

    All dave has to do in 2014 is to state he will have a vote on the EU on Trafalgar day.

    Simple question

    Do you want to be part of the EU ?? Yes or No

    remember the EU needs our cash more than we need thiers as we are net contributors !!!

  51. 51
    Tim Farton, President of the Cockroach Party says:

    Not us in the Cockroach Party :)

  52. 52
    Planet Reality says:

    Doh! A military coup is more likely than a UKIP majority.

  53. 53
    michael says:

    May’s agreed to 4000 euros per head blood money … ignore the pseudo objections read the conclusion.

  54. 54
    A poor immigrant says:

    I’m prepared to take your job on at half the salary (presuming that you work that is). Don’t look over your shoulder!

  55. 55
    albacore says:

    Cast Iron Cameron’s no good for nowt
    All he has to do is give us a vote
    Referendum NOW? Oh, my, what a hope
    Business as usual, just more soft soap

  56. 56
    Vote Ukip, get LibDem, the most pro-EU party of all says:

  57. 57
    M102 says:

    Lib Dem = “Other”

  58. 58
    A Citizen of this Country says:

    AbuH is annoying, but in the great scheme of things he is an expensive distraction.Someone will take the law into their own hands regarding him elevntually.

    It is Cameron’s failure to deal with a couple of million of other illegal immigrants which bothers me.

  59. 59
    fruitcake says:

    I’d vote for either, certainly not one of the ferrets in a sack that is LibLabCon

  60. 60
    British Public says:

    Back to Holland, hopefully. It’s where he gets his instructions from.

  61. 61
    Anonymous says:

    Draw your own conclusions but this chart doesn’t look too good for the kippers considering it’s their main selling point.

  62. 62
    Vin Cable says:

    We must do dinner sometime

  63. 63
    Panicos O. Demetriades says:

    Don’t you lump me in with Dave

  64. 64
    A Democrat says:

    Don’t raise my hopes. This parliament of fools is not democratic.

    A coup followed by real electoral reform, an end to postal voting and some free and fair elections for a change is not such a terrible prospect, especially if we cease membership of the EU in the process.

  65. 65
    J says:

    Their main selling point is Europe. Immigration is a by-product, albeit an increasingly urgent one at the rate it is ruining the social fabric of the nation.

  66. 66
    Rumpledforeskin says:

    it’s fucking snowing

  67. 67
    The sky is falling in says:

    Just to cheer everyone up (not) Turkey, now under islamic rule, is presently engaged in a programme of increasing the population by stating that all Turkish families must aim to have at least six children.

    Remember Our Dave wants Turkey to join the EU soonest.

  68. 68
    pehS dlo says:

    My conclusion is that the chart is not related to anything vaighly specified, is it % of coloured sweeties in Harribo bag?.

  69. 69
    Anonymous says:

    Cameron want to make it easy for Chinese and Indians to come. Cameron wants to give them visa with in 24 hours, in other words without checks.

    China and India makes up around 50% of the world population and most of them are poor. They will live like kings on benefits.

  70. 70
    Rumpledforeskin says:

    there was some bloke on the radio this morning and the presenter says ” so where is all this global warming then” and he says ” well the present global warming is due to what went in the air 10 years ago, so as we have cut back on emissions it will get worse later innit “

  71. 71
    Welsh activist. says:

    An interesting rebuttal of that commomly used scare tactic that leaving the EUSSR will cost millions of job’s. Worth a read.

  72. 72
    pehS dlo says:

    Tell that to the Greeks, 60% unemployment and bankruptcy is the EU legacy.

  73. 73
    Anonymous says:

    At least you UKIP people admit to being fruitcakes these days. Good self-awareness.

  74. 74
    pehS dlo says:

    Tell that to the Gr8eks, 60% unemployment and b8nkruptcy is the EU legacy.
    FFS, mod

  75. 75
    Yvette Ballsucker says:

    As ever, Dave is missing the point on immigration.
    Those Tory racists who enjoy the benefits of living in an area of multi-culturalism bestowed on them by Tony Blair, are not generally greatly bothered by the east Europeans. They are here legally, they are mostly young and mostly work hard. Furthermore they have the same broad traditions as we do and the vast majority seem to speak good English. OK we do not like it that they jump the housing list but there are probably not that many doing that and that problem should be solvable without falling foul of the EU.
    The real problem as far as the middle class fascist racists are concerned is the vast number of African and Asian immigrants who do not share our culture, do not speak our language and who have absolutely no wish to integrate. Those that Tony and John Reid allowed in. And the fact that many of them are here illegally and probably not paying any taxes exacerbates the problem for the Tory bastards.
    So when I become Home Secretary I am going to give the vote to all those illegal immigrants and direct them to live in Tory marginals. And I’ll give them increased benefits. That way we can have a Labour Government for ever

  76. 76
    Welsh activist. says:

    Just to be clear, you appreciate having read the article, that the case for leaving the EUSSR is stronger right?

  77. 77
    Anonymous says:

    The Big Immigration Speech

    Dave, your immigration speech
    Will promise things out of reach
    We’ve not forgot the CAST IRON VOW
    And nobody believes you now
    Everything you say’s untrue
    The law is made in the EU

    The Tory troops you try to muster
    All realise the speech is bluster
    Your hope to shoot the UKIP Fox
    Won’t surface in the ballot box
    Now UKIP’s got you on the ropes
    And blown away all Tory hopes

    We’re all fed up pissed off and grumpy
    Sick to death of Ange and Rumpy
    We do not want your EU flag
    To us it’s just a piece of rag
    We want our sovereignty back
    Our culture, laws and Union Jack

    So Fuck off

  78. 78
    Lord Mooncrater says:

    Cast Iron is supporting Abu. Why would he want him kicked out?

  79. 79
    South Shields Bubble says:

    Pay me 300 quid a week and you can have my job pal

  80. 80
    Bollocks Broadcasting Corporation says:

    For the next few months we will be giving our viewers a break from wall-to-wall cookery programmes and inviting them to celebrate with us the cultural enrichment of our society by our beloved immigrant guests.

  81. 81
    A Sane Man says:

    i’d rather be a fruitcake than a moronic Cameron, Clegg or Miliband supporter

  82. 82
    Ooo Din of Bongla Ditch says:

    Tell me about it.

  83. 83
    Dave is a liar says:

    All the Cameron waffle about stopping immigrants having social housing on arrival has turned out to be a pack of lies, it turns out that mothers with children, which most Bulgarian & Romanian Roma will claim to be will get housing straight away, local authorities are legally obliged to house so called vulnerable families within weeks regardless of their nationality and offering B&B straight away.

    Once these immigrants know the rules they will arrange their circumstances to suit while the husband stays in the background and a life of untold riches awaits. Housing offices already near breaking point will see huge Queues of mothers with 4 or 5 kids and a veritable jackpot of benefits is theirs. So Cameron was once again lying through his teeth, whats new?

  84. 84
    Hugh Janus says:

    Why is it that dolts like Cameron think that just a speech fixes immigration, and any other problems come to that? We all know he’s not to be trusted, but somehow this fact has passed him by. He’s clearly on another planet.

  85. 85
    Jeffry says:

    I think the system is great. I brought my potuguese girfriend over to live with me,and my adopted daughter,so that she could learn English at a good primary school (for free!).
    Now I’ve fallen out with her,I’ve moved her down the road into a little flat,she now gets most of the rent paid on Housing benefit,and works cash in hand. She is still quite grateful to me for setting all this up.
    And she gets child benefit.
    Saves me a fortune!!

  86. 86
    Rumpledforeskin says:

    what is the MORE party ?

  87. 87
    Rumpledforeskin says:

    More Orthodox Religious Education ?

  88. 88
    fire's too good for them says:

    er, they’d get us out of the UK, not the worst place to start

  89. 89
    pehS dlo says:

    Not sure, one of the basic justifications they used to come out with was that they had ended all wars in Europe since 1950 (whatever( , they obviously do not include civil wars.

  90. 90
    Morgan's Organ says:

    Please deport the judiciary and send with them Abu Qatada to live with Cherie Blair in exile in the European Court of Human Rights!

  91. 91
    Con Artists says:

    Never disturb your enemy while they are busy making mistakes….

    Let the LibLabCon keep digging their own graves….

  92. 92
    P l e b says:

    That’ll be helpful

  93. 93
    Lord Mooncrater says:

    And 1.27 billion Indians to come and live in the UK.

  94. 94
    Anonymous says:

    they are the don’t knows who are seriously considering UKIP :)

  95. 95
    Anonymous says:

    nice to have some evidence, but we all knew that already.

  96. 96

    Nobody in their right mind, can believe that UKIP, or for that matter, any of the mainstream political parties, can do very much to stop Rumanians, Bulgarians turning up in their thousands. What do people want? Barbed wire on the beaches? An army of immigration officers covering all possible entrance points to the UK, and that 24/7? More important what is to be done with those already there, unemployable, sick, old, or those with a small army of kids. Not speaking the english language, do they want them to be beaten up and transported back to whence they came? Or stop all their benefits so they go willingly. I am a immigrant Brit who has lived in mainland Europe,
    for over 40 years. Learnt a new language and worked till my pension came. Perhaps I’ve been lucky no one pointed a finger at me, no go home scumbag, I just got on living and perhaps integrating into the system. I accepted them and they accepted me. Not always easy but nevertheless very interesting.

  97. 97
    Resident of 96.97% white Merseyside says:

    That’s because so many Turks have emigrated in the past 40-50 years. It seems almost every country in Western Europe has millions or 100,000’s of them.

    So tough luck we ended up with Bojo!

  98. 98
    Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill says:

    Write to our HQ, Mr Jan Julian Smit t/a Annabel’s liberale parlour
    101, Red Lijt Straat, Amsterdam 666 XXX

  99. 99
    Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill says:

    Precisely why the pope’s cardinals spend all of their money entertaining and training the world’s poor. No sorry that would be real charities.

  100. 100
    BBC policy guru says:

    Meanwhile, on R4, as usual for UK Board members, we will be discussing 101 ways to avoid tax and grow your business. Includes special Bishops on: how to use and abuse and immigrant and how to find an overcrowded ex-gypsy caravan site near you.

  101. 101
    Sham Cam says:

    I dont beleve a word Cam The Sham says, the mans a grade A Bullshitter.

  102. 102
    Back in The EUSSR says:

    UK ? EU FFS !

  103. 103
    Back in The EUSSR says:

    UK ? EU FFS !

  104. 104
    Oliver Leftwing says:

    I “entertained” strangers, two lovely young men who came to my house in the middle of the night.

  105. 105
    Nick says:

    Cameron and the Tories needs to deal with ongoing massive Islamic serial immigration largely from Pakistan; especially after Labour under Blair removed the ‘primary purpose’ rule back in 1997 resulting in a huge increase in spousal visas for ill-educated folk with a medieval mind-set just. This is not in the national interest.

    They – the Tories – just won’t address this squarely because of the strictures of BBCesque ‘peecee’ and the stranglehold liberal arts degree journalists and purveyor of popular culture have on the social Zeitgeist. If the Tories did address Europe and third World immigration – especially from the Islamosphere, there would be much pointing and spluttering, wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    UKIP is the only party that will address the United States of Europe agenda and third world medievalist immigration – it’s not hyperbole to call what’s happening a demographic assault. The Tories need to understand this, as do Labour, who have abandoned white, non-government Blue collar workers. Sadly the indiginous non-government blue collar workers don’t know this, again because of the stranglehold on the bulk of popular media and culture of by those with a BBCesque World view.

  106. 106
    Tyrany of Lawyers says:

    Just like the Lawyer wankers would have us believe that it was the ECHR which outlawed torture as evidently before we signed up to this crock of shit, torture was legal in The UK !

  107. 107
    Eu Camoron says:

    F*CK !

    All I need is another bloody by-election.

  108. 108
    JH23902392389 says:

    Fantastic Jeffry.

    Pretty soon we’ll have another great system, where we ask you and your girlfriend to stand in front of a trench with your backs to a row of men. Only for a second or so.

    It’ll save us a fortune!!

  109. 109
    lojolondon says:

    Cast-iron Dave lies and lies and lies. When he says that we will get a referendum, will we? When he says he will sort out immigration, will he? When he vetoes a proposal from Brussels, will the veto be overturned and we will accept the result? I suspect not.
    When we vote for Nigel Farage, will Dave go? I suspect he will, which is reason enough for me!

  110. 110
    Berlock says:

    As a welcome to our Romanian friends the BBC are to give them their own weekly programme CRIMEWATCH 2.

  111. 111
    Anonymous says:

    Enough sympathy remember the EU sees the UK as an offshore source of unskilled Labour and the Lib,Lab, Con merchants support em. Vote UKIP and do it massively.

  112. 112
    Anonymous says:

    In the 1980’s Northerners looking for work in South Coast Towns were regularly moved on By the Police (It even made the Today Programme). Now the South is filled to overflowing with way too many Briastas and Barristers.
    Enjoy seeing your culture drown.

  113. 113
    Chris S says:

    I saw Nigel Farage’s speech to his Spring Conference in Exeter on BBC Parliament last night.

    If I was Cameron I would be very seriously worried and have a bodyguard watching my back : How much longer will Conservative backbenchers put up with him ?

    The message from our Nige is absolutely in tune with Conservative voters like me. As a result, I expect UKIP will do really well in May and will go on to win the Euro elections outright.

    When that happens, Cameron will be toast .

  114. 114
    HMRC says:

    Thankm you for that information Jeffry, if you’ll pass on her name and address, we’ll arrange to have her prosecuted.

  115. 115
    Tabatha says:

    Gosh yes Yvette they do work hard, but a bit light fingered around the house if not watched. I don’t know how you and Ed manage, but Sebastian and I would be positively in a jam when we go on the long weekends skiing, without this gal who turned up to mind Lucien and his little sister and she only costs £4 an hour and no NI stamp, but Seb says one shouldn’t utter a word about that, so keep it to yourself darling, although she does have a friend, if you and Ed find yourselves stuck.

  116. 116
    Handycock Immigrant Trafficker says:

    Come to Portsmouth, asylum seeker, we will give you everything you desire. My boys will build you a brand new house, the Council will pay for it and the Government provide you with ample benefits and, after a little while, all of you will be able to bring your immediate family in and they there’s. They will all get the same as you, all you have to do for all these perks is all vote for me when you gain residency. Boaz.

  117. 117
    Van Rumpoy's little brother says:

    That’s the point, we wish to destroy our old enemy the UK, by swamping it with this contagion and getting sucessive British governments to meekly except our laws and then of coures there’s the financial ‘crisis’. We couldn’t do it by any other means and the devil knows we’ve tried.

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