March 26th, 2013

Tory Brain Drain as Labour Beef Up Attack

The cynics amongst you might think it’s an interesting time for CCHQ stalwart Nick Park to jump to the private sector.

The Tory head of research and attack crafter is off to energy giants Centrica.

The loss of the best part of decade’s experience is a blow for the Tories.

Meanwhile Labour are beefing up their attack team for the coming digital battle. Obama’s rapid rebuttal unit “backroom Brit” Matt McGregor:

“McGregor was responsible for the digital rapid response unit that attacked Mitt Romney relentlessly, ensuring that any statement by the Republican was picked over and rebutted, often within minutes or hours.”

Could get bloody…


  1. 1
    Matt McGregor says:



    • 10
      Anonymous says:

      I’ve got a two digit response to all of the LibLabCon f*ckers…

      V V
      V V
      V V

      Centrica are now obviously beefing up their rubuttal team for up and coming online comments about them ripping off the British Public in the coming ice age and defending obscene profit announcements.


      • 16
        Centrica Rebutttal Team says:

        How can you complain on-line when you have – NO FUCKING LECCY ?



      • 84
        Just filth, pure filth says:

        Those ‘obscene’ profits you refer to are built into end user cost, thanks to government renewables policy.

        For instance, the French are going to build two new nuclear power generators in the west country, as part of the deal, they will be allowed to charge double the amount they normally charge.
        To make wind and solar power look economically, more competitive than they actually are and ‘green energy’ more attractive than it really is.
        The LabLibCon gang all agree this is the way to go, to hell with the poor, old and vulnerable.


    • 14

      You too.

      Time to make Lynton Crosby a full timer


  2. 2
    Mr McGregors Cabbage patch says:

    Get orf moi land


  3. 3
    Chuka says:

    Some say I am the new Obama and I would not like to disagree.


    • 9
      Nothing like bent solicitors says:

      Go back to the tax avoidance solicitors you used to work for

      Remember, we are all in this together

      Except for those your old firm advises to avoid tax


      • 15
        Bent Solicitors Association says:

        We do not break the letter of the law

        We only break the spirit of the law

        Every day

        PS You should see what we organise for the gangster oligarchs


  4. 4
    Centrica never misses a price increase says:

    We need a rapid response unit more than the Government

    After all, we are increasing prices on all those old age pensioners


  5. 5
    Judd says:

    Park? Never head of him. Just know that CCHQ couldn’t get their staff moving if the building was burning down.

    Time to short Centrica.


    • 19
      Young Conservatives forever says:

      CCHQ if a matrimonial agency

      Remember that Sally Ally used to be one of our most distinguishd members


  6. 6
    It's not what you do, it's the way that you do it. says:


    • 11
      Mr McGregors Cabbage patch says:

      In your case emigration would make us stronger


      • 18
        Duty Pedant says:



        • 73
          Anonymous says:

          Hahahahaha, America, THE original country of immigrants, hated by the left for capitalist, global empire building. That just demonstrates lefty joined up thinking, fucking tossers.


    • 12
      Self Interest says:

      Well you and Barry would say that. Wouldn’t you.


      • 47
        Yankee Go Home says:

        Is he offering to take the millions of illegal immigrants being hidden in the UK by the ‘legal’ immigrant populations and all of the Romanians and Bulgarians who are planning to come here next year?


        • 65
          Sir Dando Tweakeshafte says:

          It’s not the Bulgarians next year that should trouble us, but the Cypriots next month.


          • Immigration Expert says:

            A drop in the ocean compared to the hundreds of thousands who are already in the country and who were hidden from the last census by their ‘law-abiding’ ‘legal’ immigrant families. I’d not be at all surprised if there are a couple of million.


          • K Washiorkor says:

            “Immigration keeps us hungry”


            Yes, you’re probably right, Barry.


        • 79
          Obamamessiah says:

          We’re all immigrants. All people everywhere are immigrants – because one day hundreds of years ago somebody cam there. So there is no such thing as a society. Because it makes no difference if you’re part of a small group who came 150 years ago who then became Americans or if you’re one of 10 million illegal immigrants from Mexico determined not to assimilate. Strangely enough hit13r had the same feelings – society is all about bloodlines not culture – guess he was right about that one thing.

          Yes – some people moving to the US a century ago, forming a settled society where everyone assimilated and paid their own way is exactly the same as 3 millions unemployed bulgarians moving to UK to get free healthcare, housing, education.

          Trust me, it’s nothing to do with me wanting to break up traditional society and cultures where people are self-reliant and patriotic. No, no, I wouldn’t do that. I did see new labour did it to rub your noses in it, but me, I’m a nice guy.


          • T May says:

            Yankee Go Home


          • Anonymous says:

            Try looking at the US employment law and the years it takes to be allowed to do certain jobs. The whole concept of the “competitive civil service” precludes most taking on those jobs until after another career.

            I just wish the same restrictions (including deportation) applied here and then the comparison of immigration would have some relevance.


      • 49
        Abbottabad says:

        That must be why they have that giant electrified fence on the border with Mexico.

        Controlled Obama immigration in a large country: YES

        Uncontrolled Labour immigration in already dense population: NEVER AGAIN


        • 96
          Village Idiot says:

          As labour admitted it got it wrong on immigration,and, that it was a mistake,
          how do labour intend to rectify their admitted mistake,as the only way is to reverse every decision on immigration during their tenure,and start the repatriations……..


    • 23
      (I don't need no doctor) says:

      Abbott and her sort just like to divide and rule.


    • 24
      Muhammed Ramadanadingdong says:

      Why is this Abbot woman not in kitchen cooking good meal for husband? Why this Abbot woman not wearing burqa as demanded by Alláh?

      Stone her! Stone her!

      And be givings me more benefits and bigger houses.


    • 30
      Handycock Immigrant Trafficker says:

      Right on Diane. Send them all to Portsmouth. We have taken more proportionately than any other city in the UK in the last ten years, and look what it has done for us – housing boom, my boys building the flats for them, laundering their drug profits as a result, them and me and a few bent councillors and council officers getting very rich and the grateful Liberal Democrat Party still solvent. No wonder Paddy and Nick can’t remember any complaints about me being a sexual predator. Boaz.


    • 31
      jimmy says:

      Well immigration has ruined England.

      As it happens Obama and Abbott are both far too simple minded, even if both went to elite universities (I wonder if any special criteria was used??) – immigration can be a good or bad thing. Many Americans migrated to the US in the 20th century determined to assimilate, become Americans, learn English, uphold the ideals of freedom and capitalism. Today immigrants are far more likely to want to spread 1sl4m or get the free education and healthcare.

      For the history books at least it is good that morons like Abbott make their position, one which harms the English working class so badly, plain for all to see. It is probably too late to save the country now, though.


      • 50
        (I don't need no doctor) says:

        I can’t believe Abbott went to an elite university. She is as thick as pig shit.


        • 55
          Dopey Dave Cameron says:

          It is outrageous that so few BME (see, I use the new Guardian trendy term) students are at Oxbridge. So they have to bring in more or we’ll introduce quotas. I am a modern man.


        • 77
          whoever is tired of tescos is tired of life says:

          Make that horseshit.


      • 60
        English democrat says:

        Send all the Jocks home to start with

        Starting with Maximum Imbecile

        And all those tribal MPs

        They have wrecked Britain


      • 104
        Catty Comment (Ms) says:

        She looked totally and utterly lost sitting on the front bench today trying to understand what the Minister was explaining to her. Mybe she was thinking of a nice banana flambe for dinner…


        • 112
          JH3824092384023 says:

          She is very, very dim. She has a line in chit-chat polished on her stint with Portillo, but there is a big difference between practiced, hackneyed (haha) cunning and genuine wisdom.


  7. 7
    CCHQ says:

    Will you join us please Guido?

    We will pay your more than the Sun

    For your reputation it would also be better than the setting Sun

    And we need your attack dog qualities in our omnishambles


    • 28
      it's not me, it's my mate says:

      If Guido goes so will his windowlickers only his charm and delightful smiles and high quality discussions keeps us here.


  8. 8
    Dave Garthwaite says:

    Labour can spend all they like, with Miliband and Balls in place they look like a club of prize plonkers.


  9. 17
    it's not me, it's my mate says:

    So one useless PR guy jumping ship, like Camoron he and his mates are just a waste of energy, maybe he’s going to be recharged.


    • 26
      Conflicts of interest forever says:

      Like those useless civil servants in Downing Street

      Just waiting to jump ship to a criminal investment bank


    • 105
      Catty Comment (Ms) says:

      Are they all going to be recharged with fiddling their expenses??


  10. 20
    MB. says:

    Interesting interview with William De’Ath on the Today programme this morning. He has been released with charge by the Operation Yewtree police team after being under arrest since last year over an allegation of something claimed to have happened 50 years ago. He has some very strong words to say about the police and their behaviour.


  11. 21
    Tuscan Tony says:

    Well, I quite like the idea of Labour having a Rabbit Rebuttal unit.


  12. 25
    Malcolm Redfellow says:

    Is that a Norwich City shirt I see before me?


  13. 27
    Vote UKIP -- Get rid of the LIBLABCONNERS says:

    It needs to get bloody.
    Labour left the economy in an appalling mess.
    Camoron’s LIBCONS have been in power for 3 years. They have pussyfooted around with pretend cuts.
    The Deficit last year was £120 bn, The Deficit this year will be £120 bn. The Deficit next year is budgetted to be £ 120 bn.
    Mr. Carney will soon be in the B of E. quantitatively easing our way to rampant inflation.
    But the Government still needs to balance the books FFS, even if it is using monopoly money.

    What the fuck is the point of this ineffective PC Coalition?

    Might as well let Labour back in to finish bankrupting the economy, then perhaps we can have a fresh start in 2020.


  14. 29
    Centrica says:

    Short Pensioners


    • 39
      Moral Collapse Blair says:

      Short Sterling like my bank is doing

      Nothing like shorting the home side for which I was responsible


  15. 32
    Flush out the anti-Tories says:

    He looks like the wettest of wet rags

    He must be in favour of gay marriage as well


  16. 34
    Politics 101 says:

    The Labour Party. Trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.


  17. 35
    No name to see if that passes the Mod says:


    • 37
      No name to see if that passes the Mod says:



    • 106
      Catty Comment (Ms) says:

      Shurely they meant BEFORE treatment? Like any other country in the world. In countries I have visited they won’t even acknowledge you until you produce your credit card at the front desk where they will provisionally deduct a substantial sum to cover “eventualities”. If you get in and out with costs under their original figure, they tear up the original receipt and charge the actual correct figure. So WTF can’t we do that here too?


  18. 36
    Jimmy's Rightie Quote Of The Day says:

    “You’re rattled cos u know you’ve committed Hack Fuckup 101, basing article on wrong facts, I double dare u to call DfE”

    [@toryeducation continuing to fight for higher standards]


    • 87
      life on uranus says:

      You really don’t ‘get’ the internet, do you Jimmy? We no longer make dodgy deals in smokey backrooms with beer and sandwiches either, thank fuck.


  19. 38
    HenryV says:

    If (when) Liebour get in next time how long before the wheels come off UK Plc? 12 months? Or 18 months? How long on average does it take before a government’s influence starts to show? What happens afterwards?

    In a way it may be a good thing if it finally pushes the English people into action to reclaim their country.

    Won’t be pretty.


    • 48
      UK Treasury spinner says:

      The wheels are alredy coming off

      S&P Moodys Fitch



      • 62
        Ed Ballsup says:

        The solution to our debt problem is, obviously, to borrow far far more money than Osborne’s doing now.

        It’s also obvious that far heavier debt with improve our credit rating.



        • 82
          Gonk III says:

          Excellent. Credit boom bubble, 100 million population, fractured Nation State implodes, ungovernable, no bees, no trees, big fees.


    • 67
      Londoner says:

      I do not want to see my country ruined so that arseholes can score party polticial points. It is encumbant on the coalition government to getb their act together to ensure that the Labour Party is kept out of office. They can do this by running the country properly, reforming the electoral boundaries to bring back some meaning to the idea of ‘one man one vote’ and by banning postal votes.


  20. 42
    Emily Thornberry's speaking bathroom scales says:

    Hello, is that the abuse hotline?


  21. 43
    Called to the Bar says:

    Any News on “Handy*cocks” secret pre trial hearing in Portsmouth today ?


  22. 44
    EU Watch says:

    Just to reinforce point that bank deposits are far from safe in EU banks, irrespective of ‘insurance':


    • 52
      Russian oligarch not yet topped says:


      They have rumbled us

      But London is still the unregulated laundromat of the world

      Long live London



    • 58
      Nick Clegg says:

      It’s very important that Britain joins the euro, and anyone who says otherwise is a thick, bitter, nasty bígot.


      • 66
        London banker (who has bought a British passport) says:

        I think we should join the rouble zone

        Much better long term bet

        And we can fiddle all that cash in the meantime

        and pay ourselves huge illegal bonuses offshore

        Especially since Cyprus has just gone down


      • 83
        I can't believe I once voted Lib Dem says:

        it is very important that you fuck off to Holland or Spain. Your loyalties are obviously not to the people of this country.


        • 91
          Anonymous says:

          Clegg unfortunately reflects the age we live in, a bland mix fuck all.


          • Matilda says:

            But foreigners of any sort should never be allowed anywhere near the levers of power in the UK. Their loyalties and motives will always be questionable.


    • 68
      the criminally insane says:

      Well the clowns have really done it this time, everybody in the EU will be withdrawing all their money or just keeping minimum deposits in Banks for convenience, not as if the returns justify the risk is it?.


  23. 52
    Herman Achille Van Rompuy says:

    Please form an orderly queue for financial processing.


  24. 56
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Not heard a thing lately from labour’s Mary Creagh over the horse meat scandal. Poor thing failed to make a name for herself, although I can think of a few.


  25. 57
    A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:

    ‘rabbit rebuttal’?


  26. 71
    Abbottabad says:

    Good riddance. A baboon could do a better job than this guy.

    Centrica? Haha


  27. 86
    Fishy says:

    Why do Marxist Labour need a rapid rebuttal unit?

    They’ve got the BBC


    • 89
      iron curtain, keep people in, keep information out says:

      Lefties can never risk any alternative view being aired or discussed. It’s always been their way since the Soviet Republic.


    • 99
      Historian of our times says:

      Labour leaders only have one objective

      To become filthy rich

      By selling their souls to the nearest devil

      Just look at Blair and Mandelson to start with

      And all the other Taxis for Hire

      And Banana Milliband already running around the world as a Super Taxi for hire

      Continuing the tradition

      Not an honest one among them


  28. 90
    Wyle Cop says:

    Head of the “Digital Rapid Response Unit”.

    Well, with jobs like that, that’s the UK economy safe’n’sound.

    Ye fecking G0ds.


  29. 97
    Geordieboy says:

    Labour are fucked. The coalition is fucked. Cyprus is fucked. The EU is fucked, in fact we are all fucked.


  30. 101
    The Puppet Master says:

    ”digital rapid response unit ”

    These clowns are still following the playbook I helped write a decade ago chapter and verse.

    How utterly predictable, It’s like being Simon Peter or James watching Paul.


  31. 102
    The Puppet Master says:

    ”digital rapid response unit ”

    These clowns are still following the playbook I helped write a decade ago chapter and verse.

    How utterly predictable, It’s like being Simon Peter or James watching Saul.


  32. 103
    Tosspot says:

    OK, so when are we going to outsource MP’s / Parliament to America and really save some money


    • 109
      Matilda says:

      Oddly enough there are plenty of folk who would prefer to see this island as the 51st (or is it 52nd now?) State of the US of A rather than being in the corrupt and venal EU – even with halfbreed clowns like Obarmy in charge.


  33. 110

    The next election will be won on Twatter or Faceblock!!


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