March 26th, 2013

Shepherd’s Bye

Lamentations across Westminster village as word spreads that upmarket lunch spot Shepherd’s has shut down. What was rumoured to be a gas leak has now been confirmed as a full closure. Guido is shocked and saddened. There are too many poncy restaurants in Westminster and for some reason Shepherd’s  had been recently remodelled and menu changed for worse.

He did enjoy end of meal looks of horror when a politico leaving would realise he had been braying loudly at the next table.

And they made a good Bloody Mary…


  1. 1
    Obamamessiah, trendy lefty twat in chief says:

    We’re all immigrants. All people everywhere are immigrants – because one day hundreds of years ago somebody cam there. So there is no such thing as a society. Because it makes no difference if you’re part of a small group who came 150 years ago who then became Americans or if you’re one of 10 million illegal immigrants from Mexico determined not to assimilate. Strangely enough hit13r had the same feelings – society is all about bloodlines not culture – guess he was right about that one thing.

    Yes – some people moving to the US a century ago, forming a settled society where everyone assimilated and paid their own way is exactly the same as 3 millions unemployed bulgarians moving to UK to get free healthcare, housing, education.

    Trust me, it’s nothing to do with me wanting to break up traditional society and cultures where people are self-reliant and patriotic. No, no, I wouldn’t do that. I did see new labour did it to rub your noses in it, but me, I’m a nice guy.

  2. 2
    Ed Miliband says:

    I demand a judge led enquiry

  3. 3
    Citizen Smiff says:

    George Osborne’s mortgage support plan ‘will just boost house prices’, according to the Office for Budget Responsibility…

    Just what we need. Osborne is an absolute belter, he’s right up there with McRuin in his incompetence. Gawd help us.

  4. 4
    Crick in the Neck says:

  5. 5
    Vince Cable says:

    2 – 3 months? I can’t remember what happened yesterday.

  6. 6
    Polly Toynbee says:

    I am thinking of refusing to pay bedroom tax in solidarity with the common man.

  7. 7
    Tax Exile says:

    I thought you’d wait until 2am and cook up a rushed deal that comes undone faster than Lord Rennard’s flies?

  8. 8
    Trigger says:

    Was there Horsemeat in the Shepherds Pie?

  9. 9
    Kwazy Karting says:

    Of course, increasing the supply of credit just allows for an increase in demand for housing. Give the supply of housing is fixed, house prices rise.

    This might be beyond the ken of many MPs but it’s Page 1 of an economics textbook.

  10. 10
    Nick Clegg says:

    Sorry, have we met?

  11. 11
    Predator says:

    They’re keeping lawyers busy. Rennard and now Hancock.

  12. 12
    jimmy says:

    Horsemeat shouldn’t have a capital h and isn’t a word. I’m a twat.

  13. 13
    Never heard of one says:

    What is an “independent” lawyer

  14. 14
    High Dudgeon says:

    There was some jolly good claret. I used to meet political contacts there for lunch. It felt old-fashioned but that was the point.

    It’ll probably get converted into some “fusion” restaurant where people go to stare at their smartphones.

  15. 15
    retardEd Miliband says:

    Mithster sthpeaker, Mithster sthpeaker

    Thith ith outwageouth.

  16. 16
    EU Watch says:

    Wonder if they had any holdings in Cyprus ?

    Some updates on that cluster-f’ck:

    Latest ideas on capital controls, weekly limits and no cheque cashing…

    Resignation of BoC chairman does not imply good news ahead: That bank even with insured deposits transferred from Laiki could be insolvent.

    Chatham House seem to think Russia will come off worst:


    However, they may be underestimating somewhat the amount of capital which has gone out the back / side doors over the past few years.

    Russia being very relaxed suggests that any politically connected money is already in a new tax haven or otherwise safe.

    Kind of obvious as well, statement from Morgan Stanley:


    Capital controls in Cyprus certainly mean that the single euro market does not exist at present. Could be some interesting arbitrage opportunities to play the Cypriot euro off against the rest.

    In other reports, word is that depositors are switching into gold in !taly. Buying on the dips is a smart move, particularly as the EU template is now known.

    Has anyone got a book running yet on when the Cypriot banks will reopen ? Would lay odds on Thursday being delayed as short of civil unrest there for sure will be some serious strike action.

  17. 17
  18. 18
    Anonymous says:

    Now top people running housing associations are ex-bankers, it started mainly after 2008.

    Soon I don’t think social housing will exist as these has to be sold to pay for the increased salary and bonus top management will demand to attract talent. Also these are the once that used to run banks successfully during 2008.

  19. 19
    Casual Observer says:

    So that means could have by-election anywhere between July and September.

    A UKIP campaign in Portsmouth South coincident with the German Federal elections would be amusing.

  20. 20
    Airey Belvoir says:

    Who was braying loudly? The way it reads, it could have been our portly host.

  21. 21
    The boy plunger says:

    Osborne seems to think now it is part of his job to help British pensioners in Cyprus open Uk Bank accounts .

    I am sorry but if these Pensioners can make their own way to Cyprus then I think they are quite capable of making their own banking arrangements.

    I suspect Osborne is now planning to give UK taxpayer money to depositors with Laiki Bank here in UK notwithstanding the fact that this Bank is the responsibility of the Cypriot authorities.

    Slovenia Malta and Luxembourg to follow .

  22. 22
    Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    Osborne has now sent 13 million euros of our money to Cyprus after last week sending one million euros to cover salaries .

    If I employed Osborne directly I would sack him after .

  23. 23
    Eeyore says:

    Can braying not be loud?

  24. 24
    Sir Dando Tweakeshafte says:

    No real mystery; yesterday was Lady Day – a quarter day for rental payments (the Reformation notwithstanding).

  25. 25
    Clapham in irons says:

    Now worries, just get all your bedrooms reclassified as your work-place.

  26. 26
    EU Watch says:

    Lichtenstein may be next on the list, but Slovenia for sure is up there.

  27. 27
    Brown out and pay me damages says:

    Donkey’s bollocks beef burgers?

  28. 28
    Anonymous says:

    I’d like to go for one last (over priced) meal and steal a picture or two from the walls.

  29. 29
    bald old git says:

    Fantastic puddings. The place really understood the English love of decent food.

  30. 30
    Chef says:

    Nope, only shepherds.

  31. 31
    the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

    They are my workplace !

    I m a State Registered Gigolo

  32. 32
    the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

    I suggest they re – open Tidly Dols in Shepherd Market

    Delicious Chicken Breast just after you ‘ d visited French Lola next door and had dined repletely from the other end .

  33. 33
    the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

    Exchange controls don t make me split my sides laughing .

    Russian oligarchs and others of the Cypriot Great and Good persuasion are even now buying up pantechnicons filled with paintings , sculptures , fine wines et al and shipping them Andorra to “aid the Cyprus export effort “.

  34. 34
    the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

    I hear Luxembourg trusts and similar hold TWENTY TWO times the whole of the Lux gdp …. makes you wonder …would be a bit of a comedown for each Luxemburger currently enjoying a per capita yearly income of some USD 60k to have to live on “Jobseekers” .

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