March 26th, 2013

Digital First Telegraph Go Behind Semi-Paywall

Non-subscribers will now be limited to just 20 free articles a month as the new “Digital First” Telegraph goes behind a paywall. It seems to be an FT-style half-and-half-measure. If you want to carry on reading you will have to fork out £2-a-month, or a tenner on tablet. Whether it will be worth it in terms of lost readership shall remain to be seen…


  1. 1
    Lynne Featherbrain says:

    How terrible that Julie Burchill is allowed to continue writing non-equality commission approved articles.

    I am right now stamping both feet very very angrily, I should be allowed to command the hiring and firing of all writers. We need to start firing w h i t e men to create a more diverse and vibrant press.

    And just because when my boiler broke I called the firebrigade doesn’t mean I am stupid, it just means YOU ARE SEXIST.


    • 3
      The BBC are cunts says:

      You’re a nasty piece of work, aren’t you ?


      • 7
        Lynne Featherbrain says:

        You are a white male racists. There are three people on my blog who agree with me that proves I am right.

        I inherited a lot of money and that gives me the right and duty to spend my days lecturing the peasants on how they are too male and too pale – ewwww.


        • 33

          That’s very interesting. Would you like to come up to my room later and discuss your valuable insights?
          Nothing to formal. Just a little conversation and wine.

          Wear something short. And no Knicks, Ok?


    • 14
      Owen Jones says:

      Thanks Guido! Had to machine gun points in a bit there…


  2. 2
    Obamamessiah, trendy lefty twat in chief says:

    The thing to remember is everybody in England is an immigrant. Everyone is an immigrant, even if you think you come from England and are English, really you’re not because sometime maybe thousands of years ago your ancestor was brought to England. So you’re no different from someone who arrived from Bulgaria this morning. If you disagree you’re racist and I’ll set the wookie on you.

    Now we know in both the UK and the USA mass i m m i g rat i o n has been a disaster for the poor. But we’re continuing because it makes us more vibrant and dynamic. You bitter folks best just accept the new reality.


  3. 4

    Thank you for information


  4. 5
    Simon says:

    This has been in place for months. Maybe I have had to subscribe for the last few months due to living outside of the Uk and this is new for UK readers?


  5. 6
    Jimmy says:

    So will the BBC and Guardian now start hounding Denis Healey, implying that he must disassociate himself from some fascists and National Socialists in Europe, because he says we should leave the EU?


    • 11

      He is still alive? Yes, 95 now. He had more sense in some areas than his contemporaries. Read his autobiography a few years ago, having bought it before I emigrated, and it was a good read.


    • 13
      Tachybaptus says:

      I do hope so. The sight of socialists chasing each other, though frequent, is always good for a laugh.


    • 17
      Casual Observer says:

      That should queue a Guido montage involving Healey and yakety sax over dubbing.


    • 31

      Denis Healey writes

      “Anzio was a piece of cake,” he says when he catches me mulling the document. “We had total security. We captured some of the German officers in their pyjamas.”

      Really? That’s good. But on the larger strategic and operational plans I thought it was one of the biggest disasters and missed opportunities of the war.


    • 133
      JabbaTheCat says:

      Didn’t realise that c u n t silly Billy Healey is still alive…


  6. 8
    Exiled Brit in Low Tax Switzerland says:

    Expats like me have had this Paywall for months. Simple workaround…..clear your cookie cache in your browser, or just use a different browser dedicated to reading Telegraph and FT then set it to auto clear cookies when you exit.

    Free access to the Torygraph.


  7. 9
    The Old Fella says:

    Another newspaper group that cannot make on line work, well, well. Still if that is the way want to go that is up to them but like a lot on here I like free, if they put the ads on they may make pay but will the ads bring in the money, nobody has to buy from the ads.


  8. 12
    Welsh activist. says:

    This in response to a Ben Brogan piece in the Telegraph, best post i have read all day. Hat tip Cassandra 1963.

    “We are afraid and tired”

    Speak for yourself and your establishment comrades Mr Brogan, we plebs are not afraid we are very angry and getting angrier by the day at the betrayal by our leaders. You people might be out of ideas but there is a new force in the land full of energy and ideas and that party is growing fast, faster than you can imagine. There is a simple choice for the British people, stay in the liblabcons thrall and be destroyed or destroy the liblabcon. Mr Brogan, tell your smug preening right on fake Tory friends the worm has turned, tell them them the storm is coming.

    You of the establishment with your pie in the sky progressive ideas like windmills and global warming foreign wars and foreign aid and the EU, squandering our wealth on your castles in the air. You forgot about the little people who fund all of your grandiose dreams didnt you? Sneered at our simple minded common sense, thought you had all the answers as you minced around the world stage. You lot got too big for your boots and now you are going to be taken down a peg or three and I want to be there when it happens.

    The funny part is the establishment simply cannot comprehend what is coming their way, that is what arrogance of power does to you. People should not be afraid of their government, the government should be afraid of their people, and will be soon. The aphrodisiac of power turns into a systemic poison after a while.


  9. 20

    Well..I’ve done a bit of research on Digital first and I can tell you a few amazing facts.
    Firstly, {to continue reading please pay £20 }


  10. 24
    Ballz LieSneer says:

    I’m not a plastic toy. I’m a real space ranger.
    Keep spending! To Infinity and Beyond!


  11. 25
    Owen Jones says:

    I’m going to crack into a gorgeous golden brown, honey bodied 21 year old tonight.


  12. 26
    Amanda Knox says:

    Would I like to go back to Italy to face trial for murder and possible life imprisonment?

    Hmm..let me think about that…


    • 38
      Julian Assange says:

      I know just how she feels…life had been going along so swimmingly to this point, and now, BOOM! they want to try you on some stitch-up rap again.

      Hang in there, kid. Or find some friendly embassy– best advice I can give.


      • 144
        Curly says:

        She has no problem at all as the Yanks [and a number of other countries too] do not extradite any of their citizens. Period.

        Unlike the wimpish ‘Government’ we have in the UK who are prepared to send us to every third world sh*thole in the world at the behest of some crooked lawyer in some unknown godforsaken village in the mountains.


  13. 29
    EU Watch says:

    Comedy resignations, rejected…


    • 50
      Casual Observer says:

      Footage from recent Bank of Cyprus meeting…


    • 98
      Oligarch watcher says:

      These Directors are likely to get topped by the Oligarchs is they hang around

      Poor things

      Like their London counterparts, they knew nothing of the criminal operations taking place in their banks, of course


  14. 30
    Mark Ferguson says:

    Kill Guido with kindness, and then fart as you walk away..


  15. 32
    Owen Jones misplaced my hamster says:


  16. 35
    Operation Crossbow says:

    I see Radio 5 are peddling the line that the mid Staffs hospital murders wee the fault of ‘Fatchur’ and nothing to do with Labour.

    Day by day the BBC gets worse.


  17. 36
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Andy Burnham and Alan Johnson, hang your heads in shame.
    If either of you had any decency you would resign.


    • 51
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      If anybody else had a sense of decency, they’d offer those two a snort of brandy and a .45, if you really want to get down to cases.


    • 54
      Andy Bumhum says:


    • 63
      Operation Crossbow says:

      The brass neck of Liebore knows no bounds. Balls kid boy wife was wanking on today about the failure of this government and immigration yet it was her scummy lot that opened the floodgates to the scum of the world.


      • 83
        new yoof of england, both parents im mig rants, know nothing of our history, labour voter says:

        No, it was to make this horrible country more diverse, vibrant and dynamic. the glorious and universally loved olympic ceremony is being shown in my school history lessons – england was a perfect multicultural utopia before the industrial revolution and capitalism destroyed things but we were saved by feminism, diversity, lesbian kisses and m4ss im mig ration.

        This is my country now and I love it, i have as much right to it as you people who fought for it because without me it would be boring and non-vibrant.


  18. 39
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Paywalls don’t work. The Telegraph like Cameron is fucked.


    • 65
      Operation Crossbow says:

      Swap your IP address although Fawkes does simply remove posts and says nothing.


    • 147
      Curly says:

      Plus I suspect it would probably stop over 300,000 of us visiting weekly.


      • 158
        Man in the street says:

        It would certainly stop me. As I see it the internet is free and any site that charges simply does not exist.


  19. 42
    Owen Jones speaking bathroom mirror says:

    Owen you are a twat.


  20. 44
    EU Watch says:

    Looking a bit more like Slovenia is next on the bailout chopping block.

    Pull any cash now, if dumb enough to hold in any of their banks.


  21. 46
    Another Labour kok up that the Tories have to clean up. says:

    I think Theresa May is doing a good job!


    • 58
      You couldn't make it up says:

      UKBA, formed 1st April 2008

      Merger of Border and Immigration Agency, UKVisas and some parts of HMRC.

      (Info off of the wiki page…)

      Seriously, what sort of one eyed mental Scottish Labour moron could have allowed this to happen ?


    • 64
      Casual Observer says:

      Agreed. Theresa is definitely one to be alongside in the trenches.

      When this little issue is cleared up she should treat herself to a nice new pair of Jimmy Choos.


  22. 47
    Nice knowin' yall says:

    Come on Telegraph, I always click on your ads, what more do you want? I promise to click more.


  23. 48
    Anonymous says:

    If you delete all cookies on the telegraph website, you start again with 20 free page views. Great security.


  24. 53
    Doris Brown the doormat says:

    Nah! I think this paywall is a bad idea. I doubt if, I read more than two articles a month.


  25. 59
    I, Claudius says:

    My cookie blockers seem to keep me at zero deaths perpetually.

    More mushrooms Agrippina!


  26. 60
    Wince Cobblers says:

    I have no recollection of The Telegraph.


  27. 66
    Anonymous says:

    As long as it gets rid of that retard Igonikon Jack I’m happy.


  28. 67
    Incognito Mode says:

    What paywall? Even the FT is accessible via google news links.
    You ain’t seen me right!


  29. 69
    neilfutureboy says:

    Not just lost readers but lost writers.

    I can’t imagine that Lord Tebbit for one writes his blog because this is how he makes his living.

    If the Telegraph put a curtain between them and their readers they will go elsewhere.


    • 95
      nellnewman says:

      I think Guido should ask Lord Tebbit to write an occasional article for this blog.

      I very much enjoy reading Lord Tebbit’s articles , sharp, well informed, succinct and unsentimental. Not too many writer’s around like him these days.

      Well on the other side there’s Dan Hodges – he’s another very readable and informed writer that’s enjoyable to read.

      And if I want further parliamentary amusement I read Quentin Letts.

      The three of them are unbeatable. The rest are rubbish!


    • 121
      that's the time says:

      curtains are coming dawn everewhere….as support systems d….mean .ish.
      ppl better start thinkin about choices.
      .before the universe started
      all was zero.

      12 o’clock.
      3 is the number for creation.
      so at 0 hundred hours all was nowt…then we had a new beginnn.
      a new start.
      why do clocks reflect this
      b loyal to the times we live in.


  30. 70
    Wok Gon - Guru of Style says:

    It takes heaps of money to support this much poor taste:


  31. 72
    nellnewman says:

    The only actual newspaper I read anymore is the Times when I go up to the Leisure Club for my daily swim.

    It’s OK as a casual read with a cup of coffee but I wouldn’t pay for it , anymore than I’d buy the DT or the Mail.

    The Internet now is the new news provider and there’s plenty of free internet worldwide news services about without having to use hard earned cash to buy them.


    • 77
      Off The Radar says:

      They are to be a needle in an Internet haystack.


    • 79
      Anonymous says:

      I don’t pay for anything on ‘tinternet nell, including any software I need. Plenty about for free.


      • 87
        nellnewman says:

        Quite. it is the reason leveson does not matter.

        The internet cannot be controlled. News has never been freer. And the government can no no longer hide behind a press muffled by access to influence.

        Some of the thanks for that must go to Guido,


      • 150
        Bookwermicelli says:

        You may not ‘pay for anything’, but surely you must pay your cable supplier? So nothing really is ‘free’.


  32. 78
    Universal Hiss says:

    O.K. Fuck off.


  33. 80
    I don't want the same air as the Labour voting dogshite in Edinburgh shitty! says:

    Oh dear!


  34. 81
    Operation Crossbow says:

    The Channel 4 lefties wanking on about Syria again. So where is the help from all those rich Muslim countries then?

    Syria is not our business. Eave them to kill each other.


  35. 82
    Olive from on the buses. says:

    Arrrrthur, I can’t keep up with all these digital thingymegiggies!


  36. 84
    No Future in Edinburgh. says:

    The press is well and truly screwed. First, Leveson, then the Charter and now cut backs!

    Look on the bright side. The press was never ever free. Always some puppet master pulling the strings.

    Onwards & upwards.


    • 89
      nellnewman says:

      The dead tree press is a thing of the past.

      Let’s see leveson try and put a lid o the world wide web because that’s where freedom of speech lies now.


  37. 92
    Operation Crossbow says:

    Bummer Burnham getting a tiny grilling on Channel 4 news, still refused to say sorry though.


    • 96
      Fishy says:

      Yeah…got the tractor figures moving, killed 1200 while they were at it (only 400 if you listen to the BBCs Richard Bacon who is now concerned that the Tories could make this happen again) and refused to hold a public inquiry.

      Now if two 747’s collided over Stafford killing 1200…do you think that a public inquiry wouldn’t be called?

      Burnham also refused to meet the families and in evidence said that he was surprised the families didn’t speak up.

      Labour have nothing to say on the NHS while this person holds their health brief. WTF was Miliband thinking of?


      • 116
        Badger spotter says:

        Milliband has his head so far up his proverbial a…..

        That he makes Toenails look like a beacon of hope

        And that is saying something


        Whatever happened to our friend Wee Dougie?

        Did Balls have his for breakfast?

        Or did he get trashed along with all the expenses in the Scottish Assembly?


      • 130
        Operation Crossbow says:

        Richard Bacon is. Cuunt


    • 97
      nellnewman says:

      If Andy Burnham got down on his knees to confess in front of a tv camera his evil sins during his spell as the most incompetent health minister of all time that led to all those NHS deaths it wouldn’t be enough.

      Nothing short of a criminal trial and burnham being locked away in wormwood scrubs for at least 40 years for his and labour’s policies which caused the tragedy in NHS Staffs and elsewhere will suffice!!!


  38. 93
    MB. says:

    Slight hiccup for Wee Eck, the Northern and Western Isles are making noises about getting independence themselves.

    SNP boxed in corner over Northern and Western Isles independence move


    • 101
      Jockying for positions says:

      These Jocks are quite something

      Why dont the Northern and Western islands joing the Republic of Ireland?

      Or is it all about offshore oil and gas?


      • 105
        nellnewman says:

        I’m sure if they asked nicely Argentinia would welcome them!


        • 106
          nellnewman says:

          And I feel sure the Argentinian Christina , with her dubious knowledge of history muddled up with fiction could work out some sort of incredulous story about how they already belong to the argentine republic.


      • 108
        The SNP says:

        We must overcome our dependence and oil and, to that end, all cars will be converted to run on single malt once we achieve independence.


    • 111
      Engineer says:

      Could we just make Glasgow and Edinburgh independent, and keep the rest of Scotland in the UK?


      • 114
        Dave the Rave without a plot says:

        Yes please

        We can keep our grouse shooting for members of Bullingdon and Chipping Norton Sets

        Must have something to do in the summer you know


        • 153
          Grimy Miner says:

          How about the peasant shooting on the Yorkshire Moors that you were thinking about, or is that another ‘U’ turn?


      • 120
        Highly revered dutbin operative says:

        Could you take Gorbals Mick off our hands as well?


  39. 100
    CamoronCloggRetardEd says:

    We are the hollow men….


  40. 107
    Devolution Max. says:

    Nice One.

    It is more natural for a devolved nation to evolve in the devolution process as oppossed to leaping in to the dark and unknown with Independence.

    I think many Scots will embrace Devolution Max and reject Independence.


    • 110
      English democrat says:

      The Scottish Tories should ally themselves with the Scot Nats

      The English Tories should unite with UKIP and declare independence

      Wales should be towed off into the Irish Sea to act as a no go zone with the remaining Labour rabble

      And we would never have a corrupt, incompetent Labour governent again


    • 112
      Freedom fighter says:

      It all sounds terribly reasonable

      You must be reading PPE at Oxford

      The reality as stated many times here is that we want to be shot of the fooking Jocks

      Take HBOS and RBS and their gigantic debts with them



  41. 109
    Historian says:

    Interesting to note all the praise for Denis Healey…

    The Chancellor who went begging cap in hand to beg for a bailout from the IMF

    He achieved what even the Maximum Imbecile did not manage

    To actually put Britain into b a n k r u p t c y

    A disastrous, pompous, self-important ex communist

    Says it all really


  42. 115

    Cheap though at two quid a month and at lease you don’t have to pay it to read other newspapers sites.


  43. 118
    Anonymous says:

    The model is wrong.

    Journo’s (and don’t start me on the bbc) need to enter the real world with some radical pay “restructuring”. It might help with their sense of self importance too IMO.


    • 123
      Long live the digits says:

      You are quite right

      The Sun shines out of Guido’s arse, for heavens sake

      A real professional, working out of the pub

      As his hero Nigel Garage does

      Its called the digital model


    • 124
      Caligula is back from hollies says:

      I dont bother with papers nowadays

      I go straight to Bloomberg and Reuters online, for free,
      Then I come here for serious indepth analysis and decadence

      Newspapers are all dead


  44. 122
    Solid waste analyst says:


    I have just been looking at the operating diagram of the omnishambolic Charter

    It really makes methink of a solid aste disposa lsystem

    It is constantly recycling

    Or was it invented by a Cypriot banker?


  45. 127

    If you want to know what green shite looks like:


    • 128
      it's not me, it's my mate says:

      We have just had snow, according to tossers like him we don’t get in March so it must be due to global warming, he must have asked for a pay rise and was turned down, so he is trying to get his own back, problem is nobody believes anything the BBC says anymore.


      • 129

        If it is warm, they say it’s global warming.
        If it is cold, they say it’s global warming.
        If it is wet, they say it’s global warming.
        If it is dry, they say it’s global warming.
        If it is windy, they say it’s global warming.
        If it is still, they say it’s global warming.
        If it is unusual, they say it’s global warming.
        If it is normal, they say it’s global warming.

        What possible condition would lead them to say it’s NOT global warming?


  46. 135
    Optional says:

    Charging’s been operational for foreign users for a while now. There are ways of getting round it. But I honestly doubt it’s worth it. The DT is behind the curve on news, its blogs are rarely updated, especially at night and at the weekend. Its not a 24/7/365 website. It’s a shame really, because I’ve been taking the Telegraph daily on paper for around 30 years. Now I find I can live without it.


  47. 136
    Universal Hiss says:

    Just fucking die.


    • 137
      Universal Hiss says:

      It’s just meh.

      Brain dead. Inkie stuff don’t sell. This stuff does,unless you put up a paywall & then you’re fu


  48. 140
    Miss Shirley Shumishtake? says:

    So the Telegraph has a semi? Not so bad having regard to its age…


  49. 141
    the cunt called ian hardman says:

    Im in milton keynes pleasuring myself with fishing rod


  50. 148
    Little Miss Echo says:

    See 51 ^^^ up there.


  51. 155
    mw says:

    I think that you just have to delete cookies or use your ‘private’ mode in your browser to get around this once you get past 20 views. About the worst pay wall ever.


  52. 160
    Put on Pensioner says:

    In truth they would need to pay me in gold to take it.

    The one disadvantage of the online version is…you can’t wipe your bum on it or stuff it down yer trousers for insulation against the cold east winds.


  53. 161
    My sphincter speaks more sense than the Telegraph says:

    Read the Telegraph once. Their comments pages make the commenters here sound positively enlightened,sane and left wing(I know, I know: it’s a contradiction in terms; but there we are). After I left the site, I had to squirt bleach in my eyeballs; I felt so contaminated. I still wake up having nightmares. I certainly won’t be paying to read their shite; nor their commenters views.


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