March 26th, 2013

“Digital Bennism” Dragging Labour Down

Rachel Sylvester has coined a useful term in this morning’s Times to describe the hard-left online wing of the Labour Party: “Digital Bennism”. She says Miliband is facing his biggest challenge yet in standing up to his very noisy lefty critics:

Unite, is threatening to withdraw funding amid a vitriolic campaign on Twitter and blogs from leftwingers who oppose the Shadow Cabinet.

LabourList has been inundated with comments calling for Mr Byrne to resign or be sacked. “Byrne should burn,” said one, while others condemned him as “delusional”, an “idiot” and “the weakest link”. Mr Miliband was accused of abandoning Labour’s core principles by failing to stand up for “those who are being victimised” and allowing his party to be “hijacked by new Labour or Tory lite”. At one point John Reid, the Blairite former Cabinet minister, intervened in the online discussion to ask: “Is this a Labour Party website or have I clicked on a SWP one by mistake?”

Blogs, Twitter and Facebook give this deluded faction a much stronger platform than they used to achieve with a banner and a crap chant. It’s worth noting that most of the leading left-wing blogs are “proudly sponsored” by union gold…


  1. 1
    fox gloves are Off says:

    Digitalis is deadly in excess.

    • 11
      Anonymous says:

      Cameron dragging UK down is a bigger concern. Unions have lost most of their power and are mostly cannot do much. This government is using unions as boogie men to hide behind them.

      • 17
        Aaron D Highside says:

        ‘Delusional’. Yep, that’s the word.

        • 89
          Anonymous says:

          The worst unions can do is to go on strike. Only union that strike and give problem to public is London Underground once. Others just talk, some times they go on strike but hardly anyone cares.

          There are some other unions that can go on strike and create problem but they never go on strike.

          So why bother about trade unions in UK except to use them as boogie men. Even talking about unions in UK is waste of time as they haven’t got any power except for tube and rail. If government ban strike on tube and train the problem will be over.

      • 22
        Residing in 96.95% white Merseyside says:

        But many of their members are from the powerful public sector.

        • 61
          V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

          Unions are not required anymore, they’re obsolete.

          • Old England says:

            I would advise employees to ignore the unions,which thru’ their actions
            destroyed much that was good,in the ’70,s and ’80,s,when industries moved out,and,find a good solicitor,who specialises in employment laws,to call upon in times of strife….(just a thought)

          • Nogbad the Bad says:

            I once worked in a firm that was highly unionised, but the staff realised after a time that we treated them well enough and were fair when they did something wrong. Eventually they didn’t bother with the union anymore.

            Then we were taken over by a bunch of spivs using cheap money from RBS. The staff were completely fucked-over and the company is now a shadow of what it was, and reporting losses every year. RBS don’t look like they will get their money back anytime soon.

            You don’t need a union, until you need one.

        • 80
          Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

          And most government is run by unelected people in the the civil service, many of whom are in unions. Politicians are mainly just puffed up scapegoats.

          So these left-wing nutters are using all the achievements of capitalism to try to drag us all back to the age of dinosaurs.

      • 63
        Anonymous says:

        Boogie men ! i love it !

    • 66
      Anonymous says:

      Unite should never have voted for Ed Milliband in the first place, it calls their judgement into question as the man continues to be a disaster.

  2. 2
    Huge Grant says:

    My good friend Eddie Buzzard is running for Mayor. Didn’t think he was his type.

  3. 3
    Owen Jones says:

    Today I’m on sky news at 10.40am talking about The Peoples Assembly. Guido Fawkes and myself are making a direct appeal to all those being made to pay for a crisis they didn’t cause.

    • 68
      The female progenitor says:

      You’re a very naughty boy. Have you a note to be out of school? Who forged it for you? Just you wait until you get home, I will give you what for!

  4. 4
    Meanwhile says:

    Benefits: How to claim your entitlement – Headline from the BBC web site.
    These are not entitlements……still the freeloading fuckers at the BBC do not understand.

    • 11
      give it all away says:

      Why is the the state broadcaster doing this? Is it because it is run by a rogue Fabian elite or is the state actually pulling the strings?

      • 19
        B Boyd says:

        There is nothing wrong with the BBC. Unbiased, impartial, pervert-free, wonderful value for money, like the NHS – well except for the NHS’s understandable mass manslaughter by neglect, of course.

    • 50
      Can't read, won't read says:

      Maybe they’re talking about PPI

    • 56
      £145.50 worse off says:

      I think they understand only too well-they thrive on an entitlement of £3.6bn pa.

  5. 5
    Steve Miliband says:

    Come on Owen, form a new party, split the left

    • 13
      Residing in 96.95% white Merseyside says:

      The obsession with Owen Jones on this blog amazes me.

      Or do you all think he’s got a great future behind him?

    • 127
      Andy Coulson says:

      Labour aren’t Left. To suggest so shows a lack of knowledge

  6. 6

    Bloody rich from John Reid of G4S Vote Labour get a Tory, and ive no party.

  7. 7
    Residing in 96.95% white Merseyside says:

    Hattonites would have been a better description.

    If Degsie owned a country estate I’m sure he would have let people use any public right of way.

    Or, maybe………………..

  8. 8
    The situation is worse than realised. says:

    Herman Van Rompuy is a deliberate bumbling face of a vicious EUSSR corrupt regime. Be of no mistake the people now running Europe have strong roots to the regimes that brought Europe to war and killed millions of its citizens in cold blood. We live in very dangerous times but because we are actually living them they do not always seem dangerous or unusual..

    • 9
      Residing in 96.95% white Merseyside says:

      But millions of people in the EU would probably now approve of Stalin’s methods in getting rid of the unwanted.

      • 45
        Time to go home says:

        Not so, though millions would approve of Stalins methods of getting rid of those who enabled the population replacement experiment in the first place.

        Those who came, would just as easily return, if the welfare system taps were turned off.

  9. 10
    Commie purpose says:

    What possible advantage to working class people is there in having more working class people let into this country by the million?
    Damn right Labour have abandoned their core principles.

    • 14
      The English are no longer welcome in Cyprus says:

      So if Millibrand tells the Union to sling its hook and gets an agreement about limited state party funding for all he is onto a winner.

    • 25
      Residing in 96.95% white Merseyside says:

      Stay on their bennies?

    • 34
      Anonymous says:

      Spot on ! thats something thats always puzzled me.Also its no wonder public services are struggling as surely the amount of immigrants has exceeded predictions for NHS etc.

    • 71
      yeah, right... says:

      Maybe it’s because the working class from Poland, Latvia, Phuckknowswhereistan etc actually, you know, work?

  10. 15
    nellnewman says:

    What does labour stand for these days?

    militwit – that chap that gave us worthless windmills and left us with an energy crisis because he believed with agw we were no longer going to need heating, now says that he is our future saviour – he knows how to get us out of this hole that he and his pals got us into in the first place- we just need to give him time to formulate a few policies!

    bullyballs said yesterday that everybody and the world now agrees with him that the way out of the disaster he and gordon created is to spend for growth. He is gordon in everything but name!

    cameron and the tories may be looking decidedly wet behind the ears but this lot are infinitely more scary!

    • 40
      Peter Grimes says:

      Millionaireband can’t stand up to anything. He lacks the necessary backbone.

  11. 16
    Judd says:

    The mask is slipping.

    We can see the mass ranks of delusional Labour who long to borrow more and splurge the money on welfare and waste.

    • 21
      The English are no longer welcome in Cyprus says:

      I thought I would let you know that as a non graduate I have learnt to go to the toilet and wipe my own bottom .

      I have acquired this skill without any State intervention whatsoever . I have never attended any college course and have never sought any type of Grant refundable or not .

    • 33
      nellnewman says:

      I think with cameron and the tories putting in such a weak performance labour feel safe to move back onto their leftwing home turf with their loony left policies and that we shall vote them in 2015 regardless .

      I suspect they are mistaken in believing that the electorate has forgotten what a catastrophe they were in government last time around. But we shall see in 2015.

      • 42
        Anonymous says:

        I agree, the way Labour have behaved in opposition has been odd, the really do seem to think they have only to “serve” 5 years out of Government and we will vote them in again. Just look at the smug way they conduct themselves. I think now with 2 years to go and Milliband being such a failure, Unite etc will tighten their grip on the party and start making demands. But its their own fault for inexplicably voting for Milliband in the first place !

        • 92
          Anonymous says:

          ‘Milliband being such a failure’ – I’m confused, the BBC keep telling me how great he is.

          • Burning Your Money says:

            He cooks up media regulation plans at 2am which are more full of holes than a broken sieve.

            There’s a pattern with him, he rushes into things and blusters.

            He’s longing to waste your money.

  12. 18
    The Brits are stinkers says:

    So that awfully nice Mr Hunt is going around this morning talking about our all graduate nursing profession and saying that in future they will all be getting at least a year’s training in “basic care” .

    This surely begs the question what the fuck has been going on over the last 20 years?

    • 20
      Royal college of nursing says:

      Our nurses are to posh to wash.

      • 27
        Residing in 96.95% white Merseyside says:

        Perhaps “basic care” should be translated into their respective languages.

        • 48
          Anonymous says:

          What is missing is the negligence of the doctors.

          To palm off their tasks to nurses gave the nurses the step away from nursing and into pseudo doctors. It was the doctors that walked through the situation daily that should be attacked.

          Forget the administrators, forget the cleaners, the only people who were responsible were the doctors. They needed to speak.

          However in the cases were a caring doctor did speak out and was silenced by threats. The source of the threats are the ones that should also stand trial.

          These people that threaten are so full of their importance that the threats are in writing. Maybe we should start a website to make public all the threats that people receive. I have a few corkers to post.

          • Death says:

            You ahve to ask: how many doctors are implicaed in the Fabian delusion? How many were busy making ‘poverty hustory’ instead of caring fir the sick?

          • Nogbad the Bad says:

            But they were well paid for their silence.

      • 35
        The Old Fella says:

        I think young Jerry is starting to talk a some sense at last, he has gone up somewhat in my estimation, yes nurses should do 6/12 months in a care position, the same goes for social workers, ambulance crews, if some are put off by doing what a carer does they should possibly reconsider if they have chosen the right career.

    • 26
      Matron says:

      Labour ballsing up the NHS

    • 30
      florence says:

      Last time I visited my mum in hospital a nurse would not even help me to straighten her bedding out which had become wrapped around her. It was not the nurse’s job to make patients comfortable and my mum had to wait until a sub nurse became available even though there were other nurses sat behind the ward desk having a good laugh together at what they got up to on the town the night before. In short, no one was in overall charge, there was no discipline on the ward and nurses are not actually nurses, they are medical technicians who think nursing is beneath them.

      • 62
        Anonymous says:

        Absolute rot !im sick of people who watch Holby city or casualty thinking they are experts in Hospitals. 1) why couldnt you straighten your own Mothers sheets yourself ? do you really need a trained nurse to help you, if so why? We have to complete care plans for each patient 3 times a day, which is what they are doing “sitting at the nurses station” they take 15 minutes for each patient.

        • 74
          Time to go home says:

          Do these ‘care plans’ include how to let people die from dehydration?

        • 76
          No Impunity says:

          So, the neglect os deliberate. No reason therefore not to send more murdering nurses to prison.

        • 82
          florence says:


          I did say to help me, as due to mum’s frailty it was at least a two person task.

          I’ve never watched Holby so am not familiar with NHS hierarchy on a ward, forgive me for thinking that nurses nurse and care for their customers.

          To sum up I just wanted help and my mum wanted relief from her pain and neither was available on that NHS ward.

          • Anonymous says:

            Nurses do care, which is why they do the job. Im just sick of people like you making comments like you did. Did it make you feel better ? thats all that matters then isnt it ?

          • Dr KILLdare Ward 10 says:

            rubbish they dont give a monkeys most of them as they are protected by idiots like you. Yes I have seen this first hand so just STFU for once

        • 95
          Anonymous says:

          I’d split nurses into three roughly equal groups – a third are very good, a third are acceptable and meet with requirements and the final third are unresponsive, slovenly, lazy slatterns.

          My mother had to endure an almost three month stay in hospital and you really wouldn’t want to trust your loved ones in the hands of some of these people. As an example of their laziness, one morning a couple of days after her surgery she made her way to the toilet and found a couple of used syringes and needles scattered across the toilet floor. On returning to the ward she made a point of telling the senior nurse in charge of the problem and asking her to not unreasonably clear it up. Eight hours later on her next trip to the toilet the needles and syringes were still there. Again she complained, the following morning – still there.

          They are unaccountable and unsackable but as more and more people have similar experiences through friends and families then the scales are soon lifted from their eyes and the myth of them all being angels summarily busted!

        • 97
          Anonymous says:

          Every time I see nurses sitting at their “stations” they’re either gossiping, eating chocolate/crisps/pies, plannning or regaling each other with tales of their social lives.

          Care plans? Box ticking fucknuts from what I’ve observed.

          • Anonymous says:

            No they dont “tick boxes” they have to complete care plans 3 times a day which can take 15 minutes each. These are legal documents which can be used in court. Sorry if the nurses arent staggering around exhausted like something from the crimea, do you speak to the people you work with ? im really sick of people whingeing about the NHS, and horrified that people wont even straighten bedclothes on their own relatives bed ! what has happened to us ?

          • Anonymous says:

            The visiting times on my mother’s ward were limited to an hour a day. She’d repeatedly asked a nurse for an extra blanket as she was cold and shivering (this is an 80 year old woman) and it was not until I arrived in the evening and kicked up a stink that she eventually got her extra blanket.Do you expect patients to bring their own blankets now? I have dozens of similar tales of how rather than tending to their patients needs, nurses would rather stay at their stations chatting and stuffing their faces all day. Angels of mercy? Oh do fuck off!

    • 51
      Anonymous says:

      What the fuck has been going on for the last 20 years is that nursing is now an all graduate profession.The only back up on the wards now is NVQ level 2 health care assistants.The old SEN qualification has been phased out, meaning that there is a wide gulf between the different level of nurses. Nursung has also become more technical as proceedures have, staffing levels definately need to improve.Think oily mechanic 20 years ago to plugging your car into a computer today!

      • 73
        The Public says:

        I think modern nurses are lazy uncaring sows. Too thick to be doctors and too arrogant to do any work.

        • 112
          Rat's arse says:

          Tend to agree, but please don’t include operating theatre staff in your comments. We literally work around the clock!

          However, on the odd occasion I have to venture into the Wards, I feel I’m in some sort of weird social club.

          It’s utterly disgraceful.

  13. 23
    Guido Fawkes says:

    Owen Jones,finally someone to support the less fortunate who realize we’re heading for one hell of an economic and social train crash!

    • 28
      Emily Maitlis says:

      Owen Jones suppports policies that have led to an economic and social train crash.
      By the way do you know any unemployed immigrants?

      • 54
        Fishy says:

        I saw that. Typical stupid Maitless. It’s not a very good preparation for a good nights sleep, going to bed wanting to kick the TV screen in.

    • 31
      Residing in 96.95% white Merseyside says:

      If I’m still around I’m sure I’ll be still be buying on Amazon.

      Having to stay in this morning as I’m expecting two parcels.

    • 39
      More to the point says:

      While you may realiZe it, others spelling in English do not realiSe it.

      • 58
        Fog says:

        ‘z’ or ‘s’ is optional, Mr. Point, in England, using the English language, in words like realise.

        • 90
          Noah Webster says:

          It’s “reali-Z-e” with a “Zee.” And that’s how the letter is pronounced, too.
          Trust me, I know about these things.

        • 99
          Matilda says:

          Stuck with Microsoft’s spelling bot. Those who learned how to spell properly at school ignore the bot completely.

    • 44
      The Loony Left says:

      Where was Owned Jones when the train left the station in 2001, heading straight for socialist dystopia ? Oh, yes. In nappies.

  14. 29
    The Old Fella says:

    “It’s worth noting that most of the leading left-wing blogs are “proudly sponsored” by union gold…” it’s OK to be paid “gold” but if only a few read the blog (as it is considered to be a means propagating their values and beliefs) it is failing its objective, and just preaching to themselves. Geedo gets a few Liebore visitors but he does tend preach to the faithful, the objective would be to reach out to non-believers. I belong to no political party, I am floating voter at the centre, viewed by contempt by all convinced party members and yet in a large number of constituencies the floating voter decides elections.

    • 37
      Commie purpose says:

      As the LibLabCons think of the electorate as shit you are what they would call a ‘voting floater’

    • 42
      nellnewman says:

      MargaretThatcher the straight talking grocer’s daughter and tonybliar the ultimate conman , understood the floating voter and middle England very well – that’s one of the reasons they were both so successful, for different reasons, at winning elections.

      The tory or labour core vote – folks who pay to belong to those respective parties, are a very tiny minority of the electorate as a whole .

      Whoever wins the next election can only do it by winning over the floating voters. Do militwit and bullyballs have the credibility to do that? Somehow, with their leftwing rants and loony economic policies, I doubt it.

      • 115
        Nogbad the Bad says:

        That’s true Nell, but they also need enough of their tribal voters to give them a majority. That’s why they are all scared of UKIP, who are taking votes from the middle and both ends.

    • 120
      Gordon Brown says:

      “proudly sponsored by union gold” eh ?
      I shall be chucking a Nokia or two having a quiet word.
      Unions should only be dealing in ponzi currencies like the Euro.

  15. 38
    Three myths and a mindless audience says:

    BBC QT down the ages, all panellists trot out 3 audience winning lines.

    1) The NHS is the envy of the world.
    2) The BBC is the envy of the world.
    3) Parliament is the envy of the world.

    At least the audience has stopped mindlessly clapping for number 3

    • 46
      Royal college of nursing says:

      The NHS makes people go green with envy or decomposition by the smell of it.

      • 96
        Reality says:

        The NHS is a shit health care provider.

        Even the US does not reference it any more when talking about the new system they are setting up.

    • 100
      Matilda says:

      Yes our Dave repeated that b/s in his speech yesterday whilst totally ignoring a question about what he was going to do about the Staffs hospital scandal.

      My advice to all would “Invest your bennies in a good private health insurance scheme”.

    • 121
      cynic says:

      For ‘envy’ read ‘joke’.

  16. 41
    More to the point says:

    William Hague in Rwanda with Angelina Jolie. nudge, nudge. Wink, wink.
    Say no more.

    • 52
      Brad Pitt on seeing his latest adopted child says:

      That’s the weirdest looking baby I’ve ever seen

    • 53
      DAVE fire sale CAMERMONG says:

      She’s quite safe then , no room sharing there then !

    • 60
      Time to go home says:

      Bill Vague is a gayer, so Jolie has nothing to worry about.

      • 116
        Nogbad the Bad says:

        In some other Universe, AJ may be a fag hag, and an open door for a “now then lass ‘ows about it”.

    • 77
      A Taxpayer says:

      Hague is wasting yet more public money. Time to abolish the foreign office. If we want to discuss things with fireingers we shoukld do it on Skype.

      • 103
        Matilda says:

        we no longer have an empire to administer, so we could probably recruit one of two locals in each country to email to London what their local papers and tv stations are saying. Would not have to pay their accommodation/travel/booze allowances either.

        Think of the annual savings that Dave would have to waste on the aid budget!!

  17. 55
    We have been betrayed by the political classes says:

    Open borders in the EU has nothing to do with a common market and all to do with the Federal Europe project. It really is that simple.

  18. 57
    Anonymous says:

    Here in Spains Hurcal hospital they may be in debt but that cleaner has been in my mothers room 3 times today to clean and so many nurses checking on here better service that Bupa.

    • 64
      Chris Huhne says:

      My bi sexual missus has the cleanest fanny I’ve ever seen.
      Well she doeas have a woman come in twice a week.

    • 83
      Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

      And far better than the crap NHS.

  19. 59
    SomeoneElse says:

    its the same for the tories on CHome which is infested with a very narrow range of people most of whom seem professional posters on behalf of ukip, like their leaders, they must be riding a gravy train to have that amount of free time and post their fantasy bollocks and semi-racist rants.

    Yet they all dissapear when someone questions them under ‘Reality Conditions’

    for example, how do they get a referendum or OUT in reality? There are not enough votes to get a referendum before the GE and they seem determined to cut their noses off to spite their faces.

    • 65
      Time to go home says:

      We can only leave the EU by invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty. Indeed, we can only re-negotiate our terms of membership by invoking Article 50.

      Something Cameron will never do.

      • 87
        Joss Taskin says:

        Who signed the Lisbon Treaty ?

      • 122
        annoyed says:

        All it would take would be a one page act of Parliament mandating death sentences for making payments to the EU or attempting to implement their laws, and for all the traitors who got us into it. Can’t happen though, because those traitors constitute the political and media class.

    • 67
      Emily Maitlis says:

      It’s the Conservative party which has been infested with a very narrow range of people led by Cameron.
      Totaly irrelevant question but do you know any unemployed immigrants?

    • 85
      Con Artists says:

      Vote conservative = more uncontrolled immigration

    • 88
      What would Maggie Do? says:

      You are wrong. The odd ones out are Dave and his team. Global warming and deliberately inflating energy bills and supporting the Indian space project is so yesterday.

  20. 72
  21. 75
    Guido Fawkes & Owen Jones Coalition says:

    A thrilling Test Match ending at 5 a.m. Followed by a launch of the People’s Assembly at 11.30 – an ideal morning indeed.

    • 84
      lost in Clacton says:

      Is Boycott still at the wicket?

    • 86
      Owin Jokes says:

      You’re a nasty piece of work, aren’t you ?

    • 94

      la Terreur was a period of violence that occurred after the onset of the Owen Jones Peoples poet Revolution, incited by conflict between rival political factions, the Uniters and the Milibins, and marked by mass executions of “enemies of the revolution”.
      Over 20,000 were executed by the People’s Assembly.
      Then followed a three year period of instability, strikes, inflation, civil war, famine, debt and deth.

      After that, things got much worse.

      • 108
        Matilda says:

        We already appear to be in the midst of another great plague so do you think another great fire of London lawyers and bankers might be overdue?

    • 101
      yeah, right... says:

      Ian Bell has a pair. Who knew?

  22. 91
    Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

    Labour and the unions have only one question to answer to guarantee being voted into power. Where are the magic money trees?

  23. 93
    Reconstruct says:

    Surely this is just the spillover from the Guardian’s hate-spewing Comment is Free section?

    • 98

      I read a comment on there that said Abraham Lincoln should not be respected because he isn’t do enough to free the slaves.

      It was a serious comment, not a joke. There were paras and paras on why Lincoln should have done more.

      The comment did however fail to acknowledge that Lincoln had instituted a continent wide war that split the nation, caused more american deaths than all the USAs later wars combined, and freed those in bondage for ever more.

      And he didn’t enact much of his planned reconstruction work on account of his being dead.

      A more deluded piece of thesis making, lefty crap I have never read.

      Always good for a laugh CIF. The place where intellectuals meet to prove themselves more enlightened than thou!

      • 109
        Matilda says:

        A more deluded piece of thesis making, lefty crap I have never read.

        You have obviously never read the tale of the dodgy dossier!

  24. 118
    Steve says:

    Don’t waste your vote on Labour all you will get is more immigration, more in to the EU and messed up economy, we’re still suffering from Labour’s mess, Tony Blair just opened the gates to hordes from Eastern Europe.


  25. 125
    Fraser says:

    I love this blog but I like how this was used without a hint of irony

    2Blogs, Twitter and Facebook give this deluded faction a much stronger platform than they used to achieve with a banner and a crap chant”

  26. 126
    Ed Miliband says:

    After I win, I’ll make Jones a Lord, abolish elections and we will all be in the People’s Assembly and the People’s media will tell the truth always.

    Glorious it will be, and I will build people’s tower blocks after we level Chelsea for an airport, Corbusier style.

    Unless the EU wants something different, then I know we’ll double our dues and wont bother passing our own laws.

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