March 25th, 2013

Rich’s Monday Morning View


  1. 1
    Herman von Bumboy says:

    Get yer ‘air cut.


    • 4
      Anonymous says:

      Immigration. Stop giving people indefinite stay and British Citizenship.

      For all non British Citizenship don’t give them any benefits, health care, schools or housing. Charge them for using UK public services. If they break any rules put them in a plane and send them back on their own money, otherwise keep them in prison.

      This is what happens in most of the countries in the world. You work there pay for every thing you use and you leave the country when you stop working or when that country doesn’t need you any more.


      • 7
        Stavros King says:

        People who turn up at the borders are usually hungry for work.

        It’s the Brits who are lazy spongers, hundreds of thousands of them are soaking up free housing and sitting idle on benefits for years whilst hard working Polish families come and work hard.


        • 15
          A Briton says:

          Nonsense. You obviously don’t live in an area which has been overun yet. A massive proportion of immigrants are on benefits living a life of Riley.


          • Riley says:

            Too true, I want my life back, to be sure!


          • Quiet Bat Person says:

            What is an ‘instant council flat’? Do you just add water?


          • Curtains says:

            Its the one that the government will carry on giving to immigrants whether we like it or not. The marxist judiciary will make sure of that.


          • Residing in 96.96% white Merseyside says:

            Thank goodness we don’t have a mega-m*osque up our way accommodating 10,000 – yet!


          • Anonymous says:

            send Brit ex-pats back home; might not be a bad idea as they live off their own money not benefits, so if they come back it will be good for the economy.


          • Cynical-old-bag says:

            I’m a british ex-pat living abroad and I wouldn’t come back if you paid me!

            Why do you think we left????


          • The Old Fella says:

            Not to mention the Iorish tinkers, soir, and all the rubbish they leave behind


        • 27
          Anonymous says:

          Brits who are lazy spongers, we cannot to any thing about them except cutting off there benefits. No other country will take them.

          As for Polish, lots of them are on benefits as well.


          • Blobby says:

            And sending money home to Poland.


          • DICK TURPIN says:

            Buy Palladium says:
            March 25, 2013 at 8:39 am

            Send brit ex-pats back home. They don’t integrateYes He was Bored to death by Jimmy Tarbuck and Bruce Forsyth

            They could on the other hand have used Polodium


        • 41
          Residing in 96.96% white Merseyside says:

          In the old days it was the British who settled in the Colonies and soaked it all up whilst the natives did all the hard work for virtually nothing.

          Must be a British trait.

          Still, I suppose we enriched them!


        • 135
          Fuck the LibLabCon says:

          Absolute rubbish, on average 100 people are now applying for every job out there and many of those unskilled jobs are given to immigrants. The point is with 2.5 million out of work do we really need immigrants at all?


        • 204
          yvemaria says:

          If these Polish People are so Good at Working why don’t they stay in POLAND?
          There must be Loads of Work for them there,or is it the thought of getting Benifits and being able to Work in UK that attracts them.
          I have seen some of there Work on a New Housing Development and can honestly say that theWorkmanship was Disgusting and has had to all be re; Done,which has cost treble too. The Mortar was mainly Sand and 17 Houses have had to be pulled down before they all Fell Down.


      • 33
        Leeroy Jaspy says:

        It’s our country now.


      • 85
      • 131
        Anonymous says:

        Can we do those things ? i thought if they were EU citizens we couldnt control all of the above. If we can control them Why TF havent we been doing so for the past 25 years !


    • 29
      Anonymous says:

      Most Indian’s will give £1,000 and come to UK and claim it back with in a month.


      • 61
        V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

        This new initiative is 50 years too late, England is no longer England.


      • 76
        Bertie Blatant..tells it how it is says:

        Or add the prices to their shiops when they open one on the corner


    • 81
      Anonymous says:

      The Big Immigration Speech

      Dave, your immigration speech
      Will promise things out of reach
      We’ve not forgot the CAST IRON VOW
      And nobody believes you now
      Everything you say’s untrue
      The law is made in the EU

      The Tory troops you try to muster
      All realise the speech is bluster
      Your hope to shoot the UKIP Fox
      Won’t surface in the ballot box
      Now UKIP’s got you on the ropes
      And blown away all Tory hopes

      We’re all fed up pissed off and grumpy
      Sick to death of Ange and Rumpy
      We do not want your EU flag
      To us it’s just a piece of rag
      We want our sovereignty back
      Our culture, laws and Union Jack


      • 87
        Anonymous says:

        The Big Immigration Speech by Cameron will unravel within the 1st hour. It as big holes in it.


        • 107
          The Old Fella says:

          Sort of nebulous?


        • 138
          Aaron D Highside says:

          It may seem irrelevant after the foregoing comments, but I thought the cartoon was pretty good for a change.


          • Raging Biggles says:

            Camoron is good but why the black mark on his cheek?


          • The Old Fella says:

            They could not put the Black Spot on his hand so they put it on his face, you know what the Black Spot means me hearties, fifteen men on a dead man’s chest, yo ho hum and a bottle of rum


        • 195
          Hugh Janus says:

          The usual piss and wind from the Heir to Blair. Another day, another headline…..


  2. 2
    Pineapple Slicer says:

    That’s so funny I almost laughed.


  3. 3
    Cry me a river says:

    Evidence that the Beeb and politics are all in it together. Offcom do not accept complaints about biaswed reporting by the BBC. Instead they direct you to complaon to the BBC Trust as they are the only ones who deal with complaints. A fairer society for all.Next election will get a ‘none of the above’ vote.


  4. 5
    Raving Loon says:

    What about the 1000’s of people who follow the religion of peace who are already here and want us dead/enslaved?


  5. 6
    Fuck it says:

    What about jocks?


  6. 8
    Guido Fawkes & Owen Jones Coalition says:

    For anyone who missed Boris Johnson on Marr yesterday …


    • 17
      P l e b says:

      Mair for Mayor!


      • 35
        Old England says:

        Why is it that people in prominent positions called “ED”,are complete and utter
        nasty,spiteful,clueless twats,and,think its funny to use their position to further their childish,lefty views….No more MAIR…off my christmas list….


        • 139
          Anonymous says:

          I havent heard the interview (i dont do embarassing!) but i have always thought Eddie Mair was one of the better R 4 presenters, he seems even handed when interviewing politicians of all parties.He is also quite funny, i wonder if the “you are a nasty piece of work “comment was not as bad as it sounds written down. did anybody hear it, what do you think ?


          • Demagogue says:

            It was a nasty piece of interviewing from a nasty BBC. Accusing him of lying about an affair many years ago is a cheap shot. Of course people lie about affairs and other secretive activities until they are found out; ask Paddy Pantsdown, Two Jags Prescott, Ron Davies, Silvio Berlusconi etc.etc.


    • 23
      Joss Taskin says:

      You’re a nasty piece of work, aren’t you ?


    • 49
      Residing in 96.96% white Merseyside says:

      Hitler once famously said that he would rather have spent the time in the dentist’s chair than listen to Franco. I’d say the same about Boris.


  7. 12
    albacore says:

    Desperate Dave caught with a smoking gun?
    Well, although it might be a lot of fun
    He could save himself all of that trouble
    With a referendum at the double


  8. 13
    A Briton says:

    Cameron is soft. If you believe a word he says about immigration you are a fool. A mere handful of the millions of the illegal immigrants have been deported. The rest are going to be give a big fat wadge of money and told to carry on ruining the country.


    • 117
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      Ah, but while we’re all pontificating about this, what’s going on in some other department?


  9. 14
    Popeye says:

    Cameron talking his usual rubbish, they will not get benefits.
    All they will do is move off one benefit account on to another with a different name.
    He really thinks we are a bunch of idiots.
    Roll on 2015.


    • 24
      Curtains says:

      2015 is too late, There will be another half a million here by then.


      • 52
        Residing in 96.96% white Merseyside says:

        And a million ethnic Brits will have emigrated by then.


        • 121
          Cynical-old-bag says:

          We emigrated in 2010 and don’t regret a second. We pay our own way here and are not entitled to anything. This is how it should be. We are, however, still liable to pay tax in the UK, which we do, even though we don’t live there.


          • Anonymous says:

            Surely you dont pay tax in 2 places ?


          • Cynical-old-bag says:

            Actually, we do. But it’s still cheaper to live here than in the UK.


          • skint but happy expat says:

            No matter where you go or live, tax is unavoidable. It is added to most things you buy including food, petrol, clothes etc. So although you may not pay directly to more than government, there are still sticky fingers on your pocket, purse or wallet all over the world.


          • Cynical-old-bag says:

            I agree. We have integrated well here and we are learning to speak the language. Beats anything the UK has to offer hands down.


  10. 19
    Guido Fawkes & Owen Jones Coalition says:

    Oh and by the way, if you’ve got big money in any bank anywhere now we would consider splitting it, because the line’s been crossed.


    • 25
      T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

      Fuck off !


      • 31
        The Piss soaked tramp known as TAT says:

        The Russians are going to freeze German assets in Russia? *popcorn*


        • 59
          Residing in 96.96% white Merseyside says:

          Wouldn’t it be better to either increase the cost of gas supplies or cut if off?

          I love it when Russia flexes it’s muscle. Just like the good old days we all hanker for.

          Except 1979-1997 of course!


        • 70
          Putinov Vodka says:

          The Russians will take their time, Putin is pursuing the classic Russian policy, of access to the Med and the recreation of the Russian Empire. The more the EU f_ck up in the Eastern Med the better, with strong cultural links to the Greeks and Greek Cypriots being reinforced with cash and energy you can see his plan panning out. Pick off the Greeks into Russian led economic partnership and you not only split the EU but a good chance of f_cking off NATO as well! It will also draw a line on EU/NATO expansion further East, the Ukraine can forget leaving Mother Russia’s embrace!


          • Al Capone's guns don't argue says:

            If that is Russian criminal’s assets that are been stolen from the banks I can’t imagine them talking too kindly to that.


          • Tovarich says:

            That applies even if most of their assets are legit. Not all Russkies are crooks you know.


  11. 26
    Anonymous says:

    Three times at least.


  12. 32
    Dave talks tough on .... says:

    I’m gonna talk tough like you’ve never heard anyone talk tough.

    On that, I give you my cast iron promise.


  13. 34
    Sir William Wade says:

    Who’s it meant to be?


  14. 36
    Hava Nagila says:

    God, these cartoons are shit. I mean, seriously, did you put out an advert saying “Wanted: educationally-subnormal artist. Must be humourless and unable to draw”?


  15. 37
    Ed Miliwonk says:

    I didn’t realise that Dave was left handed.


  16. 42
    Jock women are the best at Curling one down says:


    • 56
      Surrey Shiresman says:

      Nice to see some Scottish finally win something. With the exception of Chris Hoy we normally associate the country with bitter losers.


    • 58
      egghead says:

      thats about the only sport the sweatboxes are any good at!! that and creating ridiculous traitor politicians…yes to Scottish independence ie piss off!


      • 199
        Bertie Blatant..tells it how it is says:

        Also you forgot about getting pissed in city centres late at night and rucking


    • 64
      The stone age says:

      Only Scotch women would make Rock throwing a sport.


    • 71
      VINCE Lay a CABLE says:

      I’m off to Curl one right now


    • 83
      Bless their pointy little heads says:

      Hilda Ogden was the Worlds curling champion and she was born in Toxteth.


    • 116

      Curling involves Pushing a big lump across the ice
      i suppose it’s like getting your husband down the shops


  17. 45
    Commie purpose says:

    No suprise that the UK Border agency is shit it was meant to be shit that was the intention
    In fact it was so good at being shit it’s former head has been promoted.


    • 62
      Lightbulb says:

      I remember meeting her at the Home Office. Utterly unimpressive woman who had no idea about the laws of this country.

      She’s now mismanaging the HMRC.


  18. 47
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    is that Terry Thomas?


  19. 50
    Bless their pointy little heads says:

    Nevermind Dave, we have heard it all before.


  20. 51
    No going back. says:

    So the Euro club welcomes any Tom, Dick or Harry in with welcome arms. But woe betide anyone who tries to leave.


  21. 53
    Commie purpose says:

    Anybody who the job centre think isn’t activly seeking work can lose their dole so what is new Dave?


    • 65
      Fooling nobody says:

      No, but its a sound0bite.


    • 95
      Putinov Vodka says:

      He’s just a total fop, no clue, no passion, no desire to actually change anything. His only objective is keep being PM look after the ‘Establishment’ and by that i mean the LibLabCon elite and their pilot fish parasites. If you want the ‘none of the above’ stamps to use on your voting papers there is a chap selling them on eBay!


      • 126
        One Term Dave says:

        You forget that politics is simply PR with greater opportunities for embezzling the taxpayer. And everyone says that I am a PR master.


      • 154
        Anonymous says:

        Ha Ha Ha, fop.If anybody is a fop its the lisping effete Ed Milliband, i was gobsmacked when i heard he had married a woman !


  22. 54
    Mind your backs. says:

    Every day Dave looks more like Ted Heath.


  23. 55
    Guido Fawkes & Owen Jones Coalition says:

    The workers really are revolting. TIME’s Michael Schuman says Marx was right


  24. 57
    Rand Paul for President says:

    If Boris’ private life from 25 years ago is fair game, then why not ask Ed Miliband about singing Marxist songs with Eric Hobsbawn in his youth?


  25. 63
    Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

    If Cameron is being sincere about immigration then I am a Russian oligarch.

    Do svidanya.


  26. 73

    Ve vill of course be taking our usual 10% for brokering the Cyprus deal
    Ve are not called The European “Commission” For nothing


  27. 74
    BoJo says:

    Assists someone in being beaten up? Yep, I’d say Boris is a nasty piece of work.


  28. 77
    just great says:

    Cyprus agrees deal on €10bn bailout
    Markets rise as agreement does not need parliamentary approval


  29. 78
  30. 82

    A liar, a humbug, a hypocrite, a vagabond, a scrounger, a parasite, a pervert, a worm, a loathsome spotted reptile, a self-confessed politician.

    A man (or woman) who by his (or her) own admission chews pillows.


  31. 84
    RETARDS ARE US says:

    It’s a fact that Guido’s moderators wouldn’t get a job at Remploy


  32. 92
    DAVE Big Talk No Action COMERMONG says:

    Immigrants will lose benefits if they don’t find a job after 6 months
    and will have to wait two years for a council house
    they may also have to pay for NHS treatment

    Absolute bollocks ! He knows the European court of Human Shites will have a field day and it will cost the taxpayers a fortune yet again


    • 100
      boo boo says:

      They’ll be an agreement made at about 2.30 in the morning giving away more of our hard won freedoms. Let-win, the clue is in the name.


    • 108
      WVM says:

      Exactly, just more snake oil from Dave.


    • 115
      More to the point says:

      He seems to forget he’s dealing with vagabonds, criminals and r4pists.

      And…….they don’t make a living selling clothes pegs these days.


    • 118
      Fuck the LibLabCon says:

      Wait two years for a council house!

      The vast majority of councils allocate homes based on needs. So consequently immigrants turning up on our shores homeless are at the very top of the lists and it’s everyone else that has to wait. And wait far longer that two years.


    • 119
      Tessa Tickles says:

      “No benefits if you don’t find a job within 6 months”. I’m pretty sure in other countries – Germany, for example – if you don’t find a job within 6 months you’re kicked out of the country – EU citizen or not – let alone denied benefits.


    • 137
      Fuck the LibLabCon says:

      First thing is first, out of the EU.


    • 145
      Fog says:

      Cameron is just tinkering, government making bits up as they go along, but it wouldn’t matter what he said, it wouldn’t get past the lefty media and the Liebour machine who will twist everything, lie about everything, and worst of all withhold information. Most British people are totally and utterly aware that Britons cannot, in any country in the world, including Europe, receive any kind of benefits, housing or healthcare, on arrival, unless or until they are long term tax-paying residents, and in most cases citizens. So we’re all wondering why the British government cannot tackle this problem properly – because they are scared of the media?


  33. 97
    still guessing says:

    Danny Alexander?


  34. 109

    I knew i shouldn’t have asked my bodyguard to wash my back


  35. 110
    More to the point says:

    Smoking gun??

    Tipped umbrella more like.


  36. 113
    I Predict a Cyp-riot says:

    Quotation from the BBC website:

    “The percentage to be levied on large deposits in the Bank of Cyprus will be resolved in the coming weeks, Mr Dijsselbloem said. One key element of the deposit tax, demanded by the IMF, is that it not require a parliamentary vote.”

    Tells you all you need to know about the Eurozone. No concrete agreement on how to shaft the over 100,000-euro depositors, and definitely do not let democracy anywhere near the deal.

    So problems all solved then


    • 128
      sleepwalking into a fascist state says:

      Yeah the solution was to ditch democracy, as ever with the EU. Surely even the most ardent europhile can see the dangers here?

      What are your thoughts on this matter Jimmy, you prick?


    • 140
      Herman van Rompuy says:

      Job done, what’s the next crisis our German taxpayers have to deal with?


      • 173
        Long John Silver's parrot says:

        Chrissie Lagarde has said that this Bailout is “comprehensive and credible ” ;

        I have tried to understand it but the Press coverage is very poor .

        I understand it is the end of the road for Laiki Bank and the Cypriot Parliament has been sidestepped but I am none the wiser as to what is to happen to large depositors and businesses in Laiki Bank and the Bank’s staff.

        There will most certainly have to be sackings at IMF EU and ECB over all these but no news on this has been forthcoming.

        I mean to say some people have had to work all weekend eating pizza to sort this mess out so lets not brush the crumbs under the carpet .


        • 184
          Tovarich says:

          Sackings?? Clearly you do not understand how the IMF, EU and ECB work. Promotions are more likely for having :solved: this pesky little problem. The fun starts when the Russians decide how they are going to get their cash back from that lot.


  37. 114
    LibLabConmen says:

    We’re terrified of UKIP so we’ve finally decided to crack down on immigration. This crackdown will involve lots of tough talk to fool the electorate but no action.


  38. 122
    More to the point says:

    Andrew Pierce Hat-tips Guido

    Actor Hugh Grant, the driving force behind the anti-newspaper brigade Hacked Off, never used to be so vengeful. The blogger Guido Fawkes unearthed part of his interview on Desert Island Discs when he said: ‘You can’t really moan. Sometimes you think it would be nice if the tabloids didn’t dig up every skeleton and lie and smear and all those things, but on the other hand when they lie and smear and poke fun at other celebrities it gives me enormous delight. So I can’t be too hypocritical.’

    Oh yes he can.


  39. 132
    More to the point says:

    {Boris Berezovsky’s body has been taken away from the mansion where he was found dead ahead of an Home Office post mortem.}

    In a body-bag. No doubt the start of a fuller cover-up.


  40. 133
    Fact Hunt says:

    It’s quite amusing to see Camoron, Millionaireband and Claggy desperately trying to scramble on the bandwagon now UKIP are setting the agenda on immigration. One question to all of them. Why didn’t you do something about it when you had the chance? Wankers.


    • 174
      Ethnically "cleansing" England of the English says:

      You are falsely assuming that they have done something to rmedy the situation.

      Their rhetoric is 99% lies.

      Only judge them by their actions…which to date confirms that they are f*cking traitors…all of them.


    • 201
      Balkanising Britain for profit and party gain says:

      The Liblabcon have absolutely zero intention of curbing immigration.

      Too many powerful vested interests profit form the scam.


  41. 136
    Put on Pensioner says:

    Poor old Dave, he reminds me so much of that lying chancer criminal Cris Huhne denying all yet promising justice will rightly prevail and how all shall see his words are true and right and honestly given.

    I’m sure Chris believed every thing he spouted, just like Dave.


  42. 143
    Emily Thornberry's speaking bathroom scales says:

    Thank heaven the easter recess will soon be here. Emily is away for a few days.


  43. 146
    Labourunionsbbc are one under the EU says:

    Why does nobody in the media ever mention global warming anymore?

    At one time they never left off.


    • 188
      Tovarich says:

      More to the point, when are our gutless politicians going to make the changes to stop all this money we are having to pay being wasted on the various “climate” scams?


  44. 147
    Eddie Mare says:

    So Mr Miliband, when you were 10 you cheated at conkers against your brother. My question is; you’re a really vindictive nasty shite aren’t you?


  45. 148
    More to the point says:

    No job seekers allowance after 6 months, unless “they” can prove they have been actively seeking work.

    Not a loop-hole; a bloody sink hole.


    • 158
      Astro physicist says:

      Engerland is getting to be a bit of a blackhole.


    • 179
      Tessa Tickles says:

      I thought nobody was allowed to claim jobseekers’ allowance unless they could prove they were actively seeking work.


      • 190
        Are you 'avin' a laff ?.... says:

        Er…..have you actually seen what constitutes “actively seeking work” ? You fill out a dinky little A4 Booklet with a few jobs you’ve either got off the internet or at the job centre, show a few applications you’ve made by entries in your “little book”(er no proof you’ve actually sent them) and then every 2 weeks you clock in to the job centre and see an advisor who couldn’t give a flying fuck…after 3 months you go on a day’s Course where they tell you to surf the internet or look in newspapers and on job sitesand keep applying…..and then after 6 month you go on another course which tells you exactly the long as you can show that you’ve applied for at least 5 jobs pw(by filling out your little book)then no worries…any acknowledgements you get from application which is extremely rare you put in your “little book”….but of cpourse you can apply for 100’s of jobs but few will actually acknowledge it…BUT you are “actively seeking work”


  46. 149
    Eddie Mare says:

    Mr Grant, you can’t act, is that why you have entered politics?


    • 171
      Huge Grunt says:

      Once I got caught with my todger in some whore’s gob, my career bombed but I didn’t need to enter politics. I found that merely being a whiny little pussy I was able to gain complete control over a parliamentary democracy, introduce any law I liked, and destroy 300 years of press freedom.

      I think, to celebrate, I’ll go and pay some whore to suck my little todger.


      • 186
        SP4BS says:

        Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) $100,000
        Blow job (1995) -$1,300
        Notting Hill (1999) $7,500,000
        Mickey Blue Eyes (1999) $7,500,000
        Two Weeks Notice (2002) $12,500,000

        If anything its done his career a power of good.


  47. 152
    DAVE lord charles CAMERON says:

    Not really thought it through have you Dave ?


    • 161
      delroy says:

      I say old chap, we don’t tolerate such behaviour here.


    • 166
      Long John Silver's parrot says:

      Why doesn’t Mr Cameron go to the local Job Centre and hire a few people to dig a large trench.

      He can then line up all the immigrants in front of the trench and call out the Army to machine gun them.

      With a bit of luck they will all fall dead into the trench.

      Perhaps the Electorate will then be happy ?


      • 178
        Lost in Clacton says:

        But if Cameron starts killing people we will have to send him with Naomi Campbell to see Hague .


      • 187
        The Black Spot says:

        …What a load of bollocks….you’ll be telling us next that Cameron heads the most right wing government since Thatcher(who actually wasn’t at all right wing)


  48. 156
    APE HOUSE says:




  49. 157
    David Cameron says:

    You killed the wrong Boris, you idiot!


  50. 163
    Guido Fawkes & Owen Jones Coalition says:

    How the People’s Assembly can challenge our suffocating political consensus – and why it’s vital–and-why-its-vital-that-we-do-8547507.html


  51. 189
    A plane full of flying euros says:

    I read somewhere that there are 5.5 million Brits messing about living abroad in the EU and generally paying little or no tax here .

    If we come out of the EU now and all these start flocking back what are we going to do apart from giving them interest free mortgages to buy cheap houses off Northern Rock ?


  52. 196
    Welsh activist. says:

    Blowing up cashpoints in Cyprus now.


  53. 198
    Abdel from Tooting says:

    Bloody hell customs officers in Cyprus are now taking cash off people at airports.

    We cannot just sit back and let this happen .

    What have Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg done to help Cyprus this morning.

    And while I am at it when are we going to get a clear explanation as to how the UK Government stood back and let horsemeat get in the EU food chain?


    • 200
      Delboy says:

      I reckon we sold the Cypriots down the fucking river last night .

      No programme whatsoever for inward investment from the EU to counteract unemployment and they did not even have the guts to sack the Heads of the Bank of Cyprus who are still there this morning .

      If the euro was up this morning I reckon it will be down before Easter.

      Putin will be in there working a deal I tell you .


  54. 202
    Dmitri says:

    I have a 100 euros in cash and a plane ticket from Nicosia to London .

    I am on my way England .

    Things cant get much worse for me .


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