March 25th, 2013

Right-Winger Elected Tory Youth Leader

CCHQ has been given a headache by the Tory youth elections this evening: for the first time in five years the poster boy of the party’s right has been elected leader of Conservative Future. Oliver Cooper is the man who has won the poisoned chalice, a libertarian-leaning right-winger who certainly doesn’t pull his punches. Guido advises him not to sell-out in the hunt for a safe seat.

There are none…


  1. 1
    Guido Fawkes & Owen Jones Coalition says:

    Get Britain Out !!

    Saving Cyprus Means Nobody Safe as Europe Breaks More Taboos.


    • 3
      Nige is Not 4 Turning says:


      • 12
        Boris Berezovsky says:

        I was going to get my money out tomorrow.
        But now someone else will be getting it out instead.


      • 23
        Nick Clegg says:

        You can’t trust the Dutch


        • 41
          Lie dumbs are not for you says:

          What nationality is Clegg? He hates the Britsh culture and is doing everything he can to change it, aided by Cameron, Osborne and Letwin. Remember his criticisms about the British culture compared to the Nazis andwas then advised to tone down his remarks before the last election- look it up on Wikipedia. Sordid party wipe them off the political map.


        • 48
          Van Troomp says:

          Any more remarks like that Cleggie and we’ll sail up the Medway and burn Rochester again.


        • 53
          Desmond says:

          What do you men, we took their banks!


      • 47
        Mikarios says:

        hat do you advise Nigel, Jersey?


  2. 2
    Ben Howlett says:

    He’s far too conservative for Conservative Future – he hates Europe and everything…

    I wonder who his favourite Northern Irish politician is?


  3. 4
    Praguetory says:

    Well done Coops. What’s the UKIP gain reference?


    • 25
      The Old Fella says:

      Geedo old chap, “Guido advises him not to sell-out in the hunt for a safe seat”, they should all stand in a no hope constituency and not just walk in, after 14 gills Willy did, and he was a Maggie favourite


  4. 5
    Olly Neville says:

    Better luck than I had pal. Surprisingly I think the Tories will be more welcoming of Free Speech than UKIP were.


  5. 6
    A Nasty Piece of Work. YES IT IS FATBOTT says:


    • 7
      Websters Dictionary. says:

      Klaxon …

      Fatbots Gob


    • 8

      I see the 200 crown {CWU union} post offices are on strike on Saturday.
      That will be a problem. Only the remaining 11,400 private ones will be open!

      Plus, strike on a Saturday? That’s an odd day? Monday and Friday are their busiest days. Of course already having Fri/Sun/Mon off for the Easter weekend, and adding Saturday to make a nice long weekend away never crossed their minds.


    • 17
      JH3824092384023 says:

      No need for a Klaxon when you are out and about Diane. You only need a seismograph to know when you are waddling down the street.

      Now, why don’t you just f*ck off and take your thieving, slum creating, benefits grasping electorate with you?


  6. 9

    I see the 200 public sector post offices are on strike on Saturday.
    That will be a problem. Only the remaining 11,400 private ones will be open!

    Plus, strike on a Saturday? That’s an odd day? Monday and Friday are their busiest days. Of course already having Fri/Sun/Mon off for the Easter weekend, and adding Saturday to make a nice long weekend away never crossed their minds.


  7. 11
    Quisling Blushed says:

    Still, as a Tory he is probably far to the left of British public opinion.


    • 13
      Barking Golf club member says:

      I say we should flog all the foreigners. Flog ‘em with the arms torn from layabouts and criminals.

      My shot ?


  8. 14
    cynicalbeast says:

    Has this child ever had a real job ?


    • 27
      The Old Fella says:

      Doubt it, maybe the whiff of one for a short time, is that a yellow tie I see around his neck?


  9. 15
    cynicalbeast says:

    He looks as camp as a row of tents on Old Compton street


  10. 18
    Anonymous says:

    OOOOOPS. Guido has just outed himself as the Eye Spy MP twitter account with this

    “Ha @DrEvanHarris will be disappointed. He was telling all who’d listen I would be regulated. Waah wah wah #Fail”

    Waah, wah, wah, indeed Guido


    • 24
      Anonymous says:

      And it has now been deleted from the Eye Spy MP account. The sort of thing oft sneered at by the Guido stable. Hung by your own petard Guido. Numpty.
      Take the outing like a man. Fess up.


      • 28
        The Old Fella says:

        That’s nothing, Geedo’s life story has been changed on Wikipedia a few times, I wonder who the submitter


        • 32
          Anonymous says:

          The Old Fella.

          My time line has Guido and Media Guido pop up very often with the same message with the same time stamp(to a minute or two)

          This time the pair (with the identical message as above) was Media Guido and Eye Spy MP. They appear in the same minute.

          The message does not sit right in the ethos of the Eye Spy MP (I.e it has nil to do with those lowlifes). Hell of a coincidence for the exact same string of words to be submitted by Media Guido and an ‘impostor’

          I am therefore inclined to believe that Guido IS Eye Spy MP.


  11. 19

    Good luck Oliver! Sound advice from Guido.


  12. 20
    Advice says:

    Hope you last longer than the UKIP youth leader. Culled for saying what he felt, in true libertarian spirit.


    • 29
      The Old Fella says:

      Those that call for libertarianism the most only believe in their own form of libertarianism and delete what they don’t like ;-)


    • 33
      Reason says:

      The true libertarian spirit is to say what you think. Approaching every issue by saying how you are ‘feeling’ about it is for the fuzzy brained Guardianistas


      • 39
        JabbaTheCat says:

        “The true libertarian spirit is to say what you think.”

        Within that libertarian spirit, I would like to say that the dear leader, and all his sycophantic brown nosing MEP’s in EUKIP, are a bunch of c u n t s…


  13. 21
    The English are no longer welcome in Cyprus says:

    An excellent appointment .


  14. 22
    Not sure why I'm still in the Tory party says:

    Voted for him.


  15. 26
    Ziggy says:

    Well here we go, yet another child of fortune that must have a strong grip and deep understanding of the real world. Has he probably worked in industry, finance, consulate / foreign affairs and Health and Social care sectors so making him a well-rounded and ideal candidate for the position of prospective Tory MP and a dead cert for the leadership!! Probably talks a load of Balls as well in order to get this first foot on the ladder?


    • 30
      The Old Fella says:

      Was a member of the Bullingdon Club


    • 37
      Eeyore says:

      Give the boy a chance. We all had to start somewhere.

      What matters is his character, his preparedness to subject dogma to scrutiny in the light of real-world evidence, and his analytic and communication skills.

      Personally I’d have thought he’d be better off in UKIP (my new home), but if he can swing any party to the right he’s a good guy. (UKIP’s black mark: Neil Hamilton, of all people, popped up on QT a few weeks back as their spokesman – he was better off under a stone, where he belongs, the creep.)


  16. 31
    notreallyaninsider says:

    CCHQ are an extension of the Labour Party, basically. Full of spies and Mary McLeod style feminazis. Of course they worry, they worry about the daily mail + social conservatives. Their definition of “dangerous” is anything “socially conservative”.
    Still, I don’t see how cooper is anything more of a problem than the previous lot. CF go off message constantly (except their leader usually).


  17. 34
    Onegreatjohnny says:

    You can change the name but leopards don’t change their spots.

    Young Tories: “Each is More Ghastly Than the Other” – Guy Fawkes ……/maggie-on-young-tories-each-is-more-gha…Share3 days ago – Young Tories: “Each is More Ghastly Than the Other” … minutes of Maggie’s meeting with a group of Young Conservatives in 1982, released today. … UPDATE: The Margaret Thatcher Foundation has confirmed that it was Ian …
    David Skelton (DJSkelton) on Twitter


  18. 40
    Jack the Ripper says:

    He looks like Mr Bean.


  19. 42
    Jimmy says:

    I think you should include the figures to give an idea of how much excitement this election generated. No doubt he will do a marvellous job at the helm of the nation’s favourite oxymoron. From here who knows how far he will go? Before we know it he’ll be following in the footsteps of his predecessors in getting almost elected to the Common Council.


  20. 43
    Owen Jones says:

    I’m a supercilious little shit.


  21. 44
    Tom Catesby says:

    ike the picture at the head of the young tory piece. Is he waiting for the ‘cuffs’ to go on?


  22. 45
    A little mouse with clogs on says:

    Looks like the Dutch feller will be getting a smack for, opening his mouth and letting the’ cat out of the bag’. You have all been warned!


  23. 46
    Sound says:

    TOP LAD! Coops is a legend. The more Coops the better. Less of the wets (Howlett), backstabbing liars #ybaotr (Cooke) and vacuous hacks (the majority of cf) the better.


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