March 24th, 2013

WATCH: Boris Roasted By Eddie Mair

“You’re a nasty piece of work aren’t you?” Ouch…


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    Tory Tim says:
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      The Central Scrutinizer says:

      I disagree. He seemed to answer truthfully – and for me that is the important thing.

      It is amazing that the journalist seems to think that Boris needs to be a perfect man – when it is patently clear that we all have our faults, weaknesses and indiscretions. In fact, the said journalist will not have to look far within the Beeb’s own politics team to find a few gems. Let’s put them under the spotlight shall we…?

      Show me a man who says he doesn’t have flaws – and I will show you a liar (or a lunatic).

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        Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond says:

        @The Central Crutinizer — Well said! What would so many journos look like if they were put in the wash. The mind boggles. Doubtless Boris has his flaws and his ruthless side. He’s a politician for heaven’s sake. What’s new? But he is good fun and far mor direct in answering than most of his peers. Take Clegg for examlpe, a truly oily greaseball.

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    Future Tory PM..?

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      Anonymous says:

      Perhaps Eddie would like to do a hatchet job on Tom Watson next?

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        V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

        Yes please!

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          Tuscan Tony says:

          The Beeb should start with a hatchet job on Andrew Marr.

          • Spacker Brown says:


          • stuffed says:

            How quaint that we don’t call the BBC and NHS, socialism through the back door.

          • Anonymous says:

            Immigration. Stop giving people indefinite stay and British Citizenship.

            For all non British Citizenship don’t give them any benefits, health care, schools or housing. Charge them for using UK public services. If they break any rules put them in a plane and send them back on their own money, otherwise keep them in prison.

          • Chris Huhne says:

            You haven’t visited many prisons recently have you? Prison is far too good for foreigners.In fcat, it is too good for most criminals. Much better than the homes they came from in any event. If the general public saw the magnificent standard of the facilities in most British prisons there would, justifiably, be an outcry.

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        The Grim Reaper says:

        Don’t hold your breath.

        The British Broadcasting Comitern only attack Conservatives or the Right.

        Typically, they interrogate the Right & interview the Left.

        Take Miliblands latest pronoucement on the Lost Decade. Not one BBC droid has queried this daft nonsense, particularly as Milibland was part of the Gang that spent all our money and destroyed our once pleasant way of life.

        The Lost Decade started in 1997.

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          secrethen says:

          finished 6 years ago then?

          • David Laws Lib Dem Fiddler says:

            I have to say, for any of his faults this was improper conduct by the BBC, this was pay back by the BBC for his comments against them int he DT. Pure bullying tactics by the BBC, when is Blair, Campbell, Mandelson, Brown and Straw going to get some?

            BBC too big for its boots and needs to be cut down to size, and quick, before it is completely out of control. Look at Question Time and the Labour stooge to shout at UKIP politician, anyone remember when this was allowed against Labour or Europhiles?

          • Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

            What has Hacked-Off to say about this media abuse?

          • John says:

            “when is Blair, Campbell, Mandelson, Brown and Straw going to get some?”

            You seem to be mixing up the London Mayor with a bunch of ex politicians and backbenchers – none of which are tipped to become party leader.

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          Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

          Gordon Brown – the lost dickhead.

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          Keir Hardy Boy says:

          Before the last election, Eddie Mair filleted the dread ED Balls.

          The lesson for nonentity politicians is simple.

          Do not allow yourself to be interviewed by Eddie Mair.

        • 540
          Millibandth says:

          A decade only laststh thwee yearssss! Toot toot!

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        B Boyd says:

        We at the Beeb do not do hatchet jobs on our own party.

        • 161
          End the Telly Tax says:

          Perhaps Boris might now actually get it. Any Conservative politician who appears on the BBC will be ambushed. It’s the enemy camp. The broadcast arm of the Labour Party.

          All Conservatives should boycott the BBC. There should be no quarter. No interviews. No bylines. Zip. Nada. No invitations. No press invites. An embargo. Utter & complete.

          It’s time to freeze out this pernicious parasite.

          Close down the Savile Channel.

          • Butch bender Dave says:

            Will no one think of the gay huskies melting due to Climate Change?

          • BBC = Brainwashing says:

            + 1000

          • Anonymous says:

            Why not give us a break and boycott ALL news outlets?

          • Mr Nobody says:

            Don’t be facetious. Sky and ITV aren’t a problem, it’s the BBC who are biased.

          • Catty Comment (Ms) says:

            You need to remove your rose coloured specs pal and actually listen to most of the lefty Sky presenters. They often have to be slapped down by the field correspondents for their loaded lead-ins. Sky do not know the meaning of an impartial news (as opposed to opinion) channel

          • Reith, J says:

            Spot on

          • bill says:

            there must now be change in britain from top to a totally rotten country.

            lets start with the bbc paid for by us and completely bias and in the pockets of radicals.

            this guy in the bbc, who i have never hear off ,should be sacked today

            otherwise patten should go.

        • 440
          the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:


          you don t do hatchet jobs on the right

          you just give verbal blow jobs to the left

      • 180
        NeverRed says:

        The Marr show kicks off with the press ‘review’ by two labour supporting luvvies Bakewell and Hardman decrying everything the tories and Osborne do followed by a balanced attack on Boris. The BBC really is way past the point that it should be sold due to its bias. Join the petition under the Culture Media section on the No. 10 petition site for its scrapping.

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        Twatson, manse of West Brom. says:

        I’ll eat him alive. One threat from me and he will back off as we are both loony lefties.

        • 397
          David Laws Lib Dem Fiddler says:

          I forgot, how about Prescott’s shagging exploits (apparently in office time) when was he criticised on the BBC. He is normally wheeled out for the cause and supported by the BBC for doing so.

      • 295
        President Dave says:

        That’ll teach him to challenge the Heir to Blair.

      • 385
        Tainbo Cullinge says:

        If TWwere half as powerful and half as dirty as Boris, they probably would.

      • 459
        Fubar Saunders says:

        I was just about to suggest that. I will think a lot better of Mair if he dared to do the same kind of hatchet job on Fatboy Watson.

        Except the twat wont, because he’ll wake up with a horses head in his bed, and he knows it.

        Not too mention the usual stuff about the BBC being so far up Labour’s arse, etc etc etc

        • 525
          They Have Form says:

          Labour stooges at the BBC are employed to promote the Comiterns Purpose.

          They let their favourite candidate K Livinghell entirely off the hook, despite a serious case against him.

          But then the Savile Channel likes to keep things quiet.

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      An honest Tory says:

      How can you defend something you never had?

    • 40
      Jaws says:

      Who believes politicians? Who trusts politicians? Or journalists.
      Not me.

      • 57
        Residing in 96.96% white Merseyside says:

        For goodness sakes the lunatics took over the asylum long ago.

        • 156
          Mole in the Immigration Department says:

          Hope you all saw my boss, Harper (Minister for Immigration) with Brillo this a.m., now you know why it’s so deeply depressing working there. He’s just as unconvincing and flaccid all the time.

          I can tell Brillo that we certainly do have figures for the Romanian/Bulgarian hordes 1/1/2014 and they are huge, just he won’t reveal them ‘cos they’re sh*t scared. As I said before it’s all coverup coverup coverup and NO action.

          • Austin Barry says:

            What are the figures?

          • Anon says:

            Well how about you show some balls and release these figures so that the appropriate scrutiny can be applied?

            It seems to me that it’s hard to criticise politicians while working as a civil servant and being basically complicit for the sake of an easy life.

          • Mole in the Immigration Department says:

            Figures are 1.9 million here illegally, illegal passports, overstayers forged visas, back of lorries etc. All should be but are not being removed.

            The figures for 1/1/2014 suggest upwards of 100,000 for the first year which includes some now in Spain, Greece etc., where they do not receive the benefits they will receive here.

            This is all being denied by the blanket phrase “It’s useless to make any predictions.”

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      Grrr says:

      The BBC doesn’t like Tories

      How many of these documentaries about the evil Conservatives have been made – I’ve lost count.

      ANyone who pays the license fee is paying for this propaganda.

      • 139
        Hang The Bostards says:

        Funny Ive never heard a BBC journalist say to a Labour politician that “Your a nasty piece of work”

        • 195
          Catty Comment (Ms) says:

          if they did they would likely get the “Prescott kiss”. Plus a P45 in the post.

          • The Old Fella says:

            There is the proof that people vote for people like themselves, Boris, Ken, I have never trusted a Londoner away

          • Grrr says:

            This website is run by a Londoner so why don’t you piss off to a non-Londoner website.

        • 233
          Pundit too too says:

          The unfunny BBC Now Show actually tried to make fun of the far left tendencies of the BBC and its labour advertisements in the Guardian.
          Came out like a damp squib, and simply reinforced the stupidity of the BBC bubble culture and the fact they cannot do humour. Even their laughter machines sounded hollow.

    • 400
      Anonymous says:

      Blimey, first time here – what a bitchy bunch of petty futile comments. I’m here for 1 minute and gone. So long, suckers. Ta-ra!

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      Margaret Thatcher says:

      I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.

    • 518
      Popeye says:

      The trouble with Boris, is that he is too polite.
      Had big mouth Mair been interviewing me, I would have asked him when he stopped beating his wife. Then before he answered ask the same question over and over again.
      Doesn’t pay to be polite with verbal thugs, they thrive on it.

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    mrlol1 says:

    God I hate the BBC

    • 24
      An honest Tory says:

      For exposing Bonkers as guilty of incitement to commit GBH by assisting Darius Guppy?

      • 35
        The LabLibCon party is destroying this country, deliberately says:

        “incitement to commit GBH”

        OTT comment of the day. You really are desperate.

        • 38
          An honest Tory says:

          Nope. But I am ex-police and recognise an offence when I see one…..

          • David Cameron the turd says:

            And I am an ex-con and recignise a prat when I read one. C@nt.

          • Angus A Nuvvawan says:

            Not from around Westminster, obviously, otherwise you’d be suffering from sensory overload.

          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            Oh dear god, an ex plod thickie imagines humouring an upset mate on the phone, is a criminal offence?
            No wonder you spend all your time targetting motorists, rather than criminals.
            If there was the slightest evidence of any criminal behaviour, Johnson would have been arrested years ago. He wasn’t because there isn’t, no matter how much you wish it was so.

            Grow up.

          • An honest Tory says:

            Ignorance is no excuse. If it was you would have a perfect defence to any charge…

          • Corruption says:

            He could have been arrested but that would need our Police to be clever enough and clean enough.

          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            Weak and lame.

            This happened years ago under a Labour government who politisised the police force ruthlessly.
            The Met under Blair, who had ‘vote Labour’ put on every police car in London, would, had there been even the slightest real evidence, arrested Johnson in a heartbeat.

            They didn’t because they couldn’t. Now law was actually broken, unlike your fantasy law of course.

          • Curly from Camden says:

            Were you among the team that raided an MP’s office – thus breaking the law yourself? You need to wake up and realise the fact that in the public eye you lot are regarded almost as lowly as bankers, estate agents and lawyers. An honest Tory? Get off…

          • Dixon of Dock Green says:

            Ha! An “honest Tory” and ex-police. Pull the other one. A Labour party troll flying a false flag more like. And if you are really ex-police then you are probably Bob Quick.

            Goodnight all. Mind how you go.

          • Cry me a river says:

            Evidence being the BUGGED telephone conversation between two friends, one of which was in an emmotional state. Good luck with convincing CPS to run that. Just as well your retired.

          • Lynn Featherbrain says:


        • 113
          Judge Dreadful says:

          True. The correct charges are ‘aiding and abetting’ or ‘conspiracy’

      • 495
        Serpico says:

        No one likes a bent cop.

    • 75
      Boris for PM! says:

      Looking forward to the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation calling a few left wing politicians nasty pieces of work.

    • 367
      God says:

      So do I

    • 386
      Tainbo Cullinge says:

      Time for a vote, the British public should have a referendum on whether they want to abolish the BBC or the Tory party. I wonder how that would turn out.

      • 450
        Patriot says:

        Can I vote to abolish both?

      • 491
        Grrr says:

        The BBC would loose – without a doubt.

        • 506
          Tainbo Cullinge says:

          You are joking? Outside of the tory bubble, the BBC is trusted and respected more than any of the political parties, or any of the other media outlets.

      • 538
        Mrs Havissham says:

        The Tory Party is destroying itself. There was an election for one seat on Havering Council last Thursday. UKIP won – Tories polled 13%.

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    More to the point says:

    I hope my potatoes are better roasted than that.

  5. 5
    8illy's balls says:

    I like a hog roast on a Sunday.

  6. 6
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    BBC shafts Tory, what a surprise!
    Maybe the Lefty bastards at Al Jabeeba will never get over Boris beating Livingstone (a really nasty piece of work!) TWICE.

    • 25
      An honest Tory says:

      You can only get shafted if the evidence is there – and the Guppy recording is the smoking gun (to say nothing of the most serious offence alleged against a leading politician since the Thorpe murder trial).

      • 31
        Simon Hughes' dildo says:

        Hyperbole alert!

      • 42
        Anonymous says:

        On the topic of offences. Is it true that the leader of UKIP is to be investigated for being a director of a company (Farage Ltd) which traded whilst insolvent?

      • 43
        P l e b says:

        This did the rounds a few years ago. Why has it suddenly gained traction now?

        • 46
          Anonymous says:

          Maybe cos’ he admitted it on live tv?

        • 59
          It's not me, it's my mate says:

          Farage is on the power climb with no grease slowing him down, the ones on the greasy side are trying to throw grease on the side he’s climbing up to make him slide down, they tried to make fun of him and suddenly they find he’s going to overtake them how upsetting to the one’s who thought the were the great one.

          • Anonymous says:

            The woes of Farage Ltd may come back to haunt him. At present the company is in administration rather than liquidation. If the latter becomes necessary there is a legal requirement for the liquidator to report to the authorities on the behaviour of the directors for a period of 2 years up to the liquidation. Any bets on what he will find?

          • Ken'ell says:

            For a hefty fee I will offer my sound advice.

      • 461
        Fubar Saunders says:

        What a load of old shite.

        Suggest if thats the case, then theres a whole pile of honourable members of both sides who are due to have their collars felt for evasion of Capital Gains Tax, plus Hattie Hateman for driving without due care and attention, using a mobile phone whilst driving and leaving the scene of an accident.

        Aint gonna happen. As a previous contributor has said, if they had anything solid on Boris at the time, he would have been nailed.

        And who, incidentally, authorised the bugging of the phone call?

        Load of old lefty bollocks, for a change.

    • 51
      Jones Owen says:
    • 62
      pissed off voter says:

      Get over youtself, they are both politicians.

      Livingstone is an arsehole, Johnson is an amusing arsehole.

  7. 7
    Quiet Bat Person says:

    I hope the documentary covers Boris’s ‘integrity’ when he was a junior journalist.

    Nowadays Boris is owned, lock, stock & barrel by the Banksters of the City.

    • 176
      crypto Boris Johnson says:

      Oy vey! The poor, porn peddling, culturally enriching arrested in the past on suspicion of fraud Gold brothers have a Talmudic right to a £700m public stadium and a further £200m in ‘grants’ of pleb goy taxpayers’ money! Your country would be worthless without our master race leading and owning you!

      • 202
        Curly from Camden says:

        So, will we Hammers get a free show of Ann Summers latest bras, whatsits and skimpy stuff at each home game? We’ll easily get more in than Fergiepops.

        • 247
          Karen Brady, top, top female businessperson, not the Gold Bros. floozy says:

          Yes, and i’ll personaly be doing the modeling.

        • 275
          The Old Fella says:

          Are you referring to this club

          before Giddyo was born

  8. 8
    damned impertinent questions says:

    So who is Downing Street inspired this? Who could Boris have annoyed?

    A stiletto through the heart?

    • 11
      Jones Owen says:
      • 203
        Curly from Camden says:

        Next week the Milipedes will be on Mair explaining how to game the inheritance tax problem to secure your mansion; and the week after that the Ballses will be on to explain in detail how to flip all the homes in your buy-to-let portfolio.

        Must make a note in the diary.

  9. 9
    Jones Owen says:
    • 14
      Hahahahahahahaha! says:

    • 16
      More to the point says:

      Better than being treated as a dick. Dick

    • 18
      It's not me, it's my mate says:

      Maybe the BBC could put some Liebour people up for interview by that guy, oh they do but are so far up Liebours arse, it’s like a mothers meeting at the WI, just making sure no stitches are dropped and the wool fits way over the public’s eyes.

    • 149
      Nigel S says:

      This is all very old stuff. “Are you having an affair?” is one of the questions to which the answer is always “no!”

      • 204
        Curly from Camden says:

        Has Mair ever tiptoed across the boundary?

        • 223
          M102 says:

          Never trust a person who brushes all of their hair forwards like Owned Jones. They always seem to be annoying c’unts.

          • Lynn Featherbrain says:

            >all of their hair forwards

            Have you checked his pubes and underarms, then? (Assuming he’s old enough to have grown any such hair!)

        • 360
          John Bellingham says:

          He doesn’t like girls much.

      • 261
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        Boris could always have replied to that you-lied-to-your-boss-about-an-affair BS with something along the lines of “So, Mairy-boy– have you stopped beating your wife (or husband, as the case may be)? How the hell do I reply to that, can you tell me?”

        But he might not come across as “Lovable Boris” if he did so; oh, the dilemma… how to BE a conscience-free lying politician [tautology?], and LOOK a posher version of an aw-shucks Jimmy Stewart– sometimes you just don’t know what to say or do…

    • 284
      The Old Fella says:

      They build them up then knock them down

    • 356
      BBC = Brainwashing says:

      I just feel sorry for you, Owen.

    • 541
      Edth Millibandth says:

      Quite worrying for Owen too though. After all, Owne has spent a few years being known as our loveable buffoon not to be taken too seriously..and then boom?

  10. 12
    ratatouille ala carte says:

    Boris roasted well done Eddie Mair

    • 52
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      Hardly, Johnson was, as always, affable and if that ancient crap is all they have, Johnson has nothing to lose any sleep over.

    • 69
      BBC=crap says:

      Mair is a master of smug BBC smart-arsery. It won’t do Boris any harm at all.

      • 248
        Big Momma says:

        Steady Eddie has this last year lost his moral compass.
        Steve on the Media Show also has lost it after a seriously good start. Something happens to peoples’ ethics when the BBC nkvd have a quiet word in your ear with an ice axe.

      • 384
        Reith, J says:

        One had respect for Eddie Mair but that really was a cheap, unedifying and undignified effort from someone who reallly ought to know better. Presumably he’s pitching for Marr’s slot – and salary – and believes he can ingratiate himself with the new News regime except . . . . Boaden’s gone and most pof the slime-balls with her. Mair should have taken a leaf out of the Duke of EDinburgh’s book – better to be thought an arsehole that to open one’s mouth and confirm the suspicion. Poor and ill-judged. In fact, very poor.

        • 396
          Lynn Featherbrain says:

          Let me precis that for you … Mair’s a slimy cnut.

        • 398
          BBC digging its own grave. says:

          Yes-undoubtedly a crude bid for the permanent job on the Marr slot. Hope it backfires-a quick scan through comments on this story on the Mail/Telegraph/Sun sites indicates great disgust at Mair’s questions and strong support for Johnson.

    • 505
      Parasite says:

      I think for anyone who is not a right-on mong who takes the automatic default position that ‘two legs bad four legs good’, Boris will have come out remarkably well. He reacted very naturally and not at all mechanically like an unctuous politician would.

      • 539
        Mrs Havissham says:

        He came across as someone who could not win an election outside of London.

        • 542
          Edth Millibandth says:

          As Milliband comes across as someone who couldn’t win an election outside London.

  11. 13
    Johnny Norfolk says:

    They would never do that to someone from Labour.

    • 27
      An honest Tory says:

      I recall them doing much the same to Baldrick Burnham (although without the evidence of criminality).

      • 53
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        What ‘evidence’ is that, you cock?

        • 58
          An honest Tory says:

          Perhaps the recording (linked above) will do you. It would certainly do for the police or cps if they had the balls to investigate.

          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            Oh do try and get over yourself.

            Again what crime was committed? Who was the victim and how was he harmed? Oh there isn’t a victim at all, well I never…..

          • Anonymous says:

            Conspiracy does not require that the act be executed. But I forget; Boris is Boris, so he can be excused behaviour which would be condemned if it came from others…

          • Hypocrite Ken says:

            Like avoiding taxes for example?

          • Curly from Camden says:

            ” he can be excused behaviour which would be condemned if it came from others…”

            …a statement that may well also extend to the previous Commission Blair person who allowed his force to be so corrupted and politicised. Mr Peel would not be a happy bunny if he could see his force today.

          • Curly from Camden says:

            * Commissioner (of course)

      • 253
        Anonymous says:

        And fatty Abbott.

    • 86

      “You’re a bit of a tit, aren’t you, Owen?”

    • 365
      BBC-quislings. says:

      How about someone digging out his past interviews with the newt lover-I feel sure they would have been conducted in a very respectful manner.

  12. 15
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Yes, I’ve made mistakes. Life doesn’t come with instructions.

  13. 17
    Emily Thornberry says:

    LOL…it’s a politician making a fool of themselves on TV.

  14. 19
    Diane Abbott says:
    • 22
      The Guardian says:

      Scientists debunk the myth that you lose most heat through your head

      The myth is thought to have arisen through a flawed interpretation of a vaguely scientific experiment by the US military in the 1950s. In those studies, volunteers were dressed in Arctic survival suits and exposed to bitterly cold conditions. Because it was the only part of their bodies left uncovered, most of their heat was lost through their heads.

      • 409
        Anonymous says:

        Stop listening to people trying to get famous by debunking traditions with extreme examples. There is a site specialising in this, where they get the most crazy version of the story and debunk it. So by false logic claim to debunk the whole idea.

        The limbs have “heat exchangers” for the blood so that in cold environment they are much colder than the trunk. Hence why some people’s hands are more prone to frost bite.

        The stomach has a blood flow system to divert blood to other parts in times of stress. The head however needs to stay at a a reasonable temperature otherwise the brain starts to fail. The skin has a heat regulation function that reduces the surface flow in cold situations. Therefore heat loss through the fatty and skin layer is proportional to the underlying temperature, and the thickness of the fat layer. So in respect to the surface area, and the lack of a fat layer, and the high internal temperature, the head is extremely important for heat loss.

        However, the main assumption is that the phrase works for sane people that are generally clothed. The idea is; which extremity should be protected first? Since survival normally involves a brain that can function and make escape plans then the head should be protected first. Unless you already have a natural covering. However, as one that has lost his, it is clear the original fibre insulation did make a major difference.

    • 23
      Hahahahahahahaha! says:

      Wrong end Diane.

    • 33
      Jaws says:

      Don’t do it Diane. Save the Planet.

    • 308
      Labour is off their Ed says:

      Well you would Fatbutt, the minute you took your wig off.

      Now, how about losing 20% of your body mass? shadow minister for Health – what a laugh!

  15. 20
    John Wellington Wells says:

    A little bit of heat and no light.

  16. 26
    It's not me, it's my mate says:

    Just listening to Sunday Politics and Niel is talking immigration to some minister , I always thought that Liebour were the spin merchants with no idea’s what the hell they are supposed to be experts in, this guy matched the profile , but I know he isn’t a Liebour guy.

  17. 28
    Who asks the questions says:

    This is pretty pathetic, the only thing of significance touched upon was that Boris has a propensity for adultery which we all knew anyway ( or at least those that do not can easily research the issue if they wish). I thought that he came out rather well from it and the BBC rather badly.
    Far more worrying is that he is a Europhile, supporter of same sex marriage and dislikes freedom of speech ( Christian groups putting statements on sides of buses).

    • 30
      An honest Tory says:

      Methinks the allegation of conspiracy to commit GBH (by offering to provide addresses to the snivelling little crook Darius Guppy) does have some significance….

      • 36
        More to the point says:

        I agree. ( or am I just humouring you :) )

      • 60
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        Don’t confuse the poor delusional fool.

        • 97
          Anonymous says:

          I have always enjoyed winding up Tories more than socialists. They tend to have less sense of humour. A strange trait for a supporter of Bonkers, who relies almost exclusively on humour to hide his total lack of substance and personal failings.

          • LabourWrist Watch says:

            Mostly Tories on here you dozy twat, find me a lefty blog that has more humour than this one, ffs.

          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            Wrong again. I’m not a Tory and I don’t care much for Johnson.

            However, he did force Livingscum into the retirement home, so he’s not all bad.

            Perhaps that’s what is motivating the lefty idiot faction here today?

          • LabourWrist Watch says:

            I’m still waiting…..

          • Curly from Camden says:

            For Ken’s accounts? Yes, so are we.

        • 111
          Matron Miller says:

          Talk of delusions from a supporter of Johnson. It is a bit like being lectured on integrity by Jonathan Aitken.

          • LabourWrist Watch says:

            Or Jim Devine come to that, or is he just a thick lefty who doesn’t know how to spell integrity?

          • Anonymous says:

            One does not preclude the other. A common error of the committed.

          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            “supporter of Johnson”

            Wrong you mong, but don’t let that stop your delusional ranting over inconsequential nonsense.

          • Matron Miller says:

            Then if you are an opponent of Johnson he could do with some more opponents.

      • 241
        Who asks the questions says:

        “Methinks the allegation of conspiracy to commit GBH (by offering to provide addresses to the snivelling little crook Darius Guppy) does have some significance….”
        Yes it could mean that either GBH is a fairly routine matter in the circles that Boris inhabits, although to give him his due, he was trying to ascertain that the victim would not be too badly injured or that when he undertakes to do something, he is only trying to humour the person or people concerned.
        Without more evidence or maybe evidence of other similar situations, it is difficult to exclude that Boris was just trying to humour Darius Guppy alone in this situation as he said in the interview.

    • 194
      Keith 'Fanny magnet' Chegwin says:

      SHOCKING NEWS JUST IN ……Man loves fanny and is prepared to lie to get more fanny.

      • 278
        Anonymous says:

        It is pretty shocking in the Conservative Party……

        • 368
          Jack Ketch says:

          It would be unthinkable in the Kiddy-Fiddler party of Mr Laws. Ed Milliband and Ed Balls both had “affairs” with the BBC’s Stephanie Flanders, although which one had a fanny (or good taste) is open to debate.

    • 413
      Enriched Eric of Enfield says:

      we used to be worthy but no more

  18. 32
    The Sod says:

    Another BBC set up. Next week John Prescott answers on spit roasting his secretary.

  19. 34
    More to the point says:

    There are many more that need a roasting, but….

  20. 41
    bergen says:

    If we’re on a thread about integrity, let’s look at Justice Secretary Chris Grayling.

    He receives £70k office expenses from insurance tycoon Peter Wood.

    He then completely revises personal injury actions to the benefit of insurance companies after much private lobbying by them but little other consultation.

    Wood then sells up for £170m (according to today’s Sunday papers).

    Seems a bit rum but I shouldn’t get paranoid, I suppose.

  21. 45
    Peter Martin says:

    Mr. Mair was of course the guy Newsnight trotted out to handle the Savile fallout when Jezza & crew headed for the hills, or in Paul Mason’s case any kick-off elsewhere on the planet.

    From which they only recently seem to have returned once the dust has settled, the Pollard redactions are now dry and Peter Rippon has got on top of the archives.

    So while Mr. Mair personally may have some standing, and Mr. Johnson deserves all he is served, for the BBC or any employee to raise matters of integrity, when few there have any, and it is only raised selectively, remains quite ‘unique’.

  22. 47
    Workers and shirkers says:

    Usual left wing shoddy journalism from the BBC. What are Mair’s views on Scottish Independance ? I only ask because Alex Salmond was discussing Scottish independance as though they were both down at the pub. “Yes Eddie, well you know Eddie, thing is Eddie.”
    I think Boris should have just kept talking and talking, leaving no room for any of the other items on the programme and ‘crashing’ the following programme.

    • 146
      BBC = Brainwashing says:

      Was this BBC payback for Michael Gove putting one over on Thornberry on Question Time this week?

      We know how they hate their own to be humiliated on live TV.

    • 259
      Just Saying says:

      What I do not understand is if (so obvious) Boris could see the way this Stasi intorrogation was going, then he should have gone into attack mode.
      BBC is very vulnerable to attack on Jimmy Savile.
      Boris could have asked Mair “have you any record on my child molesting?”
      But the BBC have been endorsing it for 30 years, so Eddie what is your stance on the fact that Savile and now Coronation Street have been harbouring real criminals?
      Public love a fighter – which does not explain why Tories shy off a fight with the BBC.

  23. 49
    Everyone in Chingford says:

    There are other lies. He sought re-election as mayor by touring Chingford pretending he was going to save the Walthamstow Dogtrack (a very hot local political and social issue) and in fact he did nothing of the sort.

    The deception led to IDS’s immortal question

    “What is Boris for?”

    • 221
      crypto Boris Johnson says:

      80m Turks in the borderless EU (as a crypto – Johnson is a descendent of Donmeh J*wish ‘Turks’)

      A £1bn public stadium handed over to East End porn peddling ‘English entrepreneurs’.

      A blanket amnesty for up to 10m illegal immigrants and their offspring and extended families.

      Basically, another traitorous, I*rael-firster, lying cocksucker, determined to destroy what’s left of the indigeonus British Isles races, whilst pledging first loyalty to the racist state in the middle east that hates schwartzers and all ‘cockroaches’.önmeh

  24. 54
    cchq says:

    It’ll take more than one interview to undo Boris.

  25. 55
    E. Normus Johnson, no relation to either of them,, says:

    Boris comes off looking about as honest and forthright as another Johnson being interviewed here:

  26. 56

    Boris Johnson monstered by Eddie Mair Mirror

    That tells me all I need to know. Inconsequential flim-flam.

  27. 63
    BBC TRUSTEE says:

    I am of the opinion that the BBC may have broken its Royal Charter.

    “You’re a nasty piece of work, aren’t you?”

    But it really hangs on learned consideration as to whether that was a statement or a question. In any case it was extremely rude.

    • 67
      Sauce for the Goose says:

      So would it now be fair game to accuse Andrew Marr live on air of being a nasty piece of work because he attempted to cover up his own adultery with a Super Inunction?

      • 77
        Bless their pointy little heads says:

        They BBC never did get around to calling Jimmy Savile a nasty piece of work, did they?.

        • 93
          Sauce for the Goose says:

          No. No they didn’t. They never once sat Savile down in a chair and said “You’re a nasty piece of work, aren’t you?”

          • Bless their pointy little heads says:

            But he’d been working for them for 30 years…scratches head in disbelief.

        • 305
          BBC archivist says:

          We have now deleted all the records and files and can confirm that the honourable Knight was never an employee here. Try the NHS or HM Prison Service.

      • 116
        Andrew Marr says:


  28. 65
    Bless their pointy little heads says:

    Why didn’t Eddie ask him about that charity football match cynical tackle, Boris should have got straight red and a 6 match ban, meanwhile back on Planet Earth (sold at a loss of 140 million), FFS!.

    • 296
      Man in the Middle says:

      Nothing cynical about it. Boris won the ball ‘clean as a whistle’, as they say in Wigan.

  29. 72
    The BBC are cunts says:

    Boris ‘grilled and roasted’ by loony lefty Eddie Mair, immediately followed by fellow loony lefty Nicky Campbell.

    Who said all our presenters are biased ??

    • 94
      Free Press says:

      Eddie M was right.

      Nucky Campbell is a mong. Yes, the BBC is biased, but that does not mean that what gets said on the BBC is always wrong.

      • 101
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        Do you know what an agenda is?

        • 108
          Free Press says:

          Yes. Everyone has one. But that does not mean that Boris is an angel. He isn’t. The public has a right to know that.

          • Matron Miller says:

            Not worth bothering. Hoo Hoon is so far up Boris’ backside he would defend him if he organised a coup.

          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            Wrong twice in one thread. Just how stupid are you?

            You obviously don’t come here often, my views regarding Johnson have been posted here many, many times. Clearly you are too lazy or ignorant, or both, to check the facts.

          • Curly from Camden says:

            Do you think Vince remembers you hoo?

          • Matron Miller says:

            As I said above Hoo Hoon – if you are one of his opponents he could do with some more. Judge on the evidence, not the words.

  30. 73
    Boris for PM! says:

    Amusing but none of these are new stories. I still think Johnson would be a 1,000 times better than Dave and Gideon.

  31. 78
    Just in case you missed it here's Nigel in Exeter says:

  32. 82
    The BBC are cunts says:

    We’ve all ‘drawn a line, learned the lessons and moved’ on from the Jimmy Sovile cover-up . Let’s all focus on what Boris did 20 years ago, shall we ?

    • 90
      Close the fucking BBC down. says:

      No. Let’s just ponce about in our lovely new BBC Newsroom etc. that cost £1 BILLION of licence fee payers money.

      Fucking overpaid left wing parasites.

      • 152
        BBC = Brainwashing says:

        If Boris has got any sense, he will NEVER, EVER set foot in a BBC TV (or radio) studio ever again.

        He should do a Ferguson and treat the BBC like the disingenuous scum it is.

        • 186
          Anonymous says:

          If he has any sense, Boris will never again set foot inside ANY TV or radio studio. Can but live in hope.

    • 99
      Free Press says:

      I am looking forward to the expose of how the Labour front benchacquired their millions

      • 103
        T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

        Millions ? Huh, chickenfeed !

      • 112
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        I hope you are not holding your breath.

      • 160
        Honore de Ball Sack says:

        Any great fortune hides a crime, properly executed and thus escaping detection.

        • 231
          Curly says:

          Do you think the other Boris was ‘properly executed’ yesterday? He had a great fortune until he crossed Vladdy Pussinbutes.

          • Timmy Tin Foil says:

            Somehow I recall a Chatham-House-rules story a while back where whoever it was that wrote it said that his source, who was in contact with people in the Kremlin (i.e., third-hand hearsay) through whom Putin allows “no-inverted-commas” paraphrases as to Putin’s intentions (i.e., cleaned up for public consumption), said that Putin wishes to be seen as the best of a bad lot of the oligarchs, a more domestically public-spirited one who is attempting to preserve Mother Russia from the worst of the kleptocrats till such time as a generation that can’t remember the USSR days is firmly in place, at which time Russia will more closely resemble the sort of corrupt system of the UK in which democratic principles seem to be adhered to, and in the main are, as long as it’s about things that don’t shake the foundations of society. In other words, there’s still too many old scores from the Soviet days still being settled to allow the sort of more robust democracy we all would wish existed in Russia (and, to be brutally honest, in the UK as well), and such a nirvana won’t come for a good twenty years or so from now, but if you get rid of me, Putin says, the S will HTF, and so he’s got Western leaders who need the Russian natural gas buffaloed with this wheeze of his. (Cf. “Stroessner o caos”) You decide how plausible this one is.

      • 268
        Margaret Hodge, Millionaire and Senior Hypocrite says:

        I will put an injunction on anyone that tries disclosure.
        I trust Hacked Off and my leader

  33. 98
    Hugh Mann-Wright says:
  34. 99
    pete says:

    He’s better than Ken.

    • 102
      Londoner says:

      True. But that is not saying much about the man. I am better than Ken. Millions of us are better than Ken.

  35. 104
    pete says:

    Surely not being trusted by a convicted fraudster is a positive mark for Boris.

  36. 105
    Come in 53 Your Time is up. says:

    53.Dissolution and winding-up(1)The BBC may, if it appears to the Trust appropriate to do so,—(a)surrender this Charter with the permission of Us, Our Heirs or Successors in Counciland upon such terms as We or They may consider fit, and (b)wind up or otherwise deal with the affairs of the BBC in such manner as may beapproved by the Secretary of State.(2)Where the BBC is to be dissolved voluntarily or compulsorily, the property and assets ofthe BBC shall, before the dissolution occurs—(a)be applied in satisfaction of the debts and liabilities of the BBC, and(b)subject to sub-paragraph (a), be disposed of in accordance with the directions of theSecretary of State. (3)When this Charter expires at the end of 31st December 2016, the undertaking of the BBCshall cease, so far as it may depend upon this Charter unless We, Our Heirs or Successors,shall by writing under Our or Their Sign Manual declare to the contrary and authorise thecontinuance of the undertaking under some or all of the provisions of this Charter andunder such provisions and conditions as We, Our Heirs or Successors may think fit. (4)This article is subject to any applicable statutory provision or other legal requirement.

  37. 110
    Anonymous says:

    Oh those Bullingdon boys.

  38. 118
    Anonymous says:

    Was Darius a Bullingdon boy as well?

    • 125
      Kevin T says:

      Do you want to see the photo of public schoolboy Ed Balls dressed up as a Nazi again? Or hear about how public schoolgirl Harriet Harman wanted the law changed to reflect that taking indecent photos of kids didn’t necessarily damage them?

    • 128
      Anonymous says:

      Oh yes. Just google and you will get the pic of them all in the infamous Bullingdon uniform (the pic Cameron tried to suppress through the courts). Guppy is there. I always thought it was a shame that lot were not in the Bully back in 1974 when the Uni rugby club beat them up and put them into the shadows for several years (in revenge for an idiot Bully insulting the gf of one of the players).

  39. 121
    Kevin T says:

    Simple, reasonable answers:

    1) I was young and stupid
    2) I was embarrassed
    3) I was fobbing him off till he calmed down and I never gave him the address

    Boris is pretty hopeless in serious interviews. He’s come off badly with Paxman and Brillo as well.

  40. 126
    Jimmy says:

    To anyone put off watching by the headline I assure you it’s only an interview.

    He does seem a little overqualified to be leader.

    • 151
      David says:

      I’d find Eddy M a tad under-qualified to be a burger flipper tbh.

      • 167
        Socialism is a severe mental illness says:

        Only a tad? There are some quotes of his in the Sunday Times today that cast serious doubt as to whether he has any understanding as to how an economy works. Taking as much money as possible from workers and using that money to create jobs is the gist of it. Even a burger-flipper knows that people with no money don’t buy burgers, but Ed doesn’t.

  41. 127
    J A Jones says:

    You’re a nasty piece of work, aren’t you Mair ? Overdue the breaking up of the Biased Bastard Company. Replace with commercial setup.

    • 157
      BBC = Brainwashing says:

      + 1000

    • 187
      End of Part One says:

      Don’t you just love watching all the brain-less adverts?

      • 245
        Curly says:

        … for their own programmes. Is that technically theft of electricity if our sets are on? Where is that Tory plod when you need him?

      • 371
        BBC = Brainwashing says:

        The brainwashing you mean – ‘The BBC is a cultural icon which you would all die without, stuffed full of ‘national treasures’ (for that read ‘Socialists who we have paid millions of pounds to appear regularly on your TV because we like their politics.’)

  42. 130
    pete says:

    Can’t we move on and rebuild trust in Boris?

    That’s what the BBC seems to think we can do about itself and the NHS.

    • 132
      Kevin T says:

      First we have to agree that no one is to blame, that Boris mustn’t be “scapegoated” for his own performance, and then he must be made Prime Minister.

  43. 166

    Did Boris Berezovsky get murdered because there can only be one Boris?

    Surprising that Mair missed that as a question…

    • 206
      Boris Badenov, world's greatest nogoodnik, says:

      Never underestimate the power of a schnook (*meh-heh-heh-heh*)!

  44. 169
    Privitise the BBC! says:

    It’s no surprise that when Boris Johnson started attacking Labour, pointing out what a dangerous man Ed Milliband is and that Lord Mandelson agrees, Eddie Mair aid “we’ve got no time left.”

    The real story is that the BBC is the broadcasting wing of the Labour party. Surely, Guido, you should be campaigning to have the hideous state-subsided organisation broke up and privitised.

  45. 174
    We hate the BBC! says:

    Guess which party has chosen a man from the BBC to be their parliamentary candidate in Watford?

  46. 177
  47. 182
    Wyle Cop says:

    BBC interviewer to BBC Presenter: “You’re a paed0phile, aren’t you?”

    BBC interviewer to BBC Senior Management: “You covered up mass paed0philia on BBC premises, didn’t you?”

    And then I woke up. Silly dream, eh?

  48. 185
    EU Watch says:

    There are now two euros:

    i) The Cypriot one
    ii) The other one

    Quite significant: How can you have a single currency and monetary union with inconsistent capital controls across the member states ?

    Euro – Fail.

  49. 189
    Guido Fawkes & Owen Jones Coalition says:


    The more those nasty journalists skewer Boris, the more his wide eyes and blond mop resemble a kicked Andrex puppy. People support underdogs.

  50. 192
    Ed Miliband says:

    I’m a bit of a joke.

  51. 200
    Fuck it says:

    funny that I don’t ever remember the BBC calling John Prescuunt a “nasty piece of work” or trashing him over his slag shagging.

    In fact when Prescuunt is on the BBC they go out of their way NOT to mention his violent past or his extra marital shagging.

    • 207
      Bless their pointy litttle heads says:

      The BBC dare not, he threatened to break the legs of anyone who mentioned it. :-)

      • 250
        Curly says:

        See yesterday’s thread. He appears to have fallen out of love with his ex-leader.

  52. 201
    Bizarre Labour Spin says:

    Cameron is a knob who sucks his own thumb.

  53. 205
    Joss Taskin says:

    When was the last time a BBC placeman harangued Lard Pressclott about shagging his diary secretary whilst posing as deputy prime minister ?

  54. 209
    Boris Carloff 1947 says:

    I think overall Boris came off alright. Today everything bounced off and by the time he decides to stand as leader that interview will be forgotten and by tat time Boris will have excuses , well rehearsed to churn out.

  55. 210
    Old Nick says:

    The BBC’s partiality is well-known. Would that they were so rigorous about policing and interrogating themselves. The program is supposed to be about political issues, not personal vendettas.

    It is about time the BBC was given the haircut treatment – or at least Eddie Mair who is presumably a card-carrying leftie as well as a frankly not very nice person.

    I have a nice warm place in hell ready for the BBC and all its pervs!

    • 215
      UK Watch says:

      BBC Pervs are one thing, but those involved in sexual abuse at MOD approved schools is a slightly different league:

      Livingstone did raise the issue of K!ncora in HoC as well back in 1987, the investigation of which is now being reopened. Was Bor!s involved in the cover up, or are BBC building the first part of a platform to help Livingstone get back in ?

      • 225
        Will says:

        i think if ken stood for mayor again i think the labour party would have a fit. he is yesterdays politician. I suspect that the labour party might want to put in place for the mayor, a labour politician who has lost his seat in London or a local labour leader who has been unseated at the council elections.

        I think that my bet is on tooing mp sadiq khan losing his seat at the next election as the constituency has changed to include more tory areas in wandsworth north and his majority drooped at the last election. Also a lot of traditional labour voters in the area are moving or dying off.

  56. 217
    Hucklebury Hound says:

    Boris is the main man I tell you.

  57. 227
    Guido Fawkes & Owen Jones Coalition says:

    Something is technically wrong.
    Thanks for noticing—we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.

    We refer,of course,to the Conservative led coalition.

    • 230
      Ed Miliband (Prime Minister designate) says:

      No need to read the Conservative led coalition’s manifesto ~ I’ve already got the complete works of Charles Dickens.

      • 262
        Len McCluskey (Communist union baron and owner of Ed Miliband) says:

        Shut your face, retard. You don’t get to speak until I say so.

    • 235
      Will says:

      whilst the coalition has not been a brilliant success. I still think a labour led coalition with the liberals would have been a frickin nightmare. We would have borrowing out of control the country on AA rating. Companies not wanting to invest (don’t forget the number of individuals employed is currently at its highest level), Gordon brown doing a George III impression in office going more and more bonkers.

      we may be in a pile of shit but the alternative would be even worse.

      • 239
        Will says:

        Also labour caused the first run on a bank in years and managed to upset Iceland by labelling them terrorists.

        This after John Prescott said that local councils should invest their reserves to get the highest return instead of treasury bonds so lots of them lost money when the icelnadic banks crashed.

  58. 243
    EU Watch says:

    Cyprus is still messing about with the Troika:

    There will be no final reprieve. Anastasiades must realize by now that the old business model for the island is largely dead. Smoothest way forward is to reclaim sovereignty, impose capital controls, ensure order is maintained.

    The worst that could happen as a result of the Troika action is civil war between north and south.

    Slovenia is likely to be next for a bailout, following recent government denials that they need one. Spa!n is yet to realize that their deposits have recently been taxed at 0.2%

    • 255
      Curly says:

      I have just ordered a three months’ supply of finest popcorn (while it is still available at reasonable cost).

      • 264
        abless their pointy little heads says:

        The smart money is on popcorn futures.

        • 271
          EU Watch says:

          Smart money I think is on the bear.

          Russ!a somewhat clearly runs the Troika.

        • 300
          HenryV says:

          The smart money is on there being no future.

          This popcorn, toffee or that salted stuffed?

          I wonder if there will be queues outside the Spanish and Portuguese banks this week? Are the ATMs still working in Iberia?

          • Bless their pointy little heads says:

            Ah, that’s the rub, they are working but nobody has filled them up with any money to withdraw, to strut and fret 12 hours upon the street and then to find your cash card signifying nothing, out! out! brief Euro.

      • 270
        EU Watch says:

        So long as you found a non EU supplier you will probably be able to take delivery.

        Other than the peripheries, which should start to fall soon, German Federal election is the most important date on the European calendar this year.

        Suspect Merkel has not so much given up as been pushed out already.

        Schaeuble / SPD vs. AfD is the play. If AfD don’t get the support, it will likely go to SPD and EUSSR will be fully realized.

        Unless the euro collapses properly.

        Euro is already split, with the capital controls now in place and passed by Cyprus government.

      • 285
        Anonymous says:

        Just wondering Curly; are you named after Brillo’s spare rug?

  59. 256
    David Cameron says:

    I have no ambition to be leader of the Conservstive Party.

    • 266
      Ed Miliband's Parasite Party (for skivers, not strivers) says:

      Comrades! To be ambitious is to imagine you can be better than other people. Oh how wrong such people are! Our Dear Leader, Ed Miliband, will punish all ambition! It will be punished with severe taxes. Comrades, parasites, skivers and shirkers, join together and all hail our Glorious Dear Leader!

      • 293
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Ed is the leader of the ONE DAMNATION & RUINATION Party.

        • 369
          Spasmo says:

          Much as he is a useless Hunt, at least Ed had the balls to go for the top job.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            The pool of candidates who ran was a cesspool of deadwood, deadheads, deadshits and lots more. All of them clinging on for their grim shitty little political puppet pygmie lives.

  60. 257
  61. 269
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Promise if I ever get voted in as Prime Minister again I’m busting ant and decs lets get ready to rumble dance out!

  62. 279
    Tracey Ullman says:

    Thank heavens I emigrated :
    Thanks for the warning, Guido.

  63. 280
    a non says:

    Mail suggesting Alun Davies might have to pay 200000 pound for his tweets against McAlpine.

    Just Sally B to go now.

  64. 286
    EU Watch says:

    As Cyprus continues to decide on euro exit, Turkey turns up the heat:

    Turkey is a little concerned, on behalf of its cousins in North Cyprus, that the Greek half are going to sign away reserves to which Turkey itself feels entitled.

    Lots of popcorn required…

    • 290
      The EU is holed below the waterline says:

      EU in negotiations with Cyprus.
      Quite why the EU thinks that Cyprus should bail it out is beyond me.

      • 303
        EU Watch says:

        Everyone forgets that Cyprus already bailed them out once before.

        Cyprus took on all the dodgy Greek debt which is what the Troika are now complaining about, which was the lion share of the Greek bail-out.

        In realpolitik terms, Cyprus should exit and start again: They will be back to black within a year.

        The EU has demonstrated to all here that they are not suitable political partners, let alone economic.

        Some interesting analysis on how Russia could respond:

        More interesting, and less spoken about, is how the UK should and probably will respond.

        A lot of the big money the EU are trying to tax is British.

      • 344
        George Orwell says:

        The EU are in negotiations with Cyprus. The EU have always been in negotiations with Cyprus.

  65. 288
    Owen Jones says:

    I’m the kid my parents warned me about.

  66. 292
    LEST WE FORGET says:

    • 304
      Bless their pointy little heads says:

      Just shows, that from 1990, 23 years ago and she had the EU hidden agenda worked out on the button even then and what have we got in Parliament now?, oh yes! Buffoon Dennis Skinner is still here, even his pathetic joke back fired on him.

      • 317
        HenryV says:

        I was working for a Labour controlled council in a mining area the day she got knifed. You could hear the cheers around the building and many took extended liquid lunches. Now many of the ex-miner-councillors are complaining about that the council tax is too high and that their shares and pension portfolios have taken a battering. Nobody wines and moans like a nouveau riche socialist having his pockets picked by the state he leeched off for thirty years.

        • 347
          Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill says:

          Equal to us in Liberal guardian territory, cosseted away in public sector and actorial bliss in Camden, Kilburn and Surbiton. How can they treat the poor thus? Whither are our romanian cleaners to dwell? And turkish mistresses?

          • HenryV says:

            Turkish mistresses? Really? Are they top totty? Here north of Watford, yes there life is north of Watford, if we want to partake of eastern delights the only fare on offer is Polish. Unlike British girls they don’t discriminate against the ugly, the old, the ill-mannered, or what ever your physical or character failings as long as you have a big bank balance. Which I found odd because I always thought the Polish were connoisseurs of the sausage.

  67. 298
    Fishy says:

    Is this what Boris said to upset the BBC?

    “the prevailing view of Beeb newsrooms is, with honourable exceptions, statist, corporatist, defeatist, anti-business, Europhile and, above all, overwhelmingly biased to the Left.”

    And wasn’t Mair doing a stint at Labour’s Newsnight when it became clear that ‘Plebgate’ was another co-ordinated attempt at a Tory smear, one that Newsnight was facilitating (alongside the McAlpine Smear).

    On the night in question, Newsnight kept silent on the emerging disclosure that the story they had given such prominence to, was falling down around their ears. Newsnight’s silence even annoyed Andrew Neil, who was told to mind his own business by Comrade Mason.

  68. 299
    Owen Jones and Peter Mandelson says:

    We’ve roasted Boris. He had the time of his life!

  69. 307
    Sir Bumley Foghorn MP (Much Ranting in the Shires) says:

    Having seen Boris on the picture box my fellow Ranters have joined forces with our cousins in Much Blathering and Much Frothing to invite Boris to grace our constituencies. We have set up zip wires for entertainment and invited a representative of the French government to propose the vote of thanks.

  70. 310
    Herman van Rumpboy says:


  71. 311
    BBC policy guru says:

    1. Sos Bos. We are sorry to Boris for exposing him to our audience in a verbal crucifixion
    2. We’ll muller you next time. If he said “I could have chopped Mair’s head off after that” as suggested to us, we will not call the police on having evidence that he intended to murder though we long to hang off every word a politician splutters out.
    3. We don’t get his blags cos he ain’t base like BBC stars. Sometimes we misinterpret his jokes as he omits to use our standard, plain humour as led by BBC3. Irony is reserved to BBC4 or C4.
    4. Proper Crucified. Goodnight PM dream. We however, do not want to see Boris raised from this painful death.
    5. Ching ching Happy Easter to all of our loyal, devoted and committed audience.

  72. 312
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Could someone from the labour party tell me how HMRC is to collect the tax labour call “the bedroom tax”.
    Perhaps someone like Andrew Neil could ask the question.

  73. 313

    It is nicer not to be too nice.

  74. 315
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Sebastian Vettel is a liar. So it’s not just the labour party that is stuffed with liars.

  75. 318
    The BBC shows its true Left Wing Colours says:

    The more I think about this the more I am getting annoyed.

    “You’re a nasty piece of work, aren’t you?”

    As far as I am aware the BBC does or has never said that to mass murderers, despots or war criminals live in an on air interview. Let alone to a man who did not admit his adultery to his boss.

    As much as I did like Eddie Mair’s interviews I believe he has crossed the line by a wide margin and should be resigned from the BBC before the sun has set on this day

    • 324
      BBC policy guru says:

      Promote him. (see our personal apology above)

    • 328
      Tessa Tickles says:

      I’m not really annoyed, because I’ve never heard of Eddie Mair before. He might as well be some bloke in a pub, really, for all his opinion’s worth.

    • 330
      Not allowed to use my usual moniker - banned by the libertarian host! says:

      I’m not really annoyed, because I’ve never heard of Eddie Mair before. He may as well be some bloke in a pub, really, for all his opinion’s worth.

    • 340
      BBC grooming the Nation for good says:

      Ha ha ha. You must be new here.

      Mair has always been a fully paid up Beeboid interogator of anyone to the right of Red Robbo or Jack Jones.

      As for being resigned, he is on his way to the top of Beeboids Today.

  76. 321
    neitherdeadoralive says:

    I’d rather have Boris as P.M., warts and all, than Dithering Dave, Marxist Milliband or Lying Cleggy !!!

    Then again; I’d rather have Nige as P.M. than any of that shower of shit !!!

    • 322
      Real Men v the ConLabDem fakes. says:


      Quite. And all the Lefties and all the Cameroons who think that Boris is badly damaged by this think again. He comes across as a real person and not a pr room cardboard cut out like Dave, Ed and Nick are.

      • 327
        Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill says:

        He is unbelievably politically inacceptable. We Vince bashers want someone who can talk the talk that pleases everyone’s media input all of the time. Even if he has conveniently forgotten people or events.

        • 332
          Vince Cable says:

          I don’t remember being unbelievable

          • Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill says:

            You are not. You are credible and recognisable and knightable. We salute you and admire you. You are our force for good in parties full of evil. Full of such flexible policies.

          • Vince Cable says:

            So why is it I can’t rememer what i am wrinkling my nose up at? Is my temporal lobe wonky?

          • Nick Clegg, Chief Cockroach, Pervs Я Us says:

            Can you remember how many legs you’ve got ?

          • Charles Kennedy says:

            I can’t

  77. 323
    Afr!ca Watch says:

    Looks like Bangui (CAR) has fallen to the Seleka rebel coalition, Bozize has legged it:

    The French are likely to get kicked out next.

    Apparently the funding sources for Seleka are similar to those which funded the revolutions in the north, including Mal!.

    • 325
      Another Instant Armchair Expert says:


      • 331
        BBC policy guru says:

        Hawks alongside Obama are gearing up for a knee-jerk reaction which may prevent silent infiltration and regime spies (eg Sudan). Therefore I propose we omit this from analysis other than totally vacuous comments led by “no one knows anything about Cameroon’s rebels”.

        • 334
          What the world needs now is another Emperor says:

          Nothing to do with diamonds then.

          • Afr!ca Watch says:

            Diamond mining will not be primary concern.

            Uranium will, and possibly defending the interests of the French.

            US will be more concerned about trouble spreading north, followed by Sudanese / !slamist factions gaining power and control over the mining in CAR.

            There is a possibility that N!ger and Chad are next in the !slamist cross hairs. Whilst European forces are bogged down in Mal!, if !slamists can establish bases in CAR, this would logically follow. Would put money on N!ger from the north, and some incursions from the East and North into Chad.

            Northern incursion may already be happening in progress along the Chad / L!byan border.

            US already has boots on the ground in CAR, but not very many.

            They could well be behind the: Alliance for Rebirth and Refoundation, which only appeared late last year.

      • 387
        Afr!ca Watch says:

        Ok, a further backgrounder…

        The more recent Librev!lle peace talks seem to have been for nothing, and the UN / Ch!nese were wise to get their nationals out. When that happened, US had to send in its own troops via Chad to get their staff out as France refused to provide any cover.

        Primary grievance of Seneka is failure of Bozize to honor 2007 Birao and 2008 Librev!lle agreements.

        Will be interesting to see if this spreads northwards into Chad, but that is unlikely. The claims that the rebel forces are wishing to spread !slam are not completely plausible, however, Sudanese influence is.

        This could have an impact on the spot price of Uran!um.

        Seneka Coalition consists of:

        Convention of Patriots for Justice and Peace (CPJP):
        - Formed when government of Patassé fell in a bloodless coup of 2003, which brought Bozize to power.
        - Lead by Charles Massi (PM under Patasse) 2008 – 2010.
        - Breakaway group (Fundamental CPJP) who did not agree with 2012 signed ceasefire started 2012 CAR rebellion. They are led by: Hassan Al-Habib.

        Union of Democratic Forces for Unity (UFDR) :
        - CAR government of Bozize accuses of being backed by Sudan government. (Questionable)
        - Lead by Charles Massi prior to his switch to CPJP
        - Birao peace deal between CAR government and UFDR signed 2007/

        * Charles Massi believed killed under torture in Jan 2010 after being arrested on the Chad / CAR border.

        + Armed groups:
        Central African People’s Democratic Front (FDPC):
        - Claimed to be L!byan backed, and had their own web site.
        - Led by Abdoulaye Miskine, who had links to L!bya.
        - Primary grievance was delays with funds being handed over in DDR Process.
        - Believed that FPDC behind Bossambele prison break of 2009 which released anti-Khartoum Sudanese rebels.

        The Patriotic Convention for Salvation of Kodro (CPSK):
        - Founded at a “Constituent Assembly” June 2012.
        - Founder / Leader: General Mohamed-Moussa Dhaffane

        Alliance for Rebirth and Refoundation:
        - Not much info out there, but formed recently.

        Patassé’s rule was in real trouble from 2001 when he defeated a coup attempt with help of L!byan troops and Congolese rebels of the MLC. Bozize, a general who was loyal to Patassé, had his loyalty questioned following that unsuccessful coup attempt.

        Bozize was fired, and fighting broke out when an attempt was made to arrest him. Chad provided refuge for Bozize and his loyal troops, now rebels.

        Between 2001 and 2003 there was a period of tension between CAR and Chad. Bozize made some attempts to overthrow Patassé, which were repulsed by the DRC backed MLC forces who aided Patassé. The MLC stand accused of widespread looting and r@pe in CAR during this period.

        In 2003, Bozize captured Bangui whilst Patassé was at a meeting in N!ger. Patassé was forced to seek refuge in Cameroon and then Togo.

        The CAR Bush War, fought between UFDR and CAR Government forces commenced shortly after Bozize gained power. A ceasefire was broadly established in the 2007 Birao / 2008 Librev!lle settlements mentioned above.

        Bozize’s failure to honor his part in those agreements, essentially payoffs, have led to his downfall.

        Interesting power dynamic at work, and it looks like the balance may have shifted from Chad / Gabon interests (more French), towards DRC / Sudanese (Anarchy / !slam)

    • 335
      Help us, Obi wan Kanobe, you're our only hope says:

      “Bangui (CAR) has fallen to the Seleka rebel coalition, Bozize has legged it”

      That reads like the plotline to the next Star Wars movie.

  78. 326
    The Third World says:

    There was a 2 second power outage in North East London a few minutes ago.

    • 336
      Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill (and 1st class passenger!) says:

      And one next door, Mrs Smythe may have electrocuted someone to get her hands on the mansion. I mean house.

      • 343
        The many benefits of immigration says:

        Hopefully it was a bunch of East European metal thieves getting frazzled as they tried to nick some overhead railway cabling .

        • 353
          Zeitgeist in Strawberry Hill says:

          Actually an idea for a money-spinner. Shall I suggest that we have a collective switch off to Mr Cable himself?

  79. 329
    It really is unseasonably hot at the moment says:

    • 337
      Dave talks tough. says:

      That’s global warming for you.

      So let’s close down our coal fired power stations then we can be at the mercy of the Chinese and/or the French, whichever you prefer.

      That’s me talking tuff again.

    • 354
      Greenies Are All Mongs says:

      I do not see any of the other ones producing even fraction of a volt of electric to offset that baby’s carbon footprint!!!!

      • 427
        Anonymous says:

        They cut out when there is wind. It is a safety issue as the tower will not withstand the forces. They are only designed to rotate in nice weather when people are watching. On fine days they free wheel just for an illusion of making power. Who would invent something that would wear itself out while not doing anything useful.

        Only someone that was a supporter of the fake subsidy system.

  80. 333
    Dave talks tough on .... says:

    … something where he talks tough.

    • 338
      Brussels raises its weary eyebrows and says:

      No, you can’t do that Dave, it’s illegal under EU law. Now shut up and give us today’s fifty three million quid, there’s a good boy!

      • 350
        It's ALL starting to go "Pete Tong" says:

        EU have enough problems of their own as Finance Ministers Meeting in Brussels on Cyprus put back to 8pm local time ..a spokesman citing “lack of progess”……”We will do our utmost for Cyprus” tweets Cypriot Presidential Aide whilst German Finance Minister tells reporters

        “We haven’t got much further in the last week. The numbers have not changed, if anything they have worsened.

        I hope we will achieve a result today. But that, of course, depends on the people in Cyprus having a somewhat realistic view of the situation.”

  81. 352
    Small Mercies says:

    + + BREAKING NEWS +++

    Eric Pickles has had an accident

    No homes flooded, thankfully

  82. 361
    Window Suckers says:
  83. 366
    John Punshon says:

    Roasting? You are out of your mind. Boris was smirking with patronising superiority throughout, masterfully conveying that Eddie Mair was totally ignorant of the way things work in the real world, confident, with demonstrable reason, that Mair was not listening to a word he was saying. It was in fact a masterful demolition of an overconfident interviewer well out of his depth.

    • 379
      Boris Carloff 1947 says:

      That is exactly how I viewed it

    • 383
      The Gas Supply says:

      Yup. No doubt about it, Boris does not come across as a bit of a shit. Not at all.

    • 430
      Casual Observer says:

      Will be funny if Mair ends up with a couple of black eyes and a cracked rib next week, like what could happen in rugby…

    • 442
      HenryV says:

      I don’t watch the BBC but knowing Borris that sounds plausible.

      Interesting if true.

  84. 378
    The BBC are cunts says:


    • 407
      Sunday Sunday says:

      In what way was Boris smeared?

      • 423
        Yurak Hunt says:

        ‘Nasty piece of work’. ?

        • 425
          Sunday Sunday says:

          But he is a nasty piece of work. Adulterer, liar, violent conspiricist. If you think he’s a nice guy, you need your head examining.

          • Yurak Hunt says:

            Good to see you’re in the minority.

        • 431
          Arthur Foulkesake says:

          I find it hilarious that the BBC call Boris a ‘nasty piece of work’. Pot, kettle, black.

    • 458
      CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

      Jail threat funding keeps aljabeebya going… If that’s not the definition of nasty I don’t know what is?

  85. 388
    Emily Thornberry's speaking bathroom scales says:

    No coach parties please.

  86. 389
    Doomed says:

    Nasty piece of work? No, human, as opposed to all the sanitised, gutless PC wonders who spout what their spinners feel is the current line to take>

    As a nation we are coming soon to a hard, hard times on many fronts.

    Who would you rather have as PM when push comes to shove: Boris, Dave or Ed?

    • 420
      Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

      Good job you didnt include Farage as it would have been no contest.

  87. 399
    Bless their pointy little heads says:

    Fuck-you too as well Mod, who needs Leveson?.

  88. 405
    Old Nick says:

    Those finding their way to the warmer parts of the afterlife will be treated to a non-stop broadcast of Ed Millipants being interviewed by Eddie Mair.

  89. 406
    P l e b says:

    Eddie Mair for PM.

  90. 410
    EU Watch says:

    Cyprus really will be death by a thousand cuts for the Troika, and they deserve it.

    Some of the latest:

    In essence: Cyprus will screw up part of Greek agreement if Troika do not budge. This news alone should help sort out the contagion worries which have been disingenuously played down.

    ATM withdrawals on the island have now been limited to E100 / day: This will not be helping ease the worries of the locals. Shops are giving 10% discount for cash payments.

    Dragging Hellenic bank into the deal is not a smart move. This is part owned by the Church on Cyprus, and itself has none of the debt problems which are in scope. This is one reason why an earlier reported deal focused on Bank of Cyprus deposits primarily and only a limited number of others.


    That this is probably being drawn in by Troika demands demonstrates that they are demanding an end to Cyprus as a financial center.

    Crossing the Cypriot Church though should help prevent the government voting any deal through. The church is powerful on the island.

    That bank deposits are once again being discussed is completely unacceptable. This is a proposed theft irrespective of how it is dressed, and perhaps London should be taking careful not as this will be precisely the pattern used if the EU ever get a chance.

    The latest twist of trying to make out that because only uninsured accounts will be touched is unacceptable in the extreme.

    Uninsured accounts can only be touched this way in the event of the bank failing, and then they are the second to last creditor to be defaulted on, senior bond holders ranking most important creditor.

    It should never be forgotten that when you deposit money into a bank account, you are making a loan to that bank.

  91. 416
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP.

  92. 418
    A Pocket Calculator says:

    it is fascinating to see what the police have time to get up to instead of charging Andy Burham and his fellow conspirators over the killings in the NHS:

  93. 419
    Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

    I wonder what the Hacked-Off lot would do if they were accused by the media in a similar fashion?

  94. 421
    Eddie Mair is an arsehole says:

    Watch Eddie Mair from Newsshite? Nah!

  95. 422
    Miliband's One dumb nation & 3 devolved nations. says:

    Eddie Mair on newsshite slagging off Boris? There’s a surprise. So next week Eddie Mair is sucking Milibland’s c*ck.

  96. 424
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    People seem to think that things can expand to accommodate issues. I would like to point out that things are 3 dimensional and of a fixed size.
    Only so much food can be grown in the land without totally fucking up the ecosystem my calculation is tops 20 million people in the UK, ideally 10 million. I appreciate that peoples’ offspring can have offspring during their own lifetime but I don’t see why, with proper thinking ahead, there needs to be more new houses built. obviously removing the nature to provide dwellings cannot go on forever so best stop it now eh ?
    This is just a plea to question the dogma of growth and hence the expected increase of house values.
    Population growth would work with space colonization.
    Growth without population growth might work with space industrialization.
    Does anybody have a global plan ?
    If nobody does we are fucked in my opinion.


    • 428
      The Public says:

      I agree. The only thing for it is to start. One way would be by banning any more foreigners coming into the UK and for the authorities go door to door to arrest and remove all the illegal ones already here.

    • 456
      CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

      Malthusian drivel best left in the 1960′s with that other woe woe and thrice woeer Ehrlich.

  97. 426
    The New Lows of the BBC says:

    Chris Huhne had affairs. Did the BBC ask him:

    “You’re a nasty piece of work, aren’t you?”

    Chris Huhne put the public at risk with his driving. Did the BBC ask him:

    “You’re a nasty piece of work, aren’t you?”

    Andrew Marr had affairs, can an interviewee now ask him:

    “You’re a nasty piece of work, aren’t you?”

    What Mair forgot is that affairs by their very nature are secret.

    • 429
      One Rule for the Left another for the right says:

      How odd that the Guardian think challemging Boris about his “secret affairs” and calling him a nasty piece of work is top journalism. I have just a sneaking suspicion that if Mair had done the same to Blunket or Prescott they would think otherwise.

      • 434
        The Messenger says:

        You are of course, correct. Prescott and Blunkett are also weasels. Luckily, Prescott’s most recent attempt to get his hands on the levers of power were thwarted by the electorate.

    • 433
      The Messenger says:

      Tu quoque arguments do not wash. Affairs are immoral. Theyoften also indicate a defective, untrustworthy nature in the people who indulge in them. They lie to their partners, they lie to friends. They do so effectively. They get good at it. Some people even start lying to themselves. Boris is a case in point.

      On top of that he also told lies when he was a journalist and does not deny his involvement in a criminla conspiracy where one of his friends was intending to inflict violence.

      It would be possible to argue that this was all in the past and Boris is a changed man. Sadly, that does not seem to be the case. he is a practiced and skillful liar who would be a serious threat to the quality of the governance of this country if he ever got himself in a position of authority in one of the higher offices of state.

      Mair did not go far enough. He had a number of other political questions he could also have asked about lies Boris told when seeking re-election recently. It is about integrity: Is Boris johnson a man of sufficient integrity to serve this nation in the House of Commons or as a poterntial Prime Minister? In my view, he is not.

      • 437
        One Rule for the Left another for the right says:

        Fine if this is the new standard. All politicians will be asked live on the Telly if they had affairs and if they did the interviewer can then say.

        “You’re a nasty piece of work, aren’t you?”

        By your standards then John Major and Tony Blar were not fit to be PMs

        As for the other stuff, it’s all about context. I would reckon 99.9 % of people who had illegally taped phone calls fall into the hands of their enemies could be fitted up. Most of s are guilty of humouring a friend just to calm him down knowing that it will go no further (which it didn’t)

        • 443
          The Messenger says:

          You are right. By those standards neither Major or Blair were suitable PMs: if we’d known then what we know now, then the public might well have made different choices. I was not in the UK when Major was in power, so can’t really comment in detail but if he’d not been conducting an affair while in office do you think he could have done a better job maybe?

          Blair was a throughly immoral man who lied through his teeth in a most egregious manner which cost many people their lives.

      • 439
        Rhonddapurple says:

        Yes, definitely unique among politicians in deserving to be labelled a ‘nasty piece of work’ by the BBC.

        • 444
          The Messenger says:

          As I say, Tu Quoque arguments are unattractive. There are undoubtedly many dishonest people in modern politics who should not be in Parliament. The expenses scandal showed that. The BBC should have exposed them.

  98. 435
    Balti Simon says:

    I was informed by a fat gent in the Alma Tavern that one can freeze a fresh pork pie I find this difficult to believe.

  99. 449
    Joss Taskin says:

    Let’s ask ALL politicians the question, ‘ You’re a nasty piece of work, aren’t you’ treatment and see where we get, shall we ?

  100. 451
    Saffron says:

    Just caught up with that beeboid guy Mair tw-ts interview with Boris.
    The Mair guy and the british bullshit corporation and their left wing/commie take on matters is bordering on the unacceptable.
    To call someone a nasty piece of work is beyond the pale to score political left wing points.
    What I cannot understand is why are they being allowed as the so called unbiased state broadcaster to get away with their lefty agenda.
    Should it not be the case that if the tories see this attitude which they do endlessly,then they should put the fear of God into this crowd of liebour biased assholes.
    To Cammoron and his get a pair allies I say this,threaten this crowd with privatisation and you are now on your own and lets see how you make out instead of the public picking up the tab via the illegal licence fee tax for a cr-p lefty organisation.
    I for one don’t pay their illegal fee,never have and never will,wake up UK if you all did the same they are finished.

  101. 454
    Guido Fawkes & Owen Jones Coalition says:

    Here’s where you sign up to the People’s Assembly

  102. 462

    Qatari’s bail Britain out over gas.

  103. 464
    Keen nose says:

    Anyone that does a hatchet job on any Bullingdon tosser is all right by me.

    I’m fed up of our country being run by Eton / Fettes wankers, Eddie Mair had every right to haul him over the coals. I want my leaders to be squeaky clean.

    • 465
      Fuck it says:

      I’d agree if the same BBC mongs also did a job on the jock fuckers and the bald headed knuckle draggers in Nu Labia and the unions?

  104. 466
    Fuck it says:

    Think of all the smears and slime that Alistair Campbell vomited out about people that crossed his path.

    Can’t EVER remember the BBC calling him a “nasty piece of work”

  105. 468
    EU Watch says:

    Rumor is: Troika talks with Cyprus halted, no deal agreement reached.

  106. 469
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    Why don’t the Tories just boycott the fuckers?

    I’ll tell you why not, it’s because they are all part of the same sodding gang.

    Farage should ignore them and refuse to appear, do a Ferguson and let them guess.

  107. 470
    Mason Boyne says:

    God I feel sooo sorry for Boris, getting it tight from uppity Scot.

    Will the other half of the Celtic Agenda get let loose on Today in the a.m.

    Absolutely Shocking these people should know their place.

    Ill-Educated, Mouth Breathing Oiks if I remember.


  108. 471
    EU Watch says:

    Shit just got real:

    Still needs full confirmation, but source appears to be sigma tv, one of the Cyprus channels…

  109. 472
    Fumanchu says:

    CP stitch up.

  110. 478
    Toasty Duvet says:

    Seems to be a nationwide shortage of hot water bottles.

    Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, the Range even the pound shop all sold out. Luckily a local hardware store had a couple left. We’ve always used them as the hot water is free and plentiful from the log burner but they appear to be coming back in fashion again even in houses without chimneys. Can’t beat them, far better than wrapping yourself up in electric wires.

  111. 500
    EU Watch says:

    ‘Looks’ like a deal emerging:

    - Shut down Popular Bank of Cyprus (Laiki) moving insured accounts to Bank of Cyprus. Uninsured accounts would be liquidated for bail-in part of bail-out.

    Only an ‘outline’ deal at the moment, so nothing finalized in agreement, and certainly nothing voted through Cypriot Parliament.

    • 502
      EU Watch says:

      Further detail on outline deal proposal:

      Deposits at BoC > E100k would be taxed 40%.

      EURUSD has traded up on the news in Asia trading, currently 1.3035

      Market assumes that this deal will happen, and does not understand that capital controls which ARE in place have split euro already.

      Deal is not fully agreed between government and Troika, and certainly has not been voted through Cypriot Parliament.

      Should be fun tomorrow.

      • 507
        UKIP if you want to says:

        Should have done this to Lloyds and RBS

        • 515
          EU Watch says:

          None of the banks should be subject to this until they have actually gone under, at which point they become shuttered and the creditors are repaid in order what can be extracted from the remains.

          Only RBS is vaguely comparable to the Cyprus banks. Before the government stepped in, it should have separated the investment from insurance from retail businesses, converted the investment into a wholesale operation not taking on new business and wound it down, merging what proved profitable into the retail.

          This is roughly what is being done, but the government should not have taken on the liabilities for the entire institution before starting that process.

          It is the Bo.E not taxpayer who is responsible for providing liquidity to the banks when they get into trouble as lender of last resort.

          In Cyprus, the ECB is the lender of last resort, and should be taking responsibility for banks which fall under its jurisdiction. That it is not proves that as an institution the ECB is false.

      • 513
        Bless their pointy little heads says:

        Done deal, heard that MFI [sic] has told them they don’t need to put it to the Cypriot parliament… I.E you WILL not put it to the Cypriot parliament.

        • 516
          EU Watch says:

          There is a regulation which they passed the other week which ‘allows’ them to do that.

          I think I myself shall be removing funds to a safer location later today.

          Long bank holiday weekend coming up soon, not smart to leave depreciating money at risk where it cannot be got at.

          • Bless their pointy little heads says:

            Cute as ever, another country to add to the list of stolen sovereignty. Think the Russians missed a trick though by not bailing them out, the 40% if true will clobber the oligarchs more than anybody else.

          • EU Watch says:

            O2 I think were bought out by some Span!sh outfit.

            Cancelling my contract today.

            Don’t buy EU goods / services.

          • EU Watch says:

            Oh: The 40% will likely clobber a lot of British interests down there as well.

            + The Junior bond holders, many people were encouraged to put their savings into bonds when interest rates came down, will still be stung 100% by the look of it.

  112. 501
    Jimmy says:

    One of the traditions of this blog in recent years has been enthusiastic coverage of City of London elections. It seems to have tailed off this year for some reason, although I understand the attempted putsch by the Blaney Jugend did not go entirely to plan.

  113. 503
    LNG Watch says:

    Nice picture of an LNG transport here. Should have some gas from Qatar by next Friday, with luck.

    Awful business that BBC interview, so much for impartiality.

  114. 508
    Boris Becker says:

    I’m employed by the BBC occasionally (even though I’m German and a ginger) and I had an affair in a cleaning cupboard. Suggestions that the Beeb are Boris-haters is wide of the racket.

  115. 510
    albacore says:

    Celebrate immigration – it’s really grand
    All so casual, too, not stuffily planned
    Trouble is, once they’re in, if they go or stay
    It can’t arf make berks of the U K B A
    Mind, it keeps all the agency staff employed
    Don’t see why M P’s should be getting annoyed
    They’re the ones just following the E U rules
    And there ain’t no Nelson in Dave’s ship of fools

    • 520
      UK Watch says:

      Then why not send the filthy fuckers back now ?

      • 523
        albacore says:

        Well, they say that where there’s a will, there’s a way
        But Parliament’s fresh out of will for today
        And they’ve been just like that for some decades now
        Immigration’s the holiest holy cow

      • 530
        Tom Catesby says:

        What Governement, government department or agency is organised or politically committed to removing illegals? They don’t even know where they are and if Cleggie is anything to go by the solution suggested by him recently is, to give ‘em all a slap on the back and make ‘em all citizens, simples! Remember mass immigration, is fine by the chattering, metropolitan, political whore class. Where are they going to get their domestics and child minders from? There’s also the, ‘diversity and enrichment’ to consider.

  116. 512
    Anonymous says:

    most individuals at the top of organisations are “Nasty pieces of work” especially today.

  117. 524
    Russ says:

    an incredible contrast to, a couple of weeks back, when Susanne Reid, also on the Andrew Marr interviewing Yvette Cooper. At the best, Ms Reid was prompting Yvette Cooper, at the worst she was feeding her content for Ms Coopers political diatribe…
    I would like to think that the interviewer is there to add balance and objectivity and I am afraid this appeared not to be the case at any time on the BBC.

    • 526
      (I don't need no doctor) says:

      Reid is a tory hater. I wish BBC interviewers would be honest to the viewer, and state their own political position.

      • 544
        Susanna Reid's dogshite slippers says:

        True. You can actually see the righteous indignation in Susanna Reid’s face every time she has to talk to a Conservative. It’s like she stuck her high heel in dogshit and had to wipe it off with her nose.

  118. 527
    Tom Catesby says:

    Re: the ‘high standard of British prisons’, I suppose the former country house Huhne is currently in, would be an attractive proposition to large numbers currently residing ‘at her majesties pleasure’(a.k.a. the tax payers’ expense).

  119. 528
    Prime Minister? Do me a favour! says:

    Touche Boris!

  120. 531
    While your at it says:

    Can I suggest Eddie Mair take the same approach with politicians such as John Prescott and allegations of misconduct in public office, shagging government employees etc, Tessa Jowell re dodgy mortgages,suspected offences against the proceeds of crime act and her fake separation with her criminal husband. David Blunkett on the theft of travel warrants whilst Home Secretary and shagging another mans wife. I could go on.

  121. 537
    Eton Rifles says:

    Johnson is a Misogynist prick… Not one comment from abused women; it’s almost like they are open to men like Boris Johnson… then again I am talking about the lateral sex !

  122. 543
    Poor journalism says:

    The whole interview was structured around that one soundbite ‘You’re a very nasty man’ and then reverse engineered to fit. It’s piss poor journalism to just sit there and hurl insults based on allegations of him having an affair. As stated, countless Labour politicians have had affairs, flipped homes to rape the tax payers wallet, done despicable things but not once did I ever see them treated such as this.

  123. 546
    vikinghustings says:

    In the larder of political savoury spreads & condiments:

    - Boris is Marmite
    - Ed is Vinegar
    - Bully Balls is revolting


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Guido-hot-button (1) Guido-hot-button (1)

Rod Liddle on the loony UN sexism special rapporteur:

“There is more sexism in Britain than in any other country in the world, according to a mad woman who has been sent here by the United Nations.

Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

orkneylad says:

What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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