March 20th, 2013

Tell Evan Harris to Blog Off!



A free and open world increasingly depends on a free and open internet. The internet empowers everyone — anyone can blog, create, learn, and share. It is controlled by no one — no single organisation, individual, or government. It connects the world. Today, more than two billion people are online — about a third of the planet. Hacked Off supporter Max Mosley told parliament he wants the government “to cut off the wires” to websites he thinks should be censored. Millionaire celebrities like Hugh Grant want to regulate free speech on the internet. They want laws to force dissident refusenik bloggers to risk paying exemplary fines if they refuse to submit to the regulator. The Hacked Off-drafted press control Royal Charter aims to regulate any blog that carries news-related material aimed at readers in the United Kingdom. Tell Max Mosley we will not be cut off, tell Hugh Grant we will not be regulated, we will not be fined. Keep the world wide web open and free. 

Click to sign the petition and tell them to Blog Off!


  1. 1
    shooty* says:

    Done. F**king idiots.

  2. 2
    Hangoverman says:

    “Max Mosley told parliament he wants the government “to cut off the wires” to websites he thinks should be censored.”

    So the Nazi-porn ones will still be available? Yay!

  3. 3
    Fair play says:

    “Arsenal Ladies beat Torres 3-1″

    I know he’s shit these days, but that’s pathetic.

  4. 4
    The Boiler Room says:

    Censorship on a post about freedom of speech. Irony does not quite describe it.

  5. 5
    the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

    They don t have wires any more Max . Most of it comes through the ether from a place called cyberspace .

    Unless of course they are a “Virgin ” and then you will have to dig up the pavement to cut their CABLES .

    Could prove expensive Moz …

  6. 6
    Pirate Pete says:

    so hows that blockade of the pirate bay working out … lol idiots

  7. 7
    Little Angussie says:

    lefties and lovies are driving this disgraceful charter. Democracy is now in real crisis. How can a Goverment bend to an agenda driven by Grant and Mosely etc who were caught literally with their drawers down and their egos have never accepted it. A free press underpins a free society and the very idea of cutting the wires to political bloggers while leaving unfettered Moselys porn sites is reprehensible

  8. 8
    pissinthegarden says:

    good point.

  9. 9
    Willy Wontee says:

    Tel him and his Hacked Off bloggers to blog off too.

  10. 10
    Teapot says:

    I don’t want perverts unplugging the internet. Nein danke.

  11. 11
    Giddit says:

    what do you expect from a post-democratic society – son of a leopard does not change its spots . . .

  12. 12
    Whippersnapper2 says:

    Who or what is Moseley flogging these days…..the man is insane.
    Where does he think he is China?
    I could change/hide my IP with a few clicks…..someone tell the Hunt…..

  13. 13
    Cheese Mongel says:

    As a rule in life, if Evan Harris supports something then do the opposite and you will thrive. The man’s a serial loser.

  14. 14
    Anonymous says:

    18 Mar 2013 Column 704

    Maria Miller: My hon. Friend tempts me to repeat what I have just said, but perhaps he should read Hansard or the Bill instead.
    New clause 29 describes in great detail who will be caught by the definition of “relevant publisher”. The publisher would have to meet the three tests of whether the publication is publishing news-related material in the course of a business, whether their material is written by a range of authors—this would exclude a one-man band or a single blogger—and whether that material is subject to editorial control. This is specifically designed to protect small-scale bloggers. Lone bloggers clearly do not meet those criteria. I hope that that clarifies that point.

  15. 15
    hank the cat says:

    Jack Straw and Blunkett are tories, the mans a phucking retard

  16. 16
    BBc Deputy Head of Re-Vision says:

    Its very simple Guid-0. If you employ 1,000 HR and 2,000 compliance staff like we do, these rules will have no impact.

  17. 17
    Truth said says:

    They want the internet controlled because the likes of Mosley and Grant just do not like the TRUTH. They should go and live in a communist country and take thier Backers with them as well as Miliband and his Party of no hope Commies.

  18. 18
    Anonymous says:

    Who elected Max Mosley ?
    Who elected Evan Harris ?
    Who elected Hugh Grant ?
    Who elected Gerry McCann ??

    Just who are these people to tell US what we can read or can’t read ? If they have a problem with something here there is always English Libel Law. One notes Guido has never yet been sued.

    They should all just fuck off back down the holes from whence they came.

  19. 19
    Not keen on Evan says:

    Evan Harris is a very, very nasty man.

  20. 20
    Anonymous says:

    You mean ‘No hope Fascists’.

  21. 21
    Eric Pickles Fan says:

    Exactly, they think they can throw some money around to protect their views.

    If Hugh Grants wants to pass laws on the media, let him get elected to parliament. Stupid luvvie millionaire.

  22. 22
    hank the cat says:

    Will the blog police be wearing Lederhosen Max.

  23. 23
    Ronaldo says:

    No, you’re crediting him with a drive and purpose that’s beyond him.

    “Hapless” comes to mind.

  24. 24
    Pussy riot Putin says:

    I am glad our exchange of ideals is beginning to benefit both Russia and the UK.
    We have learned how to embezzle like a Newspaper pension fund. Dress women like expensive hookers, and buy very mean looking sunglasses.
    You have learned how to shut down free speech.

    Now.. step 2. Teach us how to make the taxpayer pay for the elites televisions and moat cleaning and we’ll teach you how to put these pesky bloggers in jail.

  25. 25
    Fair play says:


    Best-selling horror author James Herbert has died aged 69 his publisher announces”

    That’s horrific.

  26. 26
    Another Engineer says:

    Sheridan making a complete fool of himself on PM

  27. 27
    Anonymous says:

    Telling a man whose daughter is still missing to fuck off down the hole whence he came,what a crass prick you are

  28. 28
    Anonymous says:

    Very dangerous people, they must be stopped.

  29. 29
    Anonymous says:

    Rich Diversity Memory holed already from AlJaBeebya

  30. 30
    CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

    Download just in case the Fascists win.

  31. 31
    Dirty old Plastic Fascist says:

    I dream of being disciplined by Irma Grese.

  32. 32
  33. 33
    CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

    There’s one Cable called Vince that should be a priority for cutting…

  34. 34
    The BBC needs to be regulated says:

    The press need a kick up the arse but blogs should be well left alone. They have proved useful in bringing balance to all the bullshit that gets printed in our so called free press.

  35. 35
    Mr pontius pilate says:

    He lots much sympathy when he got involved with this hacked off lot

  36. 36
    Mr pontius pilate says:

    True but I think that’s about to change the gloves are off

  37. 37
    ████ 'changed my tune' Hoon says:

    and interring underneath the paving slabs.

  38. 38
    Anonymous says:

    Arsenal Ladies is no way to talk about
    the Premier league team built by Arsenil Venger.

  39. 39
    CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

    go there set up blog
    post a link here.

  40. 40

    Nothing new. Man has less intelligence than a glass of water.

  41. 41
    Universal Hiss says:


    What utter tossers these people are.

  42. 42
    CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

    The BBC needs SOLELY to be regulated by having customers.

  43. 43
    P l e b says:

    Last week they wanted a minimum price for alcohol.
    This week beer down by 1p.
    Which is it?

  44. 44
    The Boiler Room says:

    I already have my own blog thanks very much. I have done so for about 5 years now. It is a small blog that gets about 200 readers a day.

    I do not normally censor people there. I find it amazing how often people get censored here on Order Order.

  45. 45
    CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

    Image perfectly capturing the essence of the EUSSR.

  46. 46
    Sun spokesman says:

    We at the sun do not believe in compliance


    That is why our editors and hacks are going down like ninepins

    Guido will soon be editor unless he has also been involved…

  47. 47

    A very good point. We shouldn’t be turning fire on the McCanns or Dowlers. Or Charlotte Church. These people did absolubtley nothing wrong. The newspapers were the guilty party. They were ‘hacking’ the phones. The newspapers should have to take the blame.

    Even Hugh Grant isn’t to blame.
    The papers were ILLEGALLY listening in to his phone calls. Doesn’t matter what he was up to. They were breaking the existing law and should face penalty.

    But trying to regulate the press was a very stupid idea. We already have laws. Those laws have been broken. People have gone to prison. More will go.
    The Murdoch papers have paid out many millions in damages.

    A simple tightening of the law,with a bit of rejigging of contractual employment law, so that freelance/intern is the same as in full time employ, and much of the issue is solved.

  48. 48
    A little accountability says:

    Where is Chilcot?

  49. 49
    R. Youshore says:

    The latter ?

  50. 50

    HMRC whelk stall tries its hand at selling booze

    “Buy 364 pints and get the 365th free!”

  51. 51
    Observer says:


    They changed their minds when they saw Garage promoting the people s pubs

  52. 52
    CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

    Someone should tell HMRC to Bogof.

  53. 53
    People Power says:

    The blogosphere is the last bastian of freedom.

    Social Media, chatrooms, blogs & forums were an essential component of the Arab Spring. That’s why the Islamicist regimes are shutting them down as fast as they can. That’s why Communist China & the thugocracy in Iran see them as a threat to the dictatorships and actively close them down.

    Guido is just another of Max’s Whipping Boys. Perhaps it’s his wires than need cutting.

    Ever since Tony Blair Millionaire removed Habeas Corpus, this country has been steadily losing it’s freedoms. The EU is fast becoming the Orwellian nightmare of Eurasien. Parliament no longer represents the people. We need to stand up & be counted.

  54. 54
    Lord Chilcot says:

    *scribble scribble*…[redact ..redact..redact.]..*scribble scribble*”..Hmm..? ..Oh not long. I’m on the home stretch now..maybe ..three more years…No more than five…Six tops..OK? …”..[redact redact redact….]

  55. 55
    Brutalist archetype says:

    They can try, but given that ISPs can’t even block Piratebay I don’t see them having much success

  56. 56
    Toad-in-the-wall says:

    Oh, come along now! As noxious piles of resistant Staph aureus go, Harris makes the rest of the Lib Dems look positively benign, but surely “nasty” is a little harsh?

  57. 57
    CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

    One wonders if the rise of this issue and the change of support of certain newspapers were related to the politicisation of the Police….

  58. 58

    Its the automod.
    It seems to have been programed by a government sponsored Fujitsu PFI IT contract.

    Still, you should have seen it before.

    Pea anyone..anyone want a pea ?

  59. 59
    Observer says:

    Plus libel law reform which is essential and no one is talking about

    Plus axing the fees of the gouging lawyers

  60. 60
    Anonymous says:

    Whatever happened to his daughter doesn’t give him the right to try and control the press and decide what the rest of us can or cannot read. He’s the one who left his three kids in an unlocked building to go out on the booze.

  61. 61
    A Spokesman says:

    Isn’t it time the press turned it’s attention to forensically analysing and exposing the people behind Common Purpose, Hacked Off et al?

    Isn’t it time investigations were made into their links, objectives, funding, activities, plans & influence? It’s a perfect opportunity for a very good, independent team like Channel 4’s “Dispatches” to start taking a look at these Left Wing clubs.

    And if those Labour Party mouthpieces, the BBC & Guardian think that they will escape this witch hunt they will be wrong. Their blogs, twitter output & websites will be subject to the same oppression.

  62. 62
    Fair and balanced says:

    While criminal bankers are bailed out by us

    And are never prosecuted

    Welcome to post modern Britain

  63. 63

    Well I’ll be bloggered. Make the most of blogging,while we can before Big Brother Anti-Blog, anti-free speech, anti-freedom of the press steps out of the closet.

  64. 64

    Beer duty was last cut in 1973.
    FORTY years ago!!!!

    What kind of a mean, tax taking country have we been living in ?

  65. 65

    Beer duty was last cut in 1973.
    FORTY years ago!!!!

    What kind of a mean, tax taking country have we been living in ?

  66. 66
    Al Capone Murdoch says:

    I have just baliled most of my staff in the UK

    Costing me a fortune

  67. 67
    The Boiler Room says:

    I usually findgetting round the automod amusing. This time, the comment was posted and then a few minutes later disappeared, which is why I commented: it looked like a human hand has been involved.

  68. 68
    inside- out says:

    Max the only countries that “cut the wires”,as you put it are Burma and China.Prehaps you should go and live there and take the rest of Hacked Off with you.

  69. 69
    CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:


  70. 70
    Rupert Murdoch (News International paymaster) says:

    Strewth Guido, it’s been a full seven hours since you last gratuitously slagged off Private Eye! What the flaming hell do I pay you for?

  71. 71
    Technomist says:

    Even in China it doesn’t work. You would be amazed at the stuff that the Chinese are able to tell each other despite the censorship.

  72. 72
    Casual Observer says:

    A trivial pointless reduction to distract the stupid public. What pub is going to fuck about reducing it’s prices by 1p

  73. 73
    A reader says:

    He’s going through a bit of a low time of things at the moment, cut him some slack.

  74. 74
    Anonymous says:

    Signed, now tell them to shove off.

  75. 75
    Ed Moribund says:

    He’s busy writing up another attack on ‘New Alfie Obama”

  76. 76
    A reader says:

    A law-abiding one?

  77. 77
    Free blogging site in Cyprus says:

    Hello oppressed bloggers

    I am setting up a free blogging site in the Russian Republic of South Cyprus

    You will be free to attack anyone apart from Our Great Leader Putin and, of course, all the Oligarchs who use us a washing machine..

    But you are used to keeping quiet about them in London already

    So see you all in Limassolgrad…

  78. 78
    Ctesibius says:

    It’s more a question of whoor what is flogging Mosley.

  79. 79
    Ctesibius says:

    Sorry, ‘who or’.

  80. 80
    inside- out says:

    Thats a rational response its too easy,Hacked Off and supporters want to “Control” what’s written in the press.Freedom to read anything is not what they want.They want you to only read what they consider is the news.Grant wants you to read what a spiffing actor he is,not his illegal nocturnal oral sex preferences with two bob hookers.

  81. 81
    HackneyKFC says:

    Don’t blame him, blame Harris’s parents – they gave him his DAN.

  82. 82
    'Big Beast' says:

    Done Fucking Idiots. Now fucking well-educated little boys.

  83. 83
    Guido's ex spokeswoman says:

    Oh Great Hero of the Worldwide and truthful press

    and generous benefactor of all the downtrodden hackers of Britain

    Please to do not get angry with our one and only Gido

    He will fly to meet you anywhere to swear eternal allegiance and bad faith

  84. 84
    Ctesibius says:

    Don’t think Max would like it in China. I’m sure he could find plenty of people there willing to beat him up – just like turns him on – but I think they’d probably kill him in the process.

  85. 85
    Man on the clapham omnibus says:

    If all this goes through – will we still be able to take the Piss out of Polly, Gordon and Ed? Will we still be able to call Blair a mass warmongering killer?

  86. 86
    Riggsy Brown says:


  87. 87
    Diddley says:

    I always thought he was a few pies short of looking like Prescott…..

  88. 88
    Coffee and cake is great says:

    You are correct. But even that is not a reason to be discourteous. I have never lost a child in such circumstances, and I presume most people haven’t. Let’s try and be civilsied, even if the effect of such misguided lobbying by a very hurt man is to diminish the civilised values we all cherish.

  89. 89
    MI5 says:

    Sack the shameless Squeaker

    and replace him with Lindsay Hoyle please

    We need a Speaker who is respectable

  90. 90
    CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

    It’s now full of greedy people who sell their votes to parties that promise greedy voters they’ll rob their fellow citizens.

  91. 91
    Storm clouds over Camoron says:

    These people live on and need PR, don’t mention them, don’t comment on them, do what they want, block anything about them, if the newspapers stopped mentioning them, they would soon get them message.

  92. 92
    Anonymous says:

    The McCanns are not out of the woods yet – many of the lurid headlines about them came out before the case files were made public (and there are some held back out of reach of the McCanns and their lawyers/PR man). As the former Express editor at Leveson stated (while being brow beaten by Leveson and Jay) much of what had been written is in the police files (although there was some licence engaged in the way it was portrayed). If the police files had come out before the Express paid out a vast amount to the McCanns then Mr Desmond would have saved himself a fortune. The McCanns have never contested libel in a court of law – it will be interesting how they may fare with Dr Amaral if and when the libel trial begins in Portugal.

  93. 93
    maggie the dog says:

    I wondered when we would get to the budget

  94. 94
    Ed was a shambles says:

    Funniest moment today was when Labour MPs yelled when Miliband was speaking, leading the Deputy Speaker to say “I’ve never seen an opposition party not want to hear their own leader”. Priceless.

  95. 95
    Storm clouds over Camoron says:

    Wonder if Guido knows someone in the states that likes blogging on an American server but is directed at a UK commentry with headlines directed towards the same , surely that gets around these lunatics with wanting laws making ask them to hold up your hand if you want to go to the toilet.

  96. 96
    BBC PR dept says:

    Look, you misunderstand, the truth is what we tell you it is. We get the truth approved by our local quango, we welcome more quango to tell us their truth.
    I personally think that nice floppy Huge Grant chap is absolutely divine.

    Our truth is well worth the licence fee so don’t forget to get yours.

    Thanks for your attention in this matter.

  97. 97
    Fog says:

    Whose petition is this?

  98. 98
    Fog says:

    Very sad indeed

  99. 99
    Council tennant with a spare room says:

    seems the grauniadistas dont think the new rules will apply to them. my fondest memory as I trudge into thought slavery will be a z list celeb litigating the guardian into penury … or at least more penury that they current have!

  100. 100
    Crazed Weevil says:

    “As the Americans learned so painfully in Earth’s final century, free flow of information is the only safeguard against tyranny. The once-chained people whose leaders at last lose their grip on information flow will soon burst with freedom and vitality, but the free nation gradually constricting its grip on public discourse has begun its rapid slide into despotism. Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master.”

    Bonus point to anyone who knows where that’s from…

  101. 101

    Thanks for the clarification; these things are always confusing but I hope single bloggers like myself will remain protected.

  102. 102
    Timmy Tin Foil says:

    Inscrutable, these wily Orientals. Even to themselves, it sounds like, based on what you’re saying.

    If I could be arsed to do it, I’d look up a story from some years back about how Chinese of a certain age in some city like Beijing or wherever would, of a hot summer night, come out into the alleyways of their rabbit-warren streets, turn on a tape deck/CD player/some audio and play music from roughly the time before the Cultural Revolution, i.e., when they were students almost 40 years before, and dance. No protest, no anger, no nothing, just people doing the Twist or cha-cha or something from the early 60’s. They’d do it for a few hours and then retire to their houses. They attracted notice from the local authorities when it started becoming hundreds instead of relative handfuls. Cutting a long one short, the Commies never did arrest anybody, as they never quite figured out whether the dancing was to make some sort of point that people could get together on their own and enjoy themselves without the state’s help, or just a bunch of middle-aged farts who basically didn’t give a shit for politics and were just enjoying themselves, full-stop. The Commies felt, y’know, after Tiananmen, we probably shouldn’t bust up groups of people who don’t seem to be doing anything dangerous if there’s any way this could get out on the Net, was the reporter’s take on what happened, knowing the Chinese as he did. He seemed to think there were all sorts of ways the Bamboo Curtain of the Net could be breached if done subtly enough, so subtly that perhaps the West wouldn’t understand any more than the Chinese censors could whether any point was trying to be made– and he said, THAT’s the point; the Chinese have shown their reluctance to be seen as too ham-handed. Hence, a whole Internet culture of indirectness, where he who hath ears let him hear, and the censors say, better not to go “Streisand.”

    And if I were as conspiracy-theory as some on this blog are, I’d ask whether this story might have all been a head-game being played on the reporter by the Chinese authorities. I opt for the “Heinlein” explanation here. I’m crazy, but I’m not THAT paranoid.

  103. 103
    Neitherdeadoralive says:

    The EU wanting to raid private peoples bank accounts; the Lib/Lab/Con wanting to curtail press freedom…. maybe the “conspiracy theorists” aren’t to far of the mark ????? Well, they have gave us a penny off a pint, to keep us happy !!!!!!!!!!

  104. 104
    Common Porpoise says:

    Blameless? Are any of them completely spotless? Did the McCanns not leave their children unattended and Dowlers accept Murdoch money, it might have been the network deleting messages.
    As for the rest of them, well……

  105. 105
    Jimmy says:

    If he wanted you you know he’d tell you. Next you’ll be wanting to know what it says. Just do as you’re told and sign it.

  106. 106
    Anonymous says:

    No need to cut the wires to Guido. He is so far behind he makes Osborne look like Usain Bolt. No need to do anything on the new Savile arrest Guido – most blogs have had it for the last 30 mins.

  107. 107
    Cat o' nine tails says:

    Baby, I miss you soo much.

  108. 108
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Mosley and Grant both need them hacked off.

  109. 109
    JabbaTheCat says:


  110. 110
    Howlin'at ze moon... says:

    You misheard he said “cut ze vires, Dumkof” and with that he was lowered to the floor of the Chelsea basement….highly unlikely that anyone would get gauled through the courts as it would repeat the original whatever over and over ie retweeted…

  111. 111
    Sally says:

    John doesn’t mind me staying out all night with other blokes. *innocent face*

  112. 112
    JabbaTheCat says:

    Excellent, the proxies are humming along nicely…

  113. 113
    E. Botha says:

    When u gonna afford me back the freedom to post under my infamous , but perfctly-formed , moniker u Nazty spasmo ???


    E x x .

  114. 114
    power to the people says:

    Oh dear, now we’re gonna have to kill loads of repressive like you just to get our freedoms back to where they were for 318 years.

  115. 115
    plausible deniability on arlington road works two ways you cunting genocidal shitters says:

    how long will this pantomime continue. we know without a shadow of a doubt that the entire banking system has been subverted into complete clusterfuckery by the concept of “fractional reserve”. money out of thin air. a means to control people and nations. this is not about communist or capitalism, it is about the fundamental right of every one on this planet to have shelter and food and medical care and education and the ability and motivation to submit a fair and equitable amount of their time on a regular basis to maintaining those fundamentals.

    i had always hoped that we would get to a peaceful point where people would wake up as i and others have done over the last decade or so and collectively we would make use of the internet to become a virtual global community where we govern ourselves rather than have others do it for us. regardless of whether politicians go into that trade with altruistic or nefarious or both intentions, they have fucked up beyond all recognition. to peacefully meld adapt change whatever our ways it needs peace and patience and dialogue and the acceptance that shelter/food/medicine/education/vocations for all would take many many years to achieve.

    quite what am i saying? well i do not have all the answers. but i know for fucking sure that there is a elite on this planet who absolutely without a shadow of a doubt give a flying fuck about anyone accept their familiar clique.

    they are the hive mind of satan. they have subverted people into believing that god and gods be figments of long passed myths. they’ve hidden the truth and are converting you en masse to their ways. here is how they are doing it.

    fluoride in toothpaste and water supplies calcifies your pineal gland- which is basically a receiver. the change in density changes the frequency of the receiver. beams of tetra aka tetragrammaton are in control. if you read that and think it is a pile of shite, well that is because quite simply the tetra is overriding your ability and right to free will.

    these are very dark very serious times. this battle has been played out infinite times before. bundles and bundles of system of solar out there.

    the number of the beast is numbers itself. possessions possessing whom exactly? a price on all things. of nature itself being turned into a commodity.
    genetically modified crops for example. just how fucked up a concept is that? feed the world? well why have they created one crop seeds?

    the shit is going to hit the fan. there is no two ways about it. do you fully comprehend the meaning of when the saints come marching in? prepare for the zombie invasion. i shit you not.

  116. 116
    Only Twats say Simples says:


  117. 117
    Keep the world wide web open and free? says:


    You could start with your own comment section, Fat Boy.

  118. 118
    W.W. says:

    Well while it is still legal(ish)

    I would just like to say Grant, Mosely and the rest ae a complete bunch of pricks.

    Wouldn’t suprise me if they liked getting spanked while dessed up as nazi’s.

    Or getting sucked of by crack whores in LA.

    Deviants the lot of them.


  119. 119
    Weygand says:

    The real cause of the problem was the politicians.
    Blair believed it was the Sun wot won it and so sought Murdoch approval for the next election and then for those to come. The police were bribed, schmoozed or bullied into completing the triangle.
    But it was the Labour triumph of spin over truth (as symbolised by the lead up to the Iraq war) which really corrupted the system and allowed the already illegal practices go ignored or unpunished.
    It is the politicians – all of them if most notably those in the governing Labour party who are the guilty ones – including many who now opportunistically claim to represent the victims.

  120. 120
    Hangoverman says:

    What sort of zombie invasion? The sort of zombies that can run, as in 28 Days Later, or the type that stagger around stupidly, like me first thing in the morning? Because one lot you have to worry about, and the other lot you don’t.

  121. 121
    Passing Mail Online Mod, sucking on Bored DT Online mod's bollocks says:

    I think The Sun has gone to Guido’s head.

  122. 122
    Oh, REALLY? says:

    +1 @ ^

    start with your own sites before bleating about freedom of speech , you dunce

  123. 123
    Hangoverman says:

    Alpha Centauri.

    To be honest, Google makes these things easy.

  124. 124
    Privileged tossers like me, Maximum Mostspankedend, up hanging from lamp posts when they overreach says:

    (To the tune of “My old man’s a dustman”)

    Oh! My old man was a Nazi
    I like to be bound and spanked
    Goebbels had the right idea
    He should be fuc.king thanked,

    I should be the one who says
    What you can say and do
    And Hugh likes paying for blowjob’s
    What’s that to do with you?

    Now, altogether…. Praise the Fatherland!!!!

  125. 125
    + a gogolplex says:

    Your idiosyncratic punctuation is a wonder to behold, Ewa ; )

    I agree with your sentiments, though.

    If this, so-called, libertarian, site censors/moderates comments, who the fuck is Guido to poot forth on censorship?

    The guy’s a retard.

  126. 126
    My Other Van's A Comma says:

    Plenty of commas. That’s nice to see.

  127. 127
    David Cameron PM says:


  128. 128
    Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

    What a beautiful poem, dear.

  129. 129
    Spot the throwaway filler comment says:


  130. 130
    Then he goes back to the top and starts all over again says:


  131. 131
    Anonymous says:

    The McCann’s deserve fire. They left their children alone, unattended and went off boozing and dining with mates. They could have engaged a baby sitter as most normal people would have done.

    As to the Dowlers it was The Guardian which alleged that the News of the World had deleted messages from their daughters phone. That was a total and utter lie.

  132. 132
    hacked off says:

    Anonymous says:
    March 20, 2013 at 5:46 pm
    Who elected Max Mosley ?
    Who elected Evan Harris ?
    Who elected Hugh Grant ?
    Who elected Gerry McCann ??

    Just who are these people to tell US what we can read or can’t read ? If they have a problem with something here there is always English Libel Law. One notes Guido has never yet been sued.

    They should all just fuck off back down the holes from whence they came.

    —————–oh soooooo well said………they protest too much…as for people on the internet commenting on life and the universe, hands off ta very much……hitler died years ago

  133. 133
    Casual Observer says:

    The 1p cut which was announced today may not be seen in pubs though as apparently wholesale prices are going up quite a bit.

    Beer was probably taken off of the escalator as well for this reason.

    Would make sense as the wholesale price of grain is going up quite a bit due to shortages caused by poor harvest in north america past two years.

  134. 134
    Point of Information says:

    Syr!a did as well recently. Both internally and to the rest of the world.

  135. 135
    NAZI SPAZMO says:

    Fair comment, Ewa.
    This blog is written by left-wingers posing as something they, patently, are not.

  136. 136
    David Nixon, a magician says:

    If you can conjure up some adver*tis*ng revenue, does that make you a libertarian?

  137. 137
    Miss red says:

    For a second I thought your Monica said “Pigsty” Brown, then I thought no it’s “Pigseye” Brown.

    Then my mind went wandering and I thought Pigsarse Brown, and finally settled for that vile cnut brown.

  138. 138
    hacked off says:

    harris is right about IDS though…..vindictive man with an anger management problem imo, not fit to be called right honorouble at all, yuk

  139. 139
    CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

    Rather amusing for a game where you are competing to be the world’s biggest Fascist.

  140. 140
    Chris Morriss says:

    Personally I hope the McCanns get their long-delayed come-uppance. A thoroughly nasty pair. I’m surprised they have managed to fool so many, for so long.

  141. 141
    E. Botha says:

    Nope .

    It jus makes you a twat wiv some friends wot is prepared to fund ur twattiness , I spose , Dave .

    E x .

  142. 142
    hacked off says:

    Also gerry mccann lined his bank account with over a million pounds from the press and had front page apologies…..but still wants to crucify the press….. I wonder if itsbecause there is alot of info they could print andhavent done so for years…hmmmmmmmmm, cant think of any other reason……i dontbelieve for a second he is campaigning for real victims

  143. 143
    M102 says:

    Mosley and Grant are an example of what happens when you give a platform to a twat. They have hijacked the limelight from the real victims for their own ends. Mosley in particular could do with a proper slap.

  144. 144
    Character Map says:

    Did they eat little Maddy with a fine bottle of Blue Nun?

  145. 145
    A plane full of Euros says:

    I have just seen that murdering robbing bastard Ronnie Biggs behaviour at that funeral of that other crook Reynolds.

    Can we please at the very least put him back in jail and kick away his mobility scooter.

  146. 146
    Divine Brown (S California) says:

    Poor old Maxxy – still smarting after the nazzi nuns episode …

  147. 147
    Divine Brown (S California) says:

    … those e y e s …

  148. 148
    P l e b says:

    Is there any connection between Evan Harris and Rolf Harris?

  149. 149
    Casual Observer says:

    Is someone having a pop ?

  150. 150
    Mike Stallard says:

    The thing that worries me is how very easy it is to ruin the freedom of the internet.
    Our local library has done it most effectively. Only certain sites are allowed on the system. In Saudi, the Muslim government censors gambling of every kind, for instance.
    Keep you stinking orgiastic hands off Moseley.

  151. 151
    Ronnie "I vote Conservative" Biggs says:

    Fucking moaning minnies. In return for my half-million, I did give this to you:

  152. 152
    P l e b says:

    You haven’t aged a bit, Elsie.

  153. 153
    Passing Proctologist says:

    They’ve both got a winky.

  154. 154

    Thanks for sharing this, we hope that this stupid policy never becomes a reality. Best wishes

  155. 155
    Jim Davidson says:

    Nicked, nicked.

  156. 156
    The Puppet Master says:

    It looks like I may have to go legitimate with friends being arrested this week and others having to go on the run and these new laws coming into effect in old Blighty.

    One can’t help but feel their card has been marked, it looks like Wild West of the internet is finally starting to get civilised and we old gunslingers of the internet are being systematically taken out one by one.

    Time to stop living off the slush fund and surface within one of Her Majesty’s Services for a spell, after all hiding in plain sight is all the illuminated rage these days.

    So Mote It Be

    Adios Amigo’s

  157. 157
    They have no fucking shame says:

    “Barclays announces £38.5m bonuses on budget day

    Bank awards its investment bank chief Rich Ricci £17.5m of shares – which he immediately cashes in – and chief executive Antony Jenkins £5.3m shares”

  158. 158
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Ah the BBC and ‘Truth’.

    Lets have a look back at 2008. Labour were in power. Ed Miliband was the Climate change tzar – tasked with ‘selling the climate change Act 2008′ to the British public. In order to sell it good and proper it had to include ‘cos Labour were the government of the day many carrots to ‘entrap’ the likes of Tim Yeo, D Cameron, C Huhne et al. They all bought into the lie. Huhne got Ed’s old job when Labour were kicked out. Huhne and his monied friends ‘in government’ in 2010 thought great we now control the global warming ruse and we can direct the real big contracts to our friends.

    Only the whole big fat lie and myth of global warming is now undone.

    Who among [pun intended re mongs] all 650 mp’s in the house is going to be the first to ‘put their hands up’ and admit that it was al.l a gore.y – big ruse and a myth – none of them are – because not one of them is ‘fit for any effing purpose’.

    What a circus of liars they all are; what a shower of 5hits, liars, frauds and generally low-life chancers they are and HAVE BECOME.

    None of them dare admit that never before in modern history have so many of them been sold so many lies by the zioloons. Pathetic, pathetic, pathtic.

  159. 159
    Eric Joyce says:

    I welcome the 1p cut in duty on beer.

  160. 160
    Anonymous says:


  161. 161
    Anonymous says:

    It might help to prevent one pub shutting.

  162. 162
    David, call me Prime Minister if you like says:

    This tune was a Damascene moment for me and my country. It, really, made me think big.

  163. 163
    Anonymous says:

    Will they reduce the price of a pint in the bars of the Palace of Westminster?

  164. 164
    David, call me Prime Minister if you like says:


    Will this one work, Jeeves?

  165. 165
    Mirror spokesman says:

    Neither do we but we get away with it. LOL

  166. 166
    Storm clouds over Camoron says:

    Why not with the extra pay rise the MPs have sneaked in no wonder they want to shut the blogs up.

  167. 167
    Lard Pressclott of Beams, Bellies, Banjos, Bulimia, two bog seats, two Jags & Shags. says:

    Doesn’t matter. I always bung my drinks bills on exes.

  168. 168
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Every single one of the named – TOOK THE MURDOCH COIN. if any single one of them including Charlotte Church had had any real honest and true MORALITY, BACKBONE, SPINE or true want to see justice beyong their own bubble of narcissism – they would not have taken the MURDOCH COIN – and would have pushed the criminal element to the limit.

    They should all fuck off with their Murdoch Coin spinelessness and that includes that bastard Prescott and many a Labour f-wit too.

  169. 169
    Anonymous says:

    Guido’s gone very quiet on his crusade against the subsidies.

  170. 170
    Anonymous says:

    Where’s Toxic Taffy gone?

  171. 171
    Blowing Whistles says:

    The Dowlers were duplicitously ADVISED by legals who are well known to kowtow to the evil dirty digger and his henchmen worldwide.

  172. 172
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Martin Moore another legal ‘wheel within the wheels’ of ‘hacked off’ became a QC in 2002 – that was of course under the Blair timeline. He is but another dirty legal.

    Source: Who’s Who.

  173. 173
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    Put me in charge of Britain and this Country will soon be under Russian jurisdiction ! It was always Daddy’s dream…and my trades unions’ bosses would be orgasmic :)

  174. 174
    David, call me Prime Minister if you like says:

    You may have to dredge him up, Steve. It’s only you that has ever heard of him, babe.
    Your personas are indistinguishable from each other : )
    Laughing cataclysmically and lol ♥

  175. 175
    Labourunionsbbc are one under the EU says:

    Scare mongering by the EUSSR puppet bbc?

  176. 176
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    Exactly! I sincerely hope poor little Cy prus tell the EU where to go!!

  177. 177
    Gawd forbid says:

    Are you saying they are both connected at the winky? yuk.

  178. 178
    albacore says:

    You needn’t fret about censorship
    Just open your eyes and get a grip
    Parliament does what the E U wants
    You’re being replaced by immigrants
    Awkward folks snuffed by the N H S
    All fully reported by the press
    And not a sausage done about it
    Never mind how they scream and shout it

  179. 179
    Everyone else says:


  180. 180
    Ed Miliband says:

    My alternative budget has been widely praised.

  181. 181
    Labourunionsbbc are one under the EU says:

    What’s happend to Cat, Enginer, Hugh Janus and all the other posters of yor?

  182. 182
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    edmilitwit has been deposed by the new opposition leader hugh grant and bully balls replaced by max mosley.

    hackedoff are now the new labour party.

  183. 183
    duh says:

    Yes they do have wires, or at least optical fibres.

  184. 184
    Labourunionsbbc are one under the EU says:

    While snow on Bbbc4 didn’t so much as praise your budget, he sure trashed osbourn’s.

    For some unknown reason they are trying to start their own meme of ‘Zombie Nation’.

  185. 185
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    I think I saw a post from cat a week or so back and engineer still posts as engineer occasionally.

    Perhaps they’ve just changed their names for a change!

    That’s the glory of blogging you can be whoever you want. How on earth do parliament think they can control that?!!

  186. 186
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Snow had Chris Leslie on the ropes but didn’t make the little shit answer the questions. Now I wonder why.

  187. 187
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Cat is taking a nap.
    Engineer is all screwed up.
    Hugh Janus has bottomed out.

  188. 188
    Storm clouds over Camoron says:

    Cyprus between the devil and the devil.

  189. 189
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Maybe one of the newspapers could nail Blair over Iraq. Now that would be a test of press freedom.
    I would be willing to write the article in my name accepting full responsibility, if any editor happens to read this.

  190. 190
    A woman says:

    Mosely gives me the creeps.
    Just looking at that picture of him makes my blood run cold.

  191. 191





  192. 192
    Fishy says:

    What a lot of nasty, disrespectful, spiteful bile on here tonight. What the f.uck has got in to you all?

    Can I join in, though, before they cut the wires? And say that after his performances on TV today, Lord Oakshott is a nasty disloyal, disaffected odious piece of Lib Dem shit.

    Ahhh, that’s better.

  193. 193
    A glass of water says:

    I’m highly intelligent compared to him thank you.

  194. 194
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Will Trevor Kavanagh – be given a leaked copy of it and will he take the sources name to his grave like wot he said about the Hutton whitewash?

    Kavanagh is a disgusting piece of duplicitous 5hit.

  195. 195
    Blowing Whistles says:


  196. 196
    Mandy the floater says:

    Nothing to do with me then.

  197. 197
    power to the people says:

    Piss off you pissed soaked tramp.

  198. 198
    Nostalgic says:

    Funnily enouigh, there used to be large sections of the BBC which were under Russian jurisdiction and the programming was much better than it is now.

  199. 199
    good enough says:

    One thing we can be sure of Jimmy, is that it’s not Hugh Grant and his merry band of rich, oversexed, repressive lefties.

  200. 200
    MI5 says:

    Fucking thieves these bankers–sector.html

    And it goes on and on

    And not one of them in jail

  201. 201
    A Payne in the Beeboids says:

    We don’t do news, we only do propaganda – so we’re in the clear.

  202. 202
    can i join in? says:

    What a snotty, up his own arse, narcissistic tosser he is.

  203. 203
    Lou Scannon says:

    Do you suppose we’ll ever find out who all these evil MPs really are ?

  204. 204
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Isareli’s still using those worn out old ‘counter-measures’ / inverted mantras etc – B O R I N G …

  205. 205
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Bibi cowboy oy vay yahooo!!! ‘rattling his sabre’ again. JFHC will someone shut that loon up.

  206. 206
    Vladimir, the washing machine is broken says:

    A nice Russian cartoon

    They know what they are talking about

    It takes one to cartch one

  207. 207
    Fuck it says:

    I notice ITV pointed out that Ed Gonads got a bollocking off the speaker but the BBC (Toenails) failed to mention it.

  208. 208
    Blowing Whistles says:

    He’s not the only one suffering from ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ – most of our judiciary, politicians, the CPS, plod in their upper recches and the legal fraternity are ‘fellow’ sufferers of the disorder.

    It happens when the Stark truth is put before them.

  209. 209
    Blowing Whistles says:

    The City of London – has long been known but not by the majority of the British public to be the worlds centre of money-laundering.

    Corporate Governance – now there’s a subject ….?

  210. 210
    Russian Oligarch (and his bent City solicitors) says:

    I have been telling you for years that we are taking over in London

    None of you listen

  211. 211
    Russian Oligarch (and his bent City solicitors) says:

    Vladimir, the washing machioe works wonders in London

    All the UK banks have one

    Tell your chums in Cyprus to wire the stuff to us…

  212. 212
    Anonymous says:

  213. 213
    MI5 says:

    And the rest of us of old are just flat lining

    Like the economy

  214. 214
    Blowing Whistles says:

    The cat blogged yesterday – he once again ended his comment at me with a snipe cum smear – of that I might see some of his elderly ‘wisdom’ – I have learnt more and experienced more of life up to the age of 40 than the cat could if he had lived 9 lives. Most of his life has been spent living in a bubble of his own deception and self-rectitudedness.

  215. 215
    Vendetta says:

    Done and dusted, as we are becoming the only alternative to State propaganda.

  216. 216
    Lady Gaga's ass says:

    I hope his worshipful Oakeshott is a groper like the other Liberal minded Lordships

    We could even get his cousin Isabel from the Times to write up our groping for big bucks


    There is no business like show business

  217. 217
    Blowing Whistles says:

    I have already written and had published the article. TPTB – know who the author is and where and when it was published. Time is catching up with Blair the International War Criminal and all his loony ‘friends’.

  218. 218
    let black enter pink so offwhite may appear. says:

    left is all heart. right is all pure.
    in the nite of the god.
    it is the unfair who the mild demons are devoted to.

    right can heal the hurt of the pink if the demons are undisturbed.

  219. 219
    London KGB controller says:

    You are behind the times

    We already own newspapers, PR companies, broadcasters and thousands of illegit businesses

    We also operate the biggest washing machine system in the world

    If the EU are nasty to us in Cyprus, we will simply take you all out in London and control you…without compensation this time…

  220. 220
    Keen nose says:

    Putting MPs in charge of this debate was like asking Kim Jong-un to watch out for the interests of South Korea. Of course politicians want to control the press – they’re still smarting from their expenses exposure.

    Look at the small print and any website containing ‘news-related material’ also falls under the remit – and that includes anyone running a blog. Why do we need this? Laws already exist to protect the rights of anyone libelled online as well as in newspapers.

    This is not about protecting the merry band of precious ‘celebs’, adulterous shaggers and coke-sniffers. It starts with Hugh Grant’s blow-job and ends with the gagging of anyone critical of the EU. We’ve already seen civil servants attempt to gag anti-wind-farm protesters. Still never mind. When the careers of Clegg and Miliband end in failure, they are certain to walk into well-paid EU jobs .

  221. 221
    A calm German view says:

    If you play fast and loose, you sometimes have to assume the consequences

  222. 222
    Blowing Whistles says:

    I happened upon a buy 3 book for a fiver deal in asda 2 years ago. I bought the one book I was after and just picked up another 2.

    Low and behold 2 days ago I caught sight of the other 2 books …

    The author’s name stopping me in my tracks. Author ‘Constance Briscoe’ Title ‘The Accused’ published in 2011 – by a subsidiary of wait for it … Random House. Hello Random House / Gail Reebuck < a bint given a few non exec placeperson hump ups by … Rupee no less. Well, well, well

    Wheels within wheels, deals within deals, conflicts within conflicts …..

  223. 223
    Gansters cant be choosers says:

    Who will pull the plug first?

    New parlour game being played in Cyprus pubs…

  224. 224

    It’s a well known story.
    The confident signing on entering the Tower. A man assured that Right and God was on his side.

    The broken fingered scrawl after a day on the rack displays a beaten shadow of a believer. Crushed by torture.

  225. 225
    Fuck it says:

    Global warming means cold winters and shit cold summers. Makes sense really.

  226. 226
    Cyprus Bankster says:

    Not half as dirty as us in Cyprus

    We’ve even got Vladimir openly batting for us….

    Between you and me, we have Vladimir Putin by the cojones

    It is the only think he understands after his years in the KGB

    Just watch his fork out billions for us…and he knows some of my oligarch chums will top him if he does not top us up, if you see what I mean

  227. 227
    Murdoch down but not yet out says:

    My old friend Constance?

    She as such a love, a special one, if you know what I mean

    But not half as special as Wendi, if you see what I mean

    And not nearly as young, if you know what I am after…

    It was a jolly good book, I remember

    All about going to jail or something?

    She must have a sixth sense I think

  228. 228
    Saffron says:

    Budget today usual load of tractor stats which will be analysed and pulled apart.
    Did Milliasshole answer anything in reply no he did not other than schoolyard name calling.
    On the other hand the bollocks broadcasting outfit are wetting their knickers to paint the towrags in a bad light.
    A message to Cammoron,if I had an enemy like your party has with the beeboids I would be hell bent on destroying my enemy,why don’t you grow a pair and take action against this left wing liebour loving bunch of tossers.
    Cammoron wether you like it or not the people of this land are now waking up as to what a load of tossers are in parliament.
    Come the May local elections UKIP are likely to surprise the lot of you and furthermore come the MEP elections next year you may have further surprises from this party who according to you are nutcases and loons.
    I for one can see who the nutcases and loons are and it certainly is not UKIP as in my opinion they speak for this land as you and the other two asshole parties definately do not.

  229. 229
    Casual Observer says:

    Posted from tor so the government can fuck off.

  230. 230
    Robert Maxwell, Bob Bob Bobbing says:

    And no honour among thieves methinks

  231. 231
    Just asking says:

    Zioloony or straight loony?

    We need to know

    Like gay or straight marriage

    It makes a difference you know

  232. 232
    Only 2 Jags and 2 Shags says:

    Three in one you mean?

    Cor…that is even better than I got as Deputy Prime Minister

    I am jealous

    Were they all worth it, soldier?

  233. 233
    Stu says:

    Mosley a nasty piece of national socialist shite that should be treated as such and flushed down a toilet.

  234. 234
    Anonymous says:

    no but she died in the fLat…. Dogs said so…

  235. 235
    Sun supporter says:

    Interesting you speak about the Sun

    Have you notices that since Guido has taken over as Editor (the rest of their staff have fallen in combat under heavy fire from hacking machines, mobiles phones, the odd plod, listening devices and all the tra la la), they have stopped the Page 3 tits and now started with bums on the Front page?

    I think we should congratulate Guido on raising the tone and showing the right Catholic way to go…

  236. 236
    Nick Robinson, voyager, says:

    “I am the Ed Balls Rescue Mechanism Hologram– please state the nature of the emergency…”

  237. 237
    Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

    Much like this weblog, dear.

  238. 238
    Sun supporter says:

    I really dont kn ow what you are all worrying about

    There are lots of nice sunney places in the Med, like Cyprus, Montenegro (adored by Mandelson and his crew of dodgers for good reasons) etc where blogs can be set up and the governments could not give a rats arse about laws, the EU, British courts or any other such stupidities

    Added to that, house prices are about to collapse in Cyprus, you will be able to pick up an olig

  239. 239
    Sun supporter says:

    archs paradise for nothing shortly

    Watch this space

    I have my honchos in Cyprus waiting for the roof to collapse on the place…

  240. 240
    Migrating says:

    Well, I have got my visa for somewhere outside the EU, so I would just like to say what a total disappointment being British has become and how I hope I don’t do anything stupid before I leave this once great country of ours.

  241. 241
    tinker says:

    +1 Elsie. Only a national socialist shite blog would ban the word *whispers* E W A N M E, for fuck’s sake.

  242. 242
    Migrating says:

    Oh, and the government can now worry about thewelfare of the people I have hitherto been employing. I don’t see why they shouldn’t find out what all being in it together really means.

  243. 243
    Blowing Whistles says:

    To bill Q – don’t forget that ‘Nostrodamus’ was an Israeli / j*ew – ‘construct’ too. Many were fooled for many decades.

  244. 244
    Casual Observer says:

    Ok, that appeared to be easy.

    Method for setting up tor for chrome / win, as I could not find straight answer via google:

    i) Download Privoxy from here: h**p://

    ii) Install, use defaults.
    — You need this, or similar software to translate http / https etc. to and from socks5.

    iii) Download configuration for Privoxy here: h**p://

    iv) Make backups of config.txt / default.action in your privoxy installation area.

    Rename: config.txt –> config.txt.orig
    Rename: default.action –> default.action.orig

    v) Unzip the downloaded config file: Privoxy Tor

    vi) Edit the unzipped files (they are for earlier version of privoxy…):

    config.txt :
    Change: actionsfile default to: actionsfile default.action
    Change: actionsfile standard to: actionsfile standard.action


    Replace line:
    +hide-forwarded-for-headers \
    +change-x-forwarded-for{block} \

    Replace line:
    +hide-forwarded-for-headers \
    +change-x-forwarded-for{block} \

    viii) Copy the files config.txt, default.action, standard.action from ‘Privoxy Tor Settings’ unzip area to Privoxy install area, where files were backed up in (iv)

    ix) Restart Privoxy. It should start up fine. Double check edits if get parsing errors which halt the program. Ignore the warnings about unsupported functions, unless you want to clean up your config files.

    x) Download tor:

    xi) Install will unzip to a location. Note: If not using the shipped tor browser, delete the ‘Firefox Portable’ folder and ‘Start Tor Browser.exe’ app

    xii) Launch ‘vidalia’ located in the app folder. It may be necessary to reconfigure so vidalia can find tor.exe, located also in the app folder.

    Checkpoint: You should now have:

    a) Privoxy running
    b) vidalia running
    c) Green onion in task bar indicated connected to tor.

    xiii) In Chrome, configure to use proxy settings:

    http / secure / ftp: : 8118
    socks: : 9050

    xiv) Navigate to: h**ps://

    You should get a green message back indicated using tor, with an unfamiliar external IP.

    To manage proxy settings in Chrome, the following addin may be useful: Proxy Switchy. Details here: h**p://

    Your route by the way is as follows:

    Chrome (http / https / ftp: 8118) > Privoxy > (socks : 9150) vidalia tor

    NB: Read the info on tor, particularly caveats with flash and it is best to use https especially if throwing passwords around for online web / bank etc.

    That is where the proxy switcher addin can come in handy for switching out.

    Use of incognito window in Chrome may also be good idea as this will leave less evidence on your client of what you’ve been up to, but if you set up privoxy to cache, remember to clear that out.

  245. 245
    Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

    There’s no need to whisper it, dear. She became too big for this miniscule weblog and Carry was fed up with her stealing his thunder, I shouldn’t wonder.
    In addition, she refused to toe The Party line.

  246. 246
    Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

    Don’t forget to eat something, dear.

  247. 247
    Anonymous says:

    Anyone know why Harry’s Place is down? It’s not related by any chance….

  248. 248
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Start looking at the ‘history’ which you have believed for all of your lives. Make amends and tell you children the real hard truth – that you were duped.

  249. 249
    Anonymous says:

    See the VED has gone up again. Will be it be spent on potholes,foreign aid or building nice new roads in Turkey?

  250. 250
    a non says:

    Easy ‘Wolf’ Whistles. It’s obvious you both thrive on your love / hate relationship.
    SC did place comments today. You missed them. Better luck tomorrow.

    “Sh*ts that pass in the night” etc etc

  251. 251
    Stu says:

    I do love replies that make sense Elsie, keep taking the Alzheimer’s medication, it will do you good. Or maybe do us all a favour and call Dignitas they understand the needs of the elderly and infirm.

  252. 252
    Dig Sprightly says:

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    Robin (Sojourner) Wood T-Shirt Template

    Years ago there was a discussion in The Plug and Moat forums that inspired me to make a true T-Shirt template, so everyone who wanted to could make a t-shirt quickly and easily. It was originally intended to let people who just wanted a single t-shirt, for an event, or to promote their favorite band, position, or soft drink, to make one.

    It wasn’t for people who wanted to really learn to make clothing from hemp, although I’m delighted that it’s helped with that, too.

    But there will be no templates for other clothing types, because if you want to learn to make clothing, you need to make your own templates as well.

    But, for all those who just want a shirt or two, and for all those who want to see how I put a shirt together, here you go. You can download the T-shirt template here. It should open in anything that can open Photoshop layered documents. (If you can’t get it to open in yours, though, don’t ask me how to do that. I don’t use the others, and have no clue how to open files in them.)

    There’s a read-me file in the package, but if you want more instruction about how to use it, read on!

    NOTE: In order to use this tutorial you MUST download the “Robin (Sojourner) Wood T-shirt” file. I’ll be referring to layers that are in that file, and if you don’t have it, you won’t be able to follow along.

    Note that the “templates” provided by the über-jerk, Chip Midnight, and myself aren’t actually templates at all. They are UV Maps. This shirt is actually a template. It’s all finished, including the Alpha Channel, so all you need to do is slap a picture on the front, change the color, and pray to your god. These instructions will tell you how to do that, and nothing more. It was not designed to teach how to make a t-shirt from scratch, although you are certainly welcome to reverse engineer it and figure that out.

    These instructions are written for Adobe Photoshop, with screen shots from PS CS2. If you use something else, you will have to translate the instructions yourself. Please don’t write and ask me to do that. I can’t. The only raster programs I know how to use are Photoshop and Painter.

    The Layer Palette

    When you open the file, you’ll see a number of layers. If that confuses you, it’s okay. None of us were born knowing about layers! Just click here to find out what Layers are. If you are comfortable with layers, then we can start to place your image.

    For purposes of this tutorial, I’m going to assume that you have your image already prepared. I’m going to use a picture of my cat, taken with a cell phone. (So you know what kind of quality we’re talking about, here.)

    Select your image, and copy it

    Open the image you want to use, Photoshop will open it in another window. (You can have lots of windows open at the same time.) Tap Command/ctrl A (Hold down Command and tap A if you are using a Macintosh, or hold down ctrl and tap A if you are on a PC.) That selects the entire image. You can tell it’s selected because of what are called “marching ants” around the picture. (No joke; that’s the actual technical name for them!)

    Tap Command/ctrl C to copy the image.

    Select the Design Example layer

    Click on the window with the T-shirt in it, to make it the active one, and then click the Design Example layer to select it. New layers always are added above the currently selected layer, so doing this determines where our new image will be in the stack.

    Paste your image onto the shirt

    Tap Command/ctrl V to paste.

    Your picture will appear in the middle of the image, on its own layer. Because it’s in the middle, it will be under the Cover layer, and partially obscured, but that’s okay. We’ll reposition it in a moment.

    Notice that the new layer, Layer 1, is already selected. (It’s highlighted.) This is good, because we need to work with it for the next few steps. Make sure that it stays selected.

    Change the Image Opacity

    We’re going to use the Design Example to get the placement right, but it would be easier if we could see through the picture we just placed there..

    Fortunately, we can. At the top of the Layer palette, you’ll see a line that says Opacity, next to a text box. If you’re using PS CS2, just place your cursor on the word, and drag to the left to decrease the opacity interactively. If you’re using an older version of Photoshop, or if you prefer, you can type a new opacity into that field. I recommend between 60% and 70%. If you’re typing, tap the Enter key when you’re done. (That frees the keyboard, so you can use keyboard shortcuts.)

    Move yourself into position #7

    With the new layer (Layer 1) still selected, tap the V key, to get the Move tool (or select it from the toolbar,) click anywhere on the image, and drag it into position in the middle of the shirt, over the harp.

    Resize the image, if necessary

    Okay, the placement looks good, but it’s too big. We need to change that. (Yours might fit, and if it does, you can skip this step.)

    Tap the T key, to move into Free Transform mode. (Or choose Edit > Free Transform from the menus.) Now, hold down the Shift key, to constrain resizing to proportional only, and the Option/alt key, to resize from the middle. Click one of the corner handles, and drag inwards, towards the center of the picture, to shrink it.

    (Drag outwards, of course, if it’s too small, and you want to enlarge it.)

    When you are happy with the size, just double-click inside the bounding rectangle to accept it. (Or tap the Enter key twice.)

    Adjust the placement with the Move tool, if necessary (V, remember.)

    Now, if you are happy with it this way, you can just change the Opacity back to 100% (the quick way is to tap 0 (zero) on your keyboard or numeric key pad,) click the Eye icon next to the Design Example layer, (to hide it,) and skip to the next page.

    But I’m going to do a little more with it, just to show you what is possible.

    First, I’m going to make the picture round, not square.

    Select the Elliptical Marquee tool

    Click and hold on the Marquee tool, in the top left corner of the Toolbar, until the pop-out menu flies out. Then choose Elliptical Marquee Tool from the menu. (Or tap M to choose the Marquee tool, and Shift-M to choose the next tool in that fly out menu. When you see the Elliptical Marquee in the toolbox, you’ve got the right one.)

    Draw a marquee over your design

    Click where you want the center of the circle to be, hold down the Shift key, to constrain the marquee to a circle (otherwise, it makes all kinds of ovals,) and the Option/alt key, to make a marquee from the middle (notice a pattern here?) and drag the marquee out, until it’s roughly the same size as the circle around the harp.

    If it’s not centered, it’s no problem. Switch fingers on the Shift key, reach over with your index finger, and hold down the Spacebar too, and you can slide the marquee anywhere you want it while you are still sizing it. (Yeah, it’s a little tricky to do, but well worth the effort of learning. If you drop a key it’s no problem, as long as the mouse button is still held down. Just depress the keys again, and the marquee will spring back into shape.)

    When you have it the way you want it, let go of the mouse button. That will accept the circle. (If you still need to tweak it, you can move it by just dragging with the Marquee tool, or change it in other ways by choosing Select > Transform Selection from the menus.)

    Hope that helps.

  253. 253
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Ponder this – have I been taking de pee out of many bloggers here OR Have I been taking de pee out of the 4 busted and totally corrupted of the doomed “extremist beyond belief profiteering right wing” of the sta.te?

  254. 254
    anon y mouse says:


  255. 255
    D.O.A says:

    ”he knows some of my oligarch chums will top him”

    I think there will be a rise in fishing accidents occurring in Cyprus before long courtesy of the Russian Mafia long before any oligarchs in Russia get the clout together to do anything to Putin.

  256. 256
    What the fuck is Fatbott on now? says:

  257. 257
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Look at the Oakeshots – who’s been pulling their strings. One wonders how the criminal investigation into Brisco is going or if the CPS under instruction from Kier Starmer (Labour placeman) will ‘order’ him or some lowly spokesperson to announce that there is not enough evidence to proceed with a criminal indictment …

    Who’s got form …?

  258. 258
    Top Gear says:

    Whoop whoop

    No change in band B for me.

    Link to new rates

  259. 259
    Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

    Will a little Gaussian blur affect my anti-aliasing, dear?

  260. 260
    Blowing Whistles says:

    CO & DS – I put in about 20 paragraphs last week about elm street et all – which is up on other sites and my little 20 paragraphs were deleted. Mind you some of the info may have been slightly questionable – which would explain it being m00ded but hey … info o/load will think about it first.

  261. 261
    Blowing Whistles says:

    She needs to see a psychiatrist – may I suggest Tegwyn Mel Williams – out of the NHS gulag South Wales.

  262. 262
    Fatbott's eaten all the pies. says:

    Should have sent Fatbott on a plane to Cyprus but couldn’t find one to carry that much weight.

  263. 263
    Bunnygun Gourdou says:

    Not at your age, Elsie. Hurry back.

  264. 264
    Just Askin' says:

    What is an “affordable” house? To me, something is only affordable if you can afford it.

  265. 265
    Casual Observer says:

    You bothered to cut/paste twenty paragraphs?

  266. 266
    Confucius, He says:

    Life is unaffordable.

  267. 267
    damned impertinent questions says:

    If he did they would probably nick the wheels as soon as it landed

  268. 268
    damned impertinent questions says:

    Ve have vays of making you not talk

  269. 269
    The Treacherous Tosser in No 10, dreaming of Angle Merkel as a Rhine Maiden says:

    Only idiots repeat the mistakes of others.

    That’s why me ‘n George are going headlong down the path carved out by my insane predecessor in No 10!

  270. 270
    damned impertinent questions says:

    Yes dear, as soon as Gordon sends them all a plane load of futures. After all he and your party stole that over his term in office so its only right you give back what was robbed from them ……just like what the EU is doing in Cyprus

    Now its time for your meds again

  271. 271
    Casual Observer says:

    Am being trolled tonight by the look of it, so will retire shortly.

    Will keep my eye out for the 20 paras, missed here but may have seen else where. If those were yours, good work.

    I don’t have problem pasting up. I keep a copy of most of the stuff which goes up here for reference, and posting elsewhere. Instructions above are messy as procedure used messy, but it got it working ;-)

    Notice a lot of stuff get m0dded out, but sharing a little doesn’t help and someone else may get the inspiration to post on their own blog.

    What would be interesting is to consider the case of a split blog which is hosted across multiple jurisdictions – kind of like tor in reverse. That could be a way around the some of the issues as it would make it difficult to prove that a blog existed at all.

    Would be like trapping a cloud ;-)

  272. 272
    The Prince of Darkness says:

    Normally, – I’m averse to wimmin – but that turns me on – as does that boy cum girl that seems connected to Fatty Balls.

  273. 273
    Ivor Windibum says:

    Wotever. Na night.

  274. 274
    Common Porpoise says:

    Yeah,,,,that and the money persuaded them

  275. 275
    Ask Ed says:

    Do the mythical hard working families send their children down the mines and their granny to the workhouse?

  276. 276
    Fishy says:

    I’ve just been on someones Facebook site where someone said that they had been on the budget calculator (all youngish workers as far as I know)

    ‘Richard’ led off…’Just done the budget calculator -Oooh I’m £144 better off. Thank you George!

    ‘Jackie’…plus £254 me
    ‘Andrew’…£282 better off for me
    ‘Robert’…£240, wooo
    ‘Paul’…£171 for me!

    I got the impression from Comrade Mason, his chums and guests on BBC Labour’s Newsnight, that this budget was crap and we would all be supping gruel from now on.

    PS: £245 for me too!

  277. 277
    Point of Information says:

    So press regulation is going to be like this is it.


  278. 278
    Hoxton says:

    Hackney has no airport, innit

  279. 279
    Helga says:

    Answer: a whoor

  280. 280
    Fat her Abbott says:

    I didn’t realise that Hackney had an airport or a military base. You learn something every day.

  281. 281
    Boris says:

    Its the slummiest bit of the new-build slum

  282. 282
    Buy a Barratt House Buy a Council House. says:

    Seems to me that sharing a mortgage with the government on a private house is council housing with the right to buy by another name.

  283. 283
    Shite site says:

    Affordable homes are politician speak for shite housing in shite areas for the shite.

  284. 284
    Fatbott Airport says:

    A Google search of Hackney Airport brings up “About 3,270,000 results” and not one of them is an Airport in Hackney. Does Abbott know something that no one else knows?

  285. 285
    CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

    BBC celebrates diversity and has a pop at the right too.

    All thanks to the threat of jail for TV owners.

  286. 286
    Hoxton says:

    Fat MP yields 69,100,000

  287. 287
    Hugh Nose says:

    5% deposits sounds much like Spain, Oirland and Freddie Might and Fanny Will in the US.

  288. 288
    Dear Päul.......... says:

    With love from your little Härry wiggle-bottom:

  289. 289
    A paranoiac with good reason says:

    Casual Observer: you don’t need to do all this. You can install the Tor Browser Bundle, which gives you everything you need in one go, including its private version of Firefox Portable. Get it from

    The bundle unpacks a self-contained folder, so that you can run Tor from a USB dongle if you want to. Or you can put the folder anywhere on your computer and make a shortcut to its main file, Start Tor Browser.exe . That’s all you need to do: no settings to make, it works at once.

  290. 290
  291. 291
    Another non-story says:

    “Although Ms Lagarde has never been accused of profiting personally from the controversial payment………………..” blah blah

  292. 292
    The Party of Millionaire Socialists says:

    Although Mr Blair has never been accused of profiting personally from the controversial payment……

    Although Lord Prescott has never been accused of profiting personally from the controversial payment…….

    Although Ed Miliband has never been accused of profiting personally from the controversial payment…….

  293. 293
    Jimmy says:

    There are many words which spring to mind when speaking of the rightie blogosphere, I can’t say “oversexed” has ever been one of them.

  294. 294
    Tony Benn says:

    We should tax everyone at 99p in the pound, and then spend all the tax money to create more public sector jobs! Socialism will save the day!

  295. 295
    War watch says:

    North Korea issues air raid alert:

    This in light of recent complaints of B-52 over flights:


    Could be getting hot. Apparently DPRK took out a bunch of South Korean banks earlier in a cyber attack.

  296. 296
    War watch says:

    A little bit of propaganda:

    It is believed to be not credible as Guam / Ok!nawa are out of DPRKs range.

  297. 297
  298. 298
    Casual Observer says:

    I know – but note that I am not running on the Firefox browser.

    Have reason not to, and to keep light and nimble ;-)

  299. 299
    Roger Dewhurst says:

    What happens when a moneybags ‘entertainer’ loses to a major government supporting foreign (Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, US) newspaper and seeks to recover his exhorbitant costs? The newspaper would go to the government, Australian or whatever, and complain loudly. What would that government do? I suspect it would tell the UK to stuff its law where the sun never shines. All sorts of things would follow on from that.

  300. 300
    Roger Dewhurst says:

    What happens when a moneybags ‘entertainer’ loses to a major government supporting foreign (Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, US) newspaper and seeks to recover his exhorbitant costs? The newspaper would go to the government, Australian or whatever, and complain loudly. What would that government do? I suspect it would tell the UK to stuff its law where the sun never shines. All sorts of things would follow on from that.

  301. 301
    albacore says:

    Holy cow! When the B-52 first flew
    Migrants here were insignificantly few
    The yanks plan to use it for thirty more years
    (That’ll make it older than Elsie, my dears)
    Who’d have thought, in the life of one aeroplane
    Parliament could swill Old England down the drain?

  302. 302
    Dog Star says:

    “Ask the dogs Sandra” The dogs did speak, they are not trained to lie.

  303. 303
    Lou Scannon says:

    It’s been heading this way for a long time.
    Only failing Marxist-led countries have a Ministry of ‘Justice’.

  304. 304
    Moishe ben Cohen says:

    Bibi happy bunny; got big cuddle from Obambi today.

  305. 305
    Frankie Laine says:

    .. are the eyes of a woman in love – and oh how they give you away… etc

  306. 306

    Corporate kangaroo courts:(the first amendment doesn’t apply to corporate actions)
    The ISPs are judge, jury and wire cutter.

    and the free press-loving US government?

    “national security letters” – demands for data that contain in-built gagging clauses that prevent the recipients disclosing even the existence of the orders or their own identity.

    Brought down in the courts by a left wing organisation.

  307. 307
    Dog Star says:

    Gerry McCann at Leveson

    I would like to emphasise that
    I strongly believe in freedom of speech,

    What !!!

  308. 308
    Reliably Informed says:

    I am reliably informed that Mr. Arsein Vinegar does not hang around in mens toilets, or even know what a rent boy is.

  309. 309
    Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

    But what will happen when Labour get back in power? Socialists always want to restrict freedom of speech, shoot public sector whistleblowers, etc. Look at Cuba, Venezuela, China, Soviet Russia, Hitler’s Germany as examples.

  310. 310
    Mme Tricoteuse says:

    ….. When the careers of Clegg and Miliband end in failure, they are certain to walk into well-paid EU jobs …..

    or a gibbet…

  311. 311
    Underneath the Marshes, I dream my dreams away... says:

    Hackney marshes on a dry afternoon would probably work OK.

  312. 312
    Daft as a brush says:

    Fucker now wants to depress the housing market even more by restricting the first time buyers to new builds only

  313. 313
    Murky cold hole says:


  314. 314
    Whinger says:

    ….I believe his free speech should be careful restricted, not for the content, just that his whiney accent is unacceptable to any right thinking person

  315. 315
    Bless their pointy litte heads says:

    For some but not for others = they don’t believe in freedom of speech… Hacked Off.

  316. 316
    Put on Pensioner says:

    The press needs bringing down a peg or two indeed some bloggers too.

    Printing lies and innuendo ruins peoples lives, its not for the press to make a judgments on people or pry into their lives.

    The press cannot expect to cherry pick its stories to suit its argument and ignore relevant facts that do not.

    The press have got their comeuppance for being untrustworthy (just like politicions) they only have themselves to blame.

    Freedom of speech is a powerful weapon and its abuse has consequences.

  317. 317
    Bless their pointy litte heads says:

    I think the little fat one, Injun’ Kong has been watching too many James Bond films.

  318. 318
    Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

    Nobody is going to stop me saying what the fu

  319. 319
    Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

    There are laws to deal with press abuse. But they were enforced in the same lax way as the drug laws. No wonder the press got out of hand.

  320. 320
    Bless their pointy litte heads says:

    And who was it that exposed the untrustworthy politicians?, think about it!.

  321. 321
    Bless their pointy litte heads says:

    ture has in store for us.

  322. 322
    Put on Pensioner says:

    Exposure is fine…lies are not!

  323. 323
    HuGe Rant says:

    I fully support the freedom of the press ….. with one exception …
    There must be a legal requirement to to only print good stories about

    Me, Max, McC …. etc

  324. 324
    sick of em says:

    you gotta laugh FFS
    Osbourne moaning about personal abuse when he and his fucking government have abused disabled people and the poor for years
    what a fucking shit

  325. 325
    Pundit too too says:

    What a plonker. He has the bulging eyes of Ed Balls – are they related because they certainly have the same loony thinking process?

  326. 326
    Put on Pensioner says:

    The exposure of unlawful activities cannot be revealed by unlawful activities.

    The end does not justify the means!

  327. 327
    Bob Fleming says:

    Nice to hear Radio5 live hammering Ed Balls for once. Just read out 2 emails that put the fraud in his box big time..

  328. 328
    Bless their pointy litte heads says:

    Stop all these Huge (film council) Grants, no more formulaic shite films set in London suburbs. Please.

  329. 329
    Pundit Too says:

    The McCanns main problem stems from the fact that their daughter disappeared in a country noted for its love of children, and where toddlers and babies are regularly in restaurants at night with loving parents. And they are always well behaved.
    The McCanns did not, and will not, get much sympathy from the Portuguese for their actions – their sympathy will all rest with the missing child.

  330. 330
    drewstew says:

    I am still somewhat mystified by the need for new regulation. As current prosecutions show, there are already laws in place which come into play when the law is deemed to be broken by journalistic behaviour. Is that not enough?

  331. 331
    Big Momma says:

    I initially got Evan Harris mixed up with Evan Davies, the sniggering schoolboy on the Toady Programme. Then on viewing Harris’s interview with Brillo I realised they are peas out of the same pod.

  332. 332
    Bless their pointy litte heads says:

    What is and what isn’t a lawful activity is now defined by the state, but that does not make it Just.

  333. 333
    Big Momma says:

    Lindsay Hoyle certainly did a good job at budget time. We need more like him and get rid of the poison dwarf.

  334. 334
    Just Saying says:

    Putting servers in North Korea could be a game changer.

  335. 335
    Jim Davidson says:

    I am still the funniest man arrested lately.

  336. 336
    Bless their pointy litte heads says:

    Dave fell asleep again, been said many times that we have laws of libel and slander that can be pursued through both criminal and civil courts, the problem was that plod were colluding in the circus, an issue that Leveson totally ignored.

  337. 337
    The Mekon. says:

    Our zombies are already in place with most of them in Brussels, Westminster, White House, and worldwide local councils. The takeover is in hand.

  338. 338
    I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning !!! says:

    Of course they wish to censor comment unless they have a new film or other project they wish publicised in the offing then they are all over the media and net like horse flies on shit !!!!

  339. 339
    Dimbleby says:

    Plod did nothing to get Sovile as well. In fact, when it comes to dropping the ball and generally being bent, you’ll find the police most agreeable.

  340. 340
    The BBC tells disabled that they will all have to live in cardboard boxes says:

    “…………his fucking government have abused disabled people and the poor for years”

    I think you’ve got the wrong government…you surely mean the last Labour Government…who did very little for either group during their term in office and even less for their working class core vote other than open the doors to mass immigration ensuring that there was no work for them….that’s why the benefits bill saored under Labour

  341. 341
    Man on the clapham omnibus says:


  342. 342
    Whose money is it anyway? says:

    But the whole pathetic charade certainly took peoples attention away from the real problems facing the UK didnt it? Its called misdirection and the political vermin class are experts at it. We should have been having an inquiry into energy policy and the EU, instead we get a media circus leading nowhere.

  343. 343
    Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

    Agreed. That is the whole point in having laws in the first place. But if you have laws and then ignore them or fail to enforce them then nobody should be surprised at the level of abuse that will happen. So if existing laws are not enforced what is the point of new ones?

  344. 344
    Big Momma says:

    bale or bail – Liebor edukashun

  345. 345
    Sounds good but....not necessarily so says:

    Some of the main stream mortgage lenders will NOT grant a mortgage on a shared equity property as the government has the “first charge” on the property…..and the present scheme is a nightmare of paperwork to complete

  346. 346
    Illiberal says:

    How can Harris claim to be a champion of freedom of speech when he’s in Hacked Off?

  347. 347
    Fuck it says:

    You say that but Osborne was interrupted every 10 seconds but Balls was allowed to spout his shit uninterrupted.

  348. 348
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    if the BBC are having a go at Balls, it is because there are many people in the Labour Party who knows he’s a big liability. They don’t want 2 arseholes at the top. They hope that if Balls is replaced, it will be by some telegenic fraud the BBC can promote as the next messiah.

  349. 349
    damned impertinent questions says:

    Nice to see how impartial the BBC is

    Headline on weblink on the ir front page ‘how the budget will hit families’ – presumably giving them taxbreaks and child care allowances

    Still they will always be able to find a one eyed, disabled, lesbian single mother in Sunderland who feels disadvantaged

  350. 350
    damned impertinent questions says:

    Why should disabled not live in cardboard boxes alongside their able fellow citizens? Where is the Equality Commission when you need it?

  351. 351
    Neo-Plato says:

    Just do what Leveson recommended.

    End OF.

    Why do we pay for enquiries that are never implemented.

    When did “watchdogs” do anything to protect anybody.

  352. 352
    Bless their pointy little heads says:

    Accentuate the negative, cue for A SONG?.

  353. 353
    Gideon and tax havens says:

    Anyone for an offshore windmill?

  354. 354
    Sun newspaper NUJ Chapel says:

    That is already far too much

    How can our members operate within legal bounds?

  355. 355
    Yahoo doodle oooh says:

    Since the boss of Google visited him

    Kim Jung Uno has been playing virtual war games

    These toys should not be given to lonny geeks you know

  356. 356
    Le Monde correspondent says:

    The French have just dropped the Foreign Legion on Mali

    Should they do the same on Hackney?

  357. 357
    alexsandr says:

    havent they heard of proxy servers etc. I cant see a single country regulating the internet. can you?

  358. 358
    Man without gaffer tape over mouth says:

    Signed and sent. No censorship.

  359. 359
    alexsandr says:

    blog on porn sites then. Plenty of sutes with blogs. Usually have an off topic.

  360. 360
    alexsandr says:

    where does this leave satire? If I say cameron is a shirtlifter here can guido be sued. or me?
    What if i put cameron is a shirtlifter lol :-) does the lol smiley face make a difference?

  361. 361
    Taxfodder says:

    Having laws mean they “can” be enforced, choosing not enforcing them is an entirely different matter, Indeed you cannot enforce a law that does not exist!

  362. 362
    I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback in my garden says:

    ‘When did watch dogs ever protect anybody?’.

  363. 363
    Put on Pensioner says:

    Laws exist to assist the sensible and deter the stupid, however if the stupid won’t comply then the law needs to be reinforced until the stupid become sensible.

  364. 364
    Underneath the Marshes, I dream my dreams away... says:

    You must first ask Di if she eats frogs legs…

  365. 365
    Underneath the Marshes, I dream my dreams away... says:

    How could you forget the wonderful Lord Mandypants?

  366. 366
    Kevin T says:

    Do you include MP’s expenses, which was revealed by someone stealing a disc and selling it to the Telegraph?

  367. 367
    Kevin T says:

    If there was anyone British in Hackney he might.

  368. 368
    Put on Pensioner says:

    Kev, yes if it was proven the Telegraph stole the tapes, but it was well known they did not, they simply choose to report the theft and the contents stored thereon.

    A truly public spirited action one may say ;O)

  369. 369
    Man without gaffer tape over mouth says:

    Does she need one to take her son to school, seeignt hat she never wanted to send her son to the local comp. Much too poor for her little laddie. Far beeter she spends tax payers money sending him to a fee paying school.

  370. 370

    Labels are just excuses for either side, sometimes both. People know how to behave, provided the law is well formed.

  371. 371
    Arthur K says:

    If you have to use swearing and obscenities to put forward your opinion you have already lost the argument. The Press is owned by global capitalists whose collective intention is to rule the world. Our politicians are the hirelings of these people. That is why they are carrying out a policy of mass migration. They won’t stop until we are in the minority in our own country!! Until they abolish elections, which I am sure they are thinking about, you can always vote them out!! Just vote UKIP. You don’t have to be brave to do that.

  372. 372
    Good Night And Good Luck says:

    I imagine “control” and “censor” are among them, being a Labour tosser.

  373. 373
    Gaga says:

    Gagging for it

  374. 374
    A.Ball says:

    Do we have two shadow chancellors?

  375. 375
    Haribo Halfwit says:

    Does not compute: since the decision in ‘citizens direct’, a company is a ‘person’ when it comes to making political donations (which qualify as ‘speech’) but not a ‘person’ when it comes to other first amendment rights?

  376. 376
    just along for the ride says:

    Rather a good one Ctesbius

  377. 377
    just along for the ride says:

    Them eyes worries me.

  378. 378
    just along for the ride says:

    If I done what they done, I also don’t want no truth mate.

  379. 379
    just along for the ride says:

    Do you mean who erected them ?

  380. 380
    just along for the ride says:

    No, Sorry mate, but Evan Harris is actually a very, very, very, very, very, very, very nasty man.

  381. 381

    First amendment applies only to government censorship not that by private/corporate entities.

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