March 19th, 2013

The Simple Royal Charter Explained in Full

Fourteen Tory rebels said no to exemplary damages in the Commons last night:

  • Richard Bacon
  • Christopher Chope
  • Tracey Crouch
  • Philip Davies
  • Nick de Bois
  • Andrew Percy
  • Mark Reckless
  • John Redwood
  • Andrew Turner
  • Martin Vickers
  • Charles Walker
  • Sarah Wollaston
  • Richard Drax
  • Jacob Rees Mogg

And here is what has been dreamt up by Hacked Off and politicians in the middle of the night. It’s all very simple and straight forward:

Got that?

Graphic via Mail.


  1. 1
    Sad so Sad says:

    Only 14 true Tories left in the Tory party.

    That’s sad


    • 14
      Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

      Liblabcon – one nation, one party.


      • 15
        Anonymous says:

        one ripoff


        • 80
          Butch bender Dave says:

          Will none of you indigenous White vermin plebs think of the melting homosexual huskies, caused by man made Global Warming, requiring billions more taxes on useless eater goy scum?


          • Pravda-Izvestia Spokesman says:

            Well done British politicians!

            We are proud of your decision to stifle free speech in your country!

            No longer can you dare criticise us anymore!!!

            Signed Vlad Putin, Bob Mugabe, Mister Morsi, Xi Jinping, Islam Karimov, Kim Jong-Il, Omar al-Bashier, the boy Assad, Mahmoud Admandijad, Raul Castro, Common Purpose, Shacked Off etc etc etc


          • Butch bender Dave says:

            The good news keeps coming!

            Retail prices up 0.7% alone in February!

            Highest official consumer price inflation in the OECD! (real inflation rate 10%).

            Real wages for plebs down 25% since 2008!

            Massive gas and electricity bills during ‘Cold Snaps’!

            A real Mini Ice Age to finish off millions of hideously Indigenous pleb Britons, freezing to death, making way for tens of millions more vibrant darkies! (of course they won’t live by me).


          • BBC = Brainwashing says:

            Springtime for Hitler and Hacked Off.


          • Butch bender Dave says:

            The good news keeps coming!

            Factory output prices up 0.8% alone in February!

            Factory input prices up a massive 3.2% in February!

            This massive, real hyperinflation will finish off any remaining indigenously-owned UK producers, allowing foreign cartel monopolies to push up prices further at will!


      • 87
        Bert-261 says:

        Perhaps they could come together under the banner of S.P.U.D. (Space Cadet United Dippytwats)


    • 21
      North East Somerset Constituent says:

      Will one or more of them have the guts to join UKIP now?

      How about you Jacob?


      • 67
        Lynn Featherbrain says:

        He may speak with an annoying drawl inherited from Papa, but Jacob is one of the good guys. So yes, how about it, cocker?


      • 104
        Anonymous says:

        ukip are not going to do anything lets get that straight, they are a protest group. They have no MPs and judging by the calibre of their Leader and his deputy they arent very bright.Please stop behaving as though they will solve all problems, they wont !


        • 106
          Stautus Quo is no longer an option says:

          I reckon it’s time to give them a go. There is no point continuing with the LIB Lab Con alliance.


        • 144
          Old England says:

          Having voted “NO” in ’75,and conservative eversince,in the deluded belief,that
          once they realised what a crock of shit the EU is,they would get us out…..40yrs later,and we are still shackled to it and its a broken concept,but we are still in it,so,for me,nothing to lose anymore,so,at every opportunity,i will vote UKIP,not for the leader,but,to show my disgust at our useless politico’s,who have collectively,brought us to this perilous state we are in…It was all aviodable,but they wouldn’t listen,the treasonous,self serving cnuts…..


        • 145
          Vote UKIP -- Get rid of the LIBLABCONNERS says:

          Just wait and see what happens at the May Council elections. Curtains for PC Dave hopefully.


        • 184
          CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

          Anonymous, the same goes for the three main parties. Look at the damage these two-faced, duplicitous bastards have done to this country over the past twenty years. UKIP couldn’t do any worse.


        • 188
          Mrs Havisham says:

          How could UKIP be worse than Con/Lib/Lab?


    • 34
      Anonymous says:

      FFS another f-ing quango. It was one problem, now it’s two, and MPs on all sides are congratulating themselves for a job well done. What utter arseholes!

      We are where we are partly because the PCC was a waste of space; we have experienced the FSA, the CQC, the other FSA, the Fees Office and God knows how many other expensive non-functional quangos;We KNOW they don’t work!


      • 49
        Quiet Bat Person says:

        It looks like a good game, actually. You pick up a Magic Ring in ‘Industry Funding Body’, and then, fighting alongside Wizards and dwarves, you slay the 3-headed dragon to reach the enchanted pool in the Regulatory Appointments Panel.


        • 89
          yeah, right... says:

          Thats a lot of panel on those panels. Wonder who is paying for them all?


          • annoyed user says:

            The publications who sign up are supposed to pay


          • tuntrik. says:

            stop time.
            start time.speed up time.
            slaw dawn time.
            the rest is a loss.
            what connects is time. what disconnects is time. what intensifies is time.
            it is time.
            it is the weapon to defeat.
            just stop time.


      • 149
        Mine d'Boggles says:

        Think of it as more fuel on the Bonfire of the Quangos. Inflammatory, yes. High explosive, yes. Good staying power, yes. Clean burning? Yes. Nothing left at the end but carbon dioxide and a few scraps of charred politician? Yes.


    • 185
      Divine Brown (S California) says:

      What about TONY BALDRY ??


  2. 2
    Always a silver lining says:

    Heh heh heh. At least it’s getting the editors off the laxatives.


  3. 3
    JabbaTheCat says:

    It is reasonable to anticipate many blogs moving off shore shortly…


    • 175
      Let's fill our country with self-replicating shitting machines says:

      No defence if they are aimed at a uk market.


  4. 4
    Steve Miliband says:

    Still, at least they didn’t sign up to it in Milibands office at 2.00 am in the presence of 4 nutters from Hacked Off.


    • 66
      Anonymous says:

      Don’t you mean, 4 Members of Hacked Off and 3 reps from their political wing?


    • 76
      Bert-261 says:

      Don’t you mean, 4 Members from Hacked Off + 3 reps from their political wing?


    • 107
      Anonymous says:

      I hope Milliband has done irrevocable harm to Labour over this, he has shown himself (again) to be a shallow opportunist, with no real values of his own.


      • 158
        Get Rid and Start Again says:

        Ditto Dismal Dave and the serial liar and arsonist, Clegg.

        All three main parties are self serving looting crooks, with no regard for anyone except themselves and their shitty ‘careers’


  5. 5
    Hugh Grant, Labour Leader says:

    I spent a lot of time on that flow diagram. I hardly had time to pop out for a blow job.


  6. 6
    Principles, but only to a certain degree says:

    Why do those 14 remain within the Tory party?
    No point voting against then remaining within the fold.


    • 26
      fire's too good for them says:

      this is an EU directive to have press control. The coalition knew they couldn’t just force it on us because the EU said so, therefore the whole hacking process has been the smokescreen for sneaking this in.
      Very similar to the gay marriage laws


      • 40
        Labourunionsbbc are one under the EU says:

        Exactly what I was saying days ago, and I could tell it was a runner as it was swiftly stamped on by an eu laky.

        This now opens the door for the EUSSR to sneak in; what is missing from the chart is where they are, plot that in and you have something worth seeing.


        • 77
          Lynn Featherbrain says:

          Let us hope Cyprus-inspired bank runs in the PIIGS will cook their goose.


          • Get Rid and Start Again says:

            The EU are a pretty brazen bunch of crooks, they have already placed themselves above any law regarding the ESM and break treaty obligations whenever it suits them, without so much as a whimper from our useless ‘government’.

            Of course stealing from peoples bank accounts is ok with them too.


      • 100
        Lord Stansted says:

        Indeed. I hope the more fearless sections of the Press go after HO and their supporters big time. Let’s *now* have 4-page spreads about the cheating, stealing bastard liars.


      • 109
        Anonymous says:

        Clever arent they ?


  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    Ever since I became a lecturer and was taught how to bullshit the class with these sort of charts I now treat all such charts (and more) as bullshit.

    By the way if you have time on your hands the easiest way to fill it is with a big blank sheet of paper(s), giant marker pens and trendy questions and answers.


    • 82
      Ed Miliband says:

      >giant marker pens and trendy questions and answers.

      Thankth for the tip! Jutht what I’ve been waiting for.

      Ow ow ow, leggo, Ed, shtop pulling my hair!


  8. 8
    Common Purpose is evil says:

    How many ‘Common Purpose’ jobsworth will that create?


    • 169
      Get Rid and Start Again says:

      As CP run the Civil Service at all high levels, you can be sure they will place their people in all prominant positions.


  9. 9
    Divine Brown says:

    Cock suckers


    • 155
      playtime. with says:

      all zero can do is surround the one.
      all one can do is get inside the zero.
      all the pleasure is in squeezingtight.
      be the pleasure. be desirous of “with”.


  10. 10
    Political Guru says:

    A garrotte would be simpler. The obvious intention is strangulation in red tape.


  11. 11
    sigh says:

    It’s Tuesday.

    No doubt at some point in the next 24 hrs there will be a story about GF being “in front” of Private Eye.


    PS of with the daily heil propaganda.


    • 23
      Hugh's left hand knows what his right is doing (Eeeew) says:

      well, in 100,000 words or less can you explain how the proposed load of bollocks is going to work?


      • 36
        Anonymous says:

        I’ll have a go if that’s ok.

        Write a code.
        Stick to it.
        Big stick if you don’t.


        • 113
          Curly wonders says:

          But to abide by it, you have to have first signed up to it – and I don’t see many newspapermen having yet done so, so maybe the whole exercise is (as usual) a complete waste of time and money.

          ….and why were so few members present at such a game changing debate?


    • 71
      Gweedo says:

      There was a Great Fire in London. I reported on it ages ago but Private Eye hasn’t yet.


    • 73
      The Honourable Forkes says:

      There was a Great Fire in London. I reported on it ages ago but Private Eye hasn’t yet.


  12. 12
    David Chappell says:

    Lots of jobs for the boys (and some of the girls)


  13. 13
    Jacob's Ladder says:

    Still just a tad too young to be leader it is now time to promote Rees Mogg into a proper job within the Tory party. He’s bright and he’s the real McCoy.


    • 19
      Anonymous says:

      Sylvester McCoy?


    • 29
      mogadon says:

      Indeed he is the real “Tory party” – thus ensuring their political oblivion.

      Refreshing the memory then post the maggon:


      Not a whole load of vote winners in there.


      • 83
        I might be iggorant but...... says:

        I would vote for Major Hague but I’m not sure about Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Howard Dishface – are they nursery rhyme characters or variants of Asperger’s syndrome?


    • 85
      William Ewart Gladstone says:

      He’s an historical anomaly. I remembering debating Home Rule with him.


      • 86
        Ben Disraeli says:

        He’s the one who amused our beloved Queen.


      • 88
        Dorian Gray says:

        What does the picture in Jacob’s attic look like?


        • 138
          Keith Olbermann, Leftie American TV personality always getting sacked, says:

          It looks like me, his older brother whom he would rather not mention– family deep dark secret, and all that; old Rees-Moggie was a bit of a tomcat, if you’ll pardon the expression…


    • 91
      yeah, right... says:

      Yes, and a real Tory that the voters can identify with. FFS. He’s even more alien to most people than Miliband.


  14. 16
    FrankFisher says:

    Juicy jobs for the boys and girls. Gramsci must be wanking in his grave.


    • 27
      Hands off my newspapers says:

      How much is this going to cost and wouldn’t the money be better spent compensating servicemen in Cyprus being robbed by the EU?


  15. 17
    Truth said says:

    I never thought the day would come when past it celebs and the rich made government policy etc, it is time for a complete clear out of the politicians and the socialist/communist three parties that are running our country via third Parties. We still have time in this Country before the next election to plan the demise of this rabble and replace them with good honest people of this Country. Things are very wrong and politicians are not held to account for what they do for example, Blair gets us into an illegal war and the tax payer is still paying for it whilst he is making millions for failure, Brown sold off our Gold reserves for a pittance and led this Country into the biggest debt ever and he is making millions, there is something seriously wrong and it needs sorting, but of course they have shut the Newspapers up so they cannot inform the people about the failures that we have elected or not in Brown’s case. The Conservative Party is now as good as finished ,Cameron has succeeded in what he set out to do, I wonder who is pulling his strings.


    • 57
      Quiet Bat Person says:

      The problem being, the press did a shit awful job of investigating and reporting on all of these, even before Leveson.

      We need press with courage who investigate matters of real importance instead of regurgitating press releases by Hugh Grant telling us what unfortunate infant he has fathered with his syphilitic dick.


      • 139
        Lord Stansted says:

        Rubbish. The press did an excellent job. Remember the latest MP’s corruption exposed first in the DT. Leave hacking into ‘phones to the Courts and don’t conflate the two.


        • 166
          inside- out says:

          Agree,most of the offences that Hacked Off complain about are already covered by the criminal law.The problem is when criminal laws already on the statute are not acted upon.We don’t need more laws,just more enactment of existing law.


    • 130
      Anonymous says:

      Grow up love.


  16. 18
    Silly Olly Letwin says:

    where the F**k has the Foundation Group come from?


    • 33
      Common sense not common purpose says:

      Probably Common Purpose, like most in Leveson and Hacked Off.
      That is reason enough for newspaper proprieters to refuse to sign up to this attempt at state control of our media.


  17. 20
    Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

    Child molesters like Jimmy Savile will be able to sleep more soundly in their beds now.


    • 24
      A woman says:

      So will men who use prostitutes in public like Hugh Grant.

      Speaking of which- how about replacing our favourite term of abuse Huhne with Hugh?


    • 32
      Fuck it says:

      You mean like Saville and the other pervs were protected by the Police AND media for 40 years?

      I have little sympathy for the press, yesterday we saw the Sun having to pay damages for trying to hack the phone of a Labour MP, EVEN after all that had gone on at Leveson.

      The press don’t get it.


      • 43
        Wake up says:

        The BBC employed Savile for 40 years and covered up his Paedophilia,which included assaulting children on BBC premises.
        You can’t blame the press or the police for that.

        And how do you think investigations into such celebrities will happen if newspapers make the mistake of signing up to Hacked Off’s charter?
        Answer- they won’t.


    • 90
      The press has always been a bunch of craven bullies says:

      Bloody press did nothing to expose Savile in the first place even though the rumours swirled arounf Fleet Street for decades.


  18. 22
    Woodward and Bernstein says:

    Any decent media organisation will refuse to sign up to this expensive bureaucratic nonsense.


    • 35
      Bless their pointy little heads says:

      A good stitch-up though, as I understand it even if you don’t sign up to this unelected quango they will still be able to hit you with million pound fines.


      • 51
        who why what where when says:

        The press should take their chances and make damn sure everything they print is watertight.
        Any newspaper that allows itself to be state regulated and overseen by an unelected quango has lost complete credibility with it’s readers.


  19. 25
    Casual Observer says:

    What are the betting odds that Small Grant would want to have a seat on the Charter board ?


  20. 28
    A Generation of Labour Schooling says:

    “What’s Exemplary mean?”

    Actually they won’t even bother to ask and that’s much worse.


    • 38
      Winston says:

      Does the state have the powers to insist on exemplary damages against a person or business who does not sign up to the State’s charter?

      All sounds a bit North Korean to me.


  21. 31
    YorkshireLad says:

    I do hope that these members of Hacked Off realize that many of their careers are largely supported by media activity.
    And while they are whingeing now for not a lot, there are and always has been laws to ‘protect’ them from the less savoury aspects of the media.
    You live by it, by God you’ll die by it!


    • 56
      Keep our Press Free says:

      Please let’s have a complete press blackout on all these self-serving celebrities and multi- millionaire socialites involved with Hacked Off.No more coverage of their shite films,music, or charidee events.
      No more pictures of Grunt- he’ll probably get his own programme on the BBC anyway.


      • 119
        Curly wonders says:

        Nearly right. A blackout on all their new films, books, records, interviews etc – but full page light of day, preferably with pics/vids, of their sneaky misdeeds.

        What’s not to like?


  22. 37
    Old England says:

    Its all a lot of face saving on all sides…For “hacked off”, to mess around with
    hard won,press freedoms,of this land,when all their so called,intrusions,could and should be addressed using the existing laws of the land,enforced by our
    noble police force,not a bunch of people,who have been wronged by the pres
    s,most of whom have been handsomly rewarded,and are baying for blood..
    You’ve made your point,now leave the press alone,and,behave yourselves,…that includes the journalists….(normal pleb,with no affiliation to press,just an observer)


    • 186
      I have a dream says:

      I am so weary of all the socialist inspired shit that is happening in this country. How on earth did we get to the state where a total arse wipe like Hugh, the hacked off blow jobber, could interfere with our alleged democracy?


      • 187
        Old England says:

        Things changed in ’97,when lab got in,it started to go very strange and alien in the politico world…Words changed their meaning,(still happening,e.g. marriage),the old ways we understood were brushed aside,we were blatently fed a diatribe of doublespeak,downright lies,and kept being told everything was great..Our country,once succesful and proud,was trashed by mass incompetence,which “they” kept covering up,or paying,lordships,favours and the like..But still the people fall for the guff,and i
        suspect we will hear more today,on all sides…..


  23. 39
    The Quangoid Breeding Facility says:

    We’ve started a night shift.


  24. 41
    anon. says:

    Daily Mail”

    “But, if the person loses, newspapers will not be able to recover their own legal fees – potentially leaving regional newspapers, in particular, with crippling bills. There are also concerns about the system being swamped by compensation-seekers”.

    Looks like this is the stick that will be used to beat to press into submission.
    Of course,a nod and a wink and a blind eye turned for the common purpose publications/BBC. It will be business as usual for them.


    • 46
      Bless their pointy little heads says:

      We have now effectively got complete state control of the media in this Country.


  25. 42
    Owen Jones says:

    Guido,if you’re arguing the likes of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell aren’t principled I don’t know what you’re smoking.


  26. 44
    Postal Vote says:

    Soon no newspaper will even be allowed to print this as today’s Guardian did:

    The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) – representing 57 member states – warned that the new regulator could threaten freedom of expression in the UK. Dunja Mijatovic, the OSCE’s representative on freedom of the media,urged Britain not to sacrifice its tradition of press self-regulation, which was regarded around the world as best practice.

    “A government-established regulatory body, regardless of how independent it is intended to be, could pose a threat to media freedom,” she said, adding that the phone-hacking scandal was a “criminal issue” which was being dealt with through prosecutions in the criminal courts. “This should not be used as an excuse to rein in all print media,” she said.

    And beeb reporters will soon be barred from saying this:

    Jonathan Dimbleby, who chairs Index on Censorship, condemned the royal charter statute, saying the board had “the gravest anxiety at the residual political powers the now-expected outcome and system will give to politicians”.

    Soon you will have to pya exemplary damages for reporting stuuf like that!

    Well done British politicians!


    • 121
      Curly says:

      Yes, but by the time all these articles get through their ‘processes’, the news will be 3 months out of date anyway. We urgently need a press-led revolution.


    • 168
      playtime. with dumble. says:

      problem.problem so said the boy. slution solution so said the china doll. and then dumbledid.(rarara-rara)to the pawaar.

      oz the movie.
      oz the realty.
      4 those who want eternal youth. but seeming eterniti s for those who r.
      b the cnduit and master time?


  27. 45
    Yes but no but says:

    Ah but does the nice diagram proooooooove we now have Statutory Underpinning?


  28. 48
    lojolondon says:

    Looks exactly like ‘jobs for the boys’ to me!!


  29. 50
    Apostrophe's R U's says:

    A council which banned apostrophes from the names of new streets because it did not want to baffle residents with punctuation has decided to reverse the decision.

    Great we’ll soon have;
    Menu’s Street
    Tomatoe’s Street
    Potatoe’s Street


  30. 52
    Ctesibius says:

    Did ANYONE from the ‘progressive’ parties, the Limp Dems or Liebor, vote against this?


    • 60
      Fascists in all but name says:

      I wouldn’t expect Labour to vote against- state control is what they do best.
      And the’ Liberals’ have proved themselves to be completely the opposite.


  31. 54
    Anonymous says:

    More outdoor relief for the middle class, the cost of which will eventually fall on the ordinary citizen. It is only a miniscule part of what is now being spent at government behest, directly and indirectly, on a byzantine command and control superstructure, but it is an extra and there is little evidence of propsals for offsetting pruning. Meanwhile, the debts mount up.


  32. 58
    Fishy says:

    On this black day at least we can at least look on the bright side.

    The Charter’s requirement for ‘accuracy and the need to avoid misrepresentation’ means that Owen Jones, Mehdi Hassan and Johann Hari will now have to go and get themselves jobs as shelf fillers in Tesco.


  33. 61
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Wouldn’t it be much simpler just to take money from the bank account of a wrong doing newspaper, and call it the Cyprus Compliance Charter.


  34. 64
    Starky says:

    Try Dickens:
    Office of Circumlocution


  35. 69
    Owen Jones says:

    You just can’t trust the Tories with managing the UK economy.

    The part-time Chancellor,George Osborne is worse than useless.

    “UK consumer price inflation (CPI) rose to 2.8% in February, thanks to in part to rising energy prices, according to official figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

    Other upward price pressures came from recreational goods, such as cameras and computer games, the ONS said.”


    • 93
      No steps forward 100 steps back says:

      Wouldn’t worry Owen , Osborne is just an admirer of the last Chancellor we had before May 2010, and is just following his idea’s of saving the world, the country can go to hell ,but saving world that’s on course with this countries money being used.


      • 125
        Curly says:

        If this ^^ comment is representative of the level of literacy in this country, it is no wonder employers are screaming about not being able to get the staff!


        • 179
          No steps forward 100 steps back says:

          It was good enough for you to read and comment, it proves people do read comments on this blog, but it must piss off pedants like yourself.


  36. 70
    Ping says:

    ‘accuracy and the need to avoid misrepresentation’

    So Labour and the BBC would have to stop calling a cut in an allowance a tax?

    Or Dave would have to stop saying his Guarantees are cast iron?


  37. 75
    Libyan Deserter says:

    Looks like they will be going around in CIRCLES!! Plenty of expenses on this job methinks!!


  38. 78

    Presumably if papers don’t sign up and there will then be no industry funding. Without industry funding there will be no board/organisation to make decisions to be in breach of???


    • 136
      Matilda says:

      There is probably a line in all that double Dutch gobble de gook allowing them to raid newspaper bank accounts for the funding.


  39. 81
    Polly sees the Royal Light says:

    How come all the Anti Monarchists at the Guardian have suddenly become Monarchists?


  40. 84
    No steps forward 100 steps back says:

    Love the word “Independent” when politicians mention it, that’ll be one of their friends, a friend of a friend, some guy who the have just got a “donation” from, a friend who they want to provide their party with a few bob.


    none of the above.


  41. 92
    Owen Jones says:

    Get in there Labour,go forth and destroy this Conservative led coalition.

    Look at shares not leads. Leads jump about. Shares incredibly consistent. Lab in Mar 40,41,42,40,43,40,41,41,41,42,40,42,42.

    Dave”Bottler” Cameron should a General Election now.


    • 101
      No steps forward 100 steps back says:

      Owen you seem to have suddenly become an expert in everything, is this the quality of the new training programme that Liebour have started or is it your just a number of people using the same monika.


      none of the above.


  42. 94
    Guardianistas flaunt the Law says:


  43. 96
    albacore says:

    Shut your gob, Fawkes – it’s a miracle of rare device
    Adapted from a maze for laboratory mice
    It’s got sod all to do with regulating the press
    It’s punishment for political uncorrectness


  44. 97
    Blair the Prophet says:

    Blair: Iraq uprising would have been ‘worse than Syria’

    Who mentioned anything about WMD?


  45. 99
    Hugh Grant, Labour Party Leader and Actor says:

    I’ve decided to give the Eagle sisters starring roles in my new movie. It’s a remake of Two Mules for Sister Sarah.


  46. 103
    Worried says:

    “Arbitral Arm” in the top right looks menacing. What on earth is it? Why no arrows?


  47. 110
  48. 117
    50 Calibre says:

    I don’t buy newspapers, so I don’t really care about them. However, I like reading the more interesting blogs. I would be very unhappy if they were adversely affected to the point that exposure of the wrong doing of our elected representatives had to be curtailed in any way.


    • 122
      Ah! Monika says:

      150,000 users of Order – order x £10 would keep Guido out of Prison, with half-a-million to spare.

      Free speech? Not quite but worth it.


      • 128
        Guido stuffed by a MILF says:

        Nah. He’d be more use as a Martyr.

        Perhaps he could claim that his blog is “political science”

        “Miller said “student and not-for-profit community newspapers” will not be caught under the new rules and that “scientific journals, periodicals and book publishers will also be left outside the definition and therefore not exposed to the exemplary damages and costs regime”.


      • 151
        gramma says:

        Only trying to help Guido ;) .
        Now realise I spelt k i b b u t z wrong but it translates as ‘collective’ .
        Failing that they all seem to be everyday words.
        For a God botherer I would have thought you would appreciate all the help you can get


      • 152
        gramma says:

        Perusing through the on-line Yi d dish handbook of words one should know, I came across ‘ bupkes’ [ goat droppings/ trivia], ‘schmooze’ [ small talk] and ‘shmutz’ [ a little dirt].
        Guido only has to change his “Tiitle-tattle, gossip and rumours ” for the above and no one would dare attack a Joowish site, for fear of World Wide condemnation.
        Order-order Ki b b utz ?


  49. 131
    Owen Jones says:

    And we’re done.


  50. 142
    Anoneumouse says:

    ‘the press chamber and editors law’

    memories are made of this


  51. 147
    Anonymous says:

    Just in case you missed it:

    no shooting the messenger now…..


  52. 148
    forgotten man says:

    Oh, Isnt that great!

    Lots of delicate little peices to break!

    Well, thats lots and lots of expence claims to fix it!

    Sing after me…

    ….Pretend jobs are here again, oh! ..Pretend jobs are here again!
    La la la la…


  53. 150
    Casual Observer says:

    It is amusing that Huff Po are going to be whacked by this and are already squealing.

    That moronic petition exercise from last year to try and establish credibility for the whacked off mob was run on that site. Was interesting to see how part of the campaign was organized.

    They will likely be held up as a shining example of model compliance at some point in the future, but their business model is now totally screwed as they will have zero wiggle room to compete on angle from the main publications.

    The BBC news site should be covered as well, despite the current position that it will not be.

    One thing which is not clear is how comment sections on blog sites will affect the ‘single contributor’ requirement, or where liability falls. The blog sites which are exempt from this Charter will likely be exposed to the unlimited fines without the possibility of signing up for protection.


    • 170
      Keep Our Pree Free says:

      Took them a long time to wake up.
      They should try reading Guido.


      • 181
        Casual Observer says:

        Judging by what they write, reading was the next step.

        Now they have started that, the next step will be remembering.


  54. 157
    Silent Bob says:


  55. 159
    Chinese man in pub says:

    You wan’ DVD? Cheap cheap five dorra.


  56. 160
    Moonraker says:

    Richard Drax? Is he any relation to Bond villain Hugo Drax?


  57. 162
    Chris The Leatherman says:

    Nice to see Richard Bacon voting agianst it, presumably not the idiot on 5 Live every adternoon? He makes me want to projectile vomit.


  58. 163
    LibLabCon Twats says:



  59. 172
    Tachybaptus says:

    ‘When we understand that slide we’ll have won the war.’


  60. 173
    Leroy Davies from Lambeth says:

    Hey man who are all these dudes with the funny names ?

    No man goes round calling himself Drax . Thats the name of a Power Station innit?

    Mogg ? Sounds a bit of a Mug to me . Geddit?

    Reckless by nature but not reckless by name, man .

    Come on someone is having a laugh and a joke here. Wollaston!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chope ain’t that street talk for you is nicked?

    and what hinky goes round calling himself Nick de Bois ?

    Its a wind up innit man.

    You be telling me half of them is white honkies next .


  61. 176
    Family guy says:

    And who started this Leveson shit rain in the first place?
    Step forward Dave Ham Head frothing at the mouth after reading a pack of lies by some preening cock in the Guardian.
    Fine work, Dave.


  62. 180
    Eye-opener says:

    It is startling to learn that on the eve of a budget there will be exemplary funding to piss up the wall of this useless exercise. There will be a lot of well funded non-jobs created for the usual boy and girl culprits. Let’s call them Pilgrims, as there is no difference.


  63. 183

    Very simple and straightforward. And….’er where is free speech?


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