March 18th, 2013

Rich’s Monday Morning View


  1. 1
    Vince says:

    I don’t remember Mondays.


    • 18
      Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:


      • 32
        D'Jango says:

        I think Hugh Grant is a toss pot who enjoys the company of $10 hookers! Am I allowed to say that?


        • 34
          Up Shit Creek.. With the Political Elite says:

          Fu-k me thats Cheap, can I get one?


          • Lard Pressclott of Beams, Bellies, Banjos, Bulimia, two bog seats, two Jags & Shags. says:

            Get a diary secretary, then they’re free.


          • The Old Fella says:

            This little story occurd in Leed 40 odd years ago. The magistrates court used to have certain days when they heard types of cases, this incident involves that of a prostitute on the usual charge of soliciting for business, she pleaded guilty but in mitigation said that she was performing a public service and she even let a pensioner, because she felt sorry for him have it for £10. You can not make it up.


      • 33
        Up Shit Creek.. With the Political Elite says:

        Free Press.. ha ha ha ha,, Is that the Free Press that didn’t report on Sir Jimmy Saville. Or the one that has D notices on it, If they dare to go any where near the Political Elites. Oh yeah. You get more truth from the South China News..
        Wrong doing.. covered up.. Secret Courts… So we wont be hearing soon about the Plans to raid our deposit accounts.


        • 67
          V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

          The press have been muzzled already and are afraid to publish now. It’s up to every web user to attack the vile cockroach political class.


        • 117
          The late Paul Foot says:

          In Britain we have freedom of the press and no idea what to do with it.


        • 122
          The Old Fella says:

          Of course the Sun and News of the World knew all about about Savile didn’t they but they didn’t print it, I wonder why? Too high up the celeb list for them to go after them or was there something else?


    • 45
      The Tap says:

      Is it Trevor McDonut? Is he coming back to read the news?


    • 50
      Mr Ed says:

      I’ll drink to that.


    • 64
      Liar.Politicians says:

      Labour are the political wing of Hugh Grant.


  2. 2
    Libyan Deserter says:

    No matter…..I see MUGABE is being allowed to coem and see Pope!


  3. 3
    Concerned Citizen says:

    I want press freedom but am worried Guido is blowing the trumpet for his Murdoch paymasters.


  4. 4

    Who are those people with Jeremy Beadle?


  5. 5
    Maq­boul says:

    And all this because Hugh Grant is so fucking stupid as to think he would not get caught breaking the law by having a blow job in public with a hooker.


    • 128
      The Old Fella says:

      It is not really that, if someone courts the press, the look at me syndrome, they have to take with the rough with the smooth, but if the press go after the small man who cannot fight back financially or otherwise, that is what is wrong. The papers have a way of hitting back by not publishing anything about so called celebs if the celebs do not want only the good things about them broadcast.


  6. 8
    Fact Hunt says:

    Apparently Hacked Off are happy with the deal.

    In that case, I’m not.


  7. 9
    Black Holistic says:

    Stick Hugh Grant in the oblivion bin. Never refer to the luvvie cnut ever again. Along with the others who cannot of course be listed. They’ve been air-brushed out of history in the best Stalinist tradition.


    • 11
      Casual Observer says:

      It would appear that the poor little girl xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx has gone there. Alas her obnoxious parents still await the vortex.


    • 13
      Uncle Joe says:

      To be airbrushed out by me first you must be shot. Hugh Grant (drug addict with a liking for whores it seems) would of course have been shot a longtime ago had i been running things.


  8. 10
    Edward. says:

    Dammit, we can’t have the papers smearing Mr. Coogan and poor old automobile-BJ Hugh can we?

    The wider conspiracy control freaks against the truth seekers – “We the people” v the EU is ongoing.

    Fat chance and no hope whatsoever: of any common sense arising nor propriety and libertarian consensus in the mother***ker of all democracy – at Westminster.


    • 91
      Jesus says:

      Calm down Edward. Dave has pledged his allegiance with the Saudi backed rebels (along with bonnie Prince Charles making a quick dash to schmooze the Sheiks). UK and France have already loudly stated to the wider EU ‘We do things different!!’.

      This is not ‘The people’ vs the EU. It is UK and France vs the EU.

      People are only valuable when you are counting ‘collateral damage’.

      With the lack of money in the Government coffers (due to passing it all to the banks), I doubt if ‘the people’ will even get tin-hats and gas-masks this time round.


  9. 12
    Article 38 says:

    Of course, if the Left’s plan to terminate Britain’s freedom of speech succeeds, most people won’t even notice what they are missing. The rest of us will have to resort to samizdat and whatever of the web in the remaining free world we will be able to access.


    • 15
      Uncle Joe says:

      Not long now before I’m back, my statue has been restored and your elite are more scared of the people than the likes of me! Fools!


  10. 14
    Giddyon, Bollux and Vincent says:

    Budget Statement. The ConLibLab coalition has decided to that to solve the little local difficulty of the £1.2 trillion debt, all U.K. citizens bank accounts will have £25,000 each confiscated from them with immediate effect.


    • 17
      Grammarian says:

      If they can find it in my account, they can have it!


      • 25

        congratulations, You have just won a £25,000 overdraft, courtesy of HMG, sock puppet of the EUSSR.


        • 104
          Jesus says:

          I beg to differ. Dave has gone directly against the EU (and Russia) by attempting to arm the Syrian rebels.

          Keep watching the end of your nose, be prepared to cut it off when your face needs telling off.


    • 19
      Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:

      Also, the Mansion Tax will be introduced an ALL properties when I’m Chancellor.

      Better not have any savings when I’m in office :)


    • 43
      KGB President Putin says:

      That would be unfair to my money laundering Oligarchs

      You cannot imitate Cyprus


  11. 20
    Huge Rant says:

    Her name was Diving Brown, not Divine Brown.


  12. 21
    Euro tits says:

    You don’t get many of these to the pound.


  13. 22
    Bless their pointy little heads says:

    Harman just on radio 4 and seems quiet relaxed about what she expects to be put on statute, BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID!.


    • 37
      Fishy says:

      No. Harperson is rushing round the studios getting her version in first.

      So desperate is she to get on the BBC, I think that it is likely that Miliband and Clegg have blinked first


      • 49
        Dave says:

        Let her.

        He who laughs last, laughs loudest.


        • 98
          Welsh activist. says:

          Absolutely. Press regulation forced by LibLab would have highlighted the totalitarian nature of their regimes for all too see, and could have damaged them irrevocably come the next GE. Fishy is right LibLab have blinked first, and while we have yet to see the details, it looks like Call me Dave has played a blinder on this one.


  14. 23
    Owen Jones says:

    UK Government plundered Dormant bank accounts to fund Big Society Capital. Perhaps the next stage will be to rob the Still-warm ones


    • 28
      St Vincent of Cable Theft says:

      . . . . and then under your mattress and in your pockets.


    • 29
      Bless their pointy little heads says:

      What a pathetic sound-bite at a time when EU have just robbed the Still-warm ones in Cyprus, the quick and the dead.


    • 38
      Brian the Pissed-Off says:

      Quantitative Easing is theft of the purchasing power of your money.


  15. 24
    Chairman Mao says:

    That Uncle Joe is a real softy.

    I say bury them all alive.


  16. 27
    Anonymous says:

    Looks like the liblabcons have done a deal so it’s bound to against the public.

    Wonder how much the thieving liblabcon bastards will be paid.


  17. 30
    Boy Plunger says:

    Looking at the Daily Telegraph this morning you would think the markets would have been in financial meltdown .

    Well they ain’t despite our free Press .

    I am sure some fuckers are sitting on a nice little profit already .


  18. 31
    The Treacherous Tosser in No 10 says:

    Speaking for myself, I’m going to vote for Tony’s Party next time. They have all the best ideas. What?


  19. 36
    Boy Plunger says:

    I have been thinking about what is going on in Cyprus .

    Merkel is at the forefront of all this and frankly to offer a bailout based upon taxing money which may well have been earned legitimately is bound to impact upon the fabric of any society .

    Merkel of course follows an austere path . Cyprus is but a pin prick in the economoc grand scheme of things.

    Perhaps the spend and inflate brigade are taking the upper hand ?

    Perhaps Merkel has been flanked ?

    An easy option would be to bail out only thoes Cypriot accounts for which money can be legitimately traced .

    A bit of work I know but not that difficult with computers flying around in every office .


    • 40
      Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

      Cyprus bank depositors are being treated like schoolkids when the whole class is put in detention because of the misbehaviour of a few. The real problem in Cyprus was the complete failure (and possibly corruption) of those in political power who turned a blind eye to all the Russian money laundering for so long.


    • 44
      Sprechen sie deutsch says:

      When time is of the essence the last thing needed is a lengthy quango driven paper chase.

      But isn’t it time the German Banks took a hit for once? It was they after all who took the risk and loaned their dosh to Cyprus and Greece (and Italy and Portugal and Spain and Ireland)


    • 48
      An economist says:

      Typically superficial comment

      The German Finance Minister said this morning that he is against the agreement reached with the Cypriot government

      He said it is an agreement negotiated by the Cypriot government, the EU Commission, the IMF and the ECB

      SO THERE
      tItself is inaccurate and cheap to blame the Germans all the time when they are generously financing 5he profligate PIGS countries


    • 135
      hank the cat says:

      Did you know that a Merkel is gun made in Suhl Germany, just a thought.


  20. 39
    Polly the Aetheist asks God. says:


  21. 41
    Lazy gits says:

    So, they’ve done a deal because theydont want a late night sitting?


  22. 42
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    It seems to me that the vacuous militwit has handed the leadership of the labour party over to hughgrant.


    • 53
      Hughie Grant says:


      It is easier to manipulate Empty Ed than those Hollywood hookers


      • 75
        V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

        Go back to your drug induced stupors and $10 male rentboys and stay out of politics which is way above your competence level.


    • 86
      Maq­boul says:

      If Milliband can be swayed so easily by Hugh Grant of all people then Ed Balls must be laughing all the way to Number 10.


  23. 47
    Dave has less spine than a Jelly Fish says:

    So Dave has caved in. How unexpected.

    I would also wager that he was informed and agreed to the robbery of the Cypriots in advance too.


    • 52
      Dave the Rave without a plot says:

      I know…

      But I do not want to retire to Morgan Stanley too soon, you see

      Jeremy Heywood tells me I need to expand my address book before I do


    • 70
      Sans Culottes says:

      It must have seemed a wonderful idea the EU German bankers to make the savers carry the can for the banks poor business decisions. But like all the remote elite they have no idea of how things will play out with ordinary people in the real world. A plan that looks good on a Excel spread sheet will by tomorrow I suspect be looking like utter madness as the Cypriot savers empty the banks of cash and cause the default this was meant to prevent. Utter f_cking clowns


      • 116
        Welsh activist. says:

        And who would trust the banks in the med countries now. If i was a Greek, Spaniard or even an Irish person with plenty Euro’s in the bank, i would have move dfirst thing today. The EUSSR have overplayed their hand, they have shown what’s possible and have severly damaged their fanatical cause going forward.


        • 132
          state bank robbery says:

          I have several mates and relatives living in southern Euro countries.
          Without exception all of them are now planning to transfer their capital back to the UK.


  24. 54
    Steve Miliband says:

    I have read reports that after three years of trying, Labour have finally found a policy; Gag the press. The Labour Leader, Hugh Grant, is very pleased with himself.


  25. 55
    The Eurozone Leaders says:

    Ha ha Ha. Mr Cameron says one thing in public and another in private, again and again and again and……


    • 78
      V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

      If you had not have given him such huge bribes he may have been a competent PM?


  26. 56
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    The Left have always hated the popular press, if nothing else, because of their ability to strike a chord with ordinary people, much more than any ranting Lefty trying to appeal to the “common people” has ever managed in this country.

    But they have also indulged in blatant and often criminal scumbaggery, and are owned by some very sinister types (not always British either), who want to manipulate and subvert information and democracy in the UK, for their own dodgy ends. They have made themselves very easy targets of the freedom haters on the Left and if they had cleaned up their act years ago, they wouldn’t find themselves in this position.

    They have willingly hidden the truth on powerful and well-known people when it suited them also. To claim they always expose the wrong-doings of the powerful and famous, is a blatant lie (Jimmy Sovile anyone? D-Notices etc.)

    As far as I can see, their only justification for existing is to counter balance the left-wing dominated sentiments of the BBC and other media influences.

    They shouldn’t be subject to government control, but it is very difficult to have much sympathy with them.


  27. 58
    Barclays PR spokesman says:

    We are against the Cyprus bank deposit agreement

    In recent years, we have only been punished for money laundering, LIBOR fiddling, fraud7ng our customers and shareholders and selling billions of dollars of toxic bonds

    So we are very credible


    • 74
      Lloyds PR Spokesman says:

      LIBOR fiddling, PPI mis-selling, unlawful charges, and money laundering is our job. Keep out of it.


    • 97
      The Russinas are coming !!! says:

      Russia and Putin have already given their view on this “cunning German Plan” bearing in mind the substantial deposits they allegedly have in Cypriot Banks.,,,and they are definitely NOT happy this morning


  28. 60
    One Term Dave says:

    My technique is to talk tough then cave in. It’s all down to my brilliant PR skills


  29. 62
    Hacker in Chief says:


    • 89
      Bluto says:

      I’d rather have the politics of a modern Ruritania than the politics of a 1960s Romania with the likes of Baroness Ashton as “Head of State”, thank you Kevin.

      Believe it or not, and however many times you and your fellow travellers in Miliband’s thinly veiled one-party state, “one nation”, national socialist fantasy “project” refer to “what the public want” as though you have already bugged all our homes and inserted thought control probes into our heads, everyone in the UK is NOT an enthusiastic supporter of your aggrieved, 1968 student-union, chip-shouldered, cod-communist class war, “struggle” and assorted lefty bilge. You just have the biggest, shoutiest gobs in the country, the propaganda BBC in your pocket and a posse of self-congratulatory, self indulgent but truly irritating luvvies engaged in B movie acting for party political purposes.


    • 90
      Super D Notice says:

      As opposed to Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia you mean ???


      • 133
        eh? says:

        As a journalist, presumably Macguire didn’t want to see any press regulation?
        Or,like those sad hacks on the Grauniad and Independent, has he also allowed his politics to cloud his professionalism?


  30. 66
    Hugh Grant Labour Leader says:

    I shall be looking for blow jobs amongst the female members of the shadow cabinet. Who’s first?


  31. 73
    Harriet has backpedaled says:


  32. 76
    Brownian Motions says:

    I wash I had a nose and finger like that.


  33. 77
    Anonymous says:

    A recovering Andy Marr as the new press regulator?


  34. 80
    Eric Joyce says:

    Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough!


    • 85
      V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

      Will you be drunk or drugged or both?


      • 95
        Bless their pointy little heads says:

        Neither, he has stated being a thug comes naturally without the need of depressants or stimulants.


  35. 81
    Huge Grant says:

    Well umm , err Mr Speaker, the thing is, err well, umm, how can I put thus, as leader of the opposition, along with my Deputy JK Rowling, we err have a blank sheet of paper to work on , to err um come up with some policies, such as subsidies for shit films and crappy books


  36. 87
    Ed Goeballs says:



  37. 88
    Polly Divine says:

    Hugh “I have a black head on my nob! how do I get rid of it?”

    Answer :- Tell her to get out of the car


  38. 94
    P l e b says:

    One day, hopefully in my lifetime, we will get the politicians to tell the truth.


  39. 96
    Hugh Grant says:

    Please go easy on me. I haven’t had a hit film in almost a decade. This hacking debacle is the only thing keeping my name in the public eye.


  40. 101
    Gonk III says:

    If I get a big pair of glasses and promise not to be rude about left wing politicians, can I keep some of my savings ?


  41. 102
    Anonymous says:

    Any info available on the projected costs of these new bodies? When you look at OFCOM, that costs £ Millions OFCOM is part funded by the taxpayer, this new quango will not be.

    Looks like this all about protecting MP’s and and setting up a new quango where their chums can make a killing.

    This new quango can set and award damages to “victims” can Ofcom do this in respect of the BBC et al?

    This scam has nothing to do with protecting the Dowler family. Laws were and are already in place to do that. This is to muzzle to press and line the pockets of the usual suspects.


  42. 105
    Black Holistic says:

    You don’t exist any more


  43. 105
    Huge Cunt says:

    Hugh Grant is an actor of enormous dramatic range. There was the film where he played a posh chap who would stutter and brush back his floppy hair. Then there was the blockbuster movie where he played the well spoken middle class fellow who’d say “Uh” and “um” a lot and sweep back his hair. And who can forget the classic film in which he was an upper class guy who’d charmingly stutter and run his hand through his hair.


    • 110
      Henry Brubaker says:

      Dont forget the street whores.

      Grant likes to get sucked of by cheap street whores in public. FACT.


    • 112
      Mark Commode says:

      You forgot the one where he plays the tongue-tied toff who runs his fingers through his hair.


      • 138
        Liz Hurley says:

        And the one where he runs his fingers through the hair of the street prostitute who has her tongue tied round his huge runt, and wonders whether an extra $20 will buy him Up’ er middle ‘ass


    • 119
      Huge Rant says:

      Unfair! I can play many different pieces of wood – pine, deal, good old English oak, teak, even MDF at a stretch.


  44. 107
    Dennis Skinner says:

    And what happens to a Royal Charter in my Republic?


  45. 108
    Henry Brubaker says:

    Is that Trevor Macdonald?


  46. 109
    Fog says:

    Couldn’t we have a charter to force the UK press to do what a free press should be doing? The UK press and broadcast media journos at present and mostly mediocre, talentless, lying, lazy, scum. Over the years they have NOT been doing their job by NOT informing the public about the NHS being a health-rationing killer; about Savile being a sexual predator; about gerrymandering allowing unequal constituencies to continue; by NOT imparting any information about what really goes on in the EU and how its run mostly by unelected apparatchiks; about how Labour was ruining the UK over all those years; about how there are no proper regulators for banks, utilities, estate and letting agents; about the corruption in local and national government; about the BBC misuse of public money and not being made to disclose their huge, inappropriate salaries..


  47. 111
    Enjoy this moment where Dennis Pennis likens Hugh's acting to a chair says:


  48. 114
    Spotlight says:

    Don’t rely on a “free press”. Use the net.


  49. 115
    Sir William Wade says:

    Who’s it meant to be?


  50. 120
    MIWNLF says:


  51. 123
    Camp David says:

    Don’t worry, ducky. I’ll be out by Easter.


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