March 18th, 2013

Peter Lilley Adds Huhne to His Little List


  1. 1
    Wishful thinking says:

    Has Huhne been found hanging in his cell yet?


    • 11
      Casual Observer says:

      He is more likely to be found with his head in a gas oven when he gets moved to open prison.


    • 14
      Huhne is a liar but you can trust him on climate change? says:

      Hang himself and miss out on a well paid career at the BBC as an enviromental font of all fucking wisdom?
      Huhnes future is brighter than yours or mine you can be sure of that.


      • 22
        Lord Stansted says:

        His ex-wife is already a shoe-in at the BBC when she gets out. And I’m sure there’ll be a place there for his bi-sexual partner too. All happily helping themselves to public money.


    • 18
      Anonymous says:

      He could be sharing it with La Lilley once the Elm Guest House scandal breaks.


  2. 2
    Punctuation Police says:

    ignorant, bordering on criminally foolish, behaviour.


  3. 3
    Sir William Wade says:

    Refusing to make use of shale gas is a prize example of bending the observations to fit the theory. The theory is that we have to erect lots of big poles with rotors on the ends. This is a non-solution, but reality has to be adjusted to fit the theory.

    This is not science. It is Green Science.


    • 44
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      You, Sir Will, and Mr Lilley are certainly “cooking with gas”!
      The Greens are the Adam Savages of politics (“I reject your reality, and substitute my own!”), without the saving grace of being a debunker of myths, but rather, perpetuating them.


    • 53
      Chris (free the Wandsworth 1) says:

      The erections in here already have rotters on their ends.


  4. 4
    tallbloke says:

    “Huhne’s greatest offence was not having his hands on the wheel but putting his foot on the brake of shale gas.”

    Setting the anti-terror squad (allegedly) on Skeptics and Wind protestors is out of order too.


  5. 5
    LOL. Tara Dave says:


    • 9
      One-term Dave, dragging the Tories to their grave, says:

      By jove, I’m obviously not giving away enough of your money. Perhaps if I start sending foreign aid to China that will make you all even more proud and then you’ll vote for me!

      Oh, I already give foreign aid to China. Damn and Blast! This is a tricky one, what what. I’ll order a bit more of the countryside to be buried under housing estates for immigrants while I think of how to spend more foreign aid. Crikey! Got it! Perhaps I could send foreign aid to China? Oh, I’ve thought of that one. Dash and damn.

      Toodle pip!


    • 21
      Euripides says:

      “Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad”.

      I really think Farage will win the next election

      The three parties seem to be hell bent on destruction

      Quite extraordinarily classical all of this…


    • 35
      Dave's Aid Folly says:

      Why is Dave giving aid to India?

      They have a space programme, a nuclear programme, make the best 4 wheel drives, make the world’s steel and are now about to win Formula 1.

      Just what is this aid for?


  6. 6
    Dave fiddling while London burns says:

    This agreement has no stututory legs

    Like my government

    A Kingdom for my Horse…


    • 7
      Con Man Bankster Blair says:

      Don’t worry Dave

      We have put such a large short on Sterling that it makes the London Whale look like a minnow

      We will shuve you the odd mlillion when you need it…

      Pip pip


  7. 8
    Anonymous says:

    Fracking idiot!


  8. 10
    EU Watch says:

    Dennis Skinner just called the levy in Cyprus a poll tax in HoC.

    Next they will be calling it a Bedroom Tax.

    Labour were aware of the bailout deal as they were in communication with Syriza.


    • 12
      EU Watch says:

      The levy that has not been agreed by the Cyprus government that is.


    • 16
      Labour is off it's Ed says:

      Dennis Skinner is nothing more than an empty headed gas bag – just like the rest of his Party which he has followed like a puppy for years.

      I think the ‘tards of Bolsover must be really, really, stoopid.


      • 26
        Lord Stansted says:

        One day, joker Skinner will be the Father of the House!


      • 27
        EU Watch says:


        The debate ongoing is interesting.

        MPs pointing out all the bad point of this decision, but a bit behind the curve.

        With luck we may get a few sitting MPs switch to UKIP.

        The UK government statement to compensate UK savers in Cyprus has caused some discontent. Why full compensation vs. ‘fair’ compensation has been hotly debated. At least they have recognized that the attempt to grab completely undermines bank guarantees in the Eurozone.

        No one has yet mentioned that the EU has regulatory power now to try this in any EU member state, including UK.


      • 30
        Bolsover Retards Benefit Scroungers Club says:

        Aye up yowth, see thee in t’pub when us tattoos and piercings aye bin dun. All paid by benefits thee knows.
        Owd Skinner knows how ta rip tax payer off.


      • 58
        Geordieboy says:

        Dennis Skinner is a miserable old bastard because he is too old to get a hard on.


    • 25
      Mrs T says:

      Hello Dennis

      The Poll Tax was 35 years ago

      Wake up Charlie…


  9. 13
    A Pubic Hairdresser says:

    Hello Guido

    I knew you years ago but wont’ give you my name

    Just writing to tell you not to put any other celeb pubic coiffeurs on your list of Hacked Off supporters

    It might give the wrong impression of our noble trade


  10. 15
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    Does anyone know the whereabouts today of Huhne’s taxpayer funded iPad ?


  11. 20
    Mitch says:

    Minister saying that the compensation for service personnel in Cyprus will only be to “reasonable” levels.

    The government has a view on how much money you should have in the bank?


    • 23
      Euripides says:

      There is a moral to this Cyprus story

      If you want to money launder and get away with it, do it through London


    • 24
      Labour is off it's Ed says:

      Labour wouldn’t give our fighting personnel a penny Mitch. Mctw*t treated them dreadfully, aided & abetted by the rest of the Labour mongs.


      • 39
        Where's that Chilcot bloke when you need him says:

        I watched the re-run of the Iraq Debate 18 March 2003 on BBC Parliament this morning and with the benefit of hindsight the arguments put forward by the Labour Government for war were total and utter bollocks but hey it’s nice to see that straightsortaguy Tony told the House that he intended to bring peace to the Middle East and the was confident that now the americans were onside for the two state solution things would happen .How’s it going after 10 years Tony ??


    • 43
      A scandal says:

      Why should the UK taxpayer compensate? The EU should be doing that, their robbery their responsibility.

      Dave is only doing this to take pressure off his mates Herman and Hosay


  12. 36
    Fishy says:

    Hacked of with Labour

    Time to get to the bottom of ‘Hacked Off, GF and their links with Labour. Some good investigative digging is required….but you’ve only got ’till 4.30 to do it. After that you and we co-conspirators will get a visit from Miliband’s Media Police.


  13. 37
    ████ 'changed my tune ' Hoon says:

    Nnnnnnggggg. I’m gagging to get out of here.


  14. 38
    Mitch says:

    Cameron up…


  15. 40
    Piss up brewery Dave says:

    FFS our glorious MPs are debating a Charter when they have not even got a copy of the Charter.

    What a shambles and what an affront to democracy. The Speaker should have called the debate void.


    • 42
      Labour is off it's head says:

      Wrong Piss Up. Are you underpants Bryant?


    • 46
      (I don't need no doctor) says:

      It’s in the voting office. Bryant is just a spiteful shit faced arsewipe.


      • 47
        Labour is off it's head says:

        Got it in one I.D.N.N.D. He’s like the school tell-tale, who can’t help whinging.
        Oh, by the way, first sentence out of Milibandwagon’s gob included ‘Milly Dowler’. Wish I’d had a bet on this.


  16. 45
    Michael Portaloo says:

    Drill Baby Drill!


  17. 50
    Bob says:

    I wonder how many Tory MPs will change their tune when they realise all the fun that comes with shale gas extraction. A couple of nodding donkey pumps it is not. The amount of equipment, the constant flow of chemical tankers to and from the site and the need to generate huge amounts of energy to fracture and then keep the rocks open is going to raise a few eyebrows. As ruinous as a wind farm it certainly isn’t – but once the Telegraph set realise what they’ve been so enthusiastic about I reckon they might change their tune.


    • 55
      jo bonanno says:

      yep, bob, once they see that gas price fall by two-thirds they (and we) will be desolate.


  18. 57
    Michael Portaloo says:

    Drill Baby Drill!!


  19. 59
    Geordieboy says:

    I am sick of this bloody advert “4 WAYS TO AVOID RUNNING OUT OF MONEY DURING RETIREMENT.” There is only one way “Don’t Fucking Spend It”


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