March 18th, 2013

New Statesman Officially More Evil Than North Korea

Sabre-rattling nuke nut Kim Jong-Un might be threatening to annihilate his enemies, but at least he and his communist friends pay their interns. North Korea News is advertising on W4MP for a part-time editor to carry out online housekeeping such as uploading content and, er, “fact-checking”. Unlike the poor, exploited unpaid interns over at the Staggers‘ progressive workhouse, the successful candidate will earn $500-a-month. It’s official…


  1. 1
    Red Ed Miliband says:

    Kim Jong-Un ith too wight-wing for my liking.

    Oh yeth.


    • 6
      Tachybaptus says:

      ‘Fact-checking’ — what a good name for censorship. Expect to hear this term a lot from now on.


      • 10
        Ed Miliband's Parasite Party (for skivers, not strivers) says:

        The facts are whatever we say they are.

        For example, in government, we said, “Tax cuts take money out of the economy”, but now we say, “tax cuts will boost the economy!”

        We condemn the Tory-led government for borrowing too much, but the alternative we propose involves borrowing even more.

        Facts are purely for our convenience. “We are at war with Murdoch, we have always been at war with Murdoch.”


        • 27
          V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

          North Korea probably has more press freedom than us now thanks to the political class cockroaches.


          • tuntrik. says:


            turn 90degrees anticlockwise and you get a 3.
            all creativity resides in the number 3.

            is a marriage.

            between the one and the all knowing (and hence “ah”) number 2.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Tuntrik – I preferred taffy to your garbled gobbledegook.

            You are fweddy fudpucker – now do one unless you can write proper English grammar.


    • 43
      An Armchair General says:

      He seems to have a fine army and fleet of ships


      • 122
        Whose money is it anyway? says:

        I bet Barroso dreams about being uncle Kim and having the adoring masses mob him, well if they fail to show the proper deranged excitement they are in for 10yrs hard labour at one of the Norths many camps.


        • 130
          Garlic breath says:

          Do vampires dream?


          • Mzzzzzz. 'Mad' Hatty HarPerson says:

            Yeth – and in 3D and colour too! It’s the red that gets me! – that sosocialist colour – that sign of fecundity – that life force! – I could just drink it all up!


      • 162
        Labournutter says:



    • 66
      Kim Jong-Un says:

      I agree with IDS, Lenin and St Paul.

      Those that don’t work don’t eat.


    • 145
      CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

      Slave labour is the only way to keep marxist insanity going.

      Hence all the laws on “sustainability” ( the new code for green-leftist idiocy).


    • 169
      me me me, i'll do it says:

      7.2. The Board may authorise the payment of remuneration to members of staff or pay or make payments towards the provision of pensions, allowances or gratuities, at suchrates or amounts as it determines


      Fuck me, the taxpayers cheque book is opened up again


    • 287
      Anonymous says:

      NK News isn’t state media, it’s an independent news agency that covers North Korea.


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    It’s an independent news website that covers North Korea. Good research!


  3. 3
    Pounds, Schillings and Pence says:

    We have your ip address.


    • 7
      Owen Jones says:

      Thanks, very sweet of you :)


    • 14
      This one isn't worth posting but I'll give it a go says:

      Do chihuahuas have ‘yip’ addresses?


    • 119
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Threats!!!! from legal fraternity – ohhhh! wow! – be afraid, be very afraid of the legal shysters …

      Your whole trade body – better start looking at ita navel because you are not going to rule over Britain like what you did in Commie russia for almost 70 years.

      And where did most of their trade body run to when the Commie dupe was exposed? Was it Israel, Ireland, or Iceland?


    • 146
      CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

      What about users of TOR?


      • 176
        One-term Dave, dragging the Tories to their grave, says:

        Bugger! That blows-apart my £5billion super snoopers’ system! Curses! How much does this ‘TOR’ cost? More than most plebs can afford, I hope!

        Toodle pip!


  4. 4
    Stan B says:

    He served me in our chippy last night.


  5. 5
    Hugh Cunt says:

    Look, um, uh, the thing is, uh, um, that, uh, destroying the, uh, freedom of the, er, press is, uh, a price worth, um, paying to protect, uh, my privacy, uh. *sweeps back floppy hair* Uh, um, yeah.


    • 11
      Herr Merkel says:

      Ha ha ha ..zat ist der funny ve do like zat Mickey Eyes Blue. very humorous…ya.Now do Mr Bean


    • 16
      East India Company Wallah says:

      Dont take yourself too seriously Hugh
      We dont


    • 19
      Divine Brown says:

      Of course you could have avoided the whole obsessive feud with the press thing by NOT getting yourself nicked with a cheap prossie in the middle of a fucking promotional tour for one of your films.


      • 281
        Curly says:

        I hear Divine is a great harmonica player – blow suck suck suck blow blow suck (breath) suck suck suck blow blow blow.

        Any recognise that tune?


    • 22
      Four Blowjobs and a Career-death says:

      Wasn’t Hugh Grant famous once?


      • 26
        Hugh's a Cunt says:

        His last hit was 9 years ago in the Bridget Jones sequel in which he was just a supporting character. This hacking scandal is the only thing that’s kept his name in the public eye.


      • 76
        tuntrik. says:

        nitetime great 4 actors.
        as the saying goes….u boo if u want to.


    • 36
      Daily Shagfest says:

      Read all about it.. washed up actor caught with willy in prossies mouth still umpty about it after 18 years finally gets to gag the press, something he couldn’t get Devine Brown to do.. Gag that is.


  6. 8
    Jimmy says:

    They seem to be paying minimum wage, so less evil than you too?


  7. 9
    Captain Peacock says:

    Are you free?


  8. 12
    Polly Pot says:

    I’d like north Korea to take over the united kingdom.
    Then people would be forced to listen to me.
    And not allowed to laugh whilst doing it.


    • 21
      Captain Peacock says:

      After reading the article linked below, I think I’d rather live in North Korea.
      As far as I know all of their people get fed.


      • 29
        A Labour-voting parasite says:

        “Meanwhile, people continue to die in this country as a direct result of ATOS and benefit cuts.”

        This is true. I had me benefits cut to only £26,000 and I had to move out of me free mansion in Chelsea. Me and all me kids are now in a five-bed house in Kensington. The shame well killed me.


        • 34
          P l e b says:

          £51 a week isn’t £26k a year even using Osborne’s calculator.


          • Genuine disability is not a skive or a disgrace, mate says:

            Couldn’t give ATOS is not fit for purpose – typical French company – when faced with provable, documented facts, give Gallic “DILLIGAF” shrug, and shaft the applicant anyway.

            Fire the bastards.


          • Seen it all says:

            ATOS are the biggest bunch of Hunts going, genuine cases are being taken off of ESA and in the meantime they do not get paid any benefits unless they sign onto JSA or keep appealing.
            The entire system smells of French shit, if you are genuinely ill and cannot work the welfare system is in place to protect you but the way they work things up until very recently even cancer patients were being taken off ESA which is despicable.


          • Benefit claimants are parasitic filth says:

            Plus the free council tax, free housing benefit, free blah blah blah.

            Even £51 is too much. Benefit claimants are parasites.


          • CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

            On the assessment panels are genuinely disabled people, and they’re the one’s turning down the “claimants”.

            Apparently 20% don’t even reply once they’re asked to support their claim…

            Unemployment benefits – a complete scam on the TAXPAYER.


      • 148
        CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

        >As far as I know all of their people get fed.

        2 million died in a famine in Norkland.

        Most of those in the U.K. parasite classes are obese.


  9. 15
    Cyprus fishseller says:

    £1 shares .. very good value..£1 shares
    Get £1 shares ..only cost you £2.

    £1 shares .. now worth 80p ..feckin’ hurry up…


  10. 20
    Hacked Off says:

    We now have Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg in our pocket. You haven’t seen anything yet!


    • 284
      Matilda says:

      Please make the greatest efforts to keep them in there. We do not wish to see either of them ever again.


  11. 23
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    I used to work with a guy who was really intelligent, knowledgeable, clever socially and made up his own mind about stuff. I used to think “Gosh, if this is one guy I met, just how bright can people be out there ?” There must be some guys out there who have a super-intellect such that they are able to seamlessly manipulate people to bring about situations they desire.
    Now I think I was just fortunate to meet this person and there are no people out there who are that bright.
    Especially the fuckwits in our Parliamentary Democracy


    • 25
      Diane Abbot says:

      Is you saying I’m not no clever?


      • 35
        Chuckup Umunna says:

        Yo, girl, you is like well clever. You can be like my bitch and shit. Respect. But you listen and you listen good; I is like well cleverer than like you is.


      • 40
        Gog says:

        Are you a man?


        • 83
          tuntrik. says:

          men the creative spark should be loved.
          but the power of wimmin, the house of the almighti creation ought 2 be respected. respect takes away the fear of the slot between their. at nite time wimmin and girlie men have the upper r…..e….s….p…e…c…t.


          • the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

            NO seriously, that is real poetry, have you considered applying for an arts council grant ?


          • the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

            but I understand that you want to search for the now
            I can answer you questions between 20:36 and let say 21:00


        • 91
          diane says:

          i am not sure


  12. 30
    Owen Jones says:

    Oops, this site has expired or
    the hosting has been removed


  13. 31
    Karl Marx says:

    I argued for the abolition of the wage system. My disciples at the New Statesman (contemptible social democrats they may be) are doing their bit.


    • 39
      The 20th Century says:

      Yeah, uh, Karl. Bad news. I don’t know how to break this to you, but we tested your ideas – quite thoroughly – and the results, er, weren’t all that good. There were one or two fatalities.

      And when we say “one or two”, we’re referring to hundreds of millions.


      • 44
        KM says:

        Only because they didn’t do it right.


      • 77

        From the Fabian Society.

        More bad news I’m afraid Karl.
        We’ve analysed the results and ending capitalism makes poor people poorer.

        I know! We were gobsmacked ourselves. But it’s true!
        And even more amazing..I mean this will blow your mind.
        We found giving poor people more money doesn’t make them rich. And spending a lot of money on something, doesn’t make it any better.

        New Labour spent 10 times the health budget and 5 times the welfare budget.
        Yet apparently we now have MORE people below the breadline than in feudal times.
        And after all the billions and billions and pounds of health splurging its now 18 minutes quicker to be admitted to a hospital ward where you will die.

        I don’t know Karl. If you’ve any other ideas we’d love to try them because so far, everything we’ve tried is a crock.


        • 94
          Adam Smith says:

          I agree Bill

          But my Invisble Hand seems to have a spot of bother as well

          The market failed so badly the whole shooting match virtually collapes in 2008

          Only saved by massive governmemt injections of cash

          That goes against all my principles as well


          • Gordon Brown says:

            It started in America.


          • Alphonse Capone, noted Chicago businessman, says:

            “I don’t gamble in a game where I know the deck has been stacked, I didn’t do the stacking, and I don’t know how the stacking gets done.” When everyone else figures it out like I did, and gets out because the government’s and the big boys’ “invisible hand” suddenly becomes visible, that’s when markets “fail.” Then they got a nerve to pump some funny money into the deal and say: “No! Everything’s copasetic again! Come back!” And some assholes fall for it. Some broads keep going back to guys that wallop ‘em, too. But my mother raised no fool. If you’re gonna keep rigging the game, keep expecting that only the stunati will keep playing it; not Big Al.


          • Capitalism without risk is not capitalism says:

            On the contrary the failure of the banks WAS evidence of the invisible hand which was telling the markets that years of lending money which didnt exist for houses which were overpriced to people who couldnt afford to pay it back was a bad idea. The failure of such lunacy was a fine example of the market regulating itself, ‘ cept it wasnt allowed to and the lunacy continues.


          • CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

            I’d say everything went exactly as Adam Smith or David Ricardo would have expected.

            Government creates debt to cover over damage eventually debt forces interest rates below risk level. systematic bankruptcy is the result.

            If you think the national currencies are “free market” then you’re sm0king some serious shit.


          • CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

            I’d say everything went exactly as Adam Smith or David Ricardo would have expected.

            Government creates debt to cover over damage eventually debt forces interest rates below risk level. systematic b4nkruptcy is the result.

            If you think the national currencies are “free market” then you’re sm0king some serious shit.


        • 104
          Sigmund Fraud says:

          Ja, zer dustbin of der Ideologische History is full of das Sperrmüll that has yet to be removed by zer Council.

          Dankeschön. Zat vill be Dreitausand Schilling.


          • Dr Freud said all women suffer from penis envy says:

            Is that really you Siggie?

            Did you know that all your Spermull has been flushed down ze proverbial toilettes as well?


          • Sigmund Fraud says:

            Ja, ja, I know, for me der spiel ist raus, it vas sehr gut vile it lasted. But I vas right about your Harriet Harman, nein?


  14. 32
    Percy Thrower (dec'd) says:



  15. 38
    P l e b says:

    My MP has been dragged back to London from Japan for a vote that now won’t take place. He’s now on his way back to Japan.

    Is there nothing that Cameron could organise in a brewery?


    • 51
      Half a mo says:

      You know that’s such a good joke that cod’s eys used on Cameron, you should keep on repeating it. Ha, ha, I’m still laughing, so good. Where does he get them from?


    • 56
      MI5 trying to catch up says:

      He is in Japan to study how to permanently stagnate Britain I suppose

      Or is he a LibDem after some groping as Geedo would call it?


  16. 41
    Daily Shagfest says:

    Read all about it: New Statesmen is run by tight arsed gits who don’t pay staff for their work, THE TIGHT BASTARDS


  17. 42
    Just askin' says:

    So will this blog be online tomorrow?


    • 62
      Geedo bag carrier says:


      We are packing up tonight…the Commies are coming

      Going off to tear down the Berlin Wall


      • 268
        Pay attention says:

        The commies are already here, they’re called the Greens. Progressive Dave loves them.


  18. 46
    EU Watch says:

    Looks like they have the right idea in Cyprus, targetting German Embassy:

    Local law enforcement will probably not worry too much about defending that building…


    • 58
      MI5 trying to catch up says:

      Another fuck7ng load of Greek freeloaders

      Not satisfied with 10 billion from the EU



      • 272
        Pay attention says:

        The thing is, the Cypriots, like the other ‘bailed out’ countries, will not see a single cent of the bail out money.
        That will be given to the billionaire bondholders. With the added insult of 10% of their savings looted for the benefit of those same bondholders, most of whom are German banks.
        The entire ‘bail out’ scam, is legalised theft, money taken from the people via loans they will never see anything of, but will have to pay for, for decades.


  19. 47
    The Sanhedrin says:

    You want the real story on who killed “that fella,” before it, too, is suppressed?

    It was our idea. We put Pontius Pilate up to it. We told him, go through the rigmarole of telling the people in the courtyard they had a choice of who gets off and who gets nailed, but that we would pack the courtyard to make sure it came out “the right way,” just in case there might be anybody there who was wondering WTF was going on, with a Roman washing his hands; in short, it was all one big stitch-up. Old-Poncho-Goy couldn’t really be arsed to worry about some itinerant preacher whose only real crime, so far as the Romans were concerned, was causing a bit of a scene “turning the tables” on the moneychangers, for which he would get three lashes, maybe six, depending on how the procurator felt that day. WE were the ones who really stood to lose, if people stopped obeying us because some rabbi told them we were hypocrites who sinned like mad, whilst telling everyone how to be ultra-pious and God forbid they do anything not kosher. We knew what was good for the ordinary innocent people of Ju*dea, and did the bidding of our Masters in Rome to help keep it that way. We got the job done, by convincing toga-boy it would be less trouble in the long run to see things our way.

    Of course, back then, we didn’t have newspapers telling everyone what was going on. The story only came out after the Temple was destroyed, and four “Good News” writers reported on it forty years later.


    • 60
      Pontius Pilate says:

      The key issue was a total inability of the defendant to demonstrate any commitment to telling the truth. I actually asked him what he considered truth to be and he declined to answer.


      • 158
        JadedJean says:

        JC was just another J*wish anarchist.

        The most aware of them are called “self haters”. What an odd expression for the most aware amongst of their group!

        If any normal peson had character faults, they would surely thank anyone who pointed them out to the…but not this tribe. Remember, Isr*el is an adolescent state.

        If you think of their characteristics as being akin to those that are female brained, all will become clear. Think “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” or indeed, many of their kind like nothing better than watching others fighting OVER them…or inded, for them!

        Think about the small stature of their men and rather high pitched voices…remember the rules that decide whether they are within the in-group or the out-group…. it is all about the maternal bloodline. You can only be 100% of your maternal bloodline… as opposed to the paternal bloodline. It’s called Eugenics…and some perfected it millenia before Hitler did!


        • 168
          Normal Guy says:

          Your racist generalisations are not illuminating


          • Anonymous says:

            Biology is politics


          • candle holder says:

            If you don’t believe in free will.


          • Anonymous says:

            Think about how their group preaches family values, monogamy and religious values amongst their own group, yet preach secularism, gay rights, womens rights and family atomisation amongst the outgroups!

            They also proscribe usury within their own group…but it’s perfectly acceptable for the outgroup.

            Maybe those Muzzies aren’t so daft after all!


    • 81
      the eternal message says:

      It is indeed high time that we overturned the tables of the money changers in the Temple

      And we all know who they are…


      • 99
        Labour's favourite bankster, Fred the Shred says:


        PS: Do you think Labour will give me my Knighthood back, if they win in 2015? Those bastard Tories confiscated it.


  20. 49
    Paddy says:



    • 80
      Mars Attacks! says:

      Lumpy Nutter?

      Lunatic nepenthe?



      • 165
        Samantha (not) Foxed says:

        I’ve got it!



        • 270
          Turkey Baster says:

          Well known I thought? The whole ‘marriage’ to Gordon was arranged as a PR stunt to make him look ‘normal’ surely?
          I think she signed a contract similar to the Bruno Tobacco woman but didn’t have to wear white all the time


  21. 50
    Its a fact ! says:

    North Korea is more democratic than the EU.


  22. 59
    Vote UKIP -- Get rid of the LIBLABCONNERS says:

    Dave’s Achievements.

    1. Gay Marriage legislation

    2. Press censorship facilitated.

    3. Brown’s Debt doubled.


    • 61
      Nick Clegg says:

      I think I can take some credit for those


    • 67
      Casual Observer says:

      Don’t forget some changes to court rules.


      • 69
        HRH The Heir to the Throne says:

        Was I told?


      • 103
        tuntrik. says:

        dant 4get.
        dant is tellin someone of.
        4 is of value. salt of the earth.
        ghat is series of steps leading dawn 2 the holy river,
        why tell off the the value inherent in the purification process.
        wen impurity rules.


    • 95
      I used to vote Tory but now I'd rather eat my own face. says:

      4. Immigration increased.

      Although Dave likes to hide behind the ‘net’ immigration figure, which is much lower because of the number of people fleeing Britain.


    • 116
      P l e b says:

      Can we surcharge his bank account for this?


  23. 63
    Kim Jong-Terminally Ill says:

    I’m so ronery.


  24. 65
    German Chicken says:



  25. 68
    Point of Information says:

    Some good news:


  26. 70
    Reuters always first says:


    The head of Mi5 Has just resigned

    He said

    I have just informed HM that the British Establishment has collapsed


  27. 71
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    So ? is nothing been done about stopping the expected huge influx of immigration ? we are extremely overpopulated as it is. we have not been able to feed ourselves since when ? 1930, the middle ages ? this situation ( the inability to feed the population ) is the most important issue facing the fuckwits


    • 82

      We can feed ourselves . Pretty easily if we choose to. We only farm some of our farmland. At present about 60% of our food is imports. But of the 40% at least half is stuff we want but can’t grow. Oranges, bananas, mango etc. some is just cheaper .. Argentinian bee for instance.

      And the u rewards farmers for the amount of land they have, not what they grow, so many farmers are rewarded for not doing much.

      We could easily be self sufficient if we wanted to.
      Why would we want to be? What benefit does that give us except compulsory rhubarb crumble at meal times?


      • 85
        the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

        there is nothing wrong with rhubarb crumble. I wonder if the rhubarb sheds are still there between Wakefield and Osset


      • 261
        the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

        I think you are mistaken in your belief that England can feed itself.


      • 269
        Lsrdypants says:

        There’s not much meat on a bee.

        You’re better off with a peasant. The thin ones will go first.


        • 278
          Anonymous says:

          I was informed recently that during the siege of Leningrad human carcasses were hanging in butchers shops


          • Matilda says:

            I hope you all saw that sign over the local butcher’s shop a short while ago. It read: “Only Fools Eat Horses”.

            PS: If we do not have enough butcher shops, we have lots of lovely empty lamp posts all over the country…..


  28. 72
    galloway says:

    shut it only i know and those i have told


  29. 75
    Geostrategist says:

    I believe the Nes Statesman should move their offices to North Korea

    Kim Jung One Plus loves lost causes


  30. 84
    John Prescott says:

    I was made for loving you baby
    You were made for loving me


  31. 86
    Owen Jones says:

    Cypriot President & Guido Fawkes : parliament will not pass LEVY.

    Oy Vey,starting to sound like a game of Monopoly already.


  32. 88
    Historian says:

    When the milti millionaire owner of the leftist New Statesman resorts to using slave labour, you know that all values have dissappeared from British society


  33. 90
    Leftism says:

    As any fule know, Leftism practiced properly enriches only its leaders,
    (see many examples here and abroad).
    Followers of Leftism know their place and are happy to be impoverished whilst living in adulation of their dear leaders, admiring their riches from afar.
    There are no exceptions to this.


    • 128
      Up the workers (so to speak) says:

      In the old days before leftism got its tentacles around the throat of those evil capitalist businessmen the shipyards on the Clyde built one in every five ships around the world. Now thanks to the glories of socialism the shipyards and docks on the Clyde are a wasteland with no employment.
      Job done, comrades.


  34. 96
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    Hockney is a fucking genius


  35. 97
    News under a Labour government says:

    Tonight’s headlines. All is well under our Supreme Leader, Ed Miliband. Today, our kind and generous Chancellor, Ed Balls, improved the economy by a further 543%. In other news, the baby eating Tories were responsible for the Titanic sinking and for cancer.


    • 123
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      Your only error is in failing to name labour’s Dear Leader accurately as Hugh Grant. militwit is only his teaboy who has visions of grandeur.


    • 124
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Leveson is a fat, old, pompous, arrogant, zioloon j*wish / Israeli frontman git – come and get me you barstewards.


      • 134
        rebekah aka nellnewman says:

        leveson was undoubtedly pompous , short sighted, and leftwing.

        I think the problem here is that he was too closely connected to Hacked-Off and so corrupted.

        The fact that militwit had utterly sold out to Hacked Off and virtually given over his labour leadership to hughgrant completely destroyed labour’s historical support for Free Press.

        Labour now can only be seen as supporters of a fascist suppression of the press which will, historically, be interpreted as a means to mask their fraudulent and corrupt leaching of the taxpayer.


        • 226
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Fascist / Communist – who the fuck do you dare not to think has been controlling both sides – the moneylenders ffs. work it out FCS


  36. 98
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    Why is Santa’s sack so big? Because he only comes once a year.


  37. 100
    Guido on Sky says:

    Guido just got a mention on Sky News. Adam Boulton was talking about websites that are based outside of the UK. He said “For example, Guido Fawkes, which may not fall under this new law”.


    • 109
      Lord Anji Bolton wannabe hacker says:

      Geedo tipped me off

      Did I come across as very intelligent and serious as I am?


    • 113
      Russia Today says:

      We can see our readership increasing. And we an envisage an increasing number of articles by UK-based journos. All aimed squarely at attacking UK politicians.

      Cameron, Clegg and Miliband might moan. But we’ll calm them down with some ‘glow in the dark’ tea.


      • 152
        My 5: Operation Horny Horsemeat says:

        Why not the findus lingerie, with the fishynet, orange and happy vibrating glow stick ? Much more kinky and less interesting for plod. Jahbulon.


      • 208
        CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

        PRavda and AlJaBeebya differ in one thing…

        Pravda is no longer funded by the threat of jail.


    • 126
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      Exactly! Corrupt politicians can try to stop the British media exposing their criminal ways . But the global internet cannot be gagged .

      Well done Guido!!

      All power to your elbow!


  38. 101
    Lord Pang Patten says:

    How many of my minions have been charged so far please?

    I need to replace these valuable people to keep our numbers up and, of course, the morale of the troops

    BTW I am told R Murdoch was seen entering the back door at Wapping this evening to visit the last of his troops as well I feel sorry for the old bugger


    • 120
      Flab Pang says:

      I photoshoped a failed lieboor politician into a new bogus job, and you have to pay him £300.000 a year.

      Oh, and we are just going to run repeats to make sure he and all the other socialists get paid, and don’t forget he’ll get loads of expences, various jollies and a nice gold plated pension out of it as well.

      Up the EU (it pays me well).


    • 121
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      I feel sorrier for the Labour Party.

      Under militwit they’ve thrown their shilling in with the ‘kill the free press brigade’. You don’t get any more fascist than that!!


  39. 106
    Owen Jones says:

    Teacher: Now then class, let’s do some simple sums. I give you £10 and you take a £1. What do I have?

    Little Johnny: A bank account in Cyprus, Miss.


  40. 110
    i wouldn't say my mother-in-law was fat, but... says:

    pay you for interning! you’re having a giraffe cor blimey would you adam and eve it. go on son… on yer bike. do one. jong un.

    badum fucking tish oh what a punchline


  41. 129
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    open letter to HM Liz. did you give Hockney any recognition. if anybody deserved a gong it is him. [ps] please get a grip and require/expect proper representation of your subjects desires


    • 166
      Jack Vettriano also can't paint to save his life says:

      You mean David Hockney? The talentless shit who can’t paint for toffee?


    • 203
      CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

      I rather think HM armed forces are rather more ahead of the line than a failure of a painter, perhaps he should so something useful and paint walls.


  42. 132
    EU Watch says:

    Would like to check out the weasel words being said about Cyprus deal here:

    – Euro Group Web site.

    Seems the site is running very very slow / offline.

    Press releases are saying that insured accounts < EUR 100k will not be touched by plan, but… No specific mention of this in the official communique.

    Seems like the lying Euro Scum are trying to pull some Labour tricks. Not smart.


    • 137
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      LOL! Cypus has shut it’s banks down until Thursday. Anyone with online banking should transfer their funds into accounts in UK or elsewhere.

      The Most Stupid EU measure Ever!!

      I think the EU is slowly shaking itself to death!!


      • 140
        EU Watch says:

        Electronic transfers were switched off on Saturday.

        You cannot transfer in / out of Cyprus at present.

        The smart money was shifted out towards the beginning of the week though. About EUR 3.9bn transferred out…


      • 141
        EU Watch says:

        That has already been prevented.


        • 143
          rebekah aka nellnewman says:

          You cannot prevent an earthquake!!


          • EU Watch says:

            Ability to transfer has been turned off. ATMs have been refilled.

            The ‘tax’ on deposits is not going to happen.

            Exiting the euro may be best for them if they can find a friendly backer. That will happen if Russia can come up with a better deal, or someone else does. Russia has already given them several billion euros in bail-out over the past couple of years.

            Debate on for tomorrow 6PM (4PM UK time). Will laugh if it gets pushed to Wednesday. Not sure how much each extra day of public holiday is costing them.


          • rebekah aka nellnewman says:

            LOL! Be funny if Russia ends up with naval ports on Cyprus!!

            Serve the EU right for economic mismanagement!!!!


          • EU Watch says:

            In all seriousness I think Russia may end up with Greek ports.

            And Cypriot LNG Terminals.


      • 201
        CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

        Which Thursday though?


  43. 134
    Ed Moribund says:

    My favowite chawacter fwom the big bang theowy, is Kwripke


  44. 144
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    I wonder what bliar is counselling militwit at this moment?

    It will surely be something along the lines of ‘buy my book on how to lie convincingly and win votes’!


  45. 147
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    So the proposed theft from Cypriot bank accounts would be a one off.
    So the proposed regulation of the press is a one off.
    I don’t think so.


    • 150
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      I read somewhere that Russia has offered same money and better loan conditions in return for naval port facilities etc .

      If I were Cyprus I’d stand back and do a serious appraisal of what’s on offer.

      Russia’s offer looks good!!


      • 154
        Owen Jones says:

        So what are the odds Merkel be elected again in November?


        • 155
          EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

          Vote Alternative for Germany (German UKIP)


        • 163
          Axe The Telly Tax & Religion says:

          German elections are on 22nd September and Mighty Magic Merkel is headed for a landslide victory.


          • Matilda says:

            Not according to my mate in Berlin. It’s beginning to look like a very close run thing and much will depend on what happens between now and September. The people are beginning to note their dislike of having their money chucked away on all and sundry.


    • 228
      Blowing Whistles says:

      What is it about some of you on here – you still keep banging on about ‘regulation’ -have I not explained more than enough times that regulation is just a falsity that has no force of law. Until you get your head around it – you will be running around in circles for all of your life – if you haven’t been for all of it so far.


  46. 160
    One Term Dave says:

    Why does everyone despise me? I’m a better PM than Gordon Brown.


  47. 164
    Saffron says:

    The LIEBOUR party has been and continues to be the the party of the feckless who thinks the rest of us owes them a living.
    As someone once said seeing that they had been in exsistance only a short time in terms of British politics,they have always run out of spending other peoples cash with their failed communist idea’s.
    The current lot of miserable champagne so called socialists are of the same ilk,in that they are a load of envious assholes who object to anyone making their own way in life and telling them to feck off.
    This bunch of Commies want state control of all our lives so that they control us,just like Russia found out does not work.
    This crowd and the Libdumbs also support the EUSSR and their crowd of commie assholes who pursue the dream of control over the masses.
    What is going on right now with Levenson and hacked off is a sideshow of celebrity assholes,who I would say to,if you can’t stand the heat well for christs sake get out of the feckin kitchen and don’t expose yourself to the public gaze.
    Finally hugely grant,what an absolute plonker,go with a prossie in public and then get caught by the LAPD in LA,tell me you asshole exactly what are you hacked off about.


    • 167
      Four Blowjobs and a Career-death says:

      Hugh Grant thinks that if the UK press are controlled by the British government (preferably a Labour one), he’ll be able to get sucked off to his heart’s content in the USA without it ever appearing in the press, anywhere.

      Hugh Grant: ex-famous person & rank imbecile.


      • 171
        Hugh Grant says:

        Give it a year and I willl not have been a total knob for my entire career, let alone ever had a blow job from a prostitute.


      • 175
        A useful idiot, and a funeral says:

        Small Grant is going to get knifed the moment this thing is across the line.

        He has something to hide, and nothing further to offer.

        The center ground moving inexorably to the right, press regulation is not going to reverse that. Has probably given it a boost.


      • 289
        Matilda says:

        “rank imbecile”? Was that a typo?


    • 198
      CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

      The conservative party is also filled with those who think the oiks owes them money cos they own land…

      Dave’s father in law is one such…


  48. 170
    me me me, i'll do it says:

    7.2. The Board may authorise the payment of remuneration to members of staff or pay or make payments towards the provision of pensions, allowances or gratuities, at suchrates or amounts as it determines


  49. 172
    Tony Blair says:

    I feel the hand of re-written history on my shoulder


    • 180
      Peedo Pope #266 says:

      No, my son, it’s only my clammy hand. Now, bend over and try not to flinch.

      Also, try to speak in a young boy’s voice. That’s right. Sing! Sing like an angel!

      Or squeal like a pig.

      And don’t look at me!


  50. 177
    The BBC causes serious mental illness (as the regulated press soon will) says:

    Paxo just described the levy on Cyprus deposit idea as ‘stealing’, twice.


    • 181
      Kropotkin says:

      He is correct. It is theft.


      • 183
        The only good MP is a dead MP. says:

        So’s the TV license.


        • 184
          Kropotkin says:

          The TV licence is a tax. It is a regressive tax, but it is not theft per se. Folk without tellies can avoid it as they have a choice.

          The theft is what happens to the money once the talentless parasites at the BBC get their hands on it.


          • CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

            Folks who get mugged can avoid it by not carrying a wallet in public…

            The TV tax is theft for the benefit of noisy luvvies.


          • The only good MP is a dead MP. says:

            With the utmost respect, I’ve just looked at, and nowhere (I searched) does it say the TV license fee is a tax.

            It says it’s a license fee.

            It’s a compulsory annual subscription fee to a company’s output, even if you don’t view that company’s output.

            The alternative is “prosecution, a court appearance and a fine of up to £1,000 (not including legal costs)”

            Extortion (even state-sponsored extortion), is, I believe, also theft.


          • Big Nose says:

            It smells like a tax to me. Extorted from people who then have to on and spend the rest of their benefits on Sky in order to have something worth watching


          • The only good MP is a dead MP. says:

            Unless they enjoy watching endless repeats of Dad’s Army. In which case, £145 per annum is maybe good value (although I would have thought the box set would be cheaper).


      • 185
        The BBC causes serious mental illness (as the regulated press soon will) says:

        Some German who runs stock exchange is stating that recouping private bank debt from tax payers is fine, and doing it by taxing deposits is more efficient.

        Your money is no longer safe in the banks of Europe.


  51. 179
    Saffron says:

    Just watched a bit of the debate on Levenson at 22.21 hrs.
    About 20 to 30 members present pontificating about their particular views,most of it garbage.
    They would do well to discuss the problems really confronting this land rather than a sideshow.
    The first priority is how we get growth back into this country.
    Next we need to reduce immigration into this land of benefit tourists.
    Finally we need whatever it takes to rid us of this EUSSR burden around our necks which frankly is strangling us.
    Which political party right now is on message and for me it is UKIP and no wonder more and more people are reading their message and saying this is the party who are saying it as it is.
    To the three other asshole parties I would say this,be afraid be very afraid as to what UKIP might do to you.


    • 182
      The only good MP is a dead MP. says:

      “The first priority is how we get growth back into this country.”

      Shut Parliament and sack everyone who works there.

      Or shoot them.


      • 186
        Noose Watch says:

        That’s a revolting suggestion.


        • 189
          The only good MP is a dead MP. says:

          Yes, OK. A lot of gunsmoke and all the bullets could be eaten by swans, causing lead poisoning, so there’s possibly some picky environmental law against it.

          How about: 650 MPs, 650 bits of rope, 650 lampposts. Ta-da! Solution. And, it’s eco-friendly.


          • Devils Advocate says:

            Not all of them mind. Some are Ok and do good by their constituents.


          • All the fun of a lynching but without the mess says:

            Sending them all bobbing down the Thames in hempen sacks would be quite eco-friendly. There would also be a lot of scope for festive wagers.


          • The only good MP is a dead MP. says:

            @DA. You’re not talking about Tim Yeo, that’s for sure.

            If they’re not part of the solution, they’re part of the problem. Best they all die, just to be safe.

            @ All the fun. Good plan, but I feel there could be some environmental contamination once they start to decompose.


          • Devils Advocate says:

            There are a number of animals which will eat their own.

            The same is true of those in Parliament.

            The predators will fight it out among themselves. Those that would be prey will know who they are now and perhaps should strike back before being eaten.

            Huhne was the first of the more incompetent prey.


        • 274
          Joyce Words says:

          Anyone for a punch up after a few subsidised bevvies?


    • 192
      CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

      > Next we need to reduce immigration into this land of benefit tourists.

      You put the cart before the horse.

      We need to eliminate benefits to reduce harmful immigration.


  52. 191
    Brown out & pay me damages. Jog on out of my life. says:

    Hoorah! Kerrrching!


  53. 194
    Stan Boardman says:

    Some fucking German on Newsmight said that stealing people’s money is a ‘very efficient’ way of paying back the bank’s borrowing requirements. Typical!


    • 276
      Philosophical says:

      Right. If you were German you’d hand over a wad of blank cheques to Club Med would you? If Cyprus left the Euro there would be a 50% haircut on Cypriot savings rather than the 5-10%.

      I don’t understand how the Germans, Finnish etc have any patience with the Southerners. They don’t actually the need the Euro. Germany was a top exporter even with the D-Mark.


  54. 196
    Gary son of Gary says:

    What the fuck is it with the left? They bang on about low wages and then introduce a minimum wage – but then they introduce internships which is American for no wage.

    Is there no hypocrisy the left will not explore?


  55. 197
    A fine pair of lungs. I can prove it! HAHAHAHAHAHA! says:

    I see it as an investment now. Time for the money grubbing, time wasters to COUGH UP! :)


  56. 199
    Gary son of Gary says:

    An another thing …

    Vote UKIP

    or the Eu will cyprus yo’ ass.


  57. 202
    Blowing Whistles says:

    A Beard. Like Cherri Booth the marxist bitch.


  58. 205
    The BBC causes serious mental illness (as the regulated press soon will) says:

    Paxo on Leveson: Pointing out that Cameron’s response is confusing and internet is included against advice.

    One wonders if they will mention Article 19 ?


    • 211
      Reality speaks says:

      Shapps refuses to answer Paxo when asked specifically about Guido.


      • 222
        Weygand says:

        Shapps a total embarrassment.

        But Paxo missed an open goal in letting him off answering the Guido question.


    • 212
      The BBC causes serious mental illness (as the regulated press soon will) says:

      Grant Schapps does not know how the paper will regulate web sites.

      Guido got a mention !!!

      – And Schapps deflects onto victims.

      (I believe Guido is written by only one author :-) )

      Worth watching this segment if it gets stuck up on y’tube.


      • 224
        A complete farce, that's what it is. says:

        Yep that’s the Mantra. Remember the victims.

        Except there were No victims.

        Millie Dowler’s voicemail deleted by the phone company
        McCan’s were made suspects by Portuguese plod, press reported it
        Jefferies was stitched up by Bristol plod who told press he was guilty

        Common denominator The Plod.

        As for the minor celebs and MPs they were grinding axes .


        • 230
          Casual Observer says:

          Jefferies, who I honestly think is a good guy and the only one who qualifies as victim, was stitched up by plod and ITN.

          Certainly was not the press who were at fault, and the press have already paid out heavily in the civil actions which were taken.

          Numerous aspects of law were not enforced, and the law was mis-applied in some cases.

          The thing to look for with this regulation will be how quickly it will become not in the public interest to report on political parties who are not one of LibLabCon.

          Gr!llo demonstrates though the fallacy of trying to control politics through mainstream media.


    • 220
      D L George says:

      Grant Shapps also mentioned/failed to mention that Guido will/won’t fall prey/be fine under this clear as mud/crystal clear legislation.

      Final details will be known next week/never.


      • 233
        Blowing Whistles says:

        DLG you were a confirmed Zioloon for all of your life – See Picture Post circa 1936 – and I claim my 5,999,999 million shekels.


  59. 213
    Gary son of Gary says:

    Grant Schapps looking like a total kuunt on Newsnight.

    Vote UKIP and fuck them before they fuck you.


    • 237
      tabblenabble02 says:

      Grant Schapps (aka Michael Green…just like MacShame and Hodge-the-Dodge…another name changer) is of course…one of the chosen ones.

      When will you schmucks get what’s really going on?

      (Reuters) – Hedge fund titan STEVEN A. COHEN’S firm is paying $615.7 million to settle charges that it improperly traded in two stocks, in what is the largest-ever, insider trading settlement, U.S. securities regulators said on Friday.

      OK, I admit, this one’s not a name changer…he is however from the priest class!


  60. 215
    No steps forward 100 steps back says:

    Paxo using this blog as an example, usual twisting and dodging being applied by shaps.


  61. 217
    Tony Bliar says:

    Why is Panorama saying we went to war on a lie? Have the bbc learnt nothing from the last time they incurred my wrath? Don’t they know I’m a saint? Was the demise of Dr K not enough to scare them into silence? They’re making me upset. When I’m upset, bad things happen to my enemies.


    • 234
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Was the knifeman Michael Dugher now raised up to MP status?


      • 236
        Blowing Whistles says:

        p.s. How many journos at the D Fail and scum might have known that and ‘remained silent’ thus perverting the course of justice?


  62. 218
    Michael Bentine says:

    Funny old world.

    The Guardian will submit to a Royal Law and the Spectator will ignore it.

    Just as strange is that the wording was decided by 3 politicians and a pressure group and the industry whom it effects were not invited to the talks.


    • 238
      Blowing Whistles says:

      We need to know exactly who worded up the whole piece – their CV’s, their political affiliations, their religious beliefs, their sexual orientation and their anti-cedents – oh … and if they have ever been on any ‘leadership courses’ provided by a charitable trust that has broken the rules by being politically motivated?


  63. 219
    The BBC causes serious mental illness (as the regulated press soon will) says:

    BBC just suggested buying gold over leaving money in bank.

    Well, they pointed out it has gone up by 300% over past few years.

    Didn’t mention that gold purchases are tax free.


    • 223
      The BBC causes serious mental illness (as the regulated press soon will) says:

      Inflation proof investing = Gold.

      Alternatives to banks: How about Bitcoin ? ;-)

      Avoid Bonds.


    • 235
      I bet the answer's 'no' says:

      Did they mention that Labour (as advised by Ed Balls) sold (nay, gave away) 395 tons of the stuff at the bottom of the market – and used the little money the sale brought in to buy euros?


  64. 225
    The mole in the Immigration Department says:

    What a day, it’s chaos in the Department. We are under pressure to do something about the immigration figures which we’ve been trying to fiddle by only giving the net one but now all these expats are coming back after the bank raids in Cyprus, Spain next, plus all the Eastern Europeans just arriving anyway, the managers are running about screaming.

    Plan put forward this afternoon to cut all benefits to pensioners which will force them to take in immigrants as lodgers, honestly. Quote “the Cypriots can get away with this so let’s do it.” Two pronged move to avoid all the payments we have to make to the immigrant pensioners even though they’ve contributed nothing. I kid you not, will keep you posted.


    • 240
      The Loony Left says:

      Wait till we get back in. The immigrant tidal wave will become a tsunami !


    • 260
      albacore says:

      It’s been nice knowing you and we wish you all the best
      But you ain’t arf taking chances in a vipers’ nest
      It’s hilarious, all that grandiloquent prattle
      On a free press while, under our noses, the battle
      Of Britain against national eradication
      Is plain as a pikestaff: terminal immigration


  65. 227
    A Democracy? Nope not here says:


    • 232
      La La Guardianista Land says:

      In Guardianista Land, they want a Republic without Lords except when the Monarch and her Lords pass a law that the Guardianistas want.


      • 241
        Blowing Whistles says:

        I am going to re-read every letter published into the public domain by the Guardian on Monday September 22 2003 at page 19. You can obtain a copy from any half decent Library or law school / University Library where the teach – oops indoctrinate students into the world of legal.


        • 247
          Anonymous says:

          You still don’t get the link between J*wish (economic) anarchism (i.e. no rules) and their hatred of regulation (think of regulation of the markets = socialism).

          Be careful what you wish for as the (economic) anarchists want the state “done for” in the persuit of profits.

          What do YOU have to lose? Do you have capital (inherited or otherwise)?

          Equality is the Trojan Horse!

          Name me a libertarian…and I will show you a Zioloon or a Zioloon sympathiser.

          Have you ever watched “Inside Job” whilst sat in front of a PC with access the Wiki?


    • 239
      BBC unions labour and lefty luvvies we are one says:

      STFU or you’ll get the sack, progressive politics is the way of the future.
      All the baby eaters do is put the handbrake on from time to time.

      British sovereignty… DONE ☑
      Social engineering… DONE ☑
      Freedom of speech… DONE ☑
      Freedom of the press… DONE ☑

      Right, what’s next comrades?


  66. 245
    Casual Observer says:

    This new Royal Charter press thing does seem very much like a licensing of the press act.


  67. 246
    EU Watch says:

    Vote cancelled again, because he doesn’t have enough votes.

    They are running democracy down there ?


  68. 251
    All Power to the EUSSR says:


    • 267
      the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

      Believe the heartless Germanic is not for us.


  69. 252
    Kim Jong Camermong (Beloved Leader) says:

    ALL my people love me!


  70. 259
    Questions of our time says:

    So is it best to be inside or outside the current dialectic in the UK / EU ?


  71. 265
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    where is the cat character then ? I’m not bright enough to figure out where exactly but I’m guessing Singapore


  72. 266
    • 271
      Sick as a parrot and twice as lippy says:

      Is this news ? It’s a normal Saturday night in any university town in the country….the Daily Mail reporters really need to get out more.


  73. 275
    Anonymous says:

    Shouldn’t the BBC web site be watched over by this new quango, it needs to sign up to the new body? Why has a blind eye been turned to the BBC?


    • 277
      Clyde says:

      What has a broadcaster and all its own regulators got to do with newspapers?


      • 279
        Anonymous says:

        Some of the web site content is exclusive and not available as broadcast media.
        What do web sites have to do with newspapers?


        • 285
          Casual Observer says:

          Well, to paraphrase Schapps on Newsnight last night, websites which are like newspapers are a bit like P0rnography: You know it when you see it.

          The Web content of the BBC should be covered as that is a ‘press’ by the charter definition, and its content will not currently be covered by any regulation.


      • 280
        Anonymous says:

        Can Ofcom award punitive damages ? The new quango appears to be far be stringent, huge fines et al. Shouldn’t the BBC be answerable to it as well?


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