March 15th, 2013

WATCH: Sky Reporter Mark Stone Detained By Chinese Police


  1. 1
    P l e b says:

    Not a lot to do with Westminster, is it?


  2. 3
    Eric the Red Socialist says:

    The’yre shud’a bhashed his wee faece un..the big Jessies.


  3. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Why the fuck did he keep saying it was live, obviously their minder overheard?


  4. 8
    LeftyMediaWatch says:

    Half of all BBC/SKY/ITV/CH4/CH5 reporters want locking up for miss-representing the news and hiding stories their beloved Labour paymasters dictate.

    Corrupt Journos are bad for Britain.


  5. 9
    Anonymous says:

    Hugh Grant’s wildest dreams come true! Perhaps he should just move to china and leave the rest of us alone with our free media.


    • 46
      Prawn balls says:

      Re Monday’s vote, it proves once again that the left cannot be trusted with our basic freedoms.


      • 65
        Calidius Eroticus says:

        The problem with the left is their undying need to make your world into what they want it to be. Therefore you can have no freedoms.


  6. 10
    Visions says:

    Ed Miliband’s wet dream


  7. 11
    Anonymous says:

    You may us look like bbrurry iriots !


  8. 13
    Penfold says:

    ChiCom police in Peking appear to be better behaved and politer than the Met would have been in a similar situation………


    • 26
      Alphonse Capone, noted Chicago businessman, says:

      You achieve a lot more with a gun and a kind word, than you do with just a kind word. But a kind word IS always appreciated, and not to be discounted, as Cop Tse-tung just showed you here.


  9. 14
    Slitty Eye says:

    Well stone me.


  10. 17
    Andrew Mitchell says:

    We should have chinese police guarding Downing Street.


    • 55
      WoRaft ChIHUAHua says:

      They’d be a lot more understanding about bicycles trying to get out at the gates.


  11. 20
    Moussa Koussa Mark 7 says:

    shoot the C*unt


  12. 21
    Food 4 Thought says:

    Considering that our elite police were so corrupt as to lie about their dealings with a government minister. It is quite refreshing to watch a police force who are courteous and polite (like ours used to be before Tony Blair politicised them)


    • 36
      SP4BS says:

      Do you really think they are that nice to everyone?

      What do you think happens to the policeman if he does something that gives a bad image to china?


      • 56
        childoforwell says:

        When I was arrested in china in 1984 aged 19 (my money was stolen and when I complained I was charged with industrial espionage) they were that polite through out. Mark Stone is lucky that he has a cameraman and hasn’t ended up in a cell. I was questioned for 5 days in a filthy cell before agreeing to drop charges. They don’t want to lose face with a foreigner.


  13. 22
    Huge Grunt & Tom Fatcunt says:

    We’re watching that video over and over whilst jacking each other off…. fap fap fap fap..fap fap fap fap….fap fap fap fap………fap fap fap fap


  14. 23
    Wan hung lo says:

    Hoo flung dung?


  15. 24
    Joseph Goeballs says:

    That’ll be Britain under another Labour government. Balls would see to it that any news outlet that doesn’t spout Labour’s feed lines will be arrested.


  16. 25
    Eric Joyce says:

    He needs to give ‘em a left hooker


  17. 28
    Jimmy says:

    He’s in deep trouble now. The Digger doesn’t like his people to upset Beijing.


    • 37
      Phoney Tony says:

      Neither do I. Very bad for business.
      And do you know how much cash those guys have? Its pots and pots.

      I could do well there.


    • 38
      Ed Ballzup says:

      I was arrested in China once, 10 minutes later I wanted to be arrested again.


    • 52
      Red, dead and unavailable for comment says:

      Nobody has ever liked to upset Beijing, including its own people.


  18. 29
    I like media plurality, Labour hate it says:

    Shows what a sinister place China is.

    And why we need to watch out for Labour and their state control plans which will only bolster the BBC’s state monopoly.


    • 39
      Tony Benn says:

      China shows the Communist model working well.


      • 48

        On the contrary. As a nation it provides the perfect opportunity to examine free market and state controlled markets in the same nation, over just a few generations.

        The Commie/Marxist model ended up with the death of millions and a giant backwards leap in history. The free{er} market model bought some measure of prosperity for they first time, to many families who’s ancestors had remained in a feudal peasant existence for centuries.


        • 58
          Point of Information says:

          It was the Commie-Mao!st model which failed before.

          What they have now is the Commie-Marxist model.

          The Mao!st model collapsed as it could no longer afford to provide for a passive population. So now they coerce material production and consumption to maintain order.

          However, as the above demonstrates, this new model is perceived to be unstable by the regime, and confirms it is no more free now than before.


          • Calidius Eroticus says:

            I thought that what they had in China was more a Communist-Capitalist model designed to free up the nation to trade (and bring vast wealth to the Party), while maintaining the Parties grip on power. A kind of best of both worlds deal.

            I also thought that the biggest risk would come as the Chinese people gained more wealth and demanded more freedoms, but to be honest that seems a long way off.

            What I am sure of though is that I have never heard of a communist-Marxist or Maoist model that is so happy to allow individuals to create such wealth and keep it.


  19. 33
    UK Stazi Plod says:

    You do realise that Every UK copper is now filming you? Not as obvious as the Chinese copperess with her large hand cam but using micro cameras and microphones to record everything you do in their presence.


  20. 34
    Cockney Sparrow says:

    Under the current system Millions of pounds have been paid in damages,dozens nicked and a whole newspaper shut down and hundreds made redundant.
    What does Hugh Grant want that is worse than that..hanging for fucks sake?


    • 43
      SP4BS says:

      So the newspapers shutting down and the redundancies is all Hugh Grant’s fault. Nothing to do with the general decline of the newspaper industry.

      Although perhaps if he’d had his cock sucked a bit more often and a bit more publicly, they could have shifted far more newspapers and kept afloat.


  21. 40
    Catty Comment (Ms) says:

    He was probably arrested for celebrating at length and on air the joys of the Chinese equivalent of Twitter called Weibo. He kept making the point that the Chinese Govt cannot control local social websites even though they try very hard – and he interviewed one of the leading Chinese bloggers/dissidents – so naturally they took exception to it. Can’t have the red flag and feathers ruffled now. He’ll either be shot or deported quite soon.

    Agree with poster above who noted that many media correspondents are extremely untrustworthy and deliberately mendacious, particularly the worldwide lot employed by the BBC. If you want proper news go to Al Jazeera.


    • 44
      LeftyMediaWatch says:

      Al Jazeera were OK but a recent change of editorial slant has made them almost as bad as pressTV. AJ is unwatchable now.

      Stick to FOXNEWS it’s the only place you’ll get to see lefties grilled, chewed and spat-out.


      • 51
        Catty Comment (Ms) says:

        Yes, I had actually noticed the recent change of AJ’s coverage. They also now seem to use gabbly Americans with broad accents which make them difficult to follow. A bit like that woman who does the Skycalendar fillers about happenings world wide. Can’t place where she comes from – midlands/Manchester? – but to an international audience she is completely unintelligible.

        Why can’t news media employ folk who speak clear ‘received pronunciation’ English and not some obscure regional dialect?


        • 61
          BBC Labour Says, Labour Says... says:

          We believe in regional dialects on radio and TV.
          Now no person abroad can learn English from our broadcasts (as they used to do) and if they try they end up with a funny accent even we cannot understand.


  22. 53
    Outrageously off topic says:

    Discussion point

    Was Guy Gibson’s dog a racist?


  23. 59
    Anonymous says:

    Bit nicer than how you are treated by the UK Plod if you attend a football match as an away fan.

    You are pretty much under constant hand held camera watch and recorded.

    I wouldn’t trust the UK police at all in this country.

    Keep well out of their way.


    • 62
      Prisoner Cell Block H says:

      Sound advice. Their management insist that their only priority should be to get “detections”. Never assume that if you explain the situation they will invariably do what they can to help you.


  24. 63
    Brutalist archetype says:

    Strange that Sky aired it live as it happened but have barely mentioned it since


  25. 64

    Sign of the future Media control in UK?


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