March 15th, 2013

Eric Joyce Staffer Martin Brown Knocked Woman to Ground
MP Reacted Angrily When Told His Friend Arrested


Guido has spoken to witnesses about last night’s fracas, this is what he has pieced together from various accounts.

At about 10.15 pm last night Eric Joyce’s researcher Martin Brown (pictured on the right above) exchanged words with Louise (an MP’s researcher, whose surname is known to Guido) outside the Sports and Social in the area where people smoke in the Commons Inner Court. In the ensuing altercation Louise was knocked to the ground.


Alex Cruz Vidal (pictured, right), a researcher for deputy speaker Nigel Evans, intervened to protect Louise and restrain Martin Brown by wrestling him to the ground and sitting on him. The administrator of the Sports & Social came out and with Alex’s help manhandled a shocked Martin Brown into the bar’s little cupboard sized office and locked him inside until the police arrived. Police came to arrest Brown and Eric Joyce showed up shouting at the cops.

Joyce – who had already been involved in some argie-bargie in the Sports and Social earlier that night – is said to have arrived at the scene and reacted angrily to being told by a copper about the incident – he pushed the copper, who came back to restrain him, whereupon Joycey threw a punch at the copper. At this point another copper joined in to restrain him, resulting in the Honourable Member for Falkirk ending up on the floor being handcuffed before being taken away into the back of a police van.

By this time there was a large crowd and around a dozen policemen outside the Sports & Social – including PoliticsHome’s Tony Grew – who only saw the second altercation involving Joyce not the original altercation involving Martin Brown that kicked the whole thing off. Police closed the Sports & Social and the Strangers Bar early…

Police have this morning contacted those witnesses who had their names taken last night, to tell them they will be required to give full statements in due course. Charges will almost certainly follow…

Coincidentally Joyce’s 12-month community order for his last brawl expired six days ago. Two things that are clearly reinforced by this brawl; we need to end the obscene taxpayer subsidy that means the Commons bars are the cheapest pubs in Central London, secondly we need a real power of MPs’ recall. As we were promised by the coalition parties after the expenses scandal…


  1. 1
    Eric 'Karaoke' Joyce says:

    You lookin at my feckin bird?


  2. 2
    Popeye says:

    Fat chance of that ever happening.


    • 13
      Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

      What they need is a minimum price for alcohol in the Commons.


      • 45
        Gizza Drink says:

        What we need is free booze in the commons. Maybe we’ll get some better results. Video cameras might also be nice.


        • 238
          Mad Jack the Jungle Quack says:

          Bang on, what place of work has cheap booze on tap paid for by the tax payer? The bars should be closed, London is full of places to drink the HOC should not be one of them. And the local power of recall for MPs should be a priority for all 3 parties if they really believe in their own rhetoric about reform of the HOC!


      • 119
        M says:

        Less MPs would cause less alcohol related problems
        How about campaigning for minimum MPs


        • 160
          michael says:

          Better,get shot of lot of them..and start again, with people that have successfully run a fish and chip shop for one year and shown a profit, fish and chip shop ??? (just an example ) any small business would do .


        • 316
          ukfred says:

          HOw about campaigning for stonger lamp[ posts and more rope for (using around the necks of) MPs


      • 192
        Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

        Why should there be any alcohol in the Houses of Parliament? How many of us can say that there’s alcohol available on work premises? Very few.


    • 147
      anonymouse says:

      I hear there’s a very comfortable little cell at Wandsworth.


  3. 4
    Anonymous says:

    If he ends up in front of a judge this time, then they will be left with very little option but to send him to prison. As it looks like he has not gained anything from his previous altercation with the Criminal Justice System.


  4. 5
    SP4BS says:

    I’m perhaps just a soft bastard who never had a “real man’s job”.

    But I’ve never expected to see people punching other people at work.


    • 132
      Helpful suggestion says:

      In certain eastern European Parliaments it seems to occur on a daily basis. Gewgel is your friend if you want to watch a few examples of MPs trying to throttle each other.


      • 268
        Julius Caesar says:

        I’m told that violence in parliaments has something to do with the date. Don’t believe it myself.


  5. 6
    P l e b says:

    It’s all the cheap booze


    • 23
      B Boyd says:

      It’s all the plebs


    • 93
      Teresa says:

      I’m not in favour of making alcohol more expensive.
      It will just hurt the poor and women.


    • 291
      cynic says:

      Or the cheap politicians who cost too much.


    • 309
      hold them to ac says:

      Andrew Neil says: hurts the blue nun, but cheaper wine than that. True. It should be directed towards below-cost promotions. It’s not difficult, base it on the best deal that home office staff can find from wholesalers and add 5% for retail and then insist the product be sold at such levels, yes that’s price fixing but it’s damaging to lure yobs into Tesco with 25p/35p a pint lagers. This applies also to Joyce.


  6. 7
    Perse O'Nally says:

    Joyce needs a piece of 2×2 vigorously applied to his head. Raving maniac.


  7. 8
    They deserve no better says:

    Funny to see the mongs of Falkrk saying their MP should resign or step down. They’ll, like fucking donkeys, traipse to the voting booth and elect another Labour braindead drone without a second thought.


  8. 9
    Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler says:

    Labour – thugs.
    Lib Dems – pervs.
    Tories – wealth and job creators.


    • 14
      SP4BS says:

      Crikey. have you got rose tinted beer goggles on.


    • 27
      Viv says:

      Discworld thugs behave with far more restraint…


    • 121
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Labour, Lib Dems & Tories = Thugs, Pervs, Chancers, Conmen, Frauds, Thieves etc


    • 158
      You've left one out says:

      Your definitions of those three political parties are spot on but what about David Camerons Party ?


      • 205
        Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

        Lump Cameron’s mob in with the metro ‘liberal’/social ‘democratic’/culturally Marxist scum that are running the show across the developed world these days.


  9. 11
    Equalizer1963 says:

    Typical pub tart starting a row between gentlemen. ” leave it Duwayne…ee ain’t nuffink to me!


  10. 11
    Ubique says:

    A real man is our Alex well done kind sir, I hope Louise thanked you properly? As for you two Brown, Joyce clearly you are of the same elk as Huhne and Pryce so have the same, 8 months inside but no parole!


  11. 15
    Huge Grant says:

    And this is precisely why we need state regulation of the press……


  12. 19
    Eric Joyce says:

    Is it cos I is Ginger?


  13. 21
    Operation Crossbow says:

    I notice that the BBC were quick to point out that Joyce was an ‘independent’ MP and not Labour scum, yet when Joyce got done first time around the BBC hardly mentioned the story and even less he was a Labour scumbag.

    Funny that.


  14. 22


    ANY offence of a criminal nature by an MP or MEP or Police or Civil Servant should lead to immediate suspension on charge and loss of all privilages, pensions and income – authority or position immediately on conviction with absolutely no limitations.

    With privilege and authority come responsibility. Those who presume to rule should face exemplary standards.

    There is no shortage of honourable men and women who would welcome their jobs.



  15. 24
    Joyce is a cunt says:

    This c-unt should be forced to resign his seat. Utter fucking disgrace.


  16. 26
    kris huhne says:

    can pad up with me he,s ok joycey he came on my stag do


  17. 28
    Man on Clapham Omnibus says:

    It also begs the question – since when and why does the deputy speaker need a researcher???

    Am I alone in wondering why we, the taxpayer, are funding so many SpAds, researchers and hangers-on around Westminster?


  18. 30
    George Monbiot says:

    Joyce should apologise for his crimes and get some bogs cleaned at Waterloo Station, I’m loving this work. I should have done it years ago.


  19. 31
    S.B.S. says:

    And this drunken Scots tosser, debates and makes the laws that affect you and me.
    Telling me what I can and cannot do,,, f***ing marvelous !!
    Eric Joyce = oxegen thief. Waister


  20. 33
    Anonymous says:

    Why do they have a bar in their workplace anyway?


    • 294
      annoyed says:

      It would be nice if the booze was poisoned, and bar steward Prezza had to sweep out the corpses each morning. Probably they could be recycled into pies. At last MP’s could be good for something.


  21. 34
    Peter says:

    As I mentioned in my tweet maybe we need to increase the unit price of alcohol?


  22. 37
    Eric Joyce says:

    Lisshen, right, no lisshen, whot do you tell a bird with two black eyes? Nothing, shes bin told twice already..


  23. 38
    • 152
      Operation Crossbow says:

      So how come every time a Tory is on the BBC they NEVER bring up the bias? For example it’s easy to find out Nicky Campbell’s pro Labour comments and mates just as it is for Krusty Wart off Newsnight.

      Also that shower off the Toady show and of course the tosser from Questiontime. The Tories should put dossiers together on all these beeboids and out them live on air.


      • 164
        what did these hacks know? says:

        As Evan Davis and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown were friends of Vicky Price, did they both know she’d committed a crime and lied about it for almost ten years?


      • 208
        This is fun. says:

        I like to think the tories don’t want to lower themselves to the filthy world of Labour.

        But then i remember that they are just a bunch of useless pillocks.




  24. 44
    Joyce is a cunt says:

    If you want to tell Joyce he should resign, email him at


  25. 49
    Joyce is a cunt says:

    Dear Mr Joyce

    You are a violent thug and a disgrace to Parliament. Why don’t you do the right thing and resign your seat so that a by-election can be called? You learnt nothing from your previous arrest and conviction. You’re nothing more than a violent thug with a drink problem and you should not be a sitting MP. Resign now.


  26. 53
    Back@woodsman says:

    Punching women, classy.


    • 169
      Muslim fundamentalist says:

      We prefer to make them wear sheets, segregate them from society,ban them from being educated or working.
      If they still fail to obey their male masters, beheading is very effective.


      • 258
        Jimmy says:

        Sadly there seems to be no footage of the incident. Instead here is some library footage of a woman being knocked over


        • 285
          eh? says:

          I think you must be watching a different clip to me.
          Manipulating the truth- it’s what National Socialists like Jimmy do best.


  27. 56
    Joyce is a cunt says:

    Joyce’s constituency office: 01324 823200


  28. 58
    Spank Sinatra says:

    Fat chance of minimum unit alcohol pricing ever being applied in Parliament. Same holds true for their right to smoke in a designated area being withdrawn. Utter hypocrites. Do as we say, not as we do. Joyce must serve time for this latest piece of disgraceful behaviour.


    • 72
      Ah! Monika says:

      The HOC is not alone in having smoking areas.

      They are also permitted in Mental Hospitals. !!


  29. 59
    Hugh Janus says:

    Must have needed a very big police van in order to transport Joyce and his enormous ego.


  30. 60
    Screwed Taxpayer says:

    Has anyone got the current prices for drinks in this taxpayer subsidised bar?

    Can you expose the troughing detail in this respect Guido?


  31. 60
    Hank the Cat says:

    Was Underpants Bryant there, spitting and scratching?


  32. 64
    Ed Miliband says:

    I don’t remember Eric.


  33. 66
    One of the Great Unwashed says:

    And of course jumped up sqeaker Ber*kow will do sweet fcuk all, except

    pontificate & grandstand………he should suspend thu*mper Joy*ce for 12

    months & trigger a by-election…….

    All the Bars should be closed @ the House until further notice…….

    these fcuking A/H’s go on about the plebs but look at the example they set.

    Its about time we laid down the law for them……all they are interested in

    is finding ways to screw the electorate for as much as possible….but they

    will soon be off on there FOUR WEEK Easter break on Tax Payer funded

    drunken jollies around the world………


    • 207
      Look on the bright side says:

      Well at least they won’t be passing any further malevolent legislation while they are away.


  34. 68
    Stan Collymore says:

    In any other walk of life striking or attempting to strike a police officer on the premises, hitting another member of staff and being involved in several incidents would result in dismissal. It seems obvious Joyce cannot control himself, he should be removed from office.


  35. 71
    Joyce is a cunt says:

    If this had been a Tory MP, Labour would be going ballistic and demanding a recall. But because Joyce resigned from Labour (yeah, right, like they’re not still pally with him) and is an “independent”, not a peep to be heard.


  36. 74
    Sandalista says:

    Is that Brown thug any relation to the the Mad One?


  37. 75
    BBC News (on a lighter note) says:

    Plenty of red noses were seen in the commons last night as well as fat lips and thick ears.


  38. 79
    Joyce is a cunt says:

    Funny how Labour, who claim to stand up for women, have the most violent, misogynist thugs in their ranks.


  39. 91
    Wyle Cop says:

    Thirdly, there are far too many of the fuckers and all their hangers-on, swarming around Westminster like flies to a turd.

    400 MPs max.; no lobbyists (what happened to Dave’s promise to ditch them?); no in-house bars; Travelodge-style accommodation and 2nd Class rail warrants provided – if you want anything more, pay for it out of your own pocket.



  40. 92
    Ed Balls says:

    Put the kettle on love, theres a good girl


  41. 95
    Simon says:

    This is great. The press do not seem to have any of this detail this morning Guido so well done on getting there first!


  42. 96
    Blob Crow says:



  43. 99
    Gordon Brown says:

    a message to the people





  44. 103
    Anonymous says:

    There is NO SUBSIDY on the booze in Parliament.


  45. 105
    AJC says:

    Didn’t the Police have tasers?


  46. 107
    Left hook says:

    Did the man throw a straight right? If so, the lefties ought to object.


  47. 108
    Southerrn Poofters in Westminster says:

    What a bunch of whimps and as for the nanny state coppers!!

    FFS worse, much worse, much much worse happens in a Quakers meeting.


  48. 110
    Fank Keefe says:

    Im sending over my mate he s x sas to toughen Louise up to handle the Joyces of this world


  49. 113
    Eric Joyce says:

    The fight was Thatcher’s fault.


  50. 115
    A Punster says:

    Re. Joyce.

    He’s been arrested.



  51. 118
    Chris says:

    Time to shut down all the Westminster bars.

    How many other people have pubs and bars in their workplace.

    These MPs are scum.


  52. 120
    Centre Parting says:

    I have just googled Louise Jackson, and from the images of her there, she would taking some knocking to the ground.


  53. 124
    Jack Straw says:

    A quarter of a million extra school places will be needed in England by autumn next year, with one in five schools already full or near capacity.



    • 172
      JH3284923849238 says:

      Not to mention all the translators and ‘classroom assistants’ required to keep the zoo barely under control.

      At least you won’t need ‘teachers’ so much. Being attentive and trying to learn is acting white, innit.


  54. 125
    Dunlaggin says:

    Paul Flynn offers the following advice on drinking in Westminster in ‘How To Be An MP’
    “Happily now the drinks are not subsidised. Prices are similar to those elsewhere in London.”


  55. 126
    Indy Violins and tears says:

    Eric’s on a promise from the Labour Wimin


  56. 127
    Marcus Aurelius says:

    What do the two Eds have to say about it?

    He is the Falkirk “peoples’ prince” perhaps?


  57. 129
    julian the wonderhorse says:

    That makes a change, Nigel Evans’ handsome young researcher pushing someone INTO the closet


  58. 130
    Bessie Braddock says:

    In my day women didn’t get knocked to the ground.


  59. 136
    Where's Fatbot? says:

    Miss Diane is remarkably quiet this morning. I thought she was agin cheap booze and this must surely be a string to her bow.


  60. 138
    Operation Crossbow says:

    All these drunk jock MP’s should get the William Wallace treatment.


  61. 139
    Fishy says:

    So if he gets banged up this week, that’s one Lefty that wont be voting for Labour’s ‘Control of the Press’ amendment on Monday


  62. 153
    Picture Post says:


  63. 154
    It's Bedroom Tax Day Today. Sponsored by the BBC says:


  64. 159
    FrankFisher says:

    Nothing wrong with a drunken brawl now and then is there? Let’s not get too sanitised please.


  65. 161
    Anonymous says:

    How many other workplaces have a bar for staff ?
    Just Get rid of them (Bars not MPs or perhaps……)


    • 178
      MPs are not unique says:

      No10 Downing Street.
      Every armed forces Mess
      Buckingham Palace
      Cruise Ships
      Holiday complexes
      Masons Arms
      The BBC
      Footsie 100 board rooms
      Working Mens Clubs
      The British Legion
      Trades Unions
      The Police Social
      The Firemans Social
      The Institutes
      Tom Watson
      And so on


  66. 167
    Red Egg Millitit... Social Naturist or National Socialist says:

    Time to close the bars there…….. greedy, drunken Hunts !


  67. 168
    The two faeces of Eric Joyce says:

    I am going to remove the whip from Mr Joyce


  68. 173
    Yew Fat Tuat says:

    High time cops were armed. No need to manhandle people, just draw the handgun and keep a distance.


  69. 175
    Question Crime says:

    You tell him Owen, put your built up foot down.


  70. 186
    Researcher says:

    1. Sports and Social is not subsidised beyond its rent free occupation of a gloomy dungeon – in line with many employers.
    2. It is run efficiently so it keeps its prices down
    3. Researchers start on £23k and many are on less as unpaid interns or part time support. That doesn’t go far in the Red Lion or Westminster Arms
    4. Have you noticed its always the MPs not the staff who cause problems?


    • 197
      More Questions than Answers says:

      How much does it cost to buy a bar in the center of London?
      How much does security cost in the center of London?
      What about the lights and heating?
      What about the Council tax?
      What about the bar staffs’ wages and uniforms?
      Why is it restricted to MPs and their mates?

      So if it costs nowt, then why does it cost 5 point eight millions of squid?


    • 198
      Suck Session says:

      Until the SPADS join the club. Wait your turn.


    • 301
      annoyed says:

      Yes. MP’s are obviously vastly overpaid.


  71. 188
    Blind Alley Cat says:

    I’m guessing this suggestion of raising prices in the bars is self protection Guido so that when the inevitable day comes when you become an MP you are not tempted by the demon drink? Oh wait hang on…


  72. 190
    Socialist Millionaires Slum it for Photo Shoot says:


    • 210
      Ed 'my Dads a millionaire Marxist' Miliband says:

      It wath a gweat meeting.

      I started discuthing the influenth of the potht-capitalithtic dialecticth and the young people were clearly stunned into silenth.


    • 217
      Chukka yer money to me says:

      I was boss at that meeting. No-one had threads like mine.

      I like ‘Garage’ you know. I took my big headphones so everyone knew.


    • 246
      Curly says:

      That looks more like a cell than a meeting room. What are they being ‘apprenticed’ in? Mugging and robbing old (white) ladies?


    • 274
      Wankerwatch says:

      Millibland is obviously offering them lotsth ofth money ifth they leavth him alone, unscaththed.


  73. 193
    Ah! Monika says:

    At this rate you’ll soon be able to get up my nose.


  74. 202
    a non says:

    The pessimist’s optimist or vice-versa?
    How to pretend you are not considering throwing your hat in the ring.


  75. 209
    MB. says:

    I still do not understand why the Houses of Parliament need so many bars, or even why they need any bars at all.

    How many other places of work have so many bars, never mind such heavily subsidised bars.


    • 218
      The Miners Arms next to the Working mans institute says:

      Loads of places actually. If not in the place of work then near the place of work, many of which are the centre of community life.


      • 248
        Curly says:

        Not any more they aren’t since the lovely cuddly Liebore “Government” closed many of them out of sheer spite.


    • 302
      cynic says:

      The HOC does not NEED so many bars, just as the country does not NEED so many MP’s. It’s just an example of how the political class abuse their position.


  76. 211
    And the GOOD NEWS is!! says:

    Britain’s economic recovery is in sight and the pound has fallen far enough, says Governor Sir Mervyn King


    • 225
      BBC News says:

      We won’t be reporting this.
      And after Britain’s free press is shackled, no-one else will be reporting it either.


    • 249
      Curly says:

      If it falls much further he won’t be able to convert his pension fund into Swiss francs.


  77. 215
    Police says:

    Joyce is a pleb.


  78. 221
    NO to anonymous meat says:

    I have just discovered that if you accidentally put a piece of kitchen roll in the wash it stays intact and just gets smaller rather than a piece of tissue which disintegrates and sticks to everything.


    • 236
      The European Commission says:

      That’s a very interesting. We propose pending £190million of Britain’s money to set up a research center in France, employing 300 people (non of them British) to confirm your important discovery.


  79. 222
    Anonymous says:

    Blah blah blah blah blah


  80. 223
    Stephen Twigg says:

    Are you taking the piss?


    • 282
      Who're You Fackin Lookin at! says:

      DEon’t you mean the “pith”? ;)


    • 287
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Aren’t you just into the PLANT life old Twiggy – did you have a good SNIFF of the PLANT? Did you COME close to the PLANT?


  81. 228
    English for Beginners says:

    “this year’s”


  82. 231
    Anon Teetotaller says:

    Whats wrong with the Eric Joyce’s Recovery Fund ????

    Guaranteed to be a thumping good investment & is fully supported

    by Whiskey Industry…….


  83. 233
    steve smith says:

    I’m afraid to say too much in case punchy Eric comes to get me . No I’m not recall the violent drunk and lock him up!


  84. 234
    Another Headshrinker says:

    The wee NED, you can take the drunken shit out of Scotland but not the drunkenness, hope he goes down this time for a long time, disgraceful jolly jump up! Wasn’t even a real officer, just an over promoted Private!


  85. 235
    pissed off voter says:

    MP recall is yet another broken promise.

    Time to do away with bars and restaurants in parliament – let parliamentarians use the external facilities that everyone else has to use – experience a little reality and help the taxpayer a little in these times of politically-created austerity.


  86. 244
    steve smith says:

    Boom boom


  87. 247
    Not the Biased Broadcasting Comapany says:

    Quick Quick….panic panic @ ZanuLieLabor HQ Ed Milliedrip The Minor has

    lost his blank sheet of Paper……..

    How can he perform as the PM in waiting if he does’s not have the rite


    A judge lead enquiry is being assembled to root out the cause of this

    Fatcher inspired plot……


  88. 259
    Jane Birkin from Paris says:

    This man has serious issues in relation to both drink and violence .

    It would now seem he will be the next to enter prison thereby leading to yet another By Election with yes, you have guessed it ,the bill being passed to the taxpayer.

    Premature deaths will occur so some By Elections are inevitable . However in this case why were the problems not flagged up beforehand ? What selection procedure was adopted to protect the citizen ?

    As far as I can make out “none” .


  89. 261
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    I must say ,having looked at the traditional Press, then Guidos report is by far the most comprehensive.

    I would not like to meet this Mr Brown . He sounds a nasty bit of work . Best avoided I think .


  90. 265
    bob b says:

    Test out minimum alcohol pricing of £5 per unit on MPs first. Then stop there.


  91. 269
    Penfold says:

    Perhaps we can lobby westminster magistrates to permanently close all bars in Palace of Westminster in view of the assaults committed.


    • 276
      Loopy lou says:

      Sadly we cannot do this .

      When I complained about that Reckless character getting pissed during a vote,
      Westminster Licensing said it was nothing to do with them .

      When it comes to drinking, the Palace of Westminster is a law unto itself .


      • 305
        annoyed says:

        The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner should declare all drunken and violent and layabout and lazy MP’s to be unfit to remain as MP’s, confiscate their pensions and benefits and jail the party selectors who chose such filth to stand for election. Oh no, that could never happen – they’re his bosses!


  92. 271
    Henry Brubaker says:

    Whenever one brawling fuckwit gets locked up it usual for one of his imbecilic mates to come get involved.

    Yep, some people really think they are allowed to push coppers out of the way and then intevene to try and prevent an arrest. Its not just MPs who think this but the underclass as well.

    They dont like it when they get banged up themselves…


  93. 272
    Oliver Reed says:

    It’s a shame I’m dead, I’d have been a great MP.


  94. 273
    Wankerwatch says:

    What a pair of wankers!


  95. 279
    One of the revolting plebs now voting UKIP.Org says:

    Lead report on Sky News including what his constituents advice is

    for thumper Joyce………Naff Off PDQ……

    Look forward to the by-election within next two months as the

    member for Falkirk WILL be detained at Her Majesty’s Pleasure for

    some considerable time…….A shining example of how our elected

    Members of Parliament conduct themselves ……..

    Of course the jumped up little squeaker has so far said Nowt……..what a



  96. 280
    Tom Fatson says:

    at least one of the coppers involved was drunk, as well


  97. 281
    Who're You Fackin Lookin at! says:

    Martin Brown might be a bruiser but at least he doesn’t discriminate oin sex when it comes to serving knuckle sandwiches!


  98. 284
    Call me Cab Calloway says:

    Seeing as a women was knocked down perhaps Bra Brawlers rather than Bar Brawlers?


  99. 286
    Obama's poodle says:

    It is now being openly reported that young men are more likely to commit violent crime if thety have been in the Army .

    Perhaps it is time then to abolish the Army and sell all its equipment to the Syrian Free Army .


  100. 288
    Al says:

    Why was Eric in London last night – His constituency in Falkirk must be chuffed he travelled down for a party!

    He will leave them even longer as he awaits trail – will see him taking a kip at the commons, or putting another property on expenses!


  101. 290
    Great Granddad:Prime Minister in Waiting, New Utopia Party says:

    Guido, I trust that you know that Salmond is about to police not only the press but the Worldwide Web too. Just how he is going to achieve that I am not yet sure, but you can bet your bottom thistle (or whatever it is he is going to call his currency) that he will not care much for bloggers publishing nasty things about his compatriots, whatever their political colour. Although I am not privy to his thoughts, it is my guess that he is not one of your more enthusiastic fans.


  102. 306
    Toontoon says:

    Eric Joyce –
    Assaulted TWO FEMALE teachers as a teenager ( one was pregnant)
    Resigned from Army b4 he was sacked
    Resigned as special advisor b4 he was sacked
    Had a seedy disgusting “affair” with a seventeen yr old intern
    Drink driver who refused the breathalyser
    Assaulted several people in strangers bar
    Criminal damage and police assault
    Cut off his electronic tag
    A further assault in a HoC karaoke bar
    “Flipped” his houses
    Most expensive MP in the country ( nearly £190k expenses)
    Career champagne ( any any other subsidised drink) socialist politician who is more interested in DR Congo than his constituency of Falkirk
    Scumbag Lawbreaker never mind lawmaker !!!!
    Lock the arrogant tosser up !!!!!


  103. 308
    Andrew says:

    Just how far down the way to being a chronic lush does a Member have to be to get banned from the Parliamentary watering holes?

    Does any passing geek happen to know whether this has ever been done before and if so who was the previous traveller on the Road to Drunken Oblivion?


  104. 311
    wikus van zyl says:

    At least there’s one MP that fights, for our rights…….



  105. 314
    Equalizer1963 says:

    I sent Eric a twat this morning..the Kernt never got back to me. Is he busy or summat?


  106. 318
    Box Watcher says:

    Has Martin Brown been let out of the box yet ?


  107. 319
    Anthony Spencer says:

    Eric Joyce should be banned from Parliament. He should be stripped of his salary.The public subsidy of Bars in the Commons should cease immediately.


  108. 321
    Lambly Chimbley says:

    Good to see Eric has stayed true to his roots throughout the years. He was chippy and opinionated at Sandhurst. I always thought it odd that a self-proclaimed hard man would join the Education Corps …


  109. 323
    Brooklyn Real Estate Inc says:

    Comes to something when even lager louts get representative in Parliament. Wonder if they’ll create a Ministry? Secretary for Late Nite Kebabs


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