March 13th, 2013

Theresa May Death Stare Part Two

Nigel Evans might have loved it, but May was less than impressed after Ed said Dave “had been overruled by the Home Secretary” on minimum alcohol pricing. The death stare is becoming a regular occurrence at PMQs…

UPDATE: Watch the exchange in full:

Video via ITV.


  1. 1
    Young Blade says:

    Ed is overstepping his seniority.

  2. 3
    Perse O'Nally says:

    She could be an Albert Pierrepoint……just sizing Ed up for the rope and the drop.

    • 148
      the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

      Does “Tracey June ” also make a hobby of sucking fresh blood from the napes of young virgin necks when not perfecting her x-ray vision excercises ?

  3. 4
    Upstart says:

    Ed Miliband will reap his comeuppance. He is still wet behind the ears and does not have the gravitas to piss take senior colleagues even opposition colleagues.

    • 7
      himindoors says:

      The problem is, you can’t help feeling that a lot of the crap pouring out of his mouth as the faint aroma of truth to it.

      • 150
        the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

        He or she would have had to be drinking demi jeannes of sodium pentathol before any smidgin of truth ever had the sliver of an opportunity of exiting from a politician s mouth

    • 151
      The Grim Reaper says:

      Her death stare needs much more power especially to overcome idiots like Balls and the Eagle sisters. Perhaps I can help her?

  4. 5
    Aaron D Highside says:

    Booze tax would double the price of Asda’s very respectable £2.99 red but add less than 10% to a bottle of Bollinger. Polititically, bombshell avoided!

    • 68
      SP4BS says:

      Booze tax? well it exists anyway. What are you on about?

      A bottle of wine or a bottle of bubbly contains about 8 or 9 units, so the min price for either would be about £3.80

      • 100
        Zil lane socialists hate the poor says:

        Minimum pricing is Marxist bollocks and like everything Marxist, is designed to impact the poor hardest. Thus enhancing their sense of us and them rich bastards.

      • 108
        Honest View says:

        Do let me know where I can buy a bottle of bubbly for £3.80. Strikes me you missed Aaron’s point.

        • 154
          Joe Public says:

          Lidl do a rose sparkling wine for £2 and a white for £1.25.
          Total Plonk but drinkable, and greatly assists the making of a decent fish stew.
          Please get out of Harrod’s and learn something.

    • 153
      the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

      Black Velvets all round please !!

      ( Moddy that s not in any way racist or politically incorrect — it merely describes the traditional drink of draught Guinness and Champagne consumed in quantity at all the best fish restaurants and oyster bars in SW1 Clubland . I thank you )

  5. 6
    Fishy says:

    If Muddleband can’t score today, he’ll never be able to do so. He led with his best line and from there he went downhill into a fog of nothingness.

    It was a bit like premature ejaculation.

    • 109
      Honest View says:

      Not really a great line.. the sort of comment a bloke might make casually in the pub. This from the Leader of the Opposition.
      How long before the whole thing sinks to the level of Jimmy Carr and we have f…. before every noun?

    • 155
      the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

      What as in …. between two lesbians ?

  6. 8
    I hate them all says:

    I found myself bored of the charade within three minutes. Boring behind belief. Two z-rate tossers . ….. And that bitch Harmoan laughing at one if Ed’s hilarious jokes made me want to rip her fucking head off.

  7. 9
    Ed ignores his token Immigrant Nanny says:

    I can’t understand why Miliband did not lead on Dave’s Booze cruise. Mizz Abbott thinks it’s important so it must be.

    • 65
      hold them to ac says:

      Why can’t you just put ethnic, to actually support say Sam Gyimah/Adam Afriyie or Kwasi Kwarteng being the next con leader, rather than being actually racist using the term immigrant to a British person.

      • 163
        Sahwayah Telum says:

        There is nothing racist about “immigrant”

        why can’t you just fuck off back to Labour central and wank over the pics of Chairman Mao

        • 164
          hold them to ac says:

          You don’t do the blog any favours to the new reader. Abbott I respect, but your phoney Irish rubbish says it all. She just doesn’t realise that if you rely on having children off the state then those children may just do the same and never work for a better childhood than others. In other words all children are equal but some children are more equal than others. A little Stalinist in other words.

  8. 10
    Ha ha! says:

    Huhne’s getting mocked by other inmates!

    Disgraced former Cabinet minister Chris Huhne was ridiculed on his first day in jail when a warder called him to breakfast shouting “Order! Order!”, it was reported today.

    The prison officer, using the Tannoy system in Wandsworth jail, mimicked the Commons Speaker by adding: “The right honourable member for Wandsworth North – down to the office,” The Sun newspaper reported.

    Other prisoners at the south-west London jail were said to have roared with laughter as Huhne went from his cell to pick up the meal.

    The newspaper also reported that 58-year-old Huhne has been moved to a wing for vulnerable prisoners because other convicts humiliated and bullied him.

    He is said to have asked to be moved to the special area after prisoners discovered he was a millionaire and badgered him for cash.

    An unnamed woman, speaking to the newspaper outside the prison yesterday after a visit to see her boyfriend, said the other prisoners targeted Huhne as a “soft touch” within hours of his arrival.

    “Someone found out he was a millionaire and as soon as he was on the wing there were loads of people after him. They kept on going up to him saying, ‘We know you’ve got money’,” she said.

    “They had to move him into the segregation block because inmates were bullying him.”

    • 13
      Ha ha! says:

      I’m having a schadenfreude overload.

      • 103
        Zil lane socialists hate the poor says:

        Huhne in the segregation block with all the grasses and nonces, there is a God after all. Well, well, well…..

    • 85
      The Insurance Firm of Kray & Kray says:

      Shaking ‘im down, more like, if I know some o’ them lads.

      Ya get a toff like ‘im in the slammer, ya tell ‘im “I can see to it nobody bovvas ya, but it ain’t gonna come wiffout cost– see, I got this old lady and four li’l sprogs, see, an’ they’re on the dole whilst I’m inside, see, and a few odd unreported quid their way wouldn’t do nobody no ‘arm in the grand scheme o’ things, if ya get me, mate? I’m sure ya can see reason, right?”

      Trouble is, just about every lad in the place is goin’ to give it a go, and Chris is bound to disappoint quite a few of them, and the one ‘e DOES reach an arrangement wiff is bound to still ask for certain favours, if you catch my drift, or an ‘efty payment in lieu of services rendered, ya might wanna call it.

  9. 12
    Penfold says:

    Well at least May has some common sense and nous.
    (Taxi for Call me Dave)

    Minimum alcohol pricing is stupid and the policy of health nazi’s who want to control everybodies lives, statist prats, straight out of East Germany.

    We need to fight all infringements on our individual rights to do as we please. (bearing in mind that the individual faces sanction for untoward behaviour.)

  10. 14
    Rip into him says:

    Bang…great ‘letter from Ed’.

  11. 15
    Steve Miliband says:

    Ed from London!!!!

  12. 18
    Steve Miliband says:

    Robert Oxley @roxley

    While westminster is watching PMQs MEPs have just rejected the EU budget cut agreed by leaders FEB

    • 22
      Fishy says:

      Which way did Labour MEPs vote (after Labour MPs in the HoC voted for a cut)?

      • 24
        Steve Miliband says:

        Therese Coffey @theresecoffey

        Disgraceful that the Socialist Group in European Parliament voted down the historic EU Budget deal. Red Ed failed with other leaders.

        • 69
          hold them to ac says:

          But Lord Mandelson of Foy prevailed once again: machiavellian. The EU needs the cut or the commission should simply sack the whole parliament, or cut it to 1/10th for the next election.

          • 1.2 Trillion National Debt says:

            Put the wasteful EU in reverse gear now, let it get back to being the EEC.

          • stark says:

            Why bother 1.3 tr ? We could initiate exit today under Article 50 and join Norway in EFTA. Leave the EU to do whatever they want.

          • stark says:

            PS. The EU has no reverse gear. Hence this is the only way.

          • Zil lane socialists hate the poor says:

            Ah, the EEC,

            Heydrich also drew up “The Reich Plan for the Domination of Europe”. This proposal was published and circulated in 1942 and bears a striking similarity to the 1957 Treaty of Rome, on which the European Union is based today.

            “Heydrich’s plan coincided with a conference organised by the University of Berlin in 1942, entitled “Europaische Wirtshaftgemeinschaft” – the European Economic Community (or EEC). Some of the papers had particularly chilling titles, which still resonate today: “The Economic Face of New Europe”, “Development of the EEC”, “European Agriculture”, “European Transport”, “A European Currency”, “European Trade and Economic Treaties”, “Is Europe a Geographical Concept or a Political Fact?”

            That EEC?

          • Archie says:

            OUT! NOW!!

  13. 20
    Bargain Hunter says:

    Which Supermarket sells these 20p cans of Lager that Dave speaks of?

    • 87
      SP4BS says:

      Last time he bought lager in a supermarket was 1985

    • 147
      CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

      Dave’s talking bollocks. I’ve seen supermarket budget brands of beer and lager at 99p for four cans, but at 2% alcohol you’d have more chance getting pissed on a bag of wine gums.

  14. 21
    op says:

    whatever happened to maria’s expenses????????

    • 73
      pee says:

      they dont want to talk about maria millers expenses here ….. so typical of the ‘we do no wrong nazi party’

  15. 23
    Anonymous says:

    Brilliant stuff from Ed.

    Save us Miliband.

  16. 25
    Toenails Declares Dave is Deceased says:

    Nick Robinson on the Brillo show is writing Dave off.

    So that’s it, it’s official now, Dave is finished.

    • 112
      Honest View says:

      What annoys me about that man is his undisguised glee at his “knowledge” of behind the scene manoeuvring. No comments on policy, no explanations as to the effect of policies on the public.. no, it’s all a nod and a wink. Change the vowel if you wish.

    • 113
      Past the point of no return says:

      Call Me Dave’s demise started when he broke his cast iron promise. It’s been downhill for him ever since.

    • 156
      Joe Public says:

      Toenails Robinson should never have been invited on Wavy Dave’s tours – these priviledged tossers, in all parties, should never have been allowed near Westminster.
      Time to emigrate methinks – problem is this stupidity is an epidemic.

  17. 26

    OK. Here is a joke for that old misery, Blowing Whistles:

    A man named William Strange died, and his friend asked the tombstone maker to inscribe on his tombstone: Here lies Strange, an honest man, and a lawyer.

    The inscriber insisted that such an inscription would be confusing, for passers by would tend to think that three men were buried under the stone. However he suggested an alternative.

    He suggested the following:

    Here Lies a Man who was BOTH honest and a lawyer.

    That way, whenever anyone walked by the tombstone and read it, they would be certain to remark:

    That’s Strange!

    Hope it makes the miserable git smile a bit…

    • 32
      Not Blowing Whistles says:

      There was a dismissal of charges motion going on today @ Southwark Court 3, about 10AM.

      The outcome of that may set his ambient mood for the day.

    • 130
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Your pitiful reply on the other blog of yesterday had you blathering on about ‘conspiracy theories’ …. I re-read Mr Fawkes’ tittle tattle etc wordings atop his site and thought of the ‘Cat’ yet again.

      ‘Cat’ – you only see what you want to see. You only want to understand what fits and suits the bubble you have lived in for all of your life. Come back to the UK and fight like a man.

    • 132
      Blowing Whistles says:

      p.s. You lilly livered pussy.

      • 159

        Oooh! I love it when you are angry (only a single ‘l’ in lily BTW.)

        • 166
          Blowing Whistles says:

          As I am on record – previously and umpteen times having told you – I refer you to the film ‘There’s Something About Mary’.

          You are a little “Catfish” whereas I have bigger fish to fry. Go henchforth and multiply.

  18. 27
    The Merchant Of Verona says:

    Why is she covering up, she will have to show more meat if you she wants votes.

  19. 28
    Casual Observer says:

    May’s stare + rictus grin during the Brazil visa question was much better.

  20. 29
    Nicholas Robinson gives the Thumbs down to Dave. says:

    The BBC have just announced on the Daily Politics that Dave has lost support of his party.

    • 34
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      When is the beeb going to admit that , more improtantly, the beeb has lost the trust and support of the public?

    • 35
      Long John Silver's parrot says:

      So who is going to get the 500,000 poor souls wrongly placed by Labour on the invalidity register off the register and into meaningful full employment (as promised ) this side of Christmas?

      • 46
        Golly says:

        So Mr Minibrand is going to have a go at May and Cameron every PMQs .

        The purpose of Opposition I thought was to hold the Government to account not to simply undermine it and therefore lead to uncertainty and a possible premature election although May might just hold the Coalition shambles together until 2015 .

        • 114
          The LabLibCon of Liars says:

          Dream on, May’s a featherbrained lightweight.

        • 115
          Honest View says:

          It should be the role of the opposition to examine a Government’s policies and if necessary expose their errors and perhaps suggest alternatives. Ed, though, in his sixth form debate mode, just sniggers and points.
          Cameron is little better, with no dignity or statesmanship about him, though he does have a smoother and occasionally more polite manner.
          They are a pretty poor duo when you look back at the men of dignity and wide experience who have held their offices in the past.

      • 116
        A 40 year taxpayer says:

        No chance they just dont tell you what they are doing until you complain then they say you cant appeal because you have missed the deadline simples, or put another way total twats.

    • 36
      The BBC causes serious mental illness says:

      Whilst we are completely unbiased it was easy even for Blunk3tt minus the dog to see that party support for Cameron was somewhat absent today.

    • 43
      Fishy says:

      For at least the fourth time this year I have heard a Labour guest on DP say that they agree with Toenails’ biased analysis.

      It looks as though the Biased Broadcasting Corporation doesn’t even attempt to claim impartiality any more

  21. 30
    @toryeducation says:

    #pmqs #won

  22. 33
    Ed's Rebs says:

    Labour MEPs ignore Ed Miliband and vote for an EU budget increase.

  23. 37
    The EU implodes and votes down it's own budget deal says:


    European Parliament has justvoted down the budget deal…the socialist group(which includes LibDem and Labour MEPS voted massively against the deal…so they are going against the line from their UK counterparts)It’s also likely that any arrangements Cameron may have secured with other leaders may unravel…so as if he didn’t have enough problems a demand for that referendum will now grow

    • 61
      EU Watch says:

      Cameron has absolutely no influence in the EU.

      He does still have a veto, which should be used.

      Lisbon Article 50 needs to be invoked.

  24. 38
    Fuck it says:

    Does that mean that Milibender will call for an increase in the price of booze in Westminster?

    • 49
      A Sitting MP says:

      All you have to do is put an extra tax of one pence on every unit of alcohol and transfer the revenue direct to the NHS .

      No one would be able to stand up and criticize .

      • 77
        SP4BS says:

        well they would. there would still be plenty of booze on sale at less than 44p a unit.

        And its clearly the loss of a few pence that problem drinkers would care about rather than losing their health, their jobs, their family, their life.

        • 118
          The LabLibCon of Liars says:

          Hello, the melodramatic society have just shown up trumpeting their usual lies, bullshit and fictitious alarmism. Get a room girls.

      • 135
        Curly notices.... says:

        As one of the wimmin on the telly noted today any pr*ce increase would merely serve to bolster shopkeepers’ profits. None of it would find its way to either the Treasury or the NHS.

  25. 39
    a non says:

    Death stare? It’s a smile

  26. 40
    Suicide Watch says:

    Socialist MEPs vote for Christmas.

    • 119
      Honest View says:

      But who is going to administer “Christmas”?
      The E.U. is gradually strengthening its grip on a captive Europe; before too many years have passed, only revolution will bring any country out of it. Many recent wars have involved the struggle of smaller countries to escape an artificial yoke (e.g. Yugoslavia) or the grip of an Empire (e.g. the Soviet “Union”). There is every reason to suppose that the next set of European wars will involve national efforts to escape the E.U. yoke.
      I don’t mean next week or next year. But within 20 years?

      • 122
        JFK says:

        How true, lets hope someone sees sense.

      • 136
        Curly notices.... says:

        It is already happening. Just watch the news for daily riots all over Europe. Coming to a high street near you soon!

  27. 41
    Tosspot says:

    My wife looked at me like that, when I asked if it was allowed to return Faulty Goods after 30 days…. at out Marriage.

  28. 44

    I’m reminded, these days, of the woman who turns into Ma Jeckyll in that James Nesbitt re-boot. Could May get even scarier..?

  29. 45
    Dunlaggin says:

    Just a thought. When the Labour Gov. introduced the ‘Not the Bedroom Tax’ to the private sector, what did they call it?

    • 137
      Curly notices.... says:

      Item 1 on Ed’s hitherto blank piece of paper?

      • 165
        hold them to ac says:

        That was doing away with a landlord’s subsidy. It would be wrong to take that money away from housing associations. Says Balls who sucks up to them like most Labour people, as Lab Cllrs have shares or friends or sexual partners in them. Love-in.

  30. 48
    Fishy says:

    All of the powers that have enabled the European Parliament (including Labour members) to vote down the agreement made by the leaders of Europe’s sovereign nations, have emerged as a consequence of the Lisbon Treaty.

    Liar Brown, when he signed the treaty and then ratified it in defiance of his promise to hold a referendum, claimed that this Treaty was a mere tidying up and did not transfer power from national parliaments.

    Brown was a dishonest, lying c.unt sharing the same morals as Huhne.

    • 54
      Felicity (Age 4) says:

      Granny — who was Brown? — was he someone important in the olden days?

    • 58
      The boy Plunger says:

      Brown left the taxpayer thinking all that money had been recovered from the Icelandic Banks when he said thanks to his actions no one had lost a penny .

      What he should have said was that all the deposits were being honoured by money his Government was taking off the taxpayer .

      Needless to say the taxpayer will never see that money again. The loss has conveniently been hidden in the long grass.

    • 123
      Ed balls up says:

      Say something we dont know.

  31. 50
    hold them to ac says:

    Quite endearing really. Better than:

  32. 51
    Tosspot says:

    This Bedroom Tax is a Tax on Women, where else can they sleep when they are not talking to you ?? answer that Mr Clever Cleggs.

  33. 57
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP.

  34. 59
    Fuck Labour says:

    Notice how the Labour MPs went into meltdown when the Tory MP rightly pointed out the disgraceful Stafford Hospital scandal. They’re still selling the propaganda that the NHS is only safe in their hands, whilst completely absolving themselves of any responsibility for the mass murder that took place.

    • 63
      Tony the peoples messiah says:

      LOOK over there WMD!

      • 67
        Ann Clwyd says:

        Yes, sir, Mr Tony. And in return for voting for your war, can you make me your human rights envoy to Iraq so that I can stay in nice hotels and fly first class?

    • 121
      Honest View says:

      NHS= sacred Socialist cow. Must never be criticised.

      • 139
        Curly notices.... says:

        Now now, don’t talk about our favourite chubby MP like that. She’ll have to get another plate of rice..

      • 169
        Archie says:

        NHS=so excellent it’s the envy of the world, and has been copied in…………….oh, how many countries? That’s right, NONE!

  35. 60
    One term Dave says:

    My latest U-turn on alcohol pricing has caused a cabinet split, all is going to plan what what what…

    Toodle pip old beans!

  36. 64
    Joe says:

    When will this global warming ever end?

  37. 66
    Moussa Koussa Mark 7 says:

    Keep on tearing yourselves apart

    May as next PM…LOL

    Ed will be praying to be up against May in 2012…AND YOU KNOW ITS TRUE !!!!!

    • 70
      The Far Right says:

      So Labour now have a General Election TARDIS, or is Ed Balls writing up the election propaganda ?

      • 94
        Moussa Koussa Mark 7 says:

        Dave will hang on and hang on and hang on, wrongly believing he will do a John Major.

        In the is just gonna get worse and worse and worse

        AND YOU KNOW IT.

        Just paid £1.4999 for a litre of diesal !!!!!

        • 143
          a truly amazed expat says:

          Living overseas, I had not realised that 1p could be split into 5000 mini-parts! Must play hell with the accounts.

  38. 71
    pee says:

    a spokesman for the government has expressed glee at forthcoming economic news – britain now excels in the export of horsemeat and is expecting the product to lead the economic recovery in parallel with increasing sales of foot in mouth disease

    • 88
      Champagne socialists says:

      While you’re here, any comment to make about the 1,200 patients who died at Stafford Hospital between 2005 and 2008? Remind me which party was in power at that time? Wait, let me guess. Was it Thatcher’s fault?

      • 126
        .A Donor says:

        Andy burnbum, shite house he is has he died or something?. No sight of him for weeks little creep.

  39. 72
    Champagne socialists says:

    I thought this was the highlight of PMQs. It’s worth it for the look on Ed Balls’ face. Just look at his reaction!

  40. 81
    Huhne Watch says:

    Catrina got a parking ticket visiting Huhne in nick:

    Sometimes life is better than art.

    • 84
      What a Huhne says:

      I love that inmates are coming up to him saying “I know you’ve got money”. :-D

      • 89
        Huhne Watch says:

        And if he says ‘No’, they will call him a ‘liar’ and give him a hiding.

        Oh, and that’s just the screws. What the lags will get up to…

      • 96
        Fishy says:

        But he’s a Socialist.

        Isn’t he supposed to be sharing his wealth with them? putting his hand in his pocket and giving the poor unfortunate lags a few quid?

  41. 90
    Moussa Koussa Mark 7 says:

    Line of the day

    “is there anything he could organise in a brewery?”

    …Look neo nuts… going on about Ed Balls is like trying to knock over a horse with a duster…it isnt gonna help you one wit

    • 93
      The Far Right says:

      I guess he could be organizing some champagne for the socialists ?

      Or is Balls more of a beer and sandwiches kind of guy ?

      • 102
        Tay King-dePisse says:

        He’s more a lasagne man, they say, which, if it were Findus lasagne, would be cannibalism, being that he is certainly a horse’s arse.

        • 142
          Sylvio from Milan says:

          That gag is so old its got bells on .

          • Curly says:

            Cameron’s reply should have been: “Unlike you and the rest of your front bench I do know how to organise a decent piss up in a brewery.”

  42. 99
    Fire up the Quattro says:

    Bloody hypocritical MPs. Eating subsidised food and drinking subsidised booze. Put your own house in order.

  43. 101
    Anonymous says:

    I suspect if May were stood at the dispatch box across from Mr Millitwat he would wet himself and run off.

    • 104
      hold them to ac says:

      Absolutely see my comparison video above. May not sit well with the BBC’s face photogenic policy but would fight those EU nasties off like Merkel does.

  44. 128
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    I am glad I am not married to her .

    I reckon she has a right chip on her shoulder.

  45. 140
    on the beach,sunglasses in the car says:

    Listening to that shambles today not one mention of Huhne and what action is to be taken against the other estimated 200,000 people who have done the same crime .

  46. 152

    That lady is scarey hope she don’t go round kissing babies.

  47. 160
    Vote UKIP and stick it to 'em says:

    They’re all twats – hands off my beer and give me back my pension and my country.

  48. 161
    DEATH TO THE EU and ALL who FAIL IN HER says:

    FFS When did she join Billy Smarts circus as Head Clown ?

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