March 12th, 2013

Huhne Jailed: What the Papers Say

As Huhne wakes this morning after his first night in HMP Wandsworth, click above to see how the papers have covered his downfall. Inside Time, the national newspaper for prisoners, was not immediately available. 

You can watch his mea culpa on Channel 4 News in full here:

“I lied and lied again.”


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    How’s your arse this morning then, Chris, not too raw I trust.

  2. 2
    Gilbert Fiddler says:

    All aboard for the Pork Sword of Justice!

    Pork for telling Porkies…

  3. 3
    Ah! Monika says:

    I lied and lied again. How do we know he’s telling the truth?

  4. 4

    How does he know the difference?

  5. 5
    Those were the days says:

    When they recruited Savile.

  6. 6
    V1le, vicious Labour ruined my Country says:

    He would have already paid off the threat!

  7. 7
    the papers says:

    there but for the grace of god – or nearest equivalent – …..

  8. 8
    genghiz the kahn says:

    If only a speed camera had clocked Harman. The polis claimed she was only doing 99 mph, on two separate occasions. It was terribly convenient…

    One rule for her, and one rule for Chris.

  9. 9
    Einstein says:

    Truth is relative

  10. 10
    aussie rules says:

    I see that Yasmin Ali Babar Brown thinks Mr Justice Sweeeney cruel to have goven Pryce 8 months personally I think he should be immediately enobled for his magnificient worl/

  11. 11
    Ian Wilkinson says:

    She will have took that for him………

  12. 12
    Pervert of Justice says:

    I bet the whole sorry episode has felt like a bum deal from the beginning.

  13. 13
    gramma says:

    Twisting the knife Guido?

    “In war, resolution; in defeat, defiance; in victory, magnanimity”
    Winston Churchill

    You seem to be suffering a magnanimity failure. ;)

  14. 14
    labourunionsbbc are one under the EU says:

    But he has no relation to the truth.

  15. 15
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Aunt’s are relatives

  16. 16
    Col Nut says:

    Huhne gaoled over lying about speeding. Can we now expect lying politicians and their lickspittles to be charged over killing all those people at Stafford Hospital and elsewhere through their target tickboxing.

  17. 17
    labourunionsbbc are one under the EU says:

    I’m suffering from the cold, due to huens green windmill tax scam.

  18. 18
    labourunionsbbc are one under the EU says:

    Look no way does a speeding ticket equal 1000 deaths, and beside it was under the caring party, so it can’t be true or investigated by the Bbbc.

  19. 19
    bob b says:

    Close your eyes and imagine it’s Carina and her big black buckled on friend instead Mr Chris and you might even enjoy it!

  20. 20
    Equalizer1963 says:

    If it is shown that Huhne altered lava flow, he can be re- arrested for perverting the course of pumice…..# coat on…slips out back door#

  21. 21
    Anonymous says:

    LD seems totally confused. They say something and do the opposite thing.

    1) University tuition fee, they were going to abolish it but ended up putting it to £9,000 a year.

    2) Mansion tax, they wanted it for years but now they are voting against it.

    Why do people vote for LD? It seems to a party that will sell anything to enjoy trapping of power. I am not surprised with Chris, he comes from a lot who will say anything.

  22. 22

    Those relatives are absolute.

  23. 23
    Equalizer1963 says:

    Or Max Clifford….he would have had the charges dropped if Max hadn’t been….errr…indisposed!

  24. 24
    An interview with Chris Huhne's cellmate says:

  25. 25
    PhilO'TheWisp says:

    Worst nightmare in jail….
    Huhne. Strip search by Bubba (no gloves)
    Pryce. Strip search by Carina (false nails on)

  26. 26
    But? says:

    Can ants lie or is it just a human attribute

  27. 27
    Mark Newlands says:

    Prisoner Cell Block ‘H’
    Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  28. 28
    The Lib Dem Omertà says:

  29. 29
    But Also says:

    Some sailors are Aunts, but all sailors are relatives.

  30. 30
    the papers says:

    ..which is the problem of arbitrary rules – hence the eaying – never get caught!

  31. 31
    rebekah aka nellnewman says:

    I must confess I feel sorry for vickipryce too.

  32. 32
    Stars in their eyes says:

    Tonight Mathew, I am going to be a breeder

  33. 33
    Col Nut says:

    So it might be salad days after all for Huhne.

  34. 34
    Vince Cable says:

    I have no recollection of Huhne’s imprisonment.

  35. 35
    Jack Straw says:

    Can anyone lend me a quid? Oh and a post it note, I need to write some stuff down

  36. 36
    DORIS DAY says:

    Our lips shouldn’t touch
    Move over darling
    I like it too much
    Move over darling
    That gleam in your eyes is no big surprise anymore
    Cos you fooled me before

    I’m all in a spin
    Move over darling
    I’ve got to give in
    Move over darling
    And though it’s not right, I’m too weak to fight it somehow
    Cos I want you right now

    I yearn to be kissed
    Move over darling
    How can I resist
    Move over darling
    You captured my heart, and now that I’m no longer free
    Make love to me

  37. 37
    Blind Pugh says:

    What are the papers proposing should be done to track down the 500,000 people thought to have falsely fiddled penalty points ?

  38. 38
    Le Monde correspondent says:

    Well done Mr Murdoch and your vile reporters

    “In the e-mails introduced by the prosecution, the paper’s political editor, Isabel Oakeshott, assured Ms. Pryce that going public with the story of the subterfuge over the speeding ticket in front-page articles without naming her as the person who falsely signed as the driver would inflict “maximum, perhaps fatal damage” to Mr. Huhne, by then a minister in the government and in the process of divorcing Ms. Pryce. This, Ms. Oakeshott said, would achieve “the dual purpose of bringing Huhne down, if we can, without seriously damaging your own reputation.””

    A good con job by the lying Oakeshott but true to form for your criminal mob

  39. 39
    ECO WARRIOR says:

    I’m converting my lentil burning stove to use Romanian gypsies
    Apparently there is going to be and endless supply of them

  40. 40
    Send Him Down says:

    Why don’t we all send our messages of support directly to Chris?

  41. 41
    Rumpledforskin says:

    I did read somewhere that Washoe lied and also swore.

  42. 42
    Wyle Cop says:

    Yep, Toady was on the ‘rehabilitation’ theme this morning: Gaydar Davis and his chums all in disbelief that the Judge had the temerity to tell a few home truths and that the law applies to the Islington Left, too (sometimes).

    Huhne, Trim-yer-minge, Pryce and MacShame – what a quad of bent tossers. Why don’t they just f*ck off out of public life – and stay out of public life.

  43. 43
    It's a bit strange says:

    Dave Cam is very good at telling porkies apparently, saying he is going to implement this but does the opposite, still has not told porky pies in their lives, there used to be phrase “being liberal with the truth” which seems to apply, still, they are all politicos when all said and done, what do you expect.

  44. 44
    It's a bit strange says:

    Monika, could that mean he lied about lying?

  45. 45
    Harriet Selfharm says:

    I was only driving fast to escape maleist penile oppression of the sisterhood.

    For too long womyn have been subjected to the tyranny of oh for Christs sake will SOMEONE PUT A COCK IN ME I AM CHOKING FOR IT.

  46. 46
    Chris Huhne says:

    I hold myself in great self-reference.

  47. 47
    It's a bit strange says:

    Guido is only currying favour with his lord and master, he will be running back to Rupert to find a new story to divert attention from Brooks, Coulson et al.

  48. 48
    Vince says:

    Vicky should have told me about it.

  49. 49
    Mathers says:

    He’ll probably write a prison diary and make a mint when he’s out.

  50. 50
    It's a bit strange says:

    Geedo has probably already done that

  51. 51
    Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

    Don’t forget that the £9,000-a-year uni tuition fee only applies in England. Anglophobic bastard government.

  52. 52
    King Queen says:

    Chris, you dropped the soap again…

  53. 53
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    Is that Big Doris on B-wing. LOL

  54. 54
    CHRIS HUHNE 6714512 E wing HMP Wandswoth hotel says:

    My arse is like a blood orange this morning , after the guys told me there was a welcome party for me they said ” everybody is cumming” I tell you what though after some of the munters ive been , with these guys are quite attractive

  55. 55
    Bollocks to getting a pseudonym says:

    Some Illiberal Antidemocrat MEP has said that they’ll suffer for being the highest profile cons in the joint. Well, tough. If you can’t do the time…

  56. 56
    Mr Chris (Porky Pie) H. says:

    OK, who’s nicked my iPad? There’s some villains in here.

  57. 57
    Anonymous says:

    so when is it gonna come out that vicky and vince were shaggin?

  58. 58
    Wm Hill says:

    yes the Bi LOP

  59. 59
    Wm Hill says:

    ‘ere BP – what made you lose ur sight?

  60. 60
    Wm Hill says:

    and become a prison reformeer (ch Archer & aitken and the expenses lord)

  61. 61
    Anonymous says:

    They said they would abolish tuition fees “IF WE WIN”. Coming third is not winning. Ergo it is the voters’ fault that tuition fees still exist. If voters want all tertiary education funded by general taxation, there are plenty of parties who would offer them that and the LibDems are one of them. FPTP is a big problem – I am the first to admit that.

  62. 62
    Viv says:

    Can Guido please focus on the red-headed gorgon now?

  63. 63
    Anon E Mouse says:


    There wasn’t anything to stop them voting against the proposal.

  64. 64
    Anon E Mouse says:


  65. 65
    Curly says:

    BQ’s stalker says: Aunt’s are relatives.

    Look’s like they are all greengrocer’s a’s well.

  66. 66
    Casual Observer says:

    The guy is unbelievable, even in this interview.

    Points on a license is a relative minor procedural offense. Losing a license as a result is a straight forward procedural sanction which happens for persistent offenders. This is all ‘malum in se’, not worth getting worked up about.

    Redirecting those points to another in order to avoid the sanction is the problem. This is no different to planting evidence to implicate someone in a murder, or falsifying accounts to conceal a fraud. This is malum prohibitum, an act which involves evil.

    What he doesn’t get, and many people have forgotten, is this distinction.

    Most people though will inherently understand this. It is a common law principle, which has evolved out of the latent sense of right and wrong. For most, even if they do get away with a crime by passing blame to a third person, with agreement or otherwise, their conscience would normally not be cleared.

    He tries to make a good case for explaining this away with mis-direction and weasel words, but missing this is important, and a big tell on his character, as well as those who supported Pryce and he through this.

    The arguments put forward by the BBC about jail time being a waste of tax payers money etc. are similarly flawed. Custodial sentence is wholly appropriate in this case. Those arguments are flawed as they can be readily extended to cover over more serious cases which is perhaps why they are being made.

    Preparing for excuses related to guilt over child abuse and murder on the NHS perhaps ?

  67. 67
    carmina says:

    Lets hope he gets lost in the system” and has a gender change.

  68. 68

    Years of porkie pies and now a few weeks of porridge.

  69. 69
    Kon Dealer says:

    The only thing that creep, Huhne, is sorry about is that he got caught.
    Now he is going for the sympathy vote. What an incorrigible b******d!

    Apparently he was keen to force us all look after the planet. Right now I bet that keeping Uranus intact is his main worry.

  70. 70

    I saved this to view later as I was travelling yesterday. These are prepared answers, cynical in the extreme. He has no remorse. Your malum prohibitum point is well made.

    The only other dimension I would add is the quantitative approach to assessment rather that the preferable qualitative approach. The law, and civic life, is wrongly constructed here as I have set out elsewhere. That does not in any way offer this man exculpation.

  71. 71
    VulgarDisplayOfPower says:


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