March 11th, 2013

GuyNews Special: Chris Huhne “Going Down” Musical Tribute

For the saga in full, including how Guido hunted Huhne, click here.


  1. 1
    Biff says:


    • 4
      Games says:

      I prefer Scrabble.

      • 39
        Anonymous says:

        I think speed limits in motor way are too low. These limits were set for the cars manufactured in 60s, should be increased.

        Most people on this blog would have exceeded the speed limit. When the Law is wrong can we blame Chris for breaking it and trying to cover it?

        I think he should be freed with a fine rather than waste more tax payer money by keeping him inside. There are lots of convicted criminals who has done things much worse are let out with a caution.

        • 45
          Until he knew that he wouldnt get away with his lying after all says:

          CPS lawyer Malcolm McHaffie said: “Chris Huhne made sustained challenges against the prosecution before pleading guilty at the last minute.’

          • Anonymous says:

            Can Malcolm McHaffie say he never broke the spread limit or was in a car that broke the speed limit?

            I don’t like Chris mainly due to green taxes which increase energy cost for millions.

          • He deserves all he gets, and more says:

            I think that he may possibly be able to say that he has not committed perjury anon.

          • Anonymous says:

            Like what was happening in inquiries, if Chris and his ex wife have told that they cannot remember but someone has to take the fine so it was decided his then wife took the point. If he has told like that would it have been fine?

          • Anonymous says:

        • 52
          Justice Fingers says:

          Its the perverting the course of justice that is the issue not speeding.

          Do keep up

          • Anonymous says:

            It all started with a law in my view is wrong. How many of you think motor way speed limits are low?

          • Justice Fingers says:

            So you don’t agree with a law, then that makes it OK to ignore?

          • Terry Dactyl says:

            @anon. You are an idiot.

          • Millions of people in answer to anon says:

            Terry has beaten us to it!

          • Anonymous says:

            A: This is not about speed.
            Even if it was, and all the cars on the roads are the best technology can provide, there would still be a need for a speed limit.

            Because there are Chris Huhnes about that live in a delusionary world that does not connect actions with consequences. Does it not worry you, his lack of ability to see far enough ahead?

            What other decisions were taken for immediate gain?

          • Anonymous says:

            Terry Dactyl, so do you support the current speed limit?

          • Anonymous says:

            Current speed limit is an issue. Ministers are even lieing in parliament nothing is done about it.

            This is a small issue compared to what is happening in this country. What is the point in wasting resources. Just let him out with a big fine rather then wasting even more money by putting him inside.

          • Ron Gendofthestick but still bleeding true. says:

            Fuck sake anonymous, are you still trying to justify a dirty little law breakers actions?

          • Anonymous says:

            Ron Gendofthestick but still bleeding true, trying to stop wasting public money. If Chris is fined it is cash inflow to government if he is put inside it will be cash outflow for the government.

            Keeping Chris inside will cost the public around £1,000 a week.

          • CarryHole is a silly Hunt says:

            Some anonymongs on here are too stupid to be allowed a computer.

            They should do away with WIMP and wysiwyg and make it hard to use a puter so it cuts out the mongs.

        • 54
          Soft on crime, soft on the causes of crime. says:

          Yes you’re absolutely right mummy Huhne.. on the other hand, Chris is a lying, cheating, dirty scummy shit who deserves to have the fucking book thrown at him preferably the heaviest book you could find.

        • 60
          Cmdr. Buck Dynamite says:

          He was going through roadworks. It’s rare, I know, but occasionally there are workmen around in roadworks, and they have been known to be killed by irresponsible little twats like Huhne,

          But that’s by the by. His main crime was perjury, not speeding.

          • Anonymous says:

            Do you think its ok to tell lies in parliament? In my view its worse but there is no punishment for it.

          • Anonymous says:

            No one was killed but the man who took the country to illegal war where hundreds of thousands died are free.

          • Anonymous says:

            But some have help, even if workmen are around.

            Three point manoeuvre through a gap, and a U turn on the M25 and the driver never faced any charges. I wonder whose friend that could be?

          • William Jefferson Clinton says:

            My main crime was perjury, too, but a lot of people were willing to give me a pass, considering I was lying about cheating on that shrew of a wife of mine– they didn’t know but what they might do the same. Huhne, on the other hand, conspired in perjury with his wife, who turned into a shrew when she found out he was cheating on her. Big difference, you’d have to say.

        • 111
          alexsandr says:

          you should have been in coventry this morning. People driving fast in 4×4′s on ice thinking they will stop. so many ended up in the hedge or crash barrier. I saw 6 crashes in 5 miles on the A46 dual carriageway.
          Until we learn to drive acording to the conditions limits should stay as they are.

        • 189
          Not a millionare politcian says:

          Are you his dad or something, you hunhe.

      • 48
        Anonymous says:

        When real criminals are let out with community sentence what is the point of putting him inside? Its waste of tax payer money.

        • 53
          Margaret Moran says:


          • When is anon being readmitted to that nice hospital says:


        • 61
          lennerdhutton says:

          Because he is loathsome, cheating Hunt who taxes us with his stupid windmills. Personally I would be happy to pull the switch on old sparky if he was sitting in it.

          • Anonymous says:

            I am against green taxes, stupid windmills, etc. But it not the issue.

            There are some more asshol* doing the same.

        • 72
          Another money saving expert says:

          It would be cheaper to shoot him.

          Cheaper still to strangle him with a bit of old rope.

    • 9
      Fall from grace says:

      who is grace?

    • 47
      Top Prison Tips says:

      in the showers wear a nice pair old fashioned black swimming trunks with a sturdy cord tied in a double knot

      • 139
        Old Lag says:

        Fugly Huhne won’t have to worry on that score. It’s the young muscular or pretty lads the lifers are more interested in.

    • 129
  2. 2
    What a Huhne says:

    It’s taken almost 2 hours for the sentencing. That cock must be talking the poor judge’s head off with last minute please.

    • 14
      Thunderbox says:

      CPS lawyer Malcolm McHaffie said: “Chris Huhne made sustained challenges against the prosecution before pleading guilty at the last minute. This was expensive for the CPS and we will be applying for costs.”

      It’s the money, stupid.

      • 177
        pissed off voter says:

        I hope the CPS will also investigate the information volunteered – no coercion here – that Vince Cable and wife were aware of the Huhne law-breaking and also, therefore, part of conspiracy to pervert justice.

  3. 3
    Nick 'La Cucaracha' Clegg says:

    Chris was an outstanding MP and a very effective Minister.

    • 5
      Vince Cable says:

      I don’t remember Chris.

    • 12
      Jimmy's Rightie Quote Of The Day says:

      “I want to thank him for the very good work that he has done in government, both in helping to bring the coalition government together and as secretary of state for energy and climate change.”

      [rt hon butch cameron, pm pro tem]

      • 24
        Ed Balls says:

        Thats enough about him, lets talk about ME. What do you think of ME?

      • 26
        retardEd Miliband says:

        Chrith Huhne wath travelling too far, too fatht. I think Chrith Huhne hath acted in a reckleth and irrethponsible manner. I demand a judge-lead enquiry.

        Oh yeth.

      • 51
        The Moron (who else?) says:

        I shall be addressing the House about ex-MP Mr Huhne, on Sunday at 3am

  4. 6
    Andrew says:

    Good work Guido.

  5. 7
    metaltrack says:

    Nice work Guido :)

  6. 8
    C Huhne says:

    Please…..please don’t send me to the big house

  7. 10
    Chris Hunhe says:

    I can still manage the party from the prison, just like the movie Goodfellas

  8. 11
    Austin Countryman says:

    Jolly well done Guido, from all of us old chaps ay British Leyland. Can’t have these johnnies running round flaunting the law in bloody German motors, What.

  9. 13

    One thing everyone seems to have overlooked in all this media circus

    Huhne hasn’t had those three points added to his license.

    We’ve all been too busy to notice.

    So, he’s got away with it. He’s still got his driving license

    he really is the master

  10. 15
    Always 650 to sort out says:

    Great work Guido. Can you get some of the other rogues in your sights? There are still 650 possibles!

  11. 16
    PollyTwaddle says:

    He doesn’t deserve prison. Can I suggest they just tag him at his villa in Tuscany.

  12. 17
    Geoff says:

    Electric chair

  13. 19
    Chris Hunhe says:

    Does anyone know where you get those tear shaped tattoos done?

  14. 20
    Welsh activist. says:

    On Sky now, the Ugandan refugee Yasmin Alibi Brown who once said that she wished the white race exinct in 100 years, is now white?

  15. 21
    Fishy says:

    Stop press: Meanwhile over on the Specci site Owen Jones is currently trying to justify why he is a c.unt and also justify why is he refusing to apologise for accusing, on QT, Israel of killing a BBC man’s son in a targeted strike (when it turned out to be a Hammas rocket)

    Jones attempts at defending himself are utterly pathetic.

    Feel free to join in the fun while you are awaiting the main event

    • 50
      Owens mum says:

      Owen- if you don’t say sorry you won’t get any pocket money this week.

      • 76
        Owens daddy says:

        Owen. Even that huhne Huhne as apologised so do as your Mum says, NOW.

        (Like all good Trots you can always keep your fingers crossed when you say, ‘Sorry’).

    • 82
      Casual Observer says:

      Jones cannot justify it. He will try, and he will fail.

      He should go over to P@lestine to find out what is really going on. He will be thankful when the !DF pull him out alive.

    • 85
      Owen Jones' biggest fan. says:

      Just goes to show what a little bastard bigot the snivelling areshole truly is.

  16. 23
    Anonymous says:

    should be for life but I would settle for him getting 12mths. because he will only serve 6mths.

    • 36
      labourunionsbbc are one under the EU says:

      If he did get twelve, he’d serve less than six.

    • 38
      All LibDums should be gassed says:

      12 months for perjury, death for being a eco-lying green-tax loving Liberal Dimocrat.

      Sentences to run concurrently.

  17. 27
    Chris Huhne right now in court says:

    I’m not leaving this court till I’ve been found innocent!

  18. 29
    The old pope says:

    By the time his team have finished the judge will make him the new pope, and quite right too.

  19. 32
    Just a guess (well, a hope maybe) says:

    Cell 43987254?

  20. 35
    Absentee Voter says:

    Pryce’s lawyer claims that she had never committed another offence in her life.
    He obviously thinks that being revoltingly ugly doesn’t count.

    • 57
      hold them to ac says:

      Bubbles de Vere is 200x worse. The fact is her inner beauty and intelligence are amazing as she got him for what he was a cheat of the whole penalty points system, as well as a menace to the roads. Worse he tried (see the footage) to claim he was glad the police were involved (hoping VP would also get perjury charges) as these allegations were completely false, as he had stated “Time and time again”. Muppet.

    • 58
      Justice Fingers says:

      It is illegal to walk around during daylight hours with an offensive face

    • 89
      Casual Observer says:

      She entered into a criminal conspiracy, and in the course of that initially attempted to implicate an innocent third party. That is very serious stuff.

      The storm should be heading to Cable properly next. This is not over yet, even after the sentencing today.

      • 120
        Vince Nasle says:

        I have consulted old moors almanac and I can confirm that I have never heard of anyone called Cable

  21. 37
    ian says:

    him 12
    her 9

  22. 42
    Justice Fingers says:

    Ive tired myself out yap yap yapping

    • 55
      Anonymous says:

      Like the magistrate in the Pistorius hearing- milking it for all he’s worth.

    • 56
      meeee says:

      I, too. would like to be able to retire after a couple of hours work.

    • 96
      Ron Gendofthestick but still bleeding true. says:

      On a massive public paid pension no doubt

    • 112
      SP4BS says:

      Do they have another trial afterwards or will he be in the pub by 4:40?

      • 146
        hold them to ac says:

        Never but on a regular day might have to ensure the official record going out is correct and signed off. Then prepare for tomorrow’s cases by reading up on the law and evidence.

  23. 44
    The Dirty Rat says:

    Two hours – poor cu*t will miss his tea now.

  24. 46
    rumpledforeskin says:

    Judge mislaid his black cap ?

  25. 49
    Fuck it says:

    What is being missed here was Huhne was a dangerous driver. He lost his licence AFTER he got the Greek one to take his points as he got done for using his phone or something.

    With his money you think he’d have either got a cab or a driver.

    By the way whatever happened to global warming?

  26. 59
    Carina says:

    Oh Chris, I will wait for you no matter how long you get?

    (Thinks – She looks fit; I wonder if she’s free tomorrow night; tonight would just be sleazy).

  27. 62
    One a c.unt always a c.unt says:

    They are very concerned about any mention of c.unts round here.

  28. 63
    What a Huhne says:

    At 4.30, Huhne will say a relative has died and he should be freed on compassionate grounds.

  29. 68
    If you're gonna have a metal song for Huhne says:

  30. 70
    Some words you have always to be careful with says:

    Dear Mr Fuck It

    Your modding would have been for the word dr1ver. The proprietor of this space is very sensitive to all words realting to the control of a car as he has had legal problems realting to being in control of a vehicle whilst having insufficient sobriety.

    Yours ever

    Mod Watcher

  31. 71
    lennerdhutton says:

    Vicky for Greek Finance Minister where she can take the country out the Euro.

  32. 74
    aussie rules says:

    Wheres McShame? did he send a mitigating letter,he could have been tried today the evidence is all there and its compelling

  33. 75
    the stench of hypocrisy says:

    Not horror- satisfaction that the law is being applied equally.
    Like when all those corrupt Labour MP’s were jailed for fiddling their x’s.

  34. 77
    Sir William Wade says:

    As the Iron Duke once remarked to my ancestor Sir Frederick Waad, nothing except a battle lost can be half so melancholy as a battle won.

  35. 78
    Popcorntastic! says:

    Did any of you see Peter Bone and a BBC news presenter clash earlier? Bone told the BBC presenter “there’s the BBC, sticking up for terrorists” and the presenter said “Excuse me, do not accuse me of sticking up for terrorists”.

    • 180
      truth hurts. says:

      Bone didn’t accuse the presenter of sticking up for terrorists.
      He accused the BBC of it.
      Which it does.

  36. 79
    Going Tonto worked for me Chris says:

    At 4:10 Huhne’s defence lawyers claim that he ahs just gone Tonto just like Margaret Moran.

  37. 86
    Owen's mummy says:

    Owen. You should be home from school and doing your homework by now.

  38. 87
    Fishy says:

    Will she get deported after she gets out? What on earth will the BBC do then?

    • 114
      Casual Observer says:

      Well, Mas0n will likely report on her plight from Athens with full balance.

  39. 90
    Pontificate says:

    Time to be serious, at the end of the day, Chris will be inside but Ed Balls will still be a free man, tell me where is the justice?

  40. 92
    Scritti Politti says:
  41. 98
    Carina Trimingham says:

    I wonder what Denis is doing tonight?

  42. 99
    A Greeeek Tragedy says:

    Apparently the marriage was going really well until Vicky asked if Chris wanted to try a little Greek, he came home next day with a Linguaphone course, she had not realised he was so thick.

  43. 103
    The savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

    Am I persona grata at the start of a new week.moddy after my incisive comments which proved a little too rich for your blood at tail end of last week??

    If. I see this message on the blog I will assume. I am back in the fold

  44. 104
    C.unts In Wigs says:

    We’ve been going for hours Time for a “refresher”

  45. 107
    Mong Watch says:

    Even the Grauniad is giving OJ Simpleton a slap down today:

    Jones is Mong incarnate.

  46. 108
    Judge "Hang Em High" Sweeney says:

    I’m Judge Sweeney and i haven’t had any dinner.

    Shut it you slags, you’re going down for a 10 to 20 stretch!

  47. 115
    Simon says:

    Huhne going down like a girl to the end, having his lawyers do all his squealing for him about how he’s been shafted so much so publicly already, Vicky going down like a man not bothering with mitigation and taking her packed suitcase with her ready for her short holiday.

    A pound of my money says if they were mr and mrs nobody they would have been sentenced last week but no doubt their contacts agreed not to spoil mothers day…

  48. 118
    What a Huhne says:

    The Crown Prosecution Service has said it would try to recover costs – which amounted to about £79,000 for prosecuting Huhne and £38,000 for Pryce.

    Additional police costs of £31,000 were incurred due to attempts by Huhne to halt the proceedings.

    • 135
      A Greeeek Tragedy says:

      With the size of Huhne’s property portfolio, he should be picking up the tab not us!

  49. 123
    A view from Labour's terror wing says:
  50. 125
    Sweeny says:

    I find the excitement of this sound and imagery can give one quite a stiffy.

  51. 128
    Banana Republic Britain says:

    Sentencing imminent!

  52. 130
    Anonymous says:

    Huhne should be tied to one of the blades on a windmill – and remain there forever. Davey should be used as a counterbalance.

  53. 132
    Popcorntastic! says:

    Any minute now!

  54. 136
    Schadenfreud says:
  55. 137
    Simon says:

    rubber glove time coming up….

  56. 140
    Simon says:

    Vicky Pryce handed a multipack of tissues}

    Chris Huhne handed a multipack of condoms and a pack of lard…

    • 142
      Casual Observer says:

      h/t TomSkyNews:

      Almost silent in court waiting for judge – Huhne’s coat and overnight bag are still in the corner of the dock

  57. 143
    Spartacus says:

    looks like the judge will be telling him off longer than he will be in prison.

    hune must be being gummed to death – at least his ears must be ringing

  58. 144
    Popcorntastic! says:

    Judge has called Huhne’s conduct in the trial scandalous.

  59. 145
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    Talk about building your part up.

    2pm, get on with it Mr. Justice Sweeney!

  60. 147
    A Greeeek Tragedy says:

    A scene captured earlier in the week of the Huhne one trying to brush up on his cellside manner.

  61. 148
    Casual Observer says:

    Judge knows how to work his audience. He did say before 4:30 PM

    Must be checking a few cases to make sure the sentences are correct.

  62. 151
    Popcorntastic! says:

    John Rentoul on Sky saying Huhne was an effective minister.
    :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

  63. 152
    labourunionsbbc are one under the EU says:

    Awright for you then ain’t it mush.

  64. 155
    Juror No.9 says:

    Is the trial over?

  65. 157
    Simon says:

    Judge delayed as he is putting his entry for the guess the sentence competition in…

    • 173
      hold them to ac says:

      Defamy, defamy they’ve all got it. Well the point is a suck up to the sweepstake, which I refused to enter as I have moral conviction unlike the perpetrators of this complete fiasco, entering lies against each other.

  66. 158
    Popcorntastic! says:

    Any second!!!!

  67. 160
    Popcorntastic! says:

    You’d think a judge who’d had to sit through the same trial twice would want it done with asap.

    • 167
      A Greeeek Tragedy says:

      Exactly, usually, M’luds start after lunch at 2 and finish off home by 3, curious.

  68. 161
    Casual Observer says:

    Judge is in the room. Perhaps waiting for the 17:00 news cycle ?

  69. 162
    labourunionsbbc are one under the EU says:

    Any minuet now, keep watching, just a little bit more, k e e p w a t c h i n g, N e a r l y t h e r e, n o t f a r t o g o n o w o n ‘ t b e l o n g zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  70. 165
    Popcorntastic! says:

    Judge is now back in court.

  71. 168
    Ed "Twelvety" Balls says:

    In preparation for the budget, I’ve been swotting up. Today I watched Sesame Street and learned all about the number six.

  72. 170
    Casual Observer says:

    Judge certainly not pulling any punches.

  73. 171
    Popcorntastic! says:

    Judge has begun closing remarks

  74. 172
    rumpledforeskin says:

    judge sends note to asking how many months in a year

  75. 175
    Flash Hurry says:

    It’s been a great day to bury bad news. Well done Chris.

  76. 176
    Popcorntastic! says:

    Judge says they “both decided not to tell the truth”

  77. 179
    Popcorntastic! says:

    Any second….no, really…

  78. 181
    Popcorntastic! says:

    Judge has asked what happened on last week’s Eastenders

  79. 182
    Banana Republic Britain says:

    Muppet Sky News reporter (Martin Brunt), the one at the court has just admitted that he knows people who have passed on points.

    I think I might inform the Met!

  80. 185
    Vince Cable says:

    I don’t remember Chris Huhne.

  81. 188
    Popcorntastic! says:

    Judge to Huhne “You thought you could get away with it”.

  82. 190
    Lord Sidmouth says:

    Has the black cap been donned yet?

  83. 192
    Mr Barraclough says:

    Just pop your Y fronts on that chair and bend over Christopher. This won’t hurt a bit.

  84. 192
    Casual Observer says:

    10% discount for guilty plea for Huhne.

  85. 196
    Mr and Mr Huhne says:

  86. 198
    Casual Observer says:

    Custodial ‘with deterrence effect’ : This is going to be harsh.

  87. 200
    Owen's mum says:

    Patience is a virtue Owen.
    Have you apologised yet?

  88. 201
    rumpledforeskin says:

    devious and controlling not fragrant then.

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