March 10th, 2013

Huhne Going Down Tomorrow Afternoon


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    Virgil says:



    • 44
      Blowing Whistles says:

      I am going to be checking up on the whereabouts of Lordy Leveson and a few of his ‘Friends’ this week – rumour has it he might be having a day out in Barbara’s ‘Wild(ing) west’ of Wales on or about Wednesday or Thursday.

      It’s Life Jim but not as we know it … said spock to Captain Kirk.

      MSM not invited (they couldn’t give a F about the Public Interest) – such is their spinelessness and memos of standing under omertas and dee notices.


      • 52
        My 5 Dis-Info Bot says:

        Word is, and this is just a rumor, in fact a rumor that is completely unsubstantiated, and the rumor about the rumor is that this rumor could well be made up and not exist beyond this page, but the rumor alleges that Lord L may have a penchant for kinky sex and oranges.

        Don’t forget the lemon squeezer and the feather boa.


        • 60
          The Subliminal messages of the Chris Huhne affair says:


          • Yawn says:

            Oh for got sake shut up, you’re like a child endlessly asking ‘why’, or ‘are we nearly there yet’. This is the biggest load of rubbish I have ever seen – the fact is, if you have to ask the questions you ask you are either a, a complete moron, or b, a special advisor or spin doctor.

            Take your pick, but the game is up..


    • 105
      Gordon says:

      Sandi Toksvig appears to loke people who have an opinion

      Well i think Sandi Toksvig is about as funny as dog shit on your wedding dress


      • 121
        Diawl says:

        I agree, she is one of the most odious people on radio/tv. I have complained several time to the BBC about the ruination of the News Quiz under her chairmanship, but to no avail. I have come to the conclusion that the cabal at the Beeb think that she is a) Talented b) Funny c) Intelligent d) Acceptable. I disagree on all four.


        • 126
          Lord Stansted says:

          I stopped listening to the News Quiz a couple of years back. It became boring and v. predictable. Come to think of it, I’ve stopped listening to BBC radio in toto for the same reasons. It’s an odd thing perhaps, but I don’t think of myself any the less informed about the world as a consequence.


        • 139
          john@loggerheads says:

          …and she’s gay.


      • 138
        Wor Ashley says:

        That’d be the same Toksvig who (according to yesterday’s ST) admires the vacuous Cheryl Cole for her forthrightness. That Toksvig admits she ‘fancies’ the Geordie sage shurely is coincidental. Hope they get together soon.


      • 146
        Sue Perkins says:

        Well i think Sandi Toksvig is about as funny as dog shit on your wedding dress

        Yes she is a lesbian comedienne


    • 132
      What a plonker says:

      Another LibDem snake bites the dust.


  2. 2
    Dogs breath says:

    6 months I reckon. Possible suspended.


  3. 3
    Kebab Time says:

    I reckon he will get less than Vicky, he pleaded Guilty, she went all the way.


    • 18
      Anonymous says:

      after years of denial. 18 months gross for him.


      • 47
        damned impertinent questions says:

        18 months for him
        9 months for her- suspended


        • 148
          you need to do much better than call me a little Englander says:

          As a climate change denier and on a day when it’s snowing and according to Huhne and co we should be sweltering in March it would be nice if they could add on a couple more years for this real purgery he’s committed versus some nonsense about trying to carpetbag a couple of speeding points.


    • 55

      He pled not guilty all the way through , right up until the morning of his trial


    • 79
      Common Purpose is evil says:

      By pleading guilty any sentence he gets is automatically cut in half so say 6 months is cut down to 3 months then with other time off 2 weeks?


      • 86
        Handycock (Teen Fondler) from his sickbed says:

        Chris will be OK the Grand Master has fixed up a suspended for him, it’s that bitch of his wife who is going to get it for upsetting the applecart of how this country is really run, by the Brotherhood. The Grand Master is not at all amused by all the extra work he has had to put in because of her, she is going to get it big time. As for me I am still on the sick, as far as the Council, is concerned so that they can’t bring me in front of their inquiry for molesting a constituent, again on the Grand Master’s advice. In fact I am back to my shagging best, anyway, what is wrong with getting your cock out in front of a constituent if she is a looker? Boaz


        • 87
          Grand Master, Grand Lodge, Queen Street says:

          Nothing wrong at all Handy. In the good old days we would have had her locked up for life for making accusations like this against a Member and fellow Brother. Stay on the sick until your fellow Brothers on the Council think up a get out strategy. Jahbulon.


      • 111
        MB. says:

        Wasn’t there some ruling a few years ago where it was made clear that pleading guilty at the last moment would not entitle the person to the full reduction in sentence?


        • 134
          Tom Catesby says:

          Friend of mine who is a JP tells me that 10% is the going rate for copping a guilty plea, but the sooner you put your hand up can have a bearing and may effect a sentence decision as all factors of a case are considered in the round so to. speak.


      • 120
        PK says:

        apparently 10% discount for pleading at last possible moment.


      • 127
        Chris Grayling says:

        The reduction in sentence for pleading guilty is at the judge’s discretion. He has a maximum he cannot exceed but he doesn’t have to give any discount, especially if he is influenced by the behaviour of a defendent’s attempt to get a case thrown out before the trial starts, for example.

        If the sentece is over 12 months, they will serve half of it in prison and then released on licence and will be supervised by Probation.


    • 102
      Not me guv says:

      A career criminal. He continued to revel in a taxpayer-funded career and deceived the electorate. Ronnie Biggs left the country while Dick Turpin had enough courtesy to wear a mask. This turd just continued the lie and believed he was above the law. It’s the Lib Dem thing.


  4. 4
    Virgil says:

    Anyone got a soap on a rope for Chris? Bubba and Big Dave (D wing) need not apply.


  5. 5
    The religion of piss says:

    The religion of peace has been at it again, burning the homes of christians in Pàkistan suspected of ‘blasphemy’. Why can’t we just fucking nuke that wretched country? It’s nothing more than one massive training camp for terrorists.


    • 9
      Hamjem Chowder says:

      Tis true, sire.


      • 32
        Anonymous says:

        when the land which is part of the indus valley has been shite on…we are for sure in the night of the illustrious god.
        but there will be a new day…and it will all restart.
        best to master the game at level 7. and escape.
        but then.
        it is a larf of gobsmackin proportion.
        god is a games designer of genius proportion.
        lot of fun though should one want.
        love is creation, truth is forever and zero is the hot sunspot.
        for passionate electric intensity.
        4 is the number for grounded folks.
        essential. 4 Ohm (grounded electric intensity 4 passionate fawkes) or be Gspot focussed creatively… 3G…..or switch)



    • 17
      Anonymous says:

      was he mental…unable to handle so the electricity just surged. powaarchap..he..swide ground. himshelf.
      but then it is a smear.
      he was fit ‘n healthy.
      how are we to know.


    • 22
      Blowing Whistles says:

      It’s not Mohammed’s fault he was rejected by Zioloons

      Sieg Heil


      • 28
        Blowing Whistles says:



        • 35
          Anonymous says:

          that is willpower 4u.

          but it all started with desire.
          who is behind the desire.
          desire is the ultimate illusion.
          even god could not help himself. ….enjoy the journey


        • 59
          Blowing Whistles says:

          I have a Zioloon sympathiser accusing me of being an imposter

          I’m not sure why, I have always made my sympathies towards those seeking the removal of the Entity clear

          I just wish they would hurry up already. They’ve had over 6 decades with vastly superior numbers and still fail miserably.


      • 33
        Sucking Whistles says:

        We know the real BW doesn’t blow that hard.


        • 50
          Anonymous says:

          he operates at level 7. hardlie any air rqd.
          but the pleasure zones
          relish helplessness. a ferrari has great power that bw has…but as murduck dscovered..,handle with the balance of the grounded man.
          that thought of a judicial review
          was a cum activator for the brain dawn under. that seed of an idea was weak.


        • 66
          Blowing Whistles says:

          I blow your minds every time I post


  6. 6
    Anon says:

    Wonder if longer than 6 months to set example. Not much longer as I’m sure if either can appeal they’ll try it on.


    • 96
      Curly says:

      It should be more than a year – to prevent him ever being an MP again if nothing else!


      • 97
        Curly says:

        PS: Re Court timetable: When I was in the RAF 02.00 was AM, not PM.

        Did the EU change that when I wasn’t looking?


        • 124
          Adolf Hitler (deceased) says:

          Ve are now on Berlin time


        • 155
          Herman Goerings ghost says:

          If ve had a squadren of ze Spitfires you vould be driving around in ze Mercedes and BMW’s now and you vould be under ze German rule… Vott? Gott in Himmel you mean zey are? Seig Heil.. Von Churchill must be spinning in his crypt!!


  7. 7
    PRICK CLEGG says:

    “Huhne Going Down Tomorrow Afternoon” And it won’t be on Carina


  8. 8
    Chris Huhne says:

    Vicky, can you take my prison sentence for me?


  9. 11
    Weapon of ass destruction says:

    Il look forward to seeing him.


  10. 12

    “Who’s a pretty boy then”? Now then Christopher , let mummy bath you , then you can come over here and suck mummys dick


  11. 14
    Francis Fogbound says:

    Only 649 to go.


  12. 15
    Hamjem Chowder-Bott says:

    Take that rubber ring in when you had piles Christopher.


  13. 16
    Keith Dovkunts says:

    As Price is good at taking penalties, she’s sure to get into the HMP Holloway women’s football team . . .


  14. 20
    Anonymous says:

    We all know he’s not going down, suspended all the way


    • 38
      Andrew says:

      They used to call hanging in the dog-Latin of the courts “sus per coll” – suspended by the neck.

      Neither of them is getting a suspended sentence in the old sense or the new. This time tomorrow, my fellow taxpayers, Chris and Vicky will be our guests.


      • 98
        Curly says:

        Since we already appear to pay vast swathes of their salaries, they seem to be our guests anyway.


  15. 21
    Pryce Watch says:

    The next spin will be that she will state she took the points to save the marriage.


  16. 23
    Mong Watch says:


    • 25
      Brontosaurus says:

      What a wanker!


    • 26
      Wankerometer says:

      Wooooooowooooooo alert alert.. overload … wooowooooo… OVERLOAD….


    • 46
      JH568345235474 says:

      Is that all power Owen, or only power that is wielded by people who are not unreconstructed Communists who would build death camps tomorrow if they thought it might lead to the Socialist golden dawn?


    • 56
      Smell the glove says:

      This brought me to tears. A young socialist fighting for justice but having the time to eulogise his mother. A mother that has done the nation good by carrying such a visionary. Ms Owen I salute your infegatability (sic) oomwa xx


      • 115
        JabbaTheCat says:

        Mrs Jones fucked up when she let Mr Jones use her Marigold glove instead of a condom, as due to excessive Domestos soaking the rubber started cracking, whence little Jones was inflicted on the rest of society, bleached and delirious…


      • 154
        Mr Jones says:

        I knew I should have had a wank that night instead.


  17. 24
    Brontosaurus says:

    Huhne – 9 months – discount for guilty plea but very little as he wriggled all the way and pleaded at the last minute. Extra for position of trust and instigating Pryce taking his points, Etc.
    Pryce – 6 months – no discount as she pleaded not guilty. But she won’t get any extra as she was pressured (not coerced) to take the points. She should get extra for being so bloody stupid as to think she could get Huhne done and get away with it herself, but she won’t.


    • 39
      Quiet Bat Person says:

      She should get an extra 3 months for looking like a troll.


      • 81
        Laura San Giacomo, Vicky's much MILFier doppelganger, says:

        Or for looking like me in another ten years, if I were to have a mastectomy (knock on wood I never need one) and let myself go.

        (Resorting to any excuse to show a woman with large bosoms, yeah?)


  18. 27
    Sentenced to a few weeks says:

    Look at what happened to the Labour expenses crooks. They served less than six months before getting early release. That’s exactly what’ll happen to Huhne. Politicians don’t serve sentences like ordinary crooks. He’ll get the equivalent of a slap on the wrist and will leave prison to go on to a lucrative career in reality TV and a book deal. This is society now. Criminals like Archer, Aitken et al are rewarded for their crimes, and the same will happen to Huhne, Macshane etc. We can enjoy the fact their political careers are over, but let’s not kid ourselves that they’ll be punished or left impoverished. Society is structured to protect and enrich political criminals. The only thing we can hope for is that disease claims the likes of Blair. If he or Macshane were to get cancer, then we can feel justice has been served.


    • 29
      Hamjem Chowder-Bott says:

      And me I suppose?


    • 41
      Andrew says:

      If people are stupid enough to buy books by the likes of Aitken and Archer and Huhne – or watch the idiot-box when they are on it – they will make money. if not, not.


    • 68
      Steve P says:

      Sentenced you seem unaware how it works.

      Assuming good behaviour, EVERYONE gets a 50% discount.

      Then deduct prison fullness reduction; early release on a tag; resettlement, etc.etc.

      But all that is really needed for these two is the klunk of the prison gATE TO PROVE THEY HAVE NOT BEEN LET OFF, EVEN IF ONLY FOR A WEEK OR TWO.



  19. 30
    Fact Check says:

    i) The internet, as a term, was first used in 1974: RFC 675

    It was very widely known about by 1992, and was making impact in UK / Europe by the mid 80s.

    WWW was developed in 1990 by Berner’s Lee, and that for sure was known about by 1992.

    ii) Baroness Warsi’s first name is: Sayeeda

    Couldn’t get much further through it.


  20. 31
    Julie Andrew says:

    “The Vienna Philharmonic today revealed that almost half of its musicians were Nazis in World War II after it sacked Jewish members………….”

    Bit late boys!!


  21. 34
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Let me be very clear – I know what I post and when I post it. Irrespective of the content of a comment – If I didn’t post it then I have called the imposter an IMPOSTER. I HAVE NEVER USED THE SIGN OFF LINE OF SIEG HEIL. I don’t need to. There have been two such IMPOSTERS Noted in the last few days.


    • 70
      Blowing Whistles says:

      You doth protest too much



      • 88
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Your are an IMPOSTER, no. 34, and you’re an IMPOSTER, no. 70. You can be sure that I am the real Blowing Whistles because I talk bollocks and spread conspiracy theories like I’m some kind of holier than thou savant – and anyone who says they’re me is part of a Masonic Indistrial Government Complex out to discredit me. Boaz. Sieg Heil.


  22. 40
    Vince Incapable says:

    Huhne’s in prison.
    Straw man Clegg is embroiled in fondling scandal.

    Farron is about to receive some press at his door…a little indiscretion that only a former chief whip would know about. Is it going to leave the field clear for me?

    You might think that. I couldn’t possibly comment.


    • 45
      Casual Observer says:

      I think rat boy Cable is going to be drawn into the Pryce vortex of shame.

      It is very credible that a) he knew, b) he perhaps may have discretely facilitated the decapitation of a competitor.

      Time will tell. Tick-tock.


      • 51
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Very interesting article about Milly Dowler’s murderer Levi Bellfield on the front page of the on today. I didn’t miss that.


        • 58
          Casual Observer says:

          Did you see this as well:

          My gut is telling me E.A.W. misuse imminent.

          The Bellfield story : UK should stop trying to be clever and learn from the studies done over in the US and recognize that in a given population there will always be a number operating.

          That constabularies still do not share information is what puts the public at biggest risk from these individuals. Same deal for the likes of Savile.


  23. 42
    Any Mouse says:

    30 days, suspended – after all they are Establishment.


  24. 43
    Any Mouse says:

    Are any on the bookmakers taking bets?


  25. 48
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Have noted being m00ded again at 11:12pm. Why do they do that for such an inconsequential comment? … The Nightshift!!!


  26. 49
    Toxic politics says:

    Moves are imminent against Cameron. Clegg and co have been exposed in a massive cover-up. The entire parliament is toxic. And there’s the serious danger of Labour returning to power. The only solution is for a fresh new leader to replace Cameron and take on Labour. Otherwise we have the horrific prospect of Prime Minister Miliband and Chancellor Balls.


    • 53
      Blowing Whistles says:

      All of those who were present on bliars watch and in the tory party who were the opposition at the time of the !raq war – must be washed out of Parliament before the cleansing starts properly.

      It’s beginning to look like the ‘corruption implosion’ [the rot was throughout the whole system] that brought down the East German government in 1989 and Communism officially in 1991. Not that them creeps have gone away just yet.


      • 64
        Casual Observer says:

        The Justice and Security effort they are trying to push through at the moment is proof positive that they have something big to hide.

        That thing has got to be killed.

        There is no place for in camera courts in a free and open democracy.


        • 75
          Vince Cable says:

          I can’t remember the last time we had a free and open democracy


          • The British Public says:

            Sadly for all of us, that’s not a function of your convenient memory, Vincent old chap, as no-one in this country really can.


    • 104
      Anonymous says:

      Mrs May assures me you are talking absolute rubbish .


    • 131
      Nigel Farage (thats faridge) says:

      Or PM Balls and the other as Chancellor


  27. 57
    £1.2 Trillion National Debt says:

    What purpose does prison time serve? At £42,OO a year to house an individual who present no hazard to the public. There is as an alternative, plenty of litterpicking be done along the canals as a deficit friendly option.


    • 62
      Casual Observer says:

      Or, just bring down the cost to the taxpayer of prison.


      • 101
        Curly says:

        Yup, like it used to be – a loaf and two pints of water a day. Perfick!


        • 158
          Friar's Tankard says:

          They should live like Monks, with livestock and a field of crops to tend,
          totally self sufficient. It would give some dignity to those who lack it, there’s nothing more noble than agriculture.


    • 95
      Another cunning tax plan says:

      Here’s an idea for LibDem/Labour policy units… everyone who goes to prison and owns a property or has assets over £2 million….


    • 103
      JH3429853490 says:

      Canals? Have you seen the state of the sides of the motorways recently?

      First true sign of a country in serious decline. We can afford five a day consultants and diversity officers, but not to pick up litter.


    • 147
      Sue Perkins says:

      The Daily Mail had a story of a lesbian who terrorised her neighbours and got given a certain number of hours of community service. On her first day she found that the lawnmower was too heavy to push so she walked off and never finished her sentence. Pity Sandi Toksvig gets to finish hers.


      • 152
        MugRunching LannyFicker says:

        The lawnmower would have been easier to push if it hadn’t had that fucking great heavy seat fitted to it.


  28. 67
    I fought the law says:

    boo hoo, boo hoo. blubber, blubber, tears tears


  29. 69
    Steve P says:

    Most to the point, what are the reporting restrictions referred to?



  30. 72
    albacore says:

    It’s today, then, that we’ll see if it’s all fantasy
    And retribution for crime’s just against you and me
    Whereas, once you’re an M P and maker of our laws
    You’ve as much chance of being banged up as Santa Claus
    As for the perp’s ex-leader still singing his praises
    What did he graduate in – buttercups and daisies?


  31. 73
    Splitting infinitives bad, killing innocent children good says:


    • 77
      Jimmy says:

      Nothing about it on her website so far


      • 78
        Casual Observer says:

        I have observed that the Grauniad / Indy / Huff Po / BBC seem to be really pushing this.


      • 80
        Jimmy says:

        The site does have sections relating to health, defence and education, but it’s a little light on policy detail so far. Rather like webcameron in that regard.


        • 106
          JH3429853490 says:

          Whereas Miliband’s site has more content than Wikipedia, a massive sprawling compendium of well thought out policies to take the country forward and out of danger.

          Oh, hang on, someones hacked it. It basically now says ‘Tax the shit out the productive and borrow billions more to reward the feckless. Import millions of upturned aggressive palms, while those who might have created the wealth to gift them leave. That should carry on working for a while’.


    • 84
      Pisspot Pete says:

      Back on the piss, Alki Boy? Reason I ask, you seem pretty pissy about splitting infinitives, but of course, that’s because there’s probably a lot more you’d like to say to, and about, Tim Montgomerie, and not just about Theresa Maybe Not, but you don’t want a writ heading your way, right?


    • 90
      Depressed Spindoc says:

      Split arse draws attention to split infinitive.


      • 133
        Dear Alistair Campbell says:

        Horrible sexed up dossier in your Iraq war evidence. That you weren’t fired evidence that Labour were dumbing down.


  32. 83
    Casual Observer says:

    As a fan of free speech let us hope that this does derail:

    A kinky sex dungeon sting is no reason to gag the press.


  33. 85
    Trigger says:

    2 X suspended sentences IMO, which perhaps best when others are more worthy of being locked up…


    • 93
      A P Herbert says:

      Suspended sentences ? That would mean Huhne being let loose in the world to cause more mischief and mayhem. That is unacceptable.
      It is plain from his attitude that he has not yet learnt his lesson at all.
      He is showing clear contempt for the Court and the whole judicial system.
      He must be put away to protect us all from his psychopathic tendencies.


  34. 91
    Anonymous says:

    She will be licking some piss flaps tuesday
    Chris will get strip searched, issued with second hand Y fronts and then stuck in a cell with a criminal even pettier than himself
    If we are lucky he will get a job in the prison stores or laundry handling sh+_ stained undies before being returned to the nonce wing


  35. 94
    N Clegg says:

    I have no recollection whatsoever of anyone of that name ever being a LibDem politician.


  36. 99
    Blowing Whistles says:

    commenting on these pieces of shit is pointless, they will be looked after by their “friends”,its discusting, but thats life.


    • 135
      Blowing Whistles says:

      IMPOSTER – btw not BW’s style – so somebody out there must be worried about the real BW to be so pitifully poor in trying to diss. Flattered – oh yes.


  37. 100
    aussie rules says:

    If there is any justice he should receive a year plus to ensure he can never be an MP again and she should get a year.I like many others will be disappointed if any sentence is suspended McShame next.


  38. 107
    The religion of piss says:

    Nuke Pàkistan and you’ll immediately wipe out 80% of the world’s terrorists. I’m sick of reading about these fuckers burning down the homes of non-muslims and christians. The whole country is a vile, savage, backward, medieval shithole.


    • 108
      JH3429853490 says:

      You’ll be needing some tactical nukes here as well, unfortunately.

      Still, we’ve paid for the fireworks, may as well set the fuckers off.


    • 116
      JabbaTheCat says:

      That’s a win win proposal, because you would also sort out 80% of our immigration problems as well…


      • 157
        cynic says:

        Tac nukes on the main British cities would eliminate most if the remaining terrorist threat.


  39. 109
    Misjudged says:

    As we know the law is an ass.. I wouldn’t trust judges to come up with a proper decision if their lives depended on it, take for instance the case of the naughty Islamist who had sex with an underage girl and was let off because he was ignorant of our laws. Sorry your honour I didn’t know it was illegal to break into a bank and steal all the money


  40. 110
    Yew Fat Tuat says:

    Best outcome would be to lock both of them up in the same cell for six months.


  41. 113
    Windy says:

    Let’s hope the prisons’ heating system is powered by windmills.


  42. 118
    Happy Mondays says:

    Hi Chris :-)


  43. 122
    That loveable Bernard Breslaw says:

    Down, down, down and it is least not on me


  44. 129
    Cam & Ron McTosh says:

    All the components of a Shakespearean tragedy & Broadway Smash

    An action long ago, a tragic inevitability, a large comic chorus;

    I shall make a musical of it.

    In 12 bar

    Take them down


  45. 137
    Earl Gray says:

    Let’s hope its life.


  46. 141

    Mister Justice Sweene-Todd we’ll know where they’ll end up!


  47. 142
    Tom tWatson says:

    Well, He’s going to learn that the best sex is always early in the morning………….except when you’re in Prison!


  48. 143
    Oaten, Hughes, Thorpe, Laws, Handycock says:

    We’ll all come to see you on visiting days.


    • 151
      Libdem Pervconvention says:

      We all love perversion, well done Chrissy boy you’ve perverted the course of justice!.he’s going down.. we all want to go down on.. er with you too Cwissy baby..


  49. 144
    Notasadtw*t says:

    You people are weirdos. Endless articles and comments about this boring Huhne trivia. You’re all getting boners from ranting on about the LibDems, salivating at their woes. Get a life you sad f&cks.


    • 150
      Twatdetector says:

      Certain commenters on this thread seem to have an obsession with other commenters erect sexual parts, it worries me somewhat.

      I’d like to ask those who are commenting on this thread, are you getting sexually excited over the idea that a lying cheating nasty €unt of a politician is going to be punished for his crimes? no? neither am I..
      The above commenter obviously enjoys a stiff cock.


  50. 159
    the savant 10.4 highway patrol says:

    Colemanballs says :

    Vicky Pryce and Beppe Grillo — are they perchance related?


  51. 160

    All of those who were present on bliars watch and in the tory party who were the opposition at the time of the !raq war must be washed out of Parliament before the cleansing starts properly.


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“It was an entirely run-of-the-mill English townscape, with some straightforward words to go with it. There was no obvious insult, no abuse, no overt sneering. She might have got away with it entirely, had some alert blogger not spotted it. He instantly detected the coded message that Emily Thornberry was sending to all her right-on, bien-pensant, Labour-luvvie friends in Islington, or wherever else it is that they follow her on Twitter.”

Left on Left says:

The lefties are attacking because the panellist is a millionaire and lives in a London home worth upwards of two million. Someone had best tell them he’s called Ed Miliband.

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