March 8th, 2013

Huhne and Pryce Sentenced Monday


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    I d i ot says:



    • 8
      Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

      You got your moniker right, anyway, idiot.

      As for Chris Huhne, surely the Hunhe’s Hoon if ever there was one:

      Don’t forget your toothbrush!

      Ah ha, ha ha ha, ha ha!


      • 13
        Axe The Telly Tax says:

        And the soap on a rope. LOL


        • 38
          maggie the dog says:

          I wonder which one starts to bat for the other side first


        • 41
          Anonymous says:

          They are both ruined, besides staisfying tbe usual “we want revenge” arse holes on this site, is there any point to putting them in jail at huge cost?


          • Rat's arse says:

            Agree to a certain extent ‘anon’, but it’s the fact that Huhne thought he was above the Law that gets me.

            I don’t expect he’ll get more than a few weeks in Prison anyway, and it may teach the arrogant barsteward a bit of humility.


          • Anonymous says:

            Yes, they are criminals. Period, best behind bars.


          • Lord Stansted says:

            Why should they be spared jail while Ned and Chav aren’t?


          • The mighty redemption says:

            Mr Jonathan Aitken has a piece in the paper today which says prison works.


          • Point of Information says:



          • macduffer says:

            We could save money by making them share a cell.


          • constituency trainbound says:

            the pair of them are fools but its their children who I feel more sorry for


          • Tom Catesby says:

            Perverting the course of justice should attract a prison sentence, it may even serve to ‘encourage some of the others’ in the westminster bubble to better behaviour, but given the level of arrogance and the complacent sense of entitlement I doubt it, but Huhne/Pryce needn’t worry to much, if past treatment of crooked politicians is anything to go by, sentence will probably be a short lie down in a soft open jail.


          • Andrew says:

            can we get away from the Daily Hate Mail notion that open prisons are “soft”?

            Not as hard as others. But still prisons. And they will definitely not go straight to one. Nobody does. And nobodies is what they are about to be, and not before time, if you will pardon the pun.


          • parisclaims says:

            YES!! And Huhne should pay for the cost of the trials and the by-election costs also. Lying Hunt.


    • 21
      JabbaTheCat says:

      I gather South African Police have finally removed the 24hr bail guard outside the Pistorious residence, after installing a cattle grid across the entrance…


    • 36
      Owin Jones says:

      Whoop whoop! Lovely to see you last night by the way!


  2. 2
    Brinx Matt Bobery says:

    A chance for a last fling before the clink


  3. 3
    len hutton says:

    Down, down, down they go! Whoopee!


  4. 4
    Big Dave from B Wing says:

    KY all round lads. Come to Daddy Christopher.


  5. 5
    Big Lil from D Wing says:

    She’s got nothing against rug munchers has she?


  6. 5
    Polly Put The Ketteling On says:

    It would be desperately unfair if poor Vicky ends up with a longer sentence than Chris, she is a woman after all.


    • 12
      Of all the dud defences says:

      ….and she only did it because he told her too!


    • 93
      Meow Meow says:

      Be careful what you wish for.
      It may come true.


    • 136
      Anonymous says:

      and what did we learn from this episode.

      1 It is possible to lie and shift points around with no immediate danger.
      2 The only chance the law had of catching the driver is if he is dobbed in.
      3 Convicting Pryce means nobody will ever be caught this way again.
      4 Law, foot, trigger, bang.


  7. 7
    A bit of natural justice says:

    I think that they and Carina should share a cell for 18 months.


  8. 9
    Donkey punch says:

    Will they be in the Jeffrey Archer memorial suite


    • 31
      Pickled Wizard says:

      He will be going to the David Chaytor segregation block, and she will be coerced into the Margaret Moran (special help) wing


  9. 10
    Judge Jeffreys says:

    Give them a suspended sentence.

    Hang them high!


  10. 14
    Bertie Blatant..tells it how it is says:

    I hope the judge throws the book at them as a lesson to others but i doubt it scum like that always get away with it…If they lived on a council estate and consumed large portions of crack then its an open and shut case…


  11. 15
    PK says:

    am lunching on Monday to celebrate.


  12. 16
    Fishy says:

    Perhaps the Judge could arrange for Burnham to join them (he might be able to make use of his black cap into the bargain).

    Burnham who today has finally slithered from under his rock to criticise Hunt’s demand that the NHS raised its sights beyond ‘adequate’.

    Burnham says that will his morale. The c.unt will never learn and has nothing useful to say. Care and compassion are not discretionary in the health service


  13. 18
    censorship here is now worse than - comments not even being allowed to show says:

    pretty sad for a supposed defender of free speech

    guido if you read this – whoever you’re employing to mod has gone rogue today, or if it’s software it need changing.


    • 26
      Fuck it says:

      It happens a lot here


    • 27
      SP4BS says:

      What-tcha whinging about then? You should know that anything to do with “dr iv ing” is banned.


      • 34
        censorship here is now worse than - comments not even being allowed to show says:

        I knew that but that was a personal thing – the blog belongs to guido, he can decide he doesn’t want people mocking him – it’s his choice.

        Today they have been removing anyone complaining about the decision to ban all comments on the chuka video – so not only did he either simply get scared of being criticised by the establishment or perhaps he even had a visit from the police in advance but to even refer to it negatively has brought removal of posts. Further today a whole series of posts criticising, in perfectly good nature, feminism and mass immigration have all been removed – I’ve never seen it like that on here and am genuinely disappointed as freedom of speech matters all the more, especially as the EU is now wanting to extend its powers to regulating the press.


      • 47
        censorship here is now worse than - comments not even being allowed to show says:

        This is the other article I referred to, should be of great concern:

        Add it to the recent censorship championed by militwat which would have allowed political considerations such as “racial equality” to determine if a story is allowed in the press and we have a potent mix.

        The most concerning paragraph:

        The “high-level” recommendations, welcomed by the European Commission, backed the creation of EU supervised media regulators with “real enforcement powers, such as the imposition of fines, orders for printed or broadcast apologies, or removal of journalistic status.”


        • 51
          - . ... ... .- - .. -.-. -.- .-.. . ... says:

          Add to that Cameron’s idiotic plan (inherited from Labour) to monitor every website we visit (although this snooping can be bypassed easily using a proxy server such as Tor) and we could not only get into trouble for publishing things, but for reading them, too.


    • 32
      - . ... ... .- - .. -.-. -.- .-.. . ... says:

      At least we’re allowed to type “European” now.


  14. 19
    Harry Krishna says:

    It would be amazing for Pryce to begin to enjoy the girls in the prison, and then on release day nick Carina Trimingham off of CHRIS.


  15. 20
    Stuart H says:

    Anyone else they would have been remanded in custody till monday if a sentence is on the cards.
    I think we should all hire cars like Huhnes and put his number plate on it and drive by every camera in town at 48 miles PH why 48? Coz that’s how many months he’s getting!!


  16. 25
    Sniff Out The Sh*te says:

    If they`re worried about having a hard time in prison they could both convert to Islam, those special privilleges and extra rights would soon make their stay at Her Maj`s pleasure all that more comfortable…..cynical, me?


    • 42
      The Halal Baconburger says:

      And the kitchen staff could have a laugh serving them ‘halal’ porkburgers. With extra spit, and a snotrocket side-salad.


  17. 28
    Guvnor Belmarsh says:

    Welcome Mr Huhne. You’re now No: 786468986534. Remember it.


  18. 39
    Brinx Matt Bobery says:

    Putting aside the party politics of it all Pryce’s position was symptomatic of the modern woman. On the one hand she wants to be taken seriously as an independent minded academic and advisor an equal to her male counterparts in every sense but then she is happy to do the classic “woman spurned” routine and then claim marital coercion as a defence.


  19. 40
    Chris Huhne hMP says:

    I’ll be out in 3 months.


    • 73
      M Moran says:

      Do what I did, mate. Get a sickie off a Doctor, wait a day or two, and then we can meet up in the pub to celebrate your release. Easy.


  20. 44
    Jimmy says:

    So no interesting court appearances today then?


  21. 45
    Murnahan@SkyNews says:

    And now over to Vicky Pryce, leading economist and lefty favourite for an unbiased opinion of the UK economy……………… Oh sorry, she seems to be indisposed at her majesty’s pleasure.


  22. 46
    pissed off voter says:

    excellent. and Coulson/brooks cases imminent. Spring is such a nice time of year.


  23. 48
    International Womens Day says:

    Now remember ladies if you should find out or being told by a friend that your husband or partner is a LibDem, the first thing you should do is change the locks, after that contact a lawyer then social services.


  24. 50
    Tinky Winky says:

    They should paint the Windmills all the colours of the rainbow to make it look like Telly Tubby Land.


    • 59
      One-term Dave, dragging the Tories to their grave, says:

      Telly Tubby Land is jolly nice, but all those green fields and hillocks should be covered in concrete and zillions of houses for an unlimited number of imm!grants, just like England will be when I’ve finished with it, what what what!

      Tally ho!


      • 100
        Hank the Cat says:

        Not bloody joking young One-Term but you post is closer to the mark than you think


  25. 52
    Fred says:

    Bets taken on who will receive what.


  26. 53
    Fuck it says:

    Nicky Campbell sounded VERY excited this morning when a caller suggested Huhne would become someone’s bitch in prison.


  27. 61
    Lefty Beeboids says:

    So. Polly is a friend of Vicky who is a friend of Briscoe and they all have jolly nice dinner parties in their exclusive London Enclave..

    They are ALL “expert” commentators for the BBC FFS.

    Polly does social, Vicky does EUnomics and Briscoe does justice for the Beeb.

    Will Vicky and onstance now be transferred to the BBC’s prison reporting team?


  28. 64
    Jonathan Aitken says:

    I found God inside


  29. 65
    Gonk III says:

    Revenge is a dish best served inside


  30. 67
  31. 68
    B!lly Bob Thornton says:

    Take the both of ‘em and put ‘em on a road gang, choppin’ weeds with one o’ them what ya call “kaiser blades”– some folk call it a “sling blade,” I call it a “kaiser blade,” umm-hmm…


  32. 69
    II Universe says:

    I trust Judge Sweeney will take into account Huhne’s stalling and sharp practices in finding every reason under the sun why he should not be taken to court into consideration when he calculates his custodial sentence.

    At one stage a Lawyer said that Huhne’s lawyers were operating in a parallel universe.


  33. 74
    A screw says:

    When hune gets his bit of bird, it will be in a nice open prison with lots of other ‘white collar’ inmates, there will be no gross homosexual activities. So please keep your ‘Buba’ fantasies to yourself.


  34. 81
    Gay News says:

    And what did you think of the level of homosexuality inside Lord Archer?


  35. 85
    Hubris says:

    I love it when a plan comes together. Someone should warn the supermarkets to expect a run on popcorn over the weekend.


  36. 88
    Denis the Menace says:

    One last night before pokey dear…………..Of course I’ll come and see you inside.


  37. 91
    Re yesterdays story in the Sun says:

    Will they want to check whether Vicky is concealing a loaded gun?


  38. 97
    Owin Jones says:

    Why is this news?


  39. 99
    Anonymous says:

    Sentencing Range: 4 months to 36 months
    Aggravating & Mitigating Factors

    Nature and number of offences
    Whether premeditated or spontaneous
    Degree of persistence
    Arrest of innocent person
    Innocent person maliciously targeted
    Any impact upon prosecution

    Hmm, VP could certainly get longer for her insistence on going to trial. One offence. Premeditated PLUS great degree of persistence.

    12 months for Huhne.
    24 months for Pryce.
    Whaddya think?


    • 119
      Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

      Nah, t’other way round more like. Will be a shocker if she gets longer than him. He fought tooth and nail to get out of it beforehand, only pleading guilty when he knew he’d have to face the damning evidence in court. He’s also the prime mover in the offence, and presented her with a fait a complit, along with a degree of coercion, even though that hasn’t amounted to a defence.


      • 126
        Andrew says:

        She should get a bit longer. He pleaded – late, but he pleaded. She did not and tried to blame her co-defendant. If she had been acquitted that would have worked against him.


  40. 101
    Casual Observer says:

    Is it not beyond the realm of possibility that Huhne and Carina may want to get together with Br!scoe and Pryce for one last four way before they get sent down ?


  41. 103
    The man at the back with the awful jumper - yes you sir says:

    They should get 5 years – in the same cell, with the whole thing available online 24/7. They deserve each other…


  42. 104
    Solomon says:

    Huhne: Banned from driving for life.
    Pay 50% of all legal costs.
    3 months jail or 3 years community work.

    Pryce: Banned from talking to journalists for life.
    Pay 50% of all legal costs.
    3 months jail or 3 years working as a hotel cleaner.


  43. 109
    Anonymous says:

    What’s the betting Pryce keeps her job after sentencing?


  44. 116
    The EU is a Shower of Shit says:

    I bet they wish they could turn the clock back – which let’s face it is yet another serious motoring offence.


  45. 121
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Someone commented that Pryce and Huhne were ruined. I would like to be a fiver behind them both.


  46. 131
    fitz fitz says:

    How long to go before Miriam is dragged off to the clink …


  47. 132
    ian says:

    chris may be a millionaire with a gorgeous wife, but i will be able to have sex next month and still be able to sit down the next day


  48. 133
    Displaced Brummie says:

    What should she get? Oh, I’d give her one.


  49. 137
    Badger killer from Ford open prison says:

    I’m wet just thinking about him arriving, can’t wait!!!!!!


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