March 6th, 2013

Order of the OTT: Maguire on Cam the Baby Killer

Hyperbole of biblical proportions from Kevin Maguire today. Parroting out Labour’s “bedroom tax” untruth is one thing, but Maguire then goes on to compare the PM to King Herod:

“The brutal indifference towards the bedroom tax indelibly shames ConDem Ministers. The blunderbuss approach of slashing the benefits of those with spare rooms combines the unfairness of the poll tax with a cruel twist of King Herod.”

Slaughtering first borns versus ending state sponsored spare rooms. Calm down dear…


  1. 1
    Rob says:

    What were his thoughts on the NHS actually killing people?


    • 9
      An NHS Manager says:

      There are people involved? Who knew?


      • 15
        An NHS bean counter says:

        I can’t see them in the spreadsheet. Do they have a nominal code?


        • 27
          Sir Bumley Foghorn MP (Much Ranting in the Shires) says:

          One small clue. If you lift the edge of Fabricant’s wig you will find 666 tattoed there. Is this the number you seek?


          • Y fronts says:


            No doubt as smoothe as a ladyboy s backside as well


          • All this nasty stuff directed at tax avoiders is a bit worrying, I think I will be spending a little less time on here and a little more time in town having coffee with friends.


          • Call that a rant? This is a rant says:

            The NHS:
            Thousands sent to their deaths in Mengele style termination suites, while Marxist managers and directors looked the other way. The same Marxist managers and directors promoted, for their ‘outstanding contribution to the NHS’.

            Climate Change:
            Thousands perish every winter in this country, mainly the old, poor and vulnerable, because socialist government policy has forced up energy costs to unaffordable levels.
            Meanwhile Scandinavia, central and eastern Europe are bracing themselves for the coldest March since 1985, blizzards and record low temperatures, thanks to ‘Man Made Global Warming’.

            Government Spending:
            Despite 254 tax rises since 2010, the government is still spending billions more than it takes every month, yet insists that we piss money away on useless crap, because of our ‘international committments’. Just who decided what these extravagant ‘committments’ should be, is not clear. One thing is sure, it was not the British people.

            The E Spew:
            We give this rancid club £53 million a day, so they can tell us how we live our lives in this country. Meanwhile our supine ‘government’ fellates this undemocratic institution with a zeal worthy of a $20 crack addict hooker.

            The indications that we are to have new tsunami of economic migrants from the distinctly not first world, south eastern Europe, on top of the existing tsunami of economic migrants from the third world, is greeted with wimpering, trembling assertions, that we are being ‘racist’ when we can see whole communities disintegrating before our eyes as it is, without millions more coming here to seek ‘the free benefit life’.


          • Jimmy says:

            Dear Rant

            It’s called collateral damage, get over it.


          • Curly says:

            Jimmy, In polite society, we prefer to call it treason against the British public, for which the perpetrators should be called to account – and not just at the court of public opinion either!


    • 22
      Sir Bumley Foghorn MP (Much Ranting in the Shires) says:

      King Herod? Wasn’t he that oily oik from the Lower 5th that we used to pimp to Johnson at Eton?


    • 23
      Quiet Bat Person says:

      The bedroom is a tax. Sort of.

      Don’t lose sight of the fact that benefits are paid out of taxes – i.e. are a refund of taxes.

      If the ‘benefit’ refund is stopped, the tax still remains.

      Even the unemployed pay taxes – VAT, road fund tax, etc, and as taxes are not allocated on the basis of origin but are simply pooled at the treasury, any removal of a ‘benefit’ IS, effectively, a tax increase.


      • 25
        Quiet Bat Person says:

        * Typo correction:

        “The ‘bedroom TAX’ is a tax.”


        • 54
          the savant10.4 highway patrol says:

          Bat out of Hell says :

          No you were right fitst time Quiet Bat . The BEDROOM is a TAX …..Why d’you think people get married ? It’s a contract . Most women and some men supply the nookie in return for which the other party lives a life of relative luxury and minimal work ( i e housework ) .

          Bin that way since beginnin’ of time dear boy .


      • 30
        CarryHole is a unbeleivable Hunt says:

        No, it’s a fall in subsidy.


      • 32
        Abu-Qatar says:

        Who cares as long as I get my £1 million a year benefits I have Gods work to do.


        • 57
          the savant10.4 highway patrol says:

          Are you one of the United Arab Emirates Abu-Qatar ?

          Sort of like …. Abu Dhabi ?

          It’s just that I’ve never heard you mentioned in despatches . Perhaps you are too insignificant to be listed . Either that or you have no oil/gas reserves.


        • 129
          obe benwonga says:

          Is it a crime to be a racist?


      • 37
        Nick says:

        So that’s a tax on everyone in the country who doesn’t receive any Housing Benefit at all, then?


      • 56
        CarryHole is a unbeleivable Hunt says:

        If Falls in benefits = tax increases then
        Rises in Benefits = Tax decreases.
        Certifiable nonsense.

        It’s purely a fall in subsidy.


        • 63
          Quiet Bat Person says:

          Tax is Government income. If it refunds the tax as a ‘benefit’, it is effectively a tax reduction.

          You are falling into the trap of thinking that Governments give out money, as ‘benefits’.

          Governments only know how to take money off people.


          • CarryHole is a unbeleivable Hunt says:

            I would say that it’s function is “akin to a tax” but not a tax. However means tested benefit withdrawal as income increases is much worse.

            As a Georgist If this is a tax then it’s a sensible tax. I’d liketo see it rolled out further than just benefit addicts.


      • 111
        Casual Observer says:

        Have to disagree: Bedroom tax is deceptive propaganda.

        Council tax is based on property value.

        Since properties went up in value under Labour, and no re-banding occurred, a lot of revenue which councils could have received was not. Could that be considered a tax cut ?

        If council tax rebanding occurred now whilst house prices are still up, that could be considered a tax rise, but is not a new tax.

        The truth behind ‘bedroom tax’ is that when Labour cut central funding to local authorities, to prevent local authorities from rebanding properties, pushing up council tax, they decided to subsidize the shortfall by introducing a new benefit for people to cover their shortfalls in meeting council tax.

        This they did to cover their own tracks (central government cuts always lead to magnified costs at the local levels), keep the housing bubble propped up, and to secure votes.

        That the prime recipients of the welfare transfer, and councils who are unwilling to adjust their current levels of spending are primarily Labour wards should not be ignored.

        What government doesn’t want people to figure is that they have been priced out of their homes for a while now by overly inflated local authority spending. The majority of this cost is to support some unnecessary services, but primarily to support local authority pension schemes.


        • 115
          CarryHole is a unbeleivable Hunt says:

          Due to them not collecting the tax, the price of the land went up, soit could be seen as a privately collected form of “tax” as the householder gained with no work done.


      • 123
        jennie bleargh says:

        when I – who has worked and paid taxes – can have a spare bedroom, maybe I’ll be more generous towards those that don’t work and don’t.

        healthy people out of work shouldn’t live better than people in work – ever. and not every worker has a spare bedroom.

        I thought benefits was to tide you over between jobs? shouldn’t we just limit it to 6 months ans make it more generous?


    • 58
  2. 2
    Steve Miliband says:

    I want my £1k p/a back


  3. 3
    Toilets trying to be litererry says:

    Guido my old friend

    I just said this to show that I have deep historical nowledge

    And that I can be litererry like Polly Twaddle my working class hero


    • 7
      Toilet cleaner says:

      Does Toilets have a ghost writer?

      It is far too sophisticated a statement for him to have made


    • 24

      Cut the poor man some slack Guido.
      Poor Kev’s just lost a hero of the socialist republic and true personal friend.

      R.I.P. Hugh Chav.


      • 34

        Your e key seems to have become swapped with your h key in that last line, Bill.


      • 45
        Dave the destroyer says:

        Yes Chav was a nasty piece of work kicked out all the greedy foreign companies bleeding the people dry wont happen here ‘British’ Gas Iv OKd them for another 30% increase that should get rid of a few more elderly wasters. I mean they paid their taxes why are they hanging on draining money from the NHS. Heil to Komadant Nicholson.


      • 127
        M says:

        Bet Chavez family won’t use the NHS again


  4. 4
    King Herod says:

    Hoy…Maguire…leave me out of this.


  5. 5
    Alvin says:

    Kevin Maguire is a TIT. Typical left wing exaggerator. His flock on twitter attacks anyone who disagrees with him. He loves the attention which is why I wont be commenting anymore about him.


  6. 6
    Dr Lecter says:

    Liebour motto – Never Knowingly Understated.


  7. 10
    Anonymous says:

    Forgive him. Maguire is a likable guy, just not very bright.


  8. 11
    Me says:

    David should know that when you start the ball rolling on something big, you would normally dig out the first turf, or plant the first tree. What did David do when he went after the disabled? Yeah thats right he got rid of his own. Bit overkill if you ask me.


  9. 12
    Actually went to school and learnt something says:

    Herod didn’t order the killing of the first-born. That was the tenth plague.
    Herod allegedly ordered the killing of all children under two in Bethlehem.


    • 26
      rebekah aka nellnewman says:

      If I remember rightly Herod order the killing of all the male children.


    • 29
      Typical Product Of The Current Edjimakayshunal System says:

      No, ‘at wuz Moggrit Fatcha, an’ it wuz Britain.
      A’ least ‘at’s wot I learned.


    • 36

      I’m not sure its taught that way anymore.
      Today’s scripture teachings mostly concentrate on the donkey, the Easter bunny, making crowns and a coat of many colours.

      Obviously that’s outside of London. In London I don’t think any of those get a look in.


  10. 13
    William Hague says:

    Look those armoured vehicles we are giving to the Syrian opposition won’t pay for themselves you know.


  11. 14
    Owin Jones says:

    Is the PM going to stop kidding + just come clean that he hates old sick vulnerable disabled people and is using economics for eugenics?


  12. 16

    If horse meat can cause you thrombosis
    And reading t’Mirror can give you neurosis,
    Is Kevin a liar
    Whose pants are on fire?
    Or just in a Maguirian state of psychosis?


  13. 18
    .. says:

    Bring on the toilet tax!


  14. 19
    (I don't need no doctor) says:

    Ah bless, is no one taking any notice of you Maguire? Has Owen Jones taken over your mantle as a complete labour arsewipe? Are you past your last snide left wing for the sake of it comment.


    • 124
      Anonymous says:

      It’s hard being a northern leftie when you earn a fortune and live in a huge posh house down south.


  15. 20
    Bob the Builder says:

    All Council house tenancies should be for a five year fixed term maximum.


    • 52
      Dave the destroyer says:

      Yes get them out so we can house them nice Romanians and Bulgarians arriving in their millions end of the year. Any ye thought the was no benefit been a member of the EU.


    • 55
      Anonymous says:

      That’s actually not a bad idea, then apply a simple earnings/savings assessment to see if you’re still entitled after that period.

      This smacks of common sense, so I guess we won’t see this idea come to fruition – that’s a shame.


    • 77
      the savant10.4 highway patrol says:

      Bodge the Builder says :

      Yeh right on …then we can go in and bodge ‘em good and sell’em off to them Sloane Rangers as gentrified abodes in upcoming areas and make a fortune and sod off to Bermuda where we can set up a Trust thingamy in which to shield all our untaxed gains .

      ( at least that’s wot me accountant says ) .


  16. 21
    Anonymous says:

    We should stop all housing benefits, that would solve the argument.


    • 83
      the savant10.4 highway patrol says:

      Well we’ve already stopped all ( newbuild ) hoising so why is anybody getting housing BENEFIT ??


  17. 28
    The incoming hordes says:

    We see no issue with this, we are used to 24 being in a bedroom.


  18. 33
    SP4BS says:

    Clearly if anyone is worried about “bedroom tax”, they just need to have another kid.


  19. 35
    Jimmy says:

    To be fair, Herod introduced brutal and irrational policies in order to see off a potential challenge to his leadership. It is the involvement of three wise men where the analogy I think breaks down.


    • 41
      CarryHole is a unbeleivable Hunt says:

      Well it is the anniversary of uber-lefty Stalin’s death today.


    • 46
      Angela Eagle says:

      And a Virgin


      • 92
        the savant10.4 highway patrol says:

        Is that what you are then Angie ??

        I believe you , thousands wouldn’t .

        ( It all centrres around hymen rupture and whether this actually happens in a woman to woman situation ).

        Many trees have been decimated trying to prove one or the other .


    • 59
      Historian says:

      Herod was circumcised

      Toilets will get into trouble with th zioloonies for this


  20. 42
    AntiLeftoid says:

    Arggghh the Maguire €unt, I wish the hack would go off and live in a Commie dictatorship for a few years and report on it in his own inimitable style, then I’d love to see him come back and still express his love for all things leftist.


  21. 50
    Owin Jones says:

    Cameron: “They have nothing to offer but debt, debt and more debt” – which is exactly what this Conservative led coalition’s government’s austerity has given us.


  22. 51
    Fuck Labour says:

    Don’t the left realise how utterly insane they look when they resort to this kind of lunatic hyperbole?

    We’ve had Polly’s “final solution” regarding housing benefit cap and other comparisons to Nazi Germany, and now this. Pathetic.


    • 66
      Jimmy says:

      You are entirely right to point out that however mean the government is being to the poor, they are not actually gassing them.


      • 68
        Polly from her Villa in Umbridge says:

        Ah yes the final solution


      • 71
        Fuck Labour says:

        And let’s not forget poverty and the gap between rich and poor widened under Labour.


        • 77
          Jimmy says:

          That does tend to happen during periods of rapid economic growth. Obviously that’s less of a problem now.


          • Fuck Labour says:

            Mandelson: “I’m perfectly relaxed about people becoming filthy rich”.

            13 years – no tax on banks.

            Dropped 10p tax rate.

            Raised pensions by 40p a week.


          • David Chaytor says:

            I note that you denied me thrice the other day. Has the cock crowed?


          • Jimmy says:

            That’s as good a summary of the blog as any.


          • Gonk III says:

            Especially rapid economic growth fuelled by uncontrolled credit and characterised by overspending and dishonest accounting and failure to prevent the development of exotic and unreal financial vehicles.
            That rapid economic growth.


          • Jimmy says:

            Well at least all that growth malarkey’s in the past now.


          • Gonk III says:

            I can’t wait for another almighty spending spree heralding the end of boom and bust.


          • CarryHole is a unbeleivable Hunt says:

            Rapid increases in debt are not growth unless it’s paid back. QE shows it isn’t.

            We had rapid increases in debt for nothing. This country went backwards during the Bliar Brown regime.


          • Jimmy says:




      • 128
        Scocialist think tank says:

        To be fair gas prices are pretty high, and alternative need to be sourced in this age if austerity .
        Are researchers in mid Staffordshire are ahead of the curve in this field.


      • 138
        Herr Himmler says:

        Well not yet, but I am sure they will think of more subtle ways to achieve their objective.


  23. 60

    A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.


    • 84
      Hedgie of Hampstead says:

      Looking around Hampstead Primrose Hill and other parts of London

      It seems that these has never been such a concentration of wealth

      The rest of the country may collapse but with all our illgotten millions now offshore

      We will always be fine and get some useful idiot like Eddy M to con the people


    • 139
      Edwarard 111 says:



  24. 62
    Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    Mr Cameron is dead right about this bedroom tax .

    It should have been done years ago .

    We are all in this mess together . If you struggled to pay a mortgage and you had your house repossessed you lose out right .

    Si if you have a Council House and cant pay the rent its only fair you should lose out too .

    Mr Cameron is spot on .


  25. 64
    the jimmy savile experience says:

    we’re a ragtag bunch of sex offenders who want to honour the memory of jimmy savile by renting spare bedrooms from single mum’s who receive state benefits.


    • 74
      friends of pete doherty says:

      got a spare room to rent? plenty of portable electric items? don’t have a problem with randomly scattered dirty needles? then give us a call! we’re rent your spare room in a shot and have you licking the pipe in no time!


    • 85
      tens pints of wife beater says:

      yes i think you get the idea now, oui?


  26. 65
    BBC Brainwashing, aka BBC News and Current Affairs Department says:

    Just to let you know that we will be devoting 8 hours of live coverage to the state funeral of Comrade Hugo Chavez, with a running commentary by David Dimbleby, Ken Livingstone, Kevin Maguire and our very own Marxist of the Airwaves, Owen Jones.


    • 112
      Gonk III says:

      And at 7 hours 59 minutes we’ll have a contribution from a political prisoner who disagreed with his holiness, just for balance you understand.


  27. 66
    pissed off voter says:

    O/T Ref the Nicholson shambles, why is Milliband not doing his usual and calling for a public enquiry?

    Is it perhaps because a public enquiry is warranted but might reflect very badly on several incompetent labour ex-health ministers?


  28. 70
    Fuck Labour says:

    The only ones who should be killed are Labour c-unts like Burnham and Maguire.


  29. 75
    John Prescott says:

    Tracey says I’m always taxing in the bedroom.


  30. 76
    Anne D Burnbum says:

    Kevins doing a great job for labour.Leave him alone.He never mentions the 1200 deaths on my watch in Mid Staffs.Next scandal please.”Budgie droppings found in bird cage”would be a good one.I must call the BEEB.


    • 80
      Fuck Labour says:

      Let’s not forget Patricia Hewitt and Alan Postie Johnson who also have blood on their hands.


      • 93
        Anne D Burnbum says:

        Thats true F–k Labour.I wore rubber gloves like the ones use putting my mascara on.x


  31. 79
    Fuck Labour says:

    When he was a student, David Nicholson was a member of the Communist Party. Well, he’s certainly succeeded in bringing communism into the NHS.


  32. 87
    Sir William Wade says:

    Labour is winning the propaganda war by following its main rule: think of a catchy phrase, however mendacious, and repeat it over and over again until it sticks in people’s heads.

    The Tories could have done this if they’d had the wit: keep referring to “the Labour recession” or “Labour’s banking crisis”.


  33. 90
    Edinburgh junkie shitty moralising to others. says:

    What is the Mirror for? Wiping your arse.


  34. 95
    Can I ask says:

    Why is he known as ‘toilets’?


  35. 99
    anon. says:

    “British public clueless and their opinion should be ignored”.


  36. 103
  37. 108
    forgotten man says:

    Not a very good comparison to make for a Labour politician as King herod has had a bit of a bad press that he didnt entirely deserve.

    Unlike Labour he used to store surpluses during the good years to enable survival during the bad.

    As Harry Palmer would have said “not a lot of people know that.”


  38. 109
    Tosspot says:

    For those of us who work, this is a justified re alignment of benefits when there is a shortage of social housing. It is interesting to see the Communists winging about Communistic Ideals..


  39. 113
    steve smith says:

    I spect he’ll be on breakfast in the morning enlarging on this his latest scare fable. Probably blame last years floods on cam as well


  40. 122
    Anonymous says:

    ‘..state sponsored spare rooms..’

    An attack on the poor is hardly unexpected here, but no real social housing has been built for decades, so what the feck do you expect people to live in if they only have 2-3 bed properties to ‘choose’ from even if single…..???????

    Ridiculous dismissive argument against a disgusting tax on the poor…

    What about state subsidised wages through companies paying such crap wages because they can get away with it? And then people being reimbursed by the state through tax credits, but you don’t shout about that. Bloody toffs…!! ;)


  41. 125
    Brown out and pay me damages and then he can go jog up his own arsehole. says:

    Maguires is a scrounging dopey arsewipe. He should do us all a favour and die of cancer.


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